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"My Queen, should we get details on King Sombra?" asked one of her minions.

Chrysalis shrugged. "I'll deal with him later, Celestia is the more pressing issue," the Queen of the Changelings remarked. 

"But our spies state he's researching you," the drone said.
"And that's proof he's a novice," the Queen replied. "He's making a rookie mistake of looking forward to the fight ahead, instead of the one right in front of him." Yes, Sombra was going to fight a highschooler, but Twilight wasn't an old and formally trained combatant either. Chrysalis wondered if Sombra had ever seen a single horror movie where the most horrifying monsters can die to a teenager who 's determined and lucky enough. Probably not, given movies hadn't been invented yet. "He's got so much power, but has only had one fight in his life he's actually had to TRY at. Even in the world where he's fighting a war, he still keeps himself out of reach of the fighting, at the back of the pack. Viewing fighting any but physical equals as beneath him. And he calls himself a King. Let him shoot himself in the hoof, I'm not going to make that mistake."

Chrysalis, however, was distracted by a flash of rainbow colored light.

Adagio looked up as Applejack flew down with a pair of saddle bags on, now glowing with an orange light. Her mane and tail ribbons had turned green, while her hair itself had gained stripes of red and pink. Her hooves now had small apple symbols of multiple colors on them.

"Since when can they do that?!" Chrysalis asked, then turned to a minion.

Sombra narrowed his eyes. "This may be a problem."

Adagio gave a snarl of fury. "This isn't fair!" 

"Oh yeah, you get your fancy jewel back, and it's unfair Ah get tah use this fancy power up," Applejack remarked. "Besides, alone Ah can't do the big 'rainbow of doom' thing, just get a power boost and a few fancy powers."

Patch blinked, looking to Rainbow Dash. "You could've done that the entire time?"

Rainbow Dash, who's already rainbow colored mane was now much longer to the point it covered her entire back while her wings gained a rainbow effect, her tail having also grown long. "Yeah, but we all decided to only use it when we're fighting the big bad guys, since it seemed 'disrespectful' to use it on anypony else...but don't we look awesome! I mean I like went Super Neighyan 3!"

"Next up is the leader of the Dazzlings, Adagio vs the Element of Honesty Applejack!" Zipzee announced.

Adagio smirked, using her magic to summon her two sisters to the ring. "Anything I've ever USED, right?"

"Yay!" Sonata exclaimed.

Aria just glared at her older sister.

Applejack gave a smirk. "Ah've called in mah 'honorary family' tah help meh too, if yah wanna play that game."

Adagio's expression fell and she promptly put her sisters back in the stands. The Rainbooms had beaten them with much less experience than these six had.

"Aww..." Sonata muttered.

The two went to the ring and the bell rung. 

Adagio started by flying up and letting loose a loud note, sending red sonic waves at Applejack. The mare flew up and over the attack and was surrounded by an orange glow before a single beam of orange light powerful enough to make the fully powered Tirek flinch launched right at the Siren.

The alpha Siren dove down under the beam which collided harmlessly with the barrier (Harmony tending to avoid harming innocents). She circled Applejack like a shark and let loose another sonic blast to meet Applejack's own. On her own without her sisters to assist her, the two attacks canceled each other out.

However, Adagio dove down after the collision and bit down on Applejack's leg, causing the pony to scream out in pain and a little blood to be drawn from her sharp teeth.

Adagio swung her head around and threw Applejack towards the boundaries.

The farmer, however, produced a rope and threw it, wrapping around Adagio's barrel and using a combination of the siren's resistance and her own flying abilities to stop her.

Adagio promptly bit through the rope and snarled, twenty seconds having passed. "Alright, no more Miss. Nice Siren..."

[=Welcome to the Show -My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks=]

Adagio flew up into the air, eyes igniting crimson. "Welcome to the Show
I'm here to let you know.
My time is now.
Your time is running out..."

Green energy sucked into Adagio from the entire arena. She put her hooves up and a considerably larger, spiritual version of herself was unleashed from her pendant. 

"Feel the wave of sound,
As it crashes down
Today is my day,
So get out of my way!"

Applejack charged her magic and fired an orange energy beam right as Adagio and her familiar unleashed a much stronger version of her sonic waves. The two attacks collided and fought for control. Applejack struggled, beginning to sweat. 

"I will be adored,
Soon you'll bow before me
My song is my sword,
With it victory's assured!"

Applejack seemed to change her focus right before her attack shattered and she was slammed into the arena with enough force to crack it and didn't instantly get back to her hooves.

"Now can you see?
You just can't beat me!
Nothing can stop me now!"

The Doctor began counting for a KO. ""

Applejack staggered to her feet, battered and clearly in pain. "Not...yet...There's...there's on more trick Ah have up mah sleeve..."

Adagio and her familiar still had ten seconds remaining and rushed Applejack to try for a ring out...when Applejack braced herself...and then just threw an apple into the air and kicked it with her hind legs right into the charging Adagio's eyes, blinding the siren.

The mare then flew sideways, causing Adagio to miss her and slam hard into the ring, then her momentum carrying her out of it. 

Applejack gave a smirk. "Namely, Ah'm still an apple farmer."

"And the ringer by ring out, Applejack!" the Doctor announced, holding up her leg. 

Applejack gave a bow before flying back to her friends...and then falling to her knees as they powered down to normal. "That...that was quite the rodeo..." she said, giving a smile as the nurses tended to her wounds.

"...Don't say a word..." Adagio said as her sisters 'swam' over to her and Sonata prepared to say something. 

"I should have fought," Aria replied, causing Adagio to growl in fury.

"I was just going to say the vendor had tacos..." said Sonata, eating one.


Between the lollipop and watching Applejack's victory, Starlight was feeling much better.  She had just gotten up to go find AJ and congratulate her when a thunderous crack rang out over the arena.  "Huh?  Did the next match start already?"

She turned around and gasped.  There was a huge swirling portal floating high above the arena floor.  As she watched, another Starlight Glimmer sailed out of it, flying with unicorn magic alone... with another Spike hot on her hooves... twice her size, and pumping his wings hard to catch up.  The other Starlight dodged and weaved, evading bolts of green fire that sailed past her and poofed into green mist before they could endanger the audience.

The other Starlight wove a second portal and dove in, and the other Spike roared and plunged in after her.  Both portals collapsed, and the arena was quiet once more.

The Doctor finished conversing with Seabreeze and Zipzee, and tapped on his microphone, coughing politely.  "Pardon me, everyone.  Circumstances require us to add a new rule.  Time travel is permitted for this tournament only, but if a combatant travels to a point before the tournament began or after it ended, that will be considered a ring out.  Thank you."

Starlight turned and found a concerned Princess Twilight approaching.  "I wasn't going to use that spell, Twilight, I swear.  I wasn't sure I *could* without the Cutie Map... but I guess now I have to..."

Spike, meanwhile, ran to see Ember as fast as his short stubby legs could carry him.  "How much can you teach me about controlling my size?" he blurted out.  The little drake glanced at the schedule... two more battles before he and Starlight fought.  "In about half an hour?"

Alex Warlorn

Chrysalis observed Adagio's defeat with one remark. "The villains' wing of the hotel is going to be rather lonely tonight."

Her guard asked, "What about us your majesty?"

"You're not villains, you're minions."

"Yes mother. At least there's less chance of a brawl at night."

Alex Warlorn

Zipzee took a chance to flutter down to Minty, Seabreeze rolled his eyes and followed her. "Hey Minty."

"Hi Zipzee! And your must be her new friend!"

"Haven't you been watching all this time?!" Seabreeze said.

"I really meant to, but I had to reorganize my sock collection."

"Well, your next is up next, with the zebra Zecora."  

"Okay. I hope she's nice... Just one question. What are we going to be arguing about?" Minty asked innocently.

Seabreeze face faulted. "... You're going to be fighting."

"Exactly. So why are we shouting at each other?"

"Uh... not fighting as in arguing, fighting as in engaging in physical combat to determine who is the better warrior."

"What's a warrior?"

"Does your kind have no concept of violence!? You know? Like when ponies get hurt!"

"Oh that happens all the time, when we get skinned knees, or when we bump our heads, fall into a freezing lake in the middle of winter, or we could ever fall down a water fall and get really really REALLLY hurt!"

"Well, this tournament, is to see who can be the best at doing those things to other ponies."

Minty gasped in horror. "Why would other ponies MAKE other ponies fall over a waterfall?"

Seabreeze had a headache coming on.

Alex Warlorn

"So your title is... the green machine?" Seabreeze asked.

"Everyone at home calls me the 'green machine.' Green paint, green teapots, green bubble bath, green broccoli on pizza, green candies, green sunglasses, you name it. Oh and I have a huge collection of socks, and I'm the one who inspired Santa to use socks for gift giving."

"That guy again?" Seabreeze remembered his chat with Zipzee.

"Santa isn't 'that guy!' Shame on you!"

"... sorry." Seabreeze said as politely as he could. "It says here you're also a klutz."

Minty blushed. Then she spotted a pegasus in the stands. "HEY! Rainbow Dash!" She gasped through the steps up to her. "You're here too?! ... When did you get wings? And that hair cut just isn't you!"

"Ick! Uh! Who are you?"

"Oh you've lost your memory!" She hugged Rainbow Dash. "Remember! You're supposed to always dress in style and speak in that fancy accent, and always have a dress or every occasion! Oh wait! I remember! You need to talk under a door and have a vase fall on your twice."

"Minty. That isn't our Rainbow Dash." Zipzee said.

"She isn't? Wow! She's really weird looking! Is she from opposite land? Where birds dig underground, and ponies sleep during the day, and work during the night, and ponies sleep under the bed, and-"

"It doesn't really work like that." Zipzee said.

"Really darling," Rarity said striking a pose. "A world where Rainbow Dash knows how to be a lady? Maybe I should visit."

Minty stared at the perfectly clean, proper and lady like Rarity who looked like she'd go to bed without supper before playing in the mud.

"Are you SURE they're not from 'Opposite Land' or something?" Minty asked Zipzee.

"Girl we've BEEN to opposite land, it's not someplace you'd wanna visit," Applejack said.

"Wow! Applejack too?! But why are you orange instead of red? Wouldn't that make you Orangejack?"

"... Can we not go there?"

Zecora was meditating for her battle, her bamboo staff ready, and her various illusion powders that she used on Nightmare Night, and her various other creations of zebra magic. She looked right at Minty's antics.  

"A clown she appears to be... but I shall not be fooled by what I see. My caution I dare not abate. Your opponent you never underestimate."

Minty skipped over to her. "WOW~! A Zebra! I've never seen one except in books before! What if I win, you let me paint your strips green? You'd love it!"

"An insult I do not wish to incite, but it's clear you have no desire to fight."

"What about a tongue-twister contest?"

"Give me a bit, let me think about it." Zecora was tempted for when the fight to begin, to simply escort the poor filly to the edge of the ring gently by the ear.

Majesty's servant and confidence, Gypsy the pony, meanwhile checked her wheel of fortune for the possible outcomes of Zecora and Minty's fight that could end in Minty's favor.

