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October 18, 2011
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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Healing Pony POV Series
"The Alicorn and the Steed"

I remember how I was born. How many ponies can say that? Oh right, I'm not a pony. And I wasn't born: born means you grew, you started as something tiny. I was made, aware and knowing the moment I came into existence. I came into existence whole and complete with nothing before it.

I don't know if the old man made me out of a piece of himself like his old man did before him, or whether I was just spun out of nothingness.

I remember being confused for the few moments after I was made, I heard words but didn't understand them, I felt sensations but had no clue what they meant.

Then everything snapped into focus as I shook my head and memories came to me. Of a life I'd never lived, of people I'd have never known, of a name I had never been called. I hear someone call that name. I recognize the voice I've never heard.

Twilight Sparkle: Nerd. Geek. Bookworm. Miss High And Mighty Magic. And now whining about something or other.

I swear I hear my thoughts being echoed inside my own head by a voice that's my own, but I ignore it.

I tell Twilight what I think of her and her magic now that she doesn't have any and give her a good whip to the face with my tail for good measure.

I see some other ponies I recognize, they're in my way, so I push them out of my way.

I remember how fun it was watching others squirm and playing others with hair triggers. I remember having fun making the geek blow-up twice at me, it was so easy!

Then the magical dodads of whatever failed to stop the draconequus, no big deal, I liked Angel the way he was right now anyway, and I didn't need these losers anyway.

Then the geek and the hayseed came to my home, and the hayseed LASSOED AND HOGTIED ME! WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? This isn't funny, because it's happening to me! Then the geek touches her horn to my head.

And my thoughts are no longer echoing, and I see memories flash in my mind of me acting like a total half-wit Snow White wannabe and having less spine than a wild flower. It made me sick.

Then I felt pieces of something inside me reconnecting themselves, pulling themselves back together, and fusing into one piece. Problem was that it was where it was forming!

I was being crushed from all sides inside my own body! I was suffocating! I panicked. My legs and wings pressed into me like clay.

You ever been squeezed out of a tube into a freezing senseless nothingness? It's every bit of fun that you think it is.

And I drifted in the void, voiceless, senseless, helpless. In a black ocean without a surface, constantly drowning.

After a month, eternity or five minutes, something changed.

I saw a pink light like a butterfly, it hurt and made me sick just to look at it! It was horrible! I didn't know what it was but it was not me! I tried to swim away from it but it was like a black hole and I was sucked in!

I see another version of myself fly by, she has such anger on her face, so badass!

I'm in the sky! I'm flying! Pulling a balloon! Why am I here? And it floods back. Anger tells me that my friends being hurt was a bad thing that I should be angry. That the draconequus is a jackass that I don't want to see get anything he wants! I want to see him hurt! I want to see him squirm! I want him to beg for mercy when I won't have any!

"That, big, dumb, MEANIE!!!"

Huh? Why did I say something as first grade as that?

I speed like lightning towards the slacker loud-mouth, hayseed manages to lasso the slack loud-mouth and I feel a coolness run over me and . . .

I'm in the blackness, drowning, AGAIN!!!

Another eternity, another forever, another moment, time had no meaning. I thrash about madly this time. Let me out. Let me out! PLEASE LET ME OUT!

The blackness suddenly has a surface and completely exhausted, my formless, shapeless self floats to the top.

Memories, someone else's memories, came crashing in, I saw myself, saw her, acting in ways I'd never act, feeling things I'd never feel, thinking thought I never would.

I was celebrating in Canterlot, no, someone else was. I was groggy as senses returned and I had legs and wings again. Or were they mine? All I knew, was that it was someone else speaking and moving.

The losers called out my name, and she responded. She was me? No, she was she, she was Fluttershy.

I wasn't anything.

I screamed.

She didn't hear me, no one did.

I finally realized where -my- memories actually started. I remember her not playing along with the draconequus, Discord, I remember her knowing she was a pathetic weakling and her brain not able to process her friends abandoning her. So Discord got angry and punched through her brain with a tap on the head.

