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My Little Pony friendship Is Magic
Reharmonization Pony POV Series
`Episode Title: "Fluttershy, the Forsaken Foal of Omelas"
By Alex Warlorn

Fanart for this chapter:…

"Nightmare Whisper - Kindest of Lies." AJ whispered, her eyes wider than saucers as she stared up in horror at the tortured entity now towering before her.

"More like Nightmare PAIN." Pinkie exclaimed before vomiting, tears in her eyes, not caring about the biology behind it.

Trixie was silent and as pale as a ghost as she gazed up in horror, her mind nearly blank.

Rainbow Dash's entire body shook as she gritted teeth and blinked away tears, not caring who saw them.

Twilight's brain tried again and again and failed to process the image before her.

Rarity shouted, "Impostor! How dare you impersonate Fluttershy! You-THING!"

AJ said the truth, no matter how much it hurt to say it. "Ah'm sorry guys. That isn't an impostor. This here IS Fluttershy. What we were talkin' to before was the con."

It was a knife though the heart for everypony in the room.

'Princess ... Is this what is was like for you?' Twilight thought, imagining herself in Celestia's horseshoes a thousand years prior, all warning signs ignored until it was too late.

'Is this like when I was changing?' Rainbow Dash thought, remembering the images from her brief dive into insanity. She thanked Celestia's sun and Luna's moon that her friends had saved her in time, before the same could happen to her.

No friends of mine would ever judge on appearances! Fluttershy's voice echoed.

"Fluttershy . . . I'm so, I'm just so-" Rarity said, feeling her eyes misting up at the sight before her falling to her knees.

Twilight wanted to ask 'Then why hide at all?' but she already knew the answer. She had been afraid they would.

Rainbow Dash asked in horror, "Fluttershy, what happened to you?!"

This world should have no need for the grim and dark, I'll take it all into myself if I have to. And things can finally be fair.

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT-?!" Rainbow Dash implored.

The Nightmare sighed. The shape in the red sphere twitched. I knew you'd want me to stop if you saw this. You wouldn't be friends if you didn't.

I feel Onyx Tiara's loathing for Feather-dusters and Narwhals, ugh, pegasi and unicorns who he was taught by his father and grandmother are evil and who he's taught his daughter are evil. I feel Sarah Tailin's hesitance to believe she does a good enough job as the Mayor's right-hoof mare. I feel Nurse Redheart's nagging feeling of impotency at not being able to do more for her patients being 'only' a 'dirt pony.' I feel Mary Mare's worries about being impotent and her job being meaningless.

I feel it FOR them so they don't have to feel it.

Rarity was horrified. "All their pain. All their sadness. All their loss. YOU PULLED IT INTO YOURSELF! None of them are miserable because you're feeling it for them! Fluttershy ... how can you TORTURE YOURSELF like this-?!"

Twilight struggled to comprehend what was happening. "You're . . . you're feel . . . you're feeling all the misery and sorrow everypony you've entranced ISN'T? That ... how can you ENDURE THAT?!"

Because I don't have a choice. This is the only way They'll accept the world becoming fair.

Rainbow snarled, seeing the bleeding Nightmare before her. "FLUTTERSHY YOU'RE KILLING YOUERSELF!"

I think I've died twice already . . . and the power will keep bringing me back to life so I can suffer more in their place again. And again. And again. And again. Because I have to! This is the only way to make the world fair!

If I have to become the Forsaken Foal of Omelas for everyone else to find innocence and happiness forever, I will! I would be SELFISH if I wouldn't! If everyone's unhappiness eats me alive until there's nothing left, only to be brought back to be eaten again, I WILL!
The Nightmare cried, her voice echoing like thunder.

"But being sad is part of being alive too!" Pinkie Pie, of all ponies, said pleading.

Actually, there is one type of sadness I've let them feel; pain for those they care about. It wouldn't be kind if you couldn't feel sad for someone else. The Nightmare sighed.

That's why no pony can know my pain! If everypony knew I was in suffering, they'd all be sad.

Twilight was left in a whirlwind of confusion, "The bad feelings of so many other ponies inside you. How can you even hold onto your own Ego?!"

I'll give up whatever I have to for a new world. I now understand why the mama spider does what she does. She would be heartless if she didn't, and I'll follow her example:

The Shadows Who See don't tolerate pain and suffering being just lifted from somepony. The Shadows demand that pain and suffering must be burdened by -someone-! They won't let someone be happy unless someone else is miserable! Or maybe it's the Alicorns themselves who demand it. The Shadows only tolerate happiness as long as an equal amount of pain exists. The only way they'll accept any paradise is to have at least one pony suffer horribly for it . . . So I'll suffer as much I need to! As much as I have to!

The other ponies looked at each other. That, that couldn't be right could it-?!

Rarity gasped out, "Fluttershy, you're not even making sense! All this grief is making you lose your reason! You're delusional! Please listen to us!"

Don't you understand?! I have to do this! This is the only way the world is going to change! Nightmare Whisper called out, tears running down her skull like face.

"Fluttershy, yer flawed, like all of us. Ya ain't the one who is supposed to make that there call!"

"HURTING YOURSELF LIKE THIS -ISN'T- FAIR! How can you say this is making the world fair-?!" Rainbow Dash screamed.

Twilight begged, "Fluttershy . . . you're not an Alicorn, you don't NEED to and you CAN'T carry a burden like this! You're just making yourself suffer!"

AJ shouted, "Ah won't let you make a paradise built on ah lie! All it's gonna do is break and fall apart! You have to be HONEST with them! If they really love you then they'll accept you doing this for them!"

Fluttershy's voice should have never held as much self-loathing as it did right then, even as a Nightmare, even echoing, even saying what she said.

I'm sorry Applejack, but for a truly fair world to exist, your Element of Honesty must cease to exist. If ponies saw me like this, they'd feel guilty for the happiness I'm giving them: I can't let them suffer! I'll disinfect you of the Element of Honesty if I have to force it out of you. Those eyes of yours are going to have to stop being able to see things. There are things in this world that the truth should never have to look at. You can . . . you can all hate me if you want. I won't blame you.

I don't -deserve- to be your friend or anyone else's after this but, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO FIX THINGS! Screamed Nightmare Whispers, fresh tears coming down her face almost like rivers, she looked somehow to be in even MORE pain. Then you can finally have happiness with no regrets or loss. I'm sorry! I'm so so sorry! I tried to find a better way! I really did! But I'm just a dumb pegasus who thought she could be an earth pony who's too stupid for her own good! I'm sorry! This is the only way I could think of! If I was smarter, or more clever, maybe, but I'm just a selfish idiot who just doesn't want to see anypony hurt but does just the opposite!!

A dragon claw speared toward AJ, however AJ didn't spend her days on the couch eating bonbons and dodged with ease.

The others gasped in horror at what the butterfly/dragon/horse terror had just done.

PLEASE stand still! I don't want to do this, but it's the only way! If it hadn't been coming from a dragon sized Nightmare, her tone would have been taken as groveling.

The shape inside the red sphere twitched. AJ was finally close enough to see what it was. And the horror she felt before was not a shadow of what she felt now. She felt her heart stop and had force it to start beating again.

Inside the red jewel like sphere, a small pegasus foal looked down at her in every sense of the word. Indignant self-righteousness glared at her, her little mane just barely covering half her face. The hair swayed slightly, revealing a skeletal, undead visage behind it that made AJ's blood run cold at the sight. A small, cute voice echoed from inside, made deeply unnerving by the appearance of it's owner. "Things being fair is good! You don't want things fair so you're a bad pony! Bad ponies should be punished!"

AJ scrambled away as the mother princess took another series of stabs at her, impaling the floor.

Rarity screamed, "Fluttershy, you're sick! You need help!"

I didn't have the POWER to save ponies and animals from themselves before! I -promised- I'd make the world fair! If this is my price to save everyone then I'll pay it!

RD said sadly, "I'm sorry 'Shy, that's a promise you won't be keeping. Because we aren't letting you do this to yourself a moment longer." Then RD's sounded melancholy, "I only hope it's not too late to stop you, Nightmare Whisper."

Please. Don't call my paradise a nightmare. She asked sadly. Don't you understand?! I don't WANT to do this! I have to do this! For everypony everywhere! It's my choice and my burden to bear! I have to save them! I have to save all of them! Right now! No more death! No more pain! No more hate! It has to end! NO MORE! JUST NO MORE, PLEASE!

"Let me tell ya The Truth Fluttershy. Ya ain't the pony destined to defeat Death! You ain't her!"

Rainbow Dash screamed, feeling the tears again. Just looking at her was agony. What kind of pain was she enduring? "How is YOU being miserable and in pain all by yourself a fair world-?!"

"No pony except you wants the fog to lift! How can you be so selfish-?!" Said the small foal in the heart of the red crystal.

AJ tried to say something. Too late. They all finally noticed. One of them wetted herself.

"BAD PONIES! MEAN ADULTS! BE PUNISHED!" The foal shouted, no longer being silent.

"My . . my goddess . . . Celestia is, what is, who is that?" Rarity gasped, forcing herself to swallow back vomit at the sight of the undead half of the foal's face.

