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February 9, 2013
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Pony POV Series
Dark World Part 26 "My Little Alicorn"
By Alex Warlorn

My front claw shaking, 'Caravel Cat vs. Ponyville' played on a turntable next to my throne, I snaps my fingers, I instantly broke into a coughing fit.

The two purple plastic music box ponies in a puff of purple smoke transformed into a real-life full-sized flesh and blood purple mare and a purple filly with white and purple makes, they both had completely insane eyes and expressions. They instantly stood at attention and saluted their lord and Master, me. Didn't make me as proud as it used to. "Mad Tiara and Screwball reporting for duty!"

Then they gasped in shock seeing me in such a state. Screwball spun her beanie and floated up to my shoulders. Mad Tiara climbed up my throne's arm rest. Both looked in dismay at the giant hole in me, and shuddered afraid of what they saw inside. Screwball took a huge band-aid out of her mouth and stuck it over the hole. Mad Tiara reached inside her mouth and took out a finely crafted bottle marked 'phoenix tears' and gently dropped some on the stone bits. They fixed nothing.

"Heh. My self-centered daughter. I can't believe she forgot your names. I should have realized you had already been around before I asked that, then again, it's hard to keep it all straight. Hard to keep anything straight really. Or maybe she didn't really forget. I can't be sure anymore."

The two purple mad-ponies looked at each other confused and concerned.

"It's alright. I take it you two enjoyed your retirement after I gave my daughter and the rest your old jobs?"

They nodded together eagerly.

"Good to know...heh. Everyequus else is gone."

They tilted her heads, confused.

"It's...not important. The point is, this place isn't safe for your retirement anymore."

Mad Tiara giggled.

Screwball laughed. "Good-good-good one, Master! That's silly! You're so-so-so silly!"

"I'm afraid just this once, I am being completely serious."

The purple ponies gasped together.

I tell them that the Chaos Six are gone, that the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony would be here soon. And that will be the end of it.

Mad Tiara is holding a spiked chain mace while Screwball is holding a giant spiked club with grim determination on their faces. Should have known.

"All you're going to do is lose. And it won't change how much time I have left in the slightest."

"NOW HOLD ON!" Mad Tiara snapped, "YOU HAVE TO AT LEAST GIVE US A CHANCE! We'll protect you, Master! To the end! We'll show those wannabees what the Purple Pair can do! And they'll run away crying for their mommies!"

"I command you to be silent, Mad Tiara."

She shut her mouth. With a zipper.

Screwball knew down. "Master, we've always-always-always been there for you. We helped with the aliens, we helped with Grogar, we helped with the dragons, we helped-help-help with the changelings, with Ponythulu's surprise birthday party-"

"And thank you for that one, Screwball."

"You're welcome, Master. And we acted as nannies when you turned yourself and your Six, and the dragon, into hatchlings and fillies that one time. We had help from Miss Smarty Pants but still, we-we-we have-have-have always come through for you. Why do you think we can't help you now?"

"Because...because...I don't wish to lose you too."

She looked sadly up at me, "Master..."

"Mad Tiara."

"Yes, Master?"

"Protect your mother."

"Yes Master."


"Yes Master?"

"Protect your daughter."

"Yes, Master."

"...There is a castle I've been restoring. It belonged to my mother and a great ancestor of yours. I've already ordered the staff there after they're done at Ponythulu. You outrank them, they will already recognize you as the new Masters of the castle...." I was amazed I had managed this speech so long, I guess my lungs must be gone. Doesn't make sense…since when have I ever cared? "There are spell gates in the castle that lead to Amazon Island and to Sky Ocean that'll change you into one of them until you leave. They will now recognize you as masters."

"YOU ARE MASTER!" Mad Tiara screamed.

"Not for much longer. You both carry my mother's blood. My Kingdom Of Chaos will belong to you. If, there is anything left."

"Don't say that, Master," Screwball said. "Your Kingdom of Chaos is going to last forever! Just like you!"

"Heh...I'm afraid forever is just about over."

Blast it. They've started crying now.

(For the love of everything, this is absurd.)

Says you.

(Pretending your choices can effect anything.)

I'm sick of this. I've seen Cruelty die, I don't want to see the last two members of my family throw their lives away.

(Oh you have my sympathy, oh wait, no you don't! And neither does your family, really! After all, weren't THEY the ones that sent you Rancor?)

Heh. You're right. Except, maybe that means they do care.

"Mad Tiara, Screwball."

"Yes Master?" They asked together.

