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Mecha Sally vs Nagus Micro Scene
Nagus floated as a helpless spirit above St. John's unconscious but freed body.
"Wait! Stop! If you destroy me and my magic, you'll never have any chance of being cured!"
Mecha Sally charged up her head canon, her eyes never leaving the wizard's specter. "I've had a while to think about it since I've been freed from Robotnik's control, with my friends and my family, and I've realized: as long as my choices are my own?" She fired a blast that obliterated Nagus' presence from this plane of reality. "There's nothing about me that needs to be 'cured.' "
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Rainbow Dash short gags
"I don't believe it!" Rainbow Dash said stomping on a storm cloud, and somewhat startling Tank. "How dare they! HOW DARE THEY?! How dare Applejack and Pinkie Pie make Apple Bloom eat asparagus!"
Tank stared, and just rolled his eyes.
"I mean! Pinkie Pie using her talent to make anything sound super delicious to make fillies eat their vegetables?! I never knew she could be soooo diabolical!"
Tank said nothing.
Rainbow Dash stood up, on her rear legs, her chest puffed out, her wings flared, and the sun behind her back. She pointed to the distance. "There's only one sane thing to do Tank! I'm gonna prank the heck out of them without explaining! That's sure to send the message of Pinkie Pie never using her super powers to get foals to eat healthy EVER AGAIN!"
Rainbow Dash zoomed off. Tank politely trailed behind.
Prank 1
Joy-buzzer in hoof, Rainbow Dash asked, "Hey Pinkie Pie! High hoof!"
"Sure Dashie!"
The two high-hoofed, and Rainbow Dash let out a yelp as she was electrified a
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 10 19
Ponies and Dragons LX (Just Have Fun)
Session 60.0 Kendell2
The human Pinkie Pie blinked. "Hey! I just got a message in Rainbows and Crystals!"
"So did I..." said Sunset. Everyone nodded.
They opened the message and read it...
'Dear (Screen Name)
Thank you for your feedback and betaing the game and exploring the creativity of the game.
And also for saving World of Horsecraft from a hacker (hope you enjoyed the capes).
As a sign of our gratitude, we would like to use your houses in the official trailer to debut at our upcoming convention to showcase the possibilities the game's free spirited nature allows.
Signed Radiant Hope."
Pinkie Pie's added an 'especially you, Pinkie Pie' before the creativity part.
"...I'm game for it," said Sunset.
The others nodded and all pressed yes.
Rainbow Dash rubbed her head. "Have we really been that creative?"
"Yah have a rainbow roller coaster surrounding your house," Applejack pointed out.
"Yeah, which is awesome!" said Rainbow.
"And I have a Ferris Wheel for my attic!" Pinkie Pie
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 7 150
Mature content
My Little Pony Black Comedy Experiment Add-on tale :iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 8 37
Ponies and Dragons LIX (Just Have Fun)
Session 59.0 Kendell2
After Human Twilight had found the Music Castle in Rainbows and Crystals, she'd gotten interested about them and started looking around.
"What?" asked pony Twilight, looking over.
"The Castle near Ponyville is listed as the Castle of Friendship, and is where you can send gifts and mail to friends on the server, as well as ask for a party and quite a few mini games," human Twilight explained, showing the world map. "The one in Unicornia is listed as the Castle of Rainbows, and is where in this universe rainbows are made, and where the Rainbow Celebration event is held and along with a number of Unicornia's Mini well as implications that some event that hasn't been implemented..." she said, noting that there was a 'Rainbow Princess' mentioned but not present in the current build. "Then there's the Castle of Music I found that's still a WIP..."
"I'm calling it now: there's music rhythm game there," Rainbow Dash replied, which
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 9 106
Ponies and Dragons LVIII (Just Have Fun)
Session 58.0 Alex Warlorn
"Trixie casts Chain Thunderbolt, which I'd say wipes out those dastardly orcs, so-"
The Tea-Cup Poodle scurried into the room, and leapt on top of the table. Then it 'spoke' (Twilight blamed Discord). "God, command me."
Trixie stared at the poodle tea cup, then grinned. "Trixie never knew she'd wanted something so badly until she had it until this moment."
Twilight Sparkle's eyes were wide, the game forgotten, then narrowed. "She is not calling you that."
Princess Luna, who had taken the time to play again with one of her 'veteran' characters said, "Why not? It works for us."
Thestral Guards who had accompanied her said, "God, command us."
"God command us," said the chicks who used to be a book Twilight zapped into a basket of eggs.
Twilight Sparkle's eye twitched. "AGH!"
"Trixie, has created a new species. She'd like her wings and crown now, please."
Meanwhile in the human world...
The Ginger Bread Men looked up from the tray, "God, comma
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 10 65
Pony POV Series: Mistakes of the Goddess of Music
You can call me Cadence. I am the Fourteenth Tarot, Temperance.
I am the Concept of Music and Harmony. I am not the Concept of Love.
This is my final record before I face the mad avatar of the Father of the Draconequi. I have asked the spirits of my family to give me their strength, but even that might not be enough. Discord and Destruction tried to stop me, I stopped them.
At this time, in this place, my full name is Mi Amore Cadenza, but I've had many other names. Not only on Equus, but on every planet where my Concept is known, in languages that ponies lack the physical capability to speak. I will be called many more in the future. They are all my names.
Once, I believed that there was a great wrongness in the universe, a force of ultimate disharmony that pretended to be the very core of harmony. A force called Magic.
I saw countless mortals turned into soulless zombies. The elites of many cultures used magic to keep the masses controlled as if they were livestock, raw material to b
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 10 35
Ponies and Dragons LVII (Just Have Fun)
Session 57.0 General Lemarc
Time: Didn't check it before Daleks surrounded us
Place: A space station that is apparently NOT abandoned
It had happened so many times before. Surrounded by Daleks, with nothing but his wits, tools, and TARDIS to get him out...oh, and a plucky companion. That too. The Doctor began formulating plans by the dozen, when his mind hit upon a memory that sent all the plans crashing to a halt.
"I...can't get us out of this one."
"Why not?"
"Because of something you told me, er, will tell me. This station, this Dalek encounter, you told me this was The Day The Doctor Did Nothing. No spoilers, as ever, but you said that it was a fixed point in time and emphasized just how important it was that I live up to the title."
"I wouldn't have happened to have given you any advice, would I?"
"Not in the least. You just giggled and charged head-on into the angry mob we were up against."
"I really dislike myself right now."
"Welcome to my world. Alright
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 11 90
Ponies and Dragons LVI (Just Have Fun)
Session 56.0 Devcon101  
The atmosphere was thick with the feeling of anxiety. Nurse Tenderheart took a deep breath as she steadied her hoof, holding a set of tweezers. Small beads of sweat formed on her face, glistening in the light. Her eyes narrowed, focusing her gaze on the hole. The object was really rather tiny, and there was little space to grip it, so she’d have to be extremely careful. She couldn’t afford another failure. It would ruin her.
Nurse Snowheart, Nurse Sweetheart and Nursery Rhyme watched her, clutched with the same anxiety that grasped Tenderheart. Nursery Rhyme bit her lip, watching the most intently of the three. This one performance bordered the line between success and failure. If she got it out, good. If she didn’t, well…
