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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Pony POV Series
Dark World Part 21 2/2
The Dreaded Next Scene Of the Big Knot

I don't know where the ferris wheel came from. I didn't care either. Wait. It had always been there. Silly me. It was here because I wanted to know what it was like to host a mini-carnival, and to give my friends a 'Best Day Ever' of course! Tee-hee! Where did this showpony hat and striped-jacket come from again? Oh right, they'd always been there.

Cheerilee. Rainbow Dash. Sweetie Belle. Scootaloo. Toola-Roola. Starsong Melody. It's great! They're all loving it! Which means I love it!

Everypony is friends with everypony else, but they're my extra-special friends.

How am I able to change costumes so fast? How can a little filly like me run a one-day carnival by herself? Where did the popcorn and ice-cream come from? Oh right, because it's more FUN that way!

Life is wonderful! Hmmmmm. Isn't there supposed to be a green filly around here? Wait. How would I know her? She's not one of my extra special friends. But I know she's super-important, somehow...

"Excuse me." Said a green pony. I look at her, is she a mare or a filly? Am I a mare or a filly? I'm suddenly kinda confused. But I move for her. She picks up the bright green leaf I was sitting on.

A funny picture appears in my head. It's like a videotape someone's trying to erase. Wait. What's a videotape?

A funny looking pony, she's purple with pink hair, and she has a clover for a cutie mark. She begins to turn green and her cutie mark becomes mint candies.

"Thank you." The green pony says putting the leaf in a bag.

"You're welcome."

"I'm Minty."

"I'm Pinkie Pie."

And just like that. So simple. No big adventure. But what's wrong with simplicity? I knew, somehow, that I could meet her a zillion other ways, if I really wanted.

"HEy everypony! Come over here and meet Minty!"

"There is nowhere you can escape from me!"

A big scary purple pony appears right in front of me! She's wearin' a bunch of bones, and her mane's on fire! Is she a pegasus or a unicorn? Both?

"All your silly escape mechanisms are for naught, in my purgatory, Pinkie Pie."

The witch began using her evil magic and Minty was being dragged away from me. I grabbed her. The world turned gray and withered.

"No switching over to an alter ego. No reliving a happier yesteryear. No forgetting. Amnesia is not allowed. There is only your SIN."

"Pinkie Pie! Please help me!"

All of a sudden there were over a dozen foals between me and Minty, they looked weirder. They all looked at me sadly. Shaking their heads in resentment. That's a big  . Resentment. How they looked at me. Did they . . . did they hate me?

"Pinkie!" Minty begged, the witch was hurting her with her fiery mane. Again, and again, and again, and again. I tried to help her, but the other foals kept pushing me back. I couldn't fight them! I had no idea how to fight!

"There is no redemption. No salvation. No absolution. No friendship. No love. This purgatory is without end."

And then... more foals. So very, very, many, approaching from all sides; like ant colonies towards a sugar cube. They were different from the ones blocking me from Minty. They were so badly hurt all over! What kind of bully did this to them? Why do they all so . . . angry, at me?

"The foals have waited so long for your arrival. Welcome to forevermore, Pinkie Pie."

Then they attacked Minty.


"No, no, NO! PLEASE! Why are you all on HER SIDE?! PLEASE! You're all I HAVE! MOMMY'S SORRY! MOMMYSSORRY!MOMMYSORRY!!! MINTY! STOP HURTING HER! MINTYYYYYYYYY-EH-EH!!!" Angry Pie wailed, her eyes huge, crying rivers. Beautiful.

(Ha! Sounds to me like she's already found Hell! All that's left is to seal her in for good! Finish her off!)

With pleasure. I showed mercy to a devil. And my only reward was almost dying, and my friends almost dying. Never again. Ever again. I will never repeat that mistake. Not even atoms will remain of Angry Pie or her Element of Anger. The Destruction spell was charging, I could feel it, power, power enough to crush Discord like the vermin he was! Like the pathetic loser he was! A minor annoyance! A triviality! The rat who had crowned himself king! He'd suffer! Oh how he'd suffer! Heh.

(For everything he's done.)

And more. I won't be quick and painless either.

(No, he doesn't deserve such mercy.)

Yes, that's right…he deserves so much worse…

"TWILI! STOP! THAT'S ENOUGH!" Applejack? Why was she putting herself between my spell and the enemy? "FOR RD'S SAKE STOP!"

"Ya said she ain't bad, she's just sick! This ain't how ya help somepony sick! Ya don't give up on 'em!" Apple Pie? Why was she shaking me? Doesn't she know that could disrupt the spell?

"Stop. Just stop." Derpy. She looks like she just emptied the contents of her stomach. Didn't she know ponies weren't supposed to be able to do that?

"You said you wanted to save her right?" Rarity? Why were they all doing this?] "You were willing to dive through as many layers of MY soul as you needed to bring me out of the darkness. So what if she's fighting you a little harder than I was? She's said, straight out, that she doesn't want to be angry."

"When it's an unrepentant mass-murdering, unhinged psychopath with a very unquestionable Chaotic Evil alignment, you DON'T give that pony the BENEFIT of the doubt."

"She's a hurt and confused friend with the tainted essence of a unrepentant mass-murdering, unhinged psychopath with a very unquestionable Chaotic Evil alignment lodged in her brain!"

Spike's claw hugged me from behind. Huh? But why? She hurt them. She hurt them. This doesn't make sense. She hurt them.] She hurt them.] She's killed so many ponies.] She's a mad animal.] She has to be put down.)

"Twilight, you know I'm the first whose been saying you can't save everypony: because I was scared I'd lose you again. I thought I already did! I... I don't want to lose you now. Not ever again! You're my family!"

They don't understand.)

No they don't.)

The wicked have to be punished.)

The cruel must experience cruelty.) The merciless must be shown no mercy.) Monsters should not be redeemed.) Monsters must not be forgiven.) They must be made to suffer.) Cancers.) [Be disposed of.)

* Twilight! Stop! *

[Why should I?)

*This isn't how Trixie would want you to use her Element! *

[Trixie was always vindictive.)

*Then would her Element have saved your life? Dead or not, if Trixie's spirit didn't want you having her Element of Magic, you would NOT have found it in her grave! Besides, you're not Desire! You can't just TAKE an Element.*

[So Angry Pie's death would be permissible if RARITY were executioner?)

*I'm Not Talking about Angry Pie's Element! You couldn't have Trixie's if she didn't WANT you to have it! Just like Applejack couldn't have Applebloom's Element without being GIVEN it! Does saving your life sound 'vindictive' to you?!*

*This isn't what any of your friends want for you...*

[I know better than they do about this! I almost died for real! Know what that taught me? That the merciful are all eventually doomed to be victimized! THAT'S where mercy lands you! THAT'S what comes of being the Big Good!)

*...Or Celestia.*

[She got turned to gold!)

*...Or Luna.*


*...Or Cadence.*

[Cannibalized, poor thing.)

*...Or your parents.*

[I'm shocked they lasted THIS long, even as plants!)

*Or Smarty Pants.*

[…Where DID I put that doll? Maybe it disintegrated away.)

*Or Minty Pie.*

[Unable to help anyone. Lucky to be beneath Discord's notice... so far.)

*And this isn't what Pinkie Pie would want.*

[Heh heh! No doubt, since I'm about to KILL HER…)

*I thought you said you were about to kill 'Angry Pie.'*

[I! I did!)

*No! You said you were about to kill 'Pinkie Pie!' Your friend!*

[She isn't!)

*Who is she crying out for?!*

[Not mine!)

*You sure? Names are just labels.*

[I feel absolutely nothing for her anymore, her only cure is her permanent death, so she'll never hurt another soul.)

* So the guilty should be punished without mercy or pity or compassion? *

[Yes. Those things should be reserved for the innocent.)

*So you agree with Angry Pie.*

[No I don't!)

*The guilty must be punished without mercy? That's the innocent are the only ones who deserve compassion? That defines her sense of justice.*

[She kills in the innocent and spares the guilty!)

*Not in her deflowered mind.*

[ She can't be redeemed! )

*Who are you to say who and can't be redeemed? Is killing her what YOU want? What your heart wants?*

[What… my heart... wants…?)

*You heart that connects you to everypony. The heart that valued her friends more than anything.*

[I feel… my lips quiver.) I'm not at all surprised when a tear falls.)

*Twilight. Pinkie Pie's heart wants to connect with others. Always has. But she's afraid of being hurt. The taint tells her everypony is trying to hurt her. You can't say you can't remove Discord's sickness, you haven't tried every road yet. Twilight. Look around you. These ponies are still Pinkie Pie's friends. They're still willing to try and save her. Will you disappoint them?*

I dispersed the red sphere, canceling my Destruction Spell.) I feel a rain inside me.] I feel it does the flames and wash away the ashes.] I'm free again.


A magic wand shaped jewel emitted a burst of light, chasing the darkness away to reveal the polished purple crystal composing it.



"My, somepony is angry," Discord said, reaching into a candy bar and pulling out a fridge to snack on.

(Who?! Who was that interloper?! It was you, wasn't it?!)

"I'm strangely innocent this once. Even in the most tragic times we find small moments of magic that inspire us to continue on."


Everypony hugged me, cheering like I was the one who had just been saved. Spike shed tears that drenched my mane. Angry Pie just lay there like a broken doll. They checked on her too, she was still breathing. Thank Celestia whatever had been hurting her seem to have stopped.

How many times had I killed her? I couldn't even count. The worst part was, I had loved it every minute of it. I was free of Discord's curse, she wasn't. I was supposed to hate her, want to see her dead, because Discord's taint had made her do things . . . do things just as horrid as Twilight Tragedy had.

If Pinkie Pie had been brought back first, and I had been brought back last, instead of a screaming and cursing butcher, my friends would have faced an emotionless killer with all the empathy of a corpse who wouldn't care what they had to say and terminated them with clockwork precision as Master commanded.

What right did I have to pass judgement on her?

I trotted over to her prone gray mass. The other took in a fearful breath ready to tackle me on the first fiery spark.

"Oh Pinkie Pie," I said endearingly. I felt so small. "…I'm sorry… I'm so sorry… please, please hear me, hear my voice, hear me through the darkness. Through the nightmare. I'm right here for you. Please hear me. Please, I promise never to hurt you again. Please. Come home.

"Please come back now." She gave a gasp, and looked at me in confusion.

"M-Minty?" she asked… she looked so confused.

"…In a way…She's a part of me…"

(She's damaged goods. Leave her.)

I look at the others, "Going to try the memory spell, promise."

