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September 22, 2011
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POVs Of Discorded De-Harmonized Ponies

"The Truth Can Be Deceiving" Applejack

Ah didn't evah lied before. Ain't now. Ain't evah!

Okay, so Ah reckin' Ah was sometimes dead wrong 'bout some thangs. Maybe Ah couldn't buck dah entire orchard by mahself. Maybe helpin' with ah tricky stunt, bakin', and herdin' bunnies what ain't dat bright when Ah was half-asleep.

So Ah didn't tell Pinkie Pie 'bout her surprise birthday. But Ah didn't tell her nothin' that ain't true!

Okay . . . maybe . . . maybe Ah did kinda sorte hog dah bed from Rarity thad one here time an' said Ah was asleep when Ah really wasn't. But . . . but come on! It ain't a lie if ya ain't really tryin' to deceive'em right?

Elements of Harmony Stolen. Into The Maze. Separated from the others. Grove of Truth.

Ah see us all. Sayin' we're done with each other. Goin' back ta before when Twalight first showed up in Ponyville.

Ah don't know what we'll say ta each other. But Ah know it ain't right. If this here is where honesty leads . . . broken friendships, broken hearts, hateful words . . . it ain't worth it.

Ain't it just better if everythang is just wrapped up in sweet peaceful lies?

Don't tell yer friend what you really think of thar music they like but you don't. Don't tell ya parents what ya really thank of what thay thank. Don't say bad things, even if they're true, don't say harsh things, even if they're true, don't say anythang dat might upset things even if they're true. ESPECIALLY if thar true! Isn't dat what Rarity is always sayin' bein' polite is all about? Isn't bein' a lady in Manehatten sayin' one thang but meanin' another? Isn't bein' a polite friendly ponyfolk da same thang?

There is one truth Ah'll accept. The truth hurts. The truth is cruel. And Ah won't be part of somethin' dat awful again! Sweet little lies are so much kinder.



"Laughter Can Make Others Cry"  

HELLO! HELLO! I'm Pinkamina Diane Pie but everyone calls me Pinkie Pie, I call me Pinkie Pie, except for that little bit just now I guess!

I still remember when Equestia was created how about you? The Sonic Rainboom hit my family's rock farm like this big KA-POW! It gave me this great mane style too! I was so happy I wanted to share it with everyone! My happiness, not my mane! I'd be bald if I did that! So . . . I threw a party! Yes Maneonnites dance! And I think I'm good too! My family loved it and I felt the tingle on my rump! I'll tell you how I got my cutie mark some other time!

I've always been able to make others laugh! I just giggle at the ghosties and they just fade away!

Chocolate Rain! CHOCOLATE RAIN! Oh, right, and the Elements of Harmony got taken by this draco-something or other that really knew how to dance on Twilight's head! Tee-hee!  OOOOH! A Balloon Garden! COOL!!

Everyone's laughing. Everyone keeps laughing when I stop. Everyone keeps laughing when I cry. Everyone keeps laughing when I beg them to stop.

They aren't laughing at my jokes, I AM THE JOKE!

Twilight didn't laugh when I gave her a surprise party in exchange for her extra ticket! That meanie Gilda never laughed at my pranks! That dragon didn't laugh at my routine and tried to eat me!  The poison joke thought it would be funny if I couldn't laugh!

None of the other friends I made in Ponyville ever came to visit or hang out with me when I wasn't throwing a party! The only reason they kept coming was cause I was always having one!  The other girls HAVE NEVER TAKEN ME SERIOUSLY!!!

They think I'm crazy for singing in public just trying to have fun! They thought I was -insane- for laughing at the scary trees until I proved it worked!  Twilight didn't believe me when I said Gilda was mean!  No one even paid attention to me when I needed to put a band together to lure away the Parasprites! THE WHOLE TOWN GOT REDUCED TO RUINS AND THEY DIDN'T TAKE ME SERIOUSLY UNTIL IT HAPPENED!  

AND I JUST WANTED MY DRESS TO BE FUN! I KNOW WHAT FUN IS! IT'S IN MY CUTIE MARK! But all those other ponies! They don't know what fun is! They just laughed at me with the rest!  

Twilight Sparkle thought I was a liar like that Trixie unicorn when I explained how my Pinkie Sense worked (weird, why does it feel like it's gone away?). SHE HAD TO BE CHASED BY A HYDRA until she admitted I wasn't a faker!

I tried to show those ponies and buffalo they just needed to -share- what they had and not fight over it! BUT THEY IGNORED ME! Even when they realized what they had to do no one even thanked me!

And . . . everyone . . .o-of my . .. f-friends . . . threw that surprised birthday party for me no . . . no one's ever thrown a  . . . a p-party f-for me . . .b-before . .  I BET THEY THOUGHT IT WAS ALL A BIG JOKE! MAKING ME THINK THEY DIDN'T WANT A PARTY! Guess what Pinkie? YOU FORGOT YOUR OWN BIRTHDAY! I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO ROCKY, MR. TURNIP, SIR LINTS-A-LOT AND MADAME LEFLOUR FROM THE START!

AGGGH! And those pompous selfish ponies at the Grand Galloping Gala! Going around all slow! Listening to boring music! No one there even smiled!

The only time someone laughs is when they think I'm funny, not when I'm BEING funny!

IF THAT'S WHAT LAUGHING IS ALL ABOUT THEN I DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT! I'M NOT A JOKE! I'M ME! I'M PINKIE! You can't just torture me for your own fun! No one takes me seriously until they have to!!! GRRRR! Even the Cakes treat me like I'm some retarded pet!!

I hate laughing! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I HATE IT!  I'm not your toy!

I finally see! I finally understand! The only way to be taken seriously, the only way for them to stop laughing, is let them know there is nothing here to laugh about!  Now Rarity's gone nuts carrying around a worthless rock! Tell me how that's funny! Fluttershy is being a nag! Rainbow Dash has stabbed us all in the back! Equestia is gonna shatter into a million pieces! Just you DARE try and say there's anything funny about that!

-Angry Pie


"Be Generous To Yourself"  

Oh hello! Who am I? Why! I'm Rarity!  Manager and proprietor of the Carousel Boutique!  And bearer of the Element of Generosity!

What? What you mean I'm not generous?! What do you mean I'm the weakest link in the chain of the Elements of Harmony? Get out!  Sorry about that, some ponies can just be so shallow.

Me? Not generous? The nerve! Just because I take pride in my appearance does not mean I'm not generous!

I once sliced off my own tail for a total stranger so he could have his beauty back!  

