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Louis says he won't have the edits of the next chapter done until Monday AT LEAST. ... That is that. 
Session 52.0 Kendell2

"Finally!" the human Rainbow said as they were back into World of Horsecraft. "That was a huge mess!"

"It wasn't all bad, darling," said Rarity, having her ingame self do a taunt to show exclusive cape. "We got these fabulous capes out of it!"

"Yeah! And there's gonna be a big celebration event!" Pinkie Pie cheered.

"Yeah yeah, I'm just happy to get to the next boss," Rainbow replied. "...Though the capes are awesome."

The boss fight with Chrysalis didn't involve a dungeon. That was normally an indication it was either extremely long or extremely hard. Or both.

The first time they'd tried this, Cadence exposed Chrysalis while she was masquerading as them. This time, they used the fragment of Armor of Darkness to not only reveal her, but that Shining Armor was an innocent victim.

"You're going to wish you hadn't done that," Chrysalis snarled as her boss theme started.

=This Day Aria - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic=

"And you're going to regret attacking our country!" called Cadence and Shining's in game selves.

The first phase of the boss fight (and the only one they'd seen the first time before dying) consisted of Chrysalis fighting them with a group of Changelings. Her attacks were powerful and she was quick, but not as unfair as it had been when she was buffed.

"Well, she doesn't have the huge buff from Shining she did last time," Applejack said, falling back so Fluttershy could heal her.

"Yeah, but she has to have some trick to her," Sci Twi replied. "It wouldn't fit the Changelings otherwise."

Sure enough, when they got her health bar down enough, Chrysalis  jumped back.

"Let's see how you handle this one!" the Changeling Monarch called with a snarl, bursting into green flames.

=Zant Battle - The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess=

And emerged as the first boss of the expansion, a demonic shadow monster.

"Are they doing what I think they're doing?" Rainbow Dash asked.

While it was harder than the first time they'd fought the boss, it was still the same patterns and weaknesses, and they got through it okay after whittling down her health enough.

At which point Chrysalis jumped back and transformed again, this time assuming the form of the second boss, a Changeling higher up named Digger Wasp and adopting his fighting style.

"Yep: it's a boss rush," Applejack remarked.

"At least it makes sense, what with her being a shapeshifter and all," the pony Twilight commented.

As her rather sizable pool of health fell, Chrysalis continued to transition through the other bosses one until they reached Tarnished Armor, at which point a cutscene played.

Shining Armor clashed sword to trident against the image of his corrupted self.

"This is all your fault, Shining!" hissed the Changeling Queen in Shining's own voice. "You, who swore to safeguard Equestria were the vanguard of its destruction! The means for me and the Crystal King to do all you have seen! It's all on your head!"

As the impostor pushed Shining back, Cadence flew in and blasted Chrysalis back.

"Don't listen to her Shining, she's only trying to get in your head," the Princess of Love retorted.

"But...she's..." Shining replied, lowering his head.

Cadence nuzzled him. "You were a victim. And in Equestria we cast judgment on the criminal...You're Captain of the Royal Guard, I know you know that better than anypony..."

Shining blinked, then slowly returned it as the group's characters joined them in facing down Chrysalis.

Thankfully, Chrysalis only used Tarnished Armor's last phase and didn't go into Armor of Darkness, but it still made for a difficult fight to get her health down to it's last fourth.

Chrysalis snarled in rage, reverting to her true form. "I'm not out of tricks yet, cattle!" she roared, hissing and drones joining her. she turned into a copy of pony Twilight's character while the others turned into the rest of the party.

=Shadow Temple - The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time=

"Wow, they're really givin' her a lot off tricks, huh?" Applejack commented as the group engaged the copies.

"Having fought the real one, this isn't inaccurate," pony Twilight commented.

Thankfully the group new each other's characters inside and out at this point and thus knew were the holes in each other's builds were, which gave them an upper hand.

When she had only a bit of health yet, Chrysalis resumed her true form. "Stop it! Stop being so stubborn and accept your fate!" she snarled, her changelings assuming her form.

Chrysalis' attack pattern became very chaotic and unhinged, not helped by the fact they had to keep track of WHICH Chrysalis was the real one and make sure to keep an eye on who needed healing at any one time. It was far from easy to do either, and many, many revival spells were needed.

Finally, Pony Twilight charged up a lightning spell and struck the Changeling Queen dead on, triggering a cutscene.

Chrysalis, battered and bruised, leapt at Cadence, tackling both behind a curtain. When they fell out the other side, still fighting, Chrysalis had assumed Cadence's form before the two threw away from one another.

The two Cadence's looked to each other, then gasped, looking back to the group.

"Finish her! She's Chrysalis!" called one of the Cadences.

"No! Don't let her fool you! She's the real Chrysalis!" called the other one. "If you hesitate she'll destroy us all!"

A prompt appeared, giving them options on what to ask the Cadences.

"Ugh! Now we have to pick the right one?!" Rainbow Dash asked.

Pony Twilight looked through the questions...and noted one. "That one isn't addressed to her."

