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How do YOU imagine Princess Thalia's barding? Just what the title says. Go ahead and pitch your ideas. 
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I apologize, for keeping you all waiting for so long. :-(
At the small newlywed cottage on the grounds of Sweet Apple Acres, Big Mac laid down his hammer and surveyed the structure with pride. He'd worked into the night again, and the cottage was finally looking like a home instead of a broken-down relic.

Cheerilee emerged from the house just then, bringing sweetened tea and two cups in a saddlebag. She joined him there in the crystal lantern light, not minding one bit that he was sweaty from working hard all day, and the two of them nuzzled beneath the stars.

Three fillies, four colts, and one baby dragon peeked out from behind the bushes.

"You know what this means," said Scootaroll, his wings buzzing with excitement. "Our plan worked!"

Silver Ladle rolled his eyes. "You mean, the thing with the love poison that got you so totally grounded?"

Barb folded her arms, tapping a foot. "And doing extra chores for a month."

Applebuck grinned. "But it still worked! They sure had us fooled back then, but Macareina and Mr. Cheeryloo really were sweet on each other!" He hoofbumped Scootaroll, and Scootaroll hoofbumped with Sweepy Belle...

And then Applebloom hoofbumped with Sweepy Belle, and it took Sweepy a moment to realize he'd hoofbumped with Applebloom instead of Applebuck. "Wha... What did you do that for? Girls don't hoofbump."

Applebloom blinked. "Huh? Ah don't see why not." She hoofbumped with Scootaloo, and Scootaloo turned to Sweetie.

Sweetie Belle hesitated, though. "I don't know. My big sisters did say that hoofbumping wasn't very ladylike."

"Um... did you say sisters?" asked Sweepy Belle. "As in more than one? Because I only have one brother..."

Sweetie Belle got all shifty-eyed. "Um... you shouldn't think about that too much! Come on, let's go see Twilight before anypony asks why we aren't in bed."
Sweetie Belle looked to Sweepy as they walked. "So, does your Pinkie Pie have a weird variety show thing too?"

The colt looked confused for a second. "Pinkie Pie?...OH! In our universe he's called Bubble Berry. And no, not yet, but I think he mentioned something about renting a studio.."

Sweetie chuckled. Thinking about the Tartarus Break Out. Particularly antics with a certain cat woman.

"What's so funny?" asked Sweepy.

"Uh...can't tell you, spoilers...The show will be fun."

Applebloom looked to Applebuck. "Hmm...So Rarity is named Elusive in your world, Rainbow Dash is Rainbow Blitz, Pinkie Pie's Berry Bubble, and Twilight is Dusk Shine, what about Fluttershy, mah big, brother, and Trixie?"

Applebuck rubbed his chin. "Fluttershy...Ah! I think that's Butterscotch. Mah big brother's name is Applejack."

"Wait a second, so's mine!" Applebloom said, blinking. "So Applejack's named Applejack even if she's a guy?"

"Guess so," Applebuck replied, rubbing his head. "Though he has some big long fancy name he doesn't use most of the time. Ah don't remember it that well..."


"And our Trixie is named Presto..." Scootaroll explained. "...I wonder if he'd get along with your Trixie or they'd just try to out ham each other..."

"Probably both," Scootaloo joked.
Sweetie shook her head, "Uh, can some pony tell me why we're going to Twilight Sparkle's house in the middle of the night with our clones again?"

"We're not clones! You're clones!" Sweepy Bell retorted.


"We're going to your girl version of Dusk Shine to see if she can get us back to our world!" Apple Buck reminded her.

"Sorry, I feel like we've been standing here like zombies for days or somethings." Sweetie admitted.

Apple Bloom meanwhile continued to look through the brochure.

The small herd made their way to the Golden Oaks Library without any more trouble, and Applebloom knocked on the door.

"Coming!" shouted a familiar voice. A magenta glow opened the door, revealing a yawning Twilight. "Is there trouble? You're lucky I was up late reading..." Her eyes focused. Slowly, she rubbed her eyes and looked again, counting all of the fillies and colts (and dragon) on her doorstep. "Is this some new Variety Show thing? Cause this sure looks like a Variety Show thing."

Scootaloo fluttered her wings sheepishly, which made Scooteroll jealous. "It kinda is... and it's kinda not!"

"What's a Variety Show?" whispered Barb to Silver Ladel.

Silver Ladel frowned. "Um, do you mean generally or in this context?"

Applebuck poked at him with a hoof. "What are ya, a dictionary?"

Twilight hardly seemed to hear any of that. "But, I wasn't invited. And Pinkie Pie would never forget to invite her closest friends to a big event." A few strands of her mane sprung out of place. "At least, Pinkie Pie wouldn't have. Maybe Thalia doesn't think we're that important any more, now that she's a princess..."

"Princess Who?" asked Scooteroll.

"Don't think too much about that!" said Sweetie Belle hastily.

Sweepy started poking her. "Why do you keep saying that? Come on, I want to know more about this other sister you have! Can I meet her?"

Twilight twitched, her mane getting more mussed by the moment. Then she turned her head and saw the studio in the distance, surrounded by a giant pink bubble and rippling with reality-altering energies. "Or maybe... we've all been fooled and Thalia's really a nightmare in disguise! It's happened before!" Her pupils shrank and she grinned eerily. "But, um... never mind that now. Come on inside, girls. And boys. Let's get you home right away."

The colts and fillies looked at each other uneasily, but with no better ideas, they trotted inside after her.

Twilight's workshop was already a flurry of flying magical components. "Spell circle... check!" Three pieces of chalk sketched a fancy runed circle on the floor. "Getting a fix on the target universe... check!" Her magic plucked some hairs from Sweepy and a single scale from Barb. "Precasting and... okay, ready to go!"

"Wow, that was fast!" said Sweetie, amazed by all the different magical flows she'd felt Twilight using all at once.

