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My Little Pony: Friendship of Magic Friendship
Pony POV Series
Dark World Part 21 1/2
The Dreaded Next Scene Of the Big Knot

Spike dug the rubble away like a dog. He didn't know where Rancor had gotten to, but he could keep an eye on AJ, Derpy, and Apple Pie from here. Even though Rancor had been very specific about who she wanted to fight, he wasn't going to 'assume' anything about Discord's sister. He glanced over at them again.

"AT LAST!" AJ declared covered in sweat, immortality didn't do much for exhaustion. But at least it was done. That's all that mattered. And at least she knew now she could heal severe injuries singlehoofedly, even if it was harder than herding cattle through a thunderstorm.

Derpy had the right number of hollow bones again and without hesitation flew to help Spike.

"Ah'm gonna help too!" Apple Pie said good as new.



"Ah can't risk ya goin' toe ta toe with them monsters. Yer voice is the best weapon ya got, and ya don't need to be in clawin' distance fer it to work."

"What? You know I can help!"

"And you aren't gonna help if ya pretend yer immortal!" Applejack looked at the hurt expression on her little niece's face. "...Apple Pie...look...the Valeyard? He was flesh and blood. Yah could kick him in the face and he'd feel it. It was dangerous, but yah could still hurt him. There ain't nothin' yah can do ta hurt Rancor, Spike figured out a way, but he's got the muscles ta pull it off. Take it from me...don't write a check your legs can't cash."

Apple Pie settled. " am Ah suppose ta help?"

"Yer whole logic bomb thingie might be useful on Pinkie Pie and Fluttercruel. But both of 'em are too dangerous for yah to take head-on. And Apple Pie... don't stop thinking positive. Yah keep our hope alive."

"I'll try to bust through!" Derpy offered.

"No!" Spike shouted, "You go help Twilight! I've got this!"

"Got it!" Derpy didn't even hesitate and flew towards the castle's inner meadow.

"Now where's miss Draconequus-Sue gotten off to?"

"I activate my trap card! Reflecting your attack right back at you!"

"HA! I activate my trap card! Negating the attack!"

"That's just what I wanted you to do! Now I can summon this!"

Rancor gave herself a pat on the back. Teleporting to the other side of the world, and soaking up the passionate vengeful fights between two rivals in Neighpon made a good quick recharge after doing an impression of Swiss Cheese after landing on Spike's spikes.

"Friendship: The Gathering," She chuckled. Anarchy's right. Mortals will get revved up over anything. Look, mom! No more holes!"

She took one more look at her brother's handiwork. Reminded her more of Pandora's style. The giant monsters weren't even fighting and the little pony shape slime-things kept trying to hug her!

She really had to get back now before those ponies managed anything.


Spike was surprised to hear somepony else digging up from inside the collapsed hole in the tower's roof, he immediately focused on that spot. He detected the faint trace of her wonderful scent. With a speed that made moles envious, he was soon looking into her beautiful eyes.

"Rarity!" He plucked her out of the hole and hugged her with all his might.

"Spike," Rarity replied warmly.

Spike looked about cautiously. "Where's Fluttercruel?"

"I took her Element of Chaos," Rarity said in the most even, concise voice possible.

"Oh." It was almost funny, he knew their chances of saving all the old gang were about zero, and he knew Fluttercruel was just Discord's spawn child wearing Fluttershy's skin. But it was still shocking that his Rarity had done the deed. "Well... ding, dong, the witch is dead. Right?"

"Indeed. Where's the Draconequus?" Rarity asked, likewise looking around.

"I don't-"

"Hey! Agalmatophiliac! I challenge you for the dragon!" Came Rancor's sporting voice from behind.

Rarity glared over Spike's shoulder. "Forget it patchwork-girl! He's mine!"

"So you accept my challenge!"

"That isn't what I-" Rarity looked around, "Spike, where's Derpy and Twilight?"

"Angry pulled away Twilight for one-on-one soon after 'Cruel did the same with you. I asked Derpy to help her."

With a sound not unlike that of a ballistic missile Derpy's form was shot into Spike with the force of a cannonball, making him drop Rarity.

"Welcome back," Rancor said in the direction Derpy had been shot from.

In the twilight light, Angry Pie stood on her hind legs, looking deadly serious, but without any of her normal animal rage. Around her neck was a six-pointed black jewel. "One down. Five to go." The pink pony breathed.

Everypony gasped. Spike's heart skipped a beat, and he turned towards his team's two truth detectors.

"Rarity! AJ! She's lying isn't she?!" 'No...p-please no...not her...please...' He'd just got her back after a thousand years...he couldn't lose her, not again.

"No," Rarity said lowering her head to the ground. "She isn't."


No...No...please...not her...not Twilight...I...I should've gone after her instead...Rarity had Fluttercruel finished before I even got there. I should've known she'd handle it! I should've gone after Twilight! I should've known!

I...I should've known, Twilight, I wasn't... wasn't trying to choose between family and romance, I wanted to save you both, I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...

I looked up at her pink killer, tears blurring my vision. The butcher who had murdered the pony trying to help her!


Spike's rage erupted like a volcano. His roar left everypony's ear ringing. He stomped forward, teeth bared, his body language showing every intention of eating me. Rarigreed stopped him with one hoof gently in his way.

"Twilight's gone?" She asked me evenly.

"Gone forever." I fully expected Rarigreed to shift to into a killing state for that. So of course the world plays a joke on me and she doesn't.

"Spike, if you love Twilight, don't eat Pinkie."

"I wasn't going to EAT her," Spike growled. "Fluttercruel always regenerated inside their stomaches when dragons ate her, and carved her way out. No... I'll chew her up, not swallowing and sift those out Elements from her body, like bits of eggshell from an omelet. Then I'd spit her pulpy remnants onto the ground like the ugly thing she is, and give the Elements to you, Rarity."

"What... charming imagery. But while I would like those Elements of Chaos, Twilight wanted Pinkie saved. Please, Spike... think of Twilight."

It was asking a lot of Spike... but he held back from attacking me.

"Although, Pinkie... we will be needing Twilight's Element of Magic to free the world from Discord. Please hoof it over, and stand aside. I won't force you to fight alongside us, but you needn't fight against us."

"Oh, brother! You expect me to believe you're not angry, Miss Iceberg? I can smell it on you!"

"Oh, I'm furious! And sad. But the cruel truth is that Twilight's right. You are just lost in the fog. Discord's taint of chaos has you trapped and blinded. And I certainly didn't emerge from my fog without a fight. So I'd be a hypocrite to condemn you to death."

She's making a joke out of me. But my attention was suddenly drawn to the two Earth ponies: Liarjack and Apple Pie. The filly's eyes were welling with tears fast.

"Half-Light." I see her teeth clench. I feel it, the spark. That's it, little filly, that's right, little Element of Laughter, let those tears turn to rage... unless you get mad, life will just walk all over you and those you love.

But Liarjack cuddled her, softly whispering her usual lies in the young one's ear I can't hear from here. And that tiny spark of rage vanishes! Count on a liar to protect such a giant lie as Laughter. What lies did she feed her?! Poor filly lost in the fog.

UGH! I-I promised Discord I'd kill her, no, he promised to bring back my foals if she and the others were dead. No, he said if the rogue Elements were 'eliminated' he lives for stupid semantics. So you, LJ, selfishly want her to remain in the role of Laughter so I still need to-. Wait. Ugh! Wait! I -want- to kill her because she laughed at me! Right! But if she's seen how vicious the world is, does that made up for it? UGH! Can't think! Focus, Angry! What did it take to make these jerks see red?! Fluttercruel had merely needed to share her life story, and they were up in arms! Eh? Speaking of which...

"Where IS Fluttercruel?"

"I killed her and took her Element of Cruelty for myself."

" . . . stupid brat, getting herself killed. Discord doesn't have any right to be called a father."


And with those ten words, Angry Pie had damaged Discord deeper than any other being in ten centuries had with magic swords or atomic cannons. Discord almost laughed. If anypony else had spoken, he'd have shrugged it off. Now he just felt so... tired. Uninspired. Funny how that worked.


Discord's sister pulled out a little black book with Chaos and Harmony symbols on it.

"You don't think you've lost, even with your Bearer of Element of Magic out of the game. Hmmm. So you must have figured out the special trait to the Element of Greed, excuse me, 'Desire'. Or you're just putting on a brave face for your team. Either way, kudos."

"Quiet you." Greedity said sternly. Rancor complied. Some Spirit of Violence.

"I'm sorry, Twilight." Ditzy got up, shaking her head. "I was so focused on Discord's sister I didn't come for you sooner. I'm sorry. I failed. . . . I won't fail everypony else."

"You mad?" I asked icily.

Ditzy looked at me, defiantly. "I spent hundreds of years being angry at Discord! It didn't change anything!"

"Anger is the only way to change things. Turn around and go back to your foal. Be loyal to her, Element of Loyalty. I don't want to fight you."

"I CAN'T. Sparkler's still waiting for me up ahead. And I don't want to have to look Dinky in the eyes and tell her I betrayed the world for her sake!"

"Understood. I won't mock you by asking you to abandon your foal."

Truth be told, I was starting to feel a little anxiety. For all my power, there was no getting around the fact that I was outnumbered. Even if Discord's distractible sister spontaneously decides to fight with me to the bitter end, (yeah, fat chance) the odds aren't looking good for me.

Twilight's clinging to the past got her killed, guess we're a bit alike after all. Our friends, UGH, her friends probably aren't going to make her mistake.