"My daughter, Fluttercruel, I've lost any right to call myself her father. My own magic she was born with censored her mother. I never knew, because I never checked, I respected her privacy, but it was my responsibility as her father to know. At least she's free and with the only one who loves her as much as I do. And will do a better job than I did. As the two who serve me of their own will, I give you that confession."

"You brought me and mom back together, Master," Mad Tiara said.

"How can we not be indebted to you Master? You made the world where everything makes sense at last," Screwball said.

The two hugged in front of me, two peas in a pod, they were adorable.

I sighed. At least I had always kept them away from anything too bloody during their time as my 'elite guard.'

"Mad Tiara, Screwball, I know I didn't show it for a long long time, and it took me a long long time to realize it, it had to be hit over my head many, MANY times, but you're also my family, and I love you too....And know that I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what, Master?" Mad Tiara asked, those crazy eyes of her innocently asking.

"Never mind. I don't have the magic to teleport you there. So take the Inverse Vortex there. Close it behind you. Be as fast as you can, don't take anything with you."

"But Master, we don't want to leave you, I don't want to leave you." Screwball pleaded.

"I command you."

They shuddered. And sadly nodded their heads.

"I obey, Master."

"I obey, Master."

"And one more thing…The Elements of Harmony are NOT my killers, nor will they have the chance…You are not to under any circumstances seek vengeance on them or confront them in any way from this day forwards, understood?"

"…Yes Master."

"…Yes Master."

Screwball pulls a portable hole out of her mouth and placed it on the floor.

"Love you too, Master." Screwball said.

"Master, Mad Tiara love you too," Mad Tiara nodded.

They both blew me a kiss fair well. I wave them goodbye.

(There's nowhere for them to run.)

For once, you don't know that.

The two jump down the hole to the floor below, taking the hole with them, and towards the Inverse Vortex. I force my flickering big screen TV to stay focused on them until they've safely left. I'm going to miss them. They were always fun. I regret I fixated so much on Fluttercruel that I didn't recognize how much they loved me too. Concepts aren't supposed to be able to regret, I really am dying. Something new. I almost feel giddy about it.

I lay back and rest up for my grim reapers.


I knew the patterns of Master's, Discord's, our castle better than the rest of us, after all, I had been the leader among his six...enforcers? Minions? Slaves? Toys? Pets? Yes, pets. We had been pets. Animals he kept around to amuse him. After all, since when did Discord NEED underlings? It had all been for his entertainment. Well not anymore.

Our small army gallops into the last place I expected (hoped) to find, the art gallery. AJ immediately glanced at what all I saw was a solid wall.

None of dared look at an empty pedestal that read 'Sparkler.'

But it seemed life was determined to throw one confusing mess of a complication after another in our path this evening, before our final showdown with Discord.

The Princesses were safe. A solid gold statue of a large Alicorn that shines like the sun, and a smaller silver one that shimmers like the moon. This time I understood why my eyes were misting over.

"Is it really them?" Derpy whispered. I nodded. Now her eyes are misting up, as well.

Even Apple Pie seemed amazed at their beauty. Then she turned, looking at the complete stranger who was already in the room.

"But...Ah was always told the seaponies were ugly mishmashes of fishes like... how'd Minty Pie put it? Like the aquatic version of Big Underbite Discord," Apple Pie whispered.

For the record: the seaponies of Sky Ocean are NEVER malformed or ugly. They are simply a VERY diverse species to the point that no two seaponies are exactly alike. It agitates me to say so, but each of them is easily the most beautiful thing, alive or otherwise, that my evil former Master created.

Now that I knew what to look for, I magically scanned her in a heartbeat. No, it wasn't Cruelty, Discord, OR Rancor in a new stolen body. And yes, no bomb in her stomach either. Her lower body resembled a dolphin's, her coloring a mix of blue and sea-green, she had a pony's upper body, but had fins along her fetlock, and a crest going along her back where her long flowing mane ended. Her cutie mark was a ripple in a pond, what did that represent?

And what was a sea-pony doing outside of Sky Ocean? Her presence felt alien, unnatural, and jarring. She was happily humming to herself and hadn't noticed us yet.

Then I noticed she was getting around via some form of hydrokinesis. A mass of seawater followed her around, keeping her body hydrated, floating around her lower body and forelegs. Then she finally notices us. She's on the floor bowing to us in seconds.

"Lady Twilight Tragedy The Wise,
"Dame Traitor Dash The Brave,
"Lady Liarjack The Eloquent,
"Lady Rarigreed The Protective,
"And this must be Master Discord's Noble Steed Spikey-Wicky The Cute,

"It is an honor for me to finally meet you personally. If only we could accompany and serve Master Discord as you are allowed to." She saw the sour look on Spike's face. "I'm SO SORRY! I mean no spite or envy for your sacred position, Noble Steed."