Zecora trying to ring out Minty by pulling her along by ear would unknown to Zecora, likely result in Minty panicking and throws a can of paint in her face, and Zecora then brow beating Minty for almost blinding her with the paint.

The strongest visions for Minty's victory was of Zecora expositing her talent with her staff before hoof, would result in Minty innocent tossing Zecora a mint candy, which Zecora would swallow, but also distract her from her staff that she'd just thrown up in the air, and hitting the zebra square in the head, knocking Zecora out. And Zecora waking up now a painted stripped green zebra. And there were various other visions of Minty goof-balling her way to victory.  

"Gypsy, please don't do that here, it's no fun if ponies know the outcome ahead of time." Majesty said.

"Oh right, sorry."


Zecora, however, dismissed the notion. Instead, when Doctor Whooves called for the match to begin, she looked at Minty and said, "I have decided, o filly so serene, that I would quite like to have my stripes painted green." Zecora motioned towards the ring's edge. "But instead of waiting 'til later today, how about we do it right away?"

Minty's eyes lit up. "Oh boy, oh boy!" she said, clapping her hooves. "You're gonna look so cool!" She grabbed Zecora by the hooves and started dragging her away. Zecora briefly became concerned that Minty was going to ring her out, but, as the zebra had hoped, the filly stepped out of the ring first.

"And the winner by ring out.....Zecora!" Doctor Whooves called.

"Well, that was anticlimactic," said Seabreeze. "I was hoping for something more."

Rainbow Dash fluttered over to where Zecora was waiting while Minty gathered up paintbrushes and paint cans. "Having second thoughts there, Zecora?"

"I have no regrets this day, I believe it is better this way." Minty was finally ready. Zecora offered her foreleg and the filly began painting it. "I had no desire to fight this foal, for she is a kind and gentle soul."

Alex Warlorn

"Well, Minty's happy at least." Zipzee observed her dear friends.

Seabreeze said to Adagio, "By the way, since you lost, I've been ordered by management to tell you that you won't be needing your gem anymore." And with a pop, Adagio's pendant became a mass of broken shards again. Adagio stopped floating and fell to the ground, still of course in her aquatic form.

"AGH!" Adagio began to curse up a curse.

"Uh... I'll get you a wheel-barrel."

Meanwhile Trixie saw the new verses appear on the screen, of herself and Rarity. For a mare legendary for wanting to be the center of attention, she'd been unusual quiet. She sighed and trotted over to Rarity. "Well, let's head down there and get your win over with."

Rarity stared, her jaw fell away and hit the floor. This was followed by... just about every pony around them. "... CHANGELING!"

Rarity zapped Trixie, (which technically should have counted as a penalty for attacking your opponent before the fight even started), but Trixie remained Trixie. "It's me Miss Phobic of the Color Green and turning my curtains into a dress."

"Oh." Then Rarity shook her head. "Well darling, I must say, you are NOT acting like yourself. Are you under mind control?"

"No!" Trixie snorted. Then looked down. "Look. Nopony here is expecting Trixie to win. If Trixie DID WIN, every pony would think Trixie cheated somehow. Trixie knows how these fights work anyway. It's the more popular pony who wins. And... as much as it sickens Trixie to admit it, you and your friends are ultimately more popular than Trixie."

"My dear, this is NOT pro-wrestling! I've BEEN in a pro-wresting match, and this is no pro-wresting."

Now it was Trixie's turn to stare for a moment before saying. "Trixie's point is that if she wins, everypony will think Trixie is a cheater, or that you let Trixie won. Losing is what everypony here EXPECTS Trixie to do. Who here supports Trixie?"

Trixie felt a hug behind her. "I do," Starlight Glimmer said. "I think you can beat her."

Alex Warlorn

"My my, who'd have thought such tenderness from a mare with such a bad temper," Discord popped into being, of course, ruining the moment.

Bewildered and thrown off by Discord's sudden appearance Starlight stammered. "I... I... don't have a temper."

"Oh don't you?" Discord pulled down a projection screen. And a short film began to play with the title,

What would have actually happened if Twilight Sparkle had brushed off Starlight Glimmer's 'evil' origin.

The spell zapped Starlight, Spike and Twilight back to the pegasus race after showing them the last time Starlight saw Sunburst. It did not wait for Twilight to give a monologue or remark, it simply sent them back at the time it had been set to.

Twilight Sparkle's response to Starlight's reveal was. "What? That's it?"

Starlight's response to Twilight's response was. "That's it? That's it?! THAT'S IT?!" She tore the scroll in half. And miles away, a mushroom cloud the color of Starlight's magic was visible devastating much of Equestria and leaving only ashes.

The film ended.

Starlight shuddered. "Oh."


"Well, at least we're not the first world to get knocked out of the tournament," Patch remarked. She wasn't going to just give up, but it was reassuring to some degree.

"Technically not second either," Starlight pointed out. "Sunset and Adagio are from Galaxy 4, but are living in an alternate universe."

Clover noticed she was out of popcorn and got up to get more.

"Can you get me some candy, Clover?" asked their Bon Bon, finishing a box of candy.


The pony trotted off to go hit the refreshment stands...and ended up running right into Minty, the two falling back, both falling down the stairs with a few oofs.

"...Sorry..." both said at once.

Clover blinked, looking at the mare. "You're Minty, aren't you?"

"Uh huh," Minty replied, Clover helping her up.

"Weren't you painting that zebra's stripes?" Clover questioned. Which was an odd sentence regardless, but made weirder by the fact sapient zebras weren't a thing back in their universe.

"Yeah, but she was getting thirsty so I decided to go get her something to drink," Minty replied.

The two walked towards the concessions stand.

"Sorry about running into you, I'm always a bit of a klutz..." Clover apologized.

"Really? So am I!" Minty replied.

"Always tripping over yourself?"

"Uh huh."

"It doesn't help that I want to be a ballerina like my big sister..." Clover explained. "Sometimes it's hard to have somepony like her as a sister..."

Minty cocked her head. "Reminds me of Scootaloo and Cheerilee...well, OUR Scootaloo and Cheerilee, there's apparently more than one, which gets really confusing..."

"Tell me about it," said Clover, looking at the two Bon Bons. "At least from how you said it yours look different..."

"Yeah. Apparently their Scootaloo and Cheerilee aren't sisters either. Which is kind of...what's the word? Sad. Ours might not always get along but..."

"Oh...well, me and Meadowlark aren't quite like that..." Clover replied, rubbing her head. "Meadowlark is just...better than me..."

Minty looked like that concept was completely alien to her. "Better than you? That's silly! How can anypony be better than anypony?!...I mean Pinkie Pie's better at not tripping than I am...and Storybelle is better at telling stories than I am...but I'm better at socks and everything green than both of them! But none of us are better than each other!"

Clover frowned. "But Meadowlark IS better than me..."

"I don't think so."

"You don't know Meadowlark."

"But I know that even though I'm klutz and mess up a lot, I'm not worst than anypony else in town..." Minty replied, giving a reassuring smile. "You're kinda like Lilly Lightly."


"This unicorn we know! Her horn glows really bright, and she thought that'd make us all not like her and made her weird...but none of us did! Because it's what made her special! Isn't there something that makes you special?"

"Well...I'm really lucky...sometimes..."

Minty smiled. "See? That makes you special!"

"I...I guess that makes sense...thank you."


(NOTE: This is a between rounds bit that isn't a fight but preparing for the next two upcoming fights. With that said enjoy).

As the next round was preparing to begin, Derpy could be seen flying towards Doctor Whooves as quickly as possible.

"Doctor! Doctor! Doctor! Doctor!" she cried out quickly waving her hoof.

Doctor Whooves took notice of her as she flew in front of him. "Ah my dear companion, what troubles you?" He politely asked.

Derpy was waving her hoofs. "Remember the time travel?"

".... You're going to have to be a bit more specific on that one dear."

"You know with the whole and the dragon and the Starlight going woosh woosh fire fire twinkle twinkle woooooooooooooooooooosh." Derpy imitated the actions as best as she could remember them as the Doctor nodded at this. "Is that thingie gonna happen at some point in the future even though it was in the past? Cause if Spikey only knew he wanted to go super big cause he saw himself in the future go super big, how did the first Spikey know to go super big if he didn't have a Spikey who was super big he saw?"

"Ahh, an excellent query," Doctor Whooves said, taking out a plastic pipe and putting it in his mouth, imitating puffing it. "You see dear Ditzy Do, though normally the conception of temporal travel is a big ball of wippilty wobbility timey whimey... stuff, at this particular nexus point it is a devolving mess of various parallel time line points that are specifically intermixing with one another," he said, as various images of the different pony worlds flashed in front of him. "We're not only dealing with mixing elements from four particular universes in these travels, but differing variations of certain particular figures whose shared consciousness would otherwise never intermingle." An image of Flash Sentry was shown at that remark. "Furthermore accounting on taking particular despicable figures who were either annihilated or reversing them to a point where they aren't at their most fearsome power." An image of the various villains were shown as it then focused back on the Doctor. "Has polluted the time stream even further. So to compensate for it, there are many differing timelines and variations of the events that are happening that run in parallel with similar events from differing narratives."

Derpy blinked a few times before gasping. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh I get it," she said waving her hoof. "It'd be like if I said I was baking muffins, and then told my pals about the muffins, but they said I be making muffins differently then I say."

"Precisely." the Doctor stated. "This particular tournament due to the various differing time lines and histories mixing together to a spectator watching from beyond these dimensional gates, a mish mash shifting between various differing narratives of various ideologies and beliefs. Sometimes intermixing so much that certain exact events seem to happen to differing degrees." Shots of the two differing fights between Chrysalis and Daring Do were shown. "So to get back to your particular point, the skirmish between Starlight Glimmer and Spike that temporarily transplaced before us was only one particular possibility through this temporal stream. There are multiple different variants and variables how that same event started, one of which we saw in this timeline, but others sprouting through differing reasons."

"Like what?"

"Well, considering I do not know that reality, I would not have any idea and quite honestly though traveling to such a particular point would be intriguing I ironically do not have the time for such endeavors. I'm certain those in that differing dimension or even those who can see all the timelines would be able to tell you a more proper tale on how that happened."

Ironically enough the camera then takes us into one of those differing dimensions of this particular tournament where Spike could be seen walking up to a somewhat distraught looking Starlight Glimmer, leaning against the wall on one side of the stadium where most of the fans were waiting for the next match to proceed.

"Hey Starlight," Spike said, slurping a soda down as he looked closer to see Starlight's more dour expression. "Uh... something wrong?" he asked concerned.

She looked at him, pondering a moment before sadly sighing, looking down. "Yes," she admitted, Spike now leaning closer to her. "I've been sitting here thinking for quite some time after those... horrific images." She then recalled being shown by Sombra an alternate world where those in the town she had been in charge of chained up and under his control in terrible pain with the demonic Unicorn laugh still echoing her mind. "I admit the pain of what could have happened isn't there anymore." She then recalled getting ironically cheered up a bit by Discord talking to her and giving her a lollypop. "But it's still gotten me to thinking about this whole tournament." She then turned to look upwards at Spike. "Like for example, our upcoming fight."