Pound, Pumpkin, Powder, Firecracker, all of you. One of you alone could calm my anger. All of you together in my heart. . . UGH! Element of Magic, give me your power from the bonds between my foals and me. UGH!

"My magic, real magic, comes from within. It's a skill you're born with. Curses are artificial, fake magic. It's conjured with potions and incantations; all smoke and mirrors meant to scare. But curses have no real power, they're just an old pony tale."

Ugh! Is that particular sorry back-uped memory so strong, Element of Magic? Twilight, did you really believed unicorn magic was the only 'real' magic to the end? Or did you eventually wake up and pull your head out of your flanks? I'd always encouraged my foals not to be tied down by their species.

"Huge! For one thing, ahem, magic is something you study and practice. It only happens when you decide to do it, and it's meant to make something specific that you choose to happen, happen. With you, uh, it makes no sense at all!"

Yeah, you really know your stuff. Rarity's gem-locating magic had turned on by itself for the first time completely without her say-so; yeah, real good show of command. I had to raise Pound and Pumpkin from diapers, I had protect them from their own magic going wild!

You were arrogant, Twilight Sparkle. The strongest magic I've ever seen? It didn't come from 'within.' And it wasn't something I was born with. And it wasn't something I ever planned to happen. It existed between my foals and I. It grew between us!

Just like-UGH!-I thought-AGH!-it was-ERG!-between-AGH! Us in Ponyville? Stupid headaches! I feel sick. Feels like I'm gorging turnip, asparagus, and brussels sprouts all at once! This Element of Magic is just... so.... difficult!

My foals please! Give me strength just for a while longer. I don't need to see you to know you're there! Thinking of you all together... quells the wildfire inside me, it's dimming. Element of Magic, fill the void just for a little while.

Oh, BUCK! I completely zoned out! Huh? Idiots! Why're they all just standing around quietly, watching me with such stupid looks on their faces?!

"Discord!" I shouted. Nothing. I screamed louder, "I need to know! Your oath for my foals is on your family or whatever, right?! Completely, utterly unbreakable promise, right?!"

One of the stone panels on the wall transmogrified into a PA speaker.

" . . . yes."

Then the speaker transformed back. I had never heard Discord sound like that. I had no clue how to describe it. Not bored, not gleeful, not happy, not angry, he sounded . . . UGH! Why did it make me think of straight hair?!

URG! Feels like my insides want to become my outsides. Have to do this quick like in Samurai movies! Let's hope Twilight's Element of Magic doesn't go Valeyard and turn me into a copy of Twilight! Against so many tough enemies, I need the extra boost of power, but I won't let it devour me!

"Hey, uh... Pinkie?" Spike asked. "What 'oath' are you talking about?"

"None of your beeswax." I snapped.

"Looks like you're going to need some help. Want some?" The monster's sister asks.

"Yes. Please. Keep as many off me as you can."

The jerks look surprised I accepted help. I'm not worried. Discord never said I had to be the one who killed them. I don't know which ones Rancor will want to fight. They're all used to me fighting at close range. Ditzy will probably use her weather magic. Rarigreed might try Twilight's trick and keep me glued in the air. LJ and the filly are still on the ground rather than the castle roof, watch out for illusions and paradoxes. I'd rather not try to take on Spike until last. He's not like other dragons. Gonna havta wing it. Ugh. Keep focused. They're expecting you to be a berserker bear. Watch out for surprise attacks. Can't rely on Discord's sister to watch your back.

Okay. Pound, Pumpkin, Here we go.

(AN: Real Folk Blues, Cowboy Bebop)

I begin by firing a giant cream pie from a catapult right at Spike. He's hit dead center and goes flying with a responding splat. As Rarigreed's head turns in his direction, I slipped right next to her with a brass knuckle. She's forced to show her new ace and cuts her foreleg with a thin diamond blade. The blood transforms into a mare-long diamond scimitar which she swings at me.

Everything turns brownish and grainy.

I catch the blade between both hooves.

I hear a Neighponese theater call followed by the thunk of a deer scarer. A kanji symbol appears in the corner of my vision for one moment.

Colors return to normal and Ditzy tries to blindside me. I force the tip of Rarigreed's scimitar right into her flight path. She pulls up just soon enough to keep from being impaled in the head but not from getting stabbed in the stomach. Her pegasus instincts take over and she flaps backwards madly. I force down Rarigreed's blade. She uses telekinesis to lift it up, I use it as a springboard.

The world slows down as a I make a swan pose to keep balance as I kick her upwards in the jaw, time freezes for an instant before I kick her on her back.

Time goes back to normal. I feel like an invisible knife in my chest, but it isn't one of LJ's illusions. I force my body to go forward.

(AN: Kirby TV Channel - Main Theme)

"Did you see that, Brad?" Said the grinning stallion in the suit behind a desk.

"I certainly did, Tim! A smashing opening play! How about you, Couch?" Said another stallion, both speaking with the peppiness of used carriage salesponies.

'Couch' was a obscenely old pegasus, blind in one eye. He began to draw x's and o's on the screen behind him. He mumbled, "What you got here, is a total offense strike and a total defensive breakdown, that's what you got here totally, for a winning strategy ya gotta go for the gold, like my old maid said. Now what my ex-wife used to say was-"

"Good, Couch!" Grinned Brad like his mouth was glued that way.

"So, Tim would you say this was a totally crowning moment of awesome?"

"Totally, Brad! Totally! Let give 'er one!"

They then trotted off set and hoofed me a nice gold awesome crown.

Where did my crown go? Didn't matter. Was this what doing mushrooms felt like?

(AN: Devil Survivor 2 - Septentrion)

Spike kicked the cream pie off himself. Rancor flew towards him. Spike got in a judo pose. Rancor took a rigid draconequus shaped suit of armor out of nowhere, steely covered in spikes and with a little tag that read 'From Anarchy to Rancor.' She threw it straight at Spike and it stuck like a caltrop. Spike just grunted.

Then, from out of subspace, Rancor pulled a giant book titled 'Every Fairy Tale Ever: By Pandemonium 'Pandora' Desire Typhon,' looking ready to swat Spike with it.

I never saw Greedity move so fast, amplifying her gallop with telekinesis. Ditzy came up below and gave her a boost too. Rarigreed threw several diamond throwing-stars at Rancor, again boosting them with her magic. They didn't hurt Rancor, but it did throw off her swing, and the book missed Spike entirely.

Spike flew to catch Rarigreed, and she climbed on his back. "She's Violence, itself! You can't harm her directly! Try some kind of INDIRECT attack, or trick her into attacking herself somehow!"

"Crystal clear!" Rarigreed bit her fetlock and created a diamond shield for herself.

"Why do 'heroes' always think they're the only ones who can adapt their move-set?" Rancor sighed, "It's a shame. I really do love your music, but family comes first."

Then she dove BELOW Spike and Rarigreed and used her back claw to draw in the dirt. That crazy red glow barrier of hers rose up behind her as she tried to capture Spike like a fly. Rarigreed jumped off Spike, and slammed her shield into Rancor's face, knocking the mess of animal parts back towards her own barrier, but Rancor passed through it like it was hologram.

"My barrier didn't hurt me when I left you with the Valeyard!" Rancor jeered, thumping its surface. "Remember?"

Rarigreed clapped her hooves together as she landed on the checkered ground. The ground closed around Rancor like a bear trap, concealing and immobilizing her. Rancor reappeared behind Rarigreed and impaled her with one claw. "Brilliant, but no good to somequus who can teleport!"

Rarigreed slid off her and her immortality solved the rest, Rancor had missed the Elements in her body. The blood on Rancor's claw turned to heavy platinum and caused her to fall into the ground and bump her head. She grunted in pain from the impact. "Clever pony."

"Gravity isn't your friend, is it, darling?"

"Well I wouldn't say that, he's not such a bad guy."

I was suddenly electrocuted from all directions! LJ's camouflage illusion faded, and I now saw a determined Ditzy standing over me, atop several pink clouds.

Count on Ditzy to be able to stomp lightning out of a chocolate raincloud!

ERGH! I'd gotten so fixated on Spike and Rarigreed's fight with Rancor I forgot to watch myself! One of my foals could've been standing beside me wearing a shirt reading 'I'M WITH STUPID' and I wouldn't be offended.

"You won't lose, Mother!"
"Mommy's invincible!"
"Angry Pie! Angry Pie! Angry Pie! Angry Pie!"
"Keep yer eye on the prize!"

Got to give Rancor credit, by targeting Spike, she compelled Rarigreed to protect her most valued treasure. Incredible how quickly she'd gotten over Tom. Hussy.

At least I didn't have to worry for now about the only pony here with three Elements.

I bring out several party cannons, firing them in all directions, all at once, Ditzy dodges them, but she isn't prepared for the one at point-blank range she's suddenly looking down the barrel of. The impact sends her hurtling onto the castle roof, damaging it badly. I can feel the palace groan in pain.

Ditzy has one thick skull. She just gets drunkenly back up.

UGH! Pain again. No! Focus! Nothing matters if you can just win this! Just open the gates to paradise for your foals! What happens to me doesn't matter!

I close the distance between us in seconds, and drop the world's biggest cinnamon crumb cake muffin on top of Ditzy. She eats her way out of the elephant-sized treat like a Tasmanian devil. Joke's on her: I laced that muffin with poison joke.