Spike cringed in embarrassment. "It's, it's okay. Please don't worry about it. Please."

"Thank you for your forgiveness, Noble Steed." She looked at me. "Lady Twilight Tragedy The Wise, if I may be so bold, where is Lady Angry Pie The Mighty and Lady Fluttercruel The Joyful? And may I ask who the Pegasus and ground filly are?"

Oh great. "This is Ditzy Doo, she is Traitor Dash's understudy," I explain. "And this is Maple Pie, is she part of Angry Pie's family. We're babysitting her for Angry Pie."

"But where are Lady Angry Pie The Mighty and Lady Fluttercruel The Joyful? Oh and Lady Rarigreed The Protective, if I may dare ask, how is Little Miss Ruby doing? I think she truly enjoyed our performance if I dare be so presumptuous."

Now Rarity spoke. "She is doing fine, better than ever. And yes, she did enjoy your play. She mentioned it several times during my last Gala she attended. She is with Fluttercruel and Angry Pie. They have gone on ahead of us. She has been kept cooped up inside for so long she needed to be free. I best not tell you where, but know they are likely safe and happy as we speak."

"Thank you, Lady Rarigreed The Protective."

"What is your name? What are you doing here?"

"My name is Aquamarine, Lady Rarigreed. Since my talent is telling stories, I volunteered to come here. Our school could endure if I was lost, and I would have so many stories to tell if I make it back alive!"

Everyone tensed at the outburst, wondering if Aquamarine was some new homicidal lunatic of Discord's meant to delay us a few minutes more.

"Lord Discord visited us recently. He did not look well. He said today is the Day of Vanishment."


"Yes. Everything will vanish soon: all of this world, and Lord Discord himself. Only Sky Ocean will be spared. He wanted to make sure we had our own sun and moon before the destruction occurred. He said one feather each from these magic statues could grant us this boon."

Rarity's eyes widened. Apple Pie didn't connect these statues with the Princesses we told her about, they were just pretty to her but began to realize. AJ looked sadly. Rainbow Dash looked confused, as did Spike.

My head was spinning.

"Destruction? How?" Derpy asked.

"Lord Discord says an Alicorn Witch will destroy this world soon, him, and everypony else. Little-Ocean-Heart and Sea Apple of course haven't told Waterflower, she kept insisting that she tag along, thankfully we...we promised her she could try it later I made sure it was a safe and she was a little bigger. Seawing and Octotavia have been calming the theater and band members. The seaglow ponies have been saving up their power give us light for...after it happens and we can give birth to our new sun and moon. I'm...I'm sorry Lady Angry Pie The Mighty isn't with you, Sea Cakes was hoping to be able to sing to her idol one last time..."

Sea Cakes. Oh. Right. I remember. That seapony who declared herself Angry Pie's number one fan actually made her mane the same as hers. She had actually gotten along well with Apple Sauce, Angry Pie latest and now last adopted foal. Sea Cakes was probably the one pony Angry Pie had tolerated being near one of her foals besides her, Liarjack, or another one.

It felt like sacrilege, that this seapony was taking feathers from the sisters when they were reduced to Alicorn-shaped pieces of gold and silver. 'Calm down Twilight, she's just a seapony, she doesn't know any better. She thinks Alicorns are monsters because of the lies Discord's fed her. She thinks Discord is the hero, and so are we because we work with Discord. But why would Discord tell them that doing this would help them? Why would he at all?'

"Can you," Derpy said, "Can you tell the...sea-glow ponies that I've always loved their lights?"

"I shall do as you ask Dame Ditzy Doo," the seapony bowed.

Rarity asked the next question. "How are you manipulating the water like that?"

"Master Discord gave me water magic as a gift to be able to explore and interact with the dangers of the environment underneath our sea. He says any seapony can learn it. So it must be so. He says if the world still exists, then it might finally be safe for us to leave Sky Ocean after the Alicorn Witch is defeated."

(Kill her.)


(Can't have her stealing part of Luna and Celestia's power when they need it!)

That isn't how inanimate transformation works. The transformed-state doesn't become your natural if you lose your tail for example, you just change back with out it. Not now soap boxes!

(How can you take that risk with CELESTIA? The greatest teacher who has ever lived?!)

From what Applejack told me about her redemption, Applebloom's ghost took a feather already on orders from their…Father, so it must be safe. And I'm not a murderer. That's why.