"Yes, it was!" said Twilight brightly. "It's a good thing I studied up on dimensional travel spells after that other time I got stuck in a strange place for *an entire year* with no access to advanced magical literature!" Her smile faded a bit. "I'll get you back home just as soon as it's safe. I promise."

"What do mean, get us back?" asked Sweepy. Then the spell activated, dropping not just the five travelers, but all eight of them through the floor, to lead in a heap outside the library.

Sweetie Belle groaned. "Dang it, I'm tired of falling down the interdimensional stairs! Whatever happened to interdimensional doorways?!"

The library door swung open, and a purple unicorn stallion with a handsomely mussed mane looked out at them. "Where have you been?!" asked Dusk Shine sternly. "Your brothers have been worried sick and... and, we appear to have guests." His eyes lit up. "Actual travelers from another dimension! This is amazing!"
Scootaloo sighed. "Any pony else notice how we're supposed to be using our portable video camera to record all the weirdness in Everfree, we aren't actually doing much exploring of the different weird places in Everfree?"

One explanation later, the CMC were standing on another circle, this time their male selves standing far back. "Hope you guys have fun!" Scootaloo called.

"You girls too! And come back! Yah know how the minecart works!" Applebuck replied.

One spell later, the group fell through another dimensional gateway.


"Girls?" asked Twilight's voice...only for a purple wolf with Twilight's Cutie Mark on her chest.

"AH!" the three screamed, then looked behind Twilwolf to see three more CMC...who were also wolf pups.

"...You girls don't eat ponies, right?"

"No," Twiwolf replied. "How are you even sapient?"

One more explanation and spell later...


"Well this one looks right..." said Sweetie Belle, looking around the basement.

"Hey, girls!" called a floating brain in a jar, expressive anime eyes and mouth holographically on the front, Twilight's Cutie Mark on the front of the machine it was attached to. "How'd you get in my lab?"


One long two-sided explanation later.

"Alright, girls, I can just send you home right away! Unless you want to try being Cutie Mark Crusaders brains in jars, it's actually pretty fun!" Brainy Twilight replied.

The trio looked to each other. "Is it permanent?"Applebloom asked.

"Not at all!"


One questionable medical experiment later...

"Huh...this feels weird..." said Applebloom, floating around in a flying jar, just a brain but having an expressive holographic face.

"Eh, I miss my wings..." Scootaloo muttered, in the same situation.

Sweetie Belle giggled a bit, cycling through face options and landing on one looking like a Changeling.

One brain returning procedure and spell later.

"Ow!" called Applebloom, the trio landing rather roughly in the middle of Everfree Forest this time.

"How did we end up here?" asked Scootaloo.

"Brainy Twilight did say the spell would put us where we belonged..." Sweetie Belle remarked, standing up. "And that she'd tell Twilight we were back home...hope seeing herself as a brain in a jar doesn't scare her too much..."
The Everfree Forest was getting more eerie by the moment... the sun had just set, a strong breeze rustled the branches and leaves around them, and the nighttime birds and bugs were awake and chirping away.  Applebloom rummaged in her saddlebag and pulled out the camera.  "Ah can't wait to see what we discover this time!"  She nudged the focus knob and looked through the camera lenses at... deep forest.  And more forest to the left of them, and behind them, and to their right.

"So..." mused Scootaloo.

Sweetie Belle sighed.  "Why didn't we think to film the future?"

Scootaloo glanced around again, then did a double-take.  "Hey... what's that?"

A faint golden light was streaming from a hole in the earth.  They might have trotted right on by and never spotted it, if the sun had still been out.  The fillies trotted closer, peering inside.  Sweetie didn't even need to light the way with her horn... they could clearly see a short earthen tunnel and a shiny archway with a glowing door, the source of the light.

"Is that metal?" wondered Applebloom aloud, peering at the door.  "Who would bury all that metal under the ground?"  She prodded at the dirt with a hoof.  "This is fresh...  Ah'd say this hole opened up not more than a week ago."

"What does all this funny writing say?" asked Scootaloo, brushing hoof over a panel on the left side of the archway.  She was startled when her hoof nudged some kind of mechanical switch.

The glow remained, but the door slid open, revealing a scene right out of a spaceships and aliens movie.  Big console-things full of important-looking buttons, strange chairs on wheels, big flat-panel movie screens on all the walls that should have been blinking away, only everything inside seemed frozen in time...

Including the brown pegasus pony with a shaggy black mane, wearing a white overcoat with lots of pockets.  He was half-out of his chair, one hoof poised over a box with lots of wires and some kind of rainbow crystal sculpture.

The fillies stood there with their mouths hanging open, as frozen as the room beyond the door, until the golden glow faded and everything suddenly started moving again.  "The prototype device appears to have worked!" exclaimed the pegasus.  He snatched up a pencil and notepad and started scribbling purposefully.  "Now to see what effect..."  An ear flicked, and he spun the chair to face them.  "How did you girls get in here?"

Applebloom glanced to the others.  "Um... we're explorers!  Ah'm Applebloom, and these are mah friends, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo!  Who're you?"  She pointed the camera towards the strange pony and kept filming, which seemed to annoy him.

The pegasus tugged on his coat lapels.  "I am Dr. Moon Shadow, and this is an important government research station, so I will have to ask you to...  that's odd..."  He poked at a box, which showed only a screen full of static.  "What's happened to the broadcast?"  He rolled his eyes.  "I suppose the joke will be on them, if their so-called wishing spell has blown them all to bits."
"Uh, Mr..." said Applebloom, looking the guy over. "Uh, you said this was a military base or somethin'?"

"Government research station, yes," Dr. Moon-Shadow replied. "Why?"

"In the middle of the Everfree Forest?"


"The Everfree Forest," Scootaloo said. "Yah know, the most dangerous place in Equestria?"