Derpy tries to say something: traffic honks erupt from her throat. Her eyes spin in one direction, and she starts cavorting about in what is unmistakably a ballerina's pirouettes, her wings fluttering daintily. She tries to speak again: the car honks from her mouth become the tune of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.

"So how does it feel?" I asked her, "Being a living, breathing punchline, completely against your will? Sorry. I forgot. You know already: it's your life. But you refuse to ever get angry, Ditzy! You let others use you as a hoofmat! Tell me! How different would your life have been if you stood up for yourself and refused to be their retarded foal?! How can you? How can you just let all the chuckleheads get away with misusing you like that? Grin and take it?"

I put a pink tutu on Ditzy as she tried to arabesque-kick me. "This is how they SEE YOU! Do you think you made your foals HAPPIER, when they watched you be the butt monkey every day?!"

Being unable to speak, Ditzy answered in a bizarre fusion of ballet mime like those seaponies and their opera. I titled my head, struggling to decipher her pantomiming. ?

'My... Actions? Prove. Others. Wrong? Not... Speaking? Not. Hurting? Huh?'

Headache! Head hurts. Chest hurts. My eyes are blurring! No!

"Why, Pinkie Pie? How?! Ah saw it and Ah still don't get it! How'd ya turn from an irritable grump at the beginning inta a rampaging warthog?!"

Liarjack's voice came from several directions at once. I wasted cannon shots on obvious decoys just in case she was trying to double-bluff me. LJ didn't have wings but she could still climb.

"It's not like I kept a journal! How'd Fluttercruel go from dumping water on baby dragons to cannibalism?! How'd Rainbow Dash go from ditching us to being Discord's crybaby hit-mare?! Time marched forward, and we all just slid further down the slippery slope, didn't we?!"

Ditzy kept dancing like a good ballerina.

"I wanted to be taken seriously! I realized nopony would ever do that as long as they kept laughing at me! So I discarded everything that made me seem ridiculous! After all, the laughter everypony enjoys the most is when somepony else is hurt! I hate you! I hate Discord! I hate myself! I hate being angry all the time!"

Uuuuugh! No. Pound. Pumpkin. Firecracker. Hex. Help me keep it together.

"I'm so sorry, Pinkie Pie." Her voice echoed, softly. "Ah kept helping ya justify being angry. Ah thought it was kinder than forcing ya to face the truth of... of all the ponies, ya, ya killed with yer own hooves. Ah lied ta mahself that the easy road was more kind."

"You can do it, Mom!"
"You won't lose!"
"It's alright! We're here with ya!"
"You can take on a million of 'em!"

"I never asked or wanted you approval, Liarjack. My hatred of you and everypony else here doesn't really matter anymore. Unless you're willing to throw away your new Elements of Harmony, you all need to die."

"Why? Time and time again, ya made it clear yer no friend of Discord's! Ya say ya want to be taken serious, but ya ain't makin' a lick of sense!"

"Discord's sworn that once you're history, my foals will come back alive and whole, and get their own private living space, apart from this Tartarus pit! Like the seaponies in Sky Ocean!"

"Sounds like yer fightin' fer the same reason as RD."

"Don't be dense! That coward just wanted to run from her mistakes! I don't give a flying feather about this garbage-heap world! I just want a place my foals and I can be together and happy forever!"

Stupid pain! Focus! Headache. Calm. Pain. Pound. Pumpkin.

"Pinkie Pie, Ah know ya feel all yer foals were good ponies. Let's assume they've all made it ta Pony Heaven. Ain't it selfish to drag 'em all back ta THIS place from PARADISE?"

I throw sewing pins at the surrounding cotton clouds, they begin to rain chocolate milk. I hate chocolate, the headache! Focus! I see the outline with the cowpony hat before she can adjust her illusion. Looks like she's done more than just watch the show while Derpy had her go.

I punch her so hard her jaw is pulverized.



Angry Pie:
Remaining HP: 9000 Pts
Overkill Damage: 999800 Pts
Combos: 5000 Pts
Inner Strength Meter: 100 Pts
Total: 1013900 Pts
Grade: B+
"You're now twenty percent cooler!"

"Not all of us are as huge on death as you!" I tower over her.

This anger feels different somehow. Not bad different but, weird.

"I'm not so fixated on the hereafter that I forget what's happening here and now! I LIVE instead of obsessing on DYING!"

LJ begins to get up. I kick her in the head to keep her focus broken. I begin to impale her legs with some familiar black rods; that hadn't seen action since the days of that vile Queen Cadence. Try regenerating with THOSE through you. You won't be making any illusions so long as those are stuck in your body.

"When I die, it's going to be FOR something! If you're doing nice things just for a pretty payoff at the end of the rainbow, and not suffer some divine penalty, then you're just being selfish! That's what makes me stronger than you! You're weak! You're cowardly!"

" . . . yer takin' a red tomato and callin' it an apple."

"Ah yes. Semantics: what cowardly shysters like you always hide behind."

"Ah've . . . Ah've seen. A great Big Alicorn Guy showed me; no bluff. The warm light at the end... it ain't a payoff, it's a 'welcome home' present. And the other place ain't a 'penalty' for failin' a test score, it's the coldness and loneliness outside that light. And Ah ain't forgot the here and now! Ah'm tryin' to make this world a better place for everyone here! And it ain't WHAT'S waitin' for me! It's WHO'S waitin' for me!"

"Mom, we're here with you! Take 'er down!"
"You have all our power! Crush 'em all!"
"Break 'em!"
"Smash 'em!"
"Pound 'em!"

"Do you hear? My foals are calling to me." I ask LJ. What was with that weird look she gave me? Aren't her ears working?

"Honesty led to feelings being hurt, but being Kind led to Twilight dying. There is nothing left for you in this world, Liarjack. Unless I'm wrong." Her lip quivered. She couldn't think of a good lie. "Get rid of kindness LJ, how can something that killed a friend be good?"

"N-no," she whispered, she'd inch away if she could.

"Is it for spite? Because I'm the one who killed Twilight?"

"Please! No! Ah don't wanna be touched by Discord again!" She said fearfully.  

"That so? If you're not hating me like the rest because of Discord, instead of Twilight, then you really are just selfish."

"P-please Pinkie! It ain't-"

"I'm sorry. It's time to lay down with the dust."

And then a new voice speaks up.

"Ya... Ya know, Auntie, ya... ya say ya wanna be taken serious but yer so angry ALL the time! You say ya wanna be yer own mare, but ya let Giant Polka Pants Discord set the score and call the shots. Ya say Saint Auntie is dumb fer talkin' about Pony Heaven, but yer fightin' ta make a Pony Heaven for yer . . . for yer foals . . . All kindsa contrary! And if it's all contrary, how are ya gonna get anypony ta . . . take ya seriously?"

The filly. On the roof. She's sad. Her legs are shaking like leafs. But she's still laughing! It's faint, but it's still there. That hashes it. Brat's signed her death warrant. Ugh...why does what she said make my head spin? Don't think about it! That's how her powers work, ignore it! Don't be like the zombies! Uhhh.... So... SPINNY... my aching HEAD...

"Apple Pie. Run," Liarjack begs, still pinned and helpless.

She laughed. SHE LAUGHED AT ME!... She laughed at herself? No that makes no sense! Kill her! Confusion! Headache! Kill'er!

"Ah ain't running. Not from you, or from Aunt Angry Pie. Ah'm here for ya both!" She looked at me, as my world spins. "Half-Light... she wanted to save ya! Large Stripped Shoe Discord -made- ya all act this way! Ah bet he was even mind controllin' Fluttercruel too!" She was crying. "An', it ain't right ta just ignore Half-Light's wishes, just cause she ain't here. She wanted to save yah!"

"That kind of saving is called 'brainwashing'," I tell'er.

Rarigreed and Spike fly to the rescue, Rancor puts up her barrier between us. Thank you-. Then the two make a beeline for the inner garden; BAM! Another barrier. -Very much. Ditzy dances in my way, I toss a rose off the roof, the poison joke makes her leap off and catch it in her teeth, I clap and she bows in midair, before taking a long plunge down.

The filly exploits my distraction to help Liarjack. She does a better job than she did on Traitor Dash's chains, only one still pins her down by the time I'm back. Not that being free is going to matter. Those pillars should've drained her dry. By the time her Element has a chance to recharge enough, I'll have finished the job.

LJ grins as I thunder towards her, "Ah've always been laughin' at ya on the inside. It's silly how ya act like a five year old throwin' a tantrum."

I'll kill her! Wait! "Was that lying? Telling the truth? AGH!" The headache again. "I'm taking your Element next. Then your ghostly residue or whatever can keep Twilight's company."

"Yer not who Ah'm gonna give it to."

"Buck your mumbo jumbo!"

LJ smiled. "Now whose bein' pig-headed about things outside their personal 'What-Is-And-What-Isn't-Land?'"

"I hate being mocked! I hate not being taken seriously! I hate having to see my foals grow old and die one by one! I hate always having something to be hateful about!" No. No. No. Hold it together. The headaches. Worse than ever.

I need to place a ring of landmines around them, but I won't be able to focus if the anger's there. Worth the pain.

"Saint Auntie, get goin'!" The filly pulled out the last rod. Still got time, just focus. Forget the mines, I pull out a giant spiked mallet and get ready to swing it down on their heads. "Ah'll keep'er busy!"

"No way!"

"Ah'm sick of watchin' family die! No more!" The look she gives me.'s like...