*You could just stop her from leaving with the feathers if that's the problem.*

(That's not the point! They're not alive. They're not ponies. They're not people. They're just creations of magic, the early ones using ponies as raw material. They have no experiences outside their fish bowl, so they don't count as sentient. They're only 'alive' in the sense a tumor is 'alive!' They're parasites who feed off Discord's magic. It's no more 'murder' than cutting out a cancer.)

A DNA test would show them as having DNA, like living things should.

(So would your hoof clippings! That doesn't make it alive and doesn't make them alive! They're -THINGS-. You don't think you're smashing pots when you squash clay do you?)

Life isn't about what you are or what you have. It's about what you can become. A golem can be programmed to act and react, it can be given a library, and be programmed to recite it. But it won't ever be able to -learn- how to -learn-. You can create a virus that will reproduce, have it mutate, but it'll never -grow- it'll never become -more-. A famous artist once said that the statues he created were already there, he just needed to free them from the stone blocks they were trapped in. Tom was none of these things and neither are the Sea Ponies.

Everypony else was looking at me. Ow! The ceiling? Did I get taller? Oh. That's one biiiig soap box. Just where do these keep coming from?

"Uh, Half-Light?" Apple Pie spoke.

"Lady Twilight Tragedy?" Aquamarine looked up at me surprised too.

Erm. Shoo-shoo! There. "Sorry…carry on…"

I saw the golden and silver feathers that were floating in the water around her hooves. I magically scanned the princesses. The soul-binding matrix was one-hundred present intact.

"How do you intended to leave, my dear?" Rarity asked. "Will you simply fly back to Sky Ocean?"

"Oh, I've been given a teleportation spell with two charges, one to come here, told to wait until the barrier came down, and the second to leave, set to unlock then relock the holy barrier around the castle when done...It's a one pony spell. Master Discord said you and he would try to defeat the Alicorn witch instead of taking safety in Sky Ocean.

"One of you can take the feathers to Sky Ocean in my place if you wish My Ladies." Aqua-Marine offered suddenly.

"Wha? No! Ur, yes!" Applejack declared, thankfully remembering the Sea Pony still believed she was Liarjack.

"I am so sorry! I should have known you'd never sacrifice one of us to save yourselves! I am so sorry! Forgive me!"

"Hey hey hey! It's not alright! There! Go ahead and, er, cry?...It's not okay." Applejack hugged her.

She shuddered in awe at the touch of one of her living gods. "Thank you My Lady Liarjack The Beautiful."

"Go on, go on home, we promise we're gonna let this here world vanish."

"Thank you Lady Liarjack The Eloquent."

Applejack glanced at us, almost if daring any of us to say differently. She kissed the seapony on the forehead. "Ah promise things'll turn out bad." Aquamarine nuzzled her living legend.

"Goodbye Lady Twilight Tragedy The Wise,
"Dame Traitor Dash The Brave,
"Lady Liarjack The Eloquent,
"Lady Rarigreed The Protective,
"Dame Ditzy Doo,
"Noble Steed Spikey-Wickey The Cute
"Small Lady Maple Pie."

She flashed blue, and the silver and gold feathers were gone with her.

Now just silence in this art gallery.

"Half-Light... they're not zombies. Not like Ah was always told." Apple Pie admits.

"They're just innocent." I answered. "They're the most innocent ponies in the world. Discord's done his hardest to make sure they don't know how he abuses the rest of the world. And also that they can..." It struck me, "That they could survive without him if need be."

"You must admit, that doesn't quite sound like Discord does it?" Rarity says, "But at the same time, what you just said is completely correct."

"So that was a seapony up close," Spike said, "She was...nice." Spike had never been brought to Sky Ocean.

"They really are loyal to you, aren't they?" Derpy said to us immortals.

"They're loyal to the versions of us that exist in their heads," Applejack said, relieved to be done with reverse speaking. "like foals and their idols."

Rainbow looked thoughtful. "Hey…I know Discord's a master at confusing us, but…What about the Alicorn Witch she mentioned?"

"It's possible he meant the Princesses," Derpy suggested. "They're Alicorns, the Sea Ponies think Alicorns are the bad guys, and it would 'destroy' his world if they returned."

"Maybe…but why would he say witch? Not witches?"

Applejack looked like she was confused. "…Maybe it was Nightmare Mirror."

Everyone looked. "What?"