I charged up my horn. I remembered what Queen Cadence's spell had done to Pinkie five-hundred-years before. It had left her a twisted empty shell. But... if she had loved her foals, then anger and hate couldn't but all that was in there.

*How we think others think about us. Can greatly command how we think about ourselves.*

The other side of the coin. The lance couldn't pierce the darkness, maybe a staff could lead her out.

I touched my horn to her forehead smiling.

"Pinkie Pie. You have to see past Discord's taint. He's blackened your perception of the past. You need to see the truth of what you've done as the Element of Laughter. So let me help you. Let me share MY memories with you. Memories I have of how you've shaped me into the mare I am. Show you how I really saw you."

A pink pony who saw and gasped and -

-saw her best friend from a world that had never existed. Born from a wish.

-a pink pony, who wanted to be friends even with a perfect stranger. Because her happiness was a reflection of the happiness she was able to give others.

Not Minty. Would never be Minty. But a pony who was worth being friends with.

With a few laughs and a song, was able to banish phantoms of fear and give those around her the courage to take away the darkness' most potent weapon.

A friend who ultimately decided that a friend was more important than a ticket after all.

A pink mare who was trusted by her foster parents, even after someone she trusted churned out a bunch of baked bads. And without hesitation was trusted to help that same friend.

A pink mare who knew of things I didn't. How bad I felt when I realized I'd not taken her seriously when I should've.

Pinkie Pie. You taught me not to jump to conclusions about people. Being spontaneous didn't make you untrustworthy. Being playful didn't make you oblivious. Being imaginative, didn't mean you'd color the facts about somegriffin.

And yes, your pranks did manage to make me laugh at myself.

And just because
I didn't understand something, didn't make it not real or fake. And someone's behavior will always seem strange if you don't have all the facts.

And Pinkie, those buffalo and cow ponies just had a different culture, there was
nothing wrong with your song. It was just a language they didn't speak.

And you're a great skater Pinkie, even if I'm hopeless. Thank you for even letting me try.

And Pinkie, good intentions can backfire, horribly, and you can become so wrapped up in other ponies' problems that you end up forgetting your own, and that hurts those you want to help.

And through them all Pinkie Pie, even when I thought less of you, even when I doubted you, I never laughed at you. And none of our friends did. You made us laugh with you. You were our light of joy in the darkness.

We were in Sugar Cube Corner.

Angry Pie stood in front of me, cracking apart, color returning. Scars ran all along her body, like a rag doll someone had tried to sew together in a rush.

…She suddenly shattered but…each piece formed into a different Pinkie Pie. But…none of them was the pre-Discord Pinkie. Or Angry Pie, or even what Rainbow Dash had said about Pinkamena.

"We can't just…quit!" yelled a middle-aged, motherly Pinkie, looking furiously at the others. "We can get our foals back!"

"Our foals aren't worth it!" shouted another, this one looking closer to the Pinkie I knew, but still not quite there, she was covered in scars. "They aren't worth our friends!"

"Not worth it?! You heartless nag!"

"We…we don't deserve to go back…we should just stay here…" said another one, with a straight mane and colors that were a near lifeless graying of her normal color, her expression one of purest guilt. "We don't deserve our foals…we don't deserve our friends…we don't deserve anything but to suffer…"

A Pinkie looking like Pinkie Pie of the Lost Age just sat, watching the other Pinkie's argue in confusion. I was doing much the same.

A white Pegasus with a yellow mane stepped out of the corner of my vision. "Looks like someone needs to give them a little push in the right direction."

I blinked. "What?" Now SHE reminded me of Pinkie for some reason.

A filly stepped up next to me…Rarity? No…Princess Rarity? But…this is Pinkie…not Rarity. Are they like me and Minty Pie?

A"They need someone they'll listen to help them pull themselves back together," she said.

"Wait…you mean me?" I blinked in confusion.

"You read all those books on pony's brains…I think, what do they say to do when somepony's brain is like this?"

What did they say?… It was a case of split personalities. Not quite the same situation as me, Tragedy, and Sparkle, this was a different thing, these weren't different personas, they were fragments…Motherly instinct. Love for her friends. Guilt. Memories of the Lost Age. Hadn't Angry Pie mentioned something about pulling her mind back together by force? …I think I get it…I need to help her put herself back together RIGHT.

Lost Pinkie slowly regarded me. "Minty?"

I blinked. The group all looked at me suddenly. "Uh…sort of…She's a part of me, and part of another pony…but yeah, she's me."

"What do you think we should do?" asked Lost Pinkie, looking up at me expectantly.

How do you convince contradictory parts of a pony's personality to accept each other?

"Alright…well, first of all, I think you're ALL right to some degree, and you're all wrong." I turned to Motherly Pie first. "You care about your…foals. That's good…but you don't have your conscience or your friendship with everypony else to let you balance all that. You don't have the ability to see if it's really what's best for THEM to bring them back or just what's best for YOU. You're trying to make a choice without being ABLE to see the whole picture."

Next, I faced Friendly Pie. "Same goes for you. Don't you want to be able to know if you're doing what's right for the ponies you care about?"

Both them looked down, then to each other. I then addressed…what I assumed to be her conscience. Let's call her Guilty Pie.

"You're right, all you did was horrible. So was what I did. All six Elements of Chaos… we ALL did horrible things."

Guilty Pie hung her head. "What we did as a team was unforgivable. But the evilest thing I ever did... was what I did to you today. I treated my friends like cockroaches. Thank you for stopping me from murdering the others."

"Well, you need to remember there are ponies who care about you. You need to think about them too."

"Yes. Because I forgot you guys, I almost doomed the world. I wouldn't have even felt sorry."

I considered her for a while, before I just hugged her as tenderly as I could and moved onto Lost Pinkie. "And you're…you're the memories of her friends who never were…you're the part that remembered Minty when I came to Ponyville…You're important too."

"…Would us coming back make our friends happy?" she asked, paying genuine attention to me.

"More than anything."

I look back up at them. "It's up to you… every bit of you. What's best for your foals? What's best for your friends? What's best for you? And will it not hurt innocents worst?"

It had to be their…HER choice. If I forced them back together, it'd just result in a new version of Angry Pie.

"…We need to be together…" said Motherly Pie, finally.

"So we can do what's best for everypony we care about…" continued Friendly Pie.

"So we know we're not hurting anypony else…" Guilty Pie said.

"And so we can make our friends happy…" Lost Pie said.

The Pegasus smiled. "Good job, Twilight. Showin' we need each other, I'm not surprising, but happy!" she said, a part of me finding her so familiar…

The young filly nodded as well. "Let's all get back together, shall we?"

The fragments of Pinkie Pie's psyche all touched hooves, and there was a bright flash.

In the real world, I gave her a gentle kiss on the muzzle.

Her hair went completely straight. And all her colors returned.


Rarity didn't even try to act secretive when she took Twilight's original Element of Magic. She pressed the Center Element of both Chaos and Harmony, Magic, Friendship/Tragedy, against her flesh. It entered her body without leaving a mark. Now she had three hearts. "Halfway there," Rarity said to herself not trying to mumble or whisper. Most were focused on Twilight and Pinkie Pie. AJ and Spike looked at her silently.

Within her soul room, Rarity welcomed the impressions of Twilight The First and Minty to her endless Gala. This one was different from her original, not a micromanaged affair, but a genuine party were everyone was free to enjoy howsoever they pleased.


"So that new Element of Magic was Trixie's eh? Heh, too bad. Dad thought that pony in her loneliness had so much potential," Rancor said.

The heroes all turned, realizing the Draconequus was indeed still there, they formed a protective ring around the unconscious Pinkie Pie.

"Chill. Chaos is supposed to be my brother's department. I'm actually a tiny bit disappointed. That was one heck of a show you almost gave...or became a major annoyance, if Strife's to be believed. Oh well, I wanted to know for myself. I knew you couldn't be dead. Seeing how it's six against one... I'll be going now. We'll be seeing you inside. Don't worry, I'm sure you know your way around."

"Wait, please," said Rarity, looking up to the Draconequus. "If I may, why don't you seem angry I've killed your niece? You keep saying 'family is everything'."

EVERYPONY looked ready to clobber Rarity for looking a gift-horse in the mouth.

"Fluttercruel is dead?" Twilight gasped in surprise.

Rancor grinned shark's teeth, and laughed darkly. "You're right. See yah for the finale." She teleported away.

"Ow!…I'll be honest, I probably deserved that."

"Yeah, yah did darlin'."

"Rarity," Twilight asked carefully, "You killed Fluttercruel?"

"First I stole and assimilated her Element of Chaos after covering her with rocks. And having my army of ghosts using rock bodies to fight her army of robot pegasus she grew out of her own body. I ran her through with a stone sword  while she was still speaking. And now I can use the Element of Cruelty for my own."

Even for Discord's world, if she wasn't the Element of Honesty, Rarity's friends would wonder. Eyes were huge all around. Her mindless stone puppets? Vessels for souls? All this time?

AJ thought of all the stone puppets of ponies she knew, and never spoke a word to them. Apple Pie thought of the stone puppets of her she had fought before. Derpy thought at least it sounded like they had all been happy. Spike wondered if Rarity would have let his soul come within her if he had died.

"Rarity . . ." Twilight said.

"Twilight I'm sorry, I really am. Maybe I am a hypocrite for saying this after all we suffered to save Pinkie Pie. Maybe I was being greedy. Maybe there were some good memories of Fluttershy in her  . . . in her daughter.  A thousand years and she was still a child. But I saw the cruel truth that Fluttershy was the only pony who could have saved her. I didn't see any truths where she could be healed by us. And I don't have the power to call back whoever I like."

"I'll accept that, Element of Honesty. So your golems were-"

"-ponies who were too scared or confused to move on after dying, but accepted the comfort I offered with my fantasies of micromanaged thoughts and actions."  

"That's . . . almost generous for a greedy pony," Twilight whispered.

"Heh, I know. Though now I wonder, if they stayed, so all I had weren't just 'things' to keep me company. In their own way, they helped save me."

They then heard a groan and turned towards Pinkie Pie, who was slowly rising to her hooves. "Pinkie!" Twilight ran to her and hugged her. "…So…what did you decide?"

The straight haired Pinkie blinked, looking down at her chest…it didn't hurt…it just felt…strange…but she could feel it, her anger…was gone…


What do I decide? What should I do?

It's like I can think clearly again, all I could see for a zillion years was bullies where my friends were supposed to be.

…I could try to make them give up the Elements…save my foals…but they've suffered enough…I can see that now…I was wrong…Twilight was right…I made them killers…I can only hope whoever's out there had mercy on them…And if they are in Pony Heaven, anything I give them in Equestria could never hold a candle to whatever Paradise provides them.

