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September 18, 2011
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POVs Of Discorded De-Harmonized Ponies

"The Truth Can Be Deceiving" Applejack

Ah didn't evah lied before. Ain't now. Ain't evah!

Okay, so Ah reckin' Ah was sometimes dead wrong 'bout some thangs. Maybe Ah couldn't buck dah entire orchard by mahself. Maybe helpin' with ah tricky stunt, bakin', and herdin' bunnies what ain't dat bright when Ah was half-asleep.

So Ah didn't tell Pinkie Pie 'bout her surprise birthday. But Ah didn't tell her nothin' that ain't true!

Okay . . . maybe . . . maybe Ah did kinda sorte hog dah bed from Rarity thad one here time an' said Ah was asleep when Ah really wasn't. But . . . but come on! It ain't a lie if ya ain't really tryin' to trick'em right?

Elements of Harmony Stolen. Into The Maze. Separated from the others. Grove of Truth.

Ah see us all. Sayin' we're done with each other. Goin' back ta before when Twalight first showed up in Ponyville.

Ah don't know what we'll say ta each other. But Ah know it ain't right. If this here is where honesty leads . . . broken friendships, broken hearts, hateful words . . . it ain't worth it.

Ain't it just better if everythang is just wrapped up in sweet peaceful lies?

Don't tell yer friend what you really think of thar music they like but you don't. Don't tell ya parents what ya really thank of what thay thank. Don't say bad things, even if they're true, don't say harsh things, even if they're true, don't say anythang dat might upset things even if they're true. ESPECIALLY if thar true! Isn't dat what Rarity is always sayin' bein' polite is all about? Isn't bein' a lady in Manehatten sayin' one thang but meanin' another? Isn't bein' a polite friendly ponyfolk da same thang?

There is one truth Ah'll accept. The truth hurts. The truth is cruel. And Ah won't be part of somethin' dat awful again! Sweet little lies are so much kinder.


Personal Pros Of Poor Ponies Possessing Possible Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Brought On By Discord The Deity of Chaos' Mind Games Forcing Them To See the Flip Side Of Their Element Or Appealing To Their Worse Nature Or Outright Cheating With One.

First up, is being the most honest pony in Ponyville worth it if it costs you your friends?

Link to the Gallery of the Discord Ponies POV Series, dealing with their descent into darkness by Discord's games and epilogue. [link]

Other Parts In Chronological Order:

Liarjack (here)

Anger Pie: [link]

Rarigreed: [link]

FlutterCruel: [link]

Traitor Dash: [link]

The Pathetic And Irrelevant Trixie: [link]

Twilight Tragedy: [link]

Epilogue: [link]

And here is a link to the sequel to this series: the Reharmonized/Recovery/Healing Ponies POV series. Dealing with after the defeat of Discord and the mane six, along with all people of Ponyville dealing with the emotional stress in their own way of what they did while under Discord's control, here's a hint, IT ISN'T EASY TO JUST PUT YOUR HOOVES FORWARD! And some want to trot backwards back into the night where the pain can't find them. [link]

And for those of you curious, here is the 'light side' counter part to this story after Discord's sealing . . . and there's more to it than simply accepting truth, Applejack must face THE TRUTH.


MLP:FiM Copyright Hasbro.


EDIT: Added preview image by Firedrake368 [link] [link]

Youtube video I found of the discording of the ponies with music I think that fits.

Eine psychologische Auseinandersetzung mit dem ersten Zweiteiler der zweiten Staffel von My Little Pony: Freundschaft ist Magie, erzählt aus der Sicht der sechs Heldinnen der Geschichte:
Equestria steht am Rande einer Katastrophe. Ein Feind, so alt wie das Land selbst, hat sich aus seinem Jahrtausende-langen Schlaf befreit, und hat die königliche Hauptstadt und Ponyville ins Visier genommen.
Discord, seines Zeichens Gott des Chaos, will den Thron wiedererringen, von dem ihn Celestia und Luna einst gestürzt hatten. Und dieser Tyrann bedient sich zum diesen Zweck seiner zerstörerischsten Waffe; und das sind Equestrias Ponys selber. Als Herr über Verstand und Wahrnehmung, weiß er sich jeden noch so starken Willen untertan zu machen.
Nun liegt es an den sechs Elementen der Harmonie, Discord Paroli zu bieten, bevor das Land unter ihm im Chaos versinkt.
Doch dann kriegen auch sie die volle Breitseite von Discords Macht zu spüren. Eine nach der anderen stellt fest, dass Discord in seinen Begründungen doch sehr 'überzeugend' sein kann....
Dies sind ihre Geschichten.

1. Die Wahrheit schmerzt
Was passiert, wenn die ewig ehrliche Applejack mit der Tatsache konfrontiert wird, dass die Wahrheit nicht immer gut tut? [link]
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ShaD-23 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
I suppose this is exactly what Applejack felt. Very well done, I think you got her point of view down nicely.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
Thanks. That was the entire point. I realized no one was writing these when I looked through the fanfiction section of the show after watching the episode. And I felt 'if no one is going to write it, I'll write it myself.' 
ShaD-23 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
A good way to feed your need of fan fiction, I'd say.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
Three years. I've been trying to finish this fic for three years. 
DianaGohan Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014
Little review of this story.

- You know I always found it difficult to exactly incoperate accents into text.  You want to make it obvious what they're saying but you do want to make it distinctly thick enough for it to feel like it's own character, and constantly doing that must be a pain so even for this little bit salutaions for getting it right without going overboard.

". but come on! It ain't a lie if ya ain't really tryin' to trick'em right? 

- No but you were both being petty long before that, especially in convincing the other to stay for Twilight's first sleepover just to supposedly spare her feelings when it was just to get back the other.

-Also if we're counting all accounts of lying and falsehood what about trying to pretend you were selling high class apples at the grand galloping gala just to entice those rich snobby ponies? That was kind of sort of a lie if we're counting all of them.

- I especially liked the ending of just how desperate and sad Applejack was in trying to convince herself that lies were better then telling the truth with how hurtful the truth could be.  Honestly hers and Rainbow Dash's were the saddest stories as the others were either played a bit more for comedy (not saying it didn't work just saying that's what they were there for) or felt more specific to them instead of more general.  I can get behind this lesson though especially knowing some people who'd rather keep quiet and live with lies then the harsh truths they wind up recieving.

So yeah solid little intro little monologue of Discord Ponies and so glad this wound up managing to catch on.  

Serefin99 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013
I'm sorry, but it seems like you were trying to combine a Southern accent with some other accent. Good story, but that REALLY threw me off.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013
How would you edit it so the accent comes across as it SHOULD come across? (Honestly Asking.)
ardashir Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
Where it all started... And it's still great (and disturbing) to see how discording looks from inside</ii> their minds.

By the way, what's with the new long section in German at the bottom of the description?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
That's the links to the german subtitled versions I was asked to link to. I was given the text and copy and pasted it.
ardashir Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
Oh, okay. And just a suggestion, you might want to find someone who knows German to make sure they say what you were told they say.
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