"Remember how Ah said Ah went into the truth and all that? Well at the end meh and five other mehs ended up stoppin' ANOTHER Alicorn meh that was going around turnin' all the Elements of Honesty in the multiverse into copies of her and absorbin' em. She could make yah face the worst truths about yah simply by lookin' in her eyes…Ah think THAT would fit the description. Maybe Discord found out about her somehow and just doesn't know she's not comin' anymore."


"She's telling the truth," Rarity said finally. "It makes sense as much as anything else. We can't be worrying about a foe that MIGHT exist before we deal with the one that DOES."

"If I have to hear one more crazy-yet-true thing today I am going to drill a hole in my head to drain out the crazy," Rainbow Dash cried out.

"I'll help you," Spike said.

I looked at the two statues. There is no decision at all.

"Everypony, no questions asked, formation!"

The looks I gave the entire team left no room for debate.

Rainbow Dash was reduced to playing lookout as we charged up the Elements. Using the Elements yet again might have been tiring, but I no longer cared. I couldn't care. I didn't want to care. If I couldn't do this with the Elements, after Discord's been broken and depowered, then what was the point of even having them? I had failed my Princess, my Teacher, my Mentor, my, my Mom, but I wouldn't cower from this! I'd accept any punishment she'd give me! As was her right! I wouldn't back away from this! Nor would I let them suffer a moment longer! Not now! Not again!

Forgive me if I skip over the feeling of peace and harmony as our souls linked together and became one, and we gave birth to the Rainbow of Light, and with its power, the light washed over the two Princesses who had ruled Equestria with compassion and wisdom.

I could never undo all my mistakes, and I wouldn't destroy myself with trying, but this wasn't about me this was about all of us and restoring the day and the night we loved so dearly themselves to their proper places.

Everything became the most beautiful white light I have ever seen in my entire life! We seven heroes surrounded the two former statues.

"Princess Celestia!" I shouted. "Princess Luna!"

The holy light faded.

A little white Alicorn filly looked at us, she had violet eyes and a rose-colored mane. She had a familiar sun cutie mark.

"Uh, my name is Celly. Uh, who are all of you?"

My jaw dropped. My heart nearly broke in two.

"TWILIGHT SPARKLE!" Another filly gasped, her coloring was very familiar, dark and light blues, with green eyes. On her rump was a black splotch centered around a crescent moon. "THANK YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU! YOU HAVE THE GRATITUDE OF THE NIGHT ETERNAL!!!"

I couldn't stop the selfish thought. I tried so hard, but I couldn't. I wanted Princess Celestia to be the one who remembered and Princess Luna to be the one with apparent amnesia.


"LULU! LULU! Stop hugging me! Stop shouting so loud! What's going on?! Where are we? Where's Dissy? Where's mama? Where's Surprise and Posey?"

Rarity startled at the names.

I looked at everypony and dragon. "Everypony on your knees! You're in front of your Princesses!"

"Twilight..." Rarity began.

"On your knees," I commanded darkly.

They obeyed.

"Oh...why is everypony bowing at us? Whao! Big dragon! Can I ride you?"

"Princess Celestia," Twilight whispered.

"Sister...has your mind really faded along with your body?"

"Whaddya mean faded? Am I invisible now? No, I don't think so, or can invisible things see invisible things?"

"No sister that is not what I..." The filly Princess Luna sighed. "Worry not, elder sister, worry not."

"Uh, okay, but...where are we?! What's going on?! I was with everypony at Paradise Estate and now I'm here! And Dissy was acting real funny, kinda sad. He wouldn't tell me what. Mommy-Star-Maker was there, and mommy-Mimic, and mommy-Plow-Harness-"

"That's a lot of mommies." Apple Pie said.

I glared at her, she's now quiet.

"Celestia, they are-" Luna began, then stopped herself, she looked into those big violet innocent eyes. "They've had to go away for now and couldn't take them with us. Don't worry we'll see them again soon."

"But how did we get here?!"

"You've been asleep, Celly. We...nopony was able to wake you up before. But these nice ponies, and dragon, were able to wake us up."

"Did they have Dissy kiss me?"

"WHAT?! NO!"

She blushed, "Well," She tapped her front hooves together looking down, "The prince always wakes up his princess with a kiss, and they're calling us princesses, or I think they are, so-"

I needed a memory erasure spell. Wait.No I don't!No I don't!No I don't! WHAT WAS APPLE PIE DOING?!

"Howdy, Ah'm Apple Pie, Ah've heard all about ya from Half-Light, it's great to meetcha Celestia, Ah mean Princess Celestia!" She was NOT shaking hooves with Celestia!

"Oh please I prefer Celly, nice to meet you too." The sun smiled back and returned the shake.