I made five, technically -ten- custom dresses for my friends for free (it wasn't that kind of budget)!  Not to mention I let a part of my soul die creating those sins against pony eyes.

I kept my trap shut about how much I loathed Fluttershy being in the spotlight instead of me because I thought she liked it!  

I ruined my own mane just after cleaning it to keep Pinkie Pie's surprise birthday party a secret!

I went on a stupid trip to the middle of nowhere losing several days worth of business just to keep Applejack and the others company!

So I've done one or two selfish things. So I let those magic wings go straight to my head when I was supposed to have them to support my friend. So I tried to bribe a new friend into giving me her spare ticket. You know what they say: 'only Princess Celestia is perfect.'

So I don't like getting dirty, so I like things to be organized, so I like things to be pretty. So? So what if I want to help as long as it doesn't involve getting dirty or having chocolate getting rained on me?

Elements of Harmony stolen. More importantly my horn stolen!  Into the maze. Separated from the others.  Oh my goodness! These pretty gems are shaped just like my cutie mark!

That vulgar and drool Discord asks if I like them. Well of course I like them. Why wouldn't I? I've always liked things that are pretty!

But I have to find my friends and get to the center of the maze first. Certainly they'll still be there when I get back . . . certainly I'll be let back into the royal hedge maze after saving the world -again-.


They might be gone later! What are the chances of me finding them in this maze again?! I have to have them now!

My hooves tear through the stone wall, I'm covered in dirt, -I don't care!- I can clean up later! My hooves are ruined -I don't care- I'll be able to BUY the salon with these beauties . . . no . . . not beauties . . .this beauty, singular.

Handsome, gorgeous, hot, sweet sweet hunk of a diamond! Heh heh, can I marry you? Tee-hee, I sound like Pinkie Pie!

Don't worry dear, I'll get you home safe and sound my already cut and polished giant diamond out of solid rock.

Oh dear, I've gotten so caught up in one misadventure or crisis after another that I forgot: diamonds are a pony-girls' best friend, isn't that right dear?

Oh this feels so good. Ugh, a bit heavy but good.

Oh, some of the others have found me. Well, good I guess.

Rock? Are they -blind?- There's no way they could mistake my dearest for a rock! They're trying to trick me. They want him, er, it for themselves! Humph!  Well, fat chance. I found it, I dug it out, I'm carrying it, I don't care if it was in Celestia's hedge maze, I'll just say I found it elsewhere.

Isn't a pony entitled to the sweat of her flanks? 'No!' says Mayor Mare, 'It belongs to the poor!' 'No!' says Canterlot 'it belongs to Celestia!' 'No!' says Pinkie Pie, 'It belongs to everyone!'

Well, I REJECT those answers right now! What I've worked for and earned belongs only to me!

I've been a total foal, I've been trapped in lies this whole time. I knew I went on that quest to the dragon for the sake of getting part of his horde. Those five nit-picking with their dresses nearly permanently destroyed my reputation.

I got cursed by poison joked following someone else's relative who was already being followed!  Trying to fix up Twilight's one ruined bird nest put me completely behind my quota!

I knew I had to save my own store rather than just stand around watching the town getting eaten by parasprites!

It felt so good manipulating those empty headed diamond dogs into giving me their fortunes they were just sitting on!

Trying to find my happy ending with somepony resulted in the worst night of my life!

Things won't hurt you, things won't disappoint you, things won't deceive you, isn't that right my dearest?

The only pony I should have ever been generous to, from the beginning was myself.

Be generous to yourself, care for yourself, love yourself, because you're the one that deserves it the most.



"Steal The Heart, Free The Monster"

Hello! Oh! What's that? Oh I already knew I'm not always kind. I know I've lost my temper. Usually The Stare just comes and even a cockatrice can't resist.  I don't like it, but I know I sometimes need it. The time at the Gala? I scared -me- that time! Can we, can we please not talk about that?

I still remember when I thought taking care of fillies would be the same as taking care of animals. I was so wrong and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Yes I was a model once, yes I know I could have used my fame for good causes, but I couldn't stand no privacy and being treated like a dress up doll. If I knew how Rarity really felt I'd have quit a lot sooner!

I also effectively kidnapped Celestia's pet bird wanting to nurse her back to health with no clue what kind of animal she really was and no idea she was a phoenix. Er, Philomena, not the Princess.

I fully admit those were my mistakes and no one else's. I'm glad that no one blames me for the parasprite disaster since I was kinda responsible for the whole thing.

Yes I DO love taking care of animals! It's what I live for! But it's not really just animals. They're just the ones who end up needing me the most often. I can't stand to see any living thing suffer.  In particular my bunny friend Angel.   There are times when my friends joke on who is taking care of who. I just smile and nod, I wonder sometimes too.

Angel and all the animals turn strange. A summons from the Princess.

Elements of Harmony Stolen. Into The Maze. MY WINGS! I TAKE BACK EVERY WISH I EVER MADE ABOUT WANTING TO BE AN EARTH PONY!  I never thought I'd miss my wings so badly if they were gone . . .  

Separated from the others. So Afraid. Butterflies! Not so scared now.  The butterflies speak.

My friends would never abandon me. Not now. Not ever. Even when I was too terrified to move to face a dragon they didn't do the easy thing and discard me!

I know I'm 'weak and helpless' I don't -want- that kind of strength and I want to be a healer not a warrior!  I know you can't always avoid fighting and those who do fight at those times are never really given a big choice, but I want to do my part healing others after the fighting's done and during the fighting!

I already know I'm not perfect and never will be, and if it's my -friends- saying where I come up short, then I know I can trust what they have to say and I can try to improve myself the right way!

DISCORD! And he's angry! Before he was acting like Pinkie Pie, but now it's like looking Gilda in the eyes again a hundred times over. I'd run if I thought it could do any good.

He just taps me on the head, but it feels like a fist though my brain!  World spin the discord make. Jumbled are up thoughts. Wrong feelings feel!  Thinks Ditzy Doo Wonder If I This How?

Things less jumbled, but more murky.  

Iiiii, feeeeel, soooo, dizzzz-sey . . .

I hear Discord from somewhere.

'Time to be cruel?' That's the -opposite- of everything I've wanted to be!  Why would I be that?

I think of Angel, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, all my friends, and I'm having trouble remembering what's important about them.  Something's being taken! A thing of warmness turning to mist and falling apart in my hooves even as I try to hold it and figure out what it is. I can't find it. I feel empty.

And I feel something I've never felt before rushing in like water into a pit to fill the hole.