Nurse Tenderheart held her breath as she slowly lowered the tweezers down towards the hole, moving her head slightly to the side to get a better vantage point. The beads of sweat now slowly trickled down
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 10 86
Pony POV Series 'Last Battle' (7) Round 1, FIGHT!
Chapter Title: Phase 1? Round One Fight?
Greetings, my name is Twilight Sparkle. I am a unicorn and I am -not- a goth. These are my natural colors.  Yes I am the personal apprentice of Princess Celestia and holder of the central Element of Harmony 'Magic' and basically the leader of the Elemental Harmony Squad (Pinkie or Rainbow came up with that name, not me).
We've come a long way, haven't we? But somehow, we're right back where we started, facing Discord again.
The first time, we faced a mad god with a sick sense of humor who had stolen the Elements and was toying with us the whole time, corrupting us one by one, until Princess Celestia reminded me of all the lessons I'd learned together with my friends. I brought them back to reality and together we defeated Discord.
Now, along at our side, we have the Princesses, little sisters, friends of little sisters, Spike, and Trixie too. It looks like we have the upper hoof, but at the same time it would be illogical NOT to noti
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 6 14
Ponies and Dragons LV (Just Have Fun)
Session 55.0 Kendell2
Rainbow Dash panted, the cyan cat hiding behind a wall...and promptly booking it again when she got a wiff of skunk smell.
"Come back, Rainbows! I know this a story you set up, but can we just skip to the end?" Zephyr Breeze asked.
"No!" yelled Rainbow, dashing into the nearest building, namely a restaurant. Her unwanted pursuer followed suit...resulting in the entire restaurant evacuating, holding their noses and screaming "Phew!", "Peeyew!", or most frequently "Skunk!"
Rushing through, Rainbow Dash fled through the back door and into an which point she heard a loud growl and looked back to see a rather large, fearsome looking dog. "Uh...Nice doggy..." she said, backing up, knowing while her current form had claws, she wasn't exactly the strongest type. The dog backed her up against the wall.
"Rainbows! You back here?" Zephyr asked, following out.
The dog turned, snarling and looked his way. Rainbow, having seen this cartoon before, knew what wo
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 11 76
Pony POV Series 'Last Battle Arc' Offers
Coffee Swirl The Pegasus
Sweetberry was looking out the cafe windows, hooves tapping skittishly. "Cotton Candy, I mean, Coffee Swirl, I think something's wrong with the sky!"
"Eh?" I trotted over next to the earth pony mare. "Sweetberry, we've been over this. That's just called 'overcast.'"
"I know what it's called." She blushed under her dark pink fur. "I just have a... not-good feeling about it."
"Oh yeah, Fluttercruel came in earlier. She and her friends are dealing with it."
Then Sweetberry hugged me and pressed her face into my barrel, shuddering. Her long purple and turquoise mane draped over my side. "We aren't going to disappear again... are we?"
I took a moment to check that nopony else was looking. Like Fluttercruel, in case she jumped to conclusions. I politely hugged her back. "You aren't going to."
She looked up at me like a scared filly. "Promise?"
I hated making a promise I had no control over. "I trust her."
"Consider yourselves lucky you have a chance to heal,"
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 7 33
Pony POV Majesty(9): Majesty's Ultimate Decision
Firefly walked towards the circle of uprooted bushes hiding the hole where Majesty and the Weather Witch were held prisoners. She was carrying a big stack of hay on her back, held together with a couple of vine ropes.
"Hello, I'm bringing in something to eat to the prisoners," she addressed the pegasus mare guarding the prisoners.
The mare standing guard looked at Firefly, then at the large stack of hay she was carrying, "Thunderstorm didn't say anything about feeding the prisoners during his absence."
"Well, starving prisoners aren't of much use, don't you think?" replied Firefly.
"I suppose," said the guard, "But all I see is hay. Humans can't eat that."
"I'm bringing this for the unicorn. I'll bring the food for the human later," replied Firefly.
"Also, that looks like an awful lot of hay for just one prisoner," said the guard.
"I'm just leaving enough for her now, and take the rest back to the other side of the oasis," replied Firefly.
"That sounds impractical," said the guard."But
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 8 21
Pony POV Majesty(8): Origins, Firefly
The inside of the wooden box was dark except for the small holes on the roof, too small for the pink filly pegasus to look outside but big enough for air to come in so she wouldn't asphyxiate. The last thing the filly remembered before waking up in this wooden box was the auction at the stables.
Different colts and fillies, descendants from different mares and stallions, had been auctioned that day. Like all the other fillies and colts, the pink filly in the box had never met her mother or father, all she knew about herself is that she was the offspring of race-pegasi, and thus would be auctioned as such.
The pink filly didn't remember much about the auction, she had been terribly scared the whole time. She never saw who bid on her or how much, and was glad when it was finally over. Then, the auctioneer placed a cloth soaked in some liquid over her muzzle, and the filly lost consciousness. When she woke up, she was inside the box. She didn't know where she was or what was to be done to
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 10 39
Pony POV Majesty(7): The Unicorn and the Firefly
Majesty had been running southwest for almost an hour by now, and except for catching a passing bird with her magic for a hungry Spike, there was nothing of importance. The whole terrain seemed arid with the drought, and not much else.
She was sure she was going the right way, however, it was very faint but she could detect the lingering smell of the Weather Witch. She had been traveling this way, but she didn't know how far, and thus wasn't sure how long it would take to find her.
Majesty suddenly stumbled as a headache suddenly hit her, she placed her right hoof on her forehead as the pain intensified and she closed her eyes. She started having a vision again, this time she saw her, the Weather Witch, she was flying on her broom and casting a spell. The target was a pony Majesty had never seen before, a pegasus. The Witch's spell covered the pegasus' wings with ice and the pony fell towards the ground! And just as quickly as it came the headache was gone and the vision was over.
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 8 30
Pony POV Majesty(6): The Unicorn and the Witch
It was a sunny day as Majesty walked down the road, little Spike sleeping soundly on her back. The little dragon had fallen asleep shortly after eating the small rodent Majesty had captured for his breakfast.
The road was empty for the time being, but she was sure that it led to some sort of settlement nearby, maybe a town or a village. The tracks all over the dirt road told her as much. Wheel marks, footprints and hoof prints told her that, while not recently, this road was transited back and forth to somewhere. Most likely a human town since she had left elven territory behind long ago. Majesty was hoping that she could find someone there that could teach her to read and write.
However, Majesty did notice something odd about the landscape. It was hot and dry, without a single cloud in the sky. It was like a desert, except that all around her she could see dead grass and the occasional dead tree. This landscape had been going on for a while now, and it told Majesty one thing; this are
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 8 29


