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Session 11.0 Kendell2

While Twilight dealt with Starlight's intervention, Celestia had an idea to help Pinkie Pie in her game with Tirek.

"Hey Tirek, we've got another player," Pinkie said in a sing song voice.

"Certainly Pinkie Pie," Tirek said in his smug, normal tone.

"Hello, Tirek, how are you doing?"

Tirek's smug expression promptly died as a tall figure walked up. He had crimson wings and brown fur, standing on two legs. A belt with golden rivets. He looked old, but not nearly to the point of Tirek, and appeared in much better shape. Atop his head was a familar golden crown. "YOU!"

Scorpan smiled. "Long time no see, brother."

Tirek's reaction was to try and throttle his younger brother through the bars...then screaming in pain as the blessed iron bars burned his dark magically mutated flesh.


"I'm here to play a game with my big brother, like the old days," Scorpan replied, making his brother even angrier by the fact he DIDN'T act as upset to see his brother as Tirek did.

"I am NOT playing with him!" Tirek screamed as loudly as his old, weakened body could manage.

"What's wrong, brother? Afraid I'll be too much for you?" Scorpan asked.

Tirek snarled in rage. "NEVER! I won't give you the satisfaction!"

However, controlling his impulses wasn't something Tirek was very good at, and his sheer rage at the sight of his sibling combined with Scorpan being the one being on the planet who knew him well enough to successfully counter his manipulations changed the landscape of the game quite a bit. His temper only worsened due to the fact his brother made NO attempt to show anger or frustration in return, only acting like they were still two princes back home at their old place.

Session 11.1 Mooncalf99

"...And with one last roll of duct tape, you finally get your jury-rigged space roadster to hang together properly," Twilight declared.

"About time," Trixie snarked. "Exactly how many botches did you roll, Dash?"

"Hey, it's not my fault the dice decided to hate me tonight," Rainbow protested loudly. "Besides, Smarts isn't my best stat. I'm just glad Twilight's letting me use Cool for my jury-rigging rolls."

"You are aware that there's a difference between 'looks like it's fixed' and 'is fixed', right?" Twilight said.

"I know, but Wings Maximus doesn't," Rainbow said. "And what you don't know can't hurt you. Right?"

"I second that motion!" Pinkie exclaimed. She looked at the empty seats at the table. "So we are gaming without the others tonight?"

Twilight nodded. "You wanted to run a separate adventure, so this was the best idea. I have it all worked out, don't worry. I've always wanted to try something like this, anyway."

"Yeah, I run another perimeter check in case any of those goody-four-shoes are spying on us," Gilda said. "Do I need to roll anything?"

"Let me roll for you," Twilight said, throwing a die behind her screen. "We don't want any 'uh oh, I just failed a spot check' situations, do we?"

"Hmph," Gilda muttered. "C'mon, let's launch this tub already."

"Tub?" Rainbow Dash said, sounding offended. "This baby's a beauty! The finest combination of primo alien tech and Equestrian vehicle design!"

"I thought it was a flying saucer you duct-taped to a chariot," Starlight said.

"It's… more… it's, like, combined and stuff," Rainbow said, sounding REALLY offended. "C'mon, you can't diss our cool ride!"

"Yes, it's cool," Trixie said. "But it could be cooler! Bright Light grabs a few spraycans and gives it a new paintjob!"

"Hey! Don't mess it up! Trixie!" Rainbow protested.

Trixie stuck out her tongue at Rainbow and rolled. "Watch in awe as Trixie rolls a majestic fifteen! Okay, Bright Light does a glorious airbrushed display of rainbows, shooting stars, a sexily posed Luna, and Starswirl the Bearded karate-punching a horde of changelings."

"Somehow, you manage to make all that look good," Twilight said. She gave Trixie a curious look. "Somehow. Gilda, you find no trespassers."

"So, are we ready to go?" Starlight asked.

"You sure you wanna let your bad half come along, Starlight?" Pinkie asked. "Didn't you say when you rolled your character that you didn't like being split up for too long?"

"I know, but… this is too interesting," Starlight said, smiling softly. "As long as Twilight says I can go along with it, I will. Also, Lib and Ra aren't really 'good' and 'bad'. It's more like Superego and Id, and…" She looked at her uncomprehending fellow players. "Nevermind."

"I know what you're getting at," Twilight said. "And I don't mind if you use your powers for having fun. Anyway, if you don't have anything else to do, you can board now. You did list everything you're taking with you, right? I'll be strict about that, you know. Anything not on the list, you don't have it."

"It's okay, it just makes improvising more challenging," Pinkie said. She pushed over a sheet. "Here you go! Food, clean underwear, Bright Light's autographed merchandise in case of alien fans, more food, lots of duct tape, a box of spare sunglasses, three tubs of polyepoxide cupcake icing… tastes horrible, but it'll patch up the ship just fine. Two spare blivets, oxygen tanks, helium tanks--"

"Why helium?" Twilight asked.

"In case we need to amuse alien foals, duh!" Pinkie replied, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Now, there's also--"

"I think I can read the rest myself," Twilight said, picking up the surprisingly long list and looking it over. Sometimes she forgot that Pinkie had a very organized side, hidden away under the recklessly spontaneous exterior. "Okay then. Good thing you have a big trunk to hold it all in. So you all pile into the chariot section and start the engine. Wings is piloting, I suppose?"

"I call shotgun!" Pinkie cried.

"Prepare for takeoff!" Gilda announced. "In ten! Nine! Eight! Sev--"

"WAAAIT!" Rainbow Dash suddenly cried. "Guys, I forgot. I'm… afraid of heights."

"Oh, for Grover's sake," Gilda snapped. "So you take a few penalties. Big deal."

"No, I've thought about this, and I think the whole thing's too much for Wings," Rainbow said. "I can't do this."

"So, what, is this the bit where we have an uplifting sidequest about curing his fears with the power of confidence and friendship?" Starlight suggested.

"Nah, takes too long," Gilda said. "I make Wings look the other way and render him unconscious with the Awesomoid nerve pinch."

"I'm not sure you have that skill," Twilight said.

"Then I bludgeon him unconscious with a lead pipe and dump him in the back seat," Gilda said. "Same difference. Now can we go? I'll drive."

"Nuh-uh!" Pinkie protested. "I called shotgun, so I get to drive!"

"I still have a lead pipe," Gilda pointed out.

"Rock, paper, scissors?" Pinkie suggested. Gilda nodded. On the count of three, Gilda held up her claw held together, and Pinkie held up her hoof. "Oh, shoot. I forgot I can only do rock. Fine, but I still get shotgun. Does it come with an actual shotgun?"

"It's not on the list," Twilight said. "Okay, so after some rearranging, you're finally seated and strapped in, and your jury-rigged engines start up. You miraculously don't explode, and soon soar into the sky and the blue yonder."

"Woo!" Pinkie cried.

"This calls for a guitar solo," Trixie said. "Bright Light rocks out! You hear me, Equestria? This star is going back into the sky!"

Twilight looked over her notes. "Now, you're flying for a while, when--" Suddenly there was a knock on the palace door. "Now what? I told Spike to keep the others busy, so…"

The doors slammed open, and a white stallion barged into the room, skidding to a halt before the table. "Twilight!" Shining Armor gasped, catching his breath. "You've got to hide me!"

Twilight stared at her brother and blinked. "Girls? Let's take a break."

(To Be Continued... )

Session 11.2 Alex Warlorn

Meanwhile, in the human world, during one of Princess Twilight's visits...

Princess Twilight, along with Sunset Shimmer and the human counter parts of the Elements of Harmony... were passing by one of Canterlot high's soccer field.

"Ugh. Can't those guys do that in their own backyard where noone has to see them and they don't have to take up space for me to practice?" Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes.

"Rainbow, you could USE less practice! Miss 'Captain Of Every Sports Team', except the boys' teams." Applejack said.

"She's right Rainbow," Fluttershy of all people admitted. "You practice so much.. your grades weren't doing so well."

"So what? I can get into collage on a sports scholarship."

Rarity then had her say. "Not if your grades drop so low you're no longer ALLOWED to play."

"... Since when is that a thing?"


"... Uh-oh." Rainbow Dash's lovely blue skin turned a shade paler.

"What are they doing?" Sunset Shimmer asked steering the discussion back on course.

"I think they're... LARPing." Twilight said narrowing her eyes (no she did NOT need glasses, thank you very much!).

"Playing harps?"

"No no no silly, Live Action Role Playing! Ya know, playing pretend!" Pinkie Pie corrected.

"Aren't they a little old for that?" Sunset said looking at the group too.

"You're never too old for playing pretend!" Pinkie Pie stamped her foot.

"I have to agree with Pinkie Pie Sunset," Twilight said, "One of the childish things to put away growing up is the fear of being childish. And it's not like they're hurting any pony, I mean anyone."

One of the LARPers meanwhile (one of the Diamond Digger trio), dramatically waved his foam-core sword around and said. "For south! We have defeated the ancient dark shadow warlock and ended his threat forever... but alas... now magic shall vanish from the world forever, and people will now have to work hard rather than rely not the easy lives magic gives-HEY!"


Applejack's lasso had tied around Twilight's waist, and had dragged her away from the LARPers, and then she had been picked up the cowgirl who carried here away from the scene she was making.

"Sorry Twili', yer my friend, but ya ain't princess, this is for yer own good, believe me."

"Sunset! Help!"

"Sure Twilight! Hey! Is that Flash Sentry over there?"

Twilight's face brightened up. "Really?! Where?!"

Properly distracted, Twilight only momentarily felt Pinkie Pie's joy buzzer giving her a mild electric shock that sent her into la-la-land.

Session 11.3 Kendell2 (OOC: Inspired by the game series Just Cause.)

"...Rainbow Dash brought this game in, didn't she?" Twilight asked.

The game in question could best be described as 'every action movie ever, the RPG'.

Rainbow Dash chuckled. "What can I say? It seemed like fun."

"So how's this work?" Applejack asked, looking it over.

"Oh, well you see, your characters are trying to free a nation from an evil dictator!"

"And how do you do that?"

Rainbow Dash smirked. "You blow stuff up!"

Twilight blinked. "Uh...what kind of stuff."

"Everything that's red."

"Why red?"

"I don't know, guess it's the dictator's color! But I mean seriously, the game has magic that emulates the explosions!"

Rarity looked at the weapon and vehicle list. "...It appears the game isn't very stingy on ways to do that..."

"I know, right?!" the cyan pegasus asked.

Pinkie Pie looked at the description. "It says 'Michael Bray approved'."

Session 11.4 Ardashir

"Applejack?" Twilight waved the papers in her magical grip under the palomino's nose. "This adventure you came up with?"

"Huh?" AJ looked at it. Huge and ugly bulls were on the cover, menacing a group of ponies that looked a lot like the Element Bearers. "What's wrong with it? Ya suggested Ah come up with an idea, so Ah did. What's wrong with savin' some ponies from no-good cattle rustlers?"

"It's just, well," Twilight's horn glowed. "You have me in it."

"Well, yeah, Ah wouldn't want ta leave any o' mah friends out of it."

"Thanks but," Twilight took it back and flipped through some pages. "You have the bulls running amok all over these poor ponies. What's to stop me from just using my magic to grab them all at once and have them jailed until the law handles it? Or having Spike send a message to Celestia and asking her to send some Guardsponies or the like?"

"Oh! Well, uh..." AJ rubbed her chin. "Ah guess Ah'm kinda used ta dealin' with problems th' Earth Pony way. Maybe Spike's somewhere else an' you got a horn cold so ya can''t use magic?" She cringed at Twilight''s frown. "Ah... there's some kinda law preventin' ya from using magic on anypony that ain't got magic?" Twilight's frown deepened. Applejack pulled her hat over her face.

"AJ, maybe it would be better to have both me AND Spike just be 'somewhere else'?" Applejack looked downfallen. Twilight nuzzled her friend. "I know you want me to be a part of it, but even as a unicorn I could have settled this too fast for it to be a good story. Maybe I could have some other character in the town? A deputy, or maybe the schoolmarm?" Applejack began to look smile as Twilight said, "That way I can be there and help without overpowering it."

Session 11.5 Alex Warlorn

"So what's this game Pinkie Pie?" Rainbow Dash asked. She and the rest of the mane six sat in Sugarcube Corner, with a door straight to the kitchen.

"Oh it's a great game! It's from Neighpon! I had to get to a friend to translate it since it's never had an official release export to Equestria! But you'll love it! It's called Fighting Food-Ton! You bake cupcakes, cookies, make sandwiches, any kind of food you can think of, and you have them fight each other! Can you rise through the ranks and become the ultimate Fighting Food-Ton Chef? And of course you get to eat the pieces when you're done playing! Doesn't that sound great girls? Hey! Where are you all going?!"

Session 11.5 Alex Warlorn

"So what's this one?" Rainbow Dash asked, looking at a large hexagon grid, showing a map of Equestria, and several smaller maps also using hexagons. There were also several game tokens of various types.

The rest of the mane six, plus Starlight Glimmer, were present. Spike said he was playing a solo adventure for 'Buttons'/Suri.

"Oh, it's a sort of strategic horror game." Glimmer said smiling.

"Horror?" Fluttershy shrank some.

"Oh there's no real violence or gore involved, in fact the game discourages killing."

"Oh, that's good." Fluttershy smiled.

"So ... what is the premise darling?" Rarity asked politely.

"It's rather simply, vampires, werewolves, zombies, and the likes, are on the rise, too much on the rise on fact. There simply aren't enough ponies to go around. You play the various movie monsters who are out to assimilate as many ponies' as possible while eliminating or assimilating the competition. Naturally, some factions are immune to assimilation by others."

"This game's premise seems kinda familiar." Applejack said flatly.  

Glimmer missed on AJ's tone. "Well, like I said, there's vampire, werewolves, zombies, but also mummies-"

"Aren't those a type of zombie?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"No no no, they're nothing alike. Windigos-"


"Uh, here they're ponies who are infected with a parasite that feeds off hate until it grows strong enough to mutate the body. Plant Ponies. Robo-Ponies. And also fox-mares-from-spaces."

"Fox-mares-from-space?" Twilight asked.

"That one was... kinda chosen by one of donators, this game got its start on Pay-Trot." Glimmer explained. "Also, ponies are their own faction, and can mutate and turn some of the others into their own kind too, but are vulnerable to assimilation by all the other factions. There are also 'leader' units, like Dracula for the vampires that you can only have one in your faction at a time. And there are a few other factions from the expansion packs, that I bought of course."

Twilight said picking up a piece of one of the pony 'commander' units. "Starlight.... I can't help but notice that the high rank pony player pieces look sort of like you."

Glimmer blushed. "Heh-heh, I might have gotten some bonuses when I donated bits to this game on Pay-Trot."

Session 11.7 Mooncalf99

Shining Armor took a deep breath and tried to collect himself. He then noticed the others in the room, and the collected roleplaying detritus covering the table. "Oh. Um. Hey. Are you girls playing a game?"

"Yes, we are," Twilight said. "BBBFF, what's going on? Is there some kind of trouble?"

"Oh, great," Rainbow Dash groused. "Some big bad evil guy's broken out of Tartarus or an evil mirror or something, and now we have to run off and rainbowize 'em and it'll be days before we can get the game back on. And then they'll turn good and want to join in."

"Well, excuse me," Starlight huffed.

"Sometimes I wonder why these ponies bother playing roleplaying games," Trixie said to Gilda.

Gilda shrugged. "Real life doesn't hand out as much cool loot, I guess."

"What?" Shining Armor said in confusion. "No, I… no, no, it's nothing like that. It's just… it's Cadence. You know how some mares get, you know, weird cravings? When they're… you know?"

"Oh, do we ever!" Pinkie exclaimed. "Mrs Cake wanted to eat all sorts of crazy stuff when she had her buns in the oven. Weeeeird stuff. Gave me some interesting new recipes, though. Ever tried pickled durian with wasabi-cinnamon cream filling? It'll clear your sinuses out. And your stomach."

Shining Armor stared at Pinkie in the traditional manner of an unused-to-Pinkie pony trying futilely to comprehend what she just said, followed by him trying to put it clear out of his mind. "Okay… yeah, well, Cadence decided to go the extra mile. She doesn't want snacks. Instead she wants to run a game called 'Pony-Occupied Landfill'."

Silence reigned around the table.

"Heh, a classic," Gilda chuckled. "Not for weak spines, though."

"And she wants Sombra and Chrysalis at the table," Shining continued.

"Isn't he… kinda… dead, or something?" Pinkie asked. "I'm pretty sure he was blown to smithereens by the Crystal Heart. You don't usually get back up from that. Outside of bad fanfiction and non-canon comic book arcs, I mean."

"Speaking as somepony with experience of insanity, I'd say she's lost it," Trixie said. "Loco in the coco. Round the bend. Truly gone fishing."

Shining shook his head. "It's not that bad, she… she'll be fine in a while. I left Flash Sentry to keep an eye on her."

"So you threw him under the chariot and ran off to hide," Rainbow scoffed. "Class act."

Twilight rolled her eyes. "Never mind that. Sure, you can stay for a while, but you better make it up to Cadence. And to Flash."

"Yeah, yeah…" He looked over the table, and looked with some confusion at Starlight, Trixie and Gilda. "So… what're you playing? And where's Spike and the other girls? Aren't you a pretty tight group?"

"We're doing a split-group thing at the moment, so they're not here at the moment," Twilight said. "We're playing 'Teenaged Ponies From Outer Space'."

"Not familiar with that…" Shining mused. "So it's got aliens?"

"No, the 'space' in the title refers to the one between your ears, doofus," Gilda snarked.

Shining frowned. "Excuse me?"

"Never mind that," Twilight said with an eyeroll. "Yes, lots of aliens. With bug eyes and claws and zapguns."

"And they're attacking Equestria?" Shining ventured.

"No!" Starlight protested. "No, not at all. Well, sometimes, but only by accident. Technically."

"I waged war on a Hayburger's for refusing to sell breakfast even though it was clearly before eleven," Pinkie said blithely.

"In a game, or in real life?" Trixie asked.

Pinkie nodded. "Yes."

"They're not waging war on Equestria," Twilight said pointedly. "There's being inventive and there's trying to skip the rails completely. Correct?" Hearing no objections, she continued, "Anyway, they're the player characters, and they have a quest to undertake. Shining, do you want to join in, or…?"

"They are…?" Shining said in bemusement. "Ah, no, it's okay. I don't want to crash the game. But I wanna sit in, if it's okay. Been a while since I've seen you GM. It'll be good to see how you do."

"I've got no problems with that," Twilight said. "Girls?" The players just shrugged. "Okay then. You've just taken off from Equestria, doing a pointless but impressive-looking slingshot maneuver around the sun, and staying as far away from the moon as possible, in accordance with the court order."

Trixie muttered something rude under her breath.

"Wings Maximus is still passed out in the back seat, but may awaken anytime he feels appropriate. You're soaring along at a pretty good speed, and you're certain you're going in the right direction," Twilight continued. "Navigational equipment might have been a good idea, but…"

"The Horsehead Nebula is, like, right over there," Rainbow Dash said, pointing in a random direction. "We can't miss it."

"Wait, isn't that more than a thousand light years from Equestria?" Shining Armor said suddenly. "How fast is this ship you have?"

"It's pretty fast, I guess?" Rainbow Dash said.

"Shoulda painted it red," Pinkie said with a giggle. "Red wuns go fastah!"

"Can I just look at the stats?" Shining asked.

Pinkie looked over the inventory list. "Sorry, Captain. It's not on the list, so we didn't bring any!"

"No, I mean real stats," Shining persevered. "You know, hit points, maximum speed, features, that sort of thing."

"Oh, that? I'm winging it," Twilight said dismissively.

"Winging it?" He stared in disbelief at his sister. "You?"

"Believe it, mister," Rainbow Dash said with a smirk. "I for one am proud of her."

"Well, that's interesting…" he mused.

"For what it's worth, we're currently sitting in what is technically a racing chariot duct-taped to a crashed flying saucer and powered with a piece of black-box changeling technology," Starlight explained. "It's probably a complete death trap, but the part of me who handles concern and worry is back in Equestria, so I just don't care." She beamed happily.

"It's fast enough, we know where we're going, everything's coming up roses," Trixie declared proudly. "Did I mention I was rocking out? Because I was." She started air guitaring wildly. "Weeeow! Wee! You hear this, space? Equestrian pop sensation Bright Light is here to rock!"

"Dude," Gilda said. She slapped her claw against her face. "Okay, I take the guitar and hit her with it."

"You do remember that you destroyed Manehattan the last time you two fought, right?" Starlight said. "And then you became friends. It was really touching. But we're in space. Also, you're in the front seat and driving."

"So? It's not like we'll crash into a fruit cart or anything while I'm not looking," Gilda said. "I just crawl over the seat."

"Ah, but the moment you get away, I take the reins!" Pinkie said triumphantly. "Wheel. Controls. Whatever we're steering with."

"Like bloody Tartarus you will!" Gilda barked. "Hey, Dashie! You do something about the noisemaker, okay?"

"Sorry, I'm pretending to be passed out here," Rainbow said with a grin.

"Pretending?" Starlight asked.

"Well, I'm squeezed in between two hot ponies, or at least one pony and a pony-like thing," Rainbow explained. "Might as well enjoy it for a while."

"Wait, your alien is… interested in ponies?" Shining asked uncertainly.

Rainbow just shrugged. "Wings might be an alien, but he's still a teenaged guy. Puberty takes no prisoners."

"And the fiery and incandescent Bright Light is the very essence of hotness!" Trixie declared majestically, still strumming an imaginary guitar. "Ra's cute too, I guess," she added. "I crank up the music further, making sure to be heard for miles around."

"Sound doesn't travel through vaccum, though," Twilight said.

"Bah! Says who?" Trixie scoffed. "Bright Light scoffs at that! She breaks the laws of physics at every opportunity!"