"What, you worried about me?" Spike said trying to fake a more jovial tone, imitating muscles. "Cause I have been known to be quite the challenge let me tell you-"

"Be serious," Starlight said, looking away angry. "Do you really think in a pure one on one battle at our highest skill level, that you would actually be able to take me?"

"Probably not," Spike said earnestly, shrugging some. "At your peak you're even with Twilight who even knows how to counter all my made up wrestling techniques before I start implementing them."

"Then what's the point of this?" Starlight asked out, now pounding the wall again angrily. "Why have these fights? Why have these battles where the strong can just unfairly pick on and abuse the weak? Why make such spectacle out of such issues of mis balance?"

The smile Spike tried putting on fading as he gently reached out his claw on Starlight's right hind leg. "You know if it's bothering you so much to be hear Starlight, you don't have to-"

"Yes I do!" Starlight said, storming to herself. "This is supposed to be a chance to grow closer and learn from people we may ordinarily never interact with, or even ever see at all." she extended her front hoof dramatically. "The chance to make friendship connections with multiple worlds and multiple times! It's the perfect chance to learn so much and grow but... I just feel more confused... more angry then I was before this started... then I have been in awhile." She then leaned closer to Spike, starting to whisper to him. "Do you know why I wished to erase and get rid of ponies cutie marks?"

"Yeah: because that's how you lost Sunburst when you were a kid," Spike said, the flashback from 'The Cutie Re-Mark' playing ins his head. "And you thought ponies who had them needed to change and wanted to do something about it."

"That was only how it started though," Starlight pointed out recalling herself as a young foal going around looking at other ponies and various cutie marks. "It didn't take just one loss... one missing friendship that changed my world view. It just opened my eyes on what I thought were all the injustices around me: Ponies who had special marks and special abilities lording it over others, and those who didn't have as unique a mark being unfairly used and abused because of it."

Starlight continued recalling going around through various towns seeing various either snarls or desperate look of frightened equines, or more smiling and sinister ponies, all their cutie marks glowing with ones obviously brighter then others as she shut her eyes. "Months... moons... years I saw it Spike: those who unfairly either used their so called gifts for fowl play over others, or those without those talents being beaten down and forced to comply with what those with greater marks said. It made me want to fight back... want to make things equal for the sake of giving them all peace."

She then recalled breaking down in front of Twilight in the previously mentioned episode. "Until I realized that in turn, I was the problem. I was the one making others miserable and sad for my own actions. That my attempts at balance and equality were trying to force my own views and believes on others. And that I had become the very thing I thought that cutie marks were: a tool used to brand others and force them into one way of thinking." The flashback ended as Starlight was shown shaking some. "I thought that by giving up my dreams... by learning the true values of friendship, maybe I could right the wrongs I had committed. Made up for my own lack of balance but... how can I do so when there is no balance?" she pointed around wildly. "Every combatant should have an equal chance of victory, a way of winning, of coming out on top. Everyone here should be a winner but... that's not what this is! Those with the most power... the most intelligent.. the most abilities... those are the only ones who can win! Because that's what life is! Those with the most power who call the shots and force their form of balance on anyone else."

"That's... that's not true," Spike said holding out his claws. "I mean didn't you see how Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were able to take out Tirek? How Patch out pranked Rainbow Dash? Or even Applejack winning against Adaigo through an apple to the face?"

"That's only victory through trickery and lies! Eventually no matter what under handed moves or ideas you think of, true power and strength will over take them." Starlight pointed to herself. "Any of the so called rules or limitations or ideas placed mean nothing to those in power unless it's against somepony on their skill level! But those who try their best, who have the most spirit, most love... that power will always prove triumphant! Will always win them out in the end." Starlight smacked the ground hard with her back hoof. "This suppose chance to meet and exchange ideals and camaraderie with our brethren... is just an excuse to show off and see who is the mightiest and whose power can oust the others."

"Hey only the villainous jerks think that."

"Then I guess I must be one of those!" Starlight screamed out, quickly covering her mouth as she looked down ashamed. "I know I don't have any chance of actually winning... of actually advancing to the top. There are many here still apart of this tourney who will stop me. Ones who deserve it and ones who don't but... in the end it's the power that determines who gets through, nothing else." She then slowly started walking away. "Just like how when we fight, you will loose. Even though you're more empathic and care and love more... that doesn't matter because when it comes down to it, I'm just stronger then you. And that is something that can't be changed."

"You can't let yourself get into that mind space," Spike said trying to run after her. "This tournament means more then just a power struggle Starlight. Please let's talk about this-"

"There is no need." Starlight said as she started to teleport herself away. "We will only meet again for our fight. There you will loose, and then at some point I will loose, and those who have the true power will come out on top. That's the way it will always be, and there's nothing that will change it."

"No it's..." Spike looked to see her totally disappear in a stream of light Spike had to turn away from as he looked around. "Oh man where'd she take off to now?" he asked starting to run off. "I better get the others and..." he then stopped thinking for a second. "No wait a second, that's not going to help her. I've got to do something to really reach her and show her that talk is bunk but... what?" He then gasped for a second, before quickly taking off in the other direction.

Meanwhile on the other side of the Tourney, Dragon Lord Ember could be seen looking at a crystal ball of the former Dragon Lord Scorch.

"You should have completely crushed her!" Former Dragon Lord Scorch said, and from Ember's bored expression it was obvious the camera had come in the middle of a rather long tirade. "The true power of the dragon lord should have easily snuffed out even this called Friendship Princess."

"First off, just because you don't fully respect their regality status doesn't make it less true," Ember pointed out. "Furthermore, Princess Twilight and her friends have conquered foes who if left unchecked would have conquered or annihilated all of Equestria, including our land."

"Bah, at my prime I would have easily evaporated that Sombra or Tirek," Scorch bellowed out. "And at your prime you would do the same."

"Well there wasn't a need for that," Ember pointed out recalling Twilight blasting her out of bounds. "I admit I could have gone on longer and used more of my abilities, but so would she and the results could of turned out the same. And that includes going to my true form against her ultimate form."

"There is nothing more powerful then the true fury of a dragon lord," Scorch bellowed. "Why in your grandfather's prime, with one blast of glorious snout fire he vanquished an entire field of Squirks and Raptorians! There were easily hundreds no thousands that tried enveloping him but he would not back down for one second-"

Ember then saw Spike running towards her as she quickly sighed to herself. 'Oh thank the flames,' she quickly thought before waving her hand. "Sorry father have to take care of a subject in need now, love you."

"I love you as well my child but remember that subject must bow before they acquire your assistance-" Scorch started to ramble before Ember quickly disconnected the crystal ball the signal Celestia had set up for Scorch to communicate with his daughter.

"Uh... sorry if I was interrupting something," Spike said, rubbing the back of his head.

"I'm only sorry you didn't come in sooner," Ember said sighing some. "The sad thing is, dad really has gotten better." She extended her claw. "Before the loss of one subject, even one as simple as Garble to any pony he would have flown over and tried roasting the entire kingdom. Now he just gives long distance tirades which are better.... still annoying but better."

"Yeah I'm all for not having me and everypony I know deep fried roasted if possible," Spike said extending his claw. "So since you're free think you can help me with my next match?"

Ember smirked some. "Funny, I remember asking for pointers from you and getting rejected."

Spike crossed his arms, smirking as well. "Yeah but I think it makes more sense of a mere peasant asking for assistance from their lord then the super queen of dragons asking a subject for knowledge about their best friend caretaker."

"Hmmm touche," Ember said twirling her claw. "Though isn't your opponent that other magical unicorn you said you were also quite close with? I figured you wouldn't care about losing to her."

"Before yeah, but things have changed." Spike made a fist with his claw. "Now I kind of have to win. You know the whole'the only way you can get it through someone's head what they're thinking is to smack it around' philosophy."

"Ahh, so there is some dragon in you after all," Ember said in a teasing tone.

"Hey I'm trying to be serious here."

"Well, I am agreeing to help you Spike, so I would say that is pretty serious."

"Guess that is as serious as I need." Spike then leaned in closer starting to whisper to Ember, as the camera started panning away from them "See I have a plan to help out Starlight but it's going to require some true dragon strength so I wanted to know...."

In both this reality and the previous one... and the various other ones, we then saw Rarity approach the two breezie announcer's table.

"Oh hey what's up Rar-rar?" Zipzee said in her usual exited tone. "Your bout starts in a few minutes, so you want to chat with us some? Me and Seabreeze were talking about you know cool Breezie things."

"You were talking about how many times you sang about your world's Ponyville while flying through it," said a somewhat annoyed Seabreeze.

"Yeah all that fun stuff," Zipzee said still not getting her co announcer's more dismal tone.

"Perhaps another time dear Breezies, but I wished to know if I could borrow your microphone as there is something I would like to officially announce before my match," Rarity said in a very cordial tone.

"Uh I guess, but can't you just make that announcement right before the fight starts at the ring?" Seabreeze asked.

Rarity shook her head. "Afraid not darlings. It would not be properly lady like to make such announcements before such a squabble, and would intrude on the nature of the battle which I do not wish to do.

"Oh I get it." Zipzee then hoofed her the microphone she had as an announcer. "Go on say what you want to say, the Rainbow Dash that calls herself Rarity."

"Much appreciated." She said tapping into the microphone a couple of times before speaking into it. "Hello testing, testing, one, two," she said managing to attract the crowd's attention as she went on. "If you have been following the match ups properly you know that I Rarity Belle am about to face off against Trixie Lulamoon."

Trixie could be seen in the stadium, reading through various magic books with her various prop bags next to her. "Hey you are ruining the Great and Powerful Trixie's concentration," Trixie said annoyed. "Unless you want to be double pummeled you fashionista you'd better-"

"However before that skirmish there is something I wish to clear the air about before we engage in such a clash." She then leaned forward again speaking delicately into the microphone. "I, Rarity, wish to offer a full apologize to Trixie Lulamoon."

This confused and surprised quite a few ponies, especially the one being offered the apology. "... What?" She asked scratching her head some.

"It has occurred to me before this I had never properly sat down and chatted with Trixie myself on this matter and would not wish to do so simply during or after our encounter, so I have elected to do so now." Rarity went on recalling the events of Boast Busters. "Though I personally do not appreciate performances that include loads of boasting or embezzling of talents, it was rather rude to say such a thing during a magical show, where such actions are something incredibly common." She quickly recalled the events of Canterlot Boutique. "I do not appreciate it being told to make changes to my business when I feel it is not needed and it entertains others, so I had no right to force such views or perspectives towards somepony else. Especially in such a situation where if I did not wish to be part of such activities, I could have simply left instead of rudely complaining about it or trying to interfere in the performance." Everyone continued looking shocked at this as Rarity smiled. "I just wished to make that fact clear that I am sorry to have previous acted in such a fashion and hope it will not be something I shall do again in the future. I do hope you can forgive that transgression Trixie just as I have forgiven yours against me and my friends and hope we can move forward and not dwell on such thoughts during and after our match. Which I intend to win to the best of my abilities, but would not be surprised or agitated if your abilities proved superior." With that Rarity delicately dropped the microphone before heading towards the stage.