This feeling, its not anger, that's like fire inside. It's not fear, fear is like a snake coiling around me. This feeling, it's like ice.  There's a calmness to it. A detachment. Like a protective wall of glass. Like what's going on with the others is something on a movie screen that has no real value to me, because it isn't directly effecting me.

I hear Twilight's voice. I snap back to reality.

I feel like something is missing. Oh well, couldn't have been that important if I can't figure out what.  Took long enough for miss Goth Pony to finally get here.

I listen to Twilight bellyache about something or other. I don't have time for this, I give miss 'Mary Sue fix everything with magic I'm worthless without it' both barrels (whatever that means). Then I give her a quick tail to the face just for good measure to let her know I'm not in the mood to hear her whine.  That shuts her up good. Good.

Pinkie Pie is in my way, I move her out my way. Applejack laughs. I don't care. Why should I?  I take the lead. No one stops me. I can't believe I never have before. It feels so natural.

We march in silence. I remember earlier today. I can't believe I didn't laugh when I saw how all the animals grew giant legs. I can't believe I didn't tell Celestia what a lousy Princess she was for not keeping the Elements safe! I can't believe I just agreed to risk my hide for her rather than telling Princess-Queen-Does-Nothing to go get her property herself! I remember every time I've just smiled and nodded, like someone's doll. It's like these memories belong to a different pony, but I know it's me. Well THIS version of me is disgusted with THAT version of me!

The world is cruel, be unto the world as it is unto you. Living for others just turns you into a giant-sized hoofmat. Be selfish otherwise you're nothing. A person who lives only for others is just an empty shell, a puppet! And I'm no one's puppet!

To embody kindness is to be a stepping stone, to embody cruelty, is to be the stepper.

I've been kind for far too long, it's time to be cruel.



"Loyalties Lead To Betrayal"

Loyalty? Yeah. That's me! Rainbow Dash! The one and only! Best flyer around and the most loyal pony you can find! What? AJ says she's the most dependable of ponies? Well! I'll just have to show her how it's done! I have a reputation to keep after all.   Who do you THINK would be Loyalty besides yours truly?  

Fluttershy with her animals? Sorry, she's sweet and everything and you can't find a nicer pony but she folds like a deck of cards if you push her just right.

Pinkie Pie? Sure she's -fun- you can give her that. But . . . I kinda know from personal experience that she kinda can jump to the wrong conclusions about her friends.

Rarity? No. Sorry. No.

Twilight Sparkle? Okay, I guess she is kinda lovingly devoted to the Princess the way a filly is to her mother. But like any filly and her mama she's willing to bend what her 'mother' wants if Twilight thinks she knows best.

Back to AJ huh? Look. I'll admit she's hard working: it nearly killed her once (AND ME!). And she's always stuck by her family. . . . look I'm not any good at this philosophical stuff okay?!  I just know the Element of Loyalty chose me! And I'm pretty sure these magical whatcha-ma-call-its don't make those kinds of mistakes! Do they? No they don't!

I rejected those Shadow Bolts fakes' 'get famous quick' scheme.  

So I went nuts over those Gala tickets, we all did!

So AJ carried Fluttershy up the mountain instead of me, doesn't prove a thing.

I gave Applebloom advice on how to find her cutie mark. And I'm always willing to order around, er, help Scootaloo find hers.

I got infected by Poison Joke for my buddies following what we all thought was a dangerous witch!

So I broke nearly every rule in the book during the Running of the Leaves Race, so did AJ!

When Rarity was falling to her death, -after- she had ruined my routine and, er, disturbed my confidence just slightly, and had just accidentally KO'ed my idols, I pulled off a stunt that was thought to be impossible just to save her!

And I helped Fluttershy with her image when she was a model . . . how was I supposed to know she hated it?

. . . So I took the Buffalo's point of view that one time, it wasn't like I tried to FIGHT MY FRIENDS when that five minute war broke out!  

And you KNOW I didn't give up and walk away from Pinkie Pie when she was . . . having issues . . . even when I had to drag her to her own birthday party kicking and screaming . . .

And I got my cutie mark to begin with for Fluttershy . . . okay . . . so I kinda got it thinking about how much I loved to fly and loved winning more . . . so I didn't even bother to think about checking on her or asking her what happened after.  Look you think ponies stay the same their whole lives-?!

The point is that the Element of Loyalty chose me, and I'm doing my hardest to show I'm worthy of it.

Of course there was that one time . . . I had to choose loyalties. I had to chose between the friend I -thought- I knew and had known for a long time, and the new friends I had made and who had exposed their souls to me more or less.

I'm fairly sure I made the right choice. Considering what happened with the friends I've chosen, and finding out what the friend I thought I knew did.

Weather's gone crazy. A raincloud did NOT just make a foal out of me. Summon by the Princess. Time to save the world again.

Elements of Harmony stolen.

A stupid windowpane has the gall to take my declaration that I'll always be loyal to Princess Celestia like it was challenge! I'm the one who takes up challenges!

Maze? Easy-peasy. MY WINGS! Fluttershy's wings! My wings! Rarity and Twilight's horns. My wings!

Into the maze. Separated. No other choice. Make it to the center.

I see my cutie mark floating around . . . my Element? Has to be!

Discord. Jerk is acting like he's on vacation!

'A weighty choice is yours to make,
The right selection or a big mistake.
If the wrong choice you choose to pursue,
The foundations of home will crumble without you?'

AGH! I HATE RIDDLES! Give me action any time of day! Wings or no I'll make you eat those words and those stupid horns!

Then he shuts me up.

And I feel like something inside me breaks in two.

Less than a minute later I'm flying out of the maze straight towards home and not my house above Ponyville. I'm going where I was born and where every member of my family and nearly every last one of my classmates are. I hear AJ call out to the others I'm abandoning them even if she thinks I can't. I hear the maze fall apart behind me.

I know we're gonna save the world no matter what. Just because I've betrayed myself and you guys doesn't mean I've lost my confidence. I know we're gonna beat Discord. I know everything will be back to normal before we know it and none of us will speak of this again just like Pinkie Pie's little 'episode.'

Makes me wish I hadn't changed one bit since we all met. Back then, I might have let Cloudsdale fall apart, it was just 'some place I came from' I didn't think of it as still home. Then I won the Yearly Best Young Flyers Competition. Then I finally earned the respect of my classmates and my heroes. Finally it was a place I didn't dread returning to.

I know you Twilight, if not you then Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie. You'll say Discord tricked me. That he enchanted me. Something, anything as long as it's not my fault. Because you don't want to believe I'd ever do this.  I'll let you think that. I'll tell myself that too. Then maybe the broken pieces inside me will stop stabbing.