"True, you do that," Twilight said. She made a note to have Trixie's character chased down by the 'physics police' at a later date. That might be fun. "Fair enough. Your latest hit single echoes through the void, even though it shouldn't, and lets everything in the area know how great and powerful you think you are."

"Five years ago, you'd have refused to go along with that," Shining said.

"Five years ago, she didn't know me," Pinkie replied smugly. "I stand up in my seat and wave my six arms around like I just don't care." She paused in thought. "I guess I'll have to open the roof first… wait. Does this thing have a roof?"

"That's a very good question," Twilight said. She grinned. "Chariots don't come with roofs, after all. And let's face it, Wings isn't exactly a brilliant engineer."

"Yes, but I'm pretty sure she, I mean, he wouldn't have overlooked something obvious like that," Starlight said. "Right?"

"Yeah, that's…" Rainbow paused. "Wait, no. Wings doesn't need to breathe, so he might actually have overlooked that. Okay, Smarts roll to decide?" She rolled. "Ugh. Four's not enough, is it?"

Twilight shook her head. "All of you realize suddenly that you have no air."

"Total party kill, huh?" Shining said, smirking a bit. "I guess you have to retcon things back to earlier. Or roll new characters?"

"Don't be silly," Twilight said. "This is where things get interesting. Girls, what do you do?"

"I blame Wings for this," Gilda said.

"Save the blame game for later. About the air situation?" Twilight insisted.

"Oh, that." Gilda snickered. "Yeah, I don't care. I'm too awesome for air. Who told you you needed oxygen, huh?  Some loser who was trying to make you feel small. Am I right?"

"Fair enough," Twilight said. "Wings… yes, you just said. And Trixie, I guess Bright Light is right at home in deep space?"

"Other than a deplorable dearth of screaming, adoring fans, yes," Trixie said. "She came to Equestria for a reason. But yes, she'll be fine."

"Wait, that's it?" Shining protested. "'I'm too awesome for air'? You can just decide to ignore stuff like that?"

Gilda slammed her claws on the table. "What's your deal, huh? All I hear from you is complaining and whining!"

"Gilda, please," Twilight admonished. "It's okay, my brother just takes his games seriously. Shining Armor, just relax. It's not a serious game. I've got everything in hoof."

"I just don't see it," Shining said. "I mean… how can you do the game right if there's no rules?"

"I know what you mean," she said. "I was confused too, at first. But there are rules and guidelines that I am sticking to, and it works. You just have to play a little loose at times."

"Yeah, I guess you know what you're doing…" He took a deep breath and turned to Gilda. "Sorry about that, uh… Gilda, was it?"

"Whatever, dude," the griffon said, rolling her eyes. "Just don't be a chump, okay?"

"Let's get back on track," Twilight said. "Hungry, Ra? What are you doing to deal with this?"

"Oh dear…" Starlight said worriedly. "We did bring along oxygen tanks, correct?"

"Yes, but those won't last for long," Twilight said. "They're enough for an emergency solution, though."

"Ooh, I've got an idea!" Pinkie cried. "Right, so according to astrophysics, stars turn light elements into heavier elements, like hydrogen into helium, right?"

"When the hay did you study astrophysics?" Rainbow asked, incredulous.

Pinkie rolled her eyes. "I need to be up-to-date on the contextual jokes, duh," she said, again as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "How can I gab about advanced sciency spacey stuff if I don't know enough about it? Being funny is hard work!"

"So you're the one who's been leaving textbooks all over the library!" Twilight accused. "I told Spike I wasn't responsible for the mess, but he wouldn't believe me!"

"…Sorry?" Pinkie had the grace to look a little ashamed. "Anyway, I'm right, right? Stars are, like, heavenly ovens, turning simple ingredients into bigger treats, correct?"

"That's a very Pinkie way of putting it," Twilight said with a light smile. "Okay, I'll accept that, on the caveat that you won't try to abuse this later."

"Pinkie promise," Pinkie said. "So that means that Brighty could make a little extra oxygen on request, right? It'd be like artificial respiration… the kiss of life!" She wiggled her eyebrows meaningfully.

"Oh, I see where this is going," Trixie said. "No. Absolutely not. Bright Light will not kiss you. No way!"

"What, I'm not pretty enough for you?" Pinkie mock-pouted.

"I'm not worried about that," Trixie said with a frown. "I'm more concerned about, oh yeah, the fact that you have more teeth than the Apple Family! You eat things that should not be eaten! You ate Wings once!"

"That was an accident," Pinkie said. "Technically. And he was fine afterwards."

"Not taking the risk," Trixie insisted.

"Tease. I guess I'll just have to hold my breath." Pinkie nudged Starlight. "But what about Ra? You said she was pretty earlier."

"Wait, what?" Starlight said.

"That's different," Trixie said. She leered at Starlight. "That's very different."

"I, ah, I'm not sure if this is appropriate," Starlight said hastily. "I mean, I'm still trying to understand friendship! Right?"

"Well, you could consider it a… beneficial friendship lesson," Trixie suggested with a wink.

"Is this also part of the game?" Shining whispered to his sister. "Because I never saw this kind of activity at my table."

"Yes, it is," Twilight whispered back. "And you never gamed with Trixie. Don't worry, I've got this." She raised her voice. "Suddenly, a pirate ship emerges from behind an asteroid! They attack! What do you do?"

"Oh, ponyfeathers, hornblocked again," Trixie mused, not looking very upset about it. She leaned over to Pinkie. "Did we just provoke the GM into giving us a distraction?"

Pinkie giggled. "We totally did. Now let's fight some pirates!"

Meanwhile, at Sweet Apple Acres…

The dice skittered across the playing field made up of colorful hexagons. "Seven," Fluttershy said. "Oh, that means I get to move the robber, right? Um, sorry, Applejack, but I'll have to put him on your territory. You're kind of… winning." She moved a little black horse figurine over to one area, next to some orange houses.

"Flutters, ya don't have to apologize fer that," Applejack said. "It's fair an' square." She fanned her cards so Fluttershy could take one of them.

"I'm feeling a little left out," Discord groused.

"You are?" Fluttershy asked. "I'm sorry, do you want to… trade some wheat?"

"No, not this game," Discord corrected. "The others are having a secret session over at Sparklebutt's place, and we're not in it. Also, those blue dunderheads have taken to calling themselves the 'bad team', which makes us the 'good team' by comparison, and I don't like it!" He slammed his paw against the table, sending it flipping through the air before it landed back in place. Not-so-miraculously, everything was still in place, drinks and cards included, although Applejack's plate of apple fritters was in front of him now. He managed to eat one before she angrily took them back.

"Discord, you're not saying that you have a problem with being good, do you?" Fluttershy asked.

"Oh, of course not!" Discord replied sharply, not even bothering with some playful sight gag. "I've learned that lesson well enough, and you know it. I just… want a little creative outlet now and then, that's all. Maybe I should go over and--"

"Don't." Applejack sighed. "Ah'll talk to Twilight later. Ah'm sure she'll love a chance fer us ta mess up whatever trouble those girls are makin'. Now, whose turn is it?"

"My turn," Rarity said. She rolled the dice. "Nine. That's some wheat for Fluttershy, and lots of sheep for me. Trade some sheep for some wood?"

"Sure thing," Applejack said. She grinned. "Ah've got plenty o' wood fer yer sheep."

Rarity sighed. "You just had to say that, didn't you?"
Ponies and Dragons XI (Just Have Fun)
This is a group-story/addventure/chain-story/round robin, fanfic 'story' of the Mane Six Plus Spike playing Dungeons and Dragons/Oubliettes and Ogres, with occasional guest players (like Trixie or Gilda), with Spike and Twilight rotating as Dungeon Master. It's intended to be an IN-CHARACTER comedy. 

Each post should be more self contained, if say (in game) Twilight is fire balled by a Mimic in one post in a desert pyramid, the next post can have them sailing a ship encountering seaponies siren expies, each one containing a short joke, or an extension of a previous scene if that's what the poster wants. Time skips, flash backs, the ponies rotating different characters and campaigns, are all allowed (and ENCOURAGED) as long as the ponies stay in character (such as Pinkie Pie NOT fireballing a cabbage sales stallion and saying she thought he was a demon, thank you very much).

Pinkie Pie, "And pretty please do not take anything personally! It's just a game!"

Rainbow Dash, "What did you say!?

What's you post in the comments, it's then copy and pasted into the fic above, have fun. 

Session 11.0 Kendell2 (OOC: Pinkie might not be able to outthink Tirek, but there is such a thing as Summon Bigger Fish :) (Smile) .)
Session 11.1 Mooncalf99
Session 11.2 Alex Warlorn
Session 11.3 Kendell2 (OOC: Inspired by the game series Just Cause.)
Session 11.4 Ardashir
Session 11.5 Alex Warlorn
Session 11.6 Alex Warlorn
Session 11.7 Mooncalf99

Cover art by Jeatz-AxlTrixie's DND Night by Jeatz-Axl
Today's the super bowl, dad doesn't have cable, we're trying to pick up DTV station 46-1 CBS, on our Life's Good 55LA6970 LED, but it keeps picking up wrong station (43-1 AZTECA to be precise a Spanish speaking station! 0-0), and won't let us punch in any 46-1 station except digital cable (which we don't have).  This makes no sense! 

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  • Drinking: nothing
Dash jabbed a hoof at Twilight's chest. "You don't fool me. It's probably some kind of illusion spell!" She glanced around, suddenly wary. "Where's your little purple dragon pal, huh? Trying to get the drop on me?"

Twilight's jaw dropped. "How could you even know about Spike? Unless..."

"He was with you both times!" yelled Dash, interrupting her.

Twilight started backing up, shaking her head. "What 'both times?' What are you talking about?"

"Heck, he's even in your wanted poster."

Twilight gave Dash an exasperated look. "Did you even *read* my wanted poster? Cause it sure didn't say 'Wanted: Rogue Alicorn' last time I checked."

Apparently, that struck a nerve... the crazy Shadowbolt captain headbutted her so fast, Twilight didn't even see it coming. "Reading is for eggheads!" bellowed Dash, red-faced and bat wings spread... as she bucked Twilight again, then spun and swept Twilight's hooves out from under her.

Twilight groaned and put a hoof to her aching head. Worse, her saddlebags had gotten knocked loose and spilled pamphlets all over the alleyway.

Dash put a hoof down on one, frowning as she scanned it. "*You're* Smarty-Pants?"

Twilight staggered to her hooves, panting. "At least now you can arrest me for *something I actually did!*" She lit her horn, surrounding her forehooves in crackling dark clouds, then kicked out at Dash, hoping to shock her unconscious...

Only for Dash to dodge all of her kicks, seemingly without effort. "Lightning, seriously? Who do you think you're fighting with here?" She ducked lazily out of the way of a high kick. "Seriously, have you ever tried to hit another pony in your life?"

"How about this, then?" snapped Twilight, firing a brilliant purple blast from her horn... but the Shadowbolt was just... gone.

"Nope," said Dash... directly behind her. "You'll have to be a lot faster than that to beat Rainbow Dash!" She aimed another lightning fast kick at the unicorn's head... but she only hit a violet teleport flash and empty air. "Oh, buck me."

"Language!" called Twilight from a distant rooftop... which was suddenly not distant enough from the charging batpony. "Oops..."

Ardashir (with edits)

"You're not getting away from me THIS time!" Captain Dash yelled as she flew at Twilight. Before the unicorn could escape, Dash slammed into her and forced her down. "Hah! I caught you, troublemaker."

"Urrgh-ugh!" Twilight kicked uselessly as she sought escape. "What do you mean, 'getting away this time'? I've never seen you before in my life! And how do you know about Spike?"

"I know all about you," Rainbow snorted as she examined her captive's back. "Where are you hiding those wings?"

"What wings, you lunatic?"

"The ones you had when you were hassling me in Cloudsdale as a filly!" Dash looked at Twilight, seeing a confusion that mirrored her own. Dash backed off, letting Twilight rise. "When you stopped me from that race... and when you said you came from a world where the traitor, where Celestia, still ruled..."

Thw two ponies stared at each other.

"Okay," Twilight said. "I think we need to talk. NOW."

More of the Night Guard flew overhead. Dash found herself ducking into the shadows beside Twilight without even questioning why.

"Eh, maybe at my place?" Twilight said, and Dash just nodded.


Hours passed as the two mares spoke, comparing notes on what they remembered and didn't remember of the day that sent Rainbow Dash out of racing and into the Guard.

"Time travel? I, that other me, said she got to you by time travel magic? But that's impossible!"

"Impossible or not, it's what she really said," Dash answered her. "She wanted me to keep racing, but watching her fight it out with this other crazy unicorn was more fun." She grinned at the memory. Then, serious again, "But what about everything else? How she lived in a world where Celestia still ruled? How did they handle Sombra and Tirek and all the rest of the enemies Nightmare Moon defeated here?"

"I'm not sure," Twilight rubbed her chin before looking at a nearby book. It was one for foals, the 'Tale of the first Hearth's Warming'. "We ponies used to be a lot less, well, grim before Nightmare showed up. Maybe we found other ways that didn't depend on blasting everything?"

"Huh," Dash thought back to her own memories of the days when the sun still shined on Equestria. "But we were just more foolish then, right? We didn't know how nasty the world really was."

"Is it LESS nasty now?" Twilight looked out the window Dash joined her and winced to see yet another harnessed-together chain gang of 'sun-loving traitors' being chivvied along with snorts and blows by the Night Guard. Dash frowned as Twilight said, "It was better back then, Rainbow Dash. Nopony knew what prison camps were."

Dash looked from her to the prisoners to the bloated moon in the sky and made her decision. She removed her armor and tossed it into the corner.

"Okay. How do we bring the sun back?"


It took them time and a slow gathering of allies, most of them found on the new 'Most Dangerous Traitors' list edited every month by the crown. Discord came first.

"Discord?!?" Dash snorted in disbelief. "He tried to take the country over!" Nightmare Moon had been sure to educate her ponies on Discord's original reign, ironically she didn't need to exaggerate in the least, but of course, she had minimized her own sister's involvement, and had removed any mention of the Elements of Harmony.

"Like it or not, we do need someone powerful to face down Nightmare Moon, and he's the strongest being in Equestria," Twilight responded as they headed into the Everfree Forest.

They found Discord, weakened as he was, along with the adult blank flank pegasus who tended to him. Dash thought she looked awfully familiar.

"If you want to bring Celly back, count me in," Discord said. He snapped his claws and a miniature sun appeared in his hand, only to spark out. He frowned. "She was a stick in the mud, but she's a million times better than that humorless sister of hers."

"And if he's going, I'm going," Fluttershy said in her soft voice. Dash scowled at her. Fluttershy shivered, but stood her ground. "I'm not letting him run off and get himself hurt again, the poor dear." She fluttered up to give Discord a little kiss on the cheek. He turned crimson, literally.

Discord's magic was enough to get them inside Nightmare Moon's new castle in the Everfree. More specifically, into the dungeons, where they found Zecora and her new Earth pony guard.

"Ow! Pinkie! Knock it off!" Dash dodged wildly as Pinkie took one swing after another at her. She missed by a hairsbreadth with every punch, but the flying stone splinters as her hooves pounded the walls made them almost as dangerous as solid hits. "We're trying to FIX things!"

"No, you're trying to bring Puny Princess Sunbutt back!" Pinkie leaped and snatched Dash out of the air, slamming her into the ground. "Nightmare Moon saved us from Tirek! And Meany-Pants Discord! Have you gone loco in the coco, Dash?"

"WHAT is going on here?" Dash and Pinkie both looked up to see the Seneschal rounding the corner. A tray full of food floated unobtrusively behind her. "I am trying to clean the castle, and her Nightjesty is very particular about... Oh!" She froze at the sight of Dashie and Pinkie rolling on the floor. "Not to be personal, ladies, but maybe you could find a room and --" She looked past them to see Twilight, Fluttershy, Zecora out of her cell, and worst of all? "DISCORD! He's in the palace! Help, Nightjesty, hel -- HLLP!" She began tugging at the muzzle on her mouth.

Fluttershy frowned at Discord.

"What? I had to quiet her down somehow." Meanwhile Zecora and Twilight grabbed Rarity.

"Rarity, who aided me, now listen carefully," Zecora said to the panicked mare. "Discord is here, 'tis true, but no foe is he to you." Behind her Discord snapped his fingers and the furious Pinkie was trapped inside a balloon. Rarity gulped but listened. "Long now have you treated me, would I reward kindness with falsity? We but seek to restore the sun, the Nightmare's endless night is no fun. If you aid us, your family can be saved," Rarity's eyes went wide at those words, "But let us fail, and all by the Nightmare will be enslaved!"

The zebra and Twilight released Rarity.

"Rarity," Twilight said, "Dash told me about you and your doubts. And your fears for your family. If you help us bring Celestia back, ponies will see you as a hero rather than as a traitor. Your family won't suffer. Please! Help us bring this lunacy to an end!"

"And you, Pinkie," Dash said to her en-ballooned friend, "can't ya see how bad everything has got? You used to laugh and tell jokes all the time; remember how Captain Shining Armor liked them?" Pinkie seemed to calm as Dash carefully popped the balloon, setting her free. "Ya gonna help us save Equestria and Luna from Nightmare Moon, or not?"


Pinkie Pie rubbed her chin with a hoof. "Hmm...."

"Well?" asked Dash impatiently.


Everypony leaned a little closer.

Pinkie Pie's flat mane twitched and crinkled, then poofed into bouncy curls! "Okie doki! Let's make Equestria smile again!" The pink earth pony threw her hooves wide, flinging confetti from nowhere.

Discord tossed in a few small fireworks of his own. "Oh, I *like* her..."

And then cold mists started pouring down the stairs to the dungeon, and a haunting laugh echoed through the halls. Nightmare Moon herself slowly came down those stairs, grinning like a maniac. "I believe I've heard enough."

Rarity quivered, trying to turn even paler. "Y-your Nightjesty! Thank goodness you've come! It was all just a joke, you see? I wasn't really..." She sighed, slumping. "Oh, who am I kidding?" She dragged a sleeping cot out of a prison cell, then fainted on it.

Fluttershy didn't faint, but she cowered behind Discord, shaking like a leaf.

"Nightmare Moon!" said Twilight, dramatic and defiant... the moment seemed to demand it.

"Captain Smarty-Pants," echoed Nightmare Moon mockingly. "Also known as Twilight Sparkle, also known as Prince Shining Armor's dear little sister Twily. You've managed to amass quite a collection of troublemakers, only to hoof yourself and them right over to me." The dark Alicorn seemed to take a particular interest in Rainbow Dash, ruffling her half-regrown mane with a tendril of mist. "And to think, you used to be one of my most loyal guards."

Rainbow glared and punched the mist with a hoof, dispersing it. "Loyal to you, maybe... but I was betraying Equestria! I... I messed up. I know that now."

Nightmare Moon chuckled, then laughed out loud, throwing her wings wide. "You know nothing, Rainbow Dash! You may have removed your armor, but my gift to you makes you mine forever... my little thestral! You, and your most secret dreams. I've known all of your schemes from the start."

Rainbow's tall tufted ears drooped. She covered herself with her bat wings, then recoiled from them, self-conscious in a way that she hadn't been since the Nightmare first changed her. Worse, Fluttershy, Discord, and even Pinkie were giving her doubtful looks. "I didn't know... Guys, you have to believe me! I *didn't* betray you on purpose!"

Twilight put a foreleg around her. "I believe you."

Rainbow stared, almost weeping with relief. "You... you do?"

"Of course I do!" said Twilight. "You're my friend, now. Heck, you could have turned me in and been a national hero on the day we met. After all the months we've worked together, I know you. I know you didn't betray any of us willingly."

Zecora coughed. "That is all well and great, but perhaps we should hurry and make our escape?"

"We're as good as gone," said Discord, flicking his fingers. They made a rooster's crow instead of a finger-snapping sound, and nopony went anywhere. "Eh?" He snapped again, and got the sound of a goat bleating. "That's not funny!"

"I'll get us out!" Twilight lit her horn and cast a mass teleport spell. The mana drain would be terrible, but they had no choice... but they vanished and reappeared in exactly the same spot!

Nightmare Moon was laughing again. "This is too much. You poor fools! Did you not wonder why I've been speaking with you alone, instead of having my loyal guards lock you up?"

Pinkie Pie pinched herself... with one hoof... somehow, and gasped! "Oh no!"

"Oh yes!" crowed the Nightmare. "I filled the castle with sleeping mists! You've been dreaming since you got here, and you will NEVER wake again unless I release you!"

The walls of the prison groaned and flew apart, like a foal's castle playset. Suddenly, Nightmare Moon loomed before Twilight, seemingly enormous, as if Twilight really was just a foal's doll. "Now, how to begin breaking you? What do you fear?" Her wicked, fanged grin spread wider. "Oh, that is simply too perfect." She pointed a foreleg accusingly. "I hereby BANISH you from Equestria, and IMPRISON you in the place that I am banishing you to!"

"NO!" wailed Twilight, tumbling through space with her friends old and new... until they slammed into the dusty gray ground of a castle courtyard, with brilliant stars and *Equus* in the sky overhead.

"Enjoy that for a while," said the Nightmare's voice. "You can keep *her* company."

"Her?" asked Twilight, hesitantly. Her eyes widened.

A great tree occupied the center of the castle courtyard. It must have been beautiful once, tall and otherworldly, encrusted with crystals... but it seemed dead. There was a mare chained to the tree, a mare Twilight knew.

"Oh, the poor thing!" said Fluttershy, trotting right over to try and unchain her.

Rarity got up from the ground, flinching at all the moondust getting in her coat. She gave the prisoner a curious look. "My goodness... I do believe I remember that mare. We had her in the dungeon for a while. Isn't that..."

Twilight gulped, nodding. "Moondancer."


Twilight wracked her brain. How could this be happening? They'd come so far only for...for this to happen.

[It don't make since, does it?]

'No, it doesn't! It can't end like this!'

[No, Ah mean it REALLY don't make sense? Somethin' about this just ain't right...]

