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June 23, 2012
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"Once upon a time the world was ruled by rigid order and the law obsessed Alicorns, who had rules for everything and anything, to how ponies walked to how they breathed. They were jealous of us sea ponies and our music, for it was the one thing they could not create in their cold mechanical hearts. Their slaves questioned their almightiness if their masters could not produce music as beautiful as the sea-ponies.

"They debated between sending us to the moon, or drying up our ocean with the power of the sun they had enslaved. Finally they chose to curse us into big ugly hairy horned monsters called buffalo, while at the same time ensuring we would drown in our own ocean.

"But Master Discord, who loved our music, saved us by making the grim choice to remove our ocean so we, and our songs, might live. But he could not undo the curse the Alicorns had placed on us as long as the so-called 'Elements of Harmony' still functioned, named so to disguise their true purpose of imposing unyielding order upon innocent ponies."

"What did Alicorns look like?" Ask Waterflower.

Aqua-Marine grimaced. "They were absurd monsters, with Virgacorn horns, hippogriff wings, and the bodies of Earth ponies but all stretched out."

Waterflower belched. "They sound ugly."

"They were. But they insisted they were beautiful, and all that was beautiful was therefore ugly. But Master Discord fought against the massive army of Alicorns and single handedly and restored the Elements to their true forms and was able to break the curse. He granted us our new ocean floating in the sky, safe from those who would still seek us harm and ensuring the ground below was also another layer of defense from those who would destroy us in jealousy of our music. And that is why we constantly produce new songs in tribute to Master Discord."

The seaponies all cheered and clapped their flippers and fins. An ocean of snowflakes, no two alike. Some resembling sea-horses, others with countless fins, octopi, some looking like dolphins, but all beautiful, all innocent, all cheering Aqua-Marine's recount of their origins.

Random foals stuck their heads out of the water on the side to watch the cotton candy clouds fly by, sticking their tongues out for a quick taste of chocolate rain. Others floated on the surface lazily watching the sun and moon switch positions. While others watched ponies on the ground far below listen to their singing.

Their ocean in the sky, the mighty floating body of water Master had given them that would never be taken away from them by the Alicorns.

Little-Ocean-Heart and Sea Apple hugged each other smiling as their daughter Waterflower did loop-de-loops out the bottom of their ocean with reversed gravity pulling her back in without fail.
Hear of the glorious return of the sea ponies.

Previous Chapter: [link]
The OTHER Previous Chapter: [link]
Next Chapter: [link]

Edit 20120623: Clarity.

Chapter picture by Moonstruck-Badger. [link]
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After the dream both Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo shared about their final battle in the world ruled by Discord we get another look at Epilogue. This one covers the life of the sea ponies under the Draconequus. He had begun to rewrite history to give him the role of the hero fighting against the oppressive Alicorns of order. Now the sea ponies believe that the Alicorn were power-hungry Control Freaks that were insulted by their inability to create music as good as the sea ponies. This is a total lie. Celestia’s song was emotional and powerful enough to heal others from mind control; it was Discord that never managed to create good music. He claims that the Alicorns just wanted to kill them either by sending the sea ponies to the moon or erasing their ocean. In the end the decided to turn them into buffalo so they might drown. Only the “generous” Discord saved them by removing the ocean. Now this contains at least a tiny fraction of truth. Galaxia did transform them into buffalo but only after the Draconequus had removed the ocean to teach them a lesson. It were the Alicorns that weren’t powerful enough to restore the original state but Discord could hardly mention that he was stronger or the entire lie would fall apart. In his rewritten history even the appearance of the Alicorns is mocked and they are described as mix-and-match-creatures like the Draconequi. Instead of the three Alicorns that were on this world back then Discord claims that it was an entire army and the corrupted Elements of Harmony that he all alone defeated and restored to their true forms. But we also learn how this lie can even work as the Draconequus is torturing everybody: The ocean is flying high above the suffering, so that the sea ponies might never learn the truth. Again Discord made them think that this isolation was for their own protection. And now they willingly sing in tribute for the monster that twisted the world into a parody of itself. Their innocence is truly depressing. He also gave them strange and chaotic shapes, so they hardly look like the original sea ponies. Under them are descendants or transformed versions of Apple Braeburn and Little Strongheart. And they all think that this chaotic world is perfectly normal.

Overall this short chapter shows a different kind of evil of Discord. A manipulative and patient side of him, that made the effort to rewrite history to give himself the role of the hero so the naïve sea ponies would willingly sing for him. His Chaos lasted so long it became normal to them. They don’t remember how the world truly was or how much the Alicorns grieved for their loss.
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KarrinBlue Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012
...Huh. That's an interesting perspective. Given Discord's perspective, I wonder if he'd leave the kids alone, just to see if they would grow up to revere him even more sincerely than their parents?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
Only the first generation of seaponies were brainwashed.
The second generation were just fed propaganda.
KarrinBlue Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
Ah, I see.

Though wait... that makes sense. But Discord, argh, I gave myself a headache.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
Not quite himself is it?
KarrinBlue Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
Well, yes. Though since acting with sense doesn't make sense for him and -

...I just logic bombed myself. Was that your plan the whole time?
Sentreriaaa Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
Basic rule of cognitive psychology states: "context defines perception". Truth and lies, beauty and ugliness... None of these things are truly absolute, as they can exist only within context of our minds.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
Sentreriaaa Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
Propaganda 101. If you lie to people long and consistently enough to form certain context within their minds, they'll start honestly believing in anything you say. When their children grow up, the world formed by your network of lies would be the only reality they know. Discord being saviour of seaponykind from evil alicorns is an undeniable fact to seaponies, just as the government-approved news are to the citizens of totalitarian states.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
True that. Just wait till you see the next dark world chapter and the sea pony opera.
ardashir Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012
Nice and creepy and rather sad too, given that we have no way of knowing how grateful the Seaponies really are and how much of it is fear of what Discord will do to them if they ever show ingratitude.

Add in the whole "Discord destroyed an entire culture with a wave of his paw" and it only gets worse.

And I'm sorry to point this out, but:

He granted us our new ocean floating in the sky, safe from those who would still seek us harm and ensuring the ground below was also another layer of defense from those who would destroy us in jealous of our music.

Perhaps that ought to be 'jealousy'?
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