Makes me glad I'm not the Element of Honesty. And that you guys are friends that a backstabber like me isn't worthy of having are so dang trusting!

After all, I'm the Element of Loyalty, there's no way I'd EVER do this -willingly!- That's what I'm counting on at least.

You'll fix me Twilight, you'll make these feelings go away: You'll use some new magic spell or maybe the Elements, or maybe you'll tell me some point of loyalty I've been missing. I don't know how but I know it'll happen. We always come out on top even when it seems impossible.

I'll fight you every inch of the way, you'll have to drag me kicking and screaming back into the light from this dark place. Because that's what needs to happen. But you'll catch me, you'll subdue me, you'll cure me. And it'll be like I never did anything wrong.

Heck. Maybe I won't remember a dang thing about this whole mess when it's over and I'm 'fixed.' Or maybe I'll remember it the way I want to remember: 'Not my own choice.' I can hope.

But you'll 'cure me,' I'll be well again, and Discord will be just a bad memory we'll never talk about.

I'm sorry for every pony in Ponyville I just betrayed, I'm sorry Princess, I've betrayed you too.

But I couldn't betray my home guys, not after it finally means something to me again.

I guess this is what happens when you're loyal to more than one thing, you end up having to betray one for the other.  What was it that musty old teacher said in that class I mostly slept through? 'A pony can not serve two masters.'

Before I made a choice between you guys and Gilda, and now I've made a choice between Cloudsdale and you.

Guys, for what it's worth, I'm sorry.

-Traitor Dash


"Disappearing Pony Act"

Lo and behold the Great And Powerful Trixie! The all-powerful and greatest magician in all of Equestria! There is no feat of magic I cannot perform! There is no skill or talent that my magic can not surpass! Truly all are honored in be in the presence of the Great And Powerful Trixie!!!

My legendary tales have spread across all of Equestria! There is none who don't know my name! There is ... there is ... none who doesn't love the Great and Powerful Trixie!

Certainly you have heard that on one of my many travels I came to the small hick town of Ponyville, that wouldn't even be on the map if not for the regular visits by Princess Celestia.

How after performing my magic show, and proving my greatness and power once again, two foals didn't wish to take one of my ... stories ... on face value and put ... the Great and Powerful Trixie to the test ... and ... she was ... publicly humiliated, she, I lost everything I owned in one night and had to flee the small no-face-town to save what little face I had left.

The Great and Powerful Trixie finds herself now in self-imposed exile, seeking to increase her already great power to take back her place as the greatest user of magic in Equestria. It has NOTHING to do with being laughed off stage at every burg that Trixie attempted her show at after!

Trixie did NOT break down in tears after her last show ended with jeering and mocking neighs from the crowd before it even started! No she didn't! No the Great and Powerful Trixie is not crying now from the memory! Don't be absurd!

How did the Great and Powerful Trixie begin her path of being a magician and discovering her cutie mark? Pst. It was obvious from the start what Trixie's destiny would be! No. No don't, please don't make Trixie, don't make me remember-


"I don't understand Trixie," ask the magical school's councilor, a gray pony with a black mane and a lightning bolt cutie mark wearing a scarf. "You're upset over your performance review? I've seen your performance review little filly, what are you upset about?"

My parents had practically shoved me into his office after I had broken down crying after reading my teachers' reviews the first time.

I didn't need to read my own review again to repeat it now, it was -very- easy to memorize. "Transmutation: Average. Illusion: Average. Telekinesis: Average. Conjuring: Average. Weather Control: Average. Mental Suggestion: Average!"

"That just means you have lots of potential-"

"That's a nice way to say blank flank!" I snapped back. The fact I was one was besides the point. Or maybe was the point. Being a 'late bloomer' was beginning to be noticed by my classmates.

"Trixie you should be proud. Most unicorns excel in one area of magic and are almost helpless in others. Most Unicorns can't even DO weather control. There isn't a field in the books you aren't capable in. The last time I saw a record like this was this one filly whose about your age in Canterlot-"

As if I cared about something like that.

"But I'm not spectacular in any of them ... " I had been trying to stand out in my classes since the first day. But no matter what I did, no matter how hard I tried, there was somepony doing it better.

I thought when my parents finally scraped together the money so I could attend a fully blown school of magic that I'd finally be noticed! I had been chosen! Where I didn't have four sisters and two brothers to compete for attention with. My parents picked me. ME! Not any of my siblings, but me! But it was the same story! Only multiplied by a hundred.

It didn't help that back home my parents had had all the imagination of toadstools when it came to names. Mixie. Pixie. Nyxie. Lexy. I was just another face in the herd.

The councilor spoke in a calm kind voice. "The old saying 'a pony of all trades but master of none,' actually says fully 'a pony of all trades but master of none, is often better than a master of one.' "

I didn't hear him. All I heard, was no matter what class of magic I choose, I'd be just another face in the crowd, might as well not exist ... Unless I wasn't -in- the crowd!

I ran away to try and join the circus. That afternoon. I got about ten city blocks and caught that same afternoon. Got sent to the councilor again and spent two weeks confined to my room; which of course I shared with my siblings.

Then I met master, who was substitute teaching that one time, an old magician pony who wanted to pass on his tricks. The class loved the cantrips he threw into the stuffy mundane lesson.

I thought one thing, 'He knows how to get attention.' I jumped at the chance. I wouldn't have taken 'no' for an answer but he accepted an apprentice readily.

I originally wanted for my stage name 'The One and Only Trixie,' but master felt it lacked impact, and convinced me to go with 'The Great and Powerful Trixie.' I can not say in the least it was bad advice.

My first practice show at school didn't get the crowd of fillies and colts I wanted, but my next one did from sheer word of mouth! The moment the crowd cheered at my first pyrotechnics I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life, and I felt the tingle on my flanks.

Then for the first time, I said those magic words that gave such a sweet warm feeling in the pit of my stomach. "Anything you can do, I can do better." I never realized how satisfying and how comforting those words would sound until I finally said them. I was finally no longer just an interchangeable horseshoe, the one and only Trixie! The Great and Powerful Trixie!

The crowd ate it up as I tore down the top students with their own signature magic tricks! One unicorn whose specialty was fire magic, red coat and black mane with a blue flame on her flank actually shouted, "I challenge you to a game of catch the fireball!" And she shot it right at me with the full intention of burning off my new cutie mark... The crowd laughed and stomped their hooves as I used my telekinesis to make it chase her instead! People LOVE seeing those who were better than they were get pulled down to their level, and I was happy to oblige this basic need in my show.