"Huh?" Applejack asked, looking over.

"It's asking Shining Armor what he thinks," Twilight replied. "And Shining is only here if you beat him first, so..."

The group nodded and selected that option.

Shining Armor's response was to walk forward and look between the two Cadences. "Alright...How did we fall in love?"

The Cadence on the right approached Shining and put a hoof on his chin, smiling lovingly. "Shining, we fell in love as soon as I laid eyes on that handsome face of yours..."

The other Cadence rolled her eyes. "No! We fell in love because he was a huge geek!"

Shining charged up his horn...and blasted the first Cadence to answer, sending her flying back and smashing through Celestia's throne, disguise fading to reveal Chrysalis.

The true Cadence trotted over and nuzzled Shining. "And I'd take a huge geek over the handsomest jock any day."

"Aww!" said everyone but Rainbow Dash.

Twilight couldn't help chuckling. "Funnily enough, that's actually exactly what happened."

=Love Conquers All - my Little Pony Friendship is Magic=

Chrysalis rose back up, snarling in fury...then fear as a pink light gathered around the two lovers.

The two rose into the air, the pink energy forming a heart around them.

"This is Equestria!" Cadence shouted.

"The land we love!" Shining Armor replied as their characters stepped back from the building power.

"AND YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!" both called, throwing their hooves forward side by side as one.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted Chrysalis as the blast of pink energy erupted forth, slamming into her and sending her and the Changelings sailing out of the city and over the horizon.

"...Did THAT really happen?" Rainbow Dash asked, looking to Twilight.

"Yes," Twilight replied with a chuckle. "Only it was less animane when they did it for real."

Session 52.1 Ardashir

"Why?!?" Chrysalis howled as she blasted the 'com-pew-ter' into ash as it showed her the battle and defeat of her other self. As it fell apart a small tag reading 'Discord's Cross-Dimensional Enterprises' hit the ground. It sprouted a red and yellow eye, gave her a wink, and vanished.

"Why?" Chrysalis yelled again, her nymphs and Changelings scattering for cover. She looked around at them all, her eyes watering. "Why must I be depicted as a loser even in other worlds? What did I do to deserve this?"

"Are we supposed to give an honest answer?" Vordul asked. He barely ducked behind a rock before a spellblast left the stone smoking.

Chrysalis snarled at her small swarm before heading for the door. Along the way she stopped long enough to toss some items into a saddlebag that she put on.

"Mom?" Imago asked, not quite leaving cover. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to that other world," Chrysalis snapped. "I'm going to find those vermin who slander my good-bad name, by making me look so weak! I'll find them, and when I do?" Her Changelings shuddered as she aimed a demented, fanged grin in their direction.



In the world of Canterlot High and World of Horsecraft:

"Miss Chrysalis, why did you shiver?" Thorax cringed as his supervisor glared at him.

"Nothing, just had the idea another angry mother was going to be visiting to complain. And you, back to work!"

Session 52.2 Alex Warlorn

Away from video games, magic illusions, masquerades within masquerades, and a thousand other absurdities, the mane six plus Spike were once again enjoying absurdities of their own choice again. Once again using the cutie mark map as a game table.

Behind the GM screen Spike said, "Okay Rainbow Dash, you see the big golden treasure chest and-"

"My barbarian attacks the Mimic!"

"Hey! I didn't- I mean, how would you even now it was a Mimic?"

"A big fat tempting treasure chest in a room with no monsters or traps? You've got to try harder than that Spike."

"At least this one isn't shooting fireballs," Twilight Sparkle said with a sense of relief.

'Try harder huh?' Spike thought dubiously.

- One dead Mimic and dungeon chambers alter-

"Okay girls, you see a sign that reads in common, 'Waring: beware of Mimic.' Behind it is a big fat treasure chest and-"

"Spike you're making this too easy! Rise and repeat!"

The other ponies cringed waiting for the obviously trapped treasure chest to go off.

"Congratulations Rainbow Dash, you've smashed the treasure chest, destroying all the rare and valuable potions inside and the extremely expensive crystalware."

"What?! That's a cheap trick Spike!"

"Also, right behind you Rainbow on the other side of the corridor, is a nice comfy purple couch with green trim."

"Ugh! I sit-"

"Don't!" Applejack said quickly. "Rainbow! Think! A couch? In a friggin' dungeon?! How does that even make sense? Don't ya see? That there's the real Mimic!"

"And a PURPLE couch with green trim? Isn't that a dead give away?" Twilight said.

Rainbow Dash stood straight up, both in and out of game, tucking her wings close to her. "I stay away from that frggin' couch!"

"Okay everypony, stay away from the couch, keep an eye on it, and move carefully." Twilight said.

The other nodded.

Then Spike said, "As soon as you all have your backs turned, the Mimic who was impersonating the sign attack you."


"I get the drop on the beholder shoot it right in its big eye!" AJ said.

"The Gas Spore explodes, roll a reflex save."

"What the heck is a Gas Spore?!"