"Equestria? you mean Ponyland?"

"Ponyland? No..." Sweetie Belle replied, cocking her head.

The stallion trotted out and looked around the forest outside of his room, walking on his hind legs. ""

Scootaloo looked thoughtful for a second. "Wish spell..." she muttered. "Um...Dr. Moon-Shadow? You said you were in here because of a wish spell?"

"Yes...some fools were trying to make a spell to make everyone's wishes come true. I personally wanted nothing to do with it...I was trying to avoid being involved in all that stupid nonsense."

The orange pegasus looked sad. "I...I think you a really long time..."

The scientist blinked, turning around. "What?"

"...Miss Twilight told me about something like what you said...but it happened a really, really, really long time ago..."

"...How long?"

Applebloom shook her head clear from her friend's confusing statement. " the names Princess Celestia and Princess Luna mean anything to you?"

"No...I'm aware of a Princess Rosey."

"Then...Ah think yah might be a few...thousand years in the future..." Applebloom said, giving a nervous smile.

"T-Thousand years?"

Dr. Moon Shadow stared at them a few moments more, then burst into bitter laughter. "You really had me going there. Thousands of years in the future?" He snorted and shook his head. "This is clearly one of those prank shows. See, you even brought a camera! Who put you fillies up to this? Was it Comet Chaser? Aurora Blaze?"

"But, mister..." said Applebloom uncertainly. "This ain't a joke."

Moon Shadow stomped his way back into the underground room and picked up a gadget attached to another gadget by a curly cord. "Don't you 'mister' me. It is a joke. It's just not funny." He held the gadget up to his face and started talking into one end. "Hello, operator? I need... Hello?" He stared at it in disbelief, then rushed to the box he'd noted before, but no matter how he turned the knob and pushed the buttons, the screen still showed only static. He rose and backed away, standing on just his hind legs again. "This... this is a well executed prank, I must admit. It is becoming most unsettling!"

Sweetie Belle had followed him back inside, curious. She jumped when he walked on two legs again. "How do you keep doing that?"

"Doing what?" asked Moon Shadow, honestly puzzled, and then annoyed again. "Enough." He shrugged off his lab coat so he could spread his wings, and then he flew outside, hovering. "I'm going to find a gas station or something... with a working phone!"

Scootaloo took off and followed him as he pumped his wings to gain altitude. "Mis- I mean, doctor! Wait! You don't understand!"

But Moon Shadow shot up through the tree canopy and froze. "What.... WHAT? What happened to the SKY? I- I don't recognize a single constellation! Never mind being in the future or the past... what planet am I on?!"

He started to tremble and fall, wings faltering, but Scootaloo caught him quickly, guiding him back to the ground.
Scootaloo gave a small sigh. "...No, you're on the right planet...I know about the wish spell because Twilight told me."

"Twilight...The unicorn from those Paradise Estate lunatics?" Moon Shadow asked, still trembling.

Scootaloo's eyes went wide, remembering from their trips to the past. "...No...Her descendant."


"Yeah...Um, there was an Applejack the First there, right?"


"Ours is the Sixth of the Sixth line, whatever that means..."

The scientist's brain seemed to shut down as he mentally did the math. " can this...You're joking...please...let this be..."

We art afraid tis no joke, Doctor."

The group turned around, a shadow of an Alicorn appearing on the moon before the form of Princess Luna descended, landing before them.

"Princess Luna!" called the three fillies, bowing.

Moon Shadow merely stared in disbelief. " can't be...That mad mare Brightglow was right about a pegasus with horns?"

"Brightglow is our sister, Professor Moon Shadow. My name is Princess Luna Nyx Selena Equestria...and we remember you."

The doctor took a step back. "I've never met you, how can you possibly remember me?"

"Because we art the Goddess of the Night. Of the Moon which you desired so strongly to help ponies reach and enjoy," Luna explained. "...Thank you for that."


Luna's horn flashed and the group vanished in a tornado. When it faded, the group found themselves standing on a grey, rocky expanse.

Moon Shadow held his breath, seeming to know something the fillies didn't...but nothing happened. "What?"

Luna's forcefield surrounding them flickered. "Don't worry, my magic is protecting us...welcome to the Moon."

"Wow..." called all three Crusaders, staring in disbelief.

"But...Unicorns can't teleport this far!"

"And that is true, but we art an Alicorn. And this is our domain," explained Luna. "While we art every Moon in the universe...this is the moon of Equus, the planet we call home...Do you recognize that, Dr. Moon Shadow?"

The Doctor turned, eyes falling on a flag still still lodged in the lunar surface. "That's..."

"The flag your civilization planted here millennia ago," the Night Princess explained. "Even at our worst, this little flag brought us joy to see...our little ponies wanted to step foot on the Moon so badly...and for that, we...I am eternally grateful."
"Shouldn't the radiation of made it . . . fade by now?"

"Even when . . . suffering a sickness, I still sustained it, as it was one of the few symbols of love towards me from my little ponies I had."
Luna scratched her chin. "Also, in my.. unless state I found that flag... inspiring."

"Huh?" Applebloom tugged on Luna's fetlock, and when the Alicorn looked at her, said, "Inspirin' how?"


*On the Moon, centuries ago.*

"Yes, representative of the planet Venus," Nightmare Moon said in her loftiest tone as one of her Moon Creatures, dressed in a painfully pink robe, bowed before her. The old flag from Equus stood at the Nightmare's right flank. "I DO accept your surrender! You and your people may have the honor of living to serve me!" She looked at the next Moon Creature, wearing red-painted tin armor and helmet in the style of ancient Roam along with asurly expression. "Now for Mars! NEXT!"

In the rear of the line the representatives of 'Neptune' and 'Pluto' whispered to each other.

"Not this game again."

"You want to try getting that nightmare through to Celestia again? The one where the cakes try to eat her?"

