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November 5, 2011
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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
"Seven Friends Sit Around And Play A Game."

Six would-be pony liberators now look at their new Princess with discorded colored ring eyes.

She was once Fluttershy but now was the savior of the world Princess Gaia.

One look, one sound of her song, one breath of her ever lasting fog, and you knew she was the one who would make the world fair.

They chat with their new Princess about flower arrangements and flavors of tea.

They all smile. They all laugh. They are all happy. Their new Princess is so beautiful.

And she is so happy to have them all with her as well. They make her feel complete. She's happy to show them that she now has the confidence they all wanted her to have before. She's proud that she's improved for them.

Princess Gaia is not the least bit deceptive in her eyes. She is so loyal to her friends. She is so generous. So is kinder than kind. She is so full of laughter. She is so magical. All six ponies agree.

They have no problems. They have no complaints. Yes. Everything is so nice.

Rarity gives some polite but firm suggestions on how the interior of the castle should be improved if the Princess absolute insists on living in such an old place. Princess Gaia also had Rarity's wound cleaned and her bandages changed.

Twilight Sparkle figures Celestia won't mind Princess Gaia living here. Princess Gaia was only using a castle the sisters hadn't used in a thousand years.

Majordomo Angel The Rabbit in his cute aristocrat outfit, complete with his cute little wig. He brings in a map of Equestria, and lots of little wooden figurines. All of them different colors.

The ponies didn't look to see if Angel's eyes were discorded or not. They knew Angel would never abandon his master.

He sets the map and tokens up on the table for his Princess. And the Princess and her friends all happily play the game.


Desert Town of Appleloosa.

Where neither Pony nor Buffalo Would Dare Confess That They Liked Being Singing SeaPonies and Hippocampi When Discord Had Turned Their Desert Into An Ocean (Unknowing Back Into An Ocean From Two Thousand Years Ago).

Apple Braeburn was proud of the town his clan and other independent thinkers had spent two years building.

Sheriff Silver Star was just happy he had not lost any ponies during the short lived war with the Buffalo tribes.

Bloomberg was an apple tree, it didn't care what others thought of it, and others didn't care what it thought of them.

Little Strongheart wondered if it was right for Buffalo to be with Ponies in That Way . Because she wanted to get to know Apple Braeburn, the ones who didn't want a war no more than she did when their people had almost killed each other.

Chief Thunderhooves was just glad his culture's traditions have survived another generation, and had not lost any buffalo in his war with the ponies.

Then the flock of yellow and pink birds came. All with blue eyes. They came over the pony town and the buffalo tipis. They sang. Mama Princess Gaia apologized that she didn't have enough power yet to grant the changes that in their heart of hearts they wanted even if social stigma denied them expressing their feelings.

Yellow and pink jackrabbits with blue eyes came. Followed by big yellow and pink armadillos with blue eyes.

The birds sang to the ponies and the buffalo. The ponies and the buffalo smiled and sang back. Chief Thunderhooves and Sheriff Silver Star had no ear for music and resisted even as Little Strongheart and Apple Braeburn gained circle colored eyes and smiled at each other and kissed, much to both elders' disgust.

Chief Thunderhooves and Sheriff Silver Star fought back to back, pieing in the face and hoofing down their own tribe mates and towns people as they tried to kiss them.

Chief Thunderhooves fled with Sheriff Silver Star on his back still throwing pies. Mowing down the jackrabbits and the armadillos. Then they were being chased by roadrunners with blue eyes and pink and yellow feathers.

Little Strongheart and Apple Braeburn cut their elders off at the pass and kissed them. Chief Thunderhooves and Sheriff Silver Star eyes became circles of color and rejoined everyone in the town square. Buffalo and ponies hoof in hoof began to sing. "Shoop-bee-doo-shoop-shoop-bee-doo!"

Strongheart and Braeburn danced together. The emotions of shame and worry gone from them. They thanked their new Princess.


The pink and yellow birds flew in droves towards the town of Hoofington.

A fireball detonated in the middle of the flock, incinerating many.

Offensive Magic Professor BlueFlame stood proudly as the flames devoured the birds.