Twilight answered. "Floating fungus growths that can be easily mistaken for beholders that explodes from taking one hit point of damage releasing their spores everywhere... Except! I don't recall them being around since first edition!"

"They're around if you know where to look," Spike said with a straight face.


"Once you girls are halfway through the room, the ceiling turns out to be a Lurker Above, and calls and catches Rainbow Dash. The floor turns out to be a Trapper and grabs Pinkie Pie. The walls are really stun jellies and grab Applejack as she tries to sneak around."

"Ah draw my sword!"

"Yeah, that sword you found? It was a Xaver."

"A what?!"

"A monster that eats metal and is disguised as a sword." Twilight sighed.

"Yes, and it ate your non-wooden weapons while you weren't looking."

"Roll reflex and condition saves girls."

Pinkie Pie made her roll and escaped the trapper's grasp.

"Pinkie Pie, you see a bunch of ponies partying in one of the side rooms, they call to you to join them."

"Wow! Maybe they can help! I rush in to ask."

"Actually, they were illusions, that entire room is a Greater Mimic, and it's hungry."

"Weren't all these monsters banned?!" Twilight asked her hair going wildly out of place.

Fluttershy had stayed back. Her animal pet refusing to go near the room.

Then Spike added. "Oh and Rarity, that beautiful cape you put on was a Cloaker in disguise. It attacks. And that beautiful hand bag you picked up was a bag of devouring, it ate all your gold."

"BETRAYED BY FASHION! SPIKEY-WIKEY HOW COULD YOU?!" Rarity wailed and fell on her chaise longue.


"The inn keeper welcomes you in, saying baths are on the house."

"Thank goodness!" Rarity exasperated. "That mud slide was horrible!"

"But he warns you that a Mimic broken in and he think it's imitating one of the bathtubs, so bath at yer own risk."

The other glared at Rainbow Dash.

"Ya just hada tell'em to 'try harder' didn't ya?" AJ scolded.

"Seriously darling, you think you'd remember that's inviting doom to say those words to the Oubliette Overseer." Rarity admonished.

(Inspired by a play-do and quasi-lego figure comic I can't remember the name of now.)

(I was going to have Fluttershy run into a Wolf-in-Sheep's-clothing, but that felt too gruesome given their xenomorph like life cycle.)

Session 52.3 Kendell2

Back with their Chaotic/Lawful morality selves, the groups had chosen their classes:

The Mane Six had chosen their typical classes:

Twilight Sparkle = Wizard.
Pinkie Pie = Bard.
Applejack = Ranger.
Fluttershy = Druid.
Rainbow Dash = Barbarian.
Rarity = Monk.
Starlight = Mismatch of lawful classes.

Their alternate selves had chose THEIR preferred classes.

Draconequus Twilight = Warlock
Pinkamena = Paladin.
Orangejack = Bard
Empathy Fluttershy = Druid
Rainbow Dash = Ranger
Rarity: Rogue
Starlight: Mismatch of chaotic classes.

The game was pretty standards, though they went at it as two separate parties rather than one combined group, and Princess Twilight couldn't help thinking Disaccord as making things harder than they would be as a combined group. But still...she couldn't help showing caution towards her alternate self.

Also keeping things standard was the fact Disaccord was about the most painfully neutral GM ever to the point he seemed to be reading off a script without any personal attachment.

Except to the Fluttershys.

"And the Gelantinous Cube slowly approaches you..." said Disaccord in a boring, monotone voice. "Roll your attack throw."

Twilight did so. "I cast magic missile, aiming at the center of the beast's mass."

Disaccord rolled the Cube's dice and nodded. "You killed it."

"...That's it?" Rainbow Dash asked.


"Don't you think that's a bit anticlimactic a way to describe it?" Orangejack asked.

"I have no strong feelings one way or the other," the Spirit of Neutrality replied, then disappeared in a poof and fell apart into Discord and Accord.

"Geeze! That was more boring than being turned to stone!" Discord said. "Why were we so boring!"

Accord got back to his claws. "I suppose that's to be expected when you're the Spirit of Neutrality."

"Well it was boring!"

"Yes, it was, even by my generous standards."

The groups, now with Accord and Discord separate, continued pursuing their Elements of Harmony and Chaos, which was still rather simple. Just find them in dungeons and defeat the boss guarding them.

Then they both tried to confront Grogar...and found out he had his own set of Elements that was able to overpower them, and Grogar himself was leveled for a much larger party than 7 players.

They all ended up locked in Tambelon's dungeon.

"How is THAT fair?!" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Oh, it's quite fair. It's not our fault Grogar's Elements are stronger than the other two sets individually," Discord replied. "And now you're in the dungeon..."

He and Accord snapped their fingers and both sets heroes found themselves locked in a recreation of the dungeons of Tambelon.

"Well, Accord, let's go take a snack break..." Discord said.

"Oh, and tea?"

"Sounds good! I'll have distilled chaos in mine!"

"Hey! You're not going to just leave us here, are you?!" both Twilights asked.