Trixie still looked amazed by this. ".... Wow I never thought she..." Trixie shook her head. "I mean uh... the Great and Powerful Trixie forgives such thoughts but... uh will defeat you in combat most..... uh.... the Great and Powerful Trixie still has more preparing to accomplish first," she quickly yelped out going through her bag of tricks and strategies again for the two's upcoming fight which was about to take place....

Kendell2 Trixie Lulamoon Vs Rarity Belle

"Okay, any other interruptions before we have the battle?" Seabreeze asked. "Good."

"Alright! Finally time for the next match! Trixie vs Rarity!"

The two unicorns both emerged from the back and took the stage, both carrying a case or bag to the ring.

Trixie steeled herself. "...Thank you, Rarity...Trixie appreciates your speech."

Rarity smiled. "You're welcome, Trixie...we're friends, after all, so there should be no hard feelings between us."

Trixie nodded. "Trixie is...unused to this...But she won't go easy on you!"

"I wouldn't expect nothing else," Rarity replied.

The two took a fighting pose as the bell rung.

Rarity quickly produced some fabric from her bag and magically whipped it at Trixie. The showmare dodged and countered by using her magic to throw off the frabric to try and wrap Rarity up in her own fabric. The fashionista retaliated by summoning a jewel from her bag and hurling it through the fabric to cut it before it could bind her.

Rarity followed up by jumping up and giving a roundhouse kick, taking Trixie offguard and kicking her back across the arena.

Trixie shook off the impact and stared in shock. "Where did you learn to do that?!"

Rarity threw her mane. "I may not enjoy fighting, but I am no slouch when it comes to it."

Several of the Changelings shuddered, remembering how off guard they'd been taken by Rarity during the wedding because of that.

Trixie got her game face back. "Very well, but don't assume that Trixie is a poor fighter!"

The showmare got back up as Rarity attempted another strike, this time with several jewels, Trixie created several thunder clouds and sent lightning down, taking Rarity off guard. Her jewels missed due to the surprise and she gave a scream as one bolt hit her and gave her a shock.

Rarity gasped, looking at her now frizzy mane. "My mane!"

"Sorry, Rarity, but we are in the middle of a fight." Trixie summoned a rope (she HAD used one on Applejack and the Ursa Minor after all) and attempted to wrap Rarity up with it while she was distracted, but the fashionista dodged it.

"Sorry, darling, but you're not the only pony who's grown since we first met," Rarity replied, sending several jewels flying Trixie's direction (which where blunt, as Rarity had no intention of using them to maim).

Rarity staggered back as the gems connected, allowing Rarity to dash in and give her a martial arts throw.

Trixie thought quickly and used her telekinesis to produce a stunt helmet to prevent the fall from hurting her as much. "Well, Trixie may have underestimated you a little bit, but she will not be defeated so easily! Allow her to pull out the big guns!"

Rarity summoned a roll of fabric and launched it forwards, seeming to be attempting to clothesline Trixie, but the mare slid under it and blasted Rarity back with a default unicorn energy blast. Rarity recovered in time and summoned a circle of jewels, launching them and blasting Trixie back.

Retaliated with a ring of storm clouds that rained down, forcing Rarity to duck and weave out of the way to avoid being struck and allowing Trixie an opening to charge in and buck her back. Rarity retaliated with several martial arts moves, Trixie managing to dodge a few kicks before being struck by Rarity's hoof and knocking her on her back, forcing her to roll out of the way and get some more distance, letting a fireworks explosion loose to get some more.

"Let's see how well you do against this, darling! "Rarity announced, summoning a large amount of fabric and jewels and raining them down on Trixie all at once, almost like a tornado.

Trixie was caught up in it and throw around, slamming roughly to the ground an inch from the exist to the ring.

"Okay...Trixie didn't think she'd have to do this, but it's time for her big finale!" Trixie replied, then let loose an explosion of fireworks around Rarity, blinding her...then when the smoke cleared, the fashionista found herself surrounded by FOUR Trixies.

"You can never have too many Trixies!" the four called out, her voice sounding like it was coming from all four of them at once.

"Well, darling, no pony can say you're a slouch either..." Rarity said, impressed, she fired gems. She was suddenly blindsided by a lightning cloud, giving her a shock. She spun and sent gems flying at the Trixie in the direction it came from, going through her and dispelling the illusion.

Rarity saw one make an attempt with the rope and dodged it, doing a round house kick, the rope seeming to be controlled by somepony else.

The final two Trixies both charged up what seemed like a default energy beam. Rarity knew one had to be an illusion and the other the real Trixie.

Rarity did a leap back, right as they fired...and one beam passed through one of the Trixies while the firer was dissipated by the beam.

"Found you, darling!" Rarity announced, pulling gems from her bag and launching them at the final Trixie...only for them to pass through and dissipate an illusion, revealing the gem on Trixie's cape floating and having reflected a beam from elsewhere to give the ILLUSION of the copy firing a real beam.

"First rule of a stage magician! Make sure the audience is looking where you aren't!"

Rarity spun around...just in time for Trixie to launch herself out of her stunt cannon directly at her. Rarity didn't have time to counter and was tackled full force by the showmare, carrying BOTH of them out of the ring and to the arena floor, getting gasps from the crowd.

"So...who won?" Starlight questioned.

Doctor Whooves looked to the recording and watched it. "It appears Miss Lulamoon hit the ground..."

Trixie gave a sigh, getting off of Rarity. "Well, Trixie tried..."

"Hit the ground point two seconds AFTER Rarity, as she landed ON her," Doctor Whooves explained. "The winner is Trixie Lulamoon by ring out!"

Trixie's jaw dropped. "I...I won?!"

Rarity smiled, getting up and hugging her. "Yes, you did, darling. And you deserved it."


(OOC: Noticed G2 wasn't represented in this at all.

For the record, G2 DID have comics, just no TV show:……… )

"Hey, Twilight," asked Rainbow Dash.

"Yes, Rainbow?" she asked.

"Who are they?" Rainbow Dash questioned, pointing to a section. Most of them were Earth Ponies, but there was a strange pony with translucent wings of a different sort than a Changeling.

"According to the data, those ponies come from another Galaxy from everypony else. They're just observers," Twilight explained.

"Apparently the tournament announcers found their Galaxy too late to bring them in, but invited them to watch...something about 'didn't know there was anything to go with'...I don't know."

Before the two could say anything, Pinkie Pie had jumped over to the observing ponies.

"Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie! I would have said hi sooner, but the writer just realized you should be here!"

A white Earth Pony smiled. "Hi! I'm Light Heart!"

The two shook hooves...and both where wearing joy buzzers. Or rather Pinkie Pie was and Light Heart had used some kind of magic dust to get the same effect.

"*Gasp!* You like pranks too?" Pinkie Pie asked.

Light Heart nodded. "Oh yes, I love them!"

"Oh! Dashie and Patch are going to have a prank war later, want to come?"


Starlight Glimmer looked up to see a dazzle of fire works and sparklers being shot around as Trixie appeared in front of some of the crowd, causing them a bit of shock, but then applause.

"Thank you thank you, the great and powerful Trixie appreciates your cheers" Trixie said, bowing in front of them, noticing Starlight peaking down at her from a corner of the stadium as she held out her hooves.  "And you may give her more later, but right Trixie has other things to do."  In a puff of smoke she disappeared and then reappeared behind Starlight.  "Greetings friend Starlight."

Starlight looked a bit surprised but then quickly put on a smile seeing her friend in front of her.  "Hey Trixie" she said looking down, gently rubbing her hoof on the ground.  "That was an... amazing fight you had with Rarity."

"You don't have to tell Trixie about it, she was there to breath in the spectacle" Trixie said theatrically, laughing some.  "As great and powerful as Trixie is, even she admitted it was a close fought battle but in the end, Trixie's bag of tricks had nothing on that Fashionista's."

"Yeah I... I was cheering for you the entire time" Starlight muttered out.  "I... don't know many others were but-"

"We'll they'll have time for more cheering when Trixie cleans up the rest of the competition, until we get a chance to duel" Trixie noted.

Starlight sighed.  "Well honestly I... don't know if I'll get that far-"

"Of course you will" Trixie put her hoof on Starlight's shoulder.  "And just like you were cheering for Trixie, Trixie shall be cheering for you against Twilight's pet dragon."

"Yeah I'll... be able to defeat him" Starlight said sadly, shaking some.

"Is there something wrong?" Trixie asked concerned, motioning Starlight closer.  "The great and powerful Trixie is nearly as amazing a listener as she is a magician."

Starlight looked up at her friend's confident look and put on a smile.  'No no I can't get her caught up in my angst' Starlight thought to herself.  'Maybe after this stupid tournament is over but... not when she's still able to enjoy it' Starlight shook her head.  "I guess just thinking if we get to fight here and... what will happen after ward to... you know us."

"Pffft, Trixie does not hold.... that type of grudges" Trixie patted Starlight on the shoulder.  "No matter which great and powerful unicorn wins, they'll still be the best amazing magical great and powerful friends.  No theatric is going to change that" she then held out her other hoof in front of Starlight's head.  "So let's work as hard as possible to get to show those ponies a show they'll never forget, okay?"

Starlight looked at her and nodded a bit.  "Okay" she said, shaking the hoof some as she then moved back, looking down at the stadium.  "Guess I should be getting down and... working on making that happen right?"

"Right" Trixie said confidently as Starlight walked off, noticing the blue unicorn continuously wave at her as she moved closer and closer to the stadium floor.

'Just because I'll win this fight doesn't mean I'll ever get that far' Starlight thought to herself.  'Not if I have to fight a more experienced Alicorn before that.  Then again what right do I have to complain about unfair match ups when I'll still clean house so easily now?' Starlight then looked over at Trixie, her eyes narrowing.  'But that's nothing compared to what she could of been up against'  Starlight then recalled the battle Rainbow Form Applejack had with Adagaio.  'If Rarity had used that form of hers... would anything other then the other "Mane 6" or immortal gods been able to stop that?' Starlight gritted her teeth some looking around annoyed.  'Ughhh this tournament is made of NOTHING but unfair power balances of ponies and others going up against opponents they have no chance of beating! A spectacle only made for the strong to feel great about themselves, and the weak to feel good about either getting lucky or just being included!'  She shook some.  'This isn't equality, isn't fair isn't what unity is suppose to be but...' she then looked at her own hoof, various memories going through it as she looked down ashamed.  'What does a pony about me really know about that anyway?' she thought continuing to head down to the arena.

Meanwhile the camera focused back up at the announcer's table as Zipzee and Seabreeze were focused on again.  "Welcome back to the first ever Fighting Is Magic Dimension Galacitc Ultra Super happy extreme tournament!" Zipzee cheered out.

Seabreeze narrowed his eyes.  "It seems like you change what this tourney is called every time there's a new fight."

"That's right: a new name for a new super amazing fight.  Isn't that right... or is it night?"

"You... you trying just to rhyme?"

"Only this time" Zipzee said with a laugh.  "Speaking of this time, for the 15th official match of the Tourney we've got a real hum dinger of a match between two great friends who work under Princess Twilight Sparkle."  Starlight at this point had walked into the arena, slowly climbing on the ring of the tournament on the left side.  "First up, a powerful unicorn said to have taken over and conquered an entire town through controlling and subujacting their wills... but is a lot better now, Starlight Glimmer" there were a few sort of confused/kind of cheers from the crowd though loud cheers coming from both Trixie and Sunburst in the crowd.