But what if they're in Pony Hell like Twilight said? But how could I save them, if I brought them back by going back into the fog?

I could just…quit…curl up and cry, let guilt crush me…but that'd hurt my friends. After all they did to save me, it'd be wasting this second chance I've been given…It's like they told Dashie…laying down and dying doesn't fix what I did…

My friends…my…my niece…they're all here…they cared for me…they suffered to save me…they protected me…They cared for me…And I tried to throw them away…I can't make up for much…but I can make up for that…

I'm sorry for what I've done…But I don't have time to let it crush me…I love my foals…but I can only pray their souls are in Pony Heaven…I love my friends…and they're right here…I'm free.


Pinkie looked…serene, peaceful. "…I decided…I want to be your friend again…"

Twilight hugged Pinkie, then looked to the others, one by one…

"We…we did it…" Twilight said as it hit her, looking happy. "…I…I know we didn't save Fluttershy…but Cadence did…she's free…we're ALL FREE…" she said, tears in her eyes. "I…I didn't think we'd pull it off…but…but we actually saved all of us…"

"And the Doctor," Derpy added, giving a bright smile.

Pinkie merely gave a calm smile. "And the Doctor, yeah."

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!…" Twilight chanted, bouncing around her friends in glee, practically hug-tackled Pinkie at the end. "Welcome back!…I…I'm sorry for what I did…I shouldn't have been so brutal…so savage… so heartless… what I did was… that wasn't right…I was a monster."

"You almost became a monster." Pinkie gave her a nuzzle. "…I forgive you. You weren't wrong. Mostly."

"I, I know you never abused your foals. I'm sorry. I was only trying to hurt you."

"I said I forgive you. Can you forgive me for trying to kill you? And Apple Pie? For everything I did?"

Twilight nodded. "If I hadn't forgive you... would we even be hugging right now?"

Pinkie gave a smile and hugged Twilight again. "Thanks…"

"Pinkie I need to know. Why did you give me Smarty Pants before you left?"

"...I didn't want you to die alone."

". . . No matter how much death Discord let you bring to the world, the kind you was still in there somewhere."

"Thank you Twilight. Do you mind if I talk to the others? We're all friends, right?"

Twilight nodded happily. "Sure, we need to rest and recuperate after that fight before we continue…glad to have you back Pinkie."

Pinkie smiled back. "I'm glad to be back."

Then Everypony (and dragon) hug tackled her.


"Hey AJ," Pinkie said, calmly, walking over to the farm pony a couple minutes later. Pinkie Pie had requested to speak with the others one-on-one, and AJ was the first.

Applejack smiled to her friend, but was surprised by her calmness. "Hey, Pinkie, good to see yah again."

Pinkie gave her a hug. "…I'm sorry about what I said…"

"Water under the bridge, sugar cube," Applejack replied, giving a smile.

Pinkie nodded slowly. "So…our families merged together?"

Applejack smiled. "Yeah…Applebloom married a descendent of Octavia, from what Ah understand."

Pinkie gave a warm smile, remembering her sister. Mentally, she channeled an unvoiced apology for not listening to Octavia and the rest of her family. She swore she felt comforting hooves on her shoulders.

"…Octavia never really wanted to work on the rock farm. Kinda funny how life can work out."

Applejack nodded. "Yeah, never thought Sweet Apple Acres would grow rocks either. But hey, they're doing a fine job of it."

"…Can you tell me about them? Our family?"

Applejack went on to tell her about each of the Apple Pies, though Pinkie seemed in a hurry to rush and hear about ALL of them, rather than linger on lengthy details about individual members... fun though their stories were. Pinkie explained that they shouldn't delay too long before refocusing on Discord and moving out.

"They all sound so nice." Pinkie stated, when Applejack finished.

"Yeah, they are…Ah guess that makes us related too, doesn't it?"

Pinkie nodded, smiling softly the realization instead of from ear to ear at . "Yeah, it does. I think... cousins."

Applejack nodded with a wide smile of her own. "Well, cousin, Ah'm sure they'd love ta meet yah."

"I'm sure it would be totally great."


"Derpy…" Pinkie said, sitting down next to the Pegasus, now healed from her stab wound. The Earth Pony seemed lighter, more relaxed and calm, but still guilty. "…I'm sorry I called you retarded…you're a very smart pony and I was mean to call you that."

The Pegasus gave a smile back to the pink pony. "No problem! I know you weren't yourself!"

"But that doesn't make it right."

Derpy gave her a hug. "Well, I forgive you, that's all that matters, right?"

Pinkie looked down at her chest, then gave a nod. "Yeah…It wasn't fun, was it?"

Derpy blinked. "What?"

"…I meant it…I know most of it was that dumb meanie Discord's lies but…some ponies really DID think I was THAT dopey. That doesn't justify anything I did…but I guess you really do know how that felt…"

Derpy looked back at her. "Yeah, it wasn't nice, but I don't let it bother me. Those ponies didn't know the real us. They can't see past the surface."

Pinkie nodded. "But our friends see who we really are, right?" she asked, giving a genuine smile. "That's what's important."

Derpy gave a nod. "Yeah, that's right!"

"So how'd you free yourself of the poison joke?"

"Oh I was thinking 'Why won't my body work?! I thought Twilight made me immune to this!…Wait…maybe there's too much inside me? I did eat a big muffin…Okay, then I'll just have to get it out and then I'll get better…I just need to think of things to make myself throw up…' I began thinking of a day a thousand years ago, and the worst muffins I ever had."

" . . . Baked bads did good!" Pinkie Pie smiled.

"Baked bads did good."

And the two simply talked about what they had in common. About how it felt to be misunderstood…and how it felt to finally meet ponies who really did understand.


Rarity sat next to Apple Pie. "Apple Pie, while fighting Fluttercruel, I met somepony who would like to say hello," she stated, looking to the young filly.

"Really?" asked Apple Pie, smiling up at the mare.

Rarity nodded, cutting herself to create a silver wall between the two of them and the others to keep this private like it should be.

Stone began to assemble itself together into an almost exact copy of the filly, colored rock matching her own coloring, except for the Cutie Mark, which was a poison apple.

Apple Pie gasped. "P-Poison Apple?"

"Her desire was to help me make sure you were safe…and to finally get to say goodbye."

"Goodbye? But-but-" The filly looked like she had been given a cookie then had it snatched away after one bite.

"I'm sorry, Apple Pie, but it's wrong for me to keep her here, on the mortal coil. But she wanted to see you again so badly she couldn't rest."

"That's cheatin'! That's not fair! That's cruel!"

"Death isn't kind or cruel. She wanted to make sure Fluttercruel could never hurt you the way she was. She wanted to see you again. She's held on this long. And now you've seen her. Once a spirit's unfinished business is completed, it must pass on."

"Come on! Poison Apple! Say somethin'! Please stay!"

The golem shook her head slowly, sadly, and nuzzled her.

Apple Pie shuddered, her eyes misted up.

"It's okay, Apple Pie, let it out. It's alright to cry."

Apple Pie did so.

"She can't speak, so I have to speak for her. Everypony is waiting for her. She stayed so you could be happy to see her again, just once. She wants you to be happy."

Apple Pie slowly looked her rock bodied twin in the eye, giving a smile. This wasn't exactly the oddest thing to ever happen to her, but that didn't change the fact of who it was. She and Poison hugged each other, the rock pony careful not to hurt her. "Poison Apple…thanks for helpin' Miss Rarity. It means a lot."

Poison Apple merely nodded and did the best she could to indicate her acceptance of it.

"Poison…Ah love yah…we all love yah…and tell the others up there with the Big Alicorn we love em to, okay?"

Poison Apple gave a nod. She gave a wave.

"Goodbye, Poison…" Apple Pie said, hugging her sister one more time, before the rock body fell apart in her hoofs and her sister passed on. Apple Pie wiped the tears from her eyes and looked to Rarity. "Thanks, Miss Rarity…"

"No problem, darling, it was her desire and yours," Rarity replied, she dismissed the shield.


"Rarity…" Pinkie Pie asked, coming over. "…I…"

"I was as deep in a fantasy as you were, darling," the unicorn replied, giving a small smile. "I'd be a hypocrite to forgive myself without forgiving you."

Pinkie smiled and gave her friend a hug. Rarity felt…something.

Pinkie then took a step back, looking thoughtful. "…Rarity…Do…do any of my foals want to see me?"

Rarity blinked in surprise…then nodded slowly. She created another silver divider for privacy's sake with her blood.

"Yes… She said she knew it was wrong…but she still cares about you… and wanted to watch over you…"

Pinkie's expression was hard to read. Somewhere between joy and…not guilt, but remorse. "…Could I see her?"

Rarity gave a nod. The rocks manifested into an orange Earth Pony filly, her mane and tail the colors of a sunrise, which was her Cutie Mark.

Pinkie couldn't keep the tears from her eyes. She remembered…she was the one that Pegasus had tried to bribe her with. "Morning Light…" she said, giving the little filly a hug, who returned it. "Why…why is she a little filly again?"

"It's how she wishes to manifest," Rarity shrugged. "I don't force a specific age upon them anymore. Her role is her own."

Pinkie looked back to Morning Light. "…Mommy was wrong…laughter isn't a bad thing…it can hurt, but it can be good…we were wrong to kill…but the one who tried to bribe me with you was still rotten…I don't regret taking you in…being laughed at isn't nice…but not every laugh was at us…I'm sorry…I'm so sorry," she explained, tears starting down her cheeks. The rock pony wiped them away, and Pinkie smiled. "Thank you…You know we were bad, right?"

Morning Light nodded guilty.

Pinkie kissed the foal's head. "Good…are you sorry?" she asked, getting another nod. "Then…then let go…I forgive you…let all those bad things go and move on…"

Morning Light nodded and hugged her again, Pinkie returned it.

"…Goodbye, Morning Light…Momma loves you…" Pinkie said, the foal nodding slowly before her spirit departed, leaving the rock vassal to crumble away. "See you again." Pinkie looked to Rarity, wiping tears from his eyes. "Thank you…Rarity…"

"No problem, dear…Pinkie…is something wrong?" Rarity asked, genuinely concerned.

"No, nothing's wrong," Pinkie replied, giving a passive smile.


Pinkie gave Rarity another hug before coming to Apple Pie, who'd let her have her moment in peace.

"Apple Pie, I think this is the first time we've met... properly."

Apple Pie gave a smile. "Yeah, so let's do it right this time! I'm Apple Pie!"

Pinkie couldn't help giving a small chuckle. Chuckling felt good. "I'm Pinkamena Diane Pie, but you can call me Pinkie Pie."