Then my memories started. I was her, no, I was an IMITATION OF HER made to be cruel. Discord, the draconequus, had made me, and left me. Bastard.

Like a straight jacketed ghost I was dragged along inside her. Her being always so pathetically shy and sickeningly kind as she fluttered.

I finally understood the first words said to me the moment I was made, 'You've been kind for far too long my dear, time to be cruel.'

I am Cruel? As she fluttered about among her loser friends I fluttered in my infinite but at the same time skin tight prison, I fluttered?

I hear her apologize profusely for what I did. They tell her that it wasn't the real her so there's nothing to forgive.

I'm not real?

I'm just an imitation of her? I am just a cruel Fluttershy? Cruel Fluttershy. FlutterCruel?

A name. I have a name. And not a moment later after too long I feel joyful surprise.  A tiny bit of myself roots into her body, my body. I can feel it twitch as I twitch! I have proof of my own exist. And I spread like a cancer, enjoying every moment of it.

Finally we're close enough that I can speak to her, that I CAN SPEAK!

I hear her thoughts. I laugh at her. I hear myself laugh on the outside! It was so sweet a feeling you have no idea you twits!

Then I spring myself on her when she got home, I let her known what I am and who I am and what she isn't. I tell her what I plan to do. She can be the 'me' that's a prisoner. I don't care if she was here first. I'm here now! And then . . .  she . . . sings . . . me . . . TO SLEEP!

That was well over a month ago, a lot more so, since I was born, created. I'm still FlutterCruel, I don't like being called what's just a modification of -her- name, but my name is just about the only thing I own and I'm going to keep it.

The longest time my jailer has let me out is when I gave a bear a good beating just to work out the tension in it's shoulders when my jailer needed to give some extra harsh chiropractic care.

I've been able to force myself to the surface a few times, I'm not sure what lets me. My jailer is just as surprised as me when it happens. Like when I made sure Pinkie didn't get out of her bed early, and when grounded Rainbow Dash going psycho.

And I got a good laugh out of scaring the feathers off her during her night home alone on Nightmare Night. I actually got her mumbling 'count the shadows' by the time it was morning.

I wanted to actually go out that night, but Fluttershy must have seen it coming because she locked the doors and windows and gave the keys to Angel and told him to not give them back to her until morning. I think Angel's guessed by now that 'mommy' is of two minds now, but he's taking it in stride. He actually unlocked the door for us when we had guests though.

Having Princess Luna show up wanting voice lessons was a riot! If Fluttershy hadn't made my body go catatonic I'd have been laughing my head off! Normally I find Fluttershy's cowardice sickening, but unlike the half-pint Pipsqueak I was more interested in good laugh for my first Nightmare Night than free candy!

I can't believe I'm been cowed and subjugated by a pony whose scared of her own shadow and neglects her wings so badly it's a wonder they haven't atrophied!

At least Angel's fun to hang around with, I think I appreciate his attitude more than my jailer.

"That poor filly." My jailer said as we feed the animals. "I should go look for her too. She could be lost somewhere out there all alone." I've finally gotten used to hearing my own voice speak without me.

"Planning on giving her a lesson in manners too?" I said deadpan.

"I would if I thought she'd listen."

"That's hasn't stopped you with me." The animals have long since gotten used to me speaking to myself. I still think they looked cooler when the old man had his fun.

"I'd say it's worked fairly well. You don't want to admit it. But I can tell you've changed."

"Yes warden."

"I've been trying to help you, not imprison you."

"You have a funny way of showing it."

"You might have my memories. But you have almost no experiences of your own. You're like a filly in a mare's body sometimes. Which is rather scary when I think about it. It wouldn't be so bad if somepony became a filly again in mind AND body, cause then you're just giving them a second chance at finding themselves if their life had hit a dead end and they can't find their way out. But it would feel way too much like stealing if you just made someone a filly in mind without giving them those years to learn the world again."

"You think maybe Nightmare Moon started out the same age as Celestia, and became a Alicorn filly when she got blasted by the Elements for those reasons?" I asked off handedly curious.

"Maybe. I doubt we'll ever know for sure."