"And yer Princess Luna, right? I've heard about you too."

"'Too,' eh? I guess some things NEVER change." The filly sighed sadly.

"Huh?! Come on! Ah ain't mean nothin' by that! Come on, ya've got gotten free after, how long did Half-Light say? A thousand years! You should be happy!"

"I suppose it's an improvement over the LAST TIME I was imprisoned for a thousand years."

"This has happenin' ta ya before?! That's just mean!"



My pink haired sister's attack hit hard, cracking my armor. I instantly shift back into my form of Princess Luna.

"Celly! Please don't!"


I turn on the waterworks.

"Oh Celly! We created Nightmare Moon as an imaginary friend! An avatar! But now she's gained control! Help Us!" I lie perfectly, when I wielded the Element of Honesty, I knew all the finer points of lying and tells to better see them.

"Oh Luna...I knew there was no way that thing could really be you! Come on! Let's get you to the medical lab, maybe we can-" she turned around. I instantly charged my horn to its maximum and fired my most powerful disintegrate spell.

"PRINCESS CELESTIA!" Some faceless, nameless Day Guard threw himself in my horn and got hit instead.

"MISSED!" I cursed.

"Golden Armor! Luna! Fight her!"

I rolled my eyes. "Big sister, thou'll believe anything."

Oh dearest sister, we envy thou, why did thou have to be freed of the memories of my sins and not ourselves?

"It''s okay, Celly, I, I deserved it THAT time."

"No way you could EVER DESERVE THAT, Lulu." Celly nuzzled her. Princess Luna shook as she returned the nuzzle.

"Thank you Celly."

Luna looked at us, "Elements of Harmony, I've beheld all that you've done. While my body was trapped, my mind and senses were not. For a thousand years my consciousness has been alongside you, watching you. I shan't deny it has been depressing in the extreme... up until these recent days. I am very proud of you all for climbing out of the darkness Disc... that you were thrown you into. Now twice do I owe you for saving me. And one more for saving my sister."

"Lulu, did you get into some of Surprise's extra-special cooking? Or those mushrooms Posey is always saying aren't for eating?"

"No, Celly. I did not."

"Okay. But, is Dissy doing okay?"

"I'm...I'm certain he's fine."

"Okay sis,"  she smiled, and hugged her.

Celestia eyed me and fluttered up to my face. I froze. "Hey, are you okay? You look sad. Are you hurt? Are you lost too? Lulu says I was asleep and you woke me up, so thank you for that. Very much!" She wing hugged me. My goddess was wing hugging me!

After a thousand felt just as wonderful. I knelt into the little hug. It was beautiful. Then her horn magic flickered out and she fell since she was using her wings to hug me. I caught her as once and continued to hug her. "Are you okay Princess, er, Celly?"

"I'm, I'm okay, I just think I'm really low on magic, I didn't think my magic could be this low."

"I sadly too must concur that my own magic is at its threadbare minimum." Princess Luna says. "I am afraid, for the task ahead of you, Twilight Sparkle, we shamefully shall not be of much aid to ye." She hung her head low, "I am sorry that you've wasted your time with us."

?! Rarity DID NOT just...she did not just-!

"YOU ARE NOT A WASTE OF TIME, LITTLE FILLY!" Rarity said to her face at the shocked Alicorn holding her cheek throbbing. "You and your sister are not a waste of time! Understood?! You are the moon! Your sister is the sun! You are NOT a waste of time! The day and the night are NOT a waste of time!  You've been watching us this whole time? Two of our friends are NEVER EVER A WASTE OF TIME! Just because you're incapable of fighting doesn't make you a waste of time! Just imagine a world full of nothing but soldiers, warriors, ninjas or whatever! It would be completely pointless!"

"But I'm of no use to you now so-"

"Twilight didn't rescue you so you and your sister would be 'of use' to her! She saved you because you both mean the world to her, because she didn't want you to suffer for a moment more! Both of you are the holy, hallowed champions of a brighter age when love and sanity ruled... a state we are fighting to bring the world back to! Warriors or no, we're ONLY SORRY that it took us this long to free you!"

"Lulu, what's wrong?" Celly asked, as her sister shed tears.

"Nothing, I'm just so happy." She looked at us, "Thank you all, Twilight, Apple Pie, Spike, Derpy Hooves, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash." 'And thank you Trixie, Magica, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy.'

"Where's Philomena?" asked Celestia, looking around for her pet.