'Why did that have to be mentioned?' Starlight thought before she recalled herself trying to destroy the inhabitants of our town when they had chased after her.  'Yeah, guess I have every right to be reminded of my mistakes' she thought, looking down rather annoyed.

"And next up" Zipzee looked at the title card.  "Wait, where's the part about him holding onto the eternal thousand year old flower that made him stink so much he needed a super long bath?"

Seabreeze looked at her confused.  "Huh?"

"Well it says spike the Dragon."

"Uh it's not YOUR Spike the dragon."

"Well he was more Wysteria's friend but-"

"I meant from your world."

"Oh right right the whole "It says Rainbow Dash but isn't rainbow Dash as Rarity is more Rainbow Dash" confusion.  My bad. " Zipzee looks at the card again.  "Anyway this Spike the Dragon is assistant to Twilight Sparkle and apparently the hero of the entire Crystal Empire.  Which is almost as good as guarding a flower for a thousand years IMHO.  Anyway give it up to Spike the Dragonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn."  Many cheers were heard as Spike walked out confidently, waving and even spinning around to point fingers in a cocky manner at various fans (mostly crystal ponies who cried even more when the dragon did that) as he continued walking out.

"Thank you thank you" Spike said continuing to take in the cheers from the various ponies.  "Always great to hear from my awesome fans."

"Hey get your own word!" Rainbow Dash was heard calling out.

"Okay then, Spiketastic fans" Spike said, getting even more cheers for that.

Starlight Glimmer sighed seeing Spike had stopped right before entering the right side of the ring.  'Again the person who has more right to winning this then I ever will is going to loose' Starlight looked down ashamed.  'I probably should just throw the match.  Maybe give them someone they can cheer more about...' she then recalled Trixie talking to her shaking her head.  'No I... promised Trixie we would advance so... I guess I have to try as best as I can to do that if... only for her sake.'

Spike then looked at his wrist which had a shiny gold watch on it.
Fighting is Magic Tournament 01-4!
Fighting is magic. I wanted to do this on Brutality inter-reality jumping group story, but I'd rather not have the other entries chopping through this, or this becoming a plot tumor. 

The outcome of the fight is determined by who writers it. You have to write the WHOLE fight. Start to end. First come, first serve. 

Basic rules:
Win is by 10 second knock out, out of bounds, surrender, or if one of the fighters is 1000 or more years old, they lose automatically if their opponent lasts more than 50 seconds. 

Next fight:
Starlight Glimmer vs Spike 

Kendell2 Applejack vs Adagio
Alex Warlorn
Alex Warlorn
Alex Warlorn
Trooper924 Minty vs Zecora
Alex Warlorn
Alex Warlorn
Kendell2 Trixie vs Rarity

West Block: 

35. Spitfire
25. Maud Pie 

39. Diamond Tiara
7. Octavia

19. Princess Luna
38. Garble 

28. Wind Whistler (G1)
12. Moon Dancer

32. Daring Do
24. Queen Chrysalis 

30. Philomena
18. Princess Celesita

21. Discord
22. King Sombra 

29. Patch (MLPTs)
6. Rainbow Dash

East Block: 

37. Dragon Lord Ember
1. Twilight Sparkle

36. Lightning Dust
31. Flash Sentry (pegasus or human). 

8. Vinyl Scratch
17. Gilda

34. Adagio Dazzle the Siren (with fully working Pendant)
4. Applejack

26. Minty (G3)
16. Zecora 

9. Trixie
3. Rarity

11. Starlight Glimmer
13. Spike

14. Shining Armor 
?? Parliamentary Round Winner (20. Princess Cadence)

Preliminary Round: 

27. Iron Will
20. Princess Cadence

15. CMC
23. Lord Tirek (starts in weakest form at start of tournament)

5. Fluttershy
2. Pinkie Pie 

10. Sunset Shimmer (human or pony form)
33. Ahuizotl

Preliminary Round 2: 

20. Princess Cadence
15. CMC

2. Pinkie Pie 
10. Sunset Shimmer (human or pony form)

Perlimary Round Final:
20. Princess Cadence
2. Pinkie Pie

DianaGohan has retracted her claim to writing the Spike vs Starlight fight, but she has included a written summary of what she planned, and a introduction that she DID write, any takers on wanting to read her summary and give it a go themselves?     
Session 37.0 Mtangalion

Shining Armor was with Cadence in their royal apartments, reading through Twilight's latest thirty-page roleplaying feedback letter, when there came a sharp rapping at the door. He glanced at Cadence, who shrugged, then trotted over to go answer it.

The door swung open in Shining's magic, leaving the prince face to face with a large and regal-seeming griffon. He had reddish-brown fur and glossy black feathers.

Shining hesitated. "Um... do I know you?"

The griffon clicked his beak. "Gerulf, Prince Armor. You might have glimpsed my face from your balcony, though it would have been quite a lot larger."

When Shining remembered the angry mob of giants who'd been besieging the castle, his first impulse was to yelp and slam the door.

Cadence was suddenly there beside Shining, though, calming him with a nuzzle. She leaned out and frowned thoughtfully, seeing some of their crystal pony guards passed out in the hallway. "And what can we do for the Grand Griffons today, Sir Gerulf?"

Gerulf stood up straighter, puffing his feathers up. "Princess Cadence, my fellows have sent me to negotiate on their behalf, partly because I was judged the most reasonable of our assembly."

"A griffon?" asked Shining Armor, honestly curious. "You're the most reasonable one?"

"That's speciesist," said Gerulf. "I don't know what I expected, really."

"Hey! I'm not..."

"But mostly, they sent me because I have this." Gerulf tapped the teeny-tiny Idol of Astra on a chain around his neck. The griffon cleared his throat. "The allied force of giants offers to declare peace and forswear righteously stomping the Crystal Empire out of existence, and in exchange, you will return our leaders to us and... call off your hatchling."

Cadence blinked. "What... they're still here?!"

Gerulf sighed, shrugging his wings. "Words can't do it justice. Come, see for yourselves."

They followed him quietly into the nursery next door, and there was Flurry Heart clapping her little hooves gleefully, sitting at a table with Sunburst and several of the maids, all of them playing Crystals and Rainbows with doll-sized ponies, deer, and minotaurs for game pieces. Seismos himself appeared to be serving as Flurry Heart's token... he was glaring daggers at all of them, but wisely keeping his mouth shut.

"Thank goodness you're here, Princess!" exclaimed Sunburst, looking exhausted. "I tried to smuggle her new 'toys' out of the castle, but Flurry woke up and started crying every time. Then they tried to hold me hostage, but she shrank them to gnat size and..."

"I think I'm getting the picture," said Cadence, with a patient smile that was her best impression of Auntie Celestia's. "Don't giggle, Shiny. It's unbecoming. And send for a scribe." She loomed over the game table. "By all means, let's talk."

Session 37.1 BrutalityInc, and SomeRandomMinion

"Now, have we all calmed down?" Shining Armour asked the colossal beings standing before the balcony of the Crystal Palace.

"Yes, we're calmed." Prince Geri of the Mountain Jotunns rumbled. The other giant royals nodded.

It hasn't been easy, but Pinkie had managed to coax Flurry Heart to restore them to their 'normal' sizes. It helped immensely for the Giants to accept the terms for the non-aggression pact/peace treaty Princess Cadence negotiated. Meanwhile, the rest of the allied horde of Giants they brought with them had regrouped, and returned to back them up.

"Good, now that's the case, we can discuss this in a more civilized manner." Shining continued, which caused some of the Giants present to either bristle or roll their eyes at the implied slight, "Now, what seemed to be the problem with our 'March of the Giants' module?" 

They spent the next hour or two laying down all the faults and problems they found in the module that drove them to lay siege on the Crystal Empire, sometimes speaking over one another and shouting in outrage, but otherwise, their Giants' temperaments are kept in check by the threat of Flurry Heart in Princess Cadence's embrace.

"Right, so if I'm understanding this correctly, the features you found offensive boil down to either feeling under-represented, or not being properly represented?" Shining concluded.

"The rest of my siblings and our subjects feared our honorable and noble culture would be overshadowed by that of the more ill-tempered fellows." Gerulf explained.

"I emphasize again that we are not pony-eating monsters." King Occulus of the Cyclops remarked.

"But that's all besides the point!" The loud and boisterous Warlord Seismos of the Gigantes thundered, "Just look at some of these characters you written in your game! This insult to our image is disgraceful!"

"You mean you don't do any of the things the myths and legends says you do?" Shining quipped.

Seismos snarled, "That's not what I meant! Yes, we wrecked kingdoms. Yes, we stomped armies. And yes, we even ate many smaller folks - " That earned him an annoyed look from King Occulus, " - but these are just going too far with the stereotypes!"

Shining raised an eyebrow at this, "Well, you aren't helping your case here, acting like you're going to do all of that to the Crystal Empire over a campaign module!"

Seismos facehoofed, "No, we are not doing any of that here..."

"Wait, we aren't?" A random giant from the back of the crowd muttered. There was a sound of a hoof smacking the back of someone's head, "Ow!"

"I for one am personally offended that you associate me with the less pleasant Giants, Shining-San." Queen Supia of the Neighpon hive deadpanned, surrounded by a swarm of her Changeling bodyguards, "Not all of us subjugate or devour smaller races on a weekly basis, you know."

"Sorry..." Shining muttered, "And may I ask what you are doing here?"

"Well, I would love having a character in the game myself, but mostly I'm here, on Gerulf's advice, to keep these hotheaded Bakas in line. Along with my two lovely daughters."

And indeed, standing just a head-and-neck shorter than Supia, the two changeling heiress are lovely. One was dressed for war like Supia is, and the other... She wears a snazzy business-dress, and a name tag in neighponese declaring she's, quite literally, 'The biggest lawyer on the planet!'.

"Say, nice dress you got there!" Princess Cadence commented.

"Thank you, Ojo-sama!" Said giant changeling princess/lawyer replied cheerfully, "I got it from a Pony Grande friend! She said it came from Ponyville... I didn't know ponies can make such good clothes fit for our sizes! Maybe we should visit Ponyville for more orders after this is done..."

Meanwhile in Ponyville, Rarity suddenly felt a foreboding feeling of dread.

"My point is, this expedition isn't my idea!" Queen Supia concluded.

Shining asked, "Then who's?"

"That would be Chief Cawr, I believe." Prince Geri supplied.

Seismos looked around, "Speaking of which... Where is that cloud-giant?"

= = =

Meanwhile, in a certain embassy, Chief Cawr found himself bounded by heavy titanium chains, glaring towards his captor standing on his muzzle.

"You will not get away with this, bug pony! When I break out of these chains and inform the rest of my clan, it'll be dinner time for your hive!" Cawr threatened.

Queen Chrysalis merely smirked contemptuously. "Tell yourself that all you want, foolish oversized buffoon. While you languish here, the horde of Giants that I manipulated under your guise into a warpath would do my dirty work of crushing the Crystal Empire for me!"