The Three Empresses by terraluna5 The Three Empresses :iconterraluna5:terraluna5 5 6 Unico.. by AnimagicWorld Unico.. :iconanimagicworld:AnimagicWorld 5 2 Master to Maid Kisekae Transformation by kayla6
Mature content
Master to Maid Kisekae Transformation :iconkayla6:kayla6 30 1
Summer Collected by Intoxiton Summer Collected :iconintoxiton:Intoxiton 48 17 Newly-Maids by Intoxiton Newly-Maids :iconintoxiton:Intoxiton 22 3
Me trying to be usefull
Yo, since my Journals don't work, best way is this! Anyways, Anyone wanna try to do a project with me. How it would work is you draw a picture or a comic or make a story but, i'd give you ideas on what to draw or write or, i'd link you a pic and/or ask if we could alter the scene a bit like ex: If a guy had 4 bullet wounds, i could ask you if could draw your oc or bad guy or whoever with more bullets or less.
:icondragonknight22:dragonknight22 1 2
Ranma's Boyfriend Fanfiction Comic Page 5 by KiyomuMitsue Ranma's Boyfriend Fanfiction Comic Page 5 :iconkiyomumitsue:KiyomuMitsue 16 1 Twinkletoes ballet girl by AVCHonline Twinkletoes ballet girl :iconavchonline:AVCHonline 32 5
Twilight Guradian Of Harmony: Meet the Parents 1
"So. Did I miss anything in Ponyville while I was gone?" Twilight asked. The Mane 6 were now on the street Twilight had grown up on. Her family lived near the other end though, so it was a long walk.
"Well. We did have a Parasprite infestation. Luckilly Pinkie knew how to remove them." Rarity said, as Pinkie nodded happily as she bounced along.
"And then there was a, tarveling magic show that passed through. Run by the 'Great and Powerful Trixie' as she put it. What a showoff." Rainbow grumbled.
Twilight giggled. "Rainbow. Bravado and boasting is a part of a stage magician's act. Trixie was probably just dding what she always does. Did she stay a bit?"
"Yeah. She stayed a few days, did a couple of shows, then left." Applejack said. "Didn't like her myself, but I say she knows her stuff when it comes to stage magic."
Twilight nodded. "Maybe I'll get to see her one of these days." She stopped. "Oh, we're here."
 The Mane 6 had stopped in front of what was undoubtadly the most extrav
:iconmorion87:morion87 4 0
5th Annual Iron Pony by anarchemitis 5th Annual Iron Pony :iconanarchemitis:anarchemitis 167 14 Rarity and Applejack relaxing by a pond by anarchemitis Rarity and Applejack relaxing by a pond :iconanarchemitis:anarchemitis 58 4 Princess Luna's New Dress by anarchemitis Princess Luna's New Dress :iconanarchemitis:anarchemitis 218 15 Royal Sculpture by anarchemitis Royal Sculpture :iconanarchemitis:anarchemitis 462 33 mix'n'match  character bases or something by anarchemitis mix'n'match character bases or something :iconanarchemitis:anarchemitis 43 8 Pumpkin + Pound by anarchemitis Pumpkin + Pound :iconanarchemitis:anarchemitis 114 7 How sweet of you, cousin by anarchemitis How sweet of you, cousin :iconanarchemitis:anarchemitis 247 41