Philomena had been one of the first that Twilight the Unicorn had freed... even before teaming up with Applejack. How could she explain to this filly that her pet had spent the last thousand years baked into a clay pot?

"Don't worry," she decided to say. "She should be safe and sound right now, I… made sure she was taken care of."

By which Twilight meant that she had released Philomena into the sky the moment she'd restored her to her phoenix form. The firebird had gone off like a shot -- and Twilight had never seen her again since.

"Aww! Thank you!"

Wherever Philomena actually was... Twilight was sure that if she and Celestia were meant to reunite, Celestia could make it happen. After she'd caught up on quite a few history lessons.

"You have some important business to take care of." Princess Luna said to all of the Elements. "You had best get going. I believe you've kept the world waiting long enough."

Twilight looked at Rainbow Dash, then the little Alicorns.

"Rainbow Dash? I have the most important mission imaginable for you."

A few minutes later, Rainbow Dash was flying away from Chaos Castle back to Sweet Rock Acres, with two alicorn fillies in tow. To her credit, the pegasus was doing a commendable job hiding how miffed she was about the fact.

"Are you sure this is wise, Twilight?" Rarity asked. "I mean... it's one thing to prevent two helpless fillies from participating in this battle... but to deprive us of a powerhouse like Rainbow Dash? NOW? Couldn't we have simply shut the princesses in an empty bedroom, and have them stay put 'til the dust settled?"

"I wouldn't trust Their Majesties safety to ANY PART of Discord's lair, no matter what kind of neutrality agreement we have with it!"

"You could have asked ME to bring them to the farm and take care of them." Derpy suggested. "They all say I'm not unkillable... but Dashie definitely is! Wouldn't she be...?"

"I chose Rainbow Dash because she's unkillable. Imagine if we're all annihilated in this final fight. What then? Well, with Luna and Celestia, we at least have a Plan B, of sorts. They've both acted as Element Bearers themselves. True, it'd be quite a hassle... building themselves back up to maximum strength, reclaiming the Elements of Harmony from Discord... but, there you have! Plus, they'll have Unkillable Rainbow Dash as their guardian and mentor. And if Dash truly IS the embodiment of Free Will now, she's the one being who's now more immune to Discord's mind games than anypony. I couldn't choose a better protector."

Derpy nodded, "That makes sense!"

(Finally using your common sense.)


"Rarity, Applejack, check those stairs behind the doors on the other side of the gallery. Are they infinite?"

"No." They said together.

"Good. Time to pay one last visit to Master."


Paradise Estate looked so pretty next to Unicornia, Old Ponyville, New Ponyville and Butterfly Island.

Two Pinkie Pies played cream pie chess.

Scootaloo and Scootaloo practiced downslop go-kart racing, getting a few bruises along the way.

Cheerilee and Cheerilee compared the virtues of different styles of teaching.

Gingerbread and Bon-Bon traded cooking secrets.

Rarity made dresses for Princess Rarity.

Rainbow Dash made dresses for Rainbow Dash (Rainbow Dash wanted to race with Firefly instead, but Rainbow Dash told Rainbow Dash it was best Rainbow Dash learn how to make dresses too).

Spike was playing cards with Spike and Spike (Spike and Spike were fairy certain Spike was cheating).

Oh and Applejack was trouncing Applejack and Applejack at hoof wresting (again, Applejack and Applejack really needed to stick to baking and comedy).

Everything was okay, everything was happy. Every day was something new to uncover and learn and Celly loved it that way. Even when things looked their darkest, things always turned out okay.

Entire herds worth of ponies continued to happily live their lives, all of them of course knew who Celly was. Why shouldn't they? Celly was best pony. Oh her and her sister were both best pony of course. Silly her.

They always had something to speak with her about or something to give her or simply to just sit around quietly and just enjoy each other's company. The smiling sun beamed down and waved at Celly who waved back.

She wondered if Toola-Roola was done with that painting of her yet.

"Hey, Celly."

She saw her best friend in the whole wide world. "DISSY!" She flew up and hugged him. "It's great to see you! Where have you been?"

"Just...taking care of things."

"That's what you always say."

"I know it's just-Hey! Watch it, Surprise!"

"Sorry! Tee-hee!" Laughed the white pegasus flying away with a now spilled large tub of water (guess she'd have to go get another one for Gummy's bath).

"Heh, surprise," Celly said kindly wiping his wet mane out of the little draconequus' eyes.

Dissy looked at the world, everypony happy and interact with each other, no need to fight monsters here to form bonds. No need for monsters. No need for monsters at all.

"You know, Celly, I think being here with you, it's the only time I think I can remember smiling my best smiles."