Cawr snarled back defiantly, "I will give you to my youngest daughter as a TOY, parasite! You'll spend the rest of your life in imaginary tea parties and living in a jar, getting spanked with a POPSICLE STICK whenever she gets mad at you. And IF you're lucky, she won't just get bored with you in an afternoon and flatten you underhoof. And if her MOTHER decides you're not appropriate for her..."

Queen Chrysalis rolled her eyes, "Your 'I'll make you suffer' speech is amateur material. What if your brat adores her new pet and pampers me, eh? What then?"

Cawr blinks, realizing he hadn't thought of that, "She... She could still step or sit on you by accident...." Cawr then thought of something. "Of course, I and my wife can make use of you ourselves."

Queen Chrysalis raised an eyelid, "Oh, and what would that be?"

He told her.

"GAH! Be silent!" Queen Chrysalis shouted, absolutely disgusted. 

"We're giants! What did you expect?" Cawr gave a leery grin, "Not so smug now, are you? Wait until I am free to bring the whirlwind down upon your hive. And who knows what my fellow giant friends have planned in mind for you, if they ever found out you set them up for a war with the Crystal Empire! And if you think what I have in mind is so bad...maybe I should just give you to dear Supia instead?" Cawr quipped. "I'm sure she wouldn't make you suffer such an... undignified fate. She may be the most 'civilised' of us giants, by the standards of you tinies anyway."

Chrysalis paled, remembering when her titanic sister confronted her with an oversized paddle. Supia had almost casually mentioned wanting to devour her alive.... And she was the "nicest" of the giants by far!

If any of them got hold of her, heaven forbid that barbarian, Seismos.... 

Chrysalis shuddered, but sneered down at Cawr. "But YOU'RE the one in chains. So all your... threats are just empty words!"

Carr just kept smiling, "Just you wait, little Queen. I'm sure we'll have fun with you soon enough..."

Queen Chrysalis grimaced. This might not had been a great idea after all, she thought.

= = =

"In any case, I have a proposal that could not only resolve this issue, but might benefit us all..." Shining began, "This had been a great misunderstanding, caused by the fact that we ponies and other 'smaller' races don't know much about you lot, leaving us only horror stories an distorted myths to work on. In fact, I don't think many ponies even know you are all real."

"However..." Shining continued, "We'll be happy to have you helping us as consultants to make a more accurate and better product - which would include a sizable cut in profits. And if you can help us promote said game - showing Equestria and the rest of the world that you are very real, and can be friendly - said profits could be immense, once everypony rushes to buy them!"

"Just think, in a single stroke, you'll not only get a lot of money, you'll be establishing more amiable relationships with the rest of the world, which I'm pretty certain would be open to plenty of trade!" Shining concluded. "So, what do you say?"

The eyes of all giant royalty present widened, almost as if hearing a cashier machine's distinctive 'Ka-ching!' at the back of their minds. "Would you excuse us for one minute?" Gerulf requested.

"Seriously?" Princess Cadence muttered as the Giants huddled amongst themselves to discuss the proposal.

"If there's anything I have learnt whilst spending time with Blueblood," Shining remarked, "it's that if everything else fails, appealing to a creature's basest instincts, like greed, always works."

"We find your proposal... acceptable." King Occulus spoke for all the Giants present.

"That's great to hear, we'll work out the details of the deal once we have a finalised draft." Shining replied, "But until then, will you all promise not to attack the Crystal Empire again?"

"We promise, on our honor." Gerulf assured, "There won't be another giant attack anytime soon!"

Just then, a pillar of flame roared, then faded, in the snowbound fields some distance away from the outskirts of the Crystal Empire. Even from the Crystal Castle, however, they could see clearly the gigantic figures that emerged out of the flames.

They all wore metal armor that glowed orange from the heat radiating from their bodies. Embers shone from the flesh beneath their corvine fur. Flames and smoke columns writhed from their antlers. Their redden, madden eyes danced with bloodlust as the giant deers snarled and telekinetically readied their soot-blackened weapons.

One of them towered over the rest, three to five times taller, in fact. He wore a terrible, burning royal battle helm in addition to his armor, and wielded a flaming sword that seem to able to cut mountain-tops in single swipes. 

Everyone present who knew recognised him immediately the moment they saw it. For Prince Geri of the Jotunns, he was a nightmare that his people are all too familiar with.

"Leave us out of your game, you dare?!" He roar, voice echoing with power, flames and ashes spewing from his maw. He swung his sword, pointing its tip towards the Crystal Empire, "I, King Surtr of the Fire Jotunns, will see your realm burnt to cinders for this aff...!!"

He paused as he beheld the horde of other Giants - many other Jotunns included - within or near the boundaries of the Empire staring back at him with shock. A horde which happen to outnumber him and his bloodthirsty warriors by a considerable margin.

"... Is this a bad time?" He deadpanned.

Session 37.2 Alex Warlorn

Chief Cawr said, "So we're in agreement. The cloud-giants will keep the other giant tribes off your abdomen, and in exchange, if, heh, excuse me, 'when' you conquer Equestria, we will be given Cloudsdale as a summer villa with a staff of ponies servants and the material goods of Los Pegasus."

"Just sign your drop of blood on this dotted line, and we'll have this non-aggression pact sealed." Dagon said as the cloud giant did as requested, the drop blood splattering the giant contract, Queen Chrysalis offer a drop of her own blood as a signature. Truth be told, Queen Chrysalis would have promised nearly anything, as long as she didn't have to deal with anymore of these logistically impossible beings for as long as she lived!

"Please continue to use us for all your legal needs." Dagon bowed and returned to the infinite black waters from beyond the outer spheres from which no hope escapes.


Discord meanwhile, was flipping through countless stories young ponies had written concerning themselves as epic heroes saving Equestria (and the mane six) from a great more powerful evil.

"So many of these stories reduce me to a joke villain who's crushed or swept out of the way to show how bad-flank their hero or villain is... That's only funny when it happens to Celestia!"


"what.... a.... nice.... day for some cookie, hello Mrs cake." Pinkie Pie said. "hey, why am i speaking so badly written?'

Miss Speller laughed evilly and skipped away


"Ah'm bettin' Discord." Apple Bloom said matter of fact as they chased after her.

"you will never stop Power ponies! not when i have my more deadlier giant tiger!" And she summoned two giant tigers in front of the foals.

"Where's Fluttershy when you need her?!" Scootaloo exclaimed.

"If we get eaten, just know girls, my daddy is so suing enchanted comics." Diamond Tiara said deadpan.

Sweetie Belle spoke in a loud clear voice. "THERE IS NO SUCH AS 'MORE DEADLIER!' It's bad grammar! It's a paradox!"

The tigers blinked, then poofed out of existence.

"drat! and double drat!" Cursed Miss Speller. "you wont escape THIS!"

"What................. she............. doing............" Silver Spoon asked... ......... as........ everything..... took..... forever........ Silver Spoon quickly thought, 'There are only THREE DOTS IN ELLIPSIS! Not two! Not four! No more! No less!' And time resumed its normal place. "Much better!"

"drat! and double drat!"

"Girls! I've got the comic!" Cheerilee shouted holding the Power Ponies Edutainment comic, and hitting Miss Speller in the back with it, causing her to be sucked back into the comic book. Cheerilee breathed a sigh of relief. "Now... have you all learned the importance of good grammar? I sincerely hope?"

"Yes Miss Cheerilee!"


Session 37.3 Ardashir and Grogar-the-oneser

Back at Twilight's palace, Chrysalis showed up for her usual weekly bout of 'therapy'. However, the Mane Six had been called out on an emergency; Equestrian weather ponies accidentally sent a cloud flying over Yakyakistan, and Celestia needed Twilight and her friends to stop the Yaks from proclaiming war over the 'insult'.

So Chrysalis arrived to find only Starlight Glimmer and Spike.

"So, the others are off saving Ponykind from its deserved misery again? Whatever shall we do to entertain ourselves?" Chrysalis batted nonexistent eyelashes at Starlight Glimmer. "What, will you tell me one again how 'evil' you are? What did you do this time? Steal candy from a foal?" Starlight began to pale as Chrysalis snickered and said, "Or did you just mind control the Elements of Harmony?"

"Hey, I know a game we can play," Spike said, quickly stepping in. He went straight to the desk he kept his gaming materials in and pulled out a pair of dice. Starlight's eyes went wide as he said with a smile, "It's one I learned a long time ago. It's called Craps. You play it with dice."

"Never heard of it," Chrysalis looked at him narrowly.

"Oh, that's okay," Spike said, the picture of utter innocence. "I can show you."

Chrysalis scowled and walked into the gaming room. Spike grinned and started to follow her.

Starlight seized him with her magic.

"Spike!" She whispered the words. "Twilight told you not to gamble again."

"But I'm not gambling," Spike drew himself up and set his claws on his hips. "Gambling is a game of chance, right?" Starlight nodded. Spike held up the dice. "Well, these novelty dice are loaded, they come up seven every time I throw them. Which means there's no element of chance involved. So it's not gambling!"

He turned and walked into the chamber after Chrysalis. "You bet things in this game. So let's make the bets interesting. Say the Friendship Palace against your hive?"

He gave Starlight a wink as the door closed, cutting off any further words.

Starlight stared after the little scaly hustler and wondered how she would explain this one to Twilight.

"Maybe she won't find out, chrysalis can't be so petty that she complain about being conned by a kid... right?"


In One Possible Universe

"Henceforth, anyling who even thinks of talking to a purple skinned baby dragon will be flogged!" Chrysalis said.

"My queen all I asked was why we're building a new embassy even though the old is one still usable," a changeling asked.

"... Shut up!" Chrysalis snapped.

In Another Possible Universe

The Mane Six returned to find a crudely lettered sign reading "Queen Chrysalis' New Embassy" on the friendship castle, Changelings all over the place, Starlight glaring at Spike.

Spike tried to explain to a furious Twilight: "How was I to know she had her own set of dice?"

"Besides the fact she's a notorious liar?!" Twilight snapped.

"... Well maybe that but still," Spike said.

Session 37.4 Ardashir with addition by me (UPDATED!!!!!)

Rarity tilted her head seeing a rather garish trap door in her designer floor. "I never noticed this door before! Now then -- GAH! Alisa! What have you been doing!"

Alisa smiled. "Mistress Rarity, hello! Alisa has been busy making space for her ponysuits. Do they look good?"

Rarity examined one of Nightmare Moon and shuddered. "They're a little too good, dear! I think you have one here for every pony in Ponyville, and some from the rest of Equestria. Wait..." She looked at several that looked like the new Spa Ponies. "You and those Diamond Wolves... You haven't..."

"Diamond Wolves like Miss Aloe and Lotus! They appreciate our helping them while in poynsuits. It also gives wonderful chance to take measurements of ponies for suits later. It is not always Alisa; some of my male and female relatives help out in suits too. And gives their real relatives paid time off."

"Male and female?" Rarity shuddered again. "So wait, that new cherry pink mare named Sakura last week, the one who gave me a massage, was that one a she o-or...?" Rarity Shuddered even harder as Alisa nods and wags her tail.

"He says he thinks you are pretty for mare."

"Ahem. Talking about something else now! Uh, you don't have any here of the Princesses, do you?"

"Of course not, Mistress."