Session 60.0 Kendell2

The human Pinkie Pie blinked. "Hey! I just got a message in Rainbows and Crystals!"

"So did I..." said Sunset. Everyone nodded.

They opened the message and read it...

'Dear (Screen Name)

Thank you for your feedback and betaing the game and exploring the creativity of the game.

And also for saving World of Horsecraft from a hacker (hope you enjoyed the capes).

As a sign of our gratitude, we would like to use your houses in the official trailer to debut at our upcoming convention to showcase the possibilities the game's free spirited nature allows.

Signed Radiant Hope."

Pinkie Pie's added an 'especially you, Pinkie Pie' before the creativity part.

"...I'm game for it," said Sunset.

The others nodded and all pressed yes.

Rainbow Dash rubbed her head. "Have we really been that creative?"

"Yah have a rainbow roller coaster surrounding your house," Applejack pointed out.

"Yeah, which is awesome!" said Rainbow.

"And I have a Ferris Wheel for my attic!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed with a grin.

"Wow...guess we've been having even more fun with this game than we expected," Sunset replied, giving a smile.

"Well it is relaxing...and more importantly innocent," Rarity said. "Unlike certain other games..." she said, looking at a certain teacher simulator game involving murder still sitting on Rainbow's desktop.

Radiant Hope smiled, sitting at her computer as she got the replies. "Glad this game will finally be loved..." she said, remembering how the first time around they'd tried it some of the Betas had been pretty harsh about it. It just needed a little refining was all and it had become something people could enjoy.

Session 60.1 Alex Warlorn

"BWAAHAHAH! Ie zhall destroy ze dam! Zen! Ie zhall save the city! And everyone vill call me, a heroooooo!!"

"Not so fast Dr. Spectrum!"


"Oh yeah I wil!"

Mare Do Well heroically punched the super villain in the face, then the mighty masked mare swept up the explosive, and flew high into the sky, tossing the bomb even higher, where it exploded harmlessly, giving a show to the people of the city.


"NO! NO! IE AM ZE HERO!!!" Squirmed Dr. Spectrum after she'd been tied up, and given to the police.

Mare Do Well didn't stick around for fortune or fame, she merely slipped into the shadows, waiting for when she'd be needed once more.


"Wow! That new Mare Do Well comic is so exciting!" Rainbow Dash admitted emerging from the enchanted comic. "I wonder where they got the idea for that loud mouth show boating Dr. Spectrum though. I bet it was Trixie right?"

Session 60.2 JDMiles

Back in the Animania desert, roadrunner Dash continued to race across the landscape before stopping at a cliff, on the opposite  the canyon was none other than Zephyr... wearing the Mare Do Well outfit.

"You're not getting away this time Dash, with this new superhero outfit I have the means and gadgets to finally catch you and sweep you off your feet!" The coyote proclaimed proudly.

"Oh, this oughta be good." Rainbow Dash smoked Dashi started munching on some popcorn. "Okay Zephyr, make me swoon." She mumbled sarcastically.

Zephyr smiled under his mask as he left off the edge and spread his cape. "Gliding Cape activate!" He called out as he fell, however nothing happened as he continued to plummet to the ground. "What the-activate! Activate, activate, ACTIVATE DAMN IT!!" He continued to scream as he plummeted to the bottom of the canyon, eventually crashing with a  satisfying *poof*.

"Ah... sweet, sweet catharsis..." Rainbow Dash smirked​ as she got up and started to stretch. However she heard some coughing and looked down to see her pursuer crawling out of the body-shaped hole.

"I don't get it! Why didn't it activate?!" Zephyr mumbled to himself, only for a piece of paper to flutter down from above onto his face. Pulling it off he read over it and his jaw dropped in irritation. "GLIDING CAPE NOT INCLUDED!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?"

"You really need to start reading the instructions on those things... and while you're at it get a refund." Rainbow Dash chuckled.