The dragon held the upside black balloon shaped gem between his claws.
"That was too easy!" The bastard laughed. I couldn't move. "I wonder if you'll taste like cotton candy."

"YOU GIVE THAT BACK!" "Leave our mother alone!" I heard two echoes, a blue spell to keep me stabilized for just a little while a unicorn and a pegasus landed in front of me.

In his giant eyes, I saw Pound and Pumpkin's reflections. And for one moment, I was at peace. 'Cause I knew no force in Equestria was going to stop them from saving me.



I felt a wave of fire wash me from behind knocking me over and making me drop the mallet, filly tackles her aunt out of the way, saving both their skins. Guess Spike and Greedity were too much for Discord's sister after all.

"Truer words you have not spoken in a thousand years," Somepony spoke behind us. I turned one eye behind me confused. I got hit by a giant fireball again, LJ used herself as a shield for the filly. Then I see who it is.

No. It's honestly, really, truly, sincerely not fair. It's just cheating! Please! My foals!


"What do you know, turns out I came across a spare." On her chest was a magic wand shaped scar, patched from another pony's hide. There was dirt on her hooves and belly. She was again the age when Discord broke the world

"Magica," The filly gasped, looking at Twilight's horn. "Half-Light. HALFLIGHT!HALFLIGHTHALIGHT! HAHAHAH!" She cheered.

"TWILIGHT!!!" LJ called out hopping for joy. "YER ALIVE!!!!"

On her forehead, her horn was back and had a white and purple spiral to it. That horn. No way! I recognized it! It was from... Fluttercruel's necklace?!

A bigger fireball.

"TWILIGHT!" Rarigreed and Spike called out, bowling over Rancor in the air to reach her.

"Darling, it's you! You're okay! YOU'RE OKAY!!" Rarity cried.

A blue-hot fireball.


I swear I heard Ditzy laugh. That made me angrier, I couldn't concentrate! Another fireball! I regenerate, but my body-AH!-the pain doesn't go away!

Twilight responds to none of them. Was...was her mane starting to smoke? "You said the Element of Chaos have made us unkillable! But I'd like to see if that's true!" My entire body froze and then shattered. I regenerated.

"Limited can't become unlimited right? We were changed, not completely remade. Magic's energy is self replenishing but not limitless."

Huh? Whatever she said sounded too 'quantum physics' for me to keep up with. The important thing was that I felt a tugging in my stomach, suddenly I was pulled from the outside in, every bone, organ and nerve pulled into a infinitely small black darkness. Every atom of my body was crushed into nothing. With super-equine effort, I crawled my way out. I felt my own Element of Anger CRACK in several places.

"So let's see, how many times do you need to be obliterated before yours run out?!"

This wasn't just anger...this was...this went DEEPER than hate... I thudded on the rooftop. The necklace I'd made for the Element of Magic for snapped apart, the Element, itself, rolling off to one side, momentarily forgotten.

Was this . . . was this really Twilight? This, this is what I wanted right? She's taking me seriously, right? No, she was trying her hardest before, right? But what is, what is . . . hard to think.

She turns my body completely into taffy, but without a soul-binding matrix, I die instantly, my Element regenerates my body and brain from nothing again.


The others. They all look . . . scared of her.

Fireball again. It's like it's alive, it wants to eat me. She teleports me a fraction of an inch with my atoms slightly out of phase, I explode. Regenerate from nothing again. But the burning feelings, they just . . . they just keep . . .piling up.

What are . . . are those tiny long black hands? They're creeping up from the floor, roof, stone, can't think. They're wrapping around Twilight's rear hoofs.

"How does it feel to have your hypocrisy deconstructed?! The worst monsters in history still had families, friends. Fluttercruel claimed to love her father. He acts like he loves her! Does that exonerate you all from the countless lives you've ended in needlessly brutal ways?!"

(Twilight! You're finally getting it!)

She forces air into my lungs until they pop, the roof around me animates and grinds me into paste.

"You've been kind to your children, but butchered other foals, mothers, and fathers. Innocent families. How many children died cursing you name after you killed their parents? You're not a mother! You're just Discord's butcher."

LJ's covering Apple Pie's eyes, she sees anyway. Rarigreed looks horrified. The mighty Spike is trembling. The black threads, they're all over Twilight's front hooves now too. Uuuuuuugh. The pain . . .

"You say no one but your foals care about you?! So all the time I just wasted trying to coax you back from the dark side and repair our broken bonds, the spite I endured from you, the nonstop attacks you heaped on me while I fought my hardest... No. Not just me, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US HERE!!!! That counts for nothing?!"

She lifted me into the air and slammed me into the roof, then back out again.

"Pop quiz, Miss Pie: WHAT do you value most? How do you remember the past? Why do you attack those who will never pose a threat to your foals or laugh at you? Do you know or care what Discord will want from you later?!"

"I... I... I..." I can't think.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Hilarious answer, class clown, but WRONG! Zero percent! F-minus! Flunked out, you meat-headed dunce!"

Please . . . stop laughing . . please stop laughing. Please.

Leave me alone.

A Gravity spell crushes me flatter than a pancake, luckily my Element of Chaos just survived being pulled into a black hole.


"Pinkie Pie, Nooooooo," Dash moaned in her sleep in lament.


'No...Twilight...s-stop! There has to be a way we can save her...Like we saved the Doctor! Stop it!' Derpy screamed in her head, trying to speak, but only a foghorn noise blared from her throat as she twirled about.


"You say you want to kill the past! But you're the one who wants to see your foals alive again! The ones you brainwashed into being merciless killing machines!"

"I . . . I never, brainwash-" Incinerated!

LJ is hugging Apple Pie, she's looking at Twilight in tears, both of them.

"Discord's brainwashing was magical, yours was mundane!"

"I never. . . forced . . . any of..."

"Never forced?! Hah! I admit, I really wasn't paying proper attention during my 'Twilight Tragedy' days, so I'll have to imagine myself in one of your adopted foals' horseshoes. Of COURSE I'd've been in lockstep with everything you said! Knowing YOU, I'd've been too scared to SMILE, let alone perform any simple act of childish disobedience! Where could I have ever run away, from a bloodthirsty bloodhound like you?! Every day with YOU as a caretaker would be like living in a house with land mines in it!"

All the times they laughed. All the times they smiled. The night I helped Firecracker escape. My scream echoes like thunder, "LIAR!!!!"

"There's no kind way for me to say this, Angry Pie: you're going to Pony Hell. This very moment; I end your wretched existence. Today you begin paying for a millennium of murderous tantrums, for molding innocent youngsters into thugs, and for not even TRYING to atone when your friends reached out to you. If Pony Hell doesn't exist for a truly unrepentant monster like you, IT DOESN'T EXIST AT ALL. And that would simply be the worst injustice imaginable, wouldn't it?"

(Yes. Exactly Twilight. It would be. The final injustice. If Hell does not exist, it must be made.)

My vision is a complete blur now. Am I... crying? Am I . . . am I scared? The black threads are wrapped around Twilight's tail, legs, and begin to weave towards her cutie mark. Twilight's eyes... her eyes are slits now?

(Say goodnight and welcome to purgatory! HehehehehhehehHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!!!!)

A red ball of light appears on the tip of her horn. It grows larger and brighter as I watch. I tell my body to move. It won't. I can barely roll my eyes through my tears.

"You helped Discord use this spell on Cadence! Now you can enjoy it!"

"So this a replica of Destruction's magic. Destruction's essence," I hear Discord's sister, voice dripping with hunger.

Pound and Pumpkin.
Fuse Box.
Bomb Pie.
Powder Cake.
Fire Cracker.
Grenade Pie.
Little Hex.
Short Fuse.
Hatchet and Latchet.
Spring Dew.
Morning Light.
Stormy Night.
Apple Sauce.

I'm sorry. I'm so so so so so sorry. Mother failed you. Please don't hate me. I tried. I really tried. I really did. The only time I was happy . . . was with you . . . I could trust you. My babies. Just please don't hate me for failing you.
What if Discord wasn't beaten? Anyone can die, living is the real challenge. It's time to save the world Mane Six!

Now take a look and begin to discover the true connection between the two time lines of the Pony POV Series.

The real hoof blues.

Previous Chapter: [link]

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So how is it having the song linked right into the story? Or does that come across as jarring? Be sure tell me AND what you think of the chapter. Sorry to keep you waiting.

The Pony POV Series Trope Page is feeling neglected. You can help keep it up to date! So many characters and so little description on the 'minor' ones. [link]

Check out the recursive fanfiction and fanart of the Pony POV Series! [link] Many of it approved by me as canon.

Did anyone else know about us now being on Fan Labor Wiki? This is a surprise to me.


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From, UPDATE! UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE! What a turnaround! yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes! Wooooo Yeah!

Alright, I've had my fun. Now on with the show.

So, Spike was trying to reach Rarity, and AJ had finally gotten Loyalty and Laughter back on their feet.

Actually, given that AJ is 1020 years old or so, would that make apple pie the 280'th grand niece?

And so Spike ordered Derpy to go find Twilight, and meanwhile, Rancor healed while taking in Magic (er) I mean friendship, I....You brilliant comedic writer. Friendship is magic, so friendship instead of magic. Genius.