Rarity sighed in relief.

"Alisa keeps them in Diamond Wolf embassy in Canterlot for games there. Mistress? Mistress, do not faint!"

Of course, Celestia loved turning any that dared show up in a costume with the explicit intent of impersonating her into a unicorn mare with her body type. As she demonstrated to the first three she found 'playing Princess' in Canterlot.

"YIPE YIPE YIPE! I'm a pretty mare now! I can never go home to my den!"

Celestia smiled. "Well, if you like, you can join the Palace staff as a maid."

"I could never do that! My life is over!"

"You get full health and dental, three weeks paid vacation, and a room and board in the palace."

"Can I be measured for my maid dress now?"

"Now then," Celestia turned and gave her most winning smile to the two remaining Diamond Wolves, their suits of Luna and Cadence folded on the floor in front of them. "Would you like to remain Wolves? Or would you like to keep playing the 'Wolf game' and get new jobs too?"

Both Diamond Wolves whined and did belly to floor submission postures. Celestia incinerated the suits.

There was also when a changeling spy and a diamond wolf in costume ended up unmasking each other. Mayor Mare and Princess Twilight Sparkle were reaching the end of their ropes with this 'game.'

Session 37.5 Mtangalion and Alex Warlorn and Grogar-the-oneser


Alisa lay sprawled out on Rarity's chaise longue, growling faintly.

Rarity gasped loud enough for everyone in the Boutique to hear. "Sweetie Belle! Are you eating that ice cream right out of the carton? Explain yourself, young mare!"

Sweetie froze, caught with carton and spoon floating in her magic, and a dab of ice cream on her cheek. "Um... but Rarity, Starlight said that unicorn fillies need lots of ice cream! It, um, helps their magic come in better. There was a new study in Canterlot and everything!"

"If Starlight Glimmer is certain..." Rarity blinked. "Wait a moment. Alisa? Did Starlight Glimmer really say that?"

Alisa sat up and put on a helpful smile, just in time for Rarity to enter the room. "Of course, mistress! Sweetie is a good filly, she doesn't go telling great big fibs to beloved sister. But after Starlight said that, then Starlight says, 'New study is wrong, and no ponies should believe it!'"

"My goodness! I suppose one really can't believe everything one reads in the papers! What would I do without you?" Rarity magically confiscated the ice cream and trotted back towards the kitchen, not seeing Alisa stick her tongue out at Sweetie behind Rarity's back.

"But?!" Sweetie glared at the Diamond Wolf. "Why are you being such a grouch about this? I thought you would have been having all kinds of fun, making my sister light her dresses on fire, or gallop around town wearing a dog collar and barking. I mean, I'm glad you didn't, but..."

Alisa flopped on the chaise longue again. "Too easy. Game is boring now. No, worse than boring. Alisa feels dirty using mind magic, like... changeling queen!" She shuddered, then rolled onto her back, paws in the air. "Hrm. Hrrrrm..." She nodded to herself. "Alisa will fix."

Sweetie watched Alisa trot into the guest room, then jumped when 'Starlight Glimmer' trotted back out. Starlight opened the front door, then shut it loudly. "Rarity? Are you home? Something's come up."

The sounds of dishes being washed and restacked in the kitchen ceased, and Rarity galloped to the living room to meet them. "What is it, darling? Does something need sewing? Is there another friendship crisis? Whatever you want, just name it!"

While Sweetie stared, open-mouthed, Starlight said, "There's no time to explain. Please, just find the rest of our friends and have everypony meet me at Twilight's castle!"


Twilight Sparkle yawned, wandering downstairs. "Spike? Is somepony here? It's a little late for company." She froze at the top of the stairs, seeing the rest of her friends lined up in a row, like soldiers waiting for inspection, and Starlight Glimmer pacing in front of them.

She cleared her throat. "From now on, I, Starlight Glimmer, want each of you to behave just as you would if I had never cast that mind-control spell on you." Starlight walked away, ducking into an alcove, and Alisa padded out, right past Twilight. "You're welcome."

"So let's Chillax already!" Rainbow Dash shouted.

"Oh my! Where did all my hurt animal friends go?! Did they wander off?! Do they not like me anymore!?"

"Where's Starlight? We still have that dress to do!"

"And we still need to organize all the family photos... I've got a lotta stories to tell!"

"And I know it'll be fun baking a cake without Mrs. Cake telling her that using magic for baking is bad!"

"Uh-oh." Princess Twilight said.

- One explanation of the farce later -

Alisa asked, "Why did you change it back?"

Starlight, "Because I am NOT taking the easy way out and having them FORGET that I did that to them! It's just another quick fix solution! And I am DONE with those for my friends! Besides! The spell is already GOING To wear off thanks to Twilight pulling it out already by the roots! This is just the left overs! Also. Please burn that costume of me. Or I have royal permission to test out 'persona transmute actuality' on you!"

"I no listen to one who use mind magic like bug queen!"

"AND I HATE MYSELF FOR IT! My friends feel like I BETRAYED THEM! And... And... I need to see my therapist."


"So tell me more about this spell." Asked her psychologist as she lay on the couch. His partner nearby taking notes.

"I'm so used to MAKING ponies get along, I think I fell back on just what I knew best. I think seeing all that chaos between friends was like a trigger and-"

"No no no, I mean, how did you cast it? What were the details? Can you write out the formula?"

Thorax then stuck his head through the Window, "Oh hi Bore and Needle, what are you guys doing here?"

"What?" Starlight asked.

"Err... ah a changeling, terrifying!" One of the therapist screamed in a fake tone.

"Ahh you guys can't fool me, you used those two disguises back during the hive pre-invasion party," Thorax stated.

The second therapist slapped the first upside the head. "I told you we shouldn't show our specially designed disguise at the party, but no... you wanted to show off!"

"How was I suppose to know the traitor had a ally in mind controlling? Usually traitor tend to avoid ponies likes that," The first snapped back. The two glared at one another before reverting to there real form and began beating the stuffing out of one another.

Thorax asked, "So you know mind magic?... I uh, kinda suck at it... are you giving lessons?"


"... Okay."

Doctor Needle Worm calmed down and spoke to Starlight, "In my defense... I am a licensed psychologist and naturalized citizen of Equestria. And talking about your problems is a good way to help relieve stress. And since we're outside of the Crystal Empire, Princess Cadence hypothetically speaking, could not use this as a 'third strike' since hypothetically speaking, Her Majesty's lawyers have said they have a legitimate case for false accusations to bring before the Cosmic Council, hypothetically. And if you abandon our session due to me and Bore Worm being a changeling, the papers will hypothetically have 'Princess' Student is a Racist' on their front pages by this evening." 

Starlight eyes glowed. "Then let me give you a first hoof experiences." -KA-ZAP!- "NOW HEAR MY VOICE AND LISTEN! It's against patient/doctor confidentiality to share such details wouldn't it? Therefore, you can't reveal anything during this session yes?"

"Whatever you say Starlight Glimmer." The changelings replied obediently.

"Good, now I command you to act of your own will but to heed everything I just said as if it was your own idea."

"Whatever you say Starlight Glimmer... " 'Her Majesty is going to kill me.' They thought.

"Why do we even bother any more? Have ANY of Her Madjesty's plans actually worked in the past decade?"

"Can you be our queen? The mutation cocoon is a lot more pleasant than it sounds!"


Session 37.6 Ardashir, Grogar-The-Oneser and Alex Warlorn

Twilight was writing down some ideas for the next O&O adventure when she heard voices raised in argument outside the room. Curious, she went to look and saw Starlight facing off with Spike.

"It's for their own good!" Starlight snorted. "Those films are blood-soaked, sadistic garbage. Who even likes that, griffons?" She waved her hoof in dismissal at the pile of thick magazines Spike held in his scaly hands along with the day's newspapers. "They're even worse than those sleazy 'pulps' you keep leaving all over the castle."

"Hey!" Spike snorted fire. "Don't you mock my reading material. At least you haven't tried to censor them yet."

Starlight's horn glowed. Spike yelled as one of the magazines came out of his claws and hung to display the cover art of a leggy and saucy mare with an oddly familiar amethyst mane and tail, being borne down a dark cave away from pursuers by a muscular dragon. The mare was bound and gagged, and the title read, Weird Wonder Tales.

"They'll be next," Starlight said coldly. "Those images of mares are nothing for colts to be seeing." She lifted her head and looked proud. "Besides, I and the mothers of Equestria have already dealt with those assassins of youth who made horror movies."

Twilight felt her blood run cold, but before she could ask what was going on, an angry Scootaloo came in behind Starlight.

"Hey!" The angry filly scowled at Starlight, waving a torn movie poster in her little hoof. It was for something reading 'Torn Out Hearts-and-Hooves Day 3, with what looked like a malicious Cadence (Twilight remembered Chrysalis saying she loved the first two). Over the face ran a banner reading 'CANCELED' in big red letters. Scootaloo said, "What does the theater mean, 'every horror movie in Equestria canceled forever?' I liked those movies!" She made a face at the poster. "They replaced this with 'Minty's Tea Party Surprise'!"

"That's a better film for a little filly like you," Starlight patted Scootaloo on the head. "It's uplifting and innocent and happy."

"That's not the problem." Scootaloo sniffed. "I like to watch Minty when that's what I want to see. But this time I wanted to see Nightmare Heartripper going after lovesick stallions and mares again!"

"What is going on here?" Twilight finally said walking out into the room. "Starlight, what ave you been up to?" Starlight rolled her eyes innocently. Twilight looked at Spike. "Spike, tell me what now?"

Spike scratched the back of his scaly head. "Uh, Twi..." He steepled his fingers, fidgeting. "Remember how Starlight and those other mares visited the Manehattan movie studios to talk about those horror movies?"

"I remember," Twilight said. She nodded at her student. "She was able to work with other ponies without using mind control magic." She looked away as Starlight began to sweat. "I was surprised she convinced the studios to stop making those films. She's come so far!"

"Yeah,, well," Spike said, "Maybe a little too far." He held up a copy of the Canterlot Sun with a headline of, 'Princess Twilight's Evil Apprentice Mind Controls Studio Execs; Did The Princess Know?' It ran over a picture of a smiling Starlight putting the whammy on the vacant-eyed studio ponies.

Twilight gaped. She wheeled on Starlight, who began backing away and smiling.

"... STARLIGHT! We talked about this!"

Starlight shrugged. "What? You said I should never cast mind control spells on my friends. They weren't my friends."

"I don't think they're anypony's friends," Spike said.

"Oh, and one more thing?" Her horn lit up and she hurled a spell on Twilight, Spike, and Scootaloo. "MIND CONTROL!"

Two ponies and one dragon froze, their eyes going vacant. Starlight laughed wickedly as she walked up to them. "Oh, Twilight, did you really think I'd reformed? Now with what I've learned from you I can fix every problem in Equestria. And all it takes is removing every trace of free will!"

Starlight threw her head back and laughed madly.

Twilight jerked awake with a yell. She looked down at what she'd been reading, a combination of notes for the mind-controlling sorceress in their next O&O adventure, and the model of a petition to impose a ratings system on Equestrian movies Starlight wrote and wanted her to review.