"Aunt Pinkie Pie," the filly corrected.

Pinkie nodded. "…Apple Pie, I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for everyone I killed that you knew. For the pain I've caused our family."

"Ah can tell in yer eyes, yer changed. Yah ain't the same mare yah were then. So Ah forgive ya. Besides, yer family, what's family for?"

Pinkie hugged the little filly. "Thank you…" she said, then looked at her chest.

From where she watched, Rarity blinked, then gained a look of sad realization. She remained quiet, however. 'This is a truth I don't feel needs told,' she thought.

"So…Apple Pie, can you tell me a bit about yourself?" asked Pinkie.

Apple Pie smiled. "Well, Aunt Pinkie, Ah live on a rock farm, Sweetie Rock Acres, with mah family."

Pinkie smiled. "Really? I grew up on a rock farm too…"


"Spike…how are you doing?"

Spike gave her a warm smile. "Alright, all things considered, just trying to figure out a few new tactics for round three with Rancor, I need to talk to Twilight about it on the way…anyway, me and Rarity are doing well."

Pinkie gave a genuine smile. "I'm glad…Spike, I'm sorry…I know I wasn't me but…I tried to kill Twilight…I tried to take your only family from you… as the Element of Generosity. I'd have killed you too, I'm so sorry."

Spike reached down, picked the mare up, and gave her a gentle hug. He didn't want to hurt her if he could help it. "It's okay…I forgave the rest, I forgive you too. I'll admit, I would've tried to kill you if Rarity hadn't called me off…but she was right…I wouldn't have been doing what Twilight wanted, what she REALLY wanted. You're on our side again: heart and soul. I'm so unbelievably grateful that you could be saved, in spite of all the incredible odds. You're worth fighting for, Pinkie Pie. Never forget that."

Pinkie gave a smile and reached up to nuzzle him. He returned it happily.


Pinkie brought the group together, and while they rested and had snacks and drinks, six of the friends shared old stories while a seventh asked questions, learning about the world before Discord broke it. In a short time, they'd be fighting the final battle for the salvation of the world…but for now, they were just simple friends, delighting in one another's company.

Pinkie Pie looked up at Sky Ocean, the Seaponies split on lighting up the sky with her glowing forms or not in this strange alien twilight sunrise/sunset none of them had seen before.

"You know, it's been a thousand year since I sang." She didn't know if know she'd get a chance to later. "Everypony. . ."

Oh little pony, oh little pony,
It's been so long since I've seen you.
All the long nights we've been through.

Don't worry we'll make do.
Can you see the changing view?

Is that the sun I see rising?
Who'd think that'd be surprising?

My heart I no longer need to hide
'Cause I know That You're At My Side

Isn't it such a glee to be free?
I'll say it to the sky and sea

We have been gone for so long
But we're both back to where we belong

For a thousand dreams' sake we did roam
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Welcome Home

Oh please, weellcooome hoooome.
Mares and gentlecolts, THIS is the part of the story that got tangle up in three weeks worth of debate. On the outcome of the previous half's events.

What if Discord wasn't beaten? What if after a thousand years of slavery Twilight Tragedy finally rediscovers her soul? Anyone can die, living is the real challenge. It's time to save the world Mane Six!

Now take a look and begin to discover the true connection between the two time lines of the Pony POV Series.

The real hoof blues.

Previous Chapter: [link]

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First Chapter: [link]

So how is it having the song linked right into the story? Or does that come across as jarring? Be sure tell me AND what you think of the chapter. Sorry to keep you waiting.

The Pony POV Series Trope Page is feeling neglected. You can help keep it up to date! So many characters and so little description on the 'minor' ones. [link]

Check out the recursive fanfiction and fanart of the Pony POV Series! [link] Many of it approved by me as canon.

Did anyone else know about us now being on Fan Labor Wiki? This is a surprise to me.


Edited like mad by Kendell2 and Louis. And Kendell2 wrote more than a couple of the scenes too!
MLP FiM: Copyright Hasbro

20121202: important to me at least. WHen Kendell2 added the solution to Derpy's infection by the poison joke, I forgot about how ponies aren't supposed to be able to vomit.So I felt the NEED to add in a lampshade so at least it seemed like Derpy being Derpy instead of a plothole. My normal computer's screen is black. Hopefully it'll be repaired soon and we'll be back on schedule.
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From the shadow is only now slowing down time: Wow. Talk about on game. You really were almost set to go with these 2 chapters, weren't you?

So.....Wait. Did I tune in to the wrongs station? Why am I looking at the Nevermore timeline? I better check my environment. Hmmm, no, the tardawesomsphere is showing the showdown on the dark world. Maybe the nevermore timeline actually was paralell with the dark world.

Hmmm, change costumes? Run carnival? Fun? Wait.

Also, it appears that no matter what, Starsong, at least gets a mention in the script, while Minty and Pinkie (PINKIE???)

So Pinkie invited the rest of her friends to see Minty and then, AH! An alicorn? In purple, with bones and a burning mane?


Resentment? The foals are in resentment? Hmmmm, I think both twilight and pinkie have taken the foals a little too far in their interpretations. Angry thought they'd always be there to support her. Twlight thought they'd all hate her. I suspect such things are oversimplifications.

And the foals attacked Minty rather than pinkie? What?

Also, twilight, I think you don't quite understand the purpose of purgatory. I always thought purgatory was a way for the guilty to find ways to purge their sins so they could eventually enter heaven. You're trying to create some kind of torture pit. Is this how you see purgatory? Without end and only in sin? What about you?

(twilight: WHAT?)

You once said that the sins of tragedy still weigh on you despite everything that you have or will do. So why are you passing such mighty judgment on her, when the same can be said, for you?

Anyhow, so it seems that Angry's being hit with some kind of penance stare. (then again, twilight is kinda akin to ghost rider at this point, though not fighting demons of course)

And such rage and vengeance. Such anger and resentment. Power to crush discord? I thought it was about everyone else, not him specifically.

And then, team harmony stepped in, and stood up to their leader. AJ spoke of Rainbow Dash's love of Pinky. Apple Pie stepped in to try and shake twilight out of it. Derpy weakly pleaded. Rarity stepped in to reason, and point out that Twilight was willing to fight for her as well. That Pinkie mentioned she was angry at having to always be angry. That she was hurt, and corrupted. Spike spoke that you cannot save everyone, because he was afraid he'd lose twilight in the process. He said he loved her as family. And he saw that she was almost lost to herself. So he tried to give her a cooldown hug.

But Twilight was confused, and...what's with the brackets. They seem, incomplete. Not to mention that whoever the voice is, it seems to be in an incomplete conversation with twilight.

She spoke of the punishment of the wicked. The killing of monsters.

But then, a new voice stepped in. You can tell because it's in asterisks rather than parenthesis. And it spoke that The Broken but still magical Trixie would never have given twilight the element of magic without permission. Trixie's vengeful ways would not have permitted her to give the element of magic, just as applebloom giving AJ a taste of her element would never have happened without permission, just as in that timeline somewhere out there, Trixie would never have found the memory spell to save her friends from illusions without Twilight's permission. This isn't what friends want. Which, incidentally is probably the truest form of the elements of harmony: not only unity, but support when one of them falls.

But twilight wanted vengeance, saying that mercy only brought death. And then the person caught twilight in a trap. She said she was going to kill Pinkie. Her friend. And further, that her way of thinking was remarkably similar to Angry's. Punish the guilty, spare the innocent. and both see that. And most of all, it's the tale of heart and the spark. Pinkie wanted to connect with others. That's all she ever wants to do: show her heart and make others laugh. But since she was never Surprised, she thinks everyone's going to hurt her. You haven't even tried everything yet. Twilight, you shall now have a second taste of apple pie. You have purified the second element of magic.

And boy is that voice angry. Discord even noted it. Discord wasn't the interloper. But that voice is angry. And oddly enough, it's an ironic echo from discord. Even in the most tragic times we find magic to inspire us to continue. (Discord? What happened to you? I always thought you had a wisdom of hurt. What's this with positive recognition?)

So the team hugged her, and she reflected that she had enjoyed every second. That Angry had done horrible things, JUST as she had. If Pinkie got a boost, then tragedy would have been a loyal lapdog only seeking master's will. Who is she to end her now?

So all twilight could do was apologize. Apologize profusely to her, and tell her she was partly minty. And in order for her to really come out, she needed to see what others thought of her. the real thoughts.

A pathway out of the dark.

The first greeting, and pinkie recognizing part of minty in twilight. She would never be minty, but she could still be a friend. Giggle at the ghostie, to show she's an element of laughter. A silly pony who said hurting a friend wasn't worth getting a ticket. Who made bad goods once, but was still trusted. Who saw parasprites, and knew what to do. Who was different, but still grounded in reality. who pranked, but was okay. The difficulties of Feeling Pinkie Keen, and not understanding the pinkie sense. The girl who wanted others to share, even if the cowponies and buffaloes didn't understand. Who was great at winter wrap up always. And most of all, know we never laughed at you.

Take in the first tastes of being apple pied.

So pinkie split again, but diffier. Love of children. Love of friends. Regret. Memories of the lost age. All these things were the new pinkie brain. And then, in walked surprise. Who, surprisingly, would not take part in the festivities. It appears the old pinkie and pinkamina are no more. And then Princess rarity stepped in? Man, even being redeemed pinkie can be confusing.

So twilight spoke that she was a part of minty, and the tiny filly who just remembered things asked what to do. So twilight spoke to each part to say they're good, and yet wrong at the same time.

Motherly Pie did love foals, but she'd made them the center, which means it's about her almost as much as about them. So she needs to think about that.

Friendly Pie needed to know what to do in regards to friends.

Guilty Pie was sad that they had done such awful things, especially treating friends like bugs to be disposed of. See that you weren't alone in your actions. You need to think about those who still love you.

And lost pinkie: without you, you wouldn't have started talking with twilight, come to save the world. You're important too.

But, you have to choose to come back. Surprise doesn't have the power to absorb at this point like that other surprise did, so they must come together, so they can help others, not hurt others, and make friends happy. So they all did a musketeer pose, and Pinkamina Diane Pie was reborn, with EVERY bit of color coming back, apple pied in a really good way. Come to think of it though, what happened to the element of rage?

Pinkie was back, but Rarity now had 5 elements. friendship, tragedy, honesty, desire and cruelty. And why in the world is she after the other elements of chaos? And a new gala? Interesting.

And loneliness was a separate entity? Hmmm.