So, Spike rescued rarity, and the mighty dragon felt a moment of Shock that Rarity had really gone and killed Fluttercruel. You know, it's almost peculiar. So far, I've seen 3 different parts of the POV universe, and in each one of them, there's a universal constant. Fluttershy is the only pony that can redeem her spin-off/daughter. I mean think about it: the dark world was all about how fluttercruel fell into confusion and sin because discord raised her rather than her mom, so Rarigreed sent her to pony hell in order to have mommy teach her some manners. In the reharmonized series, it's Shy's wisdom, understanding and love that redeems her new bffl. And it that spinoff chaosverse, Cruel and Discord needed to shy the strength of reharmonized shy/cruel to move towards their redemption. Different worlds, but Shy a universal constant.

And did Rancor just call Rarity a person with a sexual attraction to an inanimate object? Madam, that is cold!

And then Derpy was catapulted away by the Angry Pie with the stolen element of tragic magic. And the honest detector had to tell Spike, that she hasn't lied. Spike was shocked. He thought that he would have had time to save her. To keep family and romance. But, we don't know how long pinkie kept at Twilight beforehand, so there could have even been such a long gap, that spike would not make it either way. (maybe) Either way, Spike was this close on unleashing absolute passionate violent vengeance upon that little pie.

But his jewel stopped him. First, by not going straight to violent mode against Angry Pie, and then pulled what seems pretty close to that moment in Hereafter where the flash stopped wonder woman from murdering Toyman for "killing" Superman. All he said was "I'm trying to speak for superman," and wonder woman stopped immediately in grief for their fallen anchor. Here, Rarity says that Twilight wanted Pinkie saved, so don't kill her. It was enough to have spike hold back.

Meanwhile, Rarity moved to try and finish the story. "We need the element of magic. So give it here. And don't think that I haven't forgotten what you did. It makes me furious and sad. But, being the element of the honest truth, I see that pinkie hadn't seen everything. I was just like her, and to condemn after my redemption took a boss battle? There is no excuse to have me condemn when I was no different."

Ah yes, seeing the camels in both their eyes. The tricky thing is rarity that Wrath is a much more dangerous sin to overcome. Greed can plague you your whole life, but it's more of a gateway drug, and can be combated through wisdom and temperance. Wrath though is a self sustaining engine. Greed is a neverending thirst compared to a neverending ache. The ache moves you forward so much more, and the ONLY way you're going to stop yourself from unleashing wrath inordinately is if you let go of it. It is one of the greatest challenges of the soul to allow the anger to burn out. But it must be done, lest you become a monster.

And I think, that Apple Pie is officially in my book the saint walker of this fic: hearing words of hope, and rising above her anger? Mighty comparative. And how dare you accuse AJ of lying! Can't you see she's lighter now?

And for Angry Pie to more deeply wound Discord in her rage than any weapon? Wow. Accidental wounding!

It also appears that Angry's running into some paradox problems in terms of killing AP. Children and innocence, seeing the world as it is. How do you reconcile it?

I also have a theory on the element of desire: It's essentially the element of magic for the entire range of elements! For what is kindness but the desire to help others? What is deceit but the desire to hide something? I theorize that Rarity could take on every element and just zap discord alone if she wasn't tempered by honesty and love. And I think that's what Rancor pointed out.

Come to think of it, as a noble demon punch clock villain, Rancor's already beyond her base actions. Cleverness.

Hmmmm, element of magic give power? And it gives Brindle Gossip and Feeling Pinkie Keen in return? SUSPICIOUS!!!!!!!! Twilight learned all about magic. Heck, she utilized pegasus magic only a little while ago against TD. Have you forgotten that already?

Is tragic magic already reminding Angry about friendship and the bonds being powerful?

Also, all things considered, despite everything happening, angry thinking of pinkamina in discord's mood was actually pretty funny.

Hmmm, never said I had to be the one? TTTTTTDDDDDDDD! "I am NOT having Discord cheat me by having you do most of the work, then saying I didn't do it!" You know that discord is the master of the unspoken rule. And I dunno if Havoc would object to the spirit of the promise being broken.

Hmmm, is Angry getting the meta commentary I gave in the duel of tears (at first)?

So revolution gave her a suit of armor? I thought he promised her a riot show. Hmmm, maybe in one of her other parties she got the armor as a present. And Pandora, that's an awfully nice thing to give your sister. Now she'll have all the fairy tales of eternity to grow up with.

Hmmm, and then a platinum blood? Heritage at all? And who is the master of gravity. Such a thing sounds more like nature's law, or is it neutral like cousin ponythulu?

And in some ways, Angry's being even more selfish than TD. TD wanted to save the world. Angry just wanted to save the kids she knew. Kinda shallow if ya ask me.

Ok, poison joke communication aside, the classic "sound other than your voice gag" was pretty funny on derpy.

"My... Actions? Prove. Others. Wrong? Not... Speaking? Not. Hurting?" The actions of a loving mailmare and mother shows the true power in derpy. Words might act as handy weapons for defense (ala iron will), but they're also easy to abuse, so Derpy held onto the knowledge that she acted like a responsible, caring pony to give her the strength to endure.

" the laughter everypony enjoys the most is when somepony else is hurt!" In some ways maybe, especially due to the slapstick rule of cartoon comedy. But to have one suffer so another laughs compared to two ponies laughing together? Mathematically, seems like a contradiction. =)

Only a B+? I guess the bonus points for the glorious cause were subtracted.

And then, there was this: " Ah've seen. A great Big Alicorn Guy showed me; no bluff. The warm light at the end... it ain't a payoff, it's a 'welcome home' present. And the other place ain't a 'penalty' for failin' a test score, it's the coldness and loneliness outside that light. And Ah ain't forgot the here and now! Ah'm tryin' to make this world a better place for everyone here! And it ain't WHAT'S waitin' for me! It's WHO'S waitin' for me!"

Oh...My....God. It's pure theology. It's the working on the kingdom now, and then coming home to the light afterwards. It's what I intellectually want to believe in. And the wait for the family, the lovers on the other side. Pure Theology....AND I LOVE IT!!!!! 50 STARS!!

Also, how do we know that's Angry's foals? How do we know they're not actually lost in pony hell? How shall we tell?

And exceptions don't totally disprove the nominal rule, especially in the complicated reality we all live in.

Brainwashing? Is it wrong to wake up someone from being brainwashed? To bring back the original (or at least something akin to it?) Weren't you brainwashed to a degree? Floating balloons with discord's face aren't exactly proof that you made yourself angry without prompting.

Hmmm, and then for AJ to go all lj confusion, and speak the truth? Or is that a lie? Paradox! And the look of utter bravery, well, I guess you know something about utter devotion, but I bet you never expected it to come upon you, did ya!?

Then came the...the....the.....the......TWILIGHT! STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY! I COMMAND THAT....(with every pinkie pie at war, I cringe. With every use of magic spent in pursuit of vengeance, I wince. With every spell used in a way that bends reality backwards, I shudder, until) No.

BY MY POWER AS SHADOW WHO WATCHES AND IS FUEL FOR THE STORY, I COMMAND FOR THIS STORY TO PAUSE! (time slowed to mere nanoseconds passing in minutes. This all needed to be said.)

Twilight sparkle. I don't know what happened, but I want you to stop this right now. I don't know how you got Magica's horn, or Trixie's element of magic, but I want you to STOP this right NOW!

You're in danger of being tainted by the nothingness of vengeance. You're going nightmare! You NEVER gave up on Pinkie during the first fight. You're an element of HARMONY for crying out loud. I know harmony's technically a neutral force, but it's laced with empathy and the power of the all-mother herself. If you call upon the powers of destruction, you're asking for trouble.

For you see, destruction was consumed by a desire to destroy. He didn't like it, but he had to as it was his embodiment. You are THIS close to crossing the line. And I cannot allow for you to end this. YOU NEVER EVEN TRIED THE MEMORY SPELL!!!!! HOW CAN YOU GIVE UP LIKE THIS!??? Put your heart in the cosmos, not the principle!!!!!!! Justice would be more like sentencing her to lifetime community service for crimes against humanity if she was repentant. Death should only ever be the last resort, especially since you never even went for the old faithful. YOU young lady, ARE OUT OF HARMONY! And on top of that, you're making Rancor so much stronger.

(she finally gets it.)

SHUT UP! Vengeance blackens the soul. Unless Twilight's gotten a divine mandate from Mortis and the elder gods to be The Spectre of the POV Universe, this is wrong for her to take such vengeance now.

(I check the timestream) Ok, I'll slow things down to picoseconds for a bit, see if I can talk to routa Fortuna about whether this is fated to happen. (wah, wahhhhh, wahhhhh, woooo)

And on another note, if shining armor runs parallel to this story, how come twilight still hasn't remembered her brother? Did Angry kill him? And how exactly does all this fit together in the grand scheme of the POV verse?

and twilight, you are staring into the abyss. You must hold your gaze, lest you blink and fall in.

This is the shadow who watches, checking out for 1 millenia to talk to rota fortuna for a bit. But I'll be back!

PS: due to the high number of homages that i RECOGNIZED, I am taking a star off originality. Otherwise, good stuff all around.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
5 out of 5 deviants thought this was fair.