Several other offensive magic specialized or mage unicorns flanked her on both sides.

But more birds kept coming. Then a black fireball ignited in the middle almost shaping and shifting to devour the birds with black arms before it burned out.

Morgan Mid-Summernight heard her daughters and husband cheer her on.

"You may have a chess piece on your flanks, but everyone's always known your magic's special talent was 'destruction.' I mean, with that black coat and silver mane and a name like Morgan? You might as well have a mustache as well." Said one of the mage ponies making fire rain down on the horde of song birds now being augmented by pink and yellow eagles and falcons with blue eyes. "What use is a unicorn who can only destroy things?"

Morgan ignored her.

A soft kind voice echoed in her head almost breaking her concentration.

Morgan Mid-Summernight. You were denied the power to protect your baby Trixie from awful Discord. Now you fight with everything you have to protect your other children. What if you could protect them from any death and any unhappiness and any suffering? Would you want to be able to do that? What if you could protect all foals of Hoofington from those things? Would you? Accept my kiss, become my Knight, and your children need never be in harm's way again.


Soarin and Spitfire didn't know it was a good or bad thing they had chosen to come to Cloudsdale as part of their therapy after all.

After the warning had come, every battle able Pegasi (including stunt flyers apparently like it or not) were to hold down the fort until support from Canterlot could arrive.

The birds came as several flocks. They were tiny targets. Spitfire did a trick she developed for their shows, doing a corkscrew that set off some material she had placed on protective layers on her wings. And she turned into a twisting fireball! The birds burned.

Too bad she couldn't do that trick more than once in a row.

Then the dragon with yellow and pink scales and blue eyes showed up forming right out of the fog like a stranger at midnight.

The stare in it's eyes cowed every pegasi it laid eyes upon.

The two Wonderbolts and a third blond Pegasi did battle with it, and using some wing blades taken from some hapless rookie guard ponies, they did do a clean cut along the dragon's side from mouth to the tip of it's tail, and it fell.

The three cheered. Then four more dragons came out of the fog.


Philomena flew around Canterlot, burning away the mist, not letting it get close, and burning away the animals that were really just an extension of a greater force much like the fog itself. She flew like a fury hot comet. The air becoming scorching from her presence alone! Canterlot was nearly surrounded by a ring of fire!

The guard ponies actually felt fear at the sight of the Princess' pet enacting such a display of power. And this was the Princess' PET?

She would not stop or give up. Not now. Not ever. Her mistress had ordered her to keep Canterlot safe until her mistress returned. And Philomena would obey her mistress' command.

Starlight Sparkle looked out the window with her husband. Wondering if their child was out there again, using that overwhelming power of hers to protect Equestria again. And again, she, her mother, was left just wondering.

Starlight Sparkle. You have within you a mother's love that you've never been able to fully express. Your baby takes every risk and you can do nothing to protect or even help her. What if you could protect her from death? Protect her from cruelty? Would you? Would you accept the power to be able to? What if you could protect any mother's foal from harm? Accept my kiss and become my Knight and you will have that gift.


The seven friends cheered as they played the exciting board game, before turning attention to topic of causal conversation again. Rainbow Dash was frustrated that her pieces hadn't been able to conquer anything on the map.

Princess Gaia then brought out a small brown wooden playing piece that was half-lion half-eagle. Princess Gaia suggested a simple and quick solo game. Rainbow Dash grinned at Princess Gaia's idea.

A few minutes later the familiar looking griffin figurine moved madly about the map as Dash tried to corner it with her own pieces. It madly fled from it's starting position on the map proving to be -very- fast and able to outfly pretty much any of Dashie's pieces. The figurine would then force it's way through when Dash used her own tokens to corner it. The others cheered her on. This time however Dashie didn't whine about Princess Gaia making the game too hard, she -was- going to win this!

Finally the figurine that Dash pretended was Gilda was apparently running low on stamina. After corralling it to the fog covered Ponyville where she could place more pieces on the map, she finally had the figurine of Gilda completely surrounded and the pursued piece was exhausted.