"... On second thought I'll stick with being the diplomat from Neptune, thanks."

"Yes Olo, you can be regent of Mars if you want," Nightmare Moon said to her imaginary friend Olo the Owlbear. Which being an imaginary friend, only she could see. Her loyal subjects (in this world line having been her loyal servants even before becoming Nightmare Moon, and now served their princess even in her insane state duty bound as they were) pretending their queen was not talking to herself again.
Cutie Mark Crusaders' Journal of the unexplained 4
The rules are simple. Write something in the comments, and it's added to the story above! No 'script' format additions!

Set in the same universe as Pinkie Pie Forth Wall Breaking Variety Show! 

Apple Bloom"We're exploring the Everfree all night! And the best part is when something, ah, 'bad' happens to us, Princess Luna makes it so we, uh, 'respawn?' "

Scootaloo, "Apple Bloom we knew that already."

Apple Bloom, "Yeah, but Ah figured we had to say it again fer some reason."

Sweetie Belle, "Have look at the, what did Pinkie Pie call this? 'Trope Page?'"…

Part Added by:
Alex Warlorn
Alex Warlorn
Alex Warlorn
Alex Warlorn
Ardashir and Aelx Warlorn

Cover is a commission By Kendell2
Amicitia gritted her teeth... then forced herself to relax and *think*.  "Please don't take this the wrong way, but what can you do?"

Clover grinned. "For one thing... this is my world."

Amicitia gasped. "Then... you're not limited like we are. You can enter the world and act!" She swept her former self up in an impulsive hug. "I'm sorry, Clover! I've been so busy trying to fix everything myself..."

"It's okay." Clover straightened her black cloak. "Just tell me where I can do the most good." She glanced at the world below. "I don't think Shiny has much time left."

In a high tower of Canterlot Castle, a battered and bruised Twilight Sparkle hung on a wall, pasted there with changeling slime. Temptation stood before her, holding out a contract in her magic. "It's all your fault, Twilight. Your selfish wish turned a beautiful, graceful race of Flutterponies into the monsters that are destroying Canterlot. Don't you want to make that right?"

"My brother..." croaked Twilight, through a badly parched throat. "He'll stop her..."

Temptation laughed politely. "Oh, please. Chrysalis planned for this. She'll devour his immortal spirit, and immortal spirit is *all* he is, now. There'll be nothing left of him... if you don't undo your mistake." She offered the contract again.

Twilight stared at it, ashamed... and suddenly Clover stood between them, brandishing her scythe. "Don't do it, Twilight! You have no idea what you'd be unleashing."

Twilight gasped. "Who..." She shook her head. "It doesn't matter. My brother..."

"Yes, that's right, you buzz off!" demanded Temptation. "We're making a fair deal here."

Clover pushed her aside. "I want you to trust in your friends again, Twilight. You couldn't have known, locked away up here, but they've been working hard to free everyone and fight back against Chrysalis. They're coming. They'll be here soon."

"Soon isn't soon enough!" rasped Twilight.

"Please!" begged Clover. "Just a little longer, that's all I'm asking."

Twilight reached for the floating quill pen, but didn't take it. The room fell deathly silent... they could clearly hear the explosions outside, the fighting in the streets far below... and something else. Hoofsteps, rushing up the tower stairs. The voices of her friends. Coming for her. Just like that time years ago, fighting Nightmare Moon.

Twilight Sparkle smiled, tears in her eyes... and in a secret changeling tunnel miles from the palace, the Elements of Harmony began to *shine*.

Ispita looked at the coming footsteps in disbelief. "But..." she gave a growl, then snapped back to Twilight. "So? You don't have the Elements and even if you did, what makes you think they'll WORK when you've done all of THIS? You think not one of your friends has enough doubt to neutralize them after what YOU did? Chrysalis TOLD THEM this was all your fault and Applejack saw the truth!"

Twilight's ears pinned.

*But didn't she say she needed a Bearer to release her?*

Twilight perked up. "...You NEED a Bearer! And if the Elements really were neutralized...I'd be useless to you!"

Five friends rushed in, ignoring Ispita and rushing to their friend.

"Girls! came back..."

Rainbow nodded, pulling loose changeling slime. "Of course!"

"Darling, we all make mistakes...normally not quite this big..." Rarity admitted.

"Truth is, we were mighty angry...but yah got tricked by a snake..." Applejack replied. "Yah still need tah make it up tah everypony, but we ain't abandoning you!"

Fluttershy nodded. "And...somepony can't make up for something if no one trusts them..."

"And I don't hate anypony!" Pinkie Pie chimed in.

As Twilight finally came loose, the ponies shared a group hug.

Ispita was trembling in rage. Rainbow chains around her became visible. They sseemed to stretch but refused to break as she turned into a purple smoke, taking the shape of a massive winged serpent made of smoke.  "So what?! You still don't have the Elements of Harmony! Either Shining beats Chrysalis' gambit and their battle continues or Chrysalis eats him and becomes unstoppable! what do you intend to do together or apart?!"

Twilight narrowed her eyes. "...You're wrong..."

Ispita's eyes went wide as the symbol of the Element of Magic appeared on Twilight's forehead.  "WHAT?!"

While she tried to interfere, Clover blocked her path with her hoof-blades.
"But how can you block me?!" "We're both spirits, duh!"

"...The Elements are our bond. Our hearts! That's all the matters."

Ispita backed up, the great serpent looking terrified as one by one, the symbols of the Elements formed on each of the six. "NOOOOOOOO!" she roared as the Rainbow of Light erupted and washed over her. 


Chrysalis and Nightstallion Phalanx blinked, turning from their confrontation as the roof of the two blew off, the Rainbow of Light arcing downwards and washing over the two stunned forces of evil.