The chapter begins with Spike trying to free Rarity from all the rubble that sealed her and Fluttercruel away. But he is smart enough to keep an eye on his friends, he knows that Rancor might come back to attack them. He doesn’t trust her to concentrate only on him. Meanwhile Saint Apple Jacqueline was able to finish healing Derpy and Apple Pie. The filly is energetic but AJ warns her to keep her distance from the opponents they are fighting against now. Her paradoxes are powerful but Rancor showed them how easily she can be attacked physically. Both Rancor and Angry Pie would hardly be phased by her physical attacks. In more ways than one she is their hope; she did the impossible and freed Twilight from the chains that bound her. She did so much already. Derpy offers to help the dragon but Spike wants her to help the unicorn instead. On the other side of the world in Neighpon Rancor regenerates from her injuries by absorbing the passion of a children’s card game. It is surely a Yu-Gi-Oh! reference. Just kidding, it refers towards Magic: The Gathering. Soon she will be back for the heroes. At the same time Spike and Rarity manage to reach each other and both are happy to meet again. And he is surprised to learn that she was able to kill Fluttercruel and take her Element of Cruelty. While he doesn’t show it, he is shocked that Rarity was able to kill Fluttershy’s daughter, no matter how horrible Fluttercruel had become.

Then Rancor appears and challenges Lady Desire for her treasure. Wanting an autograph was okay but that is simply going too far. Suddenly Derpy is launched back at them. Angry Pie appears and proclaims that she has murdered Twilight and they are next. Everybody is shocked and Spike is desperate but Rarity knows that Angry Pie isn’t lying. The dragon is devastated to have been forced to watch her suffering for 1000 years, only to loose her so soon after she just was able to recover. Spike feels horrible guilt for choosing to save Rarity instead of Twilight but he honestly thought that Fluttercruel was the bigger threat and that there was no way that the unicorn with mastery of so many spells could have lost this battle. He begins to hate the butcher that murdered the one trying to save her.

Then we switch perspectives towards the pink pony. The dragon is ready to devour Angry Pie but Rarity stops him and unlike him she stays calm. Lady Desire asks him not to eat the butcher but that wasn’t his plan. He wanted to chew on her, separate her from the Elements, spit her remains on the ground and give Rarity the two Elements. But as much as Lady Desire would want these two Elements, she wants even more to fulfil Twilight’s desire to save Pinkie Pie. After everything that happened and everything Angry Pie had done, the white unicorn still offers her a non-violent way out of this. They need the Element of Magic to save the world but she could go and try to live her own life. Rarity would not force her to fight alongside her. The pink pony can sense her anger and that is very real, as real as her sadness. But she knows that the cruel truth is that Angry Pie is insane from Discord’s taint and her insanity is making her do this. Just like Rarity’s insanity made her hurt Sweetie Belle and everyone once dear to her. Angry Pie is only able to see this last chance as another mockery of her but Apple Pie gets her attention. The filly is furious that she has lost somebody who meant so much to her. But Saint Apple Jacqueline is able to cure her soul. The pink pony can only explain this by telling herself that AJ must have told lies to let the filly cling on to her Laughter. Her mind has trouble to process all of this. She thinks that she has to kill them all because of the promise towards Discord but she also thinks that she wants to kill Apple Pie for laughing at her and she ALSO thinks that Apple Pie has all the traits of the foals she would adopt. It is too confusing for her but she understands rage and remembers how Fluttercruel made them all angry. Only now does she notice that the fallen pegasus is gone and her reaction towards the death of her ally is brief silence followed by blaming Fluttercruel’s death on Fluttercruel herself and Discord. She claims that he has no right to call himself a father. This hurts the Draconequus more than anything else he experienced in these 1000 years of chaos.

Rancor pulls out a suspicious book about Harmony and Chaos and checks up why Rarity still thinks that they can win without Twilight. She realises that the special trait of the Element of Desire could still make it possible, even if one of them died. Rancor is genuinely impressed. Derpy is sorrowful that she was unable to save Twilight but promises that this will not happen again. Angry Pie can’t understand why they are not getting angry and furious at this. But the pegasus was hundreds of years angry at Discord for what he had done towards her, her family and her friends. And this anger didn’t change anything. Now Angry Pie actually gives Derpy a non-violent option to walk out of this battle and go back to her freed child. But then she would have to abandon her other child, her friends and an entire world. There is no way that the Element of Loyalty would do this. It would be very similar to what Angry Pie is doing right now, she also plans to let an entire world suffer for the sake of her few foals. The pink pony is even able to respect this choice and the fact that Derpy stays true to her promise. But now she is outnumbered and they will likely not repeat the same mistake Twilight did and focus their full attention on healing her. Rarity did already kill somebody when she saw that this was the only option she had. To be with one or two foals at the same time did calm down her anger but now she tries to use the Element of Magic to draw more strength from this connection. It is not pleasant for her to be so close towards the Element of Magic as Twilight’s memories still circle in it. Angry Pie thinks that the strongest magic she had ever seen was not the one of unicorns but the Magic of friendship between her and her foals but in her insanity she is unable to spell it out. It seems she will not master the Element of Magic that easily as long as she is filled with so much hate and tries to kill her former friends. Twilight didn’t awaken as the Element of Magic when she mastered the most difficult spell in the world; she became that as she was able to embrace the friendship of the other five ponies. This entire inner struggle happened in real time but none of the others took the chance to cheap shot her in this state. Angry Pie asks Discord if his promise to bring back her family is on his family and he confirms it. But he seems truly sad about losing his daughter. Rancor asks if she can be of assistance in this battle and the pink pony accepts her aid without hesitation.

Angry Pie tries to form a strategy for what will await her, even if she doesn’t know for sure what will come. At first she launches an attack at Spike to distract Rarity but she calmly counters with her new ability to create a weapon out of her own blood. But the pink pony uses her special abilities to move with such an insane speed that everything else is slow in comparison. Strange signs warn her about Derpy’s sneak attack and Angry Pie is able to hurt her with Rarity’s weapon. Her next trick is a Matrix move. Then suddenly the pink pony sees a very strange battle commentary and her move is declared a crowning moment of awesome. I guess that is up to TVtropes. Rancor is fighting against Spike and is using the presents she got from her family against him: A suit of armor from Anarchy and a book from Pandora. Well at least she appreciates the book as a heavy object to hit others with. Soon Lady Desire fights at the side of her beloved and he immediately reminds her who they are fighting against. But Rancor has a few more tricks left. She creates another barrier but Rarity manages to knock her through it and into a trap on the ground. But it does the white unicorn little good as the Draconequus teleports behind her and attacks. Then she uses the Element of Cruelty to turn the blood on Rancor into platinum and Violence crashes into the ground and hurts herself. But Angry Pie was too busy watching this fight as Derpy electrocutes her with AJ’s aid. Then she hears the voices of her foals cheering on for her. It sounds strangely similar to what Fluttercruel heard before her battle. The pink pony uses several party cannons to distract the mother while another one hits her at point blank range. Then she crushes Derpy with a poisoned muffin and the mare is unable to speak anymore. Next Angry Pie humiliates her opponent by trapping her in a pink tutu and asks her why she doesn’t get angry at all the humiliation she had to suffer through.

It is insane to ask this question after making her unable to speak but Derpy works around these issue and uses ballet and mime to answer that she simply proves them wrong. This hurts the pink pony more than anything so far. Saint Apple Jacqueline tries to reach her and hides behind several illusions of herself. She asks her how she could have gone this far but Angry Pie discarded everything she once was in her insane quest to be taken seriously. She hates everyone and everything: Applejack who helped her foals, Discord who promised to bring them back, even herself and her own anger. Applejack admits that she was running away from the truth of what Angry Pie had done to so many innocents and to herself. And the voices of her foals keep encouraging the pink pony to continue this path of hatred. Eventually she admits what Discord promises her and AJ points out that this is almost the same thing Rainbow Dash had done. Both tried to run away from their mistakes and create a new world at the price of another. But Rainbow’s recreation of the old world would be much bigger and brought much more beings peace then the very limited heaven Angry Pie plans to create. The contradiction seems to hurt the pink pony. As Applejack continues to try to talk with her the mad pony is able to track her down and forces her into the ground. For a moment she sees the battle results and according to her high HP she would be the boss encounter in most games.

She mocks the fallen pony before her and impales her with the same black rods that murdered Queen Cadence. They talk about what the afterlife is like and Saint Apple Jacqueline knows what heaven is like. The afterlife is about more then rewards and punishments. Heaven is a present towards everyone willing to walk forward to it and the ones waiting for you inside. But AJ isn’t fixated on the dead, she wants to help the living and eventually once she has to die, she hopes that she will be able to meet her little sister and the rest of her family again. At the same time the voices in Angry Pie’s head encourage her to continue and kill the one helpless before her. She even asks the other earth pony if she can’t hear them. Then it seems she tries to corrupt her again by pointing out that it was Kindness that killed Twilight. Applejack is absolutely horrified by the idea that Discord might corrupt her again and Angry Pie readies herself to finish her off.

Then Apple Pie is brave and desperate enough to walk forward and point out all of her contradictions and how these will prevent others from taking her seriously. Angry Pie is ready to kill the filly instantly but the paradox seems to damage her. Applejack can do nothing and then Apple Pie laughs at herself, breaking Angry Pie’s ideology into pieces. After everything that happened, after everything the insane pony did towards the ones that mean so much to this small child she is still standing and still trying to reach her. She is still trying to fulfil Twilight’s wish. Nobody else is able to come to the rescue of the child. But the filly is smart enough to try to free AJ in this time but Angry Pie is faster. Applejack tries to distract the insane pony and makes her loose her focus. Apple Pie doesn’t waste any time and frees the Element of Kindness from the vile trap but she isn’t done. Their determination gives Angry Pie a flashback to the time Pound and Pumpkin saved her as a dragon was able to take her Element of Rage.