Twilight had no answer, she wasn't certain she wanted to have one.

"I know what's right! I know what's wrong! Stop telling me I'm a bad pony because I think and feel differently from you!" Shouted the angry little foal, her teeth grinding.

"I'm sorry, Fluttershy! But if you want to touch AJ, it's through us!" RD said flying between them.

The Nightmare roared. THEN I PROMISE I'LL heal up each of you after I've removed Applejack's Element of Honesty!

"We aren't going to let that happen, Fluttershy." Twilight said ripping her gaze from the foal to the face of the Nightmare, which she somehow found much less frightening than the half undead foal.

The mother princess looked from pony to pony, a hint of desperation in her broken movements.

I saw inside your dreams Pinkie Pie. Don't you want a return to how you remember things? No hate, no loss, no regrets?

"Pinkie, what is she talking about-?!" RD asked, speaking above the tide of bewildering words.

Pinkie felt tears start down her face. It hurt so bad to remember. It hurt so very bad. "StarSong, Toola-Roola . . . " She said, names no recognized but her. No one could recognize them but her. "They were my friends and I LOVED THEM! What made them special is still alive in me!…But they wouldn't WANT this world to vanish just to make one that's an imitation of theirs! They're not gone as long as I remember the good times we had! We may not have had many exciting adventures but . . . we were happy, and I'll always remember our songs!" She looked at Rainbow Dash. "And Dashie, even if you don't like remember liking dresses, you still look nice in them. And I'm happy you love your wings."

Dashie looked at her, totally confused, her jaw dropping from surprise. Pinkie only glanced at Rarity.

'I wonder, Dashie's old high culture and Toola-Roola's artistic side, were they born again in you, Rarity?'

She then looked boldly at Nightmare Whisper, "That's fate Fluttershy: that's change!" Lightning struck Pinkie's brain, like a blade of revelation had cut through it. "And I think I finally understand..."

"Oh, I understand!" The foal in the red crystal snarled, the skeletal half of her face showing. "The only way for the world to be fair is to make it fair!"

Everypony, for what it's worth, I'm sorry.

Glass butterflies formed out of thin air above them and rained down like a storm of daggers.

Twilight and Trixie reactively raised barrier spells and protected themselves. A few, pierced Trixie's barrier, but were impeded halfway.

Rarity telekinetically raised the tea table over her head to create a makeshift shield, the glass projectiles shattering or imbedding deeply into it.

Pinkie Pie moved through the rain of glass shards, covering her eyes! She zigzagged like a maniac dodging the knife-like butterflies with nary a moment to spare, her muscles nearly in spasms!

Rainbow Dash gambled and flews straight up above the rain of knives somehow only losing -one- of her feathers and not an eye.

AJ charged like a tank straight towards the Nightmare, plowing head first and losing her hat (she really liked that hat dammit!). The falling glass daggers imbedded themselves in her back, but she worked through the shocking pain thanks to her adrenaline rush.

This was NOT what Nightmare Whisper had expected, and AJ used this to her full advantage! She skidded and turned, and bucked her rear legs -hard- into the Nightmare's right fore ankle, the force of the horseshoes' impact was rewarded with a sickening crack. AJ didn't let up, using the damaged set of claws as a stand, she quickly bucked into the lower part of the forelegs, breaking it again!

Nightmare Whisper screamed. It tore through all of them to hear Fluttershy's voice cry out in pain. The rain of glass knives stopped.

Finally, Nightmare Whisper swatted away Applejack with her good foreclaw, knocking the wind out of her. She nearly knocked the others over like bowling pins before Twilight's magic caught her.

Rarity began gently pulling the glass daggers out with her telekinesis, "Stop," AJ grunted, "You'll make the bleeding worse." AJ didn't know if this applies to glass weapons or if leaving it in was just going to make it worse, but AJ had to trust in what she knew.

The mother princess, instead of just standing there, made a grab for AJ with her good claw. Rairy and AJ skidded away from each other, cutting their knees on the glass. "Gosh dangit, I'm the one she wants remember-?!"

Rarity said intensely, "Applejack! I swear! If you even THINK about offering yourself up for the rest of us-"

"Will you not bucking go jumping to conclusions?!" AJ snapped.

Twilight ordered her brain to come up with some sort of offensive or defensive strategy to coordinate her disorganized friends, but her mind stubbornly refused to come up with a plan to hurt an already suffering Fluttershy.

Trixie was struggling not to have flashbacks to when she had last 'fought' a beast several hundred times her size.

Pinkie moved like a pingpong ball, not staying in place a moment more than she needed to forming a defensive web around Applejack. Rainbow Dash hovered above AJ, looking like she was at war with herself.

Rarity looked in the mother princess' pain filled eye, she couldn't take it. The fallen glass butterflies floated around Rarity bathed in her magic, then in machine gun style began firing at the beast of kindness.

Nightmare Whisper actually took a step back and used one of her wings to shield herself from the barrage of glass daggers.

'Rarity isn't aiming for her throat,' Twilight thought, 'Of course she isn't aiming for her throat. There's no way she'd aim for her throat, Rarity wouldn't try to kill her best friend, I'm just imagining things, yes, the stress is getting to me, I need to focus or I'm going to start panicking and get everyone killed. Rarity is most certainly not aiming for her throat.'

Nightmare Whisper horn glowed, and the remains of the glass butterflies all vanished back to where they came from, including the ones stuck in AJ. Her orange coat began to flow with blood, Rarity pulled out one of her hair pins and, using a strand of her tail, began to stitch up the wounds as quickly as she dared.

"LOOK AT ME FLUTTERSHY! LOOK AT ME!" Pinkie Pie cried out, waving her hooves like mad using noise makers from nowhere to buy Rarity a precious little more time to do her job.

Rainbow Dash let out a battle cry. A second later a miniature Sonic Rainboom shook the entire castle, and Nightmare Whisper's right foreleg came off, falling down, still connected to her chest by the shackle. It hit the floor with a minor tremor of its own. Her still very red blood didn't spray everywhere like in the horror stories, but it wasn't a dry clean cut. Blood seeped from the open wound down her side and onto the floor. The beast fell to her knees grasping the stump with her left claw.

The foal screamed at the top of her lungs, it was like needles in their ears.

"MISSED!" Rainbow Dash cursed. RD's speed had spared her getting covered in blood.

"RAINBOW DASH HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!?" Twilight screamed horrified at the violence.

"I'M MAKING A CHOICE!" RD snapped back, then looked at her target, angry at herself for not making it quick and painless.

It's okay Twilight . . . I don't blame her. Whispered the beast of kindness.

"Rainbow, you nearly brought the castle down on top of us!" Rarity shouted, Twilight couldn't tell what Rarity was actually angry at.

Pinkie Pie looked on the verge of dry heaving.

AJ couldn't find words to speak. Trixie narrowed her eyes.

The Nightmare reached for her severed leg, and brought it to the stump, vines grew from somewhere and stitched the two back together, flesh and nerves reconnecting.

Twilight in spite of herself looked in awe at the wondrous feat of magical healing, which would take hours for a team of the greatest medical unicorns in the world, being done in seconds.

That was when Trixie, -Trixie- charged, her horn sparking with electricity, skidding to a stop, she touched the maniacal of the reconnected limb. The lightning traveled up the chain and right to the center of the beast of kindness, then throughout her entire nervous system. The foal also screamed as lightning traveled through her as well. "Friends wouldn't hurt me! Friends wouldn't hurt me! FRIENDS WOULDN'T HURT ME!"

"Sorry!" Trixie heard herself say.

As the beast collapsed one of the chains swung and hit Trixie in her side, sending her flying. Trixie didn't need to hear the sharp snap to know she had broken at least one of her ribs. The residue electricity of her own lightning spell thankfully left a nasty burn on her side rather than stop her heart.

Trixie was surprised when she felt someone catch her, she was even more surprised to see it was Applejack. Neither of them said anything. Trixie found herself having to take careful breaths, it hurt to breathe.

Nightmare Whisper groaned pushing herself up. Pinkie Pie hopped like a flea onto the much larger Nightmare. "Hey! You in the bubble! I think you really need to calm down!"

"Get away!" That was when the Nightmare's mane, like pink ropes, came to life and wrapped itself around a surprised Pinkie Pie and -threw her out a stained glass window! It had depicted Pinkie Pie patting Fluttershy's head.

"HI-YA!" Pinkie Pie came crashing through the stained glass window on the opposite side of the throne room less than a second later, her body posed for a flying dragon kick that rammed straight into Whisper's face cracking bone underneath the thin skin, "WAKE UP ALREADY FLUTTERSHY!"

Pinkie Pie did a perfect landing. Then everyone noticed Pinkie Pie's body was now covered in cuts and lacerations. Pinkie Pie didn't cry out in pain once.

I'm sorry you're all being hurt because of me. It's not fair.

Her mane's strands dug themselves into the stones making up the castle floor, and -pulled them out-! You haven't given up, you proved you're not scared, you showed Applejack you're REAL FRIENDS, but -please stop!- The stone blocks went flying in their general direction.