"We could ya know, ASK."

"ASK Princess LUNA about her age-?! THAT'S! I mean-let's keep looking."

We spent the evening looking for the brat. Before we finally came home and went to bed. No matter what happened, we shared the same brain, so when one of us fell unconscious so did the other, when of us dreamed, so did the other though we never saw each other's dreams. There was an infinite abyss between us there. And I was very grateful for that. It meant there was one more thing that belonged only to me and didn't also belong to my jailer.

We woke up the next morning and she had breakfast. Of course I tasted it as she was eating, but I couldn't help the feeling every time that I was being spoon feed like a toddler.

"We should go looking a bit more for Diamond Tiara today." She said with my voice.

"For a filly you don't even know and from all accounts is Gilda with hooves?"

"You like Gilda."

"You don't."

"That doesn't mean I want to see a small filly out there somewhere cold alone hungry and scared."

I growled. "Then what are you waiting for?! Go! Go! Carry as many bags of food and blankets you can and fly and do not rest until you arrive in Zebrabwa! All those starving little zebra foals! Go! Go!"

I so regretted saying that a second later from the splitting headache of Fluttershy on reaction alone trying to fly out of the kitchen in a beeline for the distant land of strips and spots and ramming her head on the door frame. UGH! Even our house is barely built for flying!

Fluttershy shook her head and trotted over to the ice box and placed a bag of ice against our head to sooth the throbbing. That felt so much better.

"I was being sarcastic." I managed to grunt.

" . . . If I could help, I would. But I'm not a rescue worker . . . and I have a responcibility to my animals."

"So dumb animals matter more than ponies who can think and speak?"

I felt a kick in my shin.

I looked down and aplogized. "Sorry Angel, didn't mean you."

"Everything alive is precious. Including you FlutterCruel. Nothing should have to suffer."

"Pssh. I'm not alive. And suffering is a part of life girl. Welcome to reality."

"It shouldn't have to be! And we really do need to look for her! She could have wandered into the Everfree Forest! That horrible place! I get shivers just thinking of it! All those poor animals force to eat each other because Everfree won't let us provide for them! It's just not natural."

" . . . you think animals eating each other on their own is not natural?" I asked drolly.

"HOW CAN IT BE? Life taking life?! Livings things are supposed to grow and propagate not destroy each other!"

I said in a completely flat tone. "Okay. That's it. You know what? I think I'll just fly to the Griffons' Dens and order a hamburger."


"Don't be such a scary-cat, griffons haven't eaten ponies in a thousand years."

"THAT'S NOT IT! And you're not!"

"Oh just watch me! Or rather, watch you!" I began to trot towards the door.

"Oh no you're not!" I tripped on my own hooves.

"Oh yes I am!" I got up and made a flying gallop before my wings spread out and stopped me dead in my tracks making me crash. Our nose throbbed now. "You're making this harder than it has to be."

"I said no!"

I crawled foreword while she dug in our back hooves.

"And I said yes!" I hissed.

"ANGEL! HELP-clean up while mama is gone. Oh and you can take out those wolf traps mama told you to throw out but you just hid under the house." I said in the most warm and loving voice I could create dripping with honey.

Angel just grinned, saluted and was a white blur off to retrieve his contraband.

Fluttershy startled. I can't blame her, I've never been able to take control like this before!

"I won't let you do something so unnatural! Think of the poor cows! I'm friends with some!"

"You are! I'm not dummy! And you aren't going to be friends with the hamburger! And are you saying dragons and griffons are unnatural then?"

"It's unnatural for ponies!"

"Ponies CAN eat meat stupid!"

"That doesn't mean they SHOULD!"

Oh no she didn't. I stopped dead in my tracks. When did Celestia crown this pony the magistrate of what was and what was not natural? Who was she to make that call? "You . . . you . . ." I said gritting my teeth. "You high and mighty, holier than thou, YOU MAKE ME SO MAD!" I snarled. My entire body went stiff standing at attention. I began shaking and rumbling like a volcano. I wondered if we were going to explode. It felt like all of Equestria was shaking. I couldn't take this anymore! I don't care if I die (oh right need to be alive for that), just let me out, let me out! LET ME- it stopped.