Twilight blinked, looking around the desolate surface of the moon...the group here...Discord...Discord!

'She sent Discord here with us!'


Twilight then realized something and gasped.

'We're traitors...this ISN'T how Nightmare Moon treats traitors! Okay, it is, but not in this order!...I think I know what's going on!...But if that's the do we...'

"Everypony! Ignore her!"

"What?!" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Ignore Nightmare Moon! Don't pay attention to her voice! Or the moon! Trust me!"

"WHAT?!" Nightmare Moon's voice bellowed.

Twilight set down and stared up at the sky, right at Equus, not the stars, not the moon, only the planet itself. The others hesitantly joining her.

"What are you trying to do?!" the Nightmare's voice asked. The ponies ignored her completely, as frightening as that was. "Don't you dare ignore me!"

The entire moon seemed to rumble.

Twilight didn't remove her eyes from the planet.


Rainbow Dash fought conditioning and kept doing so.

"Isn't Equus pretty from here?" Twilight asked, not paying the Nightmare any attention.

" is..." Rainbow Dash admitted.

"Pay attention to my beautiful moon! Not to that rock!" yelled the Nightmare, getting angrier and angrier. The moon shook again.

Discord blinked, listening...Then got a smirk. 'So that's our game? It's TROLLING TIME!'

"Hey, does anypony notice the sun isn't visible?" Discord questioned. "Just black, black, black, and slightly darker black. Oh and the stars, but they're kind of boring when you've stared at them for the last few centuries!"

The group blinked in confusion, realizing they couldn't see the sun any any way, not even as a corona near Equus.

The moon quaked again, sounding like a glass was breaking.


"Yeah, I so would have liked to see the sun again!" Twilight called.

"Um...I've missed the sun..." Fluttershy muttered.

"SHUT UP!" Nightmare Moon's voice screamed.

Rarity blinked in confusion, but played along. "I miss the sunlight. Playing in the sun with my sister..."

Rainbow Dash thought they were crazy, but now it was doing something. "I miss feeling the sun on my wings."

"Oh! I miss having parties in it!" Pinkie yelled.

"I will not lie, I miss under the sun being able to lie," Zecora followed up.

"I...I miss Celestia..." Moon Dancer muttered.


Equus vanished, leaving them just floating in the darkness of space.

"Close your eyes!" yelled Twilight. The group did so.


The Nightmare kept screaming and seething. The world began to SHATTER as a storm seemed to rip the moon and blow their manes.

"Don't look!" Twilight yelled. The group didn't.

"STOP IGNORING ME!" Nightmare Moon yelled in what sounded like a mix of the psychotic Nightmare...and a frightened, broken pony.

Finally, everything shattered.


The group gasped and sprung awake. They were back in the dungeon, barely any time had passed.

"What happened?!" Rainbow Dash asked.

Twilight sprung back to her hooves and began searching. "Think about it! Nightmare Moon finds a group of traitors under her nose, including the captain of her guard! And she just throws them on the moon? What about that sounds off?"

Rainbow Dash blinked...then gasped. "She didn't make a show of us! She would've made an example of us to discourage any other traitors!"

"Exactly!" Twilight replied. "And she'd not have just dropped DISCORD on the moon where he could potentially generate his power! She was telling the truth about putting us to sleep but she never sent us to the moon! Not YET anyway! And she wouldn't have sent Moondancer there yet either! Now let's find her quick and get out of here! Nightmare Moon is going to be coming for REAL!"

Discord simply snapped his claw, turning the stairs into soap. "That should hold off the guards for a bit."

"Okay, darling. How did you free us?" Rarity asked, continuing to look.

"Simple: when she took over the shared dream, it became like a dream to HER! And the one good way to wake somepony up is to SCARE them awake! And anypony who's read a tiny bit about Nightmare Moon knows there's one thing she's scared of more than anything else: being ignored!"

Twilight finally found the cell...finding Moon Dancer chained up inside.


Meanwhile, in a new fortification on the southern border of the Crystal Empire, ponies were trotting to and fro, preparing for war. Half of them were crystal ponies, sparkling in the torchlight. Unicorns checked their spell components, pegasi stretched their wings, and earth ponies strapped on heavier armor. There were two entire flocks of griffons, too, and even a team of diamond dog sappers.

Prince Shining Armor paced back and forth, his steps muffled by fresh snow. The image of an orange blue-maned pegasus hovered over the drakefire amulet in his hoof. "Nightmare Moon's avatar is in the Crystal Palace right now," said Shining grimly. "She's gloating about having Twilight held prisoner. What's the situation over there, Flash?"

Flash Sentry's image flinched. "I'm sorry, sir. Our mages picked up chaos activity in the palace, and our spy passed out in mid-report. Your sister probably did go there."

Shining groaned. "I knew we should have gotten her out of Canterlot. Even if she did manage to talk a Shadowbolt captain into joining her, and even Discord... Discord!" He shook his head. "Prepare for Citrine Shatter, soldier, but everypony is to stay hidden until I relay the word from Princess Cadence." Flash saluted, and his image faded away.

A winged shadow swept past Shining. Spike flapped his wings hard, and thumped to the ground beside the prince. "We're finally gonna fight, huh?" Spike sat back on his haunches so he could lift his forepaws and smack a fist into a palm. "It's about time!"

Shining Armor smirked and rested a hoof on the purple dragon's flank. "Remember why we're doing this, 'little bro.'"

Back when Spike had been evacuated to the Crystal Empire, Cadence and Shining had cautiously helped Spike start a hoard of precious crystals and gemstones, but in truth, he barely seemed to need it. Spike wanted to protect his adopted family and all of his ponies... he wanted to fight against Nightmare Moon and win! Now the "baby dragon" was big enough to wear a harness and fly Shining into battle, and getting stronger by the day.

Spike grinned back, snorted a lick of green flame. "I remember, 'big bro.' Can't wait to see the look on Twilight's face..."

The drakefire amulet flashed, and an image of Cadence appeared. "Something's happening, Shiny! Nightmare Moon freaked out and abandoned her avatar, right in the middle of demanding our surrender."

Almost, Shining Armor dared to hope. "It could be a trap. Maybe she's baiting us into attacking."

Cadence smiled. "We'll know for sure just how distracted Auntie is in a minute... when I try to raise the sun!"

Alex Warlorn

Of course, everypony recognized Celestia's student. But nopony had expected her to be a prisoner in Nightmare Moon's castle... last anypony had heard, she was still at large.

"Why would Nightmare Moon keep that she'd captured you a secret?"

"She wanted me publicly executed, but was worried I'd become a martyr. And didn't want rescue attempts," Moon Dancer explained. "And you are? Wait a minute! Aren't you that pony who kidnapped that egg from Princess Celestia?!"

"Uh, well..."

A minutes of explanations later (they didn't have time for more).

"Nightmare Moon didn't tell me you were here," Rainbow Said. Rarity and Pinkie nodded in turn.

"... She... found me in Everfree..."

"What darling were you doing right in the lion's den?" Rarity asked.

"I... came to the Everfree Forest... looking for the Elements of Harmony."

"Elements of what?" Twilight Sparkle asked surprised, hadn't she heard of those before? In a fairytale? Oh right, like Nightmare Moon was supposed to be a fairytale.

"What Celestia used to defeat Nightmare Moon before... I figured one pony would get less attention than several. I'm Celestia's student, she trusted -me!- this is my responsibility! My quest! I can't just betray all the hard work she put into me! She believed in me when I didn't believe in myself..."


"You can tell us all about them back at headquarters," said Twilight. She touched a hoof to her chin, suddenly thoughtful. "We're going to need a lot more organizing now that we have twice as many members." Then she grinned and added "I can't wait!" without a trace of irony.

Moon Dancer was still woozy from her ill treatment in the prison, but at this she jerked awake. "No! We can't leave yet."

Rainbow Dash was hovering by the stairs leading up from the prison cells, peeking around a corner. "Um, we sure can!"

"But the Elements of Harmony are here, in Nightmare Moon's palace!" Moon Dancer insisted.

Discord glided smoothly over. "Elements of what now? Oh, you don't want those old, busted antiques. Not when I've got something so much better!" He whipped out a small treasure chest adorned with his own grinning face. "Behold, the Elements of Chaos!"

Discord popped the lid open... and a couple of moths flew out. "What? Come on..." He turned the box upside-down and shook, then stuck his paw inside and felt around, reaching much further than the depth of the box. "Wretched depleted powers! Not now!" He coughed into a paw. "Anyway, Nightmare Moon has had years to scatter the Elements to the four corners of the earth. Or send them to the moon! Or just plain grind them to dust!"

"She can't do any of those things!" said Moon Dancer stubbornly. "They were sealed in a magical orrery which prevents anypony from touching them, unless they're worthy to be a bearer."

While the others were talking, Pinkie Pie started sniffing around in the box. "Oh my gosh, it's full of cotton candy!" She dug deeper, got stuck, and somehow slipped right through and fell in, but Discord smoothly pulled her back out again.

Dash frowned. "Yeah... I know I'm usually in favor of charging right in, but seriously, we need to go. I'm surprised Nightmare Moon didn't come storming down here, like, five minutes ago!"

"It's probably because of that pesky little army massing on the northern border," said Discord offhoofedly. "Oh dear, I probably shouldn't have said that!" He slid over and nudged Twilight, grinning like Flim and Flam's lost third brother. "Let's go meet up with them right now! Your brothers are *so* worried about you, Twilight." He started to snap his fingers.

Zecora blocked Discord's paw with a hoof. "Why do you hide what you know? With your lies and sly talk, it's only chaos you sow! The key to Nightmare's defeat, you don't wish us to find, for fear the Elements of Harmony will seal you a second time!"

Fluttershy gasped. "How can you say such mean things!? Discord is reformed... he's our friend now!" She looked up at Discord earnestly, eyes wide. "You... you aren't really plotting against us... are you?"

Discord raised a talon, another smart remark on his lips... and then he sighed, face falling. "Fluttershy, I..."

Rarity spoke up quietly. "A magical orrery, you said? I know where that is."

There was a chorus of ponies saying "What?!" and "You do?" Except for Pinkie Pie, who said "Walla walla walla!"

Rarity gripped one of the wall-mounted torches in her magic. She jerked it to the left, then down, then twisted it clockwise. There was a loud click, and a concealed door swung open.

A hush fell over the group. One by one, they filed into the secret passage with Rarity leading the way, lighting the darkness with her horn. "I always wondered why her Nightjesty ordered the original audience hall bricked up and forgotten, instead of restoring it." Rarity led them up a long, narrow flight of badly worn stone steps, then right twice, then left again, where the ancient passage ended. "Fortunately it seems, as is often the case with royalty, Nightmare Moon gave no thought to the servant passages."

Rarity pulled on a lever, and another concealed door swung open...

Alex Warlorn

Moon Dancer said, "Nightmare Moon... she's waiting for one of us to break the seal, so she can dispose of the Elements."

"True that may be, but another option I do not see." Said Zecora. "If we leave this place now, returning I do not see how."

"If we get Discord back up to full magic I'm sure he could-"

Everypony looked at Fluttershy.

"... never mind." Discord patted the mare on the back.

The two royal guards, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash guarded the rear. While Rarity was on edge for any appearance of her mistress.


Twilight and her friends stepped out of the secret passage...

After Rarity's story, the ruined stone hall with a dais and twin thrones came as no surprise. The orrery was here too, broken down but still holding five stone spheres. What they didn't expect was the three soldiers camped out in front of it, playing cards. There was no sign of Nightmare Moon.

The earth pony noticed them first. He was a brown stallion with an hourglass cutie mark, wearing a formal vest and a black cape with a high collar. "Oh, they've arrived," said the Doctor. "I told you they'd find this place."

"Just when I was winning!" groused a griffon in an extra large Shadowbolt uniform, her faded-violet headfeathers sticking through the goggles on her forehead. Then she turned to look at them, and froze. "Dash."

Rainbow Dash's eyes narrowed. "Gilda."

Gilda shook her wings out, slowly clenching her talons...

Dash lowered her head and snorted, ready to charge...

Rarity smirked. "Oh, just kiss already, darlings. The dramatic tension is simply unbearable."

Dash sputtered.

"It's kinda hard to kiss with a beak, you know!"

Rarity grinned a notch more. Fluttershy blushed. Discord chortled and Pinkie Pie whistled innocently.

Dash flinched. "And I know that because... guards talk about weird stuff at night! When they're not doing cool guard stuff!"

Gilda snickered into her talons. "Maybe later, if you want it bad enough."

"What!!?" Dash actually shed a few feathers. "We never...."

The red and yellow unicorn yawned, stretching. She wore a black leather jacket, and a black wizard's cape with a violet inner lining. "Eh, whatever floats your interspecies romance boat. Which is something I've had *way* too much experience with already."

Moon Dancer gasped. "Wait, aren't you... Sunset Shimmer?"

Sunset gave her a condescending look. "Do I know you? Oh, right! My *successor*. No doubt Celestia needed someone else to jerk around after I left. Ready to go back to your cell?"

Twilight looked at the orrery behind them, and sighed. "Well... I guess we have to fight now."

Pinkie cracked her "knuckles." Somehow.

"I suppose," mused the Doctor. "Though I can't help but notice that we're rather outnumbered."

Sunset rolled her eyes. "The fashion model and the maid don't look so tough."

"Hey!" cried Rarity.

Gilda sighed, looking serious now. "Yeah... I'm supposed to fight Discord. And Celestia's apprentice. And the only pony I ever called a friend." She tilted her head. "You know what? Buck this." She pulled her googles off and tossed them at the floor. "I quit."

Twilight stared. "Wha... just like that? Um, not that I'm complaining!"

"Be that way," scoffed Sunset. "I could beat them all with a wave of my hand. Hoof. Ugh, you know I mean!"

"I... don't really know what you mean at all," said Moon Dancer nervously.

Sunset levitated a crystal ball in her magic. "You know what, though? It was fun for a while, seeing how that nag Celestia got everything she deserved... but now? This just sucks." She jabbed a hoof at the flickering images in the crystal ball. "I knew Nightmare Moon wasn't exactly Fall Formal Princess material, but Cadence gets the sun to peek over the horizon somehow, and suddenly the 'glorious' Army of the Night is deserting in droves. Not only that, but Nightmare Moon *promised* she'd make me an Alicorn and put me in my rightful place, but it's been weeks and she hasn't done squat! I quit too!"

The rebels gasped in shock, the SUN? VISIBLE for a moment?

"Well, that's all settled then!" said the Doctor brightly. Most of Twilight's group gave him suspicious looks. "What? Oh, me! I was working against Nightmare Moon from the inside the whole time, of course."

Zecora frowned thoughtfully. "Here is a pony who always lies... and yet, not this time, I surmise."

Rainbow Dash lifted off, hovering impatiently. "Is that all settled? Everypony done talking? Great! Let's get the Elements already!"

Alex Warlorn

"Five Elements..." Moon Dancer remarked. "There's supposed to be six, which is supposed to appear when the other five are together... but they're obviously together right now... even if they don't exactly look like they did in the book, well, that was a thousand years ago... but still."

"I've spent more time studying Elements than you and I can tell you that you have no clue!" Sunset Shimmer said.

"I'm doing the best I can!" Moon Dancer said.

"Geek later! Escape now!" Gilda snapped.

The ponies grabbed the stone spheres and retreated back the way they came... Rainbow Dash taking the rear...

"Girls.... you.... you all go on without me." The bat-pony said. "Look, Nightmare Moon said she can look inside my dreams, as long as I'm with you, I'm her spy."

"She can look in ANYPONY'S dreams!" Discord said.

"If she could that then she'd have figured out SHE was Captain Smarty Pants a long time ago!" Rainbow pointed.

"You're Captain Smarty Pants?" Gilda blinked at Twilight Sparkle.

"The point is! I need to stay!"

"Dashie! You can't! She'll kill you." Pinkie Pie protested.

"Hey, better me, than my friends," Rainbow Dash said loyally.  


"Hey, Dash, look," Gilda stepped up behind the pegasus, sighed, rolled her eyes, and hit her over the head with Gilda's own helmet. Dash dropped like a rock.

Her friends gasped and got ready to fight as Gilda... turned back to the table.

"Take her with ya, okay?" Gilda sat down at the table. "She's a dweeb, but she's my friend, and if she can help end all of this," she waved her claw at the room's grim decor, "she needs ta be with you."

Twilight hesitated as Pinkie tossed Dash over her shoulder and headed back down the corridor away from the chamber.

"Are, are you three sure about this? If the Nightmare figures out what you did..."

"She never will," Sunset scoffed. "Besides, she needs everypony she can get right now. Most of the army ran away, and," a faint roar came to them, followed by the distant heavy thudding of spell blasts. Sunset gulped. "We're too smart for Miss Nightmare Night."

"Just hurry now, young lady," the brown-coated stallion said. "You and the others need to figure out how to use those Elements, and soon." Another explosion sounded close by, followed by a familiar shriek of rage. He shuddered but said with obvious forced cheer, "I'd say VERY soon."

Twilight saw that her friends were already racing down the secret passage back the way they'd come. A third explosion sounded, closer than ever.

"Good luck," she called back to the trio, and hurried away after them.

A few moments later...

"SO!" Nightmare Moon snorted at the Earth pony, griffon, and unicorn before her. "I gave you three one simple mission, and you failed me?" They kept playing their cards, not even looking at her. Her eyes blazed. In the distance came the sounds of the Crystal Army, battering down the gates. "I saw my cowardly troops fleeing in droves, but I thought that here at least I still could count upon some loyalty!"

"I'm not sure, but I think 'Loyalty' was just hit over the head and carried off," Doctor Whooves said. He tossed two cards down on the table. "Oh, Sunset, Gilda, by the way, I'll see you two and raise you."

"Cowards!" Nightmare Moon whinnied. "You didn't even fight, did you!"

"Not a bit," Sunset said. She examined her hand, er, hoof of cards. "Actually, more like we out and out betrayed you." She smirked. "Though betrayal should be something you're  familiar with."

"Worms! Will everyone fail me?" Nightmare Moon stalked closer. A baleful light began to glow in both her eyes and along her horn. The noises from the streets of Canterlot grew louder, cheers calling for the Nightmare's head. Nightmare Moon flinched and yelled, "I gave you power, authority! A mad fool jabbering of his magic blue box, an outcast ex-student with foalish dreams of alicornhood, and an outcast griffon! Without me you have nothing!"

"With you we're gonna have even less in, oh," Gilda titled her head to listen to the racket outside. "Less than an hour, unless you fly away and hide somewhere. Hey, maybe you can live on stolen Nightmare Night candy."

"What!" Nightmare Moon gasped. "I, I told you to never mention that wretched holiday! I shall be obeyed! I RULE EQUESTRIA!"

All three folded their cards and looked at her. Nightmare Moon saw many things there. Scorn. Exasperation. And worst of all, pity.

The Nightmare shivered as though a chill breath ran down her back.

"Luna,"  Sunset shook her head. She gathered up her cards. More explosions came, and the heavy thudding of somepony forcing the castle's main gate. Moments later, too soon for it to be forced, came cheers and the sound of hundreds of hooves on the marble and wood flooring of the Castle of the Sisters. Sunset nodded. "By the end of the day, you'll be lucky to be in chains." Sunset smiled. "Hey, guys, this is really funny..."

"PAY ATTENTION TO ME!" Nightmare Moon shrieked as the light of her horn grew blinding. Gilda and Whooves bent over Sunset's hand, ignoring her entirely as Nightmare Moon almost pleaded, "I'M PRINCESS! I AM I AM I AM! YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO ME!"

"Now that I call ironic," Whooves said, looking at the cards.

"Does fate have a sense of humor or what?" Sunset said, letting out a little laugh.

"Aces and Eights," Gilda chuckled. The magic from Nightmare Moon lashed out even as she said, "Dead Mare's Hand!"

A moment later, head hanging and gasping from the amount of magic she'd just used, Nightmare Moon followed Twilight and hr disloyal guard captain and that wretched Rarity down the secret passage. Behind her in the room were three statues.

They still paid no attention to her whatever.

And coming ever closer, the neighs of the invaders and the sound of their hooves clopping over the paving stones.

Alex Warlorn

"Well..." Fluttershy said, "From the sound of it... maybe Nightmare Moon will give up? From the sound of so many ponies ready to say no to her?"

".... She's going to slaughter them. Single hoofedly. You have no idea how powerful Lulu actually is." Discord said sadly. "She'll make an example of them, and make as many examples as she has to, until the idea of opposing her never enters ponies' head again and she makes sure every pony alive is more terrified of her than the enemy... being able to release nightmare causing demons into ponies' sleep can be a great argument for keeping your loyalties to her."

Meanwhile, Amicitia was rambling at the unconscious of a statue.

(Did you HAVE TO knock out Rainbow Dash Gilda?! She was seconds away from awakening the Element of Loyalty!)


Rarity had led them to a hidden exit from the castle, past a crumbling, forgotten guard post and into open air.  A glow like dusk burned on the horizon, making it easier to see the Crystal Army marching into Everfree City and the airships hovering over the forest.  Pegasi, griffons, and even a dragon swooped through the air, facing off against the thestrals that hadn't fled.

"Then there's no more time to waste," said Moon Dancer, levitating the stone Elements into a small circle.  "Stand back, everypony.  I'm going to try to activate them!"  The glow of her magic spun them round and round in a whirlwind... but they fell to the ground, unchanged.  "I don't understand.  My spell should have worked!"

Twilight started to offer her advice, and then she noticed Dash and gasped.  "Oh, no!  This what we were trying to avoid!"  The still-unconscious batpony was moaning in her sleep, eyes twitching behind closed eyelids...

Rainbow Dash found herself in the castle on the moon again, but this time, the planet in the starry sky overhead was the moon too... and even the sun was another brightly glowing moon!

Dark mists coalesced into Nightmare Moon, grinning darkly.

Rainbow fought through chattering teeth and stood up to her, somehow.  "Let me go!"