Then at last the figurine magically changed into Gilda's likeness when she and Dashie first met, back when Gilda was -smaller- than Dashie! Pinkie Pie giggled at the revelation that griffins started out smaller than ponies! Either that or Gilda had been a shrimp when compared to most griffins her age, but Pinkie didn't ask!

Dash grinned at her little victory! As the last part of the solo game she placed the griffin hatchling figurine on the part of the map representing Cloudsdale where she could play with all the pegasi foals there. Rainbow Dash laughed and clapped her hooves. "Ah man if only I could see her like that now!"

"All in good time," Princess Gaia smiled and nodded.
Not quite a drabble, not quite an actual scene, not quite cutting room floor material.

Previous Chapter:

Next Chapter:

An in between chapter for [link]

Decide weather this is canon of your own free will.

I wanted to do some epic battles over Equestria. But I was tired how the previous chapter dragged on. So I'm hoping I'll be able to try and fit what I can into a singular chapter next time.

Of course this is part of the healing pony POV Series. [link]

I'm so tempted that maybe I should just move this thing to scraps!

EDITED: Added some junk.

EDITED: Added a scene at the end I considered having in the next chapter, but I chose not to. And figured it worked better as optional canon.

EDITED: Added another something. Again. This is all OPTIONAL canon for a reason.

Edit 201112 6th: Again, just added in a note about Rarity's stab wound. Just to create a better sense of continuity.

20120607 DracoDei edits.
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The six heroes are all under the spell of Princess Gaia. While they were strong enough to resist the fog, here at the center of the new world, right before the Princess her mind control is much stronger. That is the reason she invited them into this trap. The heroes are all happy and talk to her about meaningless things instead of confronting her about what she has done to the world. The being before them appears to be everything they could have ever wished for. Fluttershy seemingly overcame her worries and self-doubts and became the one true saviour of this broken world. She seems to be honest, loyal, kind, happy, generous and a true friend. They have no complains about the new world anymore. Rarity only makes a few suggestions to the interior decoration of the castle and Twilight is sure that the other two Alicorns won’t mind her living in their old castle. Princess Gaia even helps Rarity with the wound, her own knight did reopen. Finally Angel brings them a map of Equestria and several figures and they play a nice little game of world domination. They don’t bother to check if Angel is under her spell as well and from his futile effort to escape the fog, we know he must be controlled as well.

In Appleloosa we learn that both ponies and buffalo actually liked to be turned back by Discord into the singing Seaponies and Hippocampi their ancestors once were. Both sides are happy their war ended so soon and no life was lost. The elders are proud that their ideas could be preserved and the younger generation like Little Strongheart wants to get closer to the former enemies. Then the constructs looking like birds, rabbits, roadrunners and armadillos appear and sing the song. Princess Gaia promises them to eventually fulfil their deepest wish of unification, when she becomes strong enough to do this. Soon they are all under her control and to the shock of their elders Little Strongheart and Apple Braeburn kiss each other. Chief Thunderhooves and Sheriff Silver Star try to escape and actually do very well, until Little Strongheart and Apple Braeburn surprise and kiss them. Now the last resistance is gone and they all sing the happy song of the long lost Seaponies and Hippocampi.

Hoofington is invaded by a large army of birds, eagles and falcons as well. Countless unicorns fight back including Professor BlueFlame and Trixie’s mother Morgan Mid-Summernight. Especially Morgan shows incredible magical power. Only to be mocked for this by another unicorn. Then Princess Gaia speaks to her and reminds her that she failed to protect her beloved daughter from Discord. But now it could be different, she just had to accept her kiss and become her knight to protect the entire population of Hoofington, when they are turned into foals.

The Wonderbolts Soarin and Spitfire and several other pegasi try to defend Cloudsdale until they get further support from Canterlot. They manage quite well against the birds Princess Gaia creates, but then a giant dragon construct appear and this one is able to use Fluttershy’s special stare to paralyse several pegasi. By now Princess Gaia is willing to use this ability, when it was her last resort before. But with the help of the blond Pegasus, that managed to warn Cloudsdale, the Wonderbolts are able to destroy the dragon. Their cheers are soon interrupted as four more dragons appear. It is hopeless.