"Oh no, we shall be back in a bit. If you get hungry, there's sandwiches in that mini fridge," Accord replied, snapping his fingers and a creating a small fridge in the cell before the two left the 'room' through a door that appeared out of nowhere.

"...I hate him sometimes..." Orangejack said with a growl.

The two groups set staring at each other, now dressed as their characters. The two Fluttershys trotted over to each other and started talking, as did the two Pinkies, but the rest just sat there.

Rainbow Dash prime finally gave an annoyed sigh. "Okay, I know where this is going..." she muttered, trotting over to Chaos Rainbow. "...So...DO you only care about yourself?"

Chaos Rainbow gave an annoyed sigh. "No! Of course I don't! I just don't like the idea of somepony telling ME how to protect ponies. I'm...okay, you know how Superstallion is a colt-scout, but Batmare works outside the law FOR the law?"


"I'm Batmare."


Chaos Rainbow looked over. "...So you're not just Celestia's lapdog?"

"Of course not! I do what's right, I just listen to ponies I think earned my respect," Rainbow explained. "...And even then I'll call them out if I think they're wrong. I've done it to the Wonderbolts before."

"...Okay, I guess I can get that."

Session 52.4 Mtangalion

“Aha!” gloated Starlight Glimmer.  “So you do agree with me!”  She and Princess Twilight stood in one of the Friendship Castle’s many study rooms, surrounded by no less than three chalkboards filled front and back with equations and arcane symbols.  “In a world similar to our own, but with a full gender reversal, all social constructs and incidental details related to gender would also be inverted.”

Twilight opened a window, conjuring a breeze to try and get some of the chalk dust out.  “I’m not disagreeing with you, Starlight.  I’m saying that we shouldn’t just assume the common theory is correct without doing the math.”

Starlight groaned.  “Sure, we could do some *more* math…”  She grinned, suddenly inspired.  “Or, we could just go and see for ourselves!”

“Go where?” asked Twilight, but Starlight’s horn was already glowing brightly, pouring vast quantities of mana into a rotating ring construct covered in fiery runes… and a powerful wind was already drawing her in.  “You didn’t… Starlight!  What did I tell you about solving your problems with dangerous, experimental magic?”

“What? It’s perfectly safe,” said Starlight, getting swept up in the air currents too.  “I just took Starswirl’s time travel spell and rotated the whole thing along the fourth hyperdimensional axis!  Add a simple Seeker spell, and…”

They passed through the spinning rings with a brilliant flash.  “...and here we are, right on target!”  Then she noticed that she was magically hovering in midair, with Twilight flying beside her.  “Mostly on target!”

Twilight smirked, shaking her head.  “Well, it certainly seems like Ponyville.”  She adjusted her wings to glide in a slow arc, surveying the town below them.  “Crystal castle and all.  Oh, look there…”

On one of the castle balconies not far away, a purple Alicorn stallion was sitting at what looked like a chess board with a definitely male griffon.  At least, they *had* been playing chess.  Right now, they were staring up at their unexpected visitors.

“Chess,” mused Starlight.  “That’s just what we need!”  She drifted down towards the balcony.  “Excuse me!  I’m sorry to interrupt, but we have a question…”  She trailed off, eyes widening.  “Wow.  The guy version of Gilda is… pretty big.”

“Oh?”  The male griffon twitched his large beak into a sly grin, rising from his chair to show off big paws and claws, and puff out his broad chest.  “Thanks for noticing, toots.  You, uh, want a closer look?”

The Alicorn stallion nudged him.  “Guilder, behave.  I’m guessing they’re not from around here.”

Guilder bowed mockingly, winking.  “Yeah, sure, whatever you say, O mighty Prince Dusk Shine!”

Princess Twilight flew down to join them on the balcony.  “What, no comment on my male counterpart, Starlight?”

Starlight mulled it over.  “Guy Twilight?  Oh, he’s not bad.  Kind of a bookworm-y, Sunburst-y kind of stallion.”

Guilder blinked twice, then guffawed, slapping the table.

“Hey!” shouted Starlight.  “I happen to like that type!”

Dusk blushed.  “Let me guess… this was all Starshine Glamor’s idea.  I mean, your Starshine… Starlight’s idea!”

Twilight smiled.  “The one and only.  Well, two and only.  Never mind!”  She pointed at the chess board.  “That game you’re playing!  What’s the most important piece, the one that has to be protected?”

Dusk blinked.  “The Queen, of course.”

“And the strongest piece, which can move all over the board?”

“The King,” said Guilder.  “Duh.”

“Yes!” shouted Starlight, pumping a hoof in the air.  “Exactly the opposite of our own world!  We’ve proved the theory!”

“Starlight,” said Twilight testily.  “We haven’t proved anything.  You found one positive example, which doesn’t tell us anything because one isn’t a statistically valid sample, and we still haven’t *done the math*.  Now, can we please go home before...”

She was immediately interrupted by a blast of wind and the flash of a rainbow contrail… of course.  

“Hey, G!” said the blue pegasus stallion with an athletic build and a frizzy rainbow mane.  “Hurry it up before we miss the… show?”