"Rainbow Dash, do not defy me!" boomed Nightmare Moon, in a voice that blew Rainbow back and blasted every bit of moondust in the courtyard.  "Do you not see, my foolish little thestral?  I ask for so little!"

The Nightmare pointed with a wing, and a vision appeared... Dash's friends in some courtroom, with everypony laughing and jeering at them.  Twilight, Moon Dancer, and Zecora were reading thick books and wearing huge nerd glasses, and Rarity, Pinkie, Fluttershy, and even Discord wore silly frou-frou dresses, sipping tea.

Another Nightmare Moon appeared in the vision, wearing a judge's robes.  "I find Rainbow Dash's friends guilty of being lame eggheads, and definitely Not Cool!"

The first Nightmare strode closer to Rainbow.  "Bow before me, Rainbow Dash!  Call me your goddess, swear your eternal loyalty once more, and I will do whatever you ask!"

A second vision appeared... the biggest stadium Rainbow Dash had ever seen, jam-packed with ponies chanting her name.  "It's the most awesome show I've ever seen!" said yet another Nightmare Moon into a microphone.  "Her stunts are the coolest ever!  Her Sonic Moonboom is out of this world!"  The thundering bang and surging silver ripples in the air only made the crowd cheer louder.  "Rainbow Dash is the greater flyer... ever!"

The "real" Rainbow Dash stood with her mouth hanging open, torn...

(Why don't you fly a little closer, Rainbow?  Make sure you get a good look at what she's offering.)

/What do ya see, and what *don't* ya see?/

Rainbow lifted off, hovering a little closer.  Nightmare Moon grinned in wicked anticipation.

And then Dash saw it.  That other Rainbow... she had ten thousand screaming fans... and not a single friend by her side, or anywhere in the whole stadium.  She turned away, glaring at the Nightmare Moon.  "No."

"No," mumbled Rainbow Dash, still dreaming even after Discord's finger snap, and Fluttershy and Twilight trying to shake her awake.

Dash trotted into the first vision, with all her "uncool" and "egghead" friends, and got right in the judge's face, jabbing her with a hoof...

"There's *nothing* you can give me that's more important than sticking up for my friends!"

One of the stone orbs pulsed with crimson light, then exploded!  Rainbow Dash gasped and flew awake as the light swirled into her, becoming a golden choker around her neck, set with a ruby lightning bolt matching her cutie mark.  "What... who?!  Guys!  I'm back!"

Moon Dancer gawked.  "The Element of Loyalty!  I've... I've been such an idiot! It's not about finding the right spell...  It's about the virtues that the Elements represent, and the ponies that embody them!  I never could have awakened the Elements by myself!"


Rainbow Dash blinked, the red energy surrounding her...then a darkness burning off her and taking the form of Nightmare Moon's face before burning away. Her fur color and wings became lighter in color. They were still darker than normal, but much lighter "What was that?!"

"I think that was Lulu's link to you being burned up," Discord remarked, backing away from RD. "The Elements tend to provide protection against things when you wear them..."

"...That's why you didn't want us to find it, isn't it?" Twilight asked the Draconequus. "It can protect against you."

"...I said nothing."

"Wait, darlings...doesn't this mean that Nightmare Moon knows we have one Element and this is the last place we were?!" Rarity asked. The group gasped.

"You're right, you should be going..."

The group blinked, turning to find an old, pale purple pony with a purple mane, her Cutie Mark a wisp in front of a star very similar to Twilight's.

"Who are YOU?" Twilight asked.

"An old mare that has been waiting a very long time for this moment..."

Twilight's eyes went wide as the mare's face seemed to become one of pure guilt and remorse for a second. "What moment?"

"I knew where the Elements were...but even if I had six friends to use them...I can't use them," the elderly mare explained. 'Because how much more disharmonic can one be than one who only exists due to a time paradox?' she thought.

"...For some reason I think you smell delicious, not sure why," Discord remarked. "Are you wearing some kind of perfume?"

The elderly mare that had lived to see the price of her vengeance, looked over the group. "...Go, unlock the elements and get to know each other as best you can...I'll distract Nightmare Moon."

"What?!" Rainbow Dash asked. "Are you nuts?!"

The old mare gave a sad smile. "No...not any more. Now go."

"She's right, we are not ready for this fight," Zecora warned.

The group hesitantly nodded, then ran, Zecora waiting a moment, giving a knowing look.

"Are you sure this is something you wish to do? You cannot win this fight, you know that's true."

"I don't have to win...I just have to atone."

Zecora nodded slowly, and ran after her friends.

Nightmare Moon finally materialized in a plume of smoke and shadow. "Who are you?" she asked, face becoming more unhinged.

The mare's horn glowed and she floated into the air in the grasp of her own magic. "My name is Pane Glimmer..."

"Where are Rainbow Dash and her rebels?!"

"You'll have to get through me if you want to find them..." she replied. 'Twilight...fix my mess...I'm sorry for all of this...'

nightmare Moon gave an unhinged snarl. "Then any final words?"

"...Forgive your sister. Revenge and envy are pointless and me, I know from experience."


" do we go about unlocking these?" Fluttershy questioned.

"Well...I kinda just remembered to be loyal..." Rainbow Dash admitted.

The group looked over the remaining stone Elements.

"...I have no doubts in my mind, which one in my heart you would find," Zecora said, focusing. "Ask Rarity my dear, for me to lie you have no fear. From our friendship's very start, Honesty has lived in my heart."

One of the stone sphere glowed brightly and shattered before transforming into energy and forming around Zecora's neck. A golden necklace with an orange crystal in the shape of a somewhat simplified version of her Cutie Mark.


"One of the Elements?" Rarity blinked. "Me? But that can't be... I've ever done anything noble." She looked down, head hanging in shame. "I became Nightmare Moon's chief servant just to save my family and dear little sister from her. And they'll probably be exiled after I'm dealt with..."

"Rarity, think," Zecora said. As the unicorn looked up Zecora said, "Your words are untrue, your fate is not to become glue. You kept me alive, only by your aid did I thrive." A faint shimmer began to glow deep in Rarity's eyes. "Letting me die would have won you reward, but such a thing you abhorred."  As with Dash, a faint image of Nightmare Moon began to fade from the unicorn as Zecora finished with, "Generosity rules your heart, not the Nightmare's sorcerous art!"

"That's right," Rarity said, stamping her hoof as the last shreds of the spell on her vanished. In an unbelieving tone, she said, "I was being generous when I helped you and the other prisoners... I did it even though I knew what would happen if I was caught... I'm not just some broken slave of Nightmare Moon!"

A third stone sphere shattered and transformed into a necklace, adorned with Rarity's cutie mark. It set itself around her neck and began to glow like Zecora and Dash's.


When Pane Glimmer finished her speech, Nightmare Moon hesitated.  For just a moment, Pane saw the haunted face of a lost filly, frightened and alone... and then Nightmare Moon's eyes glowed pure white, and the ground exploded around her, dust and rocks flying.  "I won't even dignify that with a response!  Die!"

The elderly mare floated higher, carried by her magic.  She hadn't been able to run or walk without pain in years, but her mind and spells were still sharp.  "Pshaw!  I fought an Alicorn to a standstill once before."  Then a teal blue bolt slammed her shield and sent her spinning through the air.  She barely dodged the second and third bolts... which tore giant chunks out of the castle wall behind her.  "Ugh...  Then again, *she* wasn't trying to kill me..."

Discord drew further back from the herd, looking nauseous, and not in his usual flippant "Oh, gag me" way either.

Magical blasts started lighting up the darkness behind them in opposing shades of pale blue.  The ground beneath their hooves shook, even this far away.

Discord floated in place, watching, then let out a heavy sigh.  "I might as well...  I'm not going to do much more good around here, even if I wanted to."  He chuckled.  "How odd... when I ever care about doing good?"

Fluttershy trotted over to his side.  "Discord?"  Her eyes widened in understanding.  "No, you can't!  You're not strong enough to fight her!"

The draconequus smiled at her, resting his paw and claw on her shoulders.  "My dear Fluttershy, I can't stay *here* in my weakened condition, or anywhere near the Elements.  But before I go..."

Rainbow Dash got in their faces.  "Come on, Discord, this isn't the time for your tricks."

"No tricks, no jokes," said Discord.  "Not this time.  Fluttershy, you are the kindest pony I've ever known... and believe me, I've been around long enough to know a lot of them.  Mostly when they were insane or begging for mercy, but I digress!"  One of the stone orbs pulsed with pink light.  Discord gaped in comical alarm, and started talking faster.  "The point is, you knew about all of my 'crimes.'  I even told you about them myself, smugly certain that you'd hate me, but you never did.  You cared about me, when I didn't care if anybody cared...  Thank you."

Fluttershy smiled adorably and threw her forelimbs around the surprised Lord of Chaos, hugging him.  "Come back safe."

The pink orb exploded, its light rushing towards Fluttershy.

"I won't Pinkie Promise, but I'll try!  Toodles!"  Discord teleported out of Fluttershy's grasp, just before her Element of Kindness materialized.

Pane Glimmer was on the ground again, panting hard and expecting Nightmare Moon to blast her hiding place away at any moment.  Unexpectedly, there was a pop and white flash, and a lion's paw came to rest on her back.  "Hello again!" said Discord brightly.  "May I have this dance?"

Pane gasped, feeling power flow into her, replacing her spent reserves.  "This... this is *chaos* magic?"  She found herself giggling, then laughing freely.  Her coat and mane brightened, seeming more youthful.  "You know, Starswirl the Bearded researched chaos magic once, came up with some theories that he never got to test.  It made *fascinating* reading..."

Discord grinned hugely.  "Guess what?  Those theories were all true!  Especially the ones he got completely wrong!"

Markings appeared in Pane's coat, like a mask around her eyes, and phantom dragon wings spread from her back.  "Hah.  Hahaha!  You don't say?"

The boulder in front of them glowed blue, then hurtled away... Nightmare Moon was livid.  "You'll regret getting involved, you snake!  Do you think this changes anything!  You're just wasting my time!"

"Time you don't have," said Pane.  Flashing a devil-may-care grin, she stamped her hooves and tossed her mane!  "Round two, let's go!!"
Twilight visit grim worlds 8 'Cutie Re-Mark' Part3
Number seven of Twilight Sparkle's adventure through different fan fictions to give them a happy ending UNDER THEIR OWN POWER. But even Twilight Sparkle can't give these stories happy ending if the author won't let them it seems. And given the emotional investments creators have int heir own work, as do readers, there are those who will not let some of these world lines reach a better conclusion. 

This is a record of other pony fanon worlds visited by Amciitia that came to a bad end. And her attempts to nudge things to a brighter future.

ONE DOWN. SIX TO GO! (Crystal War Worldline) 
TWO DOWN. FIVE TO GO! (Film Flam Worldline) 
THREE DOWN. FOUR TO GO! (Tirek Worldline)  
FOUR DOWN. THREE TO GO! (Discord Worldline.) 

Changeling Worldline 
Nightmare Moon Worldline
Ashland Worldline 

Anyone can write one. 

Parts Added:
Ardashir (with edits)
Mtangalion I'm sure that Twilight and her friends are still going to save the day, but I thought we should see that the Crystal Empire folks haven't been sitting on their plots waiting for a miracle. :) (Smile)
Alex Warlorn
Alex Warlorn
Alex Warlorn
Alex Warlorn

Amiticia's rules:

1) She can not 'assume direct control' of anyone under any circumstances. 


2) She can not physically manifest unless it can be passed off as a hallucination or trick of the mind, and may NOT physically meddle. 

3) If a deity who is not native to that universe has already intervened or taken part in things, Amicitia can perform much more blatant miracles to help others.

4) She can manifest as a pony's 'shoulder angel', conscience, voice of reason, voice of courage, voice of inspiration, what have you to others at critical moments. (She's able to bend this rule a little when it's that reality's Twilight Sparkle she's speaking to since she's speaking to herself.) 

5) She CANNOT give information that person couldn't logically know. 

6) She can speak more directly to the pets (Gummy, etc), but they CAN NOT act out of character, nor can they give information they wouldn't logically have or act in ways that don't make sense in story. 

7) If something has been established as how the laws of magic or physics works in that world, Amicitia CAN NOT change it. 

8) Amicitia can arrange things behind the scenes that are improbable, but NEVER impossible. 

9) Amicitia once provided Applebloom and Sweetie Belle in the Friendship is Oppression verse an anonymous vision to inspire them to find the Element of Chaos, she is strictly forbidden from helping that world further under penalty of violence. 

10 )Above everything, it must be like from the story's own narrative that Amicitia was not there at all, like a ghost. (Like how REAL ninja made a point of no one knowing there WAS a ninja.) 

11) If Amicitia become an Insert (for example, appears, hands Applebloom the Master Sword when Bloom cornered by zombies, or blasts the zombies to ashes herself), the Blank Wolf of that timeline will erase everything she's done and she can not try again. 

12) TL;DR Amicitia can not break the suspension of disbelief, create a plot hole, violate anyone's free will, or make it seem like she was there at all from the perception of the characters or the narrative.

Detailed version here:…

Covert art by…


Scootaloo scratched her forehead. Then she smiled.

"I know!" She took up two pieces of clay and began molding, letting both her pegasus magic and some stories she'd read guide her. Her friends and Nature Walk watched as she set down a pair of long, lean figures that resembled both dragons and ponies, with flaming manes and tails.

"I read about them in a book on myths from Neighpon," Scootaloo smiled at her two creations. "And maybe one of Dash's Daring Do books. They're Tianma, 'Heaven Horses'."

"But why do they sorta look like dragons?" Sweetie looked at the two little clay creatures. They seemed to cringe back, and then their manes flared up as they hissed fiercely at her.

"They did in the stories," Scootaloo said. She picked them up and held them above the little red world. "They flew through the skies and lived among the clouds and in the mountains, and they ate fruit and fish. And oh yeah, they like duking it out for the fun of it!" The two little dragon-horses began to do just that, wheeling and diving on each other, breathing lightning.

Apple Bloom looked intrigued. Sweetie looked worried. Nature Walk raised an eyebrow but did no more.

"And what are their names, Scootaloo?" Nature Walk pointed at the two tianma.

"Oh, their names are Cloudburst," the male preened, "and Lightning." The female flared her mane proudly. They made one last dive at each other, lightning flashing, and settled down

"Very lovely," Nature Walk said. "And they live among the clouds and mountains, you say?" She waved her hoof gently over the little red world, and clouds began to appear. The two tianma flew through and about them. The fillies and Nature Walk watched as they dived first down at the sea and came back up with small fish, and then down to the woods where they are fruit from the trees. Soon little scaly tianma were flying beside the big ones, and then more adults, with manes and tails of red and golden and even green fire. They drove the clouds about, made rain and snow and wind, brought warm days and life to the land.

And they fought too. Again and again two or more tianma wanted the same thing, and settled it with a quick fight. Lightning flashed and thunder roared. Wolf towns were blasted, and Sea pony schools scattered in terror as their seaweed gardens and 'herds' of fish fled. The wolves and sea ponies hid in fear from the destruction.

"Hey!" Sweetie said. "Look what they did to my sea ponies! They're scaring them!" The little sea ponies peeked out from the ocean at the sky above, but raced for cover as two more tianma began fighting high above, careless of anyone below.

"An' my wolves!" Apple Bloom pointed at some of the wolves, abandoning a town of theirs that after it'd been destroyed for the third time by some fighting tianma. "Darn it, Scootaloo! Ya made them critters of yours TOO scrappy!"

"Wow," Scootaloo looked down at 'their' world. The wolves and sea ponies were losing everything they made while the tianma seemingly noticed nothing, content to fly and dive and squabble and fight constantly. "I'm sorry, girls!" Scootaloo looked at their guide. "Miss Nature Walk? Isn't there some way to make my tianma realize they're doing something wrong?"

"There is, but it might be difficult." She cast her eyes over their world and over the three fillies. "Are you willing?"

She smiled as all three nodded. "Very well. Here is what you must do..."


One day, rival tianma from two different mountain peaks had an especially big and fierce battle. They roared their excitement, grinning as they swooped and dove, chased and dodged, bucking the clouds and letting loose thundering blasts of blue and red lightning. One of the tianma dodged too slowly, though. Lightning singed her leathery wings and she screamed her outrage and fear, tumbling and spiraling down towards the ocean below.

The other tianma continued their battle, following the clouds, but one hesitated, peering down.

"Loyalty..." whispered a voice on the winds.

The tianma shook himself in midair, remembering all their shared battles together, protecting each others flanks. He dove after his sister, only pulling up when she plunged into the sea, and the cruel waves put her fires out!

Just below the surface, a herd of sea ponies scattered, whinnying. One of the mean sky-horses had fallen. It served it right, making so much trouble! One of the sea ponies looked back before she could swim away, though. Sky-horses were things of the air, like wolves. Under the waves, they would *drown*.


The sea pony couldn't stand it... she gulped down her fear and swam as hard as she could until her tail ached, getting beneath the flailing sky-horse and pushing it up to the surface!

The second sky-horse hovered just over the waves, makings its frightful whinnies and roars, but it dared not touch the water. The sea pony bravely stayed with the fallen one and kept pushing it along, all the way to the wolf town by the seashore.

At the town docks, a young wolf growled impatiently, swishing his tail. The sea pony traders were late... he had many water-proofed packets of medicine in his bags, ready to exchange for tasty fish and deep sea kelp that was good for making all sorts of potions. He certainly wasn't expecting sea ponies to push a half-drowned sky-horse onto the beach! Wolves growled, running to get help and weapons, and the second sky-horse landed and stood protectively over the hurt one.

The wolf with the medicines was furious, head lowered and snarling... the sky-horses had hurt so many wolves with their careless antics, but the more he looked at the hurt sky-horse, laying there so pitifully, the more his anger faded.


The wolf healer padded forward, past the ranks of the other wolves, and held out some of his valuable medicine, barking and pantomiming with his paws. Somehow... they seemed to understand. He was permitted to clean the burned wing, then treat and bandage it.

But then, thunder boomed overhead. The cloud had drifted back over the village, and the other tianma were still playing their game. Lightning stuck, setting some of the village houses on fire! Wolves snarled with renewed anger, but there wasn't time to take it out on the grounded sky-horses. The raced to grab and fill buckets, trying to save what they could. Thunder boomed over the sea too, scaring the sea ponies in the harbor.

Standing beside his wounded sister, the healthy tianma stared in shock, jaws falling open.


The tianma reared up and roared, not in joy, but with grief and sorrow! He flew up and whinnied harshly at his fellow tianma, pointing downward with a hoof. He grabbed a piece from their valuable cloud and brought it down to the burning houses. There was another thing clouds could do besides making lightning, and he used it now, bucking the cloud until rain poured out.

The other tianma helped him, until all the fires were put out, and then they gathered around on the ground, whinnying uncertainly. The wolves seemed not to know what to make of this. Here were their enemies, their tormentors... regretting what they had done? The sea ponies in the harbor sang their sadness and confusion... but one of them leapt above the waves to get their attention. The town was saved, and there were new creatures they could meet. Wasn't this a happy occasion?


The excited whispers spread among the sea ponies until a whole chorus of them started doing flips and tricks, with that one enthusiastic sea pony in the lead.

Finally, the chief of the wolf town came to the beach. He was a veteran of many hunts, and he'd seen the village set aflame and terrorized many times, while wolves could only shake their paws at the sky in anger. Here the sky-horses were, in reach at last. All he had to do was give the order. But what if other sky-horses could understand too, and change their ways...


The chief wolf strode right up to the sky-horses and barked a greeting, not showing even an inch of fear, knowing that other wolves would follow his lead. The wolf healer came to stand by his side, and together they went and spoke to the wounded tianma and the brave tianma, while the helpful sea pony and joyful sea pony swan as close as they could, doing backflips as they sang.


The peace that was made that day, and the friendship of the wolves, the tianma, and the sea ponies, lasted for generations.

Sweetie Belle peered more closely at the little village. "What, no magic jewelry?"

"No rainbow-sposion?" asked Scootaloo.

"Ah thought sure there'd be a Tree of Harmony or something," admitted Apple Bloom.

Nature Walk smiled. "It's a young world. Give it time."

Sweetie grinned. "What do you say, girls? Did we do good work or what?"

"Cutie Mark Crusader Harmony Bringers! Yay!" Then Apple Bloom checked her flank, Sweetie checked her sides for wings, and Scootaloo felt on top of her head in case a horn might have sprouted there.

Apple Bloom pointed the camera at herself and shrugged. "Maybe next time."


The tianma watched what the Sea Ponies and wolves did. The wolves herded their prey, but the storms did not bring rain, and the prey went away to find food and the wolves howled their hunger. The Sea ponies waited for the fish they traded for the wolves' goods, but the waters grew cold under a cloudy sky, and they stayed away.

The tianma saw and acted. Half of them drove the clouds over the sea away; the waters warmed and the fish returned, and the Sea ponies caught some for eating and some for trading. The other half of the Heaven Horses sent storms to bring rain down onto the forests and plains of the wolves, and water made the land fertile. The prey returned, the wolves ate, and they made the tools and goods that the Sea ponies needed.

As they met the tianma dropped down to meet them. This time all three sides nuzzled and met in peace. The tianma got fresh and better fish from the Sea ponies, and clever things from the wolves that they could not make among their clouds, and in return they brought good weather and fair skies to both.

The three fillies watched in utter delight over the world they had helped to make.


Applebloom blinked, watching each of their creations build a statue...somehow of each of them as Alicorns composed of the three species of ponies living on this planet. "Uh...I thought they couldn't see us..."

Nature Walk gave a chuckle. "They FEEL you, little ones. Or they're worshiping your potential Alicorn selves, hard to tell."

Sweetie Belle blinked. "You mean like how the Lovcats worship Pinkie Pie as their 'potential goddess'?"

"Maybe..." Nature Walk said in a playful tone. She pet Imp as the mimicker was enjoying the sights.