Canterlot is protected by Philomena, who is able to burn away any fog or construct getting closer to the city. The guards can hardly believe what power Celestia’s pet wields. Celestia herself seems to be somewhere else but her pet is more than able to defend the place. But Canterlot is unable to send any support to other regions and the phoenix will not be able to do this forever. Twilight’s mother, Starlight Sparkle, wonders if her daughter is out there somewhere and fighting against these strange events. Then Princess Gaia talks to her and reminds her that she isn’t able to express her love and will never be strong enough to protect her daughter. She just needed to accept her kiss and she would be able to protect Twilight and any other foal of the new world.

Then the narrative switches back to Princess Gaia’s castle where it is clear that the heroes did assist her army by leading them against their families and friends. Now this is a really depressing thought. Instead of stopping this madness they have made it even stronger and help it to spread its influence. Only Rainbow Dash wasn’t able to conquer anything. So Princess Gaia offers her a short game against Gilda. It seems that someone still has a grudge. Gilda is fighting with everything she got against the constructs controlled by Rainbow. But it is a war of attrition and the Pegasus lead the griffon into a trap in the fog covered Ponyville where Gilda is turned into a baby griffon. Again Princess Gaia turns one of her friends against a former friend without the Pegasus even noticing it. They place Gilda in the already conquered Cloudsdale.

Overall these short scenes show the scale of Princess Gaia’s operation and how she is able to conquer places that put up resistance. The way she uses her friends to do this is really disturbing and shows how strong her deception is. Under normal conditions many of them would have noticed that something is wrong. But things aren’t exactly normal anymore.

Keep up the great work.
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KurseofKings Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
"You may have a chess piece on your flanks, but everyone's always known your magic's special talent was 'destruction.' I can't help but wonder what would happen if she and Destruction met. (Sorry! I put this in the wrong spot!)
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
They'd sympathizes with each other.
Both in their own way know their power isn't evil unto itself anymore.
ToufuuLogan Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012
Wow. *Eyebrow raise* That seems to be an exciting board game.
Arcana: Exciting? It's basically Risk but in real life!
Spoilsport. I'd want to play-
Arcana: Memory spell. *does it and can since it involves observing one's past*
HOLY BIT GAIA IS FREAKY! Why in pony hell would she force her friends to do this!
Arcana: *Pats Logan's head* Come on. Let's go read more.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012
Not really 'forced.' More like she suggested or offered to play a boardgame with them.
ToufuuLogan Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012
Arcana: After making their minds foggy. In my mind it's Mind Rape. Even if the person is drugged and they say yes, they aren't in the right of mind and you're forcing your will on them.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012
Blue pegasus filly with swirlie eyes and a crayon drawing version of a campfire cutie mark, "Mama Princess Gaia's own loving radiance did that, she didn't mean to make them love her unconditionally. Just looking at Mama Princess Gaia makes you want to be reeeeeeallll happy, just like yoooou waaant to be haaapppy. And Mama Princess Gaia wants you to be happy. So what Mama Princess Gaia wants, is what you want, so you should listen to Mama Princess Gaia."
ToufuuLogan Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012
Arcana: *Stares at the filly with an eyebrow raised.* I want to make my own happiness and make others happy. Sorry little one. *Gentle nuzzle* But I have to deny Princess Gaia's wish to revert me.
Arcana levitates a white Colt, with a crayon crayon and pencil cutie mark, on his back and walks away.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012
Princess Gaia, "That's okay, I have lots of positions for Knights open to protect the countless little foals, I mean, every new Knight helps and becomes their protector. Only someone heartless wouldn't WANT to protect them I mean. I mean, if you really wanted to, sorry."
ToufuuLogan Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
Arcana: *Tilts head and twitches* ... I guess... *he looks at the princess* I accept.'
The white colt claps and hollers
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012
Princess Gaia, you are a sick creature. Tricking your friends into commanding your armies by playing a magical boardgame and helping you into conquering Equestria and turning their mothers into knights and foals? That's just twisted.
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