Suddenly Angry Pie is attacked by a wave of fire from behind and this attack is so powerful that it could have destroyed Applejack and Apple Pie if the filly hadn’t saved both of them by pushing them aside. Another powerful attack comes at her and this time Applejack has to shield the child. But it is not Spike who did all of this, it is Twilight. She had changed back into her old age after she took Trixie’s Element of Magic. The showpony would not appreciate her calling it a “spare” but in this timeline Twilight never had the opportunity to learn more about Trixie so she doesn’t even know this about the showpony. Twilight was able to take the horn from Fluttercruel’s necklace. It is Magica’s horn. Now she is carrying the heritages of two other Elements of Magic within her. The others are so happy to see their friend again but Twilight keeps firing fireball after fireball at the Element of Rage. The reborn unicorn openly talks about killing Angry Pie so often that she will run out of the ability to regenerate. Now Twilight holds nothing back. She turns Angry Pie to ice that falls apart and she creates a black hole within her. Her raw merciless magic overpowers the opponent and this battle is as one-sided as the first one but this time their roles are reversed. Now Twilight dominates the battle. Without the Element of Chaos, she isn’t immortal anymore but her magic is as powerful as ever, maybe even more powerful than before. Twilight neither reacts to her friends nor to the opportunity to get her Element back.

She keeps on her merciless assault and begins to talk towards Angry Pie to break her. Twilight talks about all the many lives she had ended alongside Fluttercruel. Slowly Twilight begins to change into a Nightmare as this goes on. The unicorn claims that having a family and loved ones changes nothing about what Angry Pie really is: A monster who kept killing others in brutal ways. The voice is so happy with this development. It is…

“… almost exactly what you wanted. It’s not a painless death but it’ll prevent her from ever hurting anybody again. Not so clean and easy, hm?”

“Don’t give me just some dots! Don’t you hate her? Don’t you want the world to be freed of her forever?”

It was so painful to see what she had become. What she had done to others. But I still don’t hate her. Hate would have made this so much easier. It was just so incredible saddening.

“You just took the easy way out. You were a lot tougher before. Why did you even bother to write a redemption story about Discord? Why did you do it again? It was your decision; you could’ve let him suffer horrible torment. Why even try to redeem?”

Well played… I was wrong. I gave up way too soon. And… I am sorry for what I said.

“Wow. You rarely admit that.”

We have a few things in common. But for now I have a critique to finish. Where was I?

Twilight continues to kill Angry Pie over and over again. She reminds her at all the families she ripped apart and the children that cursed her name. According to the unicorn she has no right to call herself a mother, she is just a butcher. All of her friends are horrified. Twilight points out that not only her foals cared for her but every one here tried to reach her and she threw their offer away like it was nothing. The unicorn asks her several questions she knows the insane pony can’t answer and laughs at her for failing. Sooner or later this onslaught of magic will destroy the Element of Chaos. Somehow very far away Rainbow Dash feels that she is about to loose Pinkie Pie forever. Derpy tries to remind Twilight that now would be the perfect time to cast a memory spell and maybe save Pinkie with that. But thanks to the Poison Joke Angry Pie used the pegasus is unable to spell this out. The insane pony’s own actions backfire on her. She managed to corrupt Twilight worse then the Valeyard and hindered Derpy from making a good suggestion. How can anybody dare to call Derpy retarded? The unicorn keeps on her psychological assault and claims that Angry Pie turned all of her foals into merciless killing machines. She talks about how terrified her own foals must have been of her, unable to escape her and knowing that one childish act could get them killed. But Angry Pie does still remember the times when she had a genuinely good time with her children.

This is the deciding moment. Twilight makes it very clear that she believes that for everything she had done, Angry Pie will go to hell once she is killed here. The only way she would not go to Pony Hell would be if it wouldn’t exist at all. It is eerie how similar Twilight has become to the voice. Both are nearly in perfect sync. Angry Pie is scared by the almost complete Nightmare standing before her. The voice welcomes her to her purgatory and laughs endlessly at her. And the pink pony is now simply too weak to escape Twilight’s next spell. It is the same spell Discord uses to kill Cadence and Galaxia. It is Destruction’s pure essence. In the last moments Angry Pie remembers her children and is sorry for failing them. They were the only ones that could bring happiness to her soul.

Overall this was another amazing chapter with an intense battle against Angry Pie in the beginning and it did seem like they could have been able to defeat her. It was hard and brutal but it wasn’t completely hopeless. Then Twilight arrived and everything was turned upside-down. Powered by the gifts of two fallen Elements of Magic and slowly turning into a Nightmare after she had given up on saving Pinkie Pie. Now she is on the verge of killing her.

And the mentioning of purgatory brings back memories. Where did I hear that before? Ah! I remember Nightmare Purgatory, Twilight’s very own Nightmare name in the “Fading Future” story from Kendell2. You can find it here: [link]

Keep up the great work!
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Sargasurm Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my God. That was one hell of a reason-you-suck speech. I would cheer Twilight, if I wasn't scared to death.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
Fireworks, "Please don't say that about mommy please."
sonicandmario826 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
Twilight your alive!!!! uhhhhhh what are you doing? wait dont do that. dont you think your going too far you can save her like every body else she just as confused as you are. Voice did you posses her or something?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
(No. I did not. She is merely becoming what she is always naturally going to become. She's just becoming a mare.)
sonicandmario826 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
a mare filled with anger, hate, and loss of control. in fact you can say shes turning into a nightmare
Acalanthide Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Yay! Twilight's back! YES!!
Uh oh. Uh oh. Oh no.
She's turning into a Nightmare, isn't she? I knew it.
Even a small Shadow can be right sometimes.
This is just what Discord wants, Twilight.
Have I mentioned how much I loved little Apple Pie? She is so bucking awesome.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
Yay! Twilight's back! YES!!


Uh oh. Uh oh. Oh no.


She's turning into a Nightmare, isn't she? I knew it.

(She's becoming who she was always meant to be.)

Even a small Shadow can be right sometimes.


This is just what Discord wants, Twilight.

Discord, "Oh yes I so want a pony who hates me to turn into a proto-goddess."

Have I mentioned how much I loved little Apple Pie? She is so bucking awesome.

Hope she doesn't come across as a mary sue.
Acalanthide Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Student General Artist
Hope she doesn't come across as a mary sue.

Of course not! I love her!

Discord, "Oh yes I so want a pony who hates me to turn into a proto-goddess."

You want to corrupt her, don't you? Turning her into a Nightmare could do that.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Discord, "I want to corrupt her?"
Acalanthide Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student General Artist
Yes. Deep, deep, deep, down you still want your perfect world.

Or alternatively, Morning Star, yes I know about him, is the one trying to corrupt her. You are in cahoots with him, yes?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Discord, "Once upon a time. I was his 'annoying fanboy.' " [link]
Acalanthide Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Student General Artist
HAHAHAHA! He turned you golden? So that's where you got the golden statue Celestia trick!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
You read part 2 yet?
Acalanthide Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Student General Artist
Jarkes Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
I love it when you pull a blatant Deus Ex Machina, but pull it so masterfully that I don't care. That's the mark of a good writer.

So, it just occurred to me a while ago... what happened to Shining Armor in this timeline?

Also, it's looking like at this rate, Season 3 of the show will be OVER by the time you've STARTED the finale arc... But don't rush. Take as much time as you need to.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
I was actually doing my best to foreshadow it so it WASN'T a Deus Ex Machina.
-Fluttercruel's necklace was mentioned before having Magica's horn.
-Cruel's necklace was mentioned as having been lost by Rarity
-Twilight mentions items having fallen from the roof during her fight with Angry
- Trixie being an Element of Magic was mentioned in the mane series
-Trixie's gave being in the inner garden was mentioned before
-The last chapter ended with Twilight going towards Trixie's grave.
-Twilight's awakening dealt with talking with what might have been Trixie.
Toonwatcher Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
Okay, so to recap: good news is that Twilight managed to patch herself up at the last minute using Trixie's Element of Magic and a horn from Fluttercruel's collection, but the bad news is that unless I'm mistaken she's on the verge of turning into a Nightmare.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012

The voice: (Isn't it great? She's on the verge of becoming everything she's always been meant to be. )
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
The voice: (Isn't it great? She's on the verge of becoming everything she's always been meant to be. )

We'll find out soon enough why you're doing all this to her. How are you suppose to make her able to take on Discord with her as a Nightmare unable to use the Elements of Harmony with her friends?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
(Why do shadows who watch blindly assume to be a nightmare is evil?)
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
Not evil per say, but because they're highly unstable and dangerous, not to mention not in Harmony, which is a prerequisite for using the Elements, yes?
ardashir Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
I just realized something upon reading this:

"Pinkie Pie, Ah know ya feel all yer foals were good ponies. Let's assume they've all made it ta Pony Heaven. Ain't it selfish to drag 'em all back ta THIS place from PARADISE?"

Given that Angry was willing to sacrifice the WORLD to Discord to save a few kids she loved, it reminded me of something: [link]

Angry Pie was the only person on Earth who thought that was a good idea! :rofl:
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
No one can stay dead in comics. Nobody. THey aren't ALLOWED to stay dead.

Thanos actually had a story-arc of the marvel universe in danger of imploding from how mindlessly easy it was for heroes to come back from death.
ardashir Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Thanos actually had a story-arc of the marvel universe in danger of imploding from how mindlessly easy it was for heroes to come back from death.

I know. I'm just wondering when they'll bring Uncle Ben back (and hopefully they won't try that ghastly 'Ben was a pedo who molested Pete' plot* if they do!).