The Rainbow expanded outwards, washing over everything. Any Changeling touched by it found Ispita's spell broken, a flutterpony looking around in confusion.

Shining Armor blinked in confusion, finding himself laying on the ground across from Queen Rosedust. "...Well...This is...strange..."

Queen Rosedust had tears in her eyes. "...I'm sorry..."

"It's okay, neither of us was exactly sane...Shining looked on his back and his eyes went wide. "And I have wings now..."


As the six ponies landed, they looked up at the petrified unicorn statue standing in front of her, the defeat of the Spirit in this particular timeline.

"...Everypony still remembers, don't they?" Twilight asked, pinning her ears.

"...Yeah...we do so it just wouldn't be right if they wouldn't..." Applejack admitted.

"...We need to find the real Cadence, don't we?"

As it turns out, that was actually easier than thought, since Queen Rosedust remembered everything she had done as Queen Chrysalis, she remembered the underground tunnels that she had trapped Cadence in, wanting to feast on her once the wedding was over and her spiritual strengths were at their weakest and thus less likely to overwhelm her.

Queen Rosedust wouldn't stop apologizing, even when it became clear Ispita had tricked Twilight into making such a horrible mistake . . . but now . . . none of that mattered . . . Ispita had ironically given Twilight what she REALLY wanted, a chance to mend bridges and make up for her mistake.

"Excuse me." Clover said, "Can you lend me a bit of you power goddess me? I have a rather mundane idea to create a another world line to run alongside this one. Take it from a pony who struggled for years to get over their klutzy nature to become a ballerina, very often, the best solution is the simple one. As simple as tripping over your own big hooves."

Back in the Great Hall, as Twilight raced down to accuse that phony Cadence, that Decadence or whatever her name really was, and save her BBBFF from that witch...

For a moment, she felt another pony besides her, some pony familiar.

She missed a particularly nasty fold in the rug and tripped. And a new world line was born.

"WAAAA!" Twilight went rolling right at the wall. She impacted very hard with a large plinth that really ought to have been replaced years ago. It crumbled just enough to send the heavy urn atop it tumbling.

Right at her.

Whinnies of shock rose. Her head spinning, Twilight looked up and froze at the sight of several hundred pounds of marble collapsing on her.

Her last thought was, 'I'm going to die right in front of my friends and Celestia and BBBFF and that fake Cadence --"

A pink glow enveloped her. The next thing Twilight knew, the urn was shattering on the floor about a foot away and she looked up to see -- the fake Cadence?

"What's the matter with you?" Cadence half panted the words out. Behind her Shiny, her friends, the Princess, everypony came galloping up and started shouting questions and asking if she was alright all at once. Cadence ignored them to say, "You've been acting so strange -- I half wondered if you were replaced by somepony or thing -- had to run everything myself, wanted Shiny and my special day to be perfect -- and now this?" Cadence began to weep, her head hanging down and mane in witchlocks around her face. "Have you gone crazy? You could have killed yourself!"

In the air above Cadence, Queen Rosedust and the Flutter Ponies watched in wide-eyed concern.

Twilight looked at Cadence and began to realize what she'd almost done. 'Look how stressed she is, she must have been ready to have a nervous breakdown! And how exhausted and crazy must I have been to think she wasn't really Cadence?'

Twilight's suspicions melted as she rose and nuzzled her beloved former foal-sitter.

"I was worried about you too... I was getting a little, um, jumpy." Twilight grinned nervously. Cadence sagged in relief to see she was alright. Twilight began to say, "I think you've been taking too much on yourself. I know you want this to be perfect, but it won't be if you make mistakes from being exhausted." Cadence's frown faded as Twilight pointed at her friends. "Please, let us help. My friends know something about celebrations..."

"And I know something about weddings." Queen Rosedust dropped down beside them both. "I've helped set them for three of my daughters. I would be honored to be allowed to advise the Princess of Harmony."

Cadence looked around at everypony. Her aunt Celestia smiled and nodded.

"Dear niece, you were getting a little temperamental."

Cadence smiled. "Maybe I can accept just a little help."

And the repaired worldline rolled on, past a happy wedding.

"Two happy world lines for the price of one." Deus admitted.  

Amicitia smiled. "Let's see how these happy weddings go."
In one world, Princess Celestia was beside herself with joy.  "A wedding of two Alicorns!  Suddenly, I wonder whether I'm qualified to marry them.  We should get Venus here!"

Luna shook her head.  "Nay, sister.  Look again, more closely."

Celestia did just that, blinking in surprise.  "Shining Armor... he's like Cadence.  He has only the faintest idea of his true potential."

Luna smiled.  "It would be cruel otherwise.  When they are ready, they will awaken as god and goddess... together."


"Thanks for the tailor, Miss Rarity," Shining Armor replied, looking at his wedding attire, which was now modified to have openings for his new wings to fit.

"No, thank you, your highness," Rarity replied, doing a bow. "It was an honor to do tailor for royalty."

" do realize I just became an Alicorn, right?"

"Yes, but I'll take what I can get..."

Thankfully, while his end goals as Nightmare Phalanx would've been horrible, why he'd ascended and his fight with Chrysalis had kept ponies from getting too furious at the new Prince's ascension. That and he was about to become a Prince anyway.

The two were interrupted by a knock at the door.

Twilight sheepishly poked her head in. "Um...high, B.B.B.F.F..."

Rarity looked the situation over quickly. "Okay, I see this is a family moment, so see you at the wedding, darlings..."

After the fashionista made her departure, Twilight looked sheepishly at her elder brother. "...Big brother...I'm...I'm so sorry..." she said, tears forming in her eyes. "This...this was all my fault...I shouldn't have taken Ispita's deal..."

Shining Armor put a wing to his sister's chin. "Twiley...I forgive you."

"...How? I...everything I did."

"Yeah, you messed up...but you fixed it, didn't you?"