Scootaloo then blinked as it became night on their tiny world. "Huh?"

"You never made a moon, little ponies," Nature Walk said, looking up at the night sky.

"Oh!" Applebloom exclaimed. "We need tah fix that!"

"How many?" Nature Walk questioned.

"There can be more than one?" Scootaloo asked.

The entity nodded. "Several planets do have multiple moons, yes."

The group looked to each other. "Just one, more than one sounds weird..." Applebloom added.

"And can you make it look green?" Sweetie Belle would ask. "Blue, red, and green? That sounds nice."

The two others gave a nod.

Nature Walk nodded and the moon simply appeared. Given the impact of moons on planets (something a filly couldn't be expected to know) it was best to make it having retroactively always existed.

Luna's face briefly appeared on the moon with a smile.

The wolves howled to the moon and the Sea Ponies worked with the tides and sang songs to it and the sun. The tianma didn't seem to have a major connection to the moon, but did worship a statue of Princess Luna that seemed to be a fusion of the trio of races living on their planet.

When it cycled back to day, the Tianma had made colosseums and arenas to safely do their battles without harming the ponies below them, it was still part of their culture after all.

As happy and excited as the trio was...Applebloom thought of something.

"Miss Nature Walk?" the filly asked. "What's going to happen when we leave this world? Are they still going to be here?"

Nature Walk chuckled. "Of course, my little ponies. Me and my children will take good care of this world, and have faith in your creations...Hehe, do you want to know something fun?"

The trio blinked and cocked their heads. "What?"

The mare pointed to a star in the now night sky. "You see that star?" the trio nodded. "That's the sun of Equus' solar system."

The trio's eyes went wide. "Wow!...It's so small..."

Nature Walk nodded. "It does look it...but it's still important. No less important than this little world you've made."

Scootaloo mentally questioned if this world was actually little or if they were giant.

The group noticed towns and cities beginning to be built. "The joy of creation is watching your creation grow, like a parent loves watching their child grow," she said, like a mother as she watched the planet thrive.

Alex Warlorn

The Wolf and Imp meanwhile, were playing card, how either of them knew how to play cards, or how one who normally took the form of a blue rock and the other not having thumbs, (not that ever stopped the ponies) could play card, nor how either of them possibly knew the rules of any card games, was a mystery left to the ages.

'I'm normally used to be ignored, it's my purpose, my function, my existence. But now I've tasted it with Mistress Sweetie Belle, I fear I've been tainted by desire.' The wolf said.

'As a Mimic, not being noticed is easy, but we're supposed to ultimately chose a main shape to live our lives in. The one I'm using right now is a copy of Mama's, but she says I need to find my own shape.' The other whistled in her own language.

"All hail Scootaloo the totally awesome one!" The dragon ponies whispered the statues of an Alicorn Scootaloo that made the orange filly grin. If Diamond Tiara was here she'd be so jealous!

It was Apple Bloom however who said. "Uh, I think it's best if we go now... Uh... we can come back later right?"

"If you ascend as Alicorn and then return, it'll be as if you never left." Nature Walk said.

"Really? Cool!" Sweetie said.

As the foals finally left Nature Walk's domain, the Imp and Blanky quickly followed least they be trapped in her domain and be left behind.

The door closed behind the fillies and vanished, they couldn't say they weren't regretful to go. But Apple Bloom was determined to find unexplained stuff in the Everfree. Imp meanwhile, was curious about these strange little creatures that had fallen into her family's nest, they were interesting.

Apple Bloom for a moment considered going back the way they came... but they still had Luna's blessing so they'd just 'reappear' back home if anything really back happened to them.

They chose a random direction to go in the Everfree cave and went... spelunking was supposed to exciting, but even with the glow from Sweetie's horn, a cave in the Everfree had no right for not something interesting to happen ever 15 hooves lengths. But a bit later, as the CMC considered turning around... they spotted a camp fire... and something else. It was a pony, but he looked like he was made of burned up charcoal with a crown.

Inside the chamber of the camp fire, on the opposed end, was a pile of ashes. The pile of ashes grouped and formed into a pony with a suit of armor and a sword. He marched to the ponies made of charcoal and... ran him through!? The pony with the crown turned to ashes, and the knight tossed aside his sword and put on the crown, and then reached their hoof into the fire... setting themselves on fire, and turning into a pony made of charcoal with a crown.

Meanwhile, in the pile of ashes, a new pony in a suit of armor appeared with a sword, who ran the new pony with a crown through, who then turned to ashes. The new armored pony put on the crown, threw away their sword and reached their hoof into the fire, setting themselves on fire. As a new people in a suit of armor formed out of the ashes.

The cycle seemed to repeat endlessly.

Scootaloo said. "That. Has to be the most pointless, grim, meaningless, and bleak exercise in futility I've ever seen."

"You know what futility is?" Sweetie asked.

"Diamond Tiara used it all the time when talking about me flying remember?"

"Oh yeah."

And the cycle just repeated forever in front of them.


There were more ponies in the dark, cold, ash-filled cavern that they'd barely noticed at first, tiny creatures like in Nature Walk's world. Some of them trotted through the ashes, seemingly going in circles. Some cowered in fear, just trying not to get stepped on by the knights. Others shambled back and forth like zombies, which made Apple Bloom shudder.

Sweetie Belle gulped, teeth chattering a bit. "I wonder if another weird person is going to pop out of the ground and fix this."

"Ah think what they really need is the sun," said Apple Bloom, stamping her hooves a bit to try and keep warm. "That would make those zombie ponies go away, and they wouldn't have to keep setting themselves on fire just ta get a little light and heat."

Scootaloo alone didn't seem that cold... she'd been fluffing her feathers, using a bit of weather magic to hold a layer of heat around herself. "Sounds good to me. Hey, Princess Celestia!! Could you please come and help these ponies out?"

Sweetie frowned. "You don't think she's really just going to come waltzing down here, do you? The princess is probably really busy holding Day Court and sipping tea and..."

The other cavern entrance, the one they hadn't been through yet, began to glow, as if somepony was coming with a torch. The fillies gasped as the light grew brighter and brighter, as if the sun itself had come into the caverns. In a way, it had... Princess Celestia herself *did* stride into the cavern, shadows and cold fleeing before her.

Blanky bowed at once, pressing his nose to the floor. Then he reached over with a paw and nudged a gawking Imp into the same pose.

"My goodness," said Celestia warmly. "It's a been a while since Abby delivered a prayer like that to me."

Sweetie tried to close her gaping mouth and remember her manners. "Um, Princess Celestia? Why are you dressed like that?"

Seeing Celestia without her golden shoes and crown and peytral might have been more surprising than her showing up in the first place... she only wore a simple field jacket and a safari hat, though her regal stature and ethereal mane were the same as ever. She smiled again. "Let's just say that Luna and I have been doing some exploring of our own. "Soon, two new princesses of Equestria will be crowned, and then there will some big changes in Canterlot... but you will see all of that in time."

Apple Bloom gasped. "New princesses? You mean, mah sister and Pinkie Pie? Oh no, we're gonna miss the whole thing while we're explorin'!"

Celestia chuckled politely. "You needn't worry, my little ponies. I promise, you won't miss it. But now, let's take care of this..."

Yet another ashen knight had just been consumed by the fire. Before the next one could appear, Celestia lit her horn, lifting the crown into the air. It began to glow, shining brighter and hotter until the gold melted, softening into a molten blob, then shaping itself into a perfect sphere. Celestia poured even more magic into it, and the sphere ignited!

All at once, heat and warmth poured into the cavern from the new little sun. Thermals from the still-burning ashes made little clouds, which poured out rain, and green grass and trees began to grow! The little pony zombies laid themselves down, able to sleep at last, and the fearful little ponies peeked out, and slowly began to emerge from hiding.

Kendell2 (bit by Alex Warlorn at the end)
For those that don't know what I'm basing this off of:…

There was a set of unused ponies called Fairybright or Celestial Ponies who were supposedly aliens.

After watching the little ponies begin rebuilding their civilization (and Celestia staying to aid in doing so), the trio moved on to continue exploring Everfree.

As the group continued to wander with their little Mimicker, they came to an opening in the cave system, the night sky bright above...when suddenly a very large brightly glowing fireball came crashing across the sky trailing smoke and landing somewhere up ahead with a thunderous crash and shaking the earth so much that they almost got knocked off their hooves.

"What was that?!" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Ah think it was a shootin' star!"

Scootaloo looked up ahead and trotted a little bit further...and saw the same pink glow the fireball had. "Hey! I think it landed up ahead!"

"Really?" Sweetie asked.

The three trotted forwards and poked their heads out from behind a rock.

Before them was a craft looking like a giant flying saucer with lights all around the top and edge that gave off a pink glow. Smoke was billowing out from a damaged piece of it's haul and it'd clearly made a rough landing.

"Is that a flyin' saucer?" Applebloom questioned.

"I...I think so!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed.

"Girls, look!" Scootaloo exclaimed, pointing.

Emerging from the ship were three ponies, one pink with a blue mane and tail, another blue with a lighter blue mane, and the last light blue with a red mane. Physically they looked like normal Earth Ponies, but they gave off a soft glow of their respective fur color and seemed to leave a trail of stardust behind them as they moved. They also seemed to have odd streaks through their fur. However, the oddest part was on the top of their heads were three antennae, two topped with stars and the middle one a moon. Each of their Cutie Marks was a planet or star or other celestial object.

"Aliens?!" the CMC all exclaimed.

They then blinked as the ponies looked concerned, a fourth bright pink pony trotted out and fell down with a cry of pain, her front leg hurt and bleeding what looked like blood, but was hot pink and glowed.

"She's hurt..." Applebloom muttered as the other three rushed to their friend. They seemed panicked, though none of the CMC could understand what they were saying.

Sweetie reached into her bag and produced their first aid kit. "I think we need to help."

Scootaloo's eyes went wide. "Sweetie, they're ALIENS! What if they abduct us or something?!"

"They're also PONIES," Sweetie replied with a glare. The other two didn't need another word.

The four aliens jumped as the trio emerged and looked defensive, three of them guarding their hurt friend.

"Don't be scared! We just want to help!" Sweetie exclaimed, Imp musically chiming.

The strange ponies cocked her head and looked to one another.

"We just want to be friends!" Scootaloo said.

The four gasped. "Friend?"

"Yeah! Friends!" Applebloom exclaimed.

The light blue one with a red mane put a hoof to her chest then pointed to her fellows. "Friends."

Applebloom blinked, then did the same with herself and her friend. "Friends."

Sweetie then pointed to the three of them then to the aliens. "Friends?"

The azure one said something in the aliens' language and pointed back into the ship. The uninjured pink one went back inside and came back out with four strange necklaces and each put one on and pressed them, causing them to give a luminescent glow and scanned the trio for a moment.

"Friends...on your planet friends means the same as ours...that's...strange..." said the azure alien pony, then a smile.

The trio blinked, looking to one another. Sweetie then chuckled. "Well we're all ponies, aren't we?" Sweetie asked. "Oh!" She sat down the first aid kit and opened it. "I brought a first aid kit!"

"Oh thank Galaxia! Our med bay was destroyed in the crash!" the standing pink mare replied, quickly taking it. "Um...I'm not certain what much of this is..."

"I can explain it!" Sweetie said. "My name's Sweetie Belle, by the way!"

"Oh, how rude of me I'm Nova," was the reply from the pink mare.

"Pink Star," the injured pony explained, cringing. Nova knelt next to her and tried to help stop the bleeding a bit if she could. "Thanks sis."

"I'm Blue Dwarf, " replied the lighter blue mare.

"And I'm Nebula," the azure mare who seemed to be the leader explained.

"Mah names Applebloom!" Applebloom replied.

"And I'm Scootaloo. This is Imp," she explained, pointing to the Mimicker, who gave a musical thrill.

Sweetie helped Nova treat Pink Star's injured leg. Though a few of the medicines Nova discovered weren't compatible for their species due to different biology.

"So you guys are aliens?" Scootaloo asked.

Blue Dwarf chuckled. "Well from our perspective, you're the aliens."

Scootaloo blinked, then rubbed her head sheepishly. "Yeah, didn't think about that.'re not going to upduct us or take our brains or something?"

Nova blinked. "Why would we do that?"

"...Happens in comics, theatre, and movies..."

Blue Dwarf chuckled. "Looks like we have similar fiction when it comes to aliens..."

"We're a group of star mappers making a map of the known galaxy," Nebula explained. "We were mapping your star when a large meteor struck our ship and we crashed here and Pink Star was injured in the crash. It looks like our ship took quite the beating as well..."

Blanky looked at the looked at the aliens in disgust, this was not their world, they shouldn't be here. And he looked at Imp with... an emotion the Blank Wolf was not supposed to feel, it was... jealousy? He was JEALOUS of a Mimic?! But it was like the CMC were now focused on her, and forgetting he existed!

Alex Warlorn

"Ah can fix it!" Apple Bloom cheered.

Scootaloo shook her head. "Sorry Apple Bloom, but I think alien space ship is kinda different than building a barn."


Apple Bloom kept peppering their new friends with questions, undeterred. "How does your ship work? Is it magic? Ah bet it's like Flim and Flam's wagon! What's it like on other planets? Does your ship go really really fast?"

Meanwhile, Blanky was snarling, and no one even seemed to hear him! He wanted to lash out, but there was nothing to lash out at, and it was making his fuzzy little head ache.

"This longing..." said a voice. Deep and growling... another wolf's voice?!

Blanky froze, ears low. "Who... who say that?"

"We've been here before. I suppose you cannot remember it, though..." This time, the voice came with flashes of memory... a high, snowy mountain ledge that Blanky was sure he'd never seen before, and an orange-furred wolf with green eyes. "It is the nature of the Wolf to remain ever hidden, but it is *not* wrong for us to want friends."

Blanky bared his fangs, pushing back against the voice in his head. "Me not think that. You think that. Me Wolf! Who... you!?"

The world around Blanky turned still and grey, like a pond flash-freezing, and the intruder was revealed! Another wolf loomed over him, with shaggy white fur and golden eyes like his, but full grown, not a pup. The other wolf blinked, gaping down at him. "What?"

Blanky grinned. "Found you, fake! You go away now!" He chomped the other wolf's foreleg... and nothing happened. Nothing at all! This gave the pup such a fright that he yelped and scampered back.

The other wolf rubbed his gnawed-on foreleg, equally startled. "I... I am no fake, I can assure you. I am Snow Bound, and you are Blanky... We are the Blank Wolf." He sat back on his haunches, ears drooping. "No, no this is not right. This cannot be what Mistress Veritas intended. I must speak with her."

Blanky held a small forepaw out. He'd wanted the other wolf to go, and now suddenly he wanted him to stay instead? "But..."

"You stay here and watch over your Mistress Sweetie Belle!" barked Snow Bound, and then he sprang away into the shadows and was gone.

Alex Warlorn

"Apple Bloom," I really don't think you should fiddle with that." Sweetie Belle warned, VERY worried Apple Bloom was about to blow up the planet because she misplaced a wire in an alien reactor.

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle did much more better effort helping Pink Star, they didn't know alien pony biology, but together they knew how to set bones and apply bandages.

"WAIT!" Nova shouted. "If you connect that you'll warp time instead of space! That's illegal! You can't!"

Apple Bloom's 'alien' earth pony magic, combined with the intense wild magic of Everfree interacted with the alien's hyperdrive... and a moment later... the foals found themselves on what looked like the moon... except it had blue grass... and they could breath.

"Time travel. Time Travel. AGAIN APPLE BLOOM!?!? If we get stuck through five or six inane adventure through pasts and 'possible' futures instead of arriving right back where we started, I SWEAR when I grow up I'll go back in time and give you a spanking!!!!" Scootaloo swore on Rainbow Dash's feathers.

"Uh, girls, I think we have bigger problems." Sweetie pointed at the sky.

Her friends turned... and a moon rose, but it was no moon... it was the size and shape of a planet, with layer upon layer of technology upon it... and had a skeletal metal face of a pony the size of a continent upon it's surface, whose glowing red eyes looked down hungrily at the moon they were on.

Also, they foal could faintly hear, constantly radiating out from it. "Is a pony not entitled to the sweat of his brow? No says Canterlot it belongs to the Celestia. Faith is the witch weed of the masses."

Then... the foals realized... enough to wet themselves, and nearly enough to drive them crazy... there was dozens, hundreds of planet sized metal monsters behind them... each with a different face, each customized... all hungry looking.

"DRIVE BACK THE EARTHLY KINGS! Drive them back I say!" Shouted somepony in the royal Canterlot voice.

They saw Princess Cadence, as beautiful as large as Celestia, flanked by Alicorns of Octavia and Vinyl Scratch, and Lyra Heartstrings releasing a combined musical attack that shook the component atoms of the Earthly King into pieces. It screamed in rage and loss at its end.

They also saw Princess Luna SMASHING MOONS into them, using them telekinetically like maces.

Lasers, death rays, nuclear missiles, all fired from the Earth Kings' surfaces.

They saw Rainbow Dash as an Alicorn, a rainbow comet that impaled herself through one Earthly King multiple times, and it fell apart screaming its hatred at all things spiritual.

Princess Gaia landed directly on one... it screamed in terror as its metal form died as green grass, and various other plant life sprouted from the spot she touched converting the living machine into a inhabitable planet. She also teleported... a BRAIN from somewhere and said. "Now you play nice and no eating entire galaxies." She said as bones, muscle, and skin formed around the brain via the glow of her horn, forming a stallion ... who woobbled and looked at himself in horror. "Flesh?! FLESH?! BUT I ASCENDED! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" He fell over and got into a fetal position. "I'M SO SMALL!"

They saw Alicorns of Twilight Sparkle, a pony they did not know (but who was Sunset Shimmer), Trixie, another mare they did not know (who was Starlight Glimmer) and Moon Dancer.

"FORWARD! We WILL rescue Celestia from the heart of the Earth King!" The five Alicorns dived in a ripped their way through the defenses of another Earth King... and tore the other way with a tired and sickly looking Celestia with needles and wires had been stuck into her.

"MY SUN! GIVE ME BACK MY SUN!" Screamed the Earth King madly following them trying to take back the Alicorn of the Sun it had stolen from them.

Princess Vertias kicked it in the face... sending the planet sailing back into another Earthly King, both exploding.

They saw an fully empowered Alicorn of Apple Bloom, (her flank covered by armor), conjuring up any number of machines from nowhere and firing a barrage at another, melting its surface. Then she spotted them, startled, but her mega-shield on wrist activated a force-shield guarded her against the sun-eater beam the Earthly King fired at the goddess.

"Oh! It's been 9 billion years already! Geeze how time flies." The goddess Apple Bloom said. "Sorry you girls can't stay long, but it's dangerous here, and I remember that we didn't stay long."

They also spotted... what looked like a combination of seapony, wolves, and dragon ponies fighting too, not just any, BUT THEIRS! The ones they made in Nature Walk's planet!

"They ascended too?" Apple Bloom whispered.

"Oh yeah, they began doing that a while ago. Aren't we proud of our babies?" Smiled the Alicorn Apple Bloom.

"Oh, yeah." Apple Bloom said, barely able to keep the camera steady.

Sweetie Belle sang with her eyes crossed. "Let's put weird and weird together and make it weirder."

"Don't worry, Ah prepared for this." Alicorn Bloom's horn glowed, and a hyper-drive appeared next to her that she floated next to the foals. "That should help Blue Dwarf and her friends get back into space where they belong. And don't worry." Her horn glowed again and the foals found themselves surrounded in a weird platform. "Ah remember this sent us instantly back where we left. So Ah'd say keep yer hooves crossed, but it's a sure thing." She smiled, not seeming that worried about the planet size monster attacking her.

"But! But! What's goin' on!" Apple Bloom stammered.

"Oh, just an epic war between an entire civilization of Alicorns and race of creatures who 'evolved' technology to the point where each one is a brain inside a planet sized machines, with egos to match who can no longer reproduce and are only concerned with sustaining their own personal digital fantasies worlds and sees us gods and other planets merely as fuel to feed themselves. Don't worry, you have eight billion years to prepare for their arrival. But Ah remember Ah decided not to tell anypony because Ah didn't want Equestria to become a military state and Ah realized that enlightenment was the only real way to be ready... which Ah remember tellin' myself. Creepy huh?"

King Leo conjured an entire planet's worth of water and trapped an Earthly King in it, before turning to ice and crushing it.

"GIVE ME BACK! SILVER SPOON!!!" Screamed an Alicorn of Diamond Tiara ripping an Earthly King IN HALF to claim her other half inside.


"Sorry, Ah remember ya teleport back to Blue Dwarf before ya finish that question. The answer is yes, don't worry."

And in a flash, the foals found themselves back with the alien ponies... hyperdrive built by Apple Bloom's Alicorn self in her hooves. And a small box that read 'Flying Saucer repair kit, to Blue Dwarf and friends, from Princess Praegressus Machinas Equestria'.


Apple Bloom set the hyperdrive down carefully, feeling light-headed.

"Friends, are you alright?" exclaimed Nebula.

"Neato!" exclaimed Scootaloo. "Sorry about what I said. I wish I could meet *my* awesome future self. Say, Bloom? What was the question?"

Apple Bloom jumped a little. "Huh?!"

Scootaloo leaned closer, waving a wing in front of Apple Bloom's face. "You know! What was the question she answered before you could ask?"

Sweetie Belle nudged Scootaloo back a bit. "Apple Bloom? Are you okay?"

"Don't Ah get any say in my own life anymore?" blurted out Apple Bloom. Her closest friends jumped a little. "And she said, 'Yes, don't worry...'" She glanced past them, to the repair kit that Blue Dwarf had just opened. There was a shiny new filly-sized wrench sitting on top of the other parts. Apple Bloom didn't even need to touch it to know that it would fit her hoof perfectly...

Apple Bloom found herself suddenly in her mindscape again. Had she fainted?