Pinkie and RD dodged easy, AJ found her teammates using themselves as her shields whether she liked it or not, Trixie was in too much pain to keep up a barrier and try another lightning spell and Twilight brain was still locked trying to come up with a plan.

Rarity caught several of the blocks with her magic and threw them back at the center of Nightmare Whisper's body, the foal covered her head as the butterfly wings folded around the chest acting as a shield.

More rock pushed itself up from the earth itself in offering to its Princess and Alicorn.

Rarity continued to catch and return the stone blocks, but then one that hidden behind another came crashing through, and hit her, Rarity having just enough time to turn to protect her horn as the flying stone block hit her and sent her into the wall behind. Rarity screamed as bones broke.

Rarity slid down, but she didn't stay down. Her body was surrounded by a purple glow. And she stood up, her legs moving like a puppet on strings. "FLUTTERSHY! STOP THIS NONSENSE RIGHT NOW!"

Everyone in the room couldn't help but appreciate the unicorn's tenacity. She was using her telekinesis to move her broken legs!


Why hadn't Twilight thought to magically catch her?! WHY?! The bedlam began to rip Twilight to shreds. Twilight looked at everyone, their individual efforts was going to get somepony killed! She had to do something!

If only it was as simple as teleporting! But there was too big a chance she'd accidentally teleport with one of Fluttershy's mane threads going through her!

"I need to get close!" She shouted not sure why she did.

A calm, almost serene voice said right next to her. "It's alright, I can guide you. This'll make your friendship stronger, I can feel it."

If things hadn't already gone mad, Twilight would have jumped out of her skin from Pinkie Pie suddenly being right next to her. "Pinkie Pie?!"

"You need to get close? I can guide you. Just trust me." Pinkie Pie closed her eyes, her entire body going lax. Twilight watched in awe Pinkie Pie's gave off twitches in a distinct pattern. Pinkie whispered, "forward, forward, forward, forward, left, no wait right, then left, then right, back, back, left, right, right, forward, jump, duck, then jump again."

" . . . what?"

"Oh figure it out, chess champ!" Pinkie Pie pushed her head long into danger.

"Chess?! Just because I'm smart doesn't mean-" Then Twilight realized the grid the stone block on the floor made. She ran.

Stay back Twilight!

'forward, forward, forward, forward, left, no wait she said right!' The moment of hesitation enabled Twilight to avoid being hit by a stone block if she had gone right immediately, then she went left and avoided another block, and another right, and backed up twice, left, right, right, forward. She jumped avoiding the block coming at her straight at ground level. She ducked as a strand swept by trying to wrap around her as she landed, then jumped one more time. She was face to face with Princess Gaia/Nightmare Whisper/Fluttershy.

"Fluttershy, it's time to remember!"

No Twilight! Wait! Don't! Fluttershy's voice said in fear, but not in fear for . . .

Twilight touched her horn to the bleeding one sticking out of her friend's head. She cast the memory spell.


Twilight was blasted back. The pink threads actually caught her and gently laid her down.

Twilight's eyelid pulled so far back her eyes were perfectly round, not seeing the world in front of her, her body twitching involuntarily from shock. "Such, sorrow." Twilight whispered, her voice sounding traumatized and broken. So many ponies, so many just wanting someone to love them, so many just wanting the smallest whisper to let them know it was alright. So many just wanting to know somepony, anypony cared about them, so many angry at something, seemingly the logical source of their pain. So many hating, just wanting SOME WAY to express their anger that society's suffocating masks wouldn't let them. So many ponies trying their hardest but not coming out on top anyway. So many ponies trying, and finding no happiness across the finish line. So many old brave ponies, so many years, too many battles. So many ponies with bodies that had failed them but still had so much they needed to do.

Muted colors, then grayness spread from the tip of Twilight's horn, followed by something like a black pitch. "So many, all alone." Twilight breathed out, her eyes looking but not seeing.

So many faces. So many names.

The grayness spread from her head down her neck and down her front hooves.

So many ponies crying out on the hidden side of their heart, but no could even hear them. It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair.

The grayness spread around her rump, and down her legs and tail.

Every living thing, killing another living thing, only so it could be die and be devoured by another living thing; an endless cycle of death. This was supposed to be life?

Why should she be happy when so many others were so sad?

Why? Why wasn't it fair? Celestia loved all her ponies. 'But if Celestia really loves us, why do we have pain? Why do we have suffering? Why don't we live in a world without struggle if she really loves us? Did she ever really love me? Or was I just a tool to use the Element of Magic? Was I just a chess piece for her all along?'

The grayness closed in around her cutie mark.

The End

A/N: Meh. I think I'll just end the story there, in fact, I think I'll end the entire series right here. Who actually cares about this series anyway? It's all just garbage. Nothing but fan service and rip-offs. And I'm just tired of the whole thing anyway. It's not like anyone would NOTICE if this series suddenly stopped.

"NO~!" Someone's horn touched hers.

So much to learn. So much to know. Don't have time for other ponies. Smarty Pants is the only friend she needs.

Celestia at the Summer Sun Festival. So beautiful.

School for Gifted Unicorns. Sonic Rainboom. Celestia face to face. To her. To teach her.

Celestia never ceasing to look after or care for her when her parents couldn't.

Raising Spike from an hatchling. No time for friends. Don't need'em, don't want'em.

Mare in the Moon. Go make Friends?! Whatever.

Friendship Is Magic.

Rather not go to the Gala than have five friends miss out. Keeping from working herself to the bone. Seeing what separates good friends from bad ones. Asking for patience towards a full of herself jackass. The flutter-mouse that roared. Opposites can compliment rather than oppose. Just because you don't understand something, doesn't make it false. No one is alone. Proving that even without her magic, her mind is still her greatest talent. Competitions aren't meant to be personal. You cannot please everypony, if you try, you please no pony. So many lessons. So many truths.

The Best Night Ever.

Friends not themselves. Alone. Nothing matters.

Being retaught the lessons that help forge those friendships, and made her realize she had been a fool to believe her friends would act like such mockeries of themselves of their own free will. Showing them the memories of their true selves. Friendship is worth fighting for. Saving the world (again).

Almost (okay was) going crazy from trying to find -some- lesson to learn. Helping Luna relate to her people. The cutie pox incident.

Applebloom and Applejack's strange visit to Celestia.

Getting Pinkie Pie to finally rest. Pinkie Pie somehow a purer Pinkie Pie.

Dash's confession and forgiveness.

Saving Trixie from herself.

Introducing an enemy as a friend among friends.

Twilight blinked as the memory spell ran its course, her brain catching up to the present.

Her eyes focused on a light blue unicorn with a very ugly electrical burn and big bruise on her side.

"Trixie, you saved me!"

"Humph! If you were to vanish, this piece of jewelry inside me would MEAN something! The One and Only Trixie is merely repaying her debts! So don't think I suddenly surrendered to a fit of insanity." Trixie tried and failed to hide the wheezing caused by her broken rib.

Anypony else would have snapped back at Trixie's horrid attitude. Twilight, however, said, "Trixie. You're getting out of practice. Your lies aren't what they used to be. You don't need to keep your defenses up. You saved me because we're friends."

"WHEN did I SAY I was friends with any-look out!" A stray stone block sailed their way. Trixie telekinetically pushed Twilight out of the path, Trixie braced for the hit, but something moved her out of the way as well! When she opened her eyes, she saw the fading glow of Twilight's horn among the impact's dust.

"Twilight, thank you." Trixie said in a voice not devoid of emotion.

Twilight smiled, "It's what friends are for."

Trixie made no protest.

Applejack, please! Can't we at least compromise? Just promise not to use the Element of Honesty! Then we can just stop! Fluttershy's voice begged.

"I'm sorry Sugar Cube,  whether Ah like it or not, this isn't here something I'm 'using,' it simply is." AJ replied sounding almost sad. "Cause that's what truth is."

That was when Nightmare Whisper took to the air. The wind from her wings blowing wildly through their manes. If the only way you'll understand is to see how badly the world needs to change then . . . I'm so sorry for being so awful to all of you.

"And I'm sorry too, Fluttershy! That I couldn't find a better way either!" Rainbow Dash charged her head on, triggering another miniature Sonic Rainbow, this time with a perfect beeline for her friend's head. The Nightmare opened her jaws.

Feel others' loss. The streaking rainbow was hit head on with wave of shadows that came out from the mother princess's jaws, washing over RD, doing the impossible and canceling out the Sonic Rainbow. The shock wave of colors turned gray and shattered under the wash of shadows.

Everyone gasped.

The shadows looked like ponies, pegasi, earth ponies, unicorns, crying, screaming, sighing, moaning, half imagines that flew into Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow fell to the ground, gravity taking hold and hitting hard. She held her head and curled into a ball. "ALONE! So many ponies! All alone!"

The colors drained from her like chalk during a rain storm.


Twilight ran towards Dash, then teleported right next to her when the threads began to try and grab the unicorn. She applied the memory spell without hesitation, the shadows fled Rainbow Dash and flew inside the foal.