I made myself a costume based on my master's (with a little help from my mother), but with a more eye-catching color scheme than my master's grays and whites.

Later I read up somewhere that there were members of high society that spoke in third person. Well, if it was good enough for upper crust snobs then it was good enough for the Great and Powerful Trixie! And the crowds loved that too.

And meanwhile I still found myself invisible the moment the spotlight went out.

I had no intention of staying in Hoofington knowing that.


"Thank ... thank you for listening ... to my story. The Great and Powerful Trixie does not share herself with just anyone."

"Oh, listening to ponies' thoughts has been a habit of mine lately," so said the floating magic wand with blue twinkles behind it just like Trixie's cutie mark.

It told me, er, Trixie how it was my friend, my ally, a force of magic that only sought out the best and brightest and the most worthy.

It wished to aid the Great and Powerful Trixie by giving her the greatest magic tricks she could hope to perform! Yes! Finally! A break! After having her life stolen from her, the Great and Powerful Trixie would be on top where she belongs! I can't wait to see that purple pony's face!

Ugh! How dare the Twilight Sparkle I imagined look at me with -concern and worry-! How dare she ask me if this is what I really want! Of course it is what I really want! Ugh! Just go away, Trixie does not care for your sad eyes!

The strange visitor who is a giant version of my cutie mark gives me a couple of scrolls, promising that any one of these spells will be the grandest displays of magic I could imagine as I read the almost swirling letters. I memorize them with ease, they're rather simple, but the results seem rather elusive. But the swirling pattern just draws my attention in, almost like they're moving.

A pony wearing a tuxedo gallops into the rundown apartment I've been staying at and shakes me. "Miss Great and Powerful Trixie! What are you doing? You're on in twenty seconds!"

Huh? I don't have any shows arranged! I haven't for months! Ha! Another worthy gift from my benefactor. Normally Trixie would never lower herself by accepting the kindness of strangers, but if this strange visitor was really some abstract embodiment of herself, then it wasn't really help from others was it?

I'm in full costume before I even know it, I rush out the door and instead of finding the shoddy apartment complex I find myself on my old magic stage but several times improved in a theater! THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE gets into her act with new flourish and zeal!

Trixie can't remember the last time she had a crowd this big! All of them looking at her! Looking at her! She was the reason they were here! They had come for her!

Trixie begins her act with her flashy fireworks display triggered by her magic, getting the 'oohs' and 'aahs' Trixie only deserves which quickly became stunned silence at her display of power! Then Trixie shows off her spectacular illusions and beautiful imagery, then getting into her fantastic tales that swooned the crowd to no end! In no time at all she came to her climax! Biggest spell ever? One of the rules master had taught her was never do a trick you hadn't rehearsed first. But the more Trixie thought about it, the less she can resist! The more I want to see it! The more I have to see it now!

The words still swirling in my head as I think about them, I cast the spell, creating the wildest more fantastic display of lights and colors I could have ever imagined! The sun and moon rose together, stars swirled into a living ocean, colors of every shade clashed against each other in a symphony! Stars swirled into the shapes of the living constellations, all of them dancing to Trixie's whim! The sun and moon eclipsed, a galaxy spiraled around Trixie sparkling a thousand colors! The audience was blast by encompassing sounds that would knock anypony off their hooves! And with the adrenaline still running high it was over.

"I ... I did it . . I DID IT!" I panted, joy tingling inside me.

No one clapped or stomped. No one smiled or frowned. They stared through me with casual indifference. A few yawned. A couple began talking about yesterday's hoofball game. They simply got from their seats and began to calmly hoof away.

I stare in shock, heckling I was used to, cheering I lived for, mockery I had been forced to endure, but ... no reaction at all? Like I didn't exist?

"Wait!" I shouted, no one even looked back at me. They didn't even snigger, they might as well have not heard me. They didn't stop. They were all leaving. They didn't even turn back to look at me. "No! Don't you dare turn your flanks on the Great and Powerful Trixie!" Not even a fiery retort which I would have welcomed.

I galloped in front of the last two ponies to leave, a finely dressed unicorn stallion and Earth pony mare. They bumped right into me like I was an invisible wall and looked about for a bit before I began.

"How dare you! You should feel honored to witness the grandeur of a performance by the Great And Powerful Trixie! How dare you treat her like some cheap background act! My arcane performances are not some ... some ... sideshow!" I Trixie's words twist she so angry!

The unicorn didn't look intimidated at all and acted like they were trying to explain something to a tree. "Well yeah, I guess it was really good, for magic I guess. It's not like anyone actually pays attention to that sort of thing anymore. Everyone's figured out already any unicorn can do magic. It was just a fad watching magic for entertainment."

A-a FAD?!

The mare said, "We heard how you had taken it to the next level, thought we would give the idea one last try, we've seen so many. It was better, but only in it's own mundane, ordinary, average, run of the mill way. It only shows show magic is nothing special." The mare giggles to herself.

N-nothing special?! No, Trixie will never cry before an audience.

The stallion said simply, "In the end it's just magic, and any unicorn can do that… the fad for actually ENJOYING show-mages is so five minutes ago." I fell to my knees. I didn't stop them from leaving, but they still -pushed me aside.-

"Poor poor Great And Powerful Trixie ... " It was my benefactor.

"YOU! What went wrong!" Trixie demands!

"What 'what' went wrong?"

"Your spell! Everyone just left! It was like they couldn't see me!"

"There's nothing wrong with the spell Trixie ... maybe you just didn't do it right, after all, that above average spell IS impossible for just a mundane -average- unicorn to properly perform! Twilight Sparkle did it without breaking a sweat! Everyone loved her when she did it. That spell just reflects the real skill and power of the user ... how people react to it is exactly what the unicorn is like ... if they just walked away like you don't exist ... maybe it's cause you don't. Maybe you don't really know magic after all, maybe magic is just a little too hard for an -average- unicorn like you to handle."

"No ...! Shut up!"

"What kind of entertainer can't take a few simple honest reviews Trixie? Don't you know that's part of the show? Maybe you should go home to your family, maybe your parents will have time for you now that your brothers and sisters are all famous and known, unlike you, of course. Of course there's isn't Trixie the daughter anymore, just average Trixie the magician who can't even do one spell right."

"YOU BE QUIET! QUIET I SAY! TRIXIE C-C-COMMANDS IT!" I feel tears begin to sting.

The giant magic wand floated right in my face, it was -looking- into my eyes, "Oooooh Trixie, maybe I'm being too hard. After all, there is one trick you've managed to do spectacularly. You're completely invisible, always have been, it comes very natural to you."