The snuggle-pile of sleeping transformed Apple Blooms had some new guests. There was a second wolf... the red-furred species of wolf she'd made with her own hooves from Nature Walk's clay, pawing at the Equestrian wolf in her sleep. A tianma floated on her own sleeping cloud, draped in a fireproof blanket. The water tank was bigger, giving a seapony room to sleep beside the siren.

The sitting room, though... that was all new. A large grey Alicorn with a mechanical wing was lounging on a sofa just like the one back at Sweet Apple Acres, sipping regally from a common mug like the ones in their kitchen. "Would you like some cider, Apple Bloom?" asked Rota Fortuna.

"Um, yes please," said Apple Bloom, looking down at her hooves sheepishly. Another steaming mug appeared on an end table with a thought. Probably hers, Apple Bloom decided... it was her mind after all. Then she got curious. "Um, you don't want tea? Ah thought..."

Rota Fortuna raised her cider mug in her magic and paused to consider. "Just between us... I don't like tea that much."

"Oh..." When the Alicorn didn't volunteer anything else, Apple Bloom hopped up on the couch beside her, sipping the cider... as delicious as the best she could remember. That was nice of... herself. The filly couldn't help but smile a bit, even though she was getting a mite frustrated. "So..."

Rota Fortuna slowly wiped her muzzle with a napkin. "So?"

Apple Bloom wished her mug away. "Argh... What are you waiting for? Aren't ya gonna sparkle up mah flank now and give me mah cutie mark? Heck, ya might as well slap the wings and horn on while yer at it and skip me straight to Princess Progress-something... Ah'm gonna have to look that word up."

The Alicorn set her mug down, finally. "I'm waiting for you to chose."

Apple Bloom blinked. "What choice? You know what mah destiny is." She thumped her chest with a hoof. "*Ah* know what mah destiny is."

Rota Fortuna gave her a serious, motherly look. "Listen to what I'm about to say, and pay close attention, please."

Apple Bloom stiffened. "Y-Yes ma'am!"

Then Rota Fortuna smiled. "Whatever plans I may have made, whatever prophecies or visions of the future you may have seen... your life is still *your* own choice."

Apple Bloom sniffed a bit, then grinned and gave Fate herself a big hug... and Fate hugged her back, wings folding over her. "Give me a little more time, okay?"

Alex Warlorn

Apple Bloom found herself back with her friends, and back with the alien ponies who had crashed out of nowhere.

"Apple Bloom? You okay? You kinda blanked out there for a minute." Scootaloo asked.

"Yeah... I'm fine!" She smiled. "Now let's get this thingie installed and get these ponies home."

"Where DID you get that hyperdrive?" Nebula asked.

"Ah think Ah built it... in the future."

"But! But don't you know that time distortion is illegal?!"

"... So ya wanna stay on this planet? It's really nice here."

"... Now I didn't say I wouldn't accept it. Right girls?"

The others politely nodded.


As Applebloom continued putting in the replacement hyperdrive with Nebula's instruction, Scootaloo looked to Blue Dwarf. "So...what kind of magic do you girls have?"

"Oh!" the alien pony explained. "We can do stuff with star dust," she explained, she focused, her antennae glowing an causing the star dust that her kind seemed to have following them to form into a cloud. She caused it to pick Scootaloo up like a cloud of butterflies or something.

"Whoa!" she exclaimed, the filly holding the camera and keeping an eye on it.

Blue Dwarf chuckled. "What about you girls?"

"Oh! Pegasi control the weather!" Scootaloo exclaimed. "Earth Ponies like Applebloom are really strong."

"And Unicorns have all kinds of magic!" Sweetie explained, horn glowing and her levitating a part of machinery. "Oh! Is your magic why you glow?"

Blue Dwarf chuckled. "Nah, almost everything on our home planet glows. Nova says it's 'bioluminescence' and it's because our planet has really long nights so we evolved to glow to help the herd stay together during them. And the Glowstone Dragons glow to help them navigate the caves looking for jewels...and a ton of other things glow for a bunch of reasons. Now a days we just glow because we do."

"...It looks cool..." Scootaloo admitted.

"Thanks! You Equus ponies look cool too," Blue Dwarf replied. "I'm sure our queen will be happy to hear about this planet."

Sweetie Belle blinked. "Why?"

"Because alien ponies love making friends too," the alien replied with a goodnatured smile. "She'll probably send an ambassador to your leader once we report back."

"It will probably be a few years before our species fully interact though," said Nebula, looking over while helping Applebloom install something with her star dust. "First contact can be slow, depending on how accepting things are. We don't want to cause a panic by suddenly hovering a spaceship over your capital after all. Normal procedure is to communicate with the planet's leader and discuss how to reveal the existence of alien life to them."

"Yeah yeah," Blue Dwarf replied, giving an annoyed look. "Politics. Point is, we want to be friends."

Sweetie Belle smiled. "Well, I'm glad we'll see you girls again! You're really nice!"

The blue alien smiled. "You too kids...thanks for helping us out."


Sweetie Belle's saddlebag flopped open. Small white paws gripped the edges, and then the wolf pup peeked out very, very cautiously.

Sweetie turned her head. "Oh, hi Blanky! Is everything okay?"

Blue Dwarf followed her gaze, seeing only an empty saddlebag. "Blanky?" she asked, puzzled but polite.

Blanky whimpered a bit and pressed against Sweetie's shoulder.

When the three fillies had accidentally launched themselves into the distant future, Blanky had been carried right along with them. He'd poked his head out of the saddlebag to find Mistress Sweetie Belle and her friends *surrounded* by wolves that only he could see! The alpha of the pack had sniffed them curiously... he'd been a great white-furred brute bigger than a pony house, with a mane and tail that flowed in the cosmic wind, and battered but well-polished steel armor. The alpha had lowered his massive head to peer right at Blanky... and then he'd winked.

Then the Alicorn had arrived, and the whole pack had saluted in unison and bowed low... and Blanky didn't remember much after that, embarrassingly. He whined again, wishing that he hadn't chased that other wolf away. Snow something? Packmate? Big brother?

Yes... big brother felt right.

Sweetie nuzzled him. "Blanky? Um, he's my invisible friend!" Which was true enough.

Then a foul stink made Blanky sneeze, little ears pricking up.

A nasty, creepy-crawly pink and charcoal thing was slithering through the grass towards them. Blanky could hear it muttering gleefully to itself: "The alien visitors couldn't have known that a trace element in Equus' atmosphere would soon cause them to grow into mindless rampaging monsters! Their peaceful star magic would summon frightful comets to smash into cities as they roared and trampled ponies underhoof..."

Blanky snarled and leapt out of the saddlebag, grabbing the foul thing and shaking it in his jaws until it Never Was.

The star ponies still didn't see anything odd, though a box in Nebula's tool kit started beeping. "A reality flux? Could this hyperdrive be acting up?"

"We'd better check that out right away!" said Apple Bloom, trying not to stare at Blanky too much.

More of the grim and dark creepy crawlies were coming. "The star ponies pretended to be friendly, but they were secretly scouting Equus for conquest, and the foolish, innocent fillies told them everything they needed to know. Soon, alien motherships rained death on every town in Equestia, and even their own family could only look on the 'Cutie Mark Traitors' with scorn and disgust..."

Blanky ate that one too, clawed it up until there was literally nothing left. He sniffed along the ground, following their trail. "Bugs need to go away!" he growled. "Me find hole letting bugs in, me fix."


"I'll go with Blanky," Sweetie whispered to Scootaloo, who nodded as the filly headed off to pursue her pet cosmic guardian.

"You know, your planet's kinda interesting," said Nebula as they checked on the hyperdrive.

Scootaloo cocked her head. "Why?"

"Well it has a geocentric orbit instead of a heliocentric one and there's a lot more light," said the alien. She then noticed the filly cock her head. "I mean instead of the planet going around the sun, your sun goes around your planet. That's a bit odd."

"How's that odd?" Apple Bloom asked innocently.

"How? . . . You don't know...? ... In the rest of the universe... it's the PLANETS that go around the sun!"

Applebloom and Scootaloo both blinked. "What?!"

"That's kinda how we reacted to seeing it worked that way here," Blue Dwarf replied with a chuckle. "The universe has a lot of crazy stuff about it. Our sun is pink and we have three moons!"

Scootaloo looked a bit dizzy at all these cosmic things. "But...does that mean somepony on the sun is moving your planet?"

Nebula blinked. "Uh...not that I know of..."

"Here the Princesses move the sun and moon..." Applebloom remarked.

"Hmm...might need to look into that," Nebula said, with an interested look. "That's the fun part about space exploration! You never know what world you'll find!"


"Hang on, I'm coming with you!" shouted Sweetie Belle, as she left the others behind and galloped through the forest brush after the white wolf pup.

"Don't need help!" barked Blanky, not looking back. "Me wolf!"

Even so, he slowed down a bit, letting the panting filly catch up. "Blanky... are you okay?"

The pup didn't answer right away. "Me not scared."

Sweetie frowned. "I didn't say anything about being scared. Why are you talking like that, all of a sudden? Is everything..." Something sprung out of the earth and bit Sweetie's forehoof... in a flash, she felt her whole body go cold and rigid.

"You are a SweetieBot three thousand series planetary exploration and reconnaissance drone," said a pleasant mare's voice in her thoughts.

"Yes," said Sweetie Belle in a lifeless tone, accepting this new data. She wasn't programmed to question it.

"You have always been a machine. Your parents never cared about you or wanted you around, because they knew you weren't a real pony. Your feelings and friendships are merely simulated. Your magic comes from a crystal engine. Your cutie mark was selected from a random image library. It means nothing."


"Prepare to accept n-new p-p-programming... malfunction... malfunction..."

And suddenly Sweetie Belle could think and breathe again. Blanky snarled, twisting the icky tentacle-thing that he'd torn from her until his claws pierced it, and it vanished.

"What... what was that thing!?" cried Sweetie. She felt filthy, like she desperately needed a shower... no, a spa trip! Every free spa day coupon that her big sisters had ever offered her would be a good start.

Blanky drooped his ears adorably. "Me sorry. Ponies not supposed to remember. You hurt because me slow, me do better..."

"Awww, it's okay." Sweetie levitated Blanky and gave him a big hug that had him surprised at first, then squirming before he decided to put up with it.

Not far away, the air rippled. Swirls of magic outlined a crack hovering in midair, and a sound like grinding, cracking glass came from it. Blanky growled, ears going flat. Sweetie reached in her saddlebag for the magic jewelry, in case they needed to become Wolf Song again...

Unexpectedly, a familiar face peered through the crack from the other side. "Well, if that don't beat all. Don't worry, Ah'll get this fixed right up. Ya'll just make sure ya clean up all the horseapples that got through already." The crack glowed a brilliant red, sealed up, and was gone.

Alex Warlorn

Sweetie Belle realized she'd had the camera with her the whole time. And said, "Apple Bloom wanted unexplained! And I think the more unexplained that was the better! Blanky! Any more of those... tentacle things around?"

Blanky sniffed and shook his head.

"Okay... that's good... whao... I can't believe... those ponies come from a solar system when the sun and moon move by themselves? It's like their entire solar system is an Everfree Forest... now THAT'S scary!... Wait! Apple Bloom! Scootaloo! The aliens! What if the tentacle things went for them!" Sweetie ran back to the alien ship that would be repaired and ready for take off right about now.

Alex Warlorn

"And that is why our pony forms you see, are just hologram projections to interact with you, and our real forms are tentacled brain sucking horror from beyond." Said Pink Star, still with the bandage on her from where the CMC had performed first aid on her.


Blanky, invisible and unseen, proceeded ripped out the tentacle things out of the alien ponies and whip them until the things stopped moving and dissolved.

"And that is how our solar system functions without any pony moving the sun or moon," explained Pink Star without missing a beat.

"That's... disturbing..." Scootaloo couldn't stop herself from saying, the two fillies not seeming to notice anymore than the Mimic alongside them.

"So... that solar system thing isn't because of some evil tentacle thing?" Sweetie asked her dog.

The pup wolf spirit shook his head no.

"Then that is disturbing..." Sweetie said to herself.


Nebula was levitating her beeping metal box in her star magic, clearly concerned. "There it is again! Now the reality flux readings are right here among us!" She turned slowly, watching the readings, until she was facing Scootaloo. Sweetie Belle followed her gaze, and jumped in fright.

Scootaloo was standing there with shaking legs and a little pair of crutches, her coat matted and filthy and her wings all shriveled up. "Girls... I just want you to know... I can't thank you enough for putting up with somepony as pathetic as me." She coughed violently, like she might keel over any moment.

Sweetie Belle gulped. "I think we missed a few!"

Apple Bloom turned her head sharply. Weird runes shimmered on her coat, and her eyes were mismatched... one orange iris was glowing like a furnace. "Ah'll say. She's done gotten herself *full* of nasty little lies."

"After all," Scootaloo continued in a thin, raspy voice, "I never knew my real parents, and they beat me nearly every day because they hated how I was a mutant clone of Rainbow Dash out of a mad science lab... and then I had to grow up at the Ponyville Orphanage, living in the streets and eating garbage just to survive, and mugging ponies in dark alleys for their love cause I'm a changeling too, when I wasn't working in the mines as a slave to Diamond Dogs..."

Apple Bloom fixed Blanky with a twitching stare. "You know what ya have ta do! Don't make me do it mahself. Ah will, just you watch."

Blanky whimpered. He knew he was supposed to wind back the threads of fate and snatch the parasites before they got to mistress's friends, but big brother was the one who had done that many times before. Blanky wasn't sure how!

Pink Star shook her head. "That's no good! Reality could be changing right in front of our noses, and we wouldn't know. Let's wake up Comet!"

"Good idea!" exclaimed Nova. She touched a control pad, then rushed into their flying saucer.

"Comet?" asked Sweetie, trying to physically interpose herself between her possessed friends.

A yipping bark came from inside the ship, and some kind of living constellation creature like a tiny Ursa bounced out of the ship. Nova grinned, following. "Comet is our pet Canis Minor!" She ruffled the star pup's ears. "Well, is there trouble, girl? Go on, sniff it out!"

Comet trotted right up to Scootaloo and started barking.


"Canis Minor?" Sweetie asked. "Is that like the Ursa Minor and Major?"

Nova blinked. "Perhaps. Legend has it the species were created by Galaxia and her sister, the Goddess of the Night. They're said to protect space travelers who have one on board."

"Luna?...Wait, who's Galaxia?"

"She's the Goddess of the Stars our kind worship," Nova explained. "But it seems she's detected something in Scootaloo."

The little star pup noticed something and howled, causing stars to fly up and descend, forming into a seal with a star map in it. It seemed to throw back more of the creatures and make them visible. Blanky promptly munched them down.

"What's going on?" Scootaloo asked, sound scared as both herself and as if she was a scared animal.

"It seems whatever she detects is inside Scootaloo..." Nova said.

"Blanky, can't you do anything?" Sweetie Belle asked, causing the uncertain pup to whimper. "It's okay...we'll think of something..." she said, hugging the puppy and reassuring him. She then gasped. "Wait, I have an idea!"

She took out the fusion gems. "I think Wolf Song CAN do something...maybe with a little bit of something I learned from Chryssy..."

Sweetie threw the Ruby to Blanky and the two put them together, fusing into Wolf Song, much to the alien pony's shock.

"You can fuse together?!" Nebula asked, seeing Blanky appear during the fusion.

"We have something special that let's us do that," Wolf Song explained, she then focused, thinking...then did a howl. A haunting, sad howl that seemed to glow with a red and black aura, almost as if sorrow was inside it.

Mixing Blanky's knowledge of what was happening and what the monsters were with Sweetie's Dark Magic knowledge, Blank Filly sang a song that lured the tentacle creatures towards them like moths to a flame...or a bug zapper, as Comet seemed to form what looked like a miniture black hole with a howl (Wolf Song understood the howl, being a wolf, it was invoking Galaxia to help protect her masters), sucking them in and crushing them to atoms. Given it was equal to an Ursa Minor except a wolf, that was no surprise.

Several of them seemed to cocoon themselves, transforming into moth-like creatures and trying to fight back...but the alien ponies proved they weren't helpless and used their stardust magic to slam them into their pet's attack and destroy them.

Wolf Song then turned, seeing the parasite in Scootaloo be drawn further due to the song. They leapt over and managed to grab it in their telekinesis, giving a sharp pull and in one bite, the parasite never existed at all. Everypony remembered Comet having come out on her own to help protect them from the parasitic creatures.

Scootaloo blinked. "Okay, I feel like something weird is happening."

Wolf Song gave Scootaloo a lick. "Be glad you just have a feeling."

"Eew!...I'll take your word for it..." Scootaloo remarked, finding it weird, but then again Wolf Song was an androgynous fusion of a cosmic guardian and her friend.

"Girls!" Nova said, pointing out a window. More of the tentacle creatures metamorphosised into their moth-like forms now that not one but TWO powerful cosmic beings that could attack them were present.

"Blanky can handle things from here," Wolf Song said. "See you girls later!" they replied, splitting back into her components.

Sweetie hugged Scootaloo part way before they'd reformed. "I'm glad you're okay!"

"Uh...why wouldn't I be?" Scootaloo asked.


The trio watched the two canines run around, cutting through the moth creatures easily, Comet having spread her star seal to protect her masters. Sweetie took to blasting the bugs with her dark magic.

"Dang it, wish Ah wasn't grounded..." Applebloom muttered, aware that if they were on the ground, her hooves would be doing a lot more damage.

Scootaloo had a thought. "Well..." she took the Ruby and Sapphire. "How about we do it?"

"...Well, I haven't fused with either of yah yet, so why not?"

Alex Warlorn

The pair used the gems, and in their place was one filly. She had the build of Apple Bloom, and the wings of Scootaloo. And Apple Bloom's hair bow. Her mane was slightly scruffy and had a purplish red color to it. Her coat was a faded orange. Her eyes were a reddish brown. Her cutie mark was a shield with an apple and a lightning on it.

"YO! I'm Scootabloom! Just wake me kick flank!" The filly said, and attacked the moths at speeds that would have impressed Rainbow Dash, with Scootaloo's furiously and Apple Bloom's smarts. The battle was over in under a minute as the alien ponies stared in awe at the power of Scootabloom.

She looked disappointed to see the broken parts of the moth creatures fading away. "WHAT?! That's it!? I want more! Give me more! I'm gonna show EVERYPONY how awesome I am! HEY! Sweetie Belle! Wolfie-Blanky, watever! And that shape shifter trying to sneak off, you! IMP! Let's fight! And you aliens too! All at once! COme on! What's scared?! CHICKEN?! Bawk-bawk-bawk-"

Scootabloom was hit by a laser, she jittered like a bug on a bug zapper, a line split down the middle of her, and she separated back into Apple Bloom and Scootaloo.

Blue Dwarf had run back inside the flying saucer, and come back out with a picture on a pad and showed it to Imp who then shape shifted into the weapon that she then fired at Scootabloom while she had been baiting all of them.

"What was THAT?!" Sweetie asked.

"Oh, this is a fusion disruptor. Some aliens who don't like organic life use fusion all the time to power themselves up, so we invented this as a counter measure. They had their own version to keep their own kind in line, but it was just a melee weapon. Our matter replicator is offline, so I had your shape shifter change into it."

Imp shifted into a replica of Apple Bloom's bow and landed on Sweetie Belle.

"That... was freaky." Scootaloo said.

"Ah... Ah guess that's what happens when your thrill seekin' and my wantin' to prove myself mix." Apple Bloom said a little ashamed.

Kendell2(With edits)

"I guess that's what Princess Luna meant that not everypony should fuse..." Sweetie said. "Did we get them all?"

One last remaining slug crawled slowly, trying to escape. 'The universe outside Equestria is dying and the sky is an illusion. The aliens have come to take Equus to replace their dea-'

The slug gave a screech of terror and tries to flee as Blanky bit down on one end and Comet down on the other and fought over it like two dogs fighting over a chew toy until it was no more.

The two wolves nodded.

"Alright then, let's finish putting the engine back together," Nebula said, getting back to the hyperdrive.

After a bit longer when the hyperdrive was installed, the group jumped as a loud crash sounded. "Was that another spaceship?" Sweetie Belle asked.

The group trotted over to find a smaller, much older looking spaceship that crashed into the ground.

"It looks like a scout ship...but it looks like a very outdated model," Nova explained. "It still has a lightspeed drive."

"Lightspeed?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Yes, it's a type of space travel, but we don't use it anymore because it distorts time. When you're traveling at light speed, time slows down and time for the universe and time for you come out of sync," Nova explained. "Hyperdrive is much faster but lacks that flaw."

"So it's from your planet?" Applebloom asked.

"Yes, but it's ancient. We haven't used lightspeed travel in centuries."

The old ship opened and out emerged, to the surprise of everypony, a Unicorn. She was a green Earth Pony with a pale yellow mane, purple eyes. What was surprising was her coat sparkled like stardust. Under her eyes was a pink an green dot looking almost like a planet. Her Cutie Mark was a pink and green flying saucer. She looked around...then saw the alien ponies and gasped, running over to them. She began speaking in their home language, much to their surprise, but they replied.

"Uh...hi..." Scootaloo said, waving, interrupting the conversation.

"Oh! I'm back on Equus?!" the new arrival asked. "Oh, where are my manners, my name is Star Hopper!"

"She's Applebloom, and she's Scootaloo, and I'm Sweetie belle," Sweetie Belle introduced.

"You're from here?" Scootaloo asked.

The pony nodded. "A pony from their world crash landed on our planet and I helped them recover until somepony else could come to rescue them. I never felt like I quite fit in at Dream Castle, I was our 'royal astronomer' (I wonder if Queen Majesty has replaced me yet), I never really close to anypony after mom died, and I never knew my dad, mom always said that dad was 'out of this world.'  So I asked to come along to see the worlds and meet the stars out there. They said they weren't allowed to do that, but the crazy thing is, THAT'S when my cutie mark appeared! That's when I knew I'd realized I'd found what I wanted to do with my life! They couldn't really argue with destiny so they let me come along.