"Oh, you're sweet!" The pink hair filly kissed him on the cheek.

Dissy blushed. And sighed. This was harder than it should have been.

"Celly, I...I don't know if I'll be able to visit you anymore."

"What?" Celly stopped dead in her tracks, and almost fell off the cloud they were on. "Is something wrong? Has something bad happened?"

"...No. Nothing like that. I just don't know if I'll be able to anymore. Some, very big things are happening outside of Equestria and...I think they might been keep me away for a long long time."

"'ll come back right? When you're all done."

"I don't know if I'll be able to."

"Oh come on! Don't be silly! You're Dissy! You can do anything!"

"Except beat you at Super Smash Ponies, it seems."

"Oh don't give up. You almost beat me last time, HEY! Don't change the subject!"

"Sorry, force of habit."

"Now how can you just say you won't be coming here anymore?"

"I…I'm sorry."

"Now you see here! I dunno what this 'big business' out of Equestria is! But I want your promise! If everything turns out okay you'll come back and visit me! Like you always do!"

"Celly…please I can't…"


"I…I promise." He looked like he was swallowing bad tasting medicine. "And Celly?"

"Yeah?" She turned to him. She didn't see the sky turning a bunch of rainbow colors.

He hugged her tight. "YOU'RE my very best friend!"

"We're very best friends." She hugged back.

Without a moment to spare she vanished into sparkling rainbow lights.

Dissy sat on his rear, looking around at Equestria.

(Just how were you able to hide a place like this from me for so long?)

Dissy forced himself not to cry, he knew it didn't make a bit of difference, but he wouldn't give her that satisfaction, not here, not in Celly's special place!

*Because you didn't want to see it. You didn't want to believe Discord would make Celestia's imprisonment her own personal paradise. Because that would mean he cared about her. And you couldn't bear that, could you?*

(Who are you? Could you be...? Heh. Now I know nothing can go wrong. So get off your high horse. Clearly Discord was just waiting to turn this utopia into a nightmare when Celestia's happiness hit its peak. Idiot.)

"That's enough lies," Shady said, his mother trotting on the cloud even though she was an Earth Pony (and legendary for her physical inability).

"Hello mother," Discord said, not being able to face her. Facing the statues was bad enough.

"Discord, it's time to let go," Shady said to her child.

Discord looked up apologetically at his mother, "I'm sorry, mama...but I can't." The little draconequus shuddered.

"Do you think my son is going to learn his lesson now?"

(...Get your head out of your flanks. This was NEVER EVER about reforming 'your son.' It's about punishing him, pure and simple. Eternal Damnation.)

( Eee

Shun. )

"…I used to think you're what my son needed. Maybe you were. Maybe you still are. I'll tell you this, though: there is nothing righteous about you. Many ponies have called my son the devil. I have no way to argue that they're wrong. But're WORSE than my son!"

(Oh my. I am being judged by one random pony who had the bad luck of being Discord's gateway into the mortal world. How shall I ever live with myself? Very easily.)

Discord didn't stop himself from crying now, maybe Celly would forgive him for crying in her kingdom as long as it was in front of his mother.

The earth pony hugged her son. The various ponies of Equestria below them hugged each other too.


"Yes mother?"

"I'm sorry for everything."

"So am I."





Sigh. Here we go.





I see the surprise in their eyes. I'm not what they're expecting. But they keep it together.

They're about to save the world, after all.
What if Discord wasn't beaten? What if after a thousand years of slavery Twilight Tragedy finally rediscovers her soul? Anyone can die, living is the real challenge. It's time to save the world Mane Six!

Now take a look and begin to discover the true connection between the two time lines of the Pony POV Series.

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The chapter begins with Discord turning the music box ponies back into Diamond Tiara and Golden Tiara but they seem to be completely insane and are only called Mad Tiara and Screwball. Right now the Draconequus seems to almost regret what he has done to them, he broke this family apart and Onyx Tiara never got his chance to reunite with his wife and lost his child to insanity as well. They are completely loyal to Discord and try to heal his injury but that is beyond their abilities. It seems that they are able to store and huge amount of items within themselves, overall their abilities are slightly similar to one of Pinkie Pie’s. But the ruler of this World of Chaos continues to fall apart. Even he isn’t quite sure anymore about the events that had happened. The two seem to have enjoyed being music box ponies while Twilight and her group were forced to be Discord’s enforcers and took their old role. But now the Tiara family is no longer safe in this place and Discord makes plans to evacuate them. At first they of course can’t believe that they could be in any danger here. But when