"NO!" I cried, I had to get away, as far away as possible from the taunting voice. I ran outside, the ponies outside didn't even pause for me, they bumped into me like I wasn't there, I called out and no one even turned their ears.

"PLEASE! Can't anyone aid Trixie? Anyone-?!" No one apparently. I grab a random pony in panic and they just shrug me off not even looking at my face. They keep bumping into me again and again from both sides throwing me off balance. I fall into a heap, I grind my teeth, the memory of the swirling letters makes my head hurt... . Were the words for the spell ... too much for an average unicorn to hold onto? ... Why do I keep trying? Just to keep failing? Why do I keep entertaining people, who forget my name five minutes later? Why should I put so much effort into something that's gone in an instant?

No one cared about just another unicorn.

" . . . I hate theater, I hate being a magician, I HATE MAGIC!" I scream at the top of my lungs, the tears coming freely now. No one even looks at me, too busy with their own lives to have time for a stranger in need. No one ever does. People are only your friends when they feel like it. So what's the point of being friends at all?

I hear some noises around me now, it doesn't matter. The Average and Invisible Trixie. I'm not anything special, I'm not anything. I'm nothing. Who cares for a unicorn that's the same as any other?


The ponies of Hoofington, kind-more-often-than-not ponies as they were, gathered around the poor pale blue unicorn with unnatural looking muted gray colors. She couldn't seem to hear what they were saying, begging to be heard even when they asked what was wrong. It was like she couldn't even see them.

Then she went catatonic. She went from not being able to hear them, to not caring.

An unicorn mare claiming to be the unicorn's sister screamed in her face in horror trying to get the grayed out unicorn's attention.

High above, Discord shape shifted into his true from from his disguise.

"You weren't anything too special my dear ... just the only other Element of Magic to be born through one or two unicorns a generation ... I had to 'test out' breaking the weaker, stunted, underdeveloped version before trying it on the major deal. You have my thanks my dear. Now I know how to crush the other Element of Magic that has actually realized her potential and the meaning behind her power. A Element of Magic that has no one to support it, with no bounds connected to it, is a glass doll waiting to be crushed."

- The Pathetic and Irrelevant Trixie


"Alone In A Group"

Greetings, my name is Twilight Sparkle. I am a unicorn and I am -not- a goth. These are my natural colors.  Yes I am the personal apprentice of Princess Celestia and holder of the central Element of Harmony 'Magic' and basically the leader of the Elemental Harmony Squad (Pinkie or Rainbow came up with that name, not me).

Huh? I am NOT a Mary Sue!


1) If I was a Mary Sue I'd have been teaching my new friends what it -meant- to be friends when I first came to Ponyville instead of the other way around.

2) My spell to redirect the parasprite's hunger wouldn't have backfired.

3) My failsafe spell wouldn't have failed.

4) Also I would have defeated an actually Ursa Major instead of pacifying an Ursa Minor.

5) I'd have won the Running of the Leaves race instead of coming in fifth place.

6) I wouldn't have a nervous breakdown every time a plan of mine blows up in my face.

AND I'D HAVE ALREADY FIGURED OUT WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY FRIENDS!  I know I'm supposed to talk about myself and my life and my Element first but I can't stand it!

AJ's been wrong or stubborn about things but I've never heard her -lie!-

Rainbow Dash told me about Pinkamina, and I guess that's some precedence, but Rainbow didn't describe her as being this . . . snappy. Pinkamina was melancholy, angry, and did not want anything to do with us, but she didn't act like the whole of Equestia was against her!

Okay Rarity likes jewelry, I'll admit it. She likes things beautiful and they help make things beautiful! But why a rock-?! Okay she told us about her cutie mark and the 'dumb rock' full of gems and maybe she thinks there's one in there . . . but why is she being so paranoid, er, obsessive, over it? I know she flipped out over the idea of her Gala dress getting stained, and she'll go nuts if her hard work at making herself or something pretty goes to waste . . . But why is she treating it like it's the husband she never had?!

Fluttershy . . . I know she has different shades to herself besides the pure as freshly fallen snow waif we're all used to. We've all seen The Stare in action, and we all try not to think about the incident at the Gala . . . maybe that was a mistake.  

I really can't imagine this being a side of her we've simply never seen yet. It's not that she's now assertive, is no longer afraid to talk above a whisper, it's not even that she's now speaking her mind without reservation . . . -she's vicious!-

It's almost like she -enjoyed- seeing me hurt when she reminded me I longer had my horn.

You have no idea how horrible a feeling that is, imagine losing a foreleg, and multiply that a few times squared. I imagine Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy feel the same about their wings.

Not so fun a fact: losing my horn doesn't make me an Earth Pony. My musculature is still built for charging not kicking and my bones are between an Earth Pony and a Pegasus' in terms of strength/fragility. (Rainbow Dash should be happy she doesn't shatter her hollow bones more often.)  And I now have a bunch of major arteries crisscrossing at point in my forehead with nothing!

I'm like a foal without her skull yet fully formed.

The way Fluttershy is acting is not right at all!I compare it to how Princess Celestia acted today. Even when she was angry (It was really scary, I don't think I've EVER seen her angry before) the Princess was still thinking of us and everyone: I still recognized Celestia.  I don't recognize Fluttershy at all!

The others I know it's them, I can still see them there, but is this even really Fluttershy? Sadly I can tell that at least she's not Discord in disguise or just an illusion . . . but . . . what is WRONG with her? Can't she even tell-?!

And finally Rainbow Dash . . . she wouldn't leave us . . but she did. It doesn't make sense! Nothing makes sense! Confusion tears through my, my mind like a, like a maelstrom!  This has to be a dream, an illusion, an alternate reality or something!

"Et's all righ' Twili'. Ah know everythin' es gonna turn out okay."  I feel AJ's kind-hearted nuzzling and look at her. I can't tell if she's lying this time or not. Is she being honest now, or is she getting the hang of lying? Either way, I want to believe what she has to say. I want to believe her kind-hearted words.  

Kind? Is that what this has been all about? She's been lying to be kind?

If what AJ is saying is a lie, then I think I prefer it to the truth. If there's no chance, I prefer to pretend that there is.

Rarity is still being viciously protective of her 'diamond.' Even as the world falls apart she wants to be with her precious treasure until the end. I guess things can't fail her like we've failed each other.

Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie still have those vicious and angry looks on their faces. But I can't blame them now. Maybe they could only be kind and playful because the world was able to allow it.  