"No matter! I'll just use Plan B!" Zephyr shouted as he pulled out a grappling hook and fired it towards the top of the canyon. The hook latched itself between a few rocks and he immediately started pulling himself up... only for the hook to dislodge itself and accidentally yank a giant boulder over the edge of the cliff... which crushed Zephyr before he had a chance to scream.

"MEEP-MEEP!" She honked before taking off down the road once again.

Session 60.3 Devcon101  

Twilight and co. were playing an O&O version of the popular flick “Specter Deflectors.”

“The violet mare stares at you as she strokes the chin of the monstrous, dog-like creature beside her.” Twilight read. “The mare takes trots down a few steps, eyeing you like a shark.”

Applejack opened her mouth to speak, but Rarity interjected. “Darling, I think I should take care of this one.” She cleared her throat as she moved her miniature forward. “Madame, as a duly designated resident of the city of Manehattan, I must request you take your supernatural business elsewhere, preferably to your place of origin or nearest convenient parallel dimension.”

Applejack rolled her eyes. “As if a god would listen ta that. Didn’t work in the movie, won’t work ‘ere.”

Rarity shrugged. “Worth a shot.”

Twilight rolled a die, before continuing. “The mare simply stares at you, before asking a simple question...” Twilight cleared her throat, before continuing in the deepest, raspiest voice she could muster. “Are you a god?”

Rainbow Dash chuckled. “You sound like the alien from Hoofward the Duck!”

Twilight narrowed her eyes in frustration. “I’m doing my best, okay?”

Rarity tapped her chin in thought. Of course, she could always say no and let the game continue like the movie. Or...well, she had wondered what would’ve happened if they said yes...

Rarity gave a smile. “Why of course I am darling! And so are they.” She waved her hoof over to the rest of the party.

Applejack frowned. “Wait, what? I’m n-” She was cut short as Rainbow put a hoof to her mouth. While she admired her friend’s honesty, now was not the time for it.

Twilight thought for a moment. “Roll a Deception check.”

Rarity tossed the die after giving it a kiss for good luck. “Oooh! Natural 20! And with my bonus, that comes out to a 28.”

Twilight nodded, rolling a die of her own. Upon looking at the results, she blinked.

“The The mare smiles, casually trotting down the steps, dogs in tow. “Ah, excellent. It’s been so long since I’ve seen another!” She moves past you to the edge of the building. “Well, fellow gods, shall we destroy this mortal realm together? It’s been too long since I’ve had a good world-ending.”

Rarity blinked, putting on a forced smile. “Actually, darling, you really don’t want to end this world. We’ve got! Yes, a treaty with a rival pantheon to not destroy it. Wouldn’t want an entire pantheon on our backs for breaking it, would we?”

After requesting another deception check, upon which Rarity rolled high again (not a natural 20, but up there), Twilight rolled another die, before responding. “Hmm...understandable. But at least accompany me to another world to end that one. It won’t be long, I assure you. Just a little fun outing of gods.”

Rarity began to sweat a little. “Um...I’m afraid we can’t, darling, because...the pantheon says we have to stay here or else the treaty is void. Sorry.”

One last deception check was made, which was surprisingly high once again, and Twilight rolled one last die, before blinking. “The mare is upset, but nods in understanding and...leaves, dogs in tow. The portal closes, and the storm overhead begins to disperse.”

Rarity smiled with pride. “And that, darlings, is how it’s done.”

Applejack glared at Rainbow Dash, who still held her hoof over her mouth, letting out an angry comment which was muffled. Rainbow looked over, and with a quick “sorry” and guilty smile removed her hoof.

Pinkie Pie looked down, frowning with disappointment. “Aw, I wanted to eat the remains of the giant marshmallow pony!”

Session 60.4 Alex Warlorn

"So we're gonna play O&O with your mom and dad?!" Scootaloo asked excited.

Rainbow Dash nodded. "Yeah... SOMEPONY blabbed that table top and role play games were all the rage in Ponyville right now... "

That the Sirens themselves might have sparked the fad themselves to begin the groundwork of their scheme to conquer two worlds, was quietly ignored so not to ruin the hobby for countless equines.

"Well I think it's cool!"

That when the cloud house's  door burst open...


Rainbow Dash's jaw dropped. "Mom... and mom?"

"... I should be confused and scared, but I don't feel like complaining." Said the pegasus stallion of the house.

"Dash, does your dad look different? Dash! Dash!"

"RAINBOW!" The two mares closed in at the fainted Element of Loyalty.


"Hm?" The Doctor checked the control panel from his time machine. "Did time just get smooshed again? I thought the princesses just fixed this timeline!"

Session 60.5 Grogar-the-oneser

"I HATE YOU TIMELINES!" Luna roared as she and the other deities were dealing with the paradox.

"I thought you fixed them all from the last time," Celestia snapped.

"So I missed one, I can't be expected to remember every detail, what am I Twilight?" Discord said defensively.

"Well now we have to deal with this," Celestia said annoyed.

"Oh calm down, we just make it two separate timeline where this." At this Discord check the board. "Bow Hot Hoof, still Rainbow Dad but has a different mother in those timelines. Should be simple since he looked like an older version pony she was with when they announce Cloudsdale will not host the Equestrian Game."

"Then how do you explain the young one appearing at Hearthwarming Eve in Twilight's castle?" Celestia growled.