Dusk took a deep breath.  “And, here we go.  Rainbow Blitz... meet Twilight and Starlight.”  He took a hasty step back.

“Whoa!” Blitz zipped right up close, eyeballing Princess Twilight.  He backed off, taking a suspicious midair stance with his forelimbs folded.  “So you’re Dusk and Starshine from one of those crazy comic book universes where everypony is the wrong gender, huh?”

Twilight raised a hoof.  “I… wouldn’t characterize it as the *wrong* gender.  From our perspective…”

“Is there a Rainbow Blitz and a Guilder there too?!”

“What?  Er… of course.  Rainbow Dash and Gilda.”

Blitz winked at Guilder.  “Huh, can you imagine that?  Two dudes that are every bit as awesome as we are, only they’re a mare and a chick?”

Guilder smirked.  “Maybe we could tag along back to their bizarro world and double date or something.  Find out just how awesome they are.”

Twilight twitched.  “No!  No more interdimensional relationships.”

Starlight cleared her throat loudly.  “Er-hem Flash-cough, cough!”

“Nope!” said Twilight.  “I’m not going to facilitate anyone dating their opposite gender clone from another universe!”

“Whatever,” said Guilder.  “Dusky can send us.  Or Eros… I bet he'd love that.”

Prince Dusk rubbed his chin with a hoof.  “The thought of getting you two out of my mane for a few days is actually pretty tempting.”

Guilder did a double take.  “Hey, now!”

Starlight grinned.  “I kind of want to see how hard Gilda pecks them after they call her a chick.”

Twilight’s mane was getting seriously frazzled.  “Thank you all so much for answering our questions about chess, but we have to be going.  Now.”  She flew back into the portal, dragging a protesting Starlight along in her magic.

The guys blinked, watching the portal flash and disappear.  “What’s chess?” asked Rainbow Blitz.

“Never heard of it,” said Dusk Shine, moving a piece on the board with his magic.  “Mailcolt to Party Pony seven.  Your Queen is in check… friendship in three moves.”

Guilder squawked, throwing up his claws.  “One of these days, smart pony!  Someday, I’ll beat you at this game!”

Session 52.5 Kendell2

The group watched Rainbow and Rainbow discuss things and slowly looked to each other.

"..." Rarity sighed. "...Being out done in social situations by Rainbow Dash...I'm clearly doing something wrong..." she said, and trotted over to Chaos Rarity. "...So...darling...did you make that outfit yourself?"

Chaos Rarity nodded. "Yeah, I always make my own stuff. You?"

"Oh, the same! it's a point of pride of mine," Rarity replied. "There's nothing quite so thrilling as going out in a dress of your own design!"

"And seeing how ponies react?"

"And taking pride that they loved a thing made by your own hooves and horn?"

The two shared a smile. "Well, I'm more into less formal attire than dresses, but I get that feeling very very well," Chaos Rarity replied. " don't just give away everything we have?"

"No darling," Rarity replied. "I give to others if they need it. That is Generosity: giving when others need what you can give...And you're not all about yourself?"

"Nah, I want things and try to give them, but there's more to Desire than just wanting things," Chaos Rarity replied.

"How so, darling?"

"Desire is drive. I desire to progress and become better. I desire to create, and so on," the alternate Rarity explained.

"I see...I sincerely hadn't thought of it like that..."

Twilight gave a cautious look to her alternate self...but gave a sigh and trotted over to her. "...So...we...may have gotten off on the wrong hoof...Just..."

"I get it, dark magic is for 'bad guys'," Draconequus Twilight replied, seeming hurt. "I've heard it's not for ME. It runs on emotions most ponies don't have trouble with, but I don't have that much trouble controlling them..."

"What do you mean?" Twilight asked, cocking her head.

"My brain runs a mile a minute," the Draconequi replied with a sigh. "If I don't focus, I just go from one thing to another...So controlling myself is just something I had to grow up learning...It's the stuff that comes 'easy' to most ponies I have trouble with...They just feel so boring, there's so many rules to read about and thing. It's just easier for me to 'think wildly' I guess..."

"I see..." said Twilight, now feeling guilty. "...I'm kind of the opposite...Studying? Things with lots of rules? I'm really good at that...that's my thing...but when it comes to Dark Magic like emotions...I have have trouble focusing it...when I get worried, I let it get out of hoof unless I calm down, I don't really have a good middle ground...the 'Smarypants Incident shows that'...When I get angry, it just burns out quick. The only time I really kept my anger up for a long time was fighting Tirek...Using Dark Magic makes my head hurt because I practically have to force myself to use it and keep it under control...So I guess we're the same, just backwards..."

Draconequus Twilight gave a small smile. "I guess we are."

Now that she wasn't fearful of her, Twilight noticed the animals actually composing her alternate self. Her right wing was an owl, her left a raven's. Her right hind leg was that of a rabbit while her left was a deer. Her right front leg was a cat's while her left front leg was a wolf's, while her tail was that of a dragon's.