Rancor left. Not totally vested in chaos, and "outnumbered", but remembering what her sister strife said about the ponies fighting to the end for each other. She was impressed by Twilight's performance (Alicornification? Oh my Fathers), and gave one last warning to the kids. She hadn't forgotten about her killing fluttercruel, saying family is everything, and being vengeance incarnate, fully expected to really get em back, later. "You're right. See yah for the finale." Uh oh.

But being a soul carrier made the other elements uneasy. But Rarity seemed to also have a bit of Luna's future vision, and saw that Cruel needed her mom, so she killed her to send her off. And explained her letting the souls stay in order to comfort them. Then Pinkie stood up, and saw that the element of rage...was gone.

She seemed far more calm, thinking about the love that her family put into saving her, and that no matter what happened to her children, she wanted, "To be your friend again."

Twilight did a quick joy impression, realizing that all her real friends were saved, (GASP! Just like that time when some letters reached you!) and then went back to apologizing to Pinkie for how she treated her. They both had to forgive each other for what happened, and Pinkie mentioned that she didn't want twilight to die alone. That's surprisingly sweet especially considering who angry was.

Then came the alone time. AJ and Pinkie bonded over family, that the house had merged, thanks to saint applebloom and a descendent of octavia. Making them distant relatives of a sort. And it's so good to see the pinkie smile again.

To derpy, she apologized about being mean to her, and bonded over how both of them were misunderstood by others, and how thinking of baked bads made derpy vomit all the poison joke out. Silly.

Rarity, as soulmancer, meanwhile helped settle some older problems. She brought Poison Apple back, in order to say goodbye. The little Pie cried to say goodbye to her twin.

Next came rarity. Who brought up a single solitary foal to say goodbye: morning light, who came from a father who tried to give her up to save himself. She said she was very sorry, and told him goodbye.

Then Pinkie greeted her grand-niece (many times grand-niece), hugging, learning about how she was, learning of the eye of truth in seeing a change. So they talked lightly, but Rarity saw something she did not like. There's only one thing that this could mean: The element of rage, has been obliterated. There's no element in her heart, so this is essentially pinkie's last rites before the end, saying goodbye to the elements of harmony before it all goes dark.

Finally, she spoke to spike, the big ole dragon who mentioned that he did have a few ideas for how to deal with Rancor, but that Rarity was right to go all flash on him to not kill her. A pony worth fighting for.

The twilight still reigned, and pinkie sung one semi-sad song, but there was one final battle to go. Body has been overcome, mind thought out and out done. Soul has been divided, but still saved. So now, there's but one final fight to go: Eternity/heart/emotion/family. The draconequi siblings, Rancor and Discord are still to be had. And what is to be done? concepts of reality cannot be killed by mortals, only stalled, or frozen. What is to be done to two beings savvy about the battle to come, but who won't back down? Discord certainly won't let himself be zapped, especially after what Shady did to him.

The great fight with dragons is over, but the last war for the throne is still to come. What a roller coaster.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
4 out of 4 deviants thought this was fair.

The chapter starts with… a mini-carnival? It is just like the 3,5 world. Everything the ponies desire is there for them, without past and future, an eternal circle of happiness. But their feelings are true. They genuinely like each other and want to do their best to make their friends smile. Pinkie Pie wanted her friends to have fun and the fun came to them. As long as they are happy, she is happy as well. Her best friends are with her. But she notices all the little errors that eventually kept pilling up until the world almost destroyed itself and took every soul with it. It was sadly too good to last. The pink pony feels somehow that there should be a green pony with her. And just like that the mint green pony is standing before her. Time itself seems to fall apart, Pinkie doesn’t even know if they are adults or children. Suddenly she sees how Minty was created. Before that she was Clover, one of a group of friends. And just with a simple meeting and introduction a new friendship is formed. It seems that Pinkie understands the rules of this world better than most others and knows that she could have met Minty in so many other ways.

But the dream is over and the nightmare begins. But it is not any Nightmare, her description is a perfect match for Nightmare Purgatory, Twilight’s own Nightmare. She was the most vengeful friend who Twilight became in the Fading Futures story after she set her own plan into motion to erase the chaotic timeline and replace it with one where Discord was defeated. She sacrificed the ponies she just met, including Apple Pie to distract Discord while she casted a spell to send a message back to herself. It let Twilight last long enough in the labyrinth so that Discord was defeated in the past. Rainbow Dash had a similar plan but as the Twilight said goodbye to her friends in the future as they were all vanishing, her own hatred for Discord erupted and she became a Nightmare, determined to torture and kill him. But in the end…

Now the pink pony sees the Nightmare standing before her and even in her own mind the Nightmare is able to overpower her. Minty is dragged away from her and the happy world around her dies. Merciless the Nightmare declares that this is only the beginning of the eternal torment and that she will make sure Pinkie Pie will NEVER forget what she did. This is actually the total opposite of what the term purgatory originally means. It is often seen as a temporal punishment for those unable to reach Heaven, it is a purification that would allow them to move on. But while we saw some glimpses of Heaven and Hell in this universe, there was never any mention of something resembling a purgatory. It seems doubtful that the Father of Alicorns would force a mortal through that. And here the Nightmare tortures Minty before Pinkie’s eyes to hurt the pink pony. This isn’t justice, it is revenge. She doesn’t want Pinkie to reach Heaven, she wants to trap her in an eternal hell. Then the Nightmare lets Pinkie Pie see the foals she had adopted and they all hate her and stop her from reaching the suffering Minty, forcing her to watch her burn. The Nightmare says that Pinkie Pie is beyond redemption and salvation and the only thing that awaits her is eternal punishment for her sins. Next she summons all the foals Angry Pie killed instead of adopting them and they are furious at her. They all show the injuries they got from her and now it is time for their final eternal revenge. Pinkie Pie is helpless and they all attack Minty before her eyes.

Then we switch perspective to Twilight. Outside of Angry Pie’s broken mind the pink pony is crying. She doesn’t understand why the foals she loved so much are helping the Nightmare and begs them to stop hurting Minty. These foals are likely as fake as the ones she saw before. But these seem to be able to hurt her. The unicorn enjoys every moment of this. The voice encourages her to move on and to finish Angry Pie. Twilight agrees with grim determination. Angry Pie broke her horribly when she rejected the unicorn trying to reach her and promised to kill her friends next. Now she plans to use Destruction’s power to eradicate her completely. Discord will be next. The ultimate revenge, being obliterated by the power of the brother he killed and devoured. It might be even enough to destroy his spirit, so he will not just posses another body and twist it into his own image. But she will not merely kill Discord, she will torture him first and for as long as possible for everything he had done. She wants revenge for all the mortals he tormented and corrupted. The unicorn is nearly in perfection sync with the voice.

But Applejack will not let her fall. She stands before her and faces down the destructive spell that could turn her into dust. The cowpony pleads her to stop and to think what Rainbow would say if she learned that her best friend was killed by Twilight. Even Apple Pie is at Twilight’s side to shake her and points out the contradiction of just killing someone sick instead of trying to help her. She didn’t even attempt to cast a memory spell on her and while Angry Pie is powerful, she can’t have the same mental trap the Valeyard had. Derpy is also at her side and is able to talk again. She was creative enough to realise the Poison Joke inside her was responsible for her condition and vomited it out. Rarity is there as well and reminds the unicorn that she fought FOR her and not AGAINST her. Angry Pie put up more resistance but in her saner moments she just said that she doesn’t want to be angry anymore. Unlike Fluttercruel, Pinkie Pie was corrupted into this, Discord’s taint did turn her insane and she followed her own insane logic since then. Not even Discord is happy with the result. Spike just carefully hugs Twilight to calm her down. And the entire time Rancor does nothing to stop them or cheap shot them. Twilight can’t understand why they still try to heal Pinkie Pie after everything she did to so many others and to her former friends. Brackets start to appear around Twilight’s thought’s, not unlike the voice. But unlike the round brackets the voice has, the unicorn has square brackets. The dragon admits that he said that she couldn’t save everybody because he didn’t want her to die in a failed attempt. But he doesn’t want to lose the big sister he loves so much to her own darkness.

It becomes almost impossible to tell the thoughts of the voice and Twilight apart. They decide that her friends are merely clueless and don’t fully understand that there is no mercy, no redemption and no forgiveness. There is only eternal suffering and death for those who sinned. Twilight and the voice have become almost one person. Their thoughts are inside round brackets and square brackets. The others can not reach her anymore. But there is a new voice inside her head.

The newcomer pleads her to stop and reminds her that Trixie would never wanted her Element to be used like this. Twilight claims that the showpony was always into revenge but the new voice points out that her Element did save her. The showpony wanted to do something good with her Element, even after her life ended. Twilight isn’t Desire and can’t simply take Elements and use them for herself, it had to be given to her. The unicorn asks if the death of Angry Pie would be better if Rarity would have done it. But this is not about the Element, Twilight’s Element was a gift from a friend she could not learn more about. Applejack’s Element was a gift from a sister that reached out 1000 years for her older sister. And now none of her friends want Twilight to do this. The unicorn is sure that they are ALL wrong because her kindness towards Angry Pie almost got her killed. Then the newcomer names all the other persons that wouldn’t want her to kill Angry Pie: Celestia, Luna, Cadence, her parents, Smarty Pants, Minty Pie and especially not Pinkie Pie. The Element of Friendship has to laugh at the last mention, after all she is just about to kill Pinkie Pie. Of course the mare wouldn’t like that. But the newcomer notices immediately that she just spoke about murdering PINKIE PIE: Her friend, who is just crying out for her. She cries for Minty, whose heritage lives on in Twilight and Minty Pie.

But Twilight claims to not feel anything for the fallen earth pony anymore and wants to kill her so she will never hurt another soul. The new voice wonders if all guilty should be punished without mercy and Twilight agrees with that idea. But that is the same ideology Angry Pie herself has. She murders those who she thinks laughed at her and spares those who she believes to share her suffering. Who is to decide who is guilty and who is innocent? Painful decisions have to be made, maybe they can’t save Pinkie Pie. But they have at least to try the memory spell that was able to free Rarity from her delusion. Does Twilight really want to kill her friend without giving her a chance? What does she feel about this? What does her heart say? Her heart reached out for her friends and ignited the spark of Magic that let them overcome Nightmare Moon. Her heart felt their loyalty, laughter, generosity, honesty and kindness. Twilight is able to feel it, she feels an almost forgotten friendship. The new voice takes this chance and reminds her that Pinkie Pie wants more than anything to be together with others but what she fears the most is being hurt by others. And Discord’s corruption tells her that everyone is trying to hurt her. Twilight hasn’t even tried the one spell that might be able to remove this taint yet. Her friends are also Pinkie’s friends. They all want to reach her.