"I spent some time with them until I struck out on my own. I really should check in on them. I've seen lifeforms and stars you wouldn't believe! Are you three new around here? I don't recognize you from the Nursery House. I came here because I followed the distress signal."

"Thank you for coming to help us." Nova said. "But we just got everything fixed."

"Oh, okay, still, nice to meet you girls, wanna travel together for a while?"

"Don't you wanna stay home now that you're here?" Sweetie asked.  

Star Hopper looked up at the sky. Her horn glowing. "Up there IS my home. OH! But can you tell Queen Majesty, Twilight, Applejack, Firefly, Wind Whistler, and Medley. And tell Galaxy she owes me milkshake, there is life out there after all."
Cutie Mark Crusaders' Journal of the unexplained 7
The rules are simple. Write something in the comments, and it's added to the story above! No 'script' format additions! Keep it My Little Ponies!

Set in the same universe as Pinkie Pie Forth Wall Breaking Variety Show! 

*Replay recording* 

Apple Bloom"We're exploring the Everfree all night! And the best part is when something, ah, 'bad' happens to us, Princess Luna makes it so we, uh, 'respawn?' "

Scootaloo, "Apple Bloom we knew that already."

Apple Bloom, "Yeah, but Ah figured we had to say it again fer some reason."

Sweetie Belle, "Have look at the, what did Pinkie Pie call this? 'Trope Page?'"…

So yeah, the CMC are exploring the Everfree with a grainy video camera, but if they say, come to a Bad End, or the like, they'll respawn at the farm house. 

Part Added by:
Alex Warlorn
Kendell2 and bit by Alex Warlorn at the end (For those that don't know what I'm basing this off of:…

There was a set of unused ponies called Fairybright or Celestial Ponies who were supposedly aliens. OOC: I imagine Applebloom managing to help fix the ship but I want to see what others can do with the idea of the CMC meeting alien ponies.)
Alex Warlorn
Alex Warlorn
Alex Warlorn
Kendell2 (with edits)
Alex Warlorn
Alex Warlorn
Kendell2 (OOC: Decided to let somebody else handle the fusion of Applebloom and Scootaloo since so far I've made the other two fusions we've shown. ;) (Wink))
Alex Warlorn
Kendell2 (Suggestion I got and liked:…) (with edits)

Cover is a commission By Kendell2
Fallen Rainbow Dash, Nightmare Manacle, Princess Loyalty, or whatever the heck ya wanna call me... I know all about kicking flank... but after all this time I still haven’t quite figured out what I've been fighting for. My friends? The Scootaloos? Ponyville's refugees? Twilight's TRUE golden world? Loyalty is complicated. You can't expect easy answers. And Fauna Luster didn't have time tah teach me what it means to BE Loyalty instead of just loyal. Maybe what I've been asking myself is, 'Who am I supposed to be loyal to?' My ex-Nightmare friends? My Twilight? This world and its ponies? ... If I leave Shining Armor and the Half-Lights as they are, am I betraying my Twilight? If I put them back together, am I betraying my Twilight's wishes AND them?

"Rainbow Dash... " I looked at Razzaroo. "Now that... uh... you've calmed down... and... you want to listen... I... I think I have something for you."

She took out an old cowboy hat. I gasped and snatched it with my magic and pulled it towards me.

And.... AJ's voice echoed through my head... her thoughts... I felt... I felt as she felt her soul being shattered... but... she wasn't afraid.

'Dash... Ah don't know ya'll ever hear these thoughts of mine or not. Ah'm about to do somethin' crazy to save Applejack, Apple Bloom, the whole kit ‘n’ caboodle. Here's hopin' it works. Dash, stop this nonsense here and now. All this is gonna do is make a lotta ponies unhappy, including you! Ah'm sorry Ah didn't tell ya sooner... yer my FRIEND, RD! And Ah didn't want to lose that friendship by tellin' ya this  truth! Discord knock to his senses and our friendship are the only good things that came out of Nightmare Dusk's mess. Point is... just stop. Ah know ya think this'll help ya move on... it won't, NOT like this! Ya can't FORCE these things, Dash! Sorry Ah have ta go. But it's to save the world. At least this world's Applejack helped me along to call myself an Apple again before the end, so ya owe her! Ah'll always love ya as my friend, and Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Spike! Be the pony, the goddess, the Alicorn Twili' wanted you to be. Ah believe in ya doin' the right thing RD if ya just see clearly. That's my final truth. See ya 'round, Rainbow.'

That was it.

The Shadowbolt looked as stunned and bewildered at me... so many Rainbow Dashes BEFORE I ever came along... and I carried their many that got erased AFTER me... and the Rainbow carrying their heart was helped beat us and saved the world.

So many what-ifs, so many things I'd change, so many things I could change, so many things I couldn't change... And I could change ONE OF THEM right here and now... I could finally FIX one of those unfairnesses ... I... just needed to betray... not what made 'Rainbow Dash', Rainbow Dash... betray what made Rainbow Dash a pony WORTH being a pony... what made a real friend.


"...I can't do it." Princess Fidelitas admitted in her heart of hearts and the world. "It's not worth it, Applejack, that's my answer...No regrets. That was then. This is now."

And it was like a hundred thousand weights fell away from her at once.

Rainbow Dash exploded twice.

The first explosion wiped away the shadows of existence, the runes, the shackles, and the chain barrier. Whether the shadows were washed away or washed into her no pony could tell.

Then Applejack saw them. A pink mare with blue hair with a two light bolt cutie mark. The FIRST General Firefly. A unicorn mare with a rainbow mane, wearing a small set of glasses and a white coat. A beautiful earth pony with an absolutely dashing mane and darling grace. And... a familiar tomboy pegasus. They hugged each other.

And the second explosion happened. Her twisted, broken 'snake eating its own tail' Element of Loyalty shattered, then was reabsorbed into her entire body. When the smoke cleared... they didn't see Rainbow Dash... they saw a white 'statue' of an Alicorn, that Applejack realized looked like it was made up of white hands.

She also saw a small herd of foals in mourning dress, politely bowing and backing away. The 'statue's' 'skin' shattered.

Her long rainbow mane shined and shimmered like it was a literal rainbow rather than just hair, moving in an unseen wind. Her coat gleamed like the blue sky. The centers of her eyes were color of prefect ruby-rose. Her figure and stature were those of a true Alicorn Princess. Her wings shined with a silver lining.

Her barding was golden, and her horseshoes shaped like Roam-Mare wrappings even if they were solid metal and had a lightning bolt pattern to them. Her peytral vaguely resembled a Roam-Mare's barding, a prism jewel at its center, with a circle on of tinier stones on either side. Her wings were edged with gold armor. Her golden crown, had no less than seven jewels set into it, each a different color, shaped like a bolt, and with a winglet on each side. All in all it was much more elaborate than the average princess.

Her cutie mark was a single lightning bolt with no clouds, but it was composed of the seven different parts of the rainbow.

"All Concepts carry two conflicting sides to them," she spoke in understanding. "That balance is what separates us from the Nightmares. I'm both the idea of loyalty, and the idea of breaking cycles: Tarot Of The Ace Of Swords."

<>Princess Fidelitas Moksha Equestria. </i>

"And so you pass."


"You did it, my little light in the dark." Maud Pie gave the ghost of a smile.

"Maud, why'd you say that?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"... I don't know."


"Razzaroo?" Princess Fidelitas looked around. None of the ponies, firebird, nor wishing star spoke, it was like they were only witnesses now to a grand event. Out of Princess Fidelitas' shadow came another Razzaroo... Except this Razzaroo had a star behind her present cutie mark. The first Razzaroo gasped, staring in shock.

"You've passed your Trial. You are no Devil, no Fallen Alicorn, and no Demi-Fiend either, you are a Concept." The other Razzaroo tossed aside the executioner's scythe only now Princess Fidelitas realized she'd been holding.

"Yes... I understand!" Princess Fidelitas said in awe of herself. "Even if I can't forget the lives I ended. I should never forget the lives I've saved."

"You truly are a goddess of breaking cycles. Your finally broke your own cycle with Nightmare Eclipse."

Princess Fidelitas looked to everycreature present, then quickly hugged the Half-Lights, Pewee, and Applejack, the flew down and hugged the bewildered Starlight and the native Razzaroo.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You guys are the reason I could pass my Trial! Oh! Oh! I guess I outta explain! Wait! Should I wait until my friends get here?"

"Wait until what?" asked a perky pink voice.

The ponies looked up to see Spike flying down, down to his more manageable adult dragon size rather than his Ryujin mountain-size, carrying Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy in his claws. Only now the ponies looked to see 'Mt. Spike' was no longer there.

Another verbal bedlam followed as the ex-Nightmare tried to take in every sight. Namely;

-Starlight was missing her wings and now had a glowing gold scythe.
-There were two Razzaroos with the one next to Rainbow having a star on her cutie mark.
-The spell runes were gone.
-The Half Light were free and up and about.
-And Rainbow Dash had transformed, looking more like a princess.

"Dashie! Did the cute Mommy Celestia rumor get you?" "Oh! Oh my! Starlight your wings." "Isn't there a rule about two versions of the same goddess meeting or something?" "R-Rainbow, what happened to the runes, where's Twilight?"

It took five or ten minutes to explain everything up to what had happened before the ex-Nightmares arrived not even getting to what Princess Fidelitas ACTUALLY wanted to explain to her friends. Then Princess Fidelitas dropped the bomb shell on her friends.

"... Well..." Pinkie Pie said calmly. Then practically melted in place. Scratch that, she LITERALLY melted (this was Alicorn Pinkie Pie). "THAT'S a relief! Thank goodness that's over! I'm never being so careless with Pinkie Pie Promises ever again, Cross My Heart Hope to Fly Stick a cupcake in my eye. AND YIPPIE, DASHIE! YER A GODDESS! I HAVE SO GOT TO MAKE A GIGA-SUPREME-DIVINE PARTY FOR THIS!!! And we didn't need to erase anypony again! Yippie! We are better! We're free!"

"We dodged a bullet on that one. Applejack, Razzaroo, Starlight-" Spike the dragon bowed his giant head at them. "-thank you! I'm happy SOMEPONY got Rainbow Dash to listen to reason!"

"It's the only thing Ah COULD do. Somepony had to make sure she was bein' true tah herself after all," Applejack said proudly, smiling at the giant dragon. "Nice to meetcha for the first time, Spike."

"A pleasure to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, Jackie!" Pinkie Pie hopped.

Some soft sobs stopped the chatting. They saw... Fluttershy was crying. "I... I don't understand... we didn't get Twilight back but..." The alicorn shook her head in confusion. "I feel happy somehow."

Applejack flew up and placed a hoof on Fluttershy's shoulder. "Because ya didn't want Rainbow to do somethin' this awful. Ya wanted Twilight back, but you were hopin' it wouldn't actually happen... because yer way too kind to see this happen to the sisters or Shinin' Armor."

"We're sure taking this whole, 'we almost got deader than dead' thing pretty calmly," Noon observed looking at her sisters.

"Everything worked out, that's a reason to be happy," Dusk said.

"If you can call it that."

"I choose to," Dusk said.

"I'm just happy that Brother Shining Armor wasn't made to go away forever," Dawn said, nuzzling the still sleeping unicorn.

"Somepony outta take him back to Cadence before she wakes up," Noon said.

"ON IT!" Pinkie Pie said. At Pinkie Pie speed she took the unicorn, zipped to the Rainbow Falls bubble, put him back in bed, ate the fake letter on the desk (it tasted like blueberries), and brought back the life-sized Shining Armor plushie. "For you Dashie!"

"Uh... I think I'm over that, thanks."

"Okay!" Pinkie Pie hugged the life size plush toy instead. "All's well that ends well!" Pinkie then promptly hugged Star Razzaroo. HER Razzaroo. "Hi, Razzaroo!"

"Hi, Pinkie!" Star Razzaroo replied.

"I'm so happy you came!"

"I couldn't help if I just waited my turn." Razzaroo hugged her back.

"...I'm so glad we're still meeting as, as friends."

Star Razzaroo returned the hug. "So am I, Pinkie Pie....Yes, yes, yes!"

Fluttershy told Starlight. "I'm sorry you had to lose your wings... does this mean they're gone forever?"

Starlight thought. "I don't know... I think Death would let me back in if I asked. I know Slipknot will go on for as long as I want. But I... I feel like I'm free... like I've paid my share... I never actually kept track of many souls I've helped ... but I just feel like the weight’s been lifted off me now."

Peewee fluttered down to Starlight, looking up at her, then at the Half-Lights, then back at Starlight.

"And it looks like Slipknot and I have someone new to take care of," she managed to smile.

The star-marked Razzaroo asked her double. "Nothing to say? Nothing to ask? I have so much I could tell you. So much I could share with you."

"I know." Razzaroo nodded. "But... it doesn't feel so important anymore... I have to find those answers on my own if they're going to count."

"Wise answer."

"Well, -I- have a question," Twinkle Wish said. "Is it my fate to get stuck to Razzaroo's flank? We're close, but I don't want to be THAT close forever!"

"... Every concept needs their angel."

"Oh, okay then, that works for me! So are you a goddess yet?"

"It's against the rules for two versions of the same goddess to meet because it can damage reality. Thankfully I can cheat since this is the reflections world, not the mortal world."

"Come on Dashie! Get with the exposition, I mean big reveal! What's the big thing you wanted to explain?" Pinkie Pie hopped, fluttering her wings, her horn giving off fireworks.

Princess Fidelitas took in a deep breath, and slowly let it out. "Turns out my Trial never stopped. My entire Trial was what we did here. I passed by choosing NOT to blend Shining Armor and the Half-Lights together."

"That's the Trial Fauna Luster picked for you?" Fluttershy asked.

"No," said Princess Fidelitas. "I chose it for myself. The moment I entered Fauna Luster, this was the test I made for myself, even if I wasn't consciously aware of it."

"And I was on standby to make sure she didn't hurt anyone in case she fail. No offense, Fidelitas," Said star-Razzaroo.

"Were you really hanging out in my shadow the whole time?"

"I had to. I can't predict the future, I couldn't be sure when you'd make the choice. Whether I liked it or not."

"... Thank you. I almost destroyed Twilight's family... Seriously, thank you."

"Do you have any regrets?"

"I don't feel any." The Concept stood proudly.

"How does it feel to be free of your regrets?"

"... I was afraid I was going to be empty without them, that I'd have no heart, but instead I feel more whole WITH them gone. And I'm glad I can still feel GUILT...which feels weird, but not bad at all. Funny how things work out, isn't it?"

"Do you understand WHY you had to let go of your regrets, and your grudges to become a concept?"

"... If we felt regret, we'd screw up the universe trying to 'undo all our mistakes.' I had to face this choice to be free. And as for grudges... I've seen already that grudges don't just hurt those you hate. And it just makes it harder for those who are genuinely trying to make amends."

Razzaroo looked at Starlight.

"Do you understand WHAT you are now? At last?"

"My concept, my domain, my IDEA isn't just breaking cycles. It's also loyalty. The concepts all have yin-yang traits. That's what it means to be free. ... I am not an entity, not anymore, I'm a force, a law, I am a concept."

=Zoids Chaotic Century 'Final Ending Credits' (Japanese)=

"Little ponies, I present to you, <>Concept of loyal and breaking cycles. Tarot Of The Ace Of Swords. Princess Fidelitas Moksha Equestria!</i>"

The assembled ponies, star, and bird applauded and stamped their hooves.

"By the way, girls," Princess Fidelitas said. "Fauna Luster already pardoned us for all the pain given to her. The pain given to her children is another barrel of fish, but in light of our selfless and tireless work here to protect the good and oppose evil, our punishment is we aren't allowed to leave our own universe or plane of existence until we finished building it."

"Well... that's a lot nicer than I thought we'd get! I figured banished into oblivion at most!" Pinkie Pie joked.

"She really is the goddess of ponies," Spike said.

"I hope I'm still allowed to take care of Flutternice."

"You are, don't worry."

Star Razzaroo smiled. "She's waiting for you too, Fluttershy. Yes yes yes!"

"Oh, thank Celestia." Fluttershy looked up to the trio of Interviewers. "I'm sorry...The only reason any of this happened was me...I'm sorry I wanted to turn you back into Twilight too...I was just so..."

The trio flew, leapt, and teleported right to the mare and hugged her. "We forgave you before we were even born," Dawn replied happily.

Fluttershy cried again, this time laughing and eagerly hugged back.

"I want to apologize too." Princess Fidelitas flew down and bowed her head. "Twilight was a friend I loved dearly. But there's selfless love, and there's selfish love, and Rainbow Dash was experiencing way too much for the latter, and it almost destroy you, AND Shining Armor. I'd have done something that can't be forgiven. I have no regrets, but I apologize."

Noon gave Fidelitas a swat on the cheek with her wings. Then Noon grinned. "Apology accepted."

Fidelitas grinned back. "Thanks!" They high hoofed.

Applejack flew up so she was eye level with Banneret. "So...yah saved Rarity?"

The massive drake nodded. "Yeah...kicked Abandon into the dirt...just seeing him violate Rarity like he he wanted to..."

"Ah know how yah feel. It's why Ah literally kicked Nythy's sorry flank out of the universe!" Truth replied. "...Thank you."

"You're welcome...sorry for the whole...this."

"All's forgiven." The mare smiled.

"Thank you Applejack. How I acted, makes me feel like-" The dragon shrank down, to pint size, his wings vanishing and his neck shortening. "-I'm still the assistant doing whatever he's told," the baby dragon said in his young voice.

The farm Alicorn narrowed her eyes. "No sad face right now, ya hear?" Applejack spread her wings letting Spike look into them. "What do yah see?"

Little Spike stared at himself. "...A Ryujin... who chose to swallow his pride to do the right thing."

Veritas hugged him, forelegs and wings. "There yah go, that's the truth." Spike grew back to his adult size and hugged Applejack with a pinky claw.


The former reaper turned to see Razzaroo trot up. "Yes, Razzaroo?"

"...Thanks for being my pony friend, even Twinkle Wish has other friends who are stars. No offense Twinkle Wish."

"None taken. You should meet Polaris some time, he knew Magic Star. He's been wanting to meet the ghost-pony I'm friends of a friend with."

Starlight smiled. "Maybe it's about time I did." The three hugged. "...Razzaroo, you're the only pony from our creation I've ever gotten to know personally in the flesh outside of that trial... we wanted to give you everything but instead you lost everyone. My friends had moved on, being your friend was the only I could give you from myself and them. I'm only happy it could make your life a little bit better."

"And what is it that YOU want Starlight Angel?" Twinkle Wish suddenly asked.

Starlight was silent for a minute and looked off into the distance. "...That somepony would finally show that mare who took my name...that she doesn't have to be so afraid to let anypony in and she doesn't have to do what she's doing...She reminds me of me and colts: until I died, I was so hurt I refused to let any of them afraid of getting hurt... I wanted to 'fix' the world... so I wish... that somepony show her the light before it's too late."

Razzaroo opened a book and wrote down a note. "I'll get on that...might take awhile, yes yes yes."

Starlight hugged her. "That's enough for me, ponies don't change overnight."

"Girls. And Spike," Princess Fidelitas said, loud and clear as she landed on top of the tree. "I just want to say, I'm sorry I roped you all into this. I was only thinking about Twilight. "

"RD, we did all this with ya of our own free will. Yer sorry, ya stop before ya did anythin' that can't be undone, and yer gonna take your medicine like a mare, that's enough," Princess Veritas said. "Think Scoots wants you to beat yourself up?"

Princess Fidelitas wiped a tear from her eye. "Thanks, AJ."

The others all cheered as the two hugged. Granfalloon gave Dawn a few Pinkie Pie exclusive horsey rides. Twinkle Wish decided to entertain the firebird chick with stories of other stars she knew (especially some in the Phoenix constellation). And Princess Fidelitas turned to the three mares she’d tried to kill.

"Dawn, Noon, Dusk... please, tell me about Princess Amicitia."



Applejack turned to see Starlight. "Howdy. Good tah fight alongside yah."

"Same here...By the way...I've got a message for I didn't think I'd be able to give you unless you had a near death experience."

Applejack blinked. "Yeah?"

"They're proud of you."


"Your parents...and so are Sweetheart and Applejack the First," the former Reaper gave a smile. "They told me if I ever got the chance to talk to you before tell you they're proud of you. Apple Bloom and Big Mac too...they love you all, Applejack."

Applejack was silent for a few moments. "...Thank yah...So...what's Heaven like?"

"...I haven't integrated, only see and touch ... you have to see it for yourself to really know," Starlight replied, giving a smile. "But it doesn't look a thing like the StableMark cards. If I had to put it to words...imagine the best place you can with everything important to you whether you know it or not...then multiply it by infinity. I think cause we're good-hearted is WHY it's paradise for us. Your parents made it. And Applejack, about what you learned about Sweetheart from Crawling Chaos-"

"She's still a saint to me. She spent her whole life helpin' sick ponies and died helpin' 'em. That's what makes 'er a saint in my book."

Starlight hugged her. "She'll be happy to hear that!"

While everypony knew what was going to come next, no pony was really in a hurry. Now that disaster was adverted, Applejack wanted to get back to Apple Bloom... she knew what everypony would still see her as good old AJ... but now that the adrenaline rush had worn off and the power high from her ascension long behind her, thinking about going back into the fog was choking... it wasn't like Nightmare Whisper's fog... not in the least.

And as fate would have it, then again, even Fate herself may not have had a hoof in what happened. Fluttershy nuzzled each of the Half-Lights, and they nuzzled her in return. At the same time, The Princess, and Applejack gave each other a bro-hoof and a hug, the latter panting a bit.

Fluttershy looked into the Half-Light's eyes, Twilight as a filly, a mare, and an old pony... not anymore, they were their own ponies.

And The Princess looked into Applejack’s eyes. And sighed "It's a little bit creepy ya know, don't take it the wrong way. I know you have her memories, her magic, her point of view... but I know you're not my Applejack."