"Not worried," Twilight said, setting the notes for the mind-controlling sorceress ablaze with her magic. "But wow do I ever need some sleep."

She hesitated over the petition as well, her natural instinct was to burn it as well. An accident really, it wasn't like Starlight could just write another after all.

Flash Forward In A Possible Universe

"This is about my freakout during the friendship lesson?" Starlight asked.

"... Kinda." Twilight said.

"well... I can't exactly fault you for being careful, all things consider," Starlight sighed.  "But what about the all the angry mothers who asked for me to make the petition?"

"I'm sure once I explain it to them in a rational manner, they'll be sure to understand," Twilight said.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Twilight shouted from a window in her castle at the angry mother mob surrounding her castle.

"REVOLT!" Bon Bon fired anti-monster-rounds in the air from an from her 'not
officially legal in Equestria' arsenal.

Button Mash's mom leapt on top of the crowd, wearing from the neck down a kabuki stage hand costume with a red sash, wielding a katana. "REVOLUTION!"

"Wanna head to the crystal empire till the heat dies down?" Spike asked.

"On second thought there's nothing wrong with free speech," Twilight said. And Applejack and Rarity accepting it had been 'what Starlight Glimmer wants' was the only reason they hadn't YET been at Rainbow Dash's throat. It seemed like the two were actually COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS until the spell's residue wore off completely and they could tell RD what they really thought.

She HOPED that foals showing up in droves to watch gruesome adult horror movies was just a part of the nightmare... or she might sign the petition too. Thankfully she'd been able to use the precedents set by Chrysalis' lawyers (she felt so dirty) to defend RD had been under mind control, and explain it was a matter of honor.

Well... tomorrow tomorrow.

Session 37.7 Alex Warlorn (UPDATED!)

It was a nice morning in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle observed.

She happily pranced through Ponyville, all her friends giving her a wave and she waved back, she had a neat little schedule to do today, and of course a schedule for the schedule.

"Good day Princess Twilight," Echoed Flim and Flam, their eyes little dots with smiles on their faces.

"Uh... hello? Are you... uh... feeling okay?"

"Better than okay! The idea of live action NPCs who wouldn't deviate from their scripts was too tempting, so we asked Starlight Glimmer to use her magic on them. Then they all got together and decided they should make sure we don't change the script to strangle more bits out of our paying customers and Starlight obliged."

"Good Morning Princess Twilight!" Echoed the CMC all smiling, along with Snips, Snails, Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara, Twist, Alula, Tootsie, and Truffle. "Isn't it a wonderful and happy day?"

"AGH! What happened?"

Miss Cheerilee trotted over dotted eye and smiling. "I realized that it would be so much better if the students just behaved in class and listened and did their work instead of fighting and arguing and causing trouble all the time... now they're all happy... and the school board realized it was better if I didn't have any bias in teaching the material, so now I'm happy."

"Please thank your Apprentice for us Princess Twilight." Said the Spa Twins, dot eyed and smiling. "We've never been more efficient and effective at our spa treatments, our business is doing better than ever, we're racking in the bits, which we will use to make the spa better, everypony wins."

"Agh! But you're not enjoying it!"

"Of course we are. We're so happy, no more distractions or interruptions." They said. "Just what we were meant to do."

Pound and Pumpkin trotted behind their parents obediently, no crying, no random flying, no eating things they shouldn't have.

"They're so much better behaved this way," said dotted eyed Mrs. Cake to dotted eye Mr. Cake.

"Yes they are. And our business is so much more efficient."

Twilight had a flash back to argument about using personality altering drugs on foals!

"Now all the sheep and cows at the farm don't waste time with chit-chat." Said dot eyed Granny Smith.


"MAYOR MARE!" Twilight teleported.

"Yes Twilight?" Said the smiling dot eyed mare.

"AGH! Not you too!"

"Of course me too. Now I can run the entire town honestly, sincerely, with no double talk and manipulation, I just run everything according to the laws set by the voters. I now have no bias or hidden agendas, isn't it better that way?"

Trixie who was also in the office for some reason said. "And now I don't boast, brag, or tell tall tales at my magic act. Doesn't that make me a better pony?"

"SPIKE!" Twilight teleported again... to find Spike smiling at me.

"Fax machine ready for service."

"THAT'S STUPID!" Twilight hugged him. Then stood up and screamed. "AAAAAAH! Princess!" Teleport to Canterlot.

"Isn't it much better this way Twilight Sparkle? Now there's no chance of me turning evil like my sister, or Luna turning evil again. Now we can just raise the sun and moon as nature intended."

"Yaks no more smash." Said the yak Prince.

"Diamond Dogs will be well behaved and not kidnap."

Gabby and Gilda echoed, "We griffins, ready to accept their place as the cultural inferior to ponies."

"All dragons are ready to be faithful number one assistants." Smile and nodded Ember.

"I'll just live in a cave and never do anything ever again." Said Chrysalis with a smile.

"DISCORD!" Teleport to Chaosville.

Discord stood with a huge smile on his face having tea with dot eyed and smiling Fluttershy.

"Hello Twilight, no more evil pranking for me, like when I when place that big red button in the middle of Ponyville."

Twilight gasped. "That was you?! Never mind! Zecora!" Teleport to Everfree.

"Hello Twilight. I no longer need to speak in verse. Isn't it cool? I'm now like the rest of you."

"NO! This isn't living! This is machinery!"

"We're all happy, we're all content, we're doing what we're supposed to. No one argues.  No fighting. No hurting. Everypony is friends. No hurt feelings. It is utopia!" Said outside the horde of ALL her friends and family, including Cadence, Shining Armor, and Flurry Heart and Sunburst. They parted ways for Princess Starlight Glimmer to trot through, her wings neatly folded on her sides.

"Now Twilight... join us... and we'll all be happy." Her horn glowed.

With dotted eyes and a smile Twilight said. "We all belong. We're all friends. We're all happy. How could this ever be bad? I was so silly." Everypony laughed.

"Hey Twilight what's ... going... on?" Sunset Shimmer asked confused stepping out of the mirror. Princess Starlight's horn glowed.

Starlight Glimmer woke up with a scream, her entire body covered in sweat. She panted. She checked her back, no wings. She ran to the window. No... nopony else was under the effects of the spell she'd created, and the five she originally used it on were only feeling the after effects. Starlight realized her heart was pounding. "All just a nightmare... all just a nightmare... all JUST a nightmare... just a nightmare... "

Session 37.8 Grogar-the-oneser

"Crusaders we have a problem, we now know that they will remember all of this when they snapped out of it. Which means they;ll remember us tricking them to do stuff they wouldn- will you stop eating ice cream you took from Rarity's fridge!" Apple Bloom snapped.

"I can't help it, she has a better selection than the one at our parents' house!" Sweetie Belle stated.

"What's the problem? I thought Alisa was going to do a whole 'condition them so that the whole mess didn't happen'," Scootaloo said.

"Twilight and Starlight cancelled it, said it was too much of an easy way out," Sweetie Belle said.

"Hence my point, if we're going to make them go easy on us is to do stuff they want us to do but hate anyway."

"Like your eating alfalfa?" Scootaloo asked.

"Yeah..." Apple Bloom sighed.

Session 37.9 Ardashir

"Okay, so among the treasure, you find both a helmet and a full-length mirror." Spike grinned as he asked, "Do any of you put the helmet on or look into the mirror?"

Everypony looked at Rarity. She rolled her eyes.

"What? Must you assume I'm vain? I'll try the helmet. Fluttershy dear, perhaps you can examine the mirror."

Fluttershy looked uncertain but she nodded. "Um, okay. I look into the mirror... Nothing bad happens, right?" She said the last in a near squeak.

"Yeah, right!" Spike cackled as malevolently as a pre-teen dragon could. "Rarity, the helmet is cursed! It turns your alignment to its opposite, instantly."

Everypony else groaned. Rainbow Dash facehoofed. "Geeze, Rarity, did ya haveta go for the new hat?"

"Just because my adventurer is the one who cares the most about her appearance, that's no reason to be so critical, Rainbow Dash!" Rarity paled. "Oh dear! It doesn't change anything else about my personality, does it? I mean, I didn't gain a sudden desire to roll about in mud, did I?" When Spike shook his head no, she sighed in relief. "Thank heavens! I can put up with being evil much more easily than with being," she shivered, "a filthy mess. At least I'll be elegant in my evil."

"A-and me?" Fluttershy said. She flinched as Spike gave her an evil grin.

"Another Fluttershy steps out of the mirror! She has an evil smile. She has an evil look in her eyes. And she starts to cast a druid spell -- and a lightning bolt hits Starlight Glimmer's character!"

"What!" Starlight snatched up the O&O rulebook before Spike could stop her and read, '...The duplicate created by the Mirror of Opposition will attack its original, seeking to destroy them in preference to all other targets'. Hey! Why is she after me?"

"Beats me, I'm only the GM," Spike said with false innocence. "Oh, by the way, the new evil Rarity looks at you and starts casting a spell, too."

Starlight gave Spike her dirtiest look.

"This is because of last week, isn't it?"

Spike folded his arms over his chest. "I ain't saying yes, and I ain't saying no."
Ponies and Dragons XXXVII (Just Have Fun)
This is a group-story/addventure/chain-story/round robin, fanfic 'story' of the Mane Six Plus Spike playing Dungeons and Dragons/Oubliettes and Ogres, with occasional guest players (like Trixie or Gilda), with Spike and Twilight rotating as Dungeon Master. It's intended to be an IN-CHARACTER comedy. 

Each post should be more self contained, if say (in game) Twilight is fire balled by a Mimic in one post in a desert pyramid, the next post can have them sailing a ship encountering seaponies siren expies, each one containing a short joke, or an extension of a previous scene if that's what the poster wants. Time skips, flash backs, the ponies rotating different characters and campaigns, are all allowed (and ENCOURAGED) as long as the ponies stay in character (such as Pinkie Pie NOT fireballing a cabbage sales stallion and saying she thought he was a demon, thank you very much).

Pinkie Pie, "And pretty please do not take anything personally! It's just a game!"

Rainbow Dash, "What did you say!?

What's you post in the comments, it's then copy and pasted into the fic above, have fun. 


Trope Page:…

Session 37.0 Mtangalion
Session 37.1 BrutalityInc, and SomeRandomMinion
Session 37.2 Alex Warlorn
Session 37.3 Ardashir and Grogar-the-oneser
Session 37.4 Ardashir
Session 37.5 Mtangalion and Alex Warlorn
Session 37.6 Ardashir, Grogar-The-Oneser and Alex Warlorn
Session 37.7 Alex Warlorn (UPDATED!)
Session 37.8 Grogar-the-oneser
Session 37.9 Ardashir

Cover image by Dungeons and Discords by CutePencilCase

MLPFiM Copyright Hasbro


Check Out The Pony POV Series
United States
And that is that. That is the end of the rumors arc of the pony pov series. 

Final thoughts? Feed back? Constructive criticism? Favorite part? (Why?) Least favorite?(Why?) Feelings? 
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If Rarity played a cleric, which of the following gods from Dungeons and Dragons would she be cleric OF? 

16 deviants said… Lurue?
4 deviants said Ehlonna?
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