Thanks to the sudden interference Twilight’s thoughts slowly turn back to normal. She is able to cancel the destructive spell as the Element of Friendship shines even brighter and seems to grow from the experience. The first voice is in horrible pain and Discord notices her pure rage at this turn of events. She is furious that she was interrupted while she was so close to her goal. The voice blames the Draconequus for interrupting her. But he claims that wasn’t him this time. Just like the last time the two spoke Discord seems very thoughtful. He knows that even the darkest times and have a small light to guide those lost in darkness.

Twilight has calmed down and all of her friends are so happy that she was able to reject this dark path. She was saved and she doesn’t even know who did it. Angry Pie is still alive and the torment the Nightmare had put her through is over. The unicorn is horrified how much she was filled with hatred for the corrupted earth pony. In her time as Discord’s loyal Twilight Tragedy she wasn’t much better. How many did she kill in the time under Discord? How many horrible things did Discord make her do? What does she even remember of that if Discord can erase memories? She wonders how events would have turned out if Pinkie’s and her role would have been switched. The emotionless Tragedy would have rejected the offer for redemption just like Angry Pie did. I wonder what Discord could have offered Twilight Tragedy to make her fight more effective. Would there have been anything he could have offered her similar to what he promised Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie?

The unicorn realises that she has no right to condemn the pink pony. Slowly she walks over to her fallen friend. Twilight is so sorry for what she did do and for what she almost did. As she calls out for her, Pinkie Pie reacts in a similar fashion to their first meeting and gasps. The pink pony is now able to see Minty in the mare before her. The voice tries to get Twilight to abandon her but she won’t listen this time. As she charges up the memory spell that might allow her to cure her corrupted friend, the second voice reminds her that what others think about you can strongly influence what you think about yourself. Cadence wasn’t able to reach Pinkie Pie, the spirits of her family wasn’t able to reach Pinkie Pie but her friend from a world that didn’t exist AND her friend from a world that lies in the past might reach her. Twilight knows that the only way to let her overcome the taint that tells her that everyone mocks her is to show her how they REALLY thought about her and what Pinkie Pie was able to do for Twilight before.

Her most precious memories appear to her: Pinkie Pie’s first over-the-top reaction to see the impossible - a friend from a world erased from time. Twilight saw her as a pony willing to reach out to a stranger and greet her with a party. She didn’t see her happiness as a defect, it was the joy she shared with others and increased her own happiness by doing this. The unicorn was not Minty and would never be but she was a good friend. Pinkie Pie was able to overcome Nightmare Moon’s trap of fear, give up on the fun she thought she would have at the gala for the sake of her friends and even after the baked bads incident her foster parents trusted her and she was trusted to help Applejack. Twilight regretted all the times she didn’t take her serious when she should have. Pinkie Pie was right about so many things: Gilda, the Parasprites and her Pinkie Sense. There was much more to her then meets the eye. Her pranks made the unicorn laugh at herself and Pinkie always tried to help them. Sometimes it didn’t work but nobody is perfect, nobody can always have the answer. That is the reason that they worked so well together, if one was unable to do something the others were there for her. But even when Twilight was confused about Pinkie Pie, she never laughed about her. They all laughed WITH her. She was their light in the darkness.

The two of them find themselves back in Sugarcube Corner. Pinkie Pie’s colors are back to normal but her mental representation is falling apart. Unlike the Pinkie Pie from the other timeline, she wasn’t able to rejoin with her others parts on their own will. Her union was incomplete. And she falls apart but because she did change, she falls apart into different sections then Pinkie Pie did before: A motherly part who wants to do everything to get her foals back, a hurt part who wants to be with her friends, a part wrecked with guilt over what she had done and a part of Pinkie Pie that remembers the world that never was and doesn’t seem to be unable to understand the others. Then Surprise appears, similar to how Rainbow Dash saw Firefly in her own mind. There is also a filly that reminds Twilight on Princess Rarity, another mare from a world that never existed. Both tell her that Pinkie Pie needs someone to guide her, just like Twilight also had someone to guide her in her own mind. Twilight sees that this is very different from her own Tragedy and Sparkle personalities and that Angry Pie’s problem was that she forced the personalities back together, in order to restore her sanity it has to be done the right way.

The Pinkie from the Lost Age recognises the unicorn as Minty and asks her what they could do. Twilight is faced with a very difficult task. How could she get so different personalities to accept each other? That would be like a graceful unicorn, a playful earth pony, a unicorn bookworm, a self assure pegasus, a hardworking cowpony and a shy pegasus becoming friends. Twilight already knows the answer. All personalities are right to a certain degree and wrong on other things. The motherly part cares for her foals but without the other parts she can’t see what is the best for them and for herself. The part concentrated on friendship has the same problem, she doesn’t truly know what is the right thing to do for her friends. Both parts begin to react. Then Twilight agrees with the part representing her guilt or her conscience, they all did horrible things but there are still her friends waiting for her on the outside. Eventually she hugs this part of Pinkie Pie to make it clear how much they all miss her. Finally she tells the part from the Lost Age that she and her memories are important. It would make her friends happier than everything else if she could come back for them. In the end the parts must decide what would be the best for her foals, friends and for herself. Eventually they all choose to be together again to restore Pinkie’s sanity. All join willingly and in a bright flash Pinkie’s original colors return and her hair becomes straight.

Farewell Angry Pie, welcome back Pinkie Pie.

But at the same time Lady Desire takes Twilight’s Element of Magic and Tragedy into herself and doesn’t hide the fact that she desires to gain the entire set eventually. Most of the others are too concentrated on Twilight and Pinkie to notice but Applejack and Spike see what she is doing. At the same time Twilight The First and Minty join the eternal gala within Rarity’s soul. But the party guests are all free to go whenever they want and genuinely enjoy being there. Actually wouldn’t it be smarter to give the Element back to Twilight, since it was the source of her impressive regenerative abilities? Then they would have four ponies who are able to shield the others with their own bodies. Now Twilight must be much more careful.

Rancor muses about Trixie’s Element and how she could have used the potential of her loneliness instead. Only now do the other heroes notice that the Draconequus was standing there the entire time and did not take advantage of their distraction. She did enjoy Twilight’s outburst of passionate and violent revenge (it is her own concept after all) but remembers what Strife told her. Maybe the older Draconequus had warned her about Nightmares before, after all Strife also faced one in battle. Again the Spirit of Violence avoids a battle and claims that she is merely doing it because they outnumber her. But this is not the last time they will meet. Rarity can’t help herself and doesn’t quite understand why Rancor isn’t that angry now that Fluttercruel, her niece, is dead. And the Draconequus doesn’t really answer the question and teleports inside the castle. Maybe Fluttercruel would finally be able to grow up in the afterlife. After all her own grandfather Havoc runs Pony Hell and there Pandora, Strife and Anarchy will likely be able to visit her as well. But AJ reacts naturally and hits the white unicorn for speaking out a truth that could have led to the Draconequus deciding to kill one or more of the mortal members of their group in return. After all she is revenge. But considering how many spirits sought revenge against Fluttercruel, it would be interesting to hear what Rancor really thinks about her.

But Rarity doesn’t hide anything about how she killed Fluttercruel and what she gained in this battle. The others begin to realise the meaning of this power to call back souls into herself and stone bodies. Spike wonders if his own soul would be welcome inside her if he dies. The white unicorn admits that killing her might be still not the best choice but she saw no other option but to kill the daughter of her best friend. Fluttershy might be truly the only one pure enough to save her soul. If the shy Pegasus was able to survive 500 years of pure torture without turning into a life-hating nihilist, then she might be even able to save Fluttercruel after 1000 years of darkness. While the influences around her made it nearly impossible for Fluttercruel to become a good person, it wasn’t set in stone that she would turn out THAT bad. In 1000 years she could have made other decisions, even if she would have been evil there was no reason to be that horrible and torturous. There are many kinds of cruelty. She seemingly didn’t even bother to unlock the other ways.

Twilight is able to accept what Rarity said and understands that her party guests were restless spirits who found comfort in staying with her. But they also helped her to not be alone in her own delusion. They were with her. Slowly Pinkie Pie awakens and Twilight hugs her without hesitation. She is willing to accept Pinkie Pie’s decision. For the first time in 1000 years the pink pony feels that her anger is gone. Pinkie Pie is sane again and able to see the others for what they really are: Her friends. She abandons the idea to fulfil the deal with Discord to save her foals. The earth pony understands on which road she had led her foals. She can only hope that the afterlife had mercy with them. If they are in Heaven, it would be cruel to call them back and if they were in Hell she would never be able to save them as Angry Pie. Maybe the spirits of her family could try to help the foals that are trapped in Hell? After all the family of the mare who raised them into what they are might be able to save them. They were not insane like Angry Pie, kind spirits might be able to reach them. Pinkie might not be able to save her foals but there are others who still need her: Her friends who went through so much to save her. She makes a decision. Pinkie Pie chooses to stay aside her friends. She is free.

The pink pony admits to her friends that she wants to be their friend again. Twilight couldn’t be happier and realises that every one of them is free. Cadence saved Fluttershy, so now all of the original six are free again. Not only that but they saved Spike, Dinky, Derpy and the doctor as well. Twilight is incredibly happy and apologises for what she did as an incomplete Nightmare. She takes responsibility and Pinkie Pie forgives her for her actions, just as Twilight is able to forgive her as well. The unicorn just wonders why she had given her Smarty Pants as she was on the verge of death. It wasn’t to mock her, the pink pony didn’t want her to die alone. They take the time to rest after this fight and all hug tackle each other. Thinking about it, why does Discord give them these rests? He didn’t try sneak attacks after they had defeated Rainbow Dash, the Valeyard and not even after the death of his own daughter. That is almost fair of him. It is almost fair, considering that he threw zombies, death tanks and his minions into their way.

They use this time to strengthen their bounds. Pinkie Pie talks with Saint Apple Jacqueline about how sorry she is about what she said to her. But the earth pony is just so happy to see her friend being sane again. Their families did merge together and Apple Pie is the proof that they were able to combine the best aspects of both families. It all began when Applebloom married a descendent of Octavia. The pink pony apologises mentally towards the spirits of her family she rejected in her insanity. But it seems they are still with her. Eventually Applejack tells her about all the family members she knows but unlike before Pinkie Pie seems more focused. She doesn’t loose herself in details, she knows that they will not have infinitive time before the next encounter. In the end both decide that this means they are one huge family and it makes them cousins. Minty Pie couldn’t be happier.