"Animation error." Noticing Celestia look, Discord added. "What, it worked in the first cartoon of that robot show. Plus it let said animation error get there own being."

(look under generic gone pro in this link

"Actually according to clipboard, this Rainbow Blaze was already his own pony, but some word of 'writer' he not Rainbow Dash dad, so we could say he was her uncle." Cadence said.

Session 60.6 Mtangalion

“Would you all please try to stay in character!?” bellowed Pinkie Pie.

Celestia, Luna, and Discord all stopped what they were doing and slowly turned to stare at her.

Pinkie scratched her mane, grinning.  “Eh heh…  I’ll just be in my trailer.  Cause I’m a pony!  Get it?”  She dodged a solar flare and several comets, hastily galloping away.

Discord glanced at the fourth wall, sighing.  “Moving on…”  He snapped his claws.

“It’s a simple question,” said Princess Twilight.  “Which set of parents do you remember being real?”

Rainbow was sprawled on the couch with an icepack on her head.  “That’s the trouble, Twi!  I remember both of them!  Like, I told my mom right away when I became a Wonderbolt, AND she never knew until Scootaloo spilled the beans.”

Bow Hothoof nudged Twilight, grinning.  “By the way, Princess, I love your casual, mare of the people look.”

Windy Whistles nodded enthusiastically.  “You’re definitely the number one Best Princess currently in our home at the moment!”

“Don’t you mean my home?” said Rainbow Dash Sr.  “Assuming I can ever reclaim it from all the junk you brought with you.”

Discord appeared in a flash.  “These pesky timelines are just not coming unglued.”

Twilight grimaced.  “So, how bad is that?”

Discord stroked his goatee.  “Do you know how in number theory, if you can’t come up with any numbers in between two other numbers, those other numbers are the same number?”

“Huh?” said Windy.

“Beg pardon?” said Bow.

“What about it?” asked Twilight.

“Not helping with my headache,” grumbled Rainbow.

Rainbow Sr. raised a hoof.  “Is that some sort of analogy for how these worlds are so similar that it’s difficult to distinguish one from another?”

“Not really,” Discord admitted.  “I just love making ponies argue for hours about whether point nine repeating equals one.”

Twilight facehoofed.

The human world wasn’t doing much better.  Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer were both on a couch with icepacks on their heads, because Sunset had tried to read Rainbow’s mind after the trouble started.

“Sorry, guys,” groaned Rainbow.  “Mom and dad found mom and dad’s Crystals and Rainbows beta software and made their own accounts.  It wasn’t me, honest!”

Applejack held up a tablet, showing them the three-hundred foot cloud sculpture of Rainbow Dash that now adorned the game’s version of Cloudsdale.  “You know, Ah almost believe you,” said AJ, grinning.

Session 60.7 Alex Warlorn

Playing a game of chess (Rarity being rather frustrated at repeatedly having to explain the rules to Applejack), two mares chattered.

"How the heck did ya not notice Sweetie Belle's tastes had changed considering all the time you've spent with her in the past? Considering that ya seem to spend more time raising her than your parents do." Applejack asked.

"Don't remind me! I MEANT that it's been so long since we had one of our little outing like that, most of our time together has been at home!" Rarity said. "Running a business is exhausting."

Session 60.8 Devcon101  

The mane six were one again beta testing Enchanted Entertainment’s grandiose sci-fi sandbox game, Galaxia. Currently, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were at one of the cantinas spread around the planets for social interaction with NPCs and to find job opportunities for the various factions.

The cantina was currently rather peaceful. Various races sat at tables or the bar, talking, drinking, some even playing some intergalactic gambling games. Rainbow, Fluttershy and Pinkie sat around a table, enjoying the drinks as Pinkie and Rainbow tested out one of the intergalactic games players could play, this being a holographic, interegalactic variation of chess, Fluttershy watching.

The peaceful atmosphere was soon broken as someone suddenly let out a scream of pain, grasping at their chest and falling over. Patrons looked over in shock, slowly backing up as the alien flipped onto their back, fainting as...something tore free from their chest. The most likely guess any of the three had was that it was a new creature they added in. Fluttershy stared in fear, bug eyed, getting up and backing up. Rainbow promptly got out her weapon and pointed it at the creature, preparing to fire, before something very, very odd occurred.

The thing pulled out a top hat and cane, putting the top hat on its head and began to sing and dance.

“♪ Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal! Send me a kiss by wire, baby my heart’s on fire!♪”

Rainbow Dash stared in confusion. “What in heck?” she mumbled, too distracted by the sight to see the notice of a gained achievement for viewing this little easter egg in the bottom right corner of her vision.

The creature continued its number. “♪ If you refuse me, honey you’ll lose me, and you’ll be left alone! So baby telephone, and tell me I’m your-♪” The creature’s little routine was cut short as it was suddenly blasted, leaving nothing but a pile of dust where it had been.

Everyone in the bar slowly turned to where the shot had came from, all laying their eyes on Pinkie, who still held out her smoking blaster. She held it up to her mouth and blew on it, the smoke dissipating. There was a moment of awkward silence.

“...What? Did any of you want to do it?”


“What even was that thing?” Fluttershy asked. The bar had returned to relative normalcy after the singing creature had died, though there were notably less patrons now. The other two shrugged.

“Some parody of the Centimorphs from Extraterrestrials, I think” Pinkie said, not sure herself.