"Everyone hurts everyone!"

Rainbow pushed herself up and coughed. She looked at her towering friend. "Fluttershy." There wasn't a trace of anger or contempt in her voice.

The kindness beast's jaws opened again.

I just want you all to understand!

Her voice was like she was beseeching for forgiveness.

"Rarity! Alley-oop!" AJ ran towards Rarity. Rarity, still animating her body with her telekensis, pumped out MORE of her magic reserves to send AJ flying upwards. AJ spun in mid air and delivered a double rear kick to Whisper's jaws, slamming them closed from below, making Whisper's head hit the ceiling and making her crash down again. The sudden closing of the jaws also caused a nasty backwash down the Nightmare's throat.

Pinkie Pie seemed to be in multiple places at once! All at once! Like watching a work montage, Pinkie Pie tied Whisper's mane and tail together into a admitted pretty, if strange looking, braid. The threads pulled but weren't able to free themselves.

Have to . . . save Equestria . . . have to . . . save everyone . . . can't give up . . .

Finally Twilight spoke, "Friendship report number fifteen: Fluttershy learned that she should not take on a task that is too big for her to handle."

No, please Twilight, please no.

"Friendship report number twenty, delivered to Celestia in person by Fluttershy: Fluttershy learned that she must ask first before taking matters into her own hooves."

"SHUT UP!" Snapped the foal, wrapping her hooves around her little head and trying not to listen.

If I just let the world continue like this, Twilight, I'd be heartless! If I delayed I'd be heartless to those who'd go in the meantime! I'd be heartless if I gave up now to all those who love me!

"WE LOVE YOU FLUTTERSHY!" Rarity implored.

Rarity shuddered and the glow from her body faded as she gentle laid herself on the floor. There were so many purple marks along her legs. "I-I'm sorry everypony, that's my limit, I'm completely spent."

Pinkie's pink fur was doing a good job of hiding the blood from all her cuts, but she was breathing hard and there was a decided slouch in her posture.

AJ's stunt had popped open some of her hastily done stitches.

Twilight looked at Trixie, each of the blue unicorn's breaths came with a shudder.

Rainbow Dash blew hot air from her nostrils like a mad pony ready to charge, her wings tensed looking ready to try another Sonic Rainboom, all consequences be damned.

"Rainbow Dash, what are you doing?" Twilight whispered.

"She was my friend when I wasn't friends with any pony. You saw it too, didn't you? That pain? Only an actual friend would do what I need to do to end it!"

Please don't talk like I'm not here. And this pain, this suffering, is what I have to endure for everypony else!

Trixie had never felt more helpless, she hated it. AJ didn't think she could grab RD if she tried another Rainboom, or if it would do any good even if she did. Rarity resolved herself for what was coming next and thought of the good times she had with Fluttershy over the years, wishing them a heartfelt farewell. Pinkie Pie felt like she was on another planet watching all this and just as helpless to change the outcome.

Twilight was horrified at the swirling chaos she was in the middle of. It was like watching two trains on the same tracks headed straight for each other, both carrying friends of hers, and her powerless to do anything to stop it. Time seemed to slow to a crawl around her.

Twilight grasped at straws, her voice almost broken, "F-Friendship Report n-number twenty-six!! Offering friendship to others can help them find it themselves! Also, even if somepony appears intimidating or scary at first, an offer of friendship can uncover a completely different pony underneath~!"

Twilight's voice echoed off the royal chamber's walls.


in the dark

they surrounded her

The defendant has been found guilty of non-existence, having no heart and no soul. The sentence is non-sentience. The trial will now begin. Does the defendant have anything to say in her defense?

in the dark

a faint noise echoed from far away

" . . . She needs me."


"She needs me! Mother/Sister/Friend, whatever! She needs me! And a friend in need, is a friend indeed!"

The defendant is only raw material, fuel, a resource, the defendant is needed only for the trace of the power of the draconequus. All thoughts and emotions are unneeded for that.

"Screw you! I won't let you use me anymore! Not you! Not the old man! Not anyone! I made some donkey-headed mistakes and I'm not turning the lights out without them fixed first you donkey!"

The defendant is guilty of contempt of court! The defendant's sentence shall be carried out at once!

in the dark

they covered her

"No, bucking, way! I can hear her! Get the buck off me! I hear her! Get out of my way!"


"Bad voice! Makeherstop! Makeherstop! Makeherstop!" The foal cried out.

Who is . . . where is . . . that is . . . why is . . . she's . . . she's . . .

Nightmare and foal cried out together.

The ponies were left in stunned awe, all feelings and thoughts forgotten at the sight of the impossible!

A shinning crack like light behind a double door appeared in front of the red crystal in the center of Nightmare Whisper's chest like a reflection on glass.

A transparent image of Fluttershy's front hooves poked their way through the crack gripping the edge.

"AAAAAAGGGH!" Fluttershy's voice cried out in exertion and intensity.

Like a newborn foal struggling out of the womb head first she forced her way out!

This transparent Fluttershy had fur tones that were not muted or gray so much as a darker shade. She was also covered in claw marks! Thin long arms that acted more like snakes or threads wrapped themselves around her body and wings and dug into her sides. Angry faces, nothing more than eyes and grinding teeth, tried to pull her back inside.

"LET, ME, GO~!!!" The transparent Fluttershy howled pushing herself forward from the sides of the crack, the black arms actually tore off and retreated within, cutting along her flank, which the ponies distantly noted was blank, no cutie mark. Seeing an adult pony without a cutie was a whole new level of jarring.

The ponies noticed long red cords connected to the pony's back that ran into the red sphere. The cords' pulsing reminding them greatly of the feeding of leeches and other parasites. Also connected to the pony's chest where her heart would be was a long chain running right to where Fluttershy's heart would be.

Finally she fell all of the way out and the crack vanished behind with the sound of a door slamming shut. The transparent pony hit to the floor on her hooves and knees breathing hard.

. . . Fluttercruel . . . You-you're… You can't be… B-but that's impossible- that's not possible- how can you be-

"BAD PONY! Bad ponies should stay where they belong!" The half-undead foal snarled, seemingly enraged by the sight of this new being.

"SHUT THE BUCK UP YOU SPOILED BRAT!" The transparent Fluttershy snarled right back! "I'm not your bucking toy!" The transparent Fluttershy (Fluttercruel?) reached back with her hooves and pulled at the cords in her back.

"NO! STOP!" Nightmare and Foal yelled together.

Fluttercruel screamed as the hollow cords were torn out of her, spilling blood on her but strangely not drawing her own. "And I am NOT your bucking slave!" She gasped the chain connected to her heart, and pulled for all she was worth. She screamed to the heavens as her eyes became pin pricks as the chain was torn out of her, but not leaving a big ugly hole as everypony thought it would.

Fluttercruel's transparent image fell back down to the stone floor of the castle, panting, her entire body shuddering. Nightmare Whisper and the foal likewise shuddered and gasped.

"You're the other Fluttershy aren't you?" Pinkie Pie of all ponies broke the silence first.

"I'm not . . . I'm not an 'other' anything Pinkie . . . I'm me." Fluttercruel gasped out. She stood up on her rear legs and looked up at Nightmare Whisper. "And I'm not letting you do this to yourself anymore, Fluttershy! And that goes double for you too, brat! I'm not going into nothingness knowing that I led you to doing something you'll cry yourself to sleep over every night for the rest of your life! You're not saddling me with that! If I wanted my legacy to be something that stupid I'd have just had us set fire to ants!"

"WAIT! YOU SAYIN' YOU DID THIS TO FLUTTERSHY?!" AJ snarled ready to attack the transparent Fluttershy, 'ghost' or not.

"Yes! Yes I did AJ! Yes I did!" And Fluttercruel said it all, her day out, all she had done, and showing Fluttershy what nature was really like.

"You big dumb meanie!" Pinkie Pie shouted at her. "How could you do that to Fluttershy!?"

"I'm sorry dammit! I'm freakin' sorry!!! I know that doesn't make things better! I didn't think! I know nothing can make it better! But she wasted all that time teaching me! I thought I was repaying her! I just-I just-I'M SORRY!!!"

Rarity gasped. Was she? Was Fluttercruel crying? Image or not, some ghost or memory or not, the sight of Fluttershy or even her likeness crying was just too much.

Twilight remembered. Was this really the personality Discord had turned Fluttershy into? That pony wouldn't have apologized for anything.

Don't be sorry 'Cruel, I thought you were dead. This is so good. Now you can see me fix the world and make it fair, and it's all thanks to you helping me see the world isn't fair. Nightmare Whisper coo'ed as only a mother could.

"Stop it." Fluttercruel said in a tired, almost sad voice not looking at her. "All I did was screw you up. You became this way because you couldn't deal with the how harsh life is, and it was my fault for making you see it. I failed you."

I became this way because I couldn't bear to see everything else suffer!

And Nightmare Whisper moved her giant head and looked at Fluttercruel. No, she Stared at her.

The pony's knees almost all buckled at the almighty Stare, the idea of moving becoming an alien concept.

Fluttercruel fell down to all fours and her knees buckled as she gritted her teeth.