Applejack watched her friends give their alternate selves a chance and sighed. She and Orangejack looked towards each other.

"...Look...ugh..." Applejack started, rubbing her head. "Ah just...tah meh Ah can't understand staying in Manehattan...It just felt like abandoning our family..."

Orangejack gave a gasp. "That's not it at all! I never abandoned our family. I stayed in Manehattan to HELP them."

Applejack cocked her head. "Pardon?"

"Aunt and Uncle Orange run a business, and I learned from them how to run one..." Orangejack explained. "I use it to help Sweet Apple Acres however I can...But...I do admit, I didn't get to see Apple Bloom grow up...our relationship really isn't as good as I would like because of that..."

"...That's why Ah went back...Ah felt like Ah belonged with mah Family..." Applejack replied. "Meh, Granny Smith, Big Mac, and Applebloom are thick as thieves..."

"...Must be nice..."

"Must be nice tah know what all that crazy paperwork..." Applejack replied. "...And Fantasy?"

"I admit, I will stretch the truth if it helps people," Orangejack replied. "But I would never hurt anypony with it. I only do it for a good reason...Though I admit, it does make some not trust me..."

"...And Ah hate lyin' with a passion. Ah never do it..." Applejack replied, rubbing her head. "But...there are times Ah've gotten in trouble because of it...Or wished Ah ain't mah thing and Ah don't LIKE doin' it...but there are times Ah can see it bein' easier if Ah'd stretch it a bit...Ah just don't like it..."

"...You know, dear...Fantasy isn't just's making up stories for foals..."

"...Hehe...hadn't thought of that one...guess you have a point there..."

Session 52.6 Kendell2

"...And aren't Aunt and Uncle Orange family?" Orangejack asked her alternate self.

"Of course they are, but...they're rich. Ah just feel like Sweet Apple Acres needed meh more..." Applejack explained. "...Ah still write 'em."

"And I always wrote Granny Smith and company..."

"And that's how I helped us get passed Nightmare Moon's forest of terrifying trees!" Pinkie Pie explained.

Pinkamena chuckled. "That's kinda cool...I gave us a rousing speech on why being brave is doing what you're scared to do, and facing your fears."

"So we BOTH helped ponies face their fears! That's cool!" Pinkie replied.

As the two groups talked, the lights slowly came on and they found a guard now standing in front of the door. Which was naturally a giant game piece like every time Discord did this.

"Looks like those two got what they wanted..." Chaos Dash replied.

" how do we get out of here?" Rainbow prime asked.

Orangejack tapped her chin. "I've got an idea..." she said. "But I need you all to trust me, because it involves stretching the truth a tiny bit..." she said, then walked up to the guard. "Hello, sir. I have been thinking and I would like to jump ship and play for the winning team, if you don't mind. Grogar is clearly the right choice and I would be foolish to oppose him."

"What?!" asked Rainbow Dash prime. To her surprise APPLEJACK shushed her.

"Roll a charisma check," said Accord's voice as some dice formed in Orangejack's hoof. She did the roll and, combined with her high charisma stat (an important one for any bard worth her salt) winning out easily.

"The guard believes you and opens the door," said Accord's voice.

"Come on, we'll talk to the boss..." said the guard, turning and leading her out.

Orangejack moved and looked back, motioning with her tail.

"I pull back my bow and aim for the guard," said Chaos Rainbow,

"Do the attack roll," replied Accord's voice.

Chaos Rainbow did so and successfully got the roll. She pulled back her bow and cocked an arrow, aiming and firing.

"Your arrow rings through the air..."

The guard fell to the ground and 'poofed' into a treasure bag.

"And strikes the guard in the head, felling the enemy."

"Okay...Ah see yer point...don't like it, couldn't do it, but Ah see it," said Applejack.

"And I see me, I've lost enough trust to know the price of lying in the wrong situations," Orangejack replied.

"We might want to let Pinkamena and my Dash take point," said Twilight. "They're the most tanky."

"But my Rarity's Dexterity Stat is the highest, so she's got the best evasion and speed," Draconequus Twilight replied. "And she's the stealthiest."

"Good point...hmm...Dash and your Rarity? that way if they hit trouble she's got her to back her up."

"Good idea!"

Session 52.7 Ardashir

(OOC: A scene that would have worked better when everyone was in the cell in :iconkendell2:'s arc, but if everyone is willing...)

The Mane Six and Chaos Six all froze as they heard someone at their cell door. The Dashes and Harmony Applejack prepared to dive on their visitor. When it opened to reveal a hulking Diamond Dog in robes along with several guards, they snorted in disgust.

"Looks like Accord came up with a roleplaying scene," Orangejack said. She looked at the others. "He thinks he's a great writer of drama."

"Greeting, invaders," the Diamond Dog said his voice lacking the usual guttural growl of his species. "I am the one Master Grogar, may his coat never thin, sends to deal with uninvited guests. He has decided how to deal with you."

The ponies looked at each other warily.

"Okay," Rainbow Dash said, "what's old goat-face want?"