Maybe once the world stops being kind, maybe when the world stops being playful, maybe that's when we stop too.

With Applejack -the first of my friends I formally made in Ponyville- still next to me, I look at the part of the sky Rainbow Dash flew away towards. Why did she leave us? She wouldn't without a reason. I know whatever it was it had to be important. Maybe loyalties only last until something bigger comes along. So much for the ponytail of the loyal Samurai.

Maybe friendship only lasts until the world applies just the right pressure.  Is this the truth Applejack didn't want me to see?

Princess . . .help . . . I feel sick. My head swims. My heart feels like there's a needle in it. My legs waver even as Applejack supports me.

Princess, are THESE the lessons I should have been learning from the start?  

I've always thought I knew so much, but I see I've understood so little.

I'm so confused. But maybe the confusion is better if understand is so horrid? Everything is darker now. I feel cold but I'm not afraid.

Why is my coat turning gray?

- Twilight Tragedy



I don't know how long it's been now. Master Discord sometimes messes with my perception of time. Sometimes it feels like eons, and others -if I didn't have clear memories of LiarJack's little sister growing up and dying of old age (after Scoutaloo died as an adult mare defying master) I'd think it all happened yesterday.  The Elements of Chaos seem to have rendered us immortal.

Master Discord has no need for servants, minions or slaves, but he keeps us around anyway.

Liarjack is almost the only one of us who seems to remember how things were before . . . everything began.

She smiles and tells me that everything was rigidly frozen with order before Master Discord took 'control.'  That nothing and no one ever changed, the world was caught in a predictable monotone cycle.

I'm relatively certain she's lying, it's hard to tell though, she's gotten much better since things began. I know she's only saying it though so I don't get upset, so I'm not angry and I'm glad she's willing to lie for my sake.

I sometimes go into a daze and wander the palace aimlessly until I somehow end up in the gallery. Nothing is ever the same once, except the statues in the middle: a solid gold statue of a large Alicorn that shines like the sun, and a smaller silver one that simmers like the moon.

I don't understand why, but I always end up crying while looking at them. FlutterCruel thinks I need to grow up, of course Rarigreed doesn't care, Angry Pie is always asking what I'm crying over, Liarjack just says I'm crying because the statues are so beautiful, Traitor Dash always begins to tell me something, then stops before saying anything meaningful.

By that time, I have to feed and wash Spike. It takes a long time since he's so big, and Master Discord is always riding him around like Spike was a party horse for fun. It always leaves Spike so tired.

Rarigreed is always in her bedroom, or storage room for her 'jewels': they're about the same thing. She's always so dirty, her coat is practically matted with dust from her collection and digging up more to add to it.

She rubs herself against the rocks and stones in her room the way you would a lover. She has rooms full of the things, it's a wonder they haven't fallen over and crushed her. She's always getting more.

She venomously insists they're diamonds rubies, emeralds, what-have-you. We're all sure she's quite crazy.  

Liarjack spends the most time with her, always complimenting how 'beautiful' Rarigreed's collection is, and asking finer details about them. Rarigreed is happy to comply and goes on for hours about her 'treasures.'

Rarigreed's caretaker used to be a white unicorn with a cutie mark for singing until the sweet mare died of old age.

Angry Pie once said they were just 'dumb rocks.' Rarigreed gave her a broken jaw. Traitor Dash said that was the first time Rarigreed had given -anything- in a long time. I can't remember when Rarigreed has given away anything ever.

Liarjack told Rarigreed Angry Pie was just seeing things and of course her treasure weren't rocks, there was no reason to be upset or unhappy.

Whatever you do, don't laugh around Angry Pie, it'll be the last mistake you make. Just take a look at at the fully grown alligator skin on her wall to know what I mean.

She almost seems to hunt down ponies, Dragons, diamond dogs, Griffons, Zebras, -anything- that laughs. Master Discord approves.

Master once laughed near her, she reacted naturally . . . mercifully all she got was a limp for the rest of her life. Hasn't slowed her down one bit.

Don't ask what FlutterCruel does, you don't want to know.

Traitor Dash is always trying to protect or save ponies who get in the way of Master's games. Strangely she always ends up having to let one suffer to save another, master oddly laughs harder during those games.

There's this one pegasus who walks around the palace each day, her wings don't seem to work right, or her legs for that matter. Her eyes always looking in different directions.  She has a pale blond mane and a gray coat, but then again all ponies have gray shades to their colors.

She starts out each day as a fillie too small for a cutie mark then by the time she finishes a full circle for the day, she's so old that you'd think it was only force of will keeping her heart pumping.  

She's always carrying a unicorn filly shaped muffin on her back. Keeping it safe from hungry birds.  She speaks to it.  "No please, she's my muffin, she's my baby, sneeze don't!" She rambles, she doesn't seem to even notice when I try to speak to her. She's always counting down a number of laps each day, telling the muffin everything will be okay once she's done them all. Last I check she was down to only eight quad trillion. "He promised, he promised, you'll be okay, as soon we finish Dinky, he promised, you'll be you."

This pale blue unicorn with a magic wand cutie mark wandered into the palace once, she was older than old, practically skin and bones.  None of the others gave her much mind be me LJ and Traitor Dash. LJ just told her sweet nothing that made her smile though I didn't hear them. She looked at me almost intensely, trying to recall something, as if we had met before. But the look of recognition faded from her eyes and she left the palace never having once raised her head or spoken a word.

Despite Liarjack's best efforts, I sadly found out she died of a heart attack soon after and Traitor Dash and LJ buried her body on the palace grounds.  Kinder than letting Master reanimate her corpse and send it to eat the brains of who she had loved most in life.  Wouldn't be the first time that happened to an unburied body. Applebloom had had to defend herself from her own husband's zombie.

About once a week or so (it's hard to tell) Traitor Dash shows up in my bedroom after 'midnight' (not that night and day really exist anymore, you expect a world run by master to -make sense-?).

She just shows up unannounced at the end of my bed unnoticed when I'm not looking. Glancing at the two house plants I keep but I can't remember why they're so important to me that I keep them watered and in the sun.

I've long since stopped asking questions when she begins speaking.

"Twilight Tragedy," She begins saying my name. "Master promised he'd put everything back the way it was before, -everything!- Every detail, every memory: except mine . . . all," Dash began to tear up, "All I need to do," She hiccuped, "Is murder the pony I care about the most!" She breaks down sobbing, hugging me.  "I can't do it Twilight! I want AJ to be honest again! I want Pinkie to laugh again! I want Rarity to be sane again! I want Fluttershy to be FLUTTERSHY again! But . . but . . I CAN'T DO IT! It's for the sake of everypony, it's for the sake of everything!  But I can't kill my best friend . . . I'm  .. . I've always thought I was strong, ya know, deep down . . . I'm not .  . I'm weak . . . I'm a traitor . . . I'm a traitor . ..  I'm a traitor . . ." She falls asleep in my forelegs.