"Huh?" I blinked and looked around, down at myself and at my wings. Everything seemed all right.

"What happened?" I heard a voice say out of my mouth.

"I don't . . . wait . . ." I flapped in the air then did a dangerous loop de loop in doors. "No! Stop!"

I landed huffing but smiling. Could it be? Was it real?

I looked in the mirror, I saw a worried face look back. "FlutterCruel what-"

"BOO! BAH! BLABLABLA! Hahah!" I made several faces at the mirror. I giggled. "I'm the Alicorn! You're the steed! At last!" I cackled. Then I noticed something strange. "Blank?" There was no sign of her cutie mark on my haunches. Huh? How did that work? Oh well. "Well that makes things harder."

I looked through Fluttershy's closet, still filled with dresses from her model days until I found and put on a simple green saddle skirt that hid my flanks. "You know what? Forget the hamburger! Let's have a nice outing instead!" I grinned ear to ear.

I went out the front door. Which hoof first? Left or right? Oh right, I get to choose! Not her! I laughed. I fell on my back and laughed and kicked my hoofs in the air! I existed! I was! I was alive! I actually cried I was so happy. Did these make the first tears of my life?

"You stop this right now-"

"No." I said simply and she was silent. I trotted out the door and flew towards Ponyville.

"You know maybe I'll find and share with the Crusader a few drops of Witch Weed. Maybe their cutie marks are Witch Weed Dealers."

"I'LL DROWN US FIRST!" I could already feel Fluttershy ready to bite through our own tongue.

"KIDDING! Just joking! Geeze!" I laughed so hard at hearing her so uncharacteristically serious.

"What . . . are you going to do?" She asked sounding very worried. It was great.

"Some as anyone else: anything I want."

I sang.

I know this place filled with so many wonders
Casting its spell that I so remember.
Birds in the trees and the cute tough bunnies,
Me flying free tastes just like honey,

Oh, what a magical place,
And the other me is now out of my face!
I knew the outside had so much up its sleeve
And now that I'm here, I'll never leave.

I am me,

I don't owe anyone anythiiiiiiiiiing!

Not The End
This was meant to be part of the previous chapter! Stupid text length limits!

Previous Part: [link]
Next Part: Penultimate Beta01: [link]

The Reharmonized/Recovery Pony POV series is here!


Discord is beaten. The world is restored to it's proper balance and sanity and Celestia rule the day once again. But it's the scars ponies bear that you can't see that take the longest to heal. What was going on in those three weeks between episodes two and three of the second season? How did they recovery and heal from this ordeal that we didn't see?

Every one of the mane six plus one has seems to have worked their way through their problems . . . but there are sure a lot of loose ends to tie-up, and one of these loose threads when pulled just might start unraveling everything!

This series uses a lot of the ground work established in the Discord Ponies POV series.

Recovery POVs In order:
Fluttershy and Flutter Cruel: [link]
Rainbow Dash: [link]
Rarity: [link]
Applejack: [link]
Pinkamina: [link]
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The Alicorn And The Steed: here
Penultimate Beta01: [link]
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Teacher teacher: [link]
POV SIDE STORY CANTERLOT CHAOS: (Consider canon of your own free will!)

Also, thank the author of the pony psychology series, for his stuff inspired me have a complete saga focusing each time on one of the group in particular. [link] Now if only Equestria daily would let my stuff on.

Also now have our OWN FANFICTION OF FANFICTION!!! Sort of.

A fanfiction in style of a normal pony being corrupted by Discord done by C8LIN The Hedgie! [link]

There is also the 'letters to ponies' series that are short addresses to the ponies after their corruption to try and call them to reason written by Teyandee05! [link]

MLP:FiM Copyright Hasbro

EDIT: After multiple comments I edited Fluttershy and FluttCruel's argument. Hopefully it feels less OOC this time for Fluttershy and less like FlutterSTRAW Pony. Also changed one or two words in FlutterCruel's song.