Nightmare Whisper noticed the state of her friends and began to reach for the now helpless Applejack.

"NO!" Fluttercruel screamed. And she felt a force, a WILL well up inside her, and she looked at Nightmare Whisper and stared into her soul. And two Stares clashed. Nightmare Whisper's giant body froze in place.

"I won't let you hurt yourself! I refuse to let you hurt yourself like this! And I won't let you hurt your friends! I won't let you do something I know you'll never forgive yourself for!"

I know I can never forgive myself! But I have to do this! I need to do this!

"You're not an animal! You have a choice!"

And I chose to make the world right!

"And hurting your friends is right?!"

It's an awful thing I have to do BECAUSE I love everything.

" . . . Then you finally understand?"

Understand what? . . .

"Sometimes, you have to be cruel to be kind. You have to give out pain in order to heal, you need to let foals cry so they'll be stronger for it. They need to get burned, so they'll know to be wary of fire! You need to put down an animal that's not going to do -anything- but suffer. You need to let go of a dying pony that's just on life support! Causing death, letting somepony die, hurting children, these are all cruel things, but there are times you do them BECAUSE you love somepony and don't want them to suffer MORE if you don't! That sums what you're doing right?"

Nightmare Whisper's Stare began to crack under Fluttercruel's. No . . .n-n-no . .. that's not . .. that isn't . ..

"Am I a hackneyed job now? Am I harmless now? Am I just some pathetic excuse now? Do I stand a snowball's chance in hell now? You gonna browbeat me now?! YOU WANNA TRY TO CURBSTOMP ME NOW?! ...You were braver when you were a yellow moe-blob, 'Shy."

I'm not doing this because I'm scared! Some pains should just be hidden! Fluttershy's voice yelled out, even as her Stare crumbled.

In Twilight's mind, gears turned, latches fell into place, and a bell sounded that she hadn't wanted to hear, but at the same time, it felt so good to hear it.

"Princess. Celestia. I finally understand...

"You... you're doing this… not because you want to force yourself on others, you're not really doing this because you're scared of truth. You're doing this, you want to make the world fair, BECAUSE YOU'RE OUR FRIEND!" Twilight looked at Rainbow Dash. "And we're doing this BECAUSE WE'RE YOUR FRIENDS! We can't escape it! OUR FRIENDS CHANGE WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT! I HATE IT! Discord showed me what I didn't want to see! That we could all grow into ponies different from the ones we made friends with! Ponies that may well drift away from each other! . . . THAT'S THE PRICE OF HAVING FRIENDS AND-" Twilight growled through clenched teeth, "It's-worth-it! It will ALWAYS be worth it! Because if that pony was ever really your friend, then before or after doesn't matter, friendship is now! It doesn't have a future or past! No matter how distant, a friend is a friend! And my heart is more free BECAUSE I accept that!"

And Twilight gasped as a light shined from her forehead, she recognized the light, but that was impossible. She felt the latches that held her magic in check unlocking themselves. The others saw the familiar star the glow on Twlight's forehead around her horn took the shape of.

Everyone looked at her in awe at the all welcoming, all encompassing unifying glow.

"But . . .without the Elements . . . " Then Twilight cursed herself as a fool. Hadn't she told Nightmare Moon the real Elements were inside their bearers? Hadn't she said that from the beginning? Weren't the jewelry just tools? A medium? An instrument?

But Twilight already had her medium, for she understood!

"Kindness is a precious gift because it is not natural. Because we chose to be kind makes it wonderful! That's why it feels wonderful to share with everypony else! That's WHY Celestia gave us all free will!" Rarity shouted! A light shined in the shape of a diamond over her heart.

"Fluttershy! Ah know what it's like to feel all that pain! To feel how everypony is hurtin'! All in their own way! I SAW IT! I FELT IT TOO! And it IS horrible! But this AIN'T the way to help'em! Ah mother doesn't smother and hide the world from her youngin's, she guides an' protects 'em in it!" And the glowing apple mark appeared around one of AJ's eyes.

"Hold on! Hold on! I got it! You know what a place with no escapes is called? It's called a prison. But if you can't escape where you're escaping -to-, you've just traded one prison for another Fluttershy. Which is rather silly! You just end up right back where you started! What a silly thing!" Pinkie Pie wasn't surprised in the least when she saw the glow from below her neck and didn't need to look to know its shape.

"I won't be scared of making a choice anymore, Fluttershy! I'm not gonna try to cheat fate! If I have to chose between your dream and everyone else... I'll prove my loyalty to you by SAVING YOU FROM YOURSELF! That is a true samurai pony's tail!" A glowing red lightning bolt contrasting with her coat formed on her right wing.

"SHUT UP!" screamed the little half undead foal like a child throwing a tantrum, covering her ears with her hooves. "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!"

Trixie's horn ached, her heart ached. She felt something inside her digging and clawing for the surface, so desperately wanting to join those around her, a feeling so familiar it hurt. A blue light flickered at the center of her chest. No! She wanted to be herself! Not a part of a whole! Not a piece of a set! No!
Trixie clutched her broken sides and fell to her back legs' knees.

Was her heart skipping beats? Was this a heart attack? Her eyes bulged and were nearly blood-shot, desperately wanting to hold onto her individuality even as her heart cried out to be joined with the rest of itself.

Tears came down Trixie faces unbidden and perplexing to Trixie. So badly wanting to join but so terrified of possibly losing herself.

Fluttershy's voice sighed. Sorry Twilight. One Element Short.

Nightmare Whisper/Princess Gaia/Fluttershy's claw speared towards them. And was caught … by Fluttercruel!? The scarred transparent Pony held the massive limb easily thicker than her wing span. Her muscled bulged, her hoofs skidded even if they made no sound against the stone. "No . . . I won't let you . . . I told you. I'll never let you hurt yourself because of me again! I won't let anyone be hurt because of me again! If that means fading, okay! But if that means being here! THEN OKAY!"

"Move you stupid half-draconequus!" The foal commanded.

"That's stupid little pony! And I won't move for anything!" Fluttercruel screamed at the top of her lungs!

Fluttercruel felt a tingle on her body and caught a small flash in the the corner of her eye. She rolled her eyes and looked at the source, and gasped.

In an inverted wing shape was a pair of pony hooves, pressing together, one larger and that of a mare, holding up the hoof of a filly.

"My... my cutie mark's true meaning... OUR cutie marks' true meanings are... to help those who can't, who won't help themselves."

And an outline of a helping hoof glowed on Fluttercruel's right foreleg.

There wasn't a pony in the room who was not surprised.

"NO!" The foal shouted, both hers and Nightmare Whisper's eyes going wide in shock.

Two lines of light shined from each of the ponies, forming a six pointed star. The lines exchanged colors, changing so fast they looked like white light.

The foal shouted desperately, "Don't! The Elements are Harmony, you're Dissonance! They'll destroy you!"

Fluttercruel let out the world's smallest laugh. "At least I can say I went out with a bang." No one had time to debate.

Twilight's eyes glowed solid white.

A familiar rainbow arched from the center of the six point star, and it crashed down on top of the corrupted pony and became a whirlwind of colors entrapping her. Everything disappeared in an explosion of white light!


. . .

. . . . . .
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The Heroes stare in shock at the tortured being before them. Rarity can hardly believe it and calls her an imposter. But AJ tells them that this is what Fluttershy had become. Only now are the others able to accept it. Twilight realizes this must be almost the same for Celestia, who also ignored all hints that something was wrong about her sister until it was almost too late. Rainbow Dash is horrified what she could have turned into, when insanity consumed her. Fluttershy tells them not to judge her on her appearance. Her voice echoes through the entire room, which makes sense since this is her core, while lesser aspects of her like the fog and the animals continue to spread over the world. Rarity is almost broken by her friend’s appearance, she always saw Fluttershy’s outer and inner beauty but now both are twisted. Then Nightmare Whisper tells them why she must torture herself. Twilight has already figured it out. For her perfect paradise to exist, she must take everything dark and vile into herself. Her friends and followers would never allow this, so she had to deceive them all. She felt their hatred, doubts and fears for her foals, for every single one of them. The Nightmare knows that this is the only way such a world can exist. This torture already killed her twice but her power keeps reviving her to continue her task. She is completely ready to become the scapegoat for the entire world and let herself be eaten alive for all eternity. Fluttershy believes that this is her duty. Pinkie Pie begs her to accept sadness as a part of life; she herself had to learn this the hard way. But the Nightmare does let her foals feel sadness for the pain of others, otherwise there wouldn’t be compassion. Because of this she has to hide her own suffering or her utopia will fall apart. Just seeing her did seem to immediately break the remaining control she had over the heroes. Twilight wonders how the Nightmare is not drowning in all this darkness but her will to suffer for others, to follow the example of the mother spider that allowed her children to devour her to gain strength, is strong enough to continue this existence. She talks about the Shadows that will only tolerate a world when there is suffering, beings for which happiness is only the other side of the same coin. For her happy paradise to exist at least one being has to suffer for everyone else. These Shadows sound like Cosmic Horrors in this brief description but we will much later more about them. Her friends try to convince her to stop these actions, that she is no Alicorn and can’t carry this burden forever. AJ finally tells her to be honest with her subjects, if they truly love her, they would accept the Nightmare for her sacrifice.