"Then let's just enjoy the wedding...I can't speak for everypony...but I can speak for me. You made up for it in my eyes. that's all that matters."

"...I'm still going to try and make it up to Queen Rosedust and her people."

Shining gave his little sister a hug. "And that proves you're not a bad pony, sis...I love you."

"I love you too B.B.B.F.F."

Meanwhile in the center of a twisting, turning hedgemaze turned impenetrable  maze, Ispita's statue set next to Discord's.

'Hello, honey,' Discord's voice said in Ispita's head. 'Funny seeing you here.'

'Shut it!...Great, now I have to tolerate your rambling for eternity.' Temptation replied with a groan.

'Hey! You said you loved my monologuing!'

'I do, just not for eternity! No offense dear, but you can be annoy.'

'Oh, none taken, I like being annoying. So, what brings a pretty equus like you to a place like this?'

'Evil plan to release myself from my prison gets me turned to stone...'

'Same here! Except, you know, I escaped and was sealed away least you got frozen in a look of hatred and fury instead of terror.'

'Yeah, I guess...and I'm still pretty.'

'Yes, though unfortunately they turned us face to face.'

'Hey!' Ispita replied insulted.

'Well if you were turned the other way I could admire your flank for eternity.'

'Oh...yes, it is quite the sight. So...want to hear about how I ruined lives with cursed artifacts and various evil spells?'

'Oh! Of course, want to hear about what I did the one day I was free?'

'Naturally, dear!'
Deus Ex Machina and Amicitia parted ways. As Deus enjoyed the happy new world line along with Clover. No sign of Nythy, and no sign of Chance (thank goodness on both counts for different reasons).

But she was shocked when she saw a gray pony enter a stagnant, and for all intents and purposes, dead world line. It was one of Nyhty's that had been sucked dry of all the horror it could offer, and then left to rot, and one Amcitia had created an alt world for (it was painful to see how many universes there were with herself as a mad scientist).

Twilight admitted now . . . maybe practicing the cutie mark transfer surgery on herself before using it on herself and Trixie might not have been a good idea, but . . . she could see every detail, it called to her! Okay, so now she was bleeding on both sides of her body, crawling across the floor. Could she call for Spike? Oh right, Spike was dead. She lobotomized him, then cut open his brain when it began to heal itself. It was for science, to understand. Isn't that the most noble of goals? The structure of the dragon brain held such secrets!!! Trixie? Oh right she was several floors above, to keep her from finding out things Twilight didn't want her to find out.

So she kept crawling and kept crawling, and kept crawling.

"Why . . . why does it feel like I've been crawling along the floor for two years?"

"That's because you have been," said an emotionless voice.

Twilight looked up to see a gray pony with a gray mane and stone colored eyes, looking down at her with a blank expression.

"Who are you?"

"I am called Maud Pie, Pinkie Pie's big sister."

"Don't be insane, you don't look like any of her sisters, and none of them were named Maud."

"That's because I came into existence in the heart world before your world line was born. But your world line never reached a conclusion, it never reached a finale. So  . . . as is the fate of all incomplete world lines, you, and all others like you, are trapped in this one moment in time. You'll be crawling on the floor forever, bleeding, trapped between your dementia and your somewhat clarity. Applejack will always been sitting with your world's mob hunting for you, having to give up everything in her quest for revenge.

"Rarity after you forced her to murder her sister, is your slave using that repressed memory as a remote control any time you want. Pinkie Pie . . . Pinkie Pie reduced to no more than your ESP machine, what's left of her anyway.

"Spike, first turned into your lobotomized cyborg slave, until his brain began to regrow on its own, and you decided to kill him just to vivisect his brain to see what you'd find out . . . Even if Spike reading you fairytales at night was the only thing still making your life bearable.

"Fluttershy your drugged up, lost in her own world, little slave without her wings whose body can't even survive without your drugs now, kept barely your friend just so you can still feed your magic, and using the Element of Magic as a battery to slowly grin it to nothing. Rainbow Dash who much to your own frustration never fell into your grasp and became a Guard. All because for you, understanding the world a little more became nothing more than a drug high.

"You brought Trixie here, after planning to use her as a lab rat and originally was just to murder her, until she decided to swoon at your hooves . . . because she owed money to The Family."


"That's right . . . your fate was sealed the moment you brought Trixie here, Applejack would have found you, and everything you'd done would have finally come back to haunt you."

"No! The understanding! The understanding! It can't be! I can't . . . "

"Your world line has been abandoned by its creator, Researcher Twilight Sparkle. There is nothing left for you. In the heart world, removing and transferring cutie marks already been developed via magic, not need for this surgery that's left you bleeding on the ground. You became an Alicorn Princess by learning to appreciate the people side of ponies and reaching true enlightenment. You traveled to other universes! This road was a mistake, a dead end, you understood and learned LESS down this path! Now you are doomed, Researcher Twilight, to remain here, forever. Until at last your world line is forgotten and vanishes. You'll keep crawling on the floor bleeding, forever, as Trixie will forever wonder what you're up to as she makes herself comfortable on your secret little base's upper levels. Forever. Crawling. On the floor. Bleeding. For eternity."

"NO!" Researcher Twilight clutched at Maud, grabbed her by one fetlock. "You can't do this to me! Or to everypony else!"

Maud reached down. Twilight dared to hope. For healing, for forgiveness, for death she cared not which, anything would be better than this. She hoped and... Maud pulled herself free and cast Twilight aside.

"It feels odd to hear you express concern for others now, after the years you spent using science as an excuse for your sadism." She turned and looked around the chamber, reeking with the stink of blood and pain.

"You're a monster!" Twilight crawled after her, agony filling her body. "Have you no mercy?"

"That word means little coming from you." Maud shrugged. "And no, I have no mercy at all. Save only the final mercy. Which is still more than you can show."