And heck, wasn't that bit with Thanos almost the whole POINT of Blackest Night from DC, where it turned out that practically every resurrected hero was all unknowing a 'double agent' for Nekron?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
(and hopefully they won't try that ghastly 'Ben was a pedo who molested Pete' plot* if they do!).

They demonize way too many super hero family members like that.

"And heck, wasn't that bit with Thanos almost the whole POINT of Blackest Night from DC, where it turned out that practically every resurrected hero was all unknowing a 'double agent' for Nekron?"

ardashir Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
They demonize way too many super hero family members like that.

Agreed. I think it comes from the whole 'making all the characters into Jerkasses makes the setting deep' line of thought.
KurseofKings Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
You should continue doing the whole "linking songs directly into the chapter" thing. Oh, and I loved the chapter.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Okay, thanks. Hope you like the song at the end of the second half of the chapter. I actually wrote those lyrics myself.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
I find the fact Apple Pie has Logic Bombs as an explicit power both hilarious and awesome. She's one Crazy Awesome filly.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Rancor of course had to put her in her place at NOT Being a melee fighter.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
Eh, I don't think she's not a melee fighter so much as she's going up against gods and immortals. Someone who can shatter rock with one kick would probably be able to do some damage to normal ponies.
ourimaler Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Glad to see another chapter already!

he wasn't going to 'assume' anything about Discord sister.
Probably wise of him, but should be "Discord's".

Take it from me...don't write a check your legs can't cash."
Not unless you want a bunny stampede over Ponyville, at least.

And with those ten words, Angry Pie had damaged Discord deeper than any other being in ten centuries had with magic swords or atomic cannons. Discord almost laughed. If anypony else had spoken, he'd have shrugged it off. Now he just felt so... tired. Uninspired. Funny how that worked.
Hm. I was wondering how he'd react, since Fluttercruel looked like one of the only people he cared about...

"Pinkie Pie, Ah know ya feel all yer foals were good ponies. Let's assume they've all made it ta Pony Heaven. Ain't it selfish to drag 'em all back ta THIS place from PARADISE?"
...Well, that's assuming the existence of pony Heaven. Which we have good reason to as readers, but does the same hold for Pinie Pie?

"Honesty led to feelings being hurt, but being Kind lead to Twilight dying. There is nothing left for you in this world, Liarjack. Unless I'm wrong." Her lip quivered. She couldn't think of a good lie. "Get ride of kindness LJ, how can something that killed a friend be good? "
Should be "led to Twilight dying", "Get rid of kindness", and no space before the last quotation mark.

No. It's honestly, really, truly, sincerely not fair. It's just cheating!


"How does it feel to have your hypocrisy deconstructed?! The worst monsters in history still had families, friends. Fluttercruel claimed to love her father. He acts like he loves her! Does that exonerate you all from the countless lives you've ended in needlessly brutal ways?!"
(Twilight! You're finally getting it!)


(Yes. Exactly Twilight. It would be. The final injustice. If Hell does not exist, it must be made.)
Ah, Voice? I get that you're angry, but this is simply being unreasonable.

Aaaand another great cliffhanger.
Excellent job.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
"Glad to see another chapter already!"

I felt it had to be done given the cliff hangers.

Take it from me...don't write a check your legs can't cash."
Not unless you want a bunny stampede over Ponyville, at least.

Thank Kendell2 for that line.

"And with those ten words, Angry Pie had damaged Discord deeper than any other being in ten centuries had with magic swords or atomic cannons. Discord almost laughed. If anypony else had spoken, he'd have shrugged it off. Now he just felt so... tired. Uninspired. Funny how that worked.
Hm. I was wondering how he'd react, since Fluttercruel looked like one of the only people he cared about…"


"Pinkie Pie, Ah know ya feel all yer foals were good ponies. Let's assume they've all made it ta Pony Heaven. Ain't it selfish to drag 'em all back ta THIS place from PARADISE?"
...Well, that's assuming the existence of pony Heaven. Which we have good reason to as readers, but does the same hold for Pinie Pie?"

I'll admit I kinda stumbled on that one. Since Angry Pie clearly isn't the type to believe anything AJ says unless it feeds her paranoia. But Angry Pie was more interested in beating up AJ for being more fixated on the afterlife than the living life.

"No. It's honestly, really, truly, sincerely not fair. It's just cheating!

How'd you feel if it happened to you?


Getting there.

"How does it feel to have your hypocrisy deconstructed?! The worst monsters in history still had families, friends. Fluttercruel claimed to love her father. He acts like he loves her! Does that exonerate you all from the countless lives you've ended in needlessly brutal ways?!"
(Twilight! You're finally getting it!)


"(Yes. Exactly Twilight. It would be. The final injustice. If Hell does not exist, it must be made.)
Ah, Voice? I get that you're angry, but this is simply being unreasonable."

(How so? She's killed countless ponies in horrible brutal ways? What is more justified than killing her several times over in countless brutal ways? OH! Here's the one where Twilight turns her body into beetles and they eat each other! She deserved that. HAHA!)

"Aaaand another great cliffhanger.
Excellent job."

Thank you great one.
discoinferno84 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Heh, I was listening to The Real Folk Blues on my commute home tonight. One of my all-time favorite songs. As soon as I saw it in the title, I *knew* someone was going down hard. It'll be really interesting to see how this plays out.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
I felt that since Angry Pie was fighting against superior numbers of ponies and superior number of Elements. It was a fitting song. She figures that she isn't walking away from this. But if she can see her foals gain their lives back, then she can rest in peace.

But Twilight put the ka-bash on that dream.
discoinferno84 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Yeah, I thought the song went perfectly with that scenario as well. Hopefully it's incorporated into the audio adaptation. Even if it'll probably be a while. >.>
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Well, the copy right gods would likely get the story taken down if they used it. It's why I regret using lyrics from my favorite songs in the audio adaptions now. For I fear the copy right gods at work.
r1ck3t Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
This scenario is unbelievably brilliant, just ingenious, cleverly providing all the pieces of the puzzle, yet challenging the reader to put it all together.

8 characters,
1 is the enemy Nightmare
1 whose goals do not involve fighting the Nightmare
5 elements
1 wild card...

It all just -clicked- together suddenly, I can't praise you enough for this - you have written a true masterpiece. Bravo!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
Wait till the second half.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
"If Hell does not exist, it must be made."

That's honestly the first words the Voice has said that genuinely creep me out. Not sure WHY, but it just...does.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
Oblivion is too good a punishment.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Yeah. I just creeped me out for some reason.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Ho was my song at the end?
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Thank you. I was hoping to finally write some lyrics without relying on you like a crutch.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
Well, they're good.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
Thank you. I've wanted to try and off set the massive amount of darkness in Dark World.
(1 Reply)
Richforce Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
and we have a nightmare, looks like the rest are going to have to put some overtime into this.

And how I think that card game ended...

alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
Makes sense.

"and we have a nightmare, looks like the rest are going to have to put some overtime into this."

A nightmare whose only goal to punish and extract horrid vengeance upon those she deems wrong.
CottonSnourth Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Professional Writer
Greetings, everyone.

Speaking as one of the guys who helped Alex edit and write this chapter, I want to express what a JOY it was working on this intense, pulse-pounding, emotional rollercoaster of a battle... all of it! My only regret is that you guys have not yet seen the ultimate outcome of this battle, (all I'll spoil is it ROCKS... so DO stay tuned for Part 2!)

I have a bit of a confession. I don't know whether I'll later regret admitting this on an open forum... but what the hey. Live and learn. When I was working on this part of the chapter, (originally, "The Real Hoof Blues" WAS all one chapter; blame deviantART's spacing limits,) want to know who I, personally, empathized with the most? Who I rooted for and was most on the side of?

Twilight. Vengeful, raging Twilight. Even Parenthesis, [no, not her REAL name, just a convenient handle here,] I completely sided with.

It may be uncharitable, downright un-Christian thing of me to say, (and let me say: I *do* take my Christianity seriously) but there's always been a warm and fuzzy spot in my heart for revenge stories. Particularly those that unabashedly lionize the avenger. Stories such as The Count of Monte Cristo, Kill Bill, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (Okay, Charlie wasn't really a REVENGE story... but WHAT a comeuppance those four brats got!)

Twilight was just... fed up. Reached her limit. I can identify with that a LOT. Be perfectly honest, dear reader: just how many times would YOU turn the other cheek, if everyone was literally out to chop your head off?!

So for me, this was CATHARTIC.

And Angry Pie had this coming a long, long, LONG while. ESPECIALLY because she came to regard all her once-friends like cockroaches.

I mean... at LEAST Rarigreed was CIVIL. At least Ender Dash was aiming to bring them back as FRIENDS when she tried to kill Twilight.

Now, while I agree that it's downright unhealthy for anyone to OBSESS about tit-for-tat... I *do* believe that punishments (in moderation) are healthy things, for individuals and society as a whole. There ARE times that you HAVE to rub the dog's nose in its own mistake. There wasn't a single thing Twilight said about Angry Pie that was wrong. Okay, fine... that ONE bit where she hypothesized that Angry Pie had terrorized her adopted foals into being loyal was erroneous... And Twilight had still spoken her belief straight from the heart! And was it an entirely unreasonable conjecture on her part? Considering everything ELSE Angry Pie was capable of?

Like Twilight, I'm the type of guy who'd be appalled by the possibility that a Heaven exists but NOT a Hell. Some things are INEXCUSABLE, especially when you're not sorry.
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