But Fluttershy isn’t willing to listen to this suggestion. Her voice is filled with self-loathing, she hates herself for doing this but she decides that her paradise must come true. If Truth is able to shatter her illusion, then she has to blind Applejack so that she will not see anything anymore. The Nightmare is sure that her friends will hate her for this and that she doesn’t deserve to be their friend anymore. She is not willing to let go of her paradise. It is likely all the darkness she absorbed that makes her own self-hatred worse. She mocks her own desire to try to feel nature despite being a Pegasus, her inability to come up with a better plan and how she is spreading suffering instead of the happiness she wished for. She hates herself. She attacks Applejack but the farmer is able to evade the strike. Her other friends have trouble to understand that Fluttershy is really trying to hurt her friend. AJ is able to see what hides inside the red sphere: A small undead Pegasus foal that arrogantly declares that she must be punished for her crimes. The Nightmare tries to strike again but the farmer is too quick to be hit with these attacks. Fluttershy still thinks that the paradise she will create is worth the prize she and her friends will have to pay. With a depressing finality Rainbow Dash tells her that she will not allow Fluttershy to torture herself any longer. Applejack tells the Nightmare that she isn’t the one who will overcome Death; in Truth she saw that this could be Twilight’s future. Now the undead foal is no longer silent and starts to scream at the heroes about their own selfish desires to end this paradise. This foal is the arrogant knight templar that the Nightmare herself isn’t. She is so full of anger, like the other version of Fluttershy that Fluttercruel briefly saw. This version is sure that she knows what is right and what is wrong and can decide for everyone. Rainbow Dash is determined to protect AJ even from the powerful being before them. The Nightmare in turn promises to heal everyone after she removed the Element of Honesty from Applejack. Fluttershy tries to make Pinkie Pie giving up the battle by promising her to remake the world into one just like the innocent G3 world. The pink pony remembers what she has lost but is not willing to give up this world for an imitation of her former world. She knows that her friends who fought until the bitter end wouldn’t want her to give up. Pinkie Pie did accept the change in the world and her friends and the memory of them will never fade.

Now the time for conversation is over. Now it will be decided how the world will continue to exist: A comfortable paradise build on lies or the long and painful road to an uncertain future. The Nightmare starts with a more powerful version of the attack her knight did use and rains down a storm of glass butterflies. The heroes quickly counter with shield spells from Trixie and Twilight and Rarity telekinetically uses a tea table as a shield for any dagger that comes through. Pinkie Pie is able to use her Pinkie Sense to dodge the pieces, Rainbow Dash is able to evade them and Applejack charges right through the attack but loses her beloved hat and gets hit several times by some daggers. AJ is able to use the surprise to break the Nightmares right foreleg. While this stops the rain of daggers, the Nightmare almost knocks Applejack back into the others but Twilight did learn from the last battle with knight Cheerilee and catches the farmer with her magic. The Nightmare tries another strike and all the glass daggers on the ground injure Rarity and AJ as they evade the attack. Twilight tries to form a strategy but is unable to come up with a plan, since this would mean to make the suffering of her friend even worse. Both Rainbow Dash (who seems to be fighting with herself) and Pinkie Pie try to shield the farmer but Rarity takes a look into Fluttershy’s eyes and decides to put her out of her misery. She begins to use her magic to throw an endless stream of glass daggers back at the Nightmare, aiming for her throat. Again she decides to kill somebody, but this time it is not in rage but out of love. She doesn’t want her best friend to suffer any more. Fluttershy is forced to shield herself with her wing and to dissolve all daggers to end this attack. This opens up the wounds on AJ and Rarity tries to stitch them together. Pinkie Pie meanwhile tries her best to distract the Nightmare. But Rainbow Dash has made a decision. She will also not stand aside as her friend is living in eternal suffering and decides to make it quick and painless. She uses a Sonic Rainboom against Fluttershy but misses her original target (maybe the neck) and cuts off the right foreleg. But the Nightmare is easily able to heal this horrible wound within seconds and shows that she really is able to heal the heroes after beating them into the ground to reach AJ. Trixie doesn’t wait for Fluttershy to be ready to fight them again and uses her lightning to strike at the chains, injuring the entire Nightmare. Just like Applejack Fluttershy immediately strikes back and sends Trixie flying with one of her chains. But the showpony is caught by the farmer. Pinkie Pie tries to calm down Fluttershy like she did Rainbow Dash but her mane comes alive and throws the pink pony through a stained glass window showing the friendship between the two ponies. But the partying pony teleports right at the other side of the castle and uses a flying dragon kick to fly through another window and strikes the Nightmare in the face. The attack did however seriously injure Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy changes attacks again and uses her hair to rip out stones from the ground and throw them at her friends and while doing this she still tries to convince them to give up. It is a battle of attrition and the heroes start to get weaker. Only Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are able to dodge the attacks, Trixie is too exhausted and Twilight is still in shock. Rarity tries to throw the stones back at the sphere but the Nightmare uses her wings again to protect herself. Finally one attack hits the white unicorn and breaks several of her bones. To Fluttershy’s desperation Rarity uses her magic to move her own body like a puppet. Twilight was too desperate about the battle between her friends and was unable to protect the white unicorn. Now she has an idea but she must reach the Nightmare first. Pinkie Pie uses her Pinkie Sense to give her directions referring to the grid on the ground. Twilight replicates the long list flawlessly, including the mistake the pink pony intentionally build inside, so that she can avoid an attack that would have hurt her if she went there immediately. Twilight uses her memory spell on Fluttershy, this did heal the ponies lost in the fog and even knight Cheerilee. The Nightmare panics because she knows what is about to happen. The backlash of horrible memories, pain and feelings is too strong and throws Twilight back. She feels hate against unicorns with mixed heritage, hate against unicorns in general, hate against the Princesses, sorrow about being a pegasus instead of an earth pony, hate against griffons, Onyx Tiara’s disgust what his wife had became, feelings of abandonment, feelings of superiority, feelings of inferiority, hatred towards ponies with Cutie Marks, hatred towards ponies without Cutie Marks, the regrets of the inhabitants of Sunnytown, a child maybe Scootaloo feeling abandoned by her parents, parents desperately searching for their child, Fluttercruel’s fears of nonexistence, wishes for peace, the desire for company, the desire for loneliness, Diamond Tiara’s wish for the healing of her mother and so much more. Instinctively Fluttershy catches her and puts her gently to the ground. Twilight is completely crushed by what she saw and the sorrow starts to devour her. Now she seemingly begins to turn into a Nightmare as well. She saw what Fluttershy had to see, how many mortals suffered in life and how unfair life could be, especially compared to what she had experienced. She begins to doubt Celestia and that the Sun Goddess ever saw anything else in the purple unicorn but a simple pawn. The desperation spreads and the entire story is about to en...

Someone casts a memory spell on her and everything she almost forgot comes back to her: Her desire for knowledge, her favourite toy, Celestia and the rising sun, the fateful Sonic Rainboom, Celestia accepting her as her student and the child she never had, raising Spike, meeting her friends in the struggle against Nightmare Moon, friendship is magic, all the friendship lessons she had learned, the gala she could attend with all of her friends, overcoming Discord and healing her friends from their corruption, the development of her and her friends, the rescue and healing of Trixie. Twilight is immediately healed from her corruption. Who did cast the spell? It was Trixie, the showpony that she taught the magic of friendship. Just like in the fog her copy of the memory spell saved everyone, when Twilight was unable to cast it. Trixie tries to act like her old self but Twilight sees right through it. Fluttershy is interrupting this moment with another attack as the showpony pushes her friend aside and is prepared to take the strike. But Twilight uses her telekinesis and protects her friend in turn. The two complement each other nicely. This time Trixie doesn’t object. Then the Nightmare tries to negotiate with Applejack to not use her Element of Honesty anymore. But AJ isn’t willing to give up her promise to Truth. Now Nightmare Whisper starts to use her wings and fly. Rainbow Dash tries another Sonic Rainboom, this time aiming at her head. She also didn’t see any other way out of this besides killing her corrupted friend. But Fluttershy did learn to weaponize the negative feelings she is caring and fires a beam of pure despair at Rainbow. It cancels the attack and Rainbow Dash falls to the ground and looses her colors as well. Twilight immediately comes to her aid and saves her with her memory spell. Applejack and Rarity combine their efforts to send AJ up to the attacker and the farmer manages to do a double rear kick against the head of the Nightmare, causing her to crash back to the ground. Pinkie Pie uses a hard work montage to trap Fluttershy in her own mane and tail. But the heroes have reached their limit. Rarity can’t move her body around anymore because her magic is completely spend, Pinkie Pie’s injuries begin to slow her down, Applejack’s wounds get worse and worse, Trixie can hardly breath without pain, Rainbow Dash prepares one final Sonic Rainboom to end her friends suffering. Twilight tries to reach Fluttershy with friendship reports but it seems futile. In her desperation she manages to quote one last report: “Offering friendship to others can help them find it themselves! Also, even if somepony appears intimidating or scary at first, an offer of friendship can uncover a completely different pony underneath!” It doesn’t reach Fluttershy but it does reach someone else.