EDIT: Added FlutterCruel's mental reaction to Fluttershy's declaration of what is and what is not natural. And just how Fluttershy PLANNED to drown them if Fluttercruel hadn't been joking. (She WAS joking? Right? Right?)

EDIT: Added Fluttercruel's own point of view of Nightmare Night.

Edited 2012 June 3rd By Dracodei and an expansion on a tiny bit of fridge logic. [link]
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We start the chapter with Fluttercruel thinking about herself. How she was created already complete and sentient. She doesn’t even sees herself as a pony, her descriptions of herself seem more like she is characterizing an object created from Chaos or the Nothingness. She doesn’t believe she could ever be anything else then what she started as: A cruel version of Fluttershy.

Slowly the memories of Fluttershy came to her and she started to act on her impulses and begins to insult and hurt the others. It is the only thing she knew and she did it to entertain herself. She actually likes the strange shapes the animals take under Discord’s influence. All while she hears a voice inside that hints that her kind half is at least somewhat aware of the entire event, being unable to do anything. This would make her part of the Epilogue even more horrifying since this would mean Fluttershy had to watch her commit all those horrible acts and be forced to see everything.

This comes to an end when Twilight and Applejack overwhelm her and use the memory spell to bring Fluttershy back. For the first time Fluttercruel finds herself on the receiving end of a cruel act. The memory spell lets her see all the kindness Fluttershy felt and this is enough to bring the kind half back. The cruel half is quite literary crushed inside her kind half, just like Fluttershy was forced aside before.

She doesn’t know how long she stayed like this but eventually someone called out for her. She finds herself dragging the balloon in the last act of the desperate struggle against the seemingly insane Rainbow Dash. But she isn’t alone she saw an angry version of Fluttershy. This version was angry that Discord hurt her friends and wanted him to suffer for this. Fluttercruel pulled everything into the chase and she managed to reach Rainbow Dash and Applejack lassoed her in. She finds herself back into the nothingness but is eventually able to see and feels Fluttershy again. Now she was in the same body but unable to do anything. She began to realize that the other her is Fluttershy. Fluttercruel had no idea who she is and only slowly began to piece it together and realized that Discord had created her to make it look like he corrupted Fluttershy when he couldn’t, only to abandon her the moment he didn’t need her anymore. She hated being dragged along Fluttershy and being forced to watch her acting kind, shy and staying on the ground instead of flying.

Slowly she became able to understand the one sentence Discord actually said to her. Fluttercruel decided to name herself after the most obvious difference she has to her kind half and chose “Fluttercruel” as her name. The name is still precious to her. It is the first thing she created on her own, when she could think clear, and it belongs only to her. The other Pegasus became more and more a different person and grew inside Fluttershy. She really enjoyed the moment she feeled herself moving and becoming more and more. To her it was another proof of her existence she desperately needs. Eventually she was able to talk to kind half. Fluttercruel was overjoyed with her new progress. She scared Fluttershy and threatened to take over, only to loose to the only seemingly weak willed pony.

From time to time Fluttershy let her take over similar to what Pinkie Pie did but her motivations are less selfish then Pinkie Pie’s. She didn’t place Fluttercruel in situations she herself didn’t like but instead let her out once she felt she needed her help like with the bear. But Fluttercruel managed to take control at certain points once to make sure that Pinkie Pie continues to sleep and another time to calm down Rainbow Dash before she becomes a Nightmare. In both cases she was actually trying to help them in her own way. This is likely why Fluttershy couldn’t stop her. On Nightmare Night it was Fluttercruel that was responsible for her kind half’s fear, that just got worse when Luna arrived there.
Over time both and her animals got somewhat used to the two sharing their life and Fluttercruel started to like Angel for having the assertiveness that Fluttershy lacked. They talk about the disappearance of Diamond Tiara but quickly change to topic to their unique relationship. Fluttershy is sure that Fluttercruel started to change for the better while her cruel half complains about her imprisonment. Fluttershy sees her other half as a child, her child, and thinks she still needs to learn a lot before she can have an adult body. She thinks the concept of a child in the body of an adult is scary but if an adult in a desperate situation would be changed in a child both in body and mind it wouldn’t be that horrible and be more like a second chance at life. She doesn’t even notices this still means to loose the old life and every bit of personality gained in it. This idea will come back later. Then both look for Diamond Tiara without success and finally fall asleep. They don’t share their dreams and Fluttercruel is happy about this, since it means there is another thing that is truly her own.