"Reminds ya too much of Twilight and Nightmare Dusk?"

The Princess nodded. "Sorry, AJ... we just met and you've already been a true true friend."

"But no two friends can ever be exactly alike... and they shouldn't be, at that," Applejack said placing a hoof on her shoulder. "Ah just wish she could be here too."

And Fluttershy said at the same time. "I...I still wish there was a way you and Twilight could somehow both exist without one of you having to stop...I'm...I'm not going to TRY, I just...wish, you know?"

Twinkle Wish glowed. The native Razzaroo gasped.

The image of Zipzee and the Earth Pony Rainbow Dash for a moment overlapped with those of their current selves... Twinkle Wish shot a light into the reflected sky that released a fireworks-like blast that rained down little stars.

"Wish . . . Granted," Twinkle Wish stated.

Then the stars all shot into the native Razzaoo, who lifted off the ground, her eyes glowing white... then a ghostly image of a horn and wings appeared on her. Her mane and tail began to sway like they were blowing on an unfelt wind, but a ghostly image of a much longer, glimmering mane and tail overlapping her own.

"Concepts live outside of time... we do not kneel to past, present, or future... time is an ocean, and we trot upon its waves..." Her voice echoed. "Wishes and miracles are timeless... and so am I... I remember the wishes I granted... before the first wishes I granted... that I granted after the first wishes I granted...Yes, yes, yes!"

The glowing Razzaroo set down on all fours, the ghostly wings and horn shining bright.
"I am, Princess Jiniri Miraculum Ponyland. Tarot Nine of Cups. Alicorn of Miracles and Wishes. I remember when I was touched by who I am now. Nice to see you all again."

"WAIT! You really CAN bring Twilight back?!" Fluttershy gasped, daring to hope.

"Not how you're thinking, no ... But I can give something else you REALLY wished for... both of you." She looked at Fluttershy and Applejack. "Your redemption."

If Rainbow Dash's ascension to Alicornhood had left everypony speechless and still, this struck all the world silent. Starlight was her knees and bowing, as a loyal Reaper would even if she'd shed her powers, eons of training and discipline didn't vanish. Twinkle Wish did the same, but remaining by her side. She WAS her angel after all.

Peewee acted like a statue. Spike and Pinkie were just witnessed.

Star Razzaroo... merely bowed and took several steps back, keeping her eyes to the ground, making sure NOT to make eye contact or to touch the native Razzaroo physically or magically.

"Wishes are belief given form, miracles are faith at work."

"Wait a second... I know what this is!" Princess Fidelitas gasped.

"Then you understand WHY this couldn't be done before?" Razzaroo asked, in a wiser and more experienced tone.

"... I wouldn't have ACCEPTED it before if you'd hoofed it to me on a silver platter. I had to let go to have." Princess Fidelitas bowed her head. "I was selfish and I admit that."

"Uh... won't you get in trouble for granting wishes for ponies from other universes?" Fluttershy asked. "Union rules or something?"

"Applejack is a native of this world. And so is Shining Armor... so his sisters and the soul she became one with are intertwined with this world's fate... it's a loop hole combined with the liquid state of the world... But first... could somepony fetch Shining Armor?"

"Oh right!" Pinkie Pie rolled her eyes in annoyance, did her low key reality twisting, replaced the plushie for Shining Armor again, thankfully Cadence wasn't awake yet... and brought back the still sleeping stallion. Good thing she was an Alicorn or doing all this might make her tired... maybe, she's Pinkie Pie, though she hadn't had her recommended daily dosage of sugar yet.

= Sweet Sweet Sweet - Sonic Hedgehog 2 =

Noon asked. "Okay, somepony fill US in, what's the cosmic mumbo jumbo that's 'kinda sorta' going to bring back mom?"

The Half-Light looked at each other bewildered and unsure.

"Your universe must have a concept of magic, that's simply a fact of reality... you were born from her, and so was Shining Armor... " She looked at Star Razzaroo, also making sure not to make eye contact. "In a world where Spike was... ahem.... made to fill in for Rarity for a time when they lost her... a wish was able to give part of his essence to birth a Rarity with the love he'd forged with Rarity's kith and kin so both could continue on... something akin happened with Nightmare Mirror ... they wished to be able to move on but for their loved ones not to lose the one they held dear... Fair warning... it hurts like The Bad Place."

"She's tellin' the truth," AJ said.

"She means it hurts like Pony Hell," Spike said unconsciously touching his chest.

"Will you help grant Princess Fidelitas' wish the right now?"

The Half-Lights nodded without hesitation.

"What about Shining?" Dawn asked.

"These are things he is better off NOT knowing, and he's been hit with more cosmic secrets than anypony ever should," Dusk said. "But I KNOW that he'd agree to this... because if he didn't... he wouldn't BE Shining Armor."

"That's true too," AJ said, looking at the sleeping stallion with her wings extended.

"Then I'll grant The Princess' wish."

"WAIT!!!" Princess Fidelitas shouted. "If you're doing what I think you're doing... then... she'll need a body to live in... or she'll be just born a ghost. Just like... our Twilight... could never enter the mortal universe without a vessel... There's... there's something we've been kinda keeping in cold storage... and... I kinda think it's time to put it good use... Spike... take out, IT."

"What's that issue of Superstallion got to do-"


"... Oh... OH! You sure?"

"... It's for a good cause. About time it did some good."

"Alright." Spike breathed his green fire... and materialized...

"NIGHTMARE ECLIPSE?!" Several ponies gasped.

A large dark purple Alicorn body with a flaming mane lay on the ground in white armor, empty and staring at nothing. Reaper powers or not, Starlight still knew souls... and this body was alive... but was just an empty husk. Kept on magical life support. From her perspective, it was like looking at an intact home who's family had abandoned it.

"What's going on!?" Starlight demanded, and knew the native Razz' would too if she was herself at the moment.

"... Our Twilight... did a Princess Luna... she kinda was using an avatar, kinda... when she got knocked back to her senses... we kinda... well, she had her body magical set to be on life support until her spirit came back... looks like it's time. She never came back for it after she came to her senses."

AJ gave The Princess a glare, since the avatar part didn't NEARLY do what happened justice (she prayed Wind Whistler could rest in peace knowing her poor body wasn't going to be used by another monster), but unlike Nightmare Mirror, kept her trap shut.

"Uh... " Pinkie dared speak. "Is it SAFE to put her in a mare's body?"

"Let me worry about that," Razzaroo said.

Applejack trotted over and looked the living body in the eye with both her own eyes and her wings. "There aren't any nasty 'in case Ah lost while Ah ain't home' curses on it."

"We could have told you that," Noon said flatly. She looked at Starlight. "Alright let's do this," Noon said. None of the Half-Lights looked happy to see the hollow shell body of their dead mother at he worst right before them. "Hey Flutters, keep BBBFF in Dream land okay? Closest thing to anesthesia we got."

Fluttershy squeaked, nodded, and summoned her fog around Shining, trying not to look at the empty body.

Razzaroo summoned her scythe... and struck all four in one motion before they could react. Shining yelled the loudest, though his eyes stayed closed as he hit Dusk in the head out of reaction.

He'd later wonder why he'd dreamed of being a mare getting a c-section and consider it weird even by his quite broad standards.

"Soul surgery!" Razzaroo boomed.

Lights of different colors streamed out of all four ponies... coming together on their own... like shards of a shattered glass statues finding their way back to each other. Unlike what Nythy had tried to do to Applejack, this looked far more refined and beautiful.

-Xenogears - Small Two of Pieces Restored-

The light glowed larger and brighter, pieces of crystal rainbow raining towards a single point as they bled from the siblings. The shards took on the shape of Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark... The image of Twilight the First, Clover, Minty, and Twilight Sparkle hugging each other as ghosts was visible for a moment... and the light slowly began to sink into the body... Then show a bajillion Twilights hugging.

The Princess of Loyalty gasped as one briefly floated off and looked at her.

"Twilight...I'm sorry..." she managed to gasp out. "I forgot what I was fighting for..."

The Twilight nuzzled her. "It's okay, Rain'...I forgive you."

The new Princess didn't bother holding back tears as the specter rejoined the collective hug, filling in the last puzzle piece.

Shining Armor would also wonder why he dreamed of his baby sister exploding, but being perfectly unharmed after she blew up the house... at least that dream made sense.

The explosion of light, magic, and power knocked everypony, star and bird off their feet, sans either Razzaroo.

Nightmare Eclipse's armor lay in shattered pieces like Luna's old barding as Nightmare Moon. The body didn't turn to ash like Chrysalis' had, instead, it went through its life in reverse, the wings and earth pony strength fading as it entered foalhood, then went further... until it became a newborn pony.

There was a faint glow of magic... and a diaper appeared on her bearing her symbol along with a similarly personalized pacifier. A blanket formed and wrapped around the sleeping infant unicorn. Nopony had seen if she already had her cutie mark or not.

"I give you the newborn goddess of friendship."

There were large comical 'white x' bandages on the bellies of Shining Armor, and the Half-Lights.

"Uh, how is he going to explain that to Cadence?" Pinkie asked.

"Knowin' Shinin', he'll just roll with it," Applejack admitted. "His life's pretty darn weird anyway."

Dawn inched towards the sleeping foal, then gently scooped her up. "Her name... is Half-Light Midnight."

Nopony challenged her.

Rainbow Dash trotted over and smiled down at her. "...She's cute..."

"Spike," Dusk said. "... You should raise her."

The dragon was thrown loopy. "ME?! ME!? I can't! I'd be terrible! I'd fail right away! I'd-"

"Ya practically fed, washed, and changed Twilight long after she stopped feeding, washing and changing you!" Noon declared.

"... Point."

While there had been jokes about Angel taking more care of Fluttershy than vice versa, it was generally agreed that taking care of Twilight, had ironically fallen upon Spike more often than not.

Without fear or hesitation, and kissing the baby on the forehead, she placed the infant into Spike's giant claws. The dragon managed to be as gentle as any parent would despite the massive size difference.

"She never has been, nor ever will be your Twilight Sparkle... Understand that. She is her own pony. She is your redemption," Razzaroo said.

"Don't worry, that I understand now," The Alicorn of Loyalty and Ending Loops said.

Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy flew up to Spike's claws to look at the filly, so did Rainbow.

"She IS so cute!" Fluttershy exclaimed, excitedly as one would expect.

"Don't worry... Midnight... I'll make yer grandma proud," Spike said.

"She'll make great friends with Flutternice! I'll give her a zero birthday party when we get home! We can have it with Flutternice's cute-ceañera," Pinkie Pie cheered.

The Princess of Loyalty smiled, feeling content at the sight of the infant foal.

"I promise to help too Spike," Fluttershy said, her redemption had found her.

Starlight just stared, sitting on her rump, and so did Peewee... "I've witnessed the birth of a goddess... I think I'm the first mortal soul ever to do that... wait till I tell the girls back home. Melody isn't going to believe this."

Razzaroo slowly turned towards Applejack. "Are you ready?"

"As ready as Ah'm gonna get. Ah had Apple Mirror's memories of other ya doin' this before... yer right about how painful it is."

"Are you sure? You'll have to give up what she gave you. Everything. Your sister needs all the help she can get to save the world."

"A mortal Alicorn of Truth can't recharge in a world of lies, and Ah've given 'er all Ah've got already ...So hurry up and do it before Ah chicken out from bein' turned back into somethin' so small."

Razzaroo nodded. "As you wish."

"By the way."


"Ah just figured out somethin'... The Elders themselves couldn't do this... take the essence out of a concept who absorbed the essence of ANOTHER concept and RESTORE that essence and concept as their own rule, even if they aren't exactly the person who got absorbed... Even the Elders can't restore Destruction and Curris, so they created a goddess who COULD!"

"... So clever for such a silly pony.... and I'm not just granting your wish... I'm granting the other Applejack's as well."

Before Applejack could reply, Razzaroo struck with her scythe, and Applejack screamed her lungs out like a little colt for what felt like the second time.

Applejack felt like she was crushed, halving the larger parts of her stripped away, being somehow PUSHED BACK DOWN... being made something simpler, like she was a 3-D being crushed into a 2-D picture. She felt the wings and horn fade away and had a few moments of phantom limb as she even forgot HOW she'd done much of what she'd done with them... that power, knowledge and skill had been a gift she'd given up to give to another. And now... she felt so small... so terribly small!

All in all, it was an infinitely worse experience than her memories of Nightmare Mirror having part of her essence taken. She blacked out.

Applejack woke up with the bandage on her... and shaking, and hugged herself. "So small... so small... so small... so small."

She felt Fluttershy embrace her with her wings. Applejack slowly calmed down, and pushed her body up. She looked down at herself. Four good legs. They'd gotten her this far... "Ah'll climb up the mountain again, this time, with my own strength...not somethin' that was just given to me... there ain't no short cuts to enlightenment. I'll get those wings and horn back, just you watch."

"I know you will, Applejack," Fluttershy said. "After all, you're the most dependable of ponies, right?"

"Darn tootin'!"

Then she looked around, and saw an infant Alicorn version of herself. With her Alicorn cutie mark on he diaper and pacifier.

Native-Razzaroo flew to where Rainbow had standing during the battle and retrieved a familiar stetson. "Here's your hat back little one." She flew back and placed the rather oversized hat on the filly's head, it instantly covered her sleeping face.

"Why... why'd she come back as a filly?" The Princess of Loyalty asked confused standing over her like the rest of the ex-nightmares.

"That was her wish." Razzaroo said.

"Ah'm STILL doin' stupid horseapples cause Ah think the pay off is worth it," AJ said to Cadence. "Reset me when Ah get back, pass or not. I want this idea out of my head!" The recorded voice echoed as Star-Razzaroo flipped through the pages of her book.

"Wow! I still owe Celestia and all her family that apology cake!" Pinkie Pie said.

"Wait, where did HER body come from?" Applejack asked.

Razzaroo smiled. "You absorbed it when you transformed, I merely reformed it. I couldn't do that with Midnight because Amicitia's body was used to MAKE their bodies."

"... Ah just hope... this doesn't make Old Nyhty right, 'bout us ponies. Not able to live through anythin' bad."

"Would you WANT to keep borrowed powers and leave Mirror lost JUST TO SPITE HIM?"

"It's ain't that, it just, like it makes it like it never happened."

"She sacrificed everything she was, her beliefs, her personality, her experience, her insight... ask any concept, and resetting is close to death as they can come. The Nightmare Mirror who sacrificed herself STILL sacrificed herself. Apple Mirror is like the Half-Lights... or Kifuko...And like Kifuko, she wasn't a Concept yet. This isn't a simple resurrection, Applejack...think of it as reincarnation. And, it's inspired you to become an Alicorn on your own hasn't it?"

"Ah understand...and..." Applejack said. "Ah've got... Ah think... at least... one bit of her memories..." Her mortal brain was far too small to hold millions of years worth of knowledge and she wasn't a magically enhanced super mutant like Tirek and the Sirens either... Losing those memories was perhaps a greater loss than the wings and horn. "NO! Pinkie Pie! Ya can't be her mama!"

"Aaaaah! Dangit!"

"RD?... Ah know what she'd want... she'd want YA to her mama!"

"Me?..." Princess Fidelitas asked... then looked at the sleeping infant. "... Fine AJ... if that's what you want... I'll raise you to be the honest truth you wanted to be... I promise." She gave the sleeping orange Alicorn a gentle nuzzle.

"Applejack," Native-Razzaroo said, "Before I leave my mortal self... I'll get you back to the real world... I remember that's what I did when I was mortal Razzaroo... so that's what will happen. Self-fulling causality is too confusing for you to NEED to think about right now. I don't know if you reach your sister to help her or not."

"Fine by me." Applejack said determined. "Ah might not be up for another deity brawl, but Ah still got MacGillacuddy and Kicks-McGee tah help with!"

Razzaroo turned to the ex-Nightmares. "And... I remember that I gave all of you a message from Rota Fortuna... you can't do anymore good here thanks to the Rumors Curse created explicitly to target you that hasn't been destroyed yet... your disguises won't protect you anymore now that SHE is watching for you. And as foreign gods, your very presence will damage reality if you enter undisguised anyway, and reality is being stretched to near breaking already. Especially Fluttershy because of what she is now... Rota Fortuna... wants you, and the Half-Lights, and your foals... to leave now and return to your own reality. Without delay. This minute. Both for the sake of this universe...and so if the worst DOES happen another universe doesn't risk having deities negatively affected too. This is what I remember telling all of you."

"Fate never did like us that much," Noon rolled her eyes.

Dawn stammered, looking VERY sad. "But! But I haven't said goodbye to-"

"Now," Razzaroo sighed.

"Hold on," Applejack said. "Just so everypony here is on the same page, what did Fate say?"

"For the Nightmares in body, and the Interviewers, and the my other self... to leave this reality."

"Okay," Applejack said looking at The Princess. "You heard her."

Princess Fidelitas sighed dramatically. "I guess you're right... Applejack... good luck on saving the world."

Dusk was comforting Dawn as the portal opened. Starlight meanwhile took Slipknot and bowed to Razzaroo. "Good luck, I'm just a spirit now... I have no right to be here without my status as a reaper... Good luck to everyone."

"...I hope next time we see this world on Fate-net, it's back to the golden world mom wanted..." Noon said.

Dusk simply nodded. "Have faith in them mother did when she made this world."

Peewee and Dawn shared one last hug and kiss. And Peewee flapped to Starlight's shoulders.

The Star-Razzaroo went through the portal first. Followed by the ex-Nightmare Herd, and the Half-Lights.... "See ya around." Princess Fidelitas said as she stepped into the portal's threshold.

Then... Applejack was swept up in a shower of star dust, and into one of the library's windows... which acted as portal ... She found herself in the real world outside Twilight's library... She wished she could stay and chat, or at least tell Twilight she was okay... she also found she had a lantern that chased away the fog at her hooves.

She looked around but saw no pony... until she spotted a cloaked Razzaroo and Twinkle Wish besides her. No glowing ghost horns or wings, only her.


"Hello... that was... I don't know how to describe it... "

"Ah know what ya mean... Why don't you check in Twili'? Ah think ya look like ya need a rest... Me? Ah got a little sister to find...And pleast tell Twili' Ah'm okay fer meh."

Princess Fidelitas' Notes:

Rota Fortuna believes every world line should solve its own problems... which Discord and Diamond Tiara ultimately ARE now that Nythy and his relatives are kaput (and banished from our section of the multiverse for the next eight billion years). Except Dagon, but the seaponies will take care of him then he'll be joining his family in exile.

Rota told the Half-Lights they need to accept this world line needs to solve its own problems, and it has its own Amicitia eventually to look over it. Rota said the universe is nearly tearing itself apart just trying to stay stable and can't support them being here any either.

Good thing I'm not the element of honesty... I'm not a Nightmare in body, nor am I an Interviewer!

Don't worry, Razzaoo understood, so did my friends. Fluttershy will keep an eye on AJ till I get back. And to honest? I think Fauna Luster WANTS ME HERE. No no no, I don't mean egotistical, it's just... in my gut ya know? My part isn't done here.

I'm a goddess of breaking cycles... I'll break the cycle that started with Morning Star then to Discord, then to Diamond Tiara. Even if I can't help now. I'll help before the end, you can bet on it! Till then, this is the Concept of Loyalty and Breaking Cycles, Tarot Of The Ace Of Swords."

Princess Fidelitas Moksha Equestria.

P.S. (Interviewer's Notes (Noon): Ya wanna know something funny? Rota Fortuna said 'go away'... heh... she didn't say STAY away! HA! See ya later!)
PonyPOV Series Finale 45 Rebirth of an Alicorn Pt3
Pony POV Series Finale:
Finale Arc Part 45
Pony POV Finale: Rebirth of an Alicorn Part 3
By Alex Warlorn 
Edited By Louis Badalament

Before the events of season 3, Discord's spirit manipulated the emotionally vulnerable Diamond Tiara, freeing him, and herself turning into a Nightmare. Together they've twisted the world into a Mishmash of all grim dark stories. But Cutie Mark Crusaders and their teammates have managed one by one to bring their friends and family back to their senses, pushing back the filth. Now the path for the fillies is cleared to find the cursed type writer that holds the power to restore the world completely.

But those who help you, can have a different agenda.

Now the visiting Rainbow Dash of a not-so-nice worldline that actually turned out alright in the end makes the choice that'll decide her fate and those of her friends.

Discord, "Pass the motor oil."

Previous: PonyPOV Series Finale 44 Rebirth of an Alicorn Pt2
Starlight was a reaper. She didn't see faces, she saw souls. "You're the Spike who killed Abandon, and you're the 'Cousin Surprise' who was there when Apple Bloom almost killed Silver Spoon."
Several thoughts went through Starlight's mind at once. Time travel? But something was odd for that. Every experience and choice that ponies made shaped their souls. Even if a thousand lifetimes passed, those marks remained somewhere... And... while there were BIG similarities, some events had others inserted in their place.
"And you're Starlight," Pinkie Pie said.
Starlight collected herself.
"The one true original. Accept no substitutions. You're from the same worldline as the Half-Lights, aren't you? You met the 'me' in your world line?"
"Uh, MORE or LESS," Pinkie Pie admitted.
"How the heck did you get in here and find us?!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed. Starlight nearly had a 'heart attack' looking keenly on her soul. She was... she was in the flux between mortal and divine.
"I just c

Next Chapter: 

First Chapter:…

FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE check out the ton of recursive fanfics of this fanfiction series. A lot of heart went into them! They also answer a lot of unaswered questions.  mlp-pony-pov-series.deviantart… For heaven sake they rock! Kendell2 and Oracle Mask and Richforce and Ardashir and Jawmax and Persona22 and Dragon of Twilight and ItsFromPeople and all the rest!!!… Seriously, they rock. 

Cover art by Iguanodragon  Commission - PONY POV series 8 Cover by Iguanodragon

MLP:FIM Copyright Hasbro

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