At some dark place Fluttercruel is about to fade away and a Jury of the Damned judges her as non-existent. They also talk about tracking Discord with her material and start to attack her. But Fluttercruel has a goal. She wants to help Fluttershy and she will not be stopped. Both the Nightmare and the foal scream in pain as Fluttercruel forces her way outside of the red crystal. She manages to escape the grip of the shadows and the others start to notice the differences like the darker fur or the missing Cutie Mark. But Fluttercruel is still connected by red cords that seem to drain her to the sphere. Fluttershy seems to be surprised that she still exists but it seems that the undead foal knew that the entire time, because she doesn’t seem shocked at all. Now the cruel half very painfully servers her connection to the Nightmare and her sphere. Pinkie Pie realises that she is a different person. Fluttercruel is determined to not fade away until she manages to make up for her earlier mistake and tells the heroes everything she did. This time the cruel half cries about her regrets and the others start to realise that she isn’t the same person she was at the day of Chaos. She tries to talk to Fluttershy but that seems hopeless as well. The Nightmare is still not willing to listen. Fluttershy even turns her own stare against her former friends and immobilizes them. Just like before the stare is her last resort, she could have used it much sooner and won the battle. But now she is taking this opportunity to attack the defenceless Applejack.

But Fluttercruel isn’t done. She will not allow her kind half to hurt her friends and suffer for that for the rest of her existence. Thanks to her strong will she is able to use her own stare against the Nightmare. They begin to talk about what is right and what has to be done and Fluttercruel explains to her that Fluttershy is being cruel to be kind. She deceives her friends and followers, the breaks their resistance and she fights against her friends. These are all cruel things she does out of kindness. The cruel half is able to point out the contradiction in the Nightmare devoured by kindness and in turn the will of Fluttershy and her stare weaken. Now Twilight finally understands why the fluttering pony is doing this. Both sides are doing it because they are all friends. Discord did (involuntary) show her that her friends will change over time and now she is able to accept it. Their friendship is too precious to be given up. In turn her Element of Friendship awakens. Rarity understands that free will allowed them to make their own choices, like choosing to be kind and generous to others and because everyone has to make this decision themselves every kind act is precious. Her Element of Generosity awakens. Applejack understands that the true love of a mother doesn’t hide her children from the world but protects and guides them to face reality. Now her Element of Honesty awakens. Pinkie Pie manages to see the absurdity in trapping beloved ones in kindness. Her Element of Laughter awakens. Rainbow Dash vows not to sit helpless before choices again and that her loyalty will always lead her to save her friends, even from themselves if necessary. Her Element of Loyalty awakens. Meanwhile the smug and superior acting undead foal has a villainous breakdown and is reduced to screaming at the heroes. Trixie resists the awakening of her Element out of fear for losing herself. But they are missing the Element of Kindness.

Since they are unable to move, Fluttershy prepares another attack against Applejack. But Fluttercruel is able to defend her and stop the Nightmare. She will not abandon Fluttershy, she will not let her hurt herself anymore. Suddenly she gains a Cutie Mark: It is an inverted wing shape with a pair of pony hooves, pressing together, one larger and that of a mare, holding up the hoof of a filly. She understands the true meaning of the Element of Kindness: To help those who are unable to help themselves. Now her Element of Kindness awakens and the set is complete. The undead foal screams in panic that the Harmony will destroy Fluttercruel as well but unlike her cowardly father she is willing to go out with a bang. Now the rainbow crashes down at Nightmare Whisper.

Now this was an incredible chapter with a prolonged battle, that lets every conflict so far seem like a minor dispute. The heroes fight against the reality warper that took over large parts of Equestria and manage to put up a decent fight until their strength runs out. Everyone manages to use their own powers far beyond what they had thought was possible. But Fluttershy has several disadvantages: She doesn’t want to hurt her friends and keeps holding back the stare that would have won this battle right at the beginning. She also can’t call her knights as backup since seeing her like this would break her control over them. What was a trap for the heroes backfires on the Nightmare. While Rarity and Rainbow Dash were willing to kill Fluttershy to release her from the suffering, it is very likely that her power would have just brought her back to continue her suffering. In the end the Nightmare would have been able to overpower them all if it wouldn’t be for Fluttercruel’s timely arrival. Afterwards they do the impossible and call down the power of Harmony to cure their corrupted friend.

Keep up the great work.
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BrightDark89 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Student General Artist
I just read this again, and I can't help but notice the similarities between Nightmare Whisper and Kriemhild Gretchen.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015
Well, Madoka Magica was a BIIIIIG inspiration for me at the time. 
And it was again for a arc of the finale!!!! 
Nite1nBlack Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
You know I just realized something that I should've noticed before. Fluttershy/Princess Gaia/Nightmare Whisper constantly asserts that she's trying to make the world fair. But the way she's going about it is actually completely unfair. It's just not unfair in the sense we think of unfairness. In this case is that ponies wouldn't have the sadness, anger, fear, or so on that can grow an individual into a good person. Sadness is a release of the anxiety one feels when they lose someone or are in terrible times. And that experience of sadness can be useful to help someone these going through those same emotions. Not to mention everyone needs a good cry every now and again to release some of the stress they go through their lives. Anger is an emotion that shows that you won't stand for someting that is wrong like slavery or torture. And that anger, when kept controlled rather than let loose, can help stop something that needs to be stopped (after all I don't think the colonists were too happy being severly taxxed with no representation in Parliment). Fear is a survival instict that indicates that danger is near an that you should be careful. Bravery is all well and good, but too much bravery becomes complete stupidity. These emotions and feelings can and have be detremental to people of couse, but in a FAIR world the negative emotions would help lead to strong positive emotions. In a FAIR world, people would cry when they lost their loved ones, shout and rally against injustices, and have their spines chill when sneaking past danger. But they would never drown in their despair, rip each other apart, or give in to paranoia. In a fair world...positive and negative emotions would exist in pefect harmony. Who knows though I'm just a black knight. (Sidenote here: I kinda like feeling sad every while just to remind myself that I DO still care and that I'm still human. I don't feel sadness all that often so I feel that it's good for me give myself a little reminder that I still can feel geniunely sad. Man Ihope that doesn't make me sound like a callous bastard.)
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
If you have a trope account you should add that to the analysis page. 

And we all have our own definition of fair I think. 

Princess Gaia decided the best way to keep the audience happy was if SHE was suffering utterly and completely, while everyone else was happy, because she knew that no one would accept a world where everyone was happy. 
ardashir Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
I get the idea that I somehow never commented on this, which is an incredible shame! I loved this chapter when I first read, and I still do! Really! You made sweet Fluttershy into a villain and somehow kept it all feeling real and true; this was and is amazing.

I honesty think this is the very best fanfic I've ever read, period. Not just in MLP but anywhere.

Thanks for reminding me through this that we all still have friends and there is still a light leading out of darkness and fear. (Which is something I needed to read so badly right now!)

*Hugs the Mane Six and Fluttercruel for providing that hope*
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014…

The worst part is that I can find nothing truly wrong with their remarks. 

All that being said. 

I'm happy that this story's message came through, and that you understood it, and that it's made you happy, and that I was able to keep the characters IN character(that one means a LOT to me), thank you. *hugs*

Ardashir, thank you for staying wit me. 
ardashir Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014
I'd say ignore the complainers and critics, they live to tear people down. Criticism like that is best dismissed from notice.

I'm happy that this story's message came through, and that you understood it, and that it's made you happy, and that I was able to keep the characters IN character(that one means a LOT to me), thank you. *hugs*

Ardashir, thank you for staying wit me.

Don't worry, I'll be here until the very end. And remember, you are a better than the envious would have you believe. A LOT better.
doct1400 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
Wow, well done.  I think this is about where I ended up falling off last time.  I certainly remember bits of this outstanding combat sequence.  It is truly amazing.  Though I'll say the same thing to you that I find tends to be true too frequently (mostly of DBZ and Naruto authors) these people seem to break WAY WAY WAY too many bones and ultimately get right back up.  Like Rarity. . .She is best Pony and even in fantasy land she should probably be put down for at least three or four months probably longer. 

There are a couple typos through out but nothing too terrible. 

The characters are all well done and stay pretty much in character to true cannon, and 100% within cannon for the minor alterations you've made to each of the characters.

The songs are all very nice touches, even if I'm so musically uninclined that I have clue if they are country, pop or what. 

Dear Goddes, Princess Gaia's raw power is incredible.  I'm almost scared to see how you manage to top that.  OF course someone with a fraction of her power actually trying to kill you would be an enormous threat but. . .dear god she seems to rival Discord in sheer strength even if she may lack his actual control.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014
Thankfully, I have the excuse that the Element of Generosity in Canon has shown to have the power to heal its user. 

And I am very very very proud of this fight. I felt I did enough give and take for both sides. 