The guards snarled at her insolence. Dash smirked.

"Master Grogar, may his horns never need trimming, will use the unicorns as slave spell-casters once he controls their minds." The Diamond Dog smiled at the Twilights and the Rarities. "Rejoice, inferior creatures! Your lives will at last have value as you assist the only rightful ruler of all Tambelon."

The Twilights snorted, and the Rarities looked horrified.

"Hey, what about the rest of us?" Chaos Dash said. "He'd better not think we'll be serving that jerk!"

"As for you? Well..." The ponies stepped back as he reached up one voluminous sleeve ad whipped out a knife with a blade as long as his forearm. "The Master's monsters need to be fed."

Several loud gulps came from the ponies.

"Isn't that going to be painful?" Fluttershy almost squeaked out.

"What? Oh, no!" The ponies began to relax as the Diamond Dog spoke in an almost friendly tone. "I've disposed of thousands of intruders, and I assure you, I've never felt a thing." He turned and left, the guards following him out. He stopped at the door long enough to say, "But thank you for your concern. I'm quite touched." The cell door closed behind him and they left.

The ponies relaxed.

"That's a relief. I was kinda worried for a moment, but anyway -- WHAT THE BUCK AM I SAYING?!?" Dash yelled. She raced to the cell door and tried pounding on it, Chaos Dash, Chaos Pinkie, and Applejack right beside her. "We gotta get outta here! I ain't ending up as some monster's appetizer!"

"At least he was polite," Rarity blinked as her friends stared at her in disbelief. "What? He may be the murderous servant of a brutal tyrant, but at least he has class."

Session 52.8 All-Overboard  

Another night of muffin-y goodness once again graced the Derpy household. Her guests were special that night in particular. Bon Bon had once again made her reappearance while Twilight and Pinkie Pie joined them. It was quite the treat since having a princess in her home was something she thought she would never see in her life. Except for the one time when Luna accidentally came and for some reason they had run out of double chocolate chip muffins which mysteriously disappeared that day.


“Huzzah!” Luna jumped into a large pile of double chocolate chip muffins scarfing a few as she fell into chocolate bliss.

“That dear mail pony was on to something with these muffins.” Celestia looked in to the room seeing all the sweets only for Luna to grab her in her
telekinetic field and place her outside the door with the ‘Do not disturb’ sign on her door.

“But chocolate…” Celestia scratched absentmindedly at the door.

Back in Derpy’s home…

Derpy didn’t know why but she felt as though she had missed a flashback that explained everything. Meanwhile there was only one muffin left and before Pinkie could say anything the muffin button was pressed. Pinkie instantly knew what was going on as Bon Bon was wearing her trademarked blue suit red tie combo.

Pinkie wasted no time getting into the spirit of things. ‘Hey I made a pun on who I’m playing.’

Pinkie stop breaking the fourth wall.

“Okay… for now.” Smiling she donned a purple kimono and grabbed a pile of rock candy to act as a bead necklace while on the end of it was a green magatama she also wore a white shawl around her and tied up her hair in a top bun to make her looked more fortune teller-y.

Pinkie you’re a spirit medium.

“Okie Doki Loki narrator.” She answered.

Derpy and Bon Bon just stared at Pinkie. Bon Bon was just repressing it while Derpy was confused that she hadn’t really been affected by the muffin button. Then a note materialized in front of her.

From Discord.

Muffin button doesn’t work on truly chaotic ponies. Beware the pink puff and I’m not just talking Fluffle Puff.

Utterly confused they turned to Twilight who did come under the effects of the muffin button. She couldn’t be easier to mind control. ‘Why don’t they have resistance to mind control yet?’ Derpy thought to herself.

“Who would like the last muffin?” Derpy asked.

“Me.” Both Ponies answered while Pinkie remained silent for some reason. She looked around and realized that Derpy had more muffins in the oven and
decided to play along with this cause it seemed like good fun.

Thank Celestia…

“Don’t worry Mr. Narrator I’m just gonna watch this play out for my master plan.” Pinkie deviously rubbed her hooves together and waited.
Twilight finally finished changing from the long costume shift. She was wearing a fancy white suit with golden trim alongside everything she had. A white shawl was floating around her but wasn’t being held up with magic and a small tetrahedral ruby was on her forehead. She began her opening statements.

“That muffin should belong to me. The divine spirits of the ancient pony civilization of Ach-tchoo beckon me to answer in their name.” A string of beads floated out in front of Twilight. “Believe in my spiritual advisors they know what they are talking about.”


“This pony don’t believe in that bunch of horseapples. I’m a simple baker and I know you don’t need anymore muffins at this point Twilight. Lest you forget I did help Pinkie make a lot of the sweets you guys eat during game night from time to time. I know you haven’t been running or exercising much.”


“I’ve just been busy I can lose the weight. It’s on my list see!.” Twilight quickly tried to save face in the face of surmounting evidence.


Bon Bon looked at the list. Then she looked at Pinkie.