The next one she needs to talk with is Derpy, who she hurt with her words and with violence. She realises that the mother is a smart person, who is able to do her best under the hardest circumstances. Pinkie Pie accepts responsibility for what she did under the taint but she also accepts the forgiveness the others are willing to give her. Then she talks about how both know what it is like to be mocked, not taken seriously and laughed at. That doesn’t bother Derpy anymore. She had 1000 years to think about this and decided that the most important thing is what they are, not what others see on the surface. Their friends are able to see beyond that. Now the pink pony is curious how Derpy was able to get beyond the effects of her poison. The mother thought creatively and made herself throw up. What mental image did she use for that? Pinkie Pie’s and Applejack’s baked bads. The past isn’t dead and can inspire them to walk forward into the future. Then they just talk to each other about what they have in common and how they finally met the ponies who really understood them.

Meanwhile Lady Desire takes the chance to talk with Apple Pie and there is one spirit who desires to meet the filly. She uses Fluttercruel’s ability to create a silver wall to give them some privacy. It is impressive how fast she found such a kind way to use the Element of Cruelty. And it is very strange when you think about it. Why do all of Fluttercruel’s abilities with the Element involve self-mutilation? Why does she need to be cruel with herself to use that? Maybe Fluttershy’s daughter was able to unlock more of her Element without realising it herself. Poison Apple is able to take shape and Rarity reveals what she wished: For her sister to be safe and to be able to say goodbye. Apple Pie wishes so much to be reunited with the sister Fluttercruel and Angry Pie took from her and calls the mare before her cruel for allowing them so little time. The filly has trouble to let go but her sister will soon move on. In the end Rarity is able to speak for Poison Apple and tells her that her sister just wants Apple Pie to be happy. Eventually both hug and the child is able to let go. She had grown up so much.

Then the white unicorn speaks with Pinkie Pie about how they were both lost in insanity. She forgives her as well. As they hug Lady Desire feels something, maybe it is the bound Princess Rarity had with Pinkie Pie in the world that never was. Carefully the pink pony asks if any of her foals want to see her. There is still one who watches over her. It is Morning Light and Pinkie instantly hugs her child. The mother is able to admit that she was wrong about laugher and killing but she doesn’t regret taking her in. Yet she is very sorry for leading the child on the path of violence. The child knows that they were wrong and is very sorry for what she did. Here Pinkie Pie can do something for one of her foals and tells her to let go of what she did and that she is forgiven. It is similar to what Applejack once said to Applebloom. Hopefully the spirit is able to move on into Heaven. Pinkie Pie seems to hope to eventually reach them there and then she could try to save the souls that might still be trapped in Hell one after another. Rarity’s ability did a lot of good in this short time. Pinkie Pie is very thankful for this chance to meet one of her children.

The next one is Apple Pie and this is the first time Pinkie Pie is sane enough to be able to see the happy filly of Laughter for who she really is. The child is even able to make Pinkie chuckle and it feels so good for her. Apple Pie accepts her soon as part of her family and the pink pony apologises for everything she did towards her own family. But just like with Twilight the filly can see in her eyes that she has changed. Pinkie happily hugs her and looks at her own chest. Rarity seems to understand it as well. The pink pony is likely no longer the Element of Laughter. This wouldn’t be so unusual if you think about it. Applejack isn’t Honesty anymore and Rarity isn’t Generosity anymore. Only Twilight was able to hold on to her Element of Friendship but that Element was special from the very beginning. I wonder if Pinkie Pie is even able to use her Element of Rage anymore, considering that her anger is gone. It wasn’t mentioned that the Element became its purified state. What would be the purified version of rage be called? Eventually both talk about growing up on a rock farm. It is an experience both ponies share.

The last one she needs to talk with is Spike. He already works on new strategies against Rancor. He is the one who knows the most about the Draconequus from the battle they had. You can learn a lot about somebody by the way he or she fights. She apologises towards him for hurting his big sister and for how much pain it must have caused him when he thought he had lost Twilight forever. He forgives her as well but admits that he would have tried to kill her if Rarity hadn’t stopped him. But trying to save Pinkie was what Twilight really wanted and this was what freed the unicorn from her own corruption. He is so happy that is was possible to save Pinkie and tells her to never think that she wasn’t worth it.

They all know that the final battle might happen very soon. Rancor and Discord are still left. Yet there are still many unanswered questions. Rancor still hasn’t made her move and the voice might have much more surprises ready. Twilight still doesn’t know what she is planning and that she can speak with all of them. The torture of Pinkie Pie was likely just a preview of what she is able to do. And Discord… there is something very strange with Discord. There were so many chances for cheap shots he didn’t take and in his interaction with the voice he sounded almost sombre. His interaction seems to hint that he also knows who the voice really is. Who knows how far she is willing to go in her quest to make Discord suffer. Who knows what sacrifices she is willing to force on others to make sure that the Draconequus will be tortured.

Now might be their last chance to have a quiet moment. Pinkie Pie takes this chance to sing her first song since 1000 years. She sings about the long darkness they are through and that she can see the sun rising. They are finally free of the taint and stand alongside each other. But the world is not yet free from of its taint. There is still much to do.

Overall this was an incredible chapter where Twilight was able to overcome her own darkness and saved Pinkie Pie after 1000 years of insanity. The interaction between the friends afterwards was incredible sweet. Pinkie Pie was able to rebuild their connection with similar experiences, family bonds and the forgiveness her friends were willing to give her. She was also able to accept responsibility for what she did. But there are still so many unanswered questions.

For example who was the second voice Twilight suddenly heard? It was somebody who knew a lot about Twilight, her past, her friends and the workings of the Elements and Discord’s chaos. And it was also somebody who knew how to use mere words to guide somebody. The first voice had to learn a lot about them before she could work so effective but the second voice already knew so many things. There are few beings who could know all these facts.

Keep up the great work.
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Persona22 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
Reading this did raise some questions.
First off, if Twilight has Trixie's Element of Magic now, does she have it as an element of Chaos as well like her original one? She took that vigracorn's horn to replace her own, so, she's not immortal anymore or cannot regenerate? Also, if not two elements are the same, even if they are the "same" because they are wielded by different ponies, shouldn't Trixie's element affect Twilight in some way or another? Is that why she went into that rage trying to kill Pinkie Pie?
And what actually happened to Trixie in this world? If she was tainted by Discord, and was an element of Harmony, why didn't she get an Element of Chaos and became immortal? And how did she end up at Canterlot?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
"First off, if Twilight has Trixie's Element of Magic now, does she have it as an element of Chaos as well like her original one?"

The Element of Magic is BOTH Friendship and Tragedy. In other words, it's an Element of Chaos AND Harmony, at the same time, it's the center piece for BOTH sets.  

"She took that vigracorn's horn to replace her own, so, she's not immortal anymore or cannot regenerate?"

She took the horn WHILE she wasn't immortal and couldn't regenerate. She's had no reason to lop it off and grow a new one. Because Magica was an unawakened Element of Magic, they were compatible.

"Also, if not two elements are the same, even if they are the "same" because they are wielded by different ponies, shouldn't Trixie's element affect Twilight in some way or another?"

I REALLY wanted to leave vague what happened when Twilight was off screen.

"Is that why she went into that rage trying to kill Pinkie Pie?"

No. She went nuts because of her good intentions being thrown back in her face, and nearly dying, and Angry Pie trying to kill her friends. etc. It was the straw that broke the camel's back.

"And what actually happened to Trixie in this world?"

She died of old age. Her state was the same as in the Reharmonized verse.

"If she was tainted by Discord, and was an element of Harmony, why didn't she get an Element of Chaos and became immortal?"

Her Element of Harmony wasn't awakened at the time. Also, Discord TURNED the PHYSICAL JEWELRY of the Elements of Harmony into the Elements of Chaos, and PHYSICALLY IMPLANTED THEM into the Mane Six.

"And how did she end up at Canterlot?"

She was mentioned at having visited and died at the castle as an old mare in the original Discorded Ponies Epilogue. 
yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013
Darn it, I was able to stop myself from tearing up until the very end. That song at that end was Simpy too much. So much happiness, so much sadness.

Also I give up on trying to predict what happens next. There has been too many surprises and curve balls that no one could have guessed and love most of them!. A new draconequus , Fluttershy being already saved , Fluttercruel dying shocking easy (well compare to the others), Twilight's death and Resurrection, Pinkie Pie's redemption. I cannot wait to see what happens next, in fact why I am still typing this comment? Off to the next chapter!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013
"Darn it, I was able to stop myself from tearing up until the very end. That song at that end was Simpy too much. So much happiness, so much sadness."

I forget if I wrote that song. If Kendell2 wrote that song. Or we were parodying one of the MLP openings.

Also I give up on trying to predict what happens next. There has been too many surprises and curve balls that no one could have guessed and love most of them!

Which ones didn't you love?

"A new draconequus , Fluttershy being already saved , Fluttercruel dying shocking easy (well compare to the others), Twilight's death and Resurrection, Pinkie Pie's redemption. I cannot wait to see what happens next, in fact why I am still typing this comment? Off to the next chapter!"

There are surprises EVERY CHAPTERS, or I'm not doing my job right.

Please continue commenting.
yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013
"Which ones didn't you love?"

I didn't like the insertion of a new Draconequus (Rancor). At the time I thought she disrupted the flow of the story and would steal the spotlight from the already established villains. I am glad I was wrong and so far she has actually been doing the opposite. She allowed Fluttercruel and Angry Pie have one-one fights and time to further their character depth greatly.

A little disappointing that the first time I hear of Fluttershy and she is already saved and Fluttercruel is already dead. However something tells me we haven't heard the last of Fluttershy and Fluttercruel. All the other surprises of far I loved.

"Please continue commenting."
Gladly will do so :)
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013
Looking forward to more of your comments.
ssjwolverine Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
This comment covers both part 1 and 2 of Dark World 21.

-Oh, man. I can never imagine what Spike is feeling right now, what with the closest thing to a big sister, if not mother, being dead. I wonder if given the choice between Twilight and Rarity, what would Spike choose.
-Important lesson here, folks. Never piss off a dragon.
-"[U]nless you get mad, life will just walk all over you and those you love." More and more I see similarities between Angry Pie and Kefka. But she's not Kefka. She will break out of this curse.
-Forget Kefka, now Angry's reminding me of Smeagol.
-One consistent trait that fans give Derpy is her unwavering love for her daughters.
-The love that Pinkie has with her foals is an interesting topic. How can somepony who is the embodiment of rage ever love anyone?
-Running commentary? I guess randomness is something that'll never leave Pinkie.
-"Why do 'heroes' always think they're the only ones who can adapt their move-set?" Because most of the time, the villain is so arrogant that he thinks that he doesn't need to, or so prideful that he will refuse to even when he's losing.
-Oh, shit. Twilight's on "kill 'em all" mode. She's not gonna leave Angry any room to breathe.
-I never saw Twilight like that before. She was dangerously close to Nightmare.
-And we once again step forth into the deepest recesses of madness known as "Pinkie's Mind"
-Suddenly, Surprise!
-And Pinkie's back. Finally!