I wonder about it the next morning, the layout of the palace having changed again, as usual. I wonder what Dash meant in earnest, confused on how she described the others.

Then in all comes back like a crack of thunder. I remember! I remember! Celestia! Luna! Mom! Dad! All of us! This is wrong! This can't be real! It isn't real!

I use my horn to guide me! I'll cure them! I'll lead them! I won't fail! I can't fail! I mustn't fail! Blood pumps through me as I feel my colors returning to me after too long! If I can wake up then so can everyone!

I think about where everyone normally is, Pinkie Pie is closest! I'll start with her!

Discord appears out of the blue before me before I've made it five steps.  I draw in power ready for the fight of my life and . . . he snaps his fingers and the worlds turn gray in my eyes again.

"Oh Twilight, Twilight, Twilight. My little Twilight Tragedy. You forget each time. The only reason you ever wake up each time at all is when and if I want you to . . ."

I don't know how long it's been now. Master Discord sometimes messes with my perception of time. Sometimes it feels like eons, and others -if I didn't have clear memories of LiarJack's little sister growing up and dying of old age (after Scoutaloo died as an adult mare defying master) I'd think it all happened yesterday.  The Elements of Chaos seem to have rendered us immortal.

I'm informed by My Master that some foalish ponies in Ponyville are trying to practice magic. Duty calls. Time to show these little ponies that Magic Is Tragedy.

UPDATE: Equestia's daily's response? "Sent it to the pre-readers!" So yeah. Any help would be appreciated.

This is (or will hopefully be) the Equestia Daily version of the Discorded Pony POV series, told as one story to meet the minimal length limits.

The POVs of the ponies as Discord progressive breaks them one by one and the final result. Meant to be read as a whole.

The parts can be read separately here: [link]

Preview image is copyrighted and created by Devorer (used with permission). [link]

And here is a link to the sequel of this series: the Reharmonized/Recovery/Healing Ponies POV series! Dealing with after the defeat of Discord and the mane six, along with all people of Ponyville dealing with the emotional stress in their own way of what they did while under Discord's control. Here's a hint, IT ISN'T EASY TO JUST PUT YOUR HOOVES FORWARD! Who will be able to face the future, and who will need a lot of help to face themselves? [link]


MLP FiM Copyright Hasbro

Eine psychologische Auseinandersetzung mit dem ersten Zweiteiler der zweiten Staffel von My Little Pony: Freundschaft ist Magie, erzählt aus der Sicht der sechs Heldinnen der Geschichte:
Equestria steht am Rande einer Katastrophe. Ein Feind, so alt wie das Land selbst, hat sich aus seinem Jahrtausende-langen Schlaf befreit, und hat die königliche Hauptstadt und Ponyville ins Visier genommen.
Discord, seines Zeichens Gott des Chaos, will den Thron wiedererringen, von dem ihn Celestia und Luna einst gestürzt hatten. Und dieser Tyrann bedient sich zum diesen Zweck seiner zerstörerischsten Waffe; und das sind Equestrias Ponys selber. Als Herr über Verstand und Wahrnehmung, weiß er sich jeden noch so starken Willen untertan zu machen.
Nun liegt es an den sechs Elementen der Harmonie, Discord Paroli zu bieten, bevor das Land unter ihm im Chaos versinkt.
Doch dann kriegen auch sie die volle Breitseite von Discords Macht zu spüren. Eine nach der anderen stellt fest, dass Discord in seinen Begründungen doch sehr 'überzeugend' sein kann....
Dies sind ihre Geschichten.

1. Die Wahrheit schmerzt
Was passiert, wenn die ewig ehrliche Applejack mit der Tatsache konfrontiert wird, dass die Wahrheit nicht immer gut tut? [link]
2. Nicht lustig
Was wird aus der lustigen Pinkie Pie, wenn sich die Fröhlichkeit - das Brot und die Butter ihres Lebens - gegen sie wendet? [link]
3. Verdient
Was kann die überaus gütige Rarity dazu verleiten, sich ihren inneren Dämonen, der Gier und Habsucht, gefährlich zu nähern? [link]
4. Neues Ich
Was braucht es, um die sonst so schüchterne und sanfte Fluttershy an den Rand ihrer Freundlichkeit zu treiben? [link]
5. Interessenskonflikt
Was für eine Qual der Wahl kann einen loyalen Pegasus wie Rainbow Dash dazu bringen, das zu verraten, was ihr am meisten bedeutet? [link]
6. ...Wer?
Was könnte Discord schon der großen und mächtigen Trixie, der selbstsichersten Showdame aller Zeiten, anhaben? [link]
7. Scheußliche Fremde
Was sind Twilights Intelligenz und Talent wert, wenn man ihr die Freunde nimmt, die sie erst zu ihrem Element gemacht haben? [link]
8.  Sechs Knechte
Was wäre wenn... alle Bemühungen doch umsonst waren? [link]
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This is really great. You seem like a very talented writer, I'd gladly check out the rest of your stories. I like Pinkie's and Rainbow's the best, I'd rate this 5 stars, because it's simply magnificent. It was very entertaining. Who's your favorite My Little Pony character? Mine would have to be Rainbow Dash, or Derpy Hooves. I really like Rainbow Dash's Cutie Mark. I can't wait until season four of my little pony comes out. There's rumors of a new pony coming called Princess Skyla, the daughter of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor.
That's all I have to say,
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This is an interesting alternate history. I feel it conveys the feelings of each pony accurately. It is interesting to see what was going on in their minds as they transformed.

Also, I love the analogy you made with Fluttershy (if I may quote, "To embody kindness is to be a stepping stone; to embody cruelty is to be the stepper."). It just fits so well. That and the doormat line ("Putting Your Hoof Down", anyone?) just made my day.

I do have one question, though. Rainbow Dash still seems to express some loyalty to the Princess and her friends, even going as far as saying that she is sorry that she chose Cloudsdale (or at least, what she thinks is Cloudsdale) over her friends. Why is that? Wouldn't it make more sense if Rainbow Dash out-and-out deserted her friends? If you think about it, she shows no signs of loyalty to her friends at all in the actual episode. But I digress.

Overall, the viewpoints are solid, and the internal dialogue is fitting for each character.

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5
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