“Pinkie can you summon up one of these spirits so we can talk to them?” Bon Bon felt like it was something that Pinkie could do.

Derpy not wanting to have her house devalued because of hauntings quickly pressed the muffin button and brought out the other muffins from the oven.

“Aww… I couldn’t pull off my master plan…” Pinkie pouted only for the other ponies to stare incredulously at the pink party pony.

“What were you going to do?”Everypony asked.

“Pull the authors in to throw them a party. All of them.” Pinkie smiled widely while everypony else just stared at her. This was real life not some story. Derpy smiled while she hid the muffin button back in her tail and enjoyed the newly bake muffins while the rest of the ponies made more small talk about the days ahead.

To this day all the authors didn't know just how close they had escaped fate that day. All thanks to a tiny grey mail pony with a lazy eye and the hero she was that day.
Ponies and Dragons LII (Just Have Fun)
This is a group-story/addventure/chain-story/round robin, fanfic 'story' of the Mane Six Plus Spike playing Dungeons and Dragons/Oubliettes and Ogres, with occasional guest players (like Trixie or Gilda), with Spike and Twilight rotating as Dungeon Master. It's intended to be an IN-CHARACTER comedy. 

Each post should be more self contained, if say (in game) Twilight is fire balled by a Mimic in one post in a desert pyramid, the next post can have them sailing a ship encountering seaponies siren expies, each one containing a short joke, or an extension of a previous scene if that's what the poster wants. Time skips, flash backs, the ponies rotating different characters and campaigns, are all allowed (and ENCOURAGED) as long as the ponies stay in character (such as Pinkie Pie NOT fireballing a cabbage sales stallion and saying she thought he was a demon, thank you very much).

Pinkie Pie, "And pretty please do not take anything personally! It's just a game!"

Rainbow Dash, "What did you say!?

What's you post in the comments, it's then copy and pasted into the fic above, have fun. 


Trope Page: (update already)…

Session 52.0 Kendell2  
Session 52.1 Ardashir  
Session 52.2 Alex Warlorn  
Session 52.3 Kendell2  
Session 52.4 Mtangalion  
Session 52.5 Kendell2  
Session 52.6 Kendell2  
Session 52.7 Ardashir  
Session 52.8 All-Overboard   

MLPFiM Copyright Hasbro

Cover art by  DinoDraketakethecake  Limestone the cleric by DinoDraketakethecake

Also remember, this is not the pony pov verse, has never been the pony pov verse, will never be the pony pov verse, so please avoid using pony pov verse cosmology and characters please. 
What are your favorite video complete OSTs to just listen to from beginning to end?
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In a typical situation, asking a dragon a riddle, in a situation where hostilities have not begun yet in the dragon's mind, is a great way to stall for time. Since  a dragon will bend all their considerable experience and intellect onto this word puzzle. However, attempting to sneak attack or engage in an act of treachery during the riddle contest is a bad idea, as it's considered 'breaking the rules', and dragons as a whole ONLY continue to honor the riddle challenge BECAUSE people have honored it on their end for the most part.  

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Fluttercruel is unconsciously blocking the side of her nature that comes from her father. If she wasn't, she have REMEMBERED the events of the rumors curse. This is why her power level is more or less the same, in spite of devouring countless infant rumor spawn like infant draconequus devour shadows of existence to become a concrete idea of reality. When she should now have the power of a young demigoddess, even she has no clue how to use it, and there is no pony in Equestria who knows Chaos Magic to TEACH HER. She rejects the part of her that used to be Discord's essence, as she's gotten to know and learned to care about the ponies around her rather than seeing herself as the bad girl who gets what she wants.

Not to the level of indoctrinated self-hatred like Flutternice in dark world, and for completely different reasons, but since isn't embracing that side of her heritage because Discord is the only PART of her heritage on that side she knows! 

Now that she's undergone the 'rite of passage' of newborn Draconequus, this might mean she could petrify herself from using her own inner Element of Harmony, but this is untested, and Fluttercruel doesn't realize this herself, and Celestia and Luna have can't sure at all given that Flutercruel is a unique entity. 

One doesn't have to be completely evil or totally 'in the wrong' for the Elements to affect you, since Strife was acting perfectly within her purpose as the idea of natural selection, and wasn't acting in any sense of malice, and the ponies of the Age of Dream would have still turned her to stone if she hadn't defected the blast (and ended up with a stone paw forever instead). And the Harmony Queen were able to use the Elements without trouble. 
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Check Out The Pony POV Series
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In a typical situation, asking a dragon a riddle, in a situation where hostilities have not begun yet in the dragon's mind, is a great way to stall for time. Since  a dragon will bend all their considerable experience and intellect onto this word puzzle. However, attempting to sneak attack or engage in an act of treachery during the riddle contest is a bad idea, as it's considered 'breaking the rules', and dragons as a whole ONLY continue to honor the riddle challenge BECAUSE people have honored it on their end for the most part.  

  • Listening to: Pony POV Series
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  • Watching: Pony POV Series
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What are your favorite video complete OSTs to just listen to from beginning to end? 

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