Happy to know people are still reading this. Thank you very much for your in-depth comment. Thank you. 

I hope you manage to be entertained by the rest of the series. 
Persona22 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
"But . . .without the Elements . . . " Then Twilight cursed herself as a fool. Hadn't she told Nightmare Moon the real Elements were inside their bearers? Hadn't she said that from the beginning? Weren't the jewelry just tools? A medium? An instrument?

Okay, I have to say this: As awesome and kickass as that scene was, it does kind of raise a question: If that is correct and the actual elements don't need to be there to be used (which happens in the Dark World story arc several times), then why did Celestia and Luna spend about 1000 years to try and get them to work after Discord started his first reign of chaos? It always struck me as odd.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
A logical question: But basically, the girls did what Celestia and Luna never were able to. 
Persona22 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Pinkie moved like a pingpong ball, not staying in place a moment more than she needed to forming a defensive web around Applejack. Rainbow Dash hovered above AJ, looking like she was at war with herself. 

Again you're being tested with an impossible choice RD... what will it be this time?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
And what did she decide? 
Persona22 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Oh, we all know that later in the chapter.
I was just expressing what went through my head the moment I was reading that. In a way this whole dealing with Nightmare Whisper was a "test the elements" on a whole new level.

Applejack was made to see the truth in a way that she was never used to. Rainbow Dash was tested on her loyalties once again even harder than Discord did.... and so on. Even Pinkie Pie was tested on Laughter on a whole new level, and she responded to that test by taking half of the world's pain with Fluttershy so everyone could be happy.
Persona22 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
This is the most Final Fantasy chapter ever.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Why is that? 
Persona22 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
The whole plot twist, the whole "Everyone thinks I'm some super good god thing but it turns out I'm a monster thing", the whole suffering for others speech, the way the others react about it... Final Fantasy has been doing that since FFVI, and FFVII, and FF Tactics, and... well you get the idea.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Of course, Fluttershy's 'super good god' image was simply to hide her suffering, rather than to hide her agenda or plans. So it's not really in FF style. Since if it was, the other would make an elongated speech about how mortals are better than gods, kill her, and declare how a new age for mortals free from the tyranny of gods made now begun. 
Persona22 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
... I read that twice and the same thing goes through my head when I do: Why didn't Applejack, in her many trips on seeing the different possible worlds, ever saw a world where some heroic Ponies gathered to defeat Celestia and Luna, and declared all the things you just said there about god slaying and tyranny and freedom of mortals?

I'm sorry, but it really is the first thing that came to my mind...
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Because I hate that Final Fantasy Motif. 
KurseofKings Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013
"Don't! The Elements are Harmony, you're Dissonance! They'll destroy you!" No,this is Dissonance. (also known as Dissidence) (Dissonance/Dissidence copyright ~Sada-Pazaki)
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013
KurseofKings Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013
Who or what is "Omelas"?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013
epileptictrees Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013
"Witch of salvation. Her nature is mercy. She absorbs any life on the planet into her newly created heaven--her barrier. The only way to defeat this witch is to make the world free of misfortune. If there's no grief in this world, she will believe this world is already a heaven."

-Excerpt describing Kriemhild Gretchen from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The Nightmare Whisper arc (along with the themes of Fluttershy/Madoka as a "Messiah" and the "powered by a forsaken child" trope made more explicit by the Omelas reference) reminds me of that anime so much.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013
No surprise. Since I wrote it after seeing the Madoka anime. I directly borrowed a LOT of themes.
Nightmare-Whisper Featured By Owner May 22, 2013
I...actually loved this enough to make it my username!

alexwarlorn Featured By Owner May 22, 2013
0-0 I. Am honored. Thank you very much. Nice to know this story is still attracting new readers.
yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
Ironic the one pony who initially resisted being discorded was the one who turned into the Nightmare. It is always the quiet one isn't it?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
The shadow in psychology does hide that which is contrary to our self image.
yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
.......brain processing.... beep. Okay took a few seconds to compute but I grasp your reply. You certainly have a way with words.
Kiora-chan4 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
"o.e" as in :iconimspeechlessplz: because really epic long long critique and story and comments awesome
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
Kiora-chan4 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
RHJunior Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Professional Artist
"It is true that Dualism has a certain theological attraction; it seems to make the problem of evil easier."
This drives us to ask why so many generations rejected Dualism. Not, assuredly, because they were unfamiliar with suffering; and not because its obvious prima facie plausibility escaped them. It is more likely that they saw its two fatal difficulties, the one metaphysical, and the other moral.

The metaphysical difficulty is this. The two Powers, the good and the evil, do not explain each other. Neither Ormuzd nor Ahriman can claim to be the Ultimate. More ultimate than either of them is the inexplicable fact of their being there together... thus confessing that we are not yet dealing with the source of the universe but only with two members contained in it. Dualism is a truncated metaphysic.

The moral difficulty is that Dualism gives evil a positive, substantive, self-consistent nature, like that of good. If this were true,...In what sense can the one party be said to be right and the other wrong? If evil has the same kind of reality as good, the same autonomy and completeness, our allegiance to good becomes the arbitrarily chosen loyalty of a partisan.

A sound theory of value demands something different. It demands that good should be original and evil a mere perversion; that good should be the tree and evil the ivy; that good should be able to see all round evil (as when sane men understand lunacy) while evil cannot retaliate in kind; that good should be able to exist on its own while evil requires the good on which it is parasitic in order to continue its parasitic existence.

The consequences of neglecting this are serious. It means believing that bad men like badness as such, in the same way in which good men like goodness. At first this denial of any common nature between us and our enemies seems gratifying. We call them fiends and feel that we need not forgive them. But, in reality, along with the power to forgive, we have lost the power to condemn....

alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012
Erm. Okay.
You forgot to include the text explaining how this relates to Fluttershy deciding to do what she did and the heroes opposing her doing it.
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012

A wise man once said, paraphrasing, "The world doesn't make sense unless you force it to". And he is right.

By the way, is it possible to use the memory spell on Screwball as a means of curing her insanity? Remind her of what she loved and treasure the most - her daughter and her husband - and she'll definitely snap back to normal.

Oh well, even if it works it's too late for that anyway, as of the end of the Mind Games arc...
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
Twilight said before that mind magic can't be used to cure most traditional forms of insanity.
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
If you have a broken computer, rewriting the source code isn't going to change a thing.
And if mental image COULD cure someone's insanity, it would mean you had change that could change a person AT THEIR ROOTS, where such problems that would WARRANT magic exist, which would be a FRIGHTENING magic to have (since you wouldn't just be mind CONTROLLING a person, you'd be mind REWRITING them).
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
True enough.

I do have a few ideas, some involving memory suppression.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
Which is technically what they were both doing already.
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
Crud. So there really is no easy solutions, huh?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
If there was, Celestia and Luna wouldn't employ psychologists.

Cadence's magic MIGHT hold a solution, but it might have to be implemented BEFORE the drama can put down roots.
(1 Reply)
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
"The Shadows Who See don't tolerate pain and suffering being just lifted from somepony. The Shadows demand that pain and suffering must be burdened by -someone-! They won't let someone be happy unless someone else is miserable! Or maybe it's the Alicorns themselves who demand it. The Shadows only tolerate happiness as long as an equal amount of pain exists. The only way they'll accept any paradise is to have at least one pony suffer horribly for it . . . So I'll suffer as much I need to! As much as I have to!"

"The Shadows Who See"

Wait, is she talking about us readers?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
*she glares right at you*

It took you this long to figure it out? 0-0

"You shadows, HATE the idea of everypony being happy! What ELSE would you find the Second Age boring, and HATED Pinkie Pie's world? You get your high on pain and suffering? Why else would you think so much and talk so much about worlds were Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash act like monsters-!? WELL LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! I'M IN PAIN! I'M SUFFERING! JUST LOOK AT ME AND GET YOUR PLEASURE! Nopony but ME needs to be miserable! They can have their calm and happy lives! And you get me! Suffering and twisting in pain forever!"
ardashir Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
*she glares right at you*

It took you this long to figure it out? 0-0

"You shadows, HATE the idea of everypony being happy! What ELSE would you find the Second Age boring, and HATED Pinkie Pie's world? You get your high on pain and suffering? Why else would you think so much and talk so much about worlds were Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash act like monsters-!? WELL LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! I'M IN PAIN! I'M SUFFERING! JUST LOOK AT ME AND GET YOUR PLEASURE! Nopony but ME needs to be miserable! They can have their calm and happy lives! And you get me! Suffering and twisting in pain forever!"

Hey, it took me a while to figure it out, too!

And for what it's worth, not all of us liked those stories or even knew about the Second Age or Pinkie Pie's world. *Gives her a hug and backs away -- quickly!*

BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
:omg: Oh Powers-that-be, What have we done? WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
So yeah, Nightmare Whisper was giving a "You Bastard" trope to the entertainment value we find in bleak and black and hopeless situations. [link]

"I will GIVE YOU ALL, all the pain and suffering you want to watch! Just leave everypony else alone to be happy!!! THIS is the world I seek to create! That is why I am the Foal of Omelas!"
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