The three soon finished up playing the game and were about to head out, when a certain white unicorn mare in a suit of orange armor entered.

Rarity smiled through the green visor on her helmet. “There you darlings are! I’ve been wondering where you got off to.”

Fluttershy stared at something behind Rarity. “Um, Rarity...what is that?”

Behind the armored mare floated what looked like a small blue jellyfish, with five glowing green eyes within its translucent body and small teeth around the rim of its mouth. It let out an inhuman chirp.

“Oh, him? He’s my new pet! Isn’t he just adorable?” Rarity smiled at it.

Rainbow Dash raised a brow, remembering seeing a similar creature in the game. “Isn’t that one of those life-sucking parasites?”

Rarity frowned. “Yes, but a baby version they made available as a pet. It’s attack setting isn’t even implemented yet. Wouldn’t hurt a fly, I assure you.” Looking up, she blinked, frowning. “Oh now where has he gone off to?”

Moments after a NPC alien that resembled a fly zipped by, yelling “GET IT OFF ME!” as the baby parasite latched on.

Rarity gave a guilty smile. “...Okay, so maybe the attack setting just isn’t fully implemented...”

Session 60.9 JDMiles

Back in the Animania desert, Zephyr smiled as he quickly strapped a jetpack on. "This time, this time for sure! This time I'll finally catch her!" He happily proclaimed as he pressed a button, starting it up. A second later he was sent flying across desert. "WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!"

Meanwhile, Roadrunner Dash had come across another "Plot Hole"... in the form of a hastily painted-on tunnel. "Wow really? That's just lazy...."

"HERE I COME MY LOVE!!" Zephyr called out as he raced towards his target. Dash sighed and simply stepped to the side, expecting him to crash into the wall.... only for him to fly right through it! The surface rippling with water, much to Dash's surprise.

"I... what the-huh?!" She stuttered for a moment as she stared at the portal, wondering if she should go in if Zephyr was on the other side...

A few seconds later however, Zephyr ran out of the portal, now stuck in the form of a cat. "For the love of Celestia, STAY AWAY FROM ME!!" Zephyr screamed in terror. He was pursued by what looked like a lime green skunk with a pinkish-red stripe and was wearing a bandana with a floral pattern.

"Come back, my love!" Tree Hugger happily called out, playfully hopping after him "Let us become entwined together in the way of cosmic vibration and lay engulfed in our act of cosmic bliss!"

"....meh, not my problem! MEEP-MEEP!" She putted before zooming through the Plot Hole, hoping to reunite with her friends...

Session 60.10 Alex Warlorn

"Why aren't we doing anything for Star Mares 40th anniversary Rainbow Dash?" Scootaloo asked, "I had a buncha stuff that would be great for LARPing!"

Rainbow Dash shrugged, "Meh! I l lost all interest after friggin' FLIM AND FLAM bought the rights to it! And threw out my favorite, I mean, the sequel novels."
Ponies and Dragons LX (Just Have Fun)
This is a group-story/addventure/chain-story/round robin, fanfic 'story' of the Mane Six Plus Spike playing Dungeons and Dragons/Oubliettes and Ogres, with occasional guest players (like Trixie or Gilda), with Spike and Twilight rotating as Dungeon Master. It's intended to be an IN-CHARACTER comedy. 

Each post should be more self contained, if say (in game) Twilight is fire balled by a Mimic in one post in a desert pyramid, the next post can have them sailing a ship encountering seaponies siren expies, each one containing a short joke, or an extension of a previous scene if that's what the poster wants. Time skips, flash backs, the ponies rotating different characters and campaigns, are all allowed (and ENCOURAGED) as long as the ponies stay in character (such as Pinkie Pie NOT fireballing a cabbage sales stallion and saying she thought he was a demon, thank you very much).

P.S. Addendum. No adding entire new fanon countries and/or fanon species.

Pinkie Pie, "And pretty please do not take anything personally! It's just a game!"

Rainbow Dash, "What did you say!?

What's you post in the comments, it's then copy and pasted into the fic above, have fun. 


Trope Page: (PLEASE update already!)…

Session 60.0 Kendell2
Session 60.1 Alex Warlorn
Session 60.2 JDMiles 
Session 60.3 Devcon101  
Session 60.4 Alex Warlorn
Session 60.5 Grogar-the-oneser 
Session 60.6 Mtangalion 
Session 60.7 Alex Warlorn
Session 60.8 Devcon101  
Session 60.9 JDMiles 
Session 60.10 Alex Warlorn

MLPFiM Copyright Hasbro

Cover art by Lemon-Bitter-Twist  EQD-ATG6-09 - 'Uh oh, she's smiling again...' by Lemon-Bitter-Twist

Also remember, this is not the pony pov verse, has never been the pony pov verse, will never be the pony pov verse, so please avoid using pony pov verse cosmology and characters please.  

Basic grammar:
-Periods go at the end of sentences. (.)
-People and place's names are capitalized.
-Questions end in Questions Marks. (?) 
-The word 'I' is capitalized.
-"When characters start or stop talking, use quotations." 
-'There' is a place, 'their' is someone's property or trait, 'they're' is short for 'they are.'  

Roughlikes with at least a minimal narrative that have a happy ending ...