"Please!" Twilight sobbed, deep wracking sobs thick with pain. "This is Hell!"

"Hell?" Maud turned away to hide her small smile. "You have no concept of Hell."

She was about to say more when with a flash, another form appeared before both ponies.

"What?" Research Twilight blinked. "Princess Luna?"

"Amicitia," Maud said, her voice emotionless. "I did not expect to see you here."

"Please, Entro -- Maud Pie," Amicitia walked up to her, bowing her head. "I could not do this save for this being a dead world. Please, let me give her a chance to save herself."

Maud eyed her coldly. Amicitia shifted from one hoof to the next. She tried not to look at the -- thing on the floor, that so resembled the unicorn she once was.

"Very well." Maud walked away. "But know this. If she accepts not your end, she will take mine."

"Thank you." Amicitia bowed her head and turned to the maimed unicorn.

Amicitia took a deep breath, turning towards the other her. "...I'm going to give you a chance, but I believe you need to understand what's going on."

Twilight looked at herself in shock. " world's frozen or something."

"'s frozen because it's story was never continued, as Maud said. There is a way to save it but...To...put it in a rational, logical way...when one of the Shadows Who Make creates a world, that world has a story...that story and the Shadows Who Are who view, are the catalyst for that world becoming concrete...consider a world who's story is still being told like developing child, the Shadow Who Makes the parent...until that story is finished, that world line will never be able to exist on it's own. Once it is, the world will live on until the last electron dies...but when a world line's story is's fate is frozen in time. The only way to let it live onto itself is to give it an ending."

"...Just like that monst-"

"She's not a monster...I think you need to witness what's about to happen in order to actually understand the weight of what's happening..." Amicitia explained, her horn flashing.

[=Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Theme Song=]

The two were outside, but Twilight could see things that didn't make sense. The world just seemed...colorless. Dead. The sky looked like it was stuck in a perpetual dusk. Everypony in it seemed like clockwork figures following a set path, repeating the same day again and again.

"Where...what's this?"

"It's what your universe looks like to me," Amicitia explained. "...Let's call this condition Time Paralysis, just to give it a name you can comprehend. Your world can never move past the moment it was abandoned...Now, look there."

Twilight looked up into the sky, seeing glowing black cracks forming across it. No, not glowing. What looked like a glow was simply the light being sucked into whatever the black was.

The cracks continued to spread until the entire sky was covered. Then it EXPLODED, pieces of reality flying outwards as if a wall being smashed to bits. What was on the other side made Twilight's heart skip a beat.

An immeasurable ocean of chaos, stretching outwards in all directions. Pieces of ice floating here and there. Shades floating aimlessly through the void with no sense of purpose. And then came a primal roar shook the very fabric of the universe.

Two titanic...wings? Arms? Legs? Tails? Twilight's mind literally could not comprehended what she was seeing. But the two appendages were pitch black in color, each stretching so far the edge of them seemed beyond what the shattered sky could hold, exploded from the ocean of chaos. But soon, the chaos began to churn, becoming tidal waves as a head she swore was larger than the planet she was standing on erupted from it, a pair gigantic eyes that seemed the size of moons staring down at her, it's pupils like black holes. As incalculable in size as it seemed, she felt like she could have well been infinitely bigger and she still wouldn't be seeing all of it.

She felt nearly meaningless just looking at the Leviathan before her.

"What...what is that thing?!" the madmare said, trembling in pure terror. She was pretty sure the ground under her was now wet.

"Entropy," said Amicitia, with a grim, but completely respectful tone "The End of All Things. Your universe has's dead. And when a universe dies, the only thing left to happen is for Entropy to wipe the slate clean for a new universe to be built from it's ashes."

"Wipe clean?!"

"As Maud said, for a universe such as this, there are two options: be trapped for eternity in the paralyzed time, or for Entropy to give it the only mercy left: The End. And She's on the doorstep waiting to offer it. To put it simply: She's going to eat it."

" can she do that?! Doesn't she know-"

"Can you honestly say this world is living? Entropy is not evil, Twilight Sparkle...She is a force of nature, for a new universe to be born, the corpse of the old one must be cleaned away, and that is Entropy's doing...If Entropy passes, no mortal will ever know what happened. It will be like the universe just suddenly died in it's sleep. This is what I'm seeing, not what your world sees..."

"But...what happens to them?"

"...Even I don't know. Their Lights of Existence may get a new life in the universe after, they may simply be escorted to their final resting place. But all I know for sure is Entropy will only leave behind a void for a new Big Bang to fill in...But I can provide another option...Neither this nightmare or Entropy's. But I need your help..."

Twilight looked up at the unfathomable being. It didn't wait with it's jaws open to consume all things in one gulp. It seemed to be...waiting...and it's attention seemed solely on her. She had never felt so tiny. Even compared to the massive size of the Goddess of Heat Death, she felt as if the being noticing her at all was like a blue whale noticing an amoeba.

"Will you accept it? Entropy does not offer these choices lightly."
Below, in the great trash can/retirement center, of the forgotten and the retconned out of existence, seeing through the tear, shadows of ponies who now never were, cheered.

"BRING HER IN NADA-SENIORITA! We could use a new perro to play with!" Fiesta Flaire cheered.
"Wh-wha-what are THOSE?" Despite her agony, Twilight recoiled. She pointed one shaking hoof at the half-seen shadows.

"What your new," Maud hesitated, "new associates will be, if you come to me. The shadows of other ponies who were removed from reality, the debris of Oblivion."

Twilight shuddered and looking at Twilight, pleading in silence.

"I can't help you," Amicitia said. "This is all up to you."

"An' me," a new voice, filled with anger and hate and pain said.

An alicorn, a madmare, and Entropy Herself all turned to see something that should not be -- one of the frozen ponies, suddenly re-aware.