Fluttershy wants to search another time and Fluttercruel jokes that she should help to feed all the staving fillies in Zebrabwa. Unfortunately her other half takes this very literal and actually tries to fly there, only to hurt her head on the door frame. Fluttershy really regrets that there are beings and ponies she can’t help while her cruel half reminds her that suffering is a part of life. Fluttershy completely refuses to believe this. To her life is helping each other and being kind, not pain and death. She even claims that predators taking life is unnatural. Her view on life is really limited. Fluttercruel starts to get annoyed by her other half’s blindness and self-righteousness and suggests they should go to the griffons and order a hamburger.

Both fight for control and as Fluttershy tries to scream at Angel to help her, her other side manages to override her and change the plea mid-sentence. She never took control like this and is even able to do a convincing impersonation of Fluttershy and sends Angel away. Now the two are alone. Fluttershy actually has a good reason for objecting so strongly to eating a hamburger, cows are sentient and she knows several of them. Fluttercruel thinks that if dragons and griffons eat meat, eating it can hardly be unnatural. Instead of trying to use another argument Fluttershy just repeats what she said earlier: While ponies can eat meat, they shouldn’t do that.

This isn’t kindness, it is self-righteousness and it makes Fluttercruel so mad that she suddenly switches places with her kind half. Now she is in control of the body and Fluttershy is the voice. Fluttercruel is extremely happy to move all by herself and be finally in control. But then she notices that she lacks Fluttershy’s Cutie Mark and it would be suspicious to been seen without it. So she hides it under a dress. The sudden feeling of freedom as she leaves the house is enough to make her cry in happiness. Fluttershy doesn’t put up that much resistance until her cruel half jokes that she could share Witch Weed with the CMC. It is clear there are certain things that the kind half won’t tolerate. But Fluttercruel isn’t actually interested in hurting anyone or making any plans. She is just so happy to be really alive that she sings Fluttershy’s song “So Many Wonders” And it isn’t a villainous song, it is about her happiness over being free of Fluttershy and making her own decisions.

Overall this short chapter changes a lot and starts the foundation of the second season of the Reharmonized / Healing Ponies POV Series. It is very clear that Fluttercruel did change thanks to Fluttershy and her taking over is a lot less threatening then it was when she tried it first in the “Pearls” chapter. While she doesn’t acknowledge it, she has grown and she has changed. She isn’t the one-dimensional bully she were, neither is she the complete monster she could have been. She is just herself. Fluttershy on the other hand starts to show some very unnerving traits like her unshakable belief in kindness even if reality contradicts it. She doesn’t even say that her cruel half has the wrong opinion on certain unkind aspects of life and nature and instead says these very aspects of life are wrong and shouldn’t be like this.
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Later, you call it Zebrafrica.
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What? Zebrawa can't be PART of Zebrafrica?
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I was kind of afraid that this might be the part where you-know-who shows up. But I'm glad it didn't happen in this chapter otherwise it would have felt too fast. Starting from FlutterCruel's perspective was very odd and disorienting at the same time, it took me a while to actually figure out that the POV this time is from her. You did a good job of conveying an "awakening" at the beginning there when the story turned out to be her.

FlutterCruel's struggle for control over the body was also interesting and I understand what the Tropers meant that it should've been a bad thing first but it really wasn't in the end. After going through her perspective of being a different personality of Fluttershy her escape in the end made the end seem really nice, good job.
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Thank you. :-) I'm satisfied that everything worked out. Cruel's POV was to explore what things were like for her. *hugs*
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You're welcome. It was a very interesting experience. Although with all this hugging, I should probably go see how my friends are doing so far.
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