FTL... and... okay that's the only one I can think of. 
I imagine at this point, Peach lets herself get captured because one, she's a pacifist, and two, she knows that kidnapping her, and rescuing her, is what gives Bowser and Mario's lives meaning.…

It can be found here, (or here); it's currently on its 47th chapter.

This is outdated. 


Check Out The Pony POV Series
United States

MLP IDW # 54

I like this issue more than the episode it happens in parallel to.

We get a brief mention of the straw ponies, and Fluttershy saying that she's taking Rupert the snake with a bowtie to help with the presentation. 

And Angel is left with the animals from the animal hospital. Angel who has a broken leg. 

Shy' trust Angel to do the job.

Unlike most, I don't mind the artist's chibi style, but I do think it's cheap he recycled the same image of the animals all grouped together on two different pages for four panels. 

That aside, 

OH GOD IN HEAVEN! The animals here except Angel... ACT LIKE ANIMALS! 

So no matter what rules Angels lays down for them, they still go wild inside the house without Fluttershy there. Predators chase prey, and the giraffe somehow fits in a drawer. 

Angel calls in the other mane six's pets for help. THANK. YOU. GOD! A story that focuses on the mane six's pets, THAT DOESN'T HAVE AN EASILY FORGIVEN VILLAIN SUE! (Starlight Glimmer wasn't allowed to go off and do as she pleased once she gave her sob story, difference). 

FINALLY!!!!!!! It's like they're finally washing away the filth! 

Angel thinks they need more heads, so he goes to the CMC, flashing back to when the CMC thought of getting rabbit cutie marks (let's face reality, the CMC tried just about anything and everything imaginable, so this as far fetched as your own nose). 

The CMC don't speak pet. They wonder if somepony fell down a well. But Angel uses the 'sad eyes trick' (taste of their own medicine) and agree to what they do not know. 

The CMC are a bit overwhelmed by what awaits them but charges on. 

Gummy and a sloth have a staring contest, (PLACE YOUR BETS!).

The CMC worry that they're just screwing things up like the old days, but won't abandon their task. 

We then get Shy getting back and lamenting the straw ponies being straw ponies, but at least she can count on Angel right? 

Angel keeps her from entering the house, and Shy is so proud of Angel 'having everything under control' and promises to spoil him after the project is finished.

Angel gets an idea, and get an easel from... somewhere (lampshaded) paints up unseen instructions, and the CMC get the message. 

Break up into teams, and get the animals under control by giving them all something to focus on. 

Running. Gynastics. Cleaning. While Angel focuses on his own kind (and we see they're not nearly as bright as he is, one thinks a hair curler is a flute), must to his own sighing. 

Then Sweetie Belle kicks things into the impossible and beyond... remember in season 1 when Opal clawed a piece of her mane off? Here, in a few panels, Sweetie gets the terrible Opal PURRING! 

If that doesn't get into the Moment of Awesome page on TVtrope then something is wrong with the world. 

And she's ready to share her petting with the rest. 

Shy and Dr. Fauna show up... and are just happy to see the CMC and pets there as volunteers. 

We also get a couple of panels here where Angel shifts between his button eyes and having 'normal' eyes, but I think it works as it hammers home that Angel is UNIQUE here. (Something I think was LOST in later reasons by making ALL animals as smart as him with the only difference between ponies and animals being a language barrier). 

The CMC admit this went a lot better than their last pet sitting. But they also say how they have to thank Angel for this. 

Sweetie says how, they just want to continue to be treated the way Shy treats them. (Ironic given how the mane six tried that with Rarity's business, and it fell apart because they AREN'T Rarity). 

The CMC and the pets head home, worn out. Meanwhile, Reality Ensues and Hilarity Ensue go arm in arm, as 'Shy remarks how building the Sanctuary is STILL going to take a few days, which means Angel is gonna be counted for some immediate repeat performances, much to his own WTF?!  BWAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!! 


The CMC were the CMC. Animals except for the pets mostly actually acted like animals (THANK YOU GOD!). No one was handed the idiot ball! The straw ponies were kept off panel so they didn't infect the story. The story has a definitive beginning, middle, and ending. And ended on a nice joke. The problem and solution were logical. I enjoyed this issue. 

:-) Thumbs up. This felt like a Friends Forever issue. 

NEXT ISSUE! Pinkie Pie has to keep the Yaks and the Dragons from declaring war on each other! 

I imagine as the NEW Dragon Lord, Ember can't afford to appear weak to her subjects, and the prince of Yaks, having been subtly handed new ideas about NOT smashing stuff by Blueblood, can't afford to appear weak to his people either. 

In other words, Pinkie Pie needs to resolve their dispute WITHOUT either head of state losing face! 

Good luck Pinkie Pie! 

I'd have liked to see some culture class between Mina and Ember, but I guess they're going to pretend Dragon Town doesn't exist, rather than just having them be dragons who have splintered off from the Dragonlands. 

But to be honest, having the friggin' dragons and the friggin' Yaks looking ready to go to war with each other with only Pinkie Pie able to save Equestria from getting caught in the middle is gonna be epic! (Not sure why the writers chose Pinkie Pie for this, but we'll see!).
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  • Drinking: nothing

When Spike NATURALLY grows into an adult dragon (rather than magic, alchemy, or greed growth), should he have wings, or not? 

58 deviants said Have wings as a natural adult.
17 deviants said Not have wings as a natural adult.

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