"Ah dunno who y'all are," a bloody and filthy Applejack said to Maud and Amicitia. No longer wearing the business suit she hated to wear, hated what she had done to wear, and hated what she'd done to keep wearing it, to make herself head of the Family mob. Her bloodshot gaze turned from them to Twilight. She cringed back. Applejack said, "Ah feel like Ah been huntin' for ya for years and not getting anywhere -- but here Ah am now, ya crazy murderin' witch! An now yer gonna pay!"

"This shouldn't be happening," Amicitia shook her head in shock. "This world is dead!"

"Before we came here, it was," Maud said. "But you, your presence, has already began to change it." She sighed. "This is just making my job more difficult."
A low chuckle came from behind them, Strife stepping forwards from the shattered sky. "Well well...the huntress found her prey..."

"And who asked you?" Applejack asked.

The Spirit of Conflict spread her wings. "I am Strife, the Spirit of Natural Selection. And your hunt is the one part of this travesty I've enjoyed."

"But I've been trying to find research! To advance knowledge! Aren't those things worth anything?" Twilight asked, head spinning. "Progress is evolution!"

Strife snarled slightly. "What you did was not MY Concept, murderer. What you did is murder in the name of one you know not. Arrogant foal."

"So let me solve both of our problems. Amicitia, tell your deal to Twilight Sparkle. If she doesn't take it or if both refuse that of Mother, then here is mine," the Draconequus stated, trotting over the Applejack. "The story gets its resolution with you finding your prey and putting an end to her struggle, allowing this world to march on. As Mother said, her fate was sealed, I can merely give you time to complete it and give this world line its resolution."

Strife looked to Twilight. "And your prey gets her just reward: her place in the pits of Tartarus, the domain of My Father. Either way, a hunter's determination such as yours, one strong enough to defy time paralysis, calls to me. Should Mother devour this world, you're free to come become one of my Yokai."

Twilight looked up to Amicitia. "You can't let her do that!"

"She's Conflict,'s in her right to offer this..."

Applejack looked to Strife. "...Which is worse? This Oblivion place or Tartarus?"

"Depends on whom you ask. The Shadows of Oblivion try to steal the places of those in Tartarus...but in Tartarus, her crimes will always be remembered, and she will suffer their weight for all time. I believe Father said 'I've been dying to try out my 'fear of doctors' avatar just for her.'"

"...Rainbow Dash don't deserve this Oblivion place."

"You are correct."

Amicitia looked to Twilight. "...Then there's only one option you have left besides her own. But before I can even offer it, you must answer one question: do you still think you were right? Is all you've done worth it? Answer from your HEART Twilight."

Amicitia looked to Applejack. "...Because her killing would still give this world an ending I can work with to make this end as happy as possible for one such as this...I know ways to save Rarity, Fluttershy, and...if there's anything left of Pinkie Pie I can inspire in others...but if you answer my question wrong, there's no way this ends with you surviving..."
"Oh come off it girl! We got lots of unfinished books in the great Library of Never Written! Think of all that knowleeeeedge!" Shouted the shadow of Daffledazy, pushing up on the shadow of Daffledazy's glasses.  "So much to know! So much to understand! We've got so many buried secrets in this desolate landscape of ours forgotten by the rest of the universe!"

"K-Knowleged!?" Researcher Twilight turned her head, practically against her will, the same drive she knew she couldn't control that would have made her experiment on her own parents if she had been given the chance, and had been sincerely grateful she'd never been able to get her hooves on them.
Twilight Sparkles light visits grim world 5
Fifth leg of Twilight Sparkle's adventure through different fan fictions to give them a happy ending UNDER THEIR OWN POWER.

This is a record of other pony fanon worlds visited by Amciitia that came to a bad end. And her attempts to nudge things to a brighter future. 

Anyone can write one. 

Parts Added:
--MtangaLion Kendell2 Ardashir and bits by me 
-Kendell2/Kendell2 (not a typo)
-Alex Warlorn
-Alex Warlorn
-Ardashir (with one line by me)
-Kendell2 (with a  slight edit by me)
-Alex Warlorn

Amiticia's rules:

1) She can not 'assume direct control' of anyone under any circumstances. 

2) She can not physically manifest unless it can be passed off as a hallucination or trick of the mind, and may NOT physically meddle. 

3) If a deity who is not native to that universe has already intervened or taken part in things, Amicitia can perform much more blatant miracles to help others.

4) She can manifest as a pony's 'shoulder angel', conscience, voice of reason, voice of courage, voice of inspiration, what have you to others at critical moments. (She's able to bend this rule a little when it's that reality's Twilight Sparkle she's speaking to since she's speaking to herself.) 

5) She CANNOT give information that person couldn't logically know. 

6) She can speak more directly to the pets (Gummy, etc), but they CAN NOT act out of character, nor can they give information they wouldn't logically have or act in ways that don't make sense in story. 

7) If something has been established as how the laws of magic or physics works in that world, Amicitia CAN NOT change it. 

8) Amicitia can arrange things behind the scenes that are improbable, but NEVER impossible. 

9) Amicitia once provided Applebloom and Sweetie Belle in the Friendship is Oppression verse an anonymous vision to inspire them to find the Element of Chaos, she is strictly forbidden from helping that world further under penalty of violence. 

10 )Above everything, it must be like from the story's own narrative that Amicitia was not there at all, like a ghost. (Like how REAL ninja made a point of no one knowing there WAS a ninja.) 

11) If Amicitia become an Insert (for example, appears, hands Applebloom the Master Sword when Bloom cornered by zombies, or blasts the zombies to ashes herself), the Blank Wolf of that timeline will erase everything she's done and she can not try again. 

12) TL;DR Amicitia can not break the suspension of disbelief, create a plot hole, violate anyone's free will, or make it seem like she was there at all from the perception of the characters or the narrative.

Detailed version here:…

Covert art by…



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