Very intense and very emotional chapter. Highlight for me was Twilight's rampage. I never saw her act like that in any fanwork. The closest I can think of is Time Lords and Terror.

After posting this long overdue comment, I bid you adieu, until next time when I tackle Shining Armor part 8.

See You, Space Cowboy.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner May 26, 2013
"This comment covers both part 1 and 2 of Dark World 21."

That's surprising.

"-Oh, man. I can never imagine what Spike is feeling right now, what with the closest thing to a big sister, if not mother, being dead. I wonder if given the choice between Twilight and Rarity, what would Spike choose."

I think it would kill him to have to choose. He had to come up with a good reason why he helped the one he did.

"-Important lesson here, folks. Never piss off a dragon."

Just ask the Hooviets after they managed to piss off freakin' Tiamat!

But Spike is a mountain of anger, Angry Pie IS anger!

-"[U]nless you get mad, life will just walk all over you and those you love." More and more I see similarities between Angry Pie and Kefka. But she's not Kefka. She will break out of this curse."

Kefka didn't have any 'those you love.'

"-Forget Kefka, now Angry's reminding me of Smeagol."

Smeagol would being driven crazy and corrupted by a sapient ring of evil. The Element of Magic in of itself isn't evil and poisoning her with the opposite.

"-One consistent trait that fans give Derpy is her unwavering love for her daughters."


"-The love that Pinkie has with her foals is an interesting topic. How can somepony who is the embodiment of rage ever love anyone?"

There is no rage greater than a mother protecting her young.

"-Running commentary? I guess randomness is something that'll never leave Pinkie."

She's augmenting her abilities with the Element of Magic.

"-"Why do 'heroes' always think they're the only ones who can adapt their move-set?" Because most of the time, the villain is so arrogant that he thinks that he doesn't need to, or so prideful that he will refuse to even when he's losing."

Which is neither of Angry Pie.


And I'm happy that came across as a surprise but still made sense in hind sight.

"-Oh, shit. Twilight's on "kill 'em all" mode. She's not gonna leave Angry any room to breathe."

This scene was based on Roy incinerating Lust from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. And in the first draft was supposed to end the same way.

"-I never saw Twilight like that before. She was dangerously close to Nightmare."

(Not close enough.)

"-And we once again step forth into the deepest recesses of madness known as "Pinkie's Mind""

They have chocolate pie.

-Suddenly, Surprise!
-And Pinkie's back. Finally!"

… yes. She is.

"Very intense and very emotional chapter. Highlight for me was Twilight's rampage. I never saw her act like that in any fanwork. The closest I can think of is Time Lords and Terror."

And if she had tortured Discord to death, or had tortured Fluttercruel to death instead of Angry Pie, the readers would be cheering.

"After posting this long overdue comment, I bid you adieu, until next time when I tackle Shining Armor part 8."


"See You, Space Cowboy."

You too Space Indian.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner May 24, 2013
And it's wonderful to see ya too space cowboy!
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013
"Oh Pinkie Pie," I said endearingly. I felt so small. "…I'm sorry… I'm so sorry… please, please hear me, hear my voice, hear me through the darkness. Through the nightmare. I'm right here for you. Please hear me. Please, I promise never to hurt you again. Please. Come home.

I admit, my heart broke and eyes nearly jerked tears when I read this chapter again.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013
I'll take that as a compliment dude. And if I'm to be honest, I'm kinda surprised, I never thought of you as a sentimental type. I'm kinda shocked. So yeah, I'll take that as a compliment, very much so.
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013
I'm surprised too. I suppose it's a matter of how it is written. It is a golden rule of literature to rouse emotional responses from readers, the more the better, and this chapter did that very well.

Or maybe I just read it during a time when I'm having one of my occasional mood swings, and so it got me. I don't know really... :shrug:
sonicandmario826 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
yay pinkie is back and singing to
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
Pinkie, "YOU BET! Smile smile smile."
Allanpike Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
.... Awesome.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
Allanpike Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Your welcome!

Even through it took me a while to adapt to the rather chaotic writing style...
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Allanpike Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, chaos-like. Can be hard to tell what PoV we are at from time and it jumps PoV a lot.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
I've been trying to make it clear who is speaking.
Allanpike Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I know.
Acalanthide Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Student General Artist
So, the voice was Strife, huh? I thought it was Discord at first...

So, I have a question: Did Trixie's crystal become Twilight's crystal, like Applebloom and Applejack? Is it now a purple star? I was a bit confused.

Oh my Celestia, the feelings I get from this chapter. I love Pinkie's song. I wonder what her new element is? The whole battle of Twilights was awesome. I wonder who the conscience voice was? Maybe Cadence?

Rarity absorbing the elements? Cruelty, Magic and Desire? I'm not so sure how I feel about that....

I do like the soul Gala. Are copies of all of the Six and Derpy (or the redeemed ones at least) in the room too?
I wonder what the other's soul rooms are?

Pinkie saying goodbye to her foal was heart-wrenching. I really hope that they are all in Pony Heaven now.

Speaking of heart-wrenching, Apple Pie saying goodbye to Poison was tear inducing. My keyboard is salty right now. Thank you for that.

Discord, you are done.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
"So, the voice was Strife, huh? I thought it was Discord at first…"

What makes you say that?

"So, I have a question: Did Trixie's crystal become Twilight's crystal, like Applebloom and Applejack? Is it now a purple star? I was a bit confused. "

It was still shaped like Trixie's when Twilight took it, but what shape it's in now is anyone's guess unless you'd like to cut open Twilight to see.

"Oh my Celestia, the feelings I get from this chapter. I love Pinkie's song. I wonder what her new element is? The whole battle of Twilights was awesome. I wonder who the conscience voice was? Maybe Cadence?"

It'll be revealed at the very end of everything here.

"Rarity absorbing the elements? Cruelty, Magic and Desire? I'm not so sure how I feel about that…."

Rarity, "Feels good to me."

"I do like the soul Gala. Are copies of all of the Six and Derpy (or the redeemed ones at least) in the room too?"

Rarity, "Only echoes of the ponies they were once upon a time resided in their elements when they became mine instead of theirs."

"I wonder what the other's soul rooms are?"

If they exist in that fashion.

"Pinkie saying goodbye to her foal was heart-wrenching. I really hope that they are all in Pony Heaven now. "

We can all hope.

"Speaking of heart-wrenching, Apple Pie saying goodbye to Poison was tear inducing. My keyboard is salty right now. Thank you for that."

You're welcome. Nice to know this story still has emotions.

"Discord, you are done."

Discord, "I know, and I hope."
Acalanthide Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Student General Artist
Discord, "I know, and I hope."

Finally given up? I'll believe it when I see it.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Discord, "'Finally'? Pst."
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
"So, the voice was Strife, huh? I thought it was Discord at first..."

Acalanthide Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Student General Artist
Not Strife? It would fit her MO. Maybe Entropy?
TheJacobLB44 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Who are you to say who and can't be redeemed. There's a problemXD
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
(Who do you think could have redeem freakin' Hitler?)
TheJacobLB44 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
I was correcting a grammer problemXD Also good question but there is a way for everyone to be redeemed. First they have to want to be redeemed. Forcing Hitler to change would just make a new hitler;)
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Discord, "Is there even a point in changing? Nothing I can do now can change my fate."
TheJacobLB44 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Is that discord. There is many timelines where you have been forgiven.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
I just noticed that Rarity's use of the Element of Cruelty is far more varied than Fluttercruels.

This makes perfect sense, because Fluttercruel represented it in one way 'brutal murder and torture'. Rarity has show that she IS capable of that, but also Cruel to Be Kind, honesty can be cruel, and simply understanding some things ARE cruel but that's just how they are.

Rarity's power is more versatile than Fluttercruel's because she comprehends it more completely than Fluttercruel did.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
I see.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
True, isn't it?
Jarkes Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
Okay, now I REALLY have no idea who the voice is... I was thinking it might be Trixie, but that theory's moot now...

And who was the OTHER voice that snapped Twilight out of her rage?

...I can see why this chapter caused so much debate... I suppose the debate boiled down to, "Should Angry Pie die, or should Pinkie Pie be saved?"

And speaking of Trixie, just let me say that it's a VERY good thing you haven't watched any of Season 3 yet... I won't say why, but whenever you finally get done with this thing, and you finally get around to watching the new season, when you get to the fifth episode of the season, you'll see why.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
"And who was the OTHER voice that snapped Twilight out of her rage?"

The same explaining the 'world building notes' in the scrapebook part of my gallery. And who talked about good and evil and balance in one of the earlier chapters' introductions.

"...I can see why this chapter caused so much debate... I suppose the debate boiled down to, "Should Angry Pie die, or should Pinkie Pie be saved?"

Toonwatcher Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
That ended rather well for everypony involved. I feel somewhat concerned about the safety of Rarity carrying so many Elements inside herself, though. What if the collected power gets to be too much for her?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
Pinkie Pie, " . . . hopefully she can handle it."
r1ck3t Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
I think I have managed to reconstruct the name of the first draconequus, ____. Here's my proposal:

4 letters, starting with D: Demo, originally short for Deimos ("Terror") and Demolition, the Spirit of Reformation likely changed his name to the unbelievably controversial Democracy, sometime before being murdered by his own mother. It's still unknown if there was a connection, though for the time being, I suppose he could also be called Demonstration.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
Whatever theory floats your boat.
r1ck3t Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
I guess we'll never really know...

But I still hope he's in a better place now.
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
This was another incredible chapter.

I found just two minor mistakes.

First here we have a repetition:

“A filly stepped up next to me…Rarity? No…Princess Rarity? But…this is Pinkie…not Rarity. Are they like me and Minty Pie? “

“A filly stepped up next to me. "They need someone they'll listen to help them pull themselves back together," she said.”

And here the word 'sword' seems incomplete:

“I ran her through with a stone s while she was still speaking.”
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
sceptileknight Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very touching and the voices in twilight head are intriguing. What is RD doing meanwhile, is she sleeping?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
Yes she is. She's recovering.
KurseofKings Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
I'm having trouble picturing Pinkie Pie of the Lost Age. I keep thinking of her as a caveman.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
G3.5 [link]

G3 [link]
KurseofKings Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
The image for the G3 Pinkie Pie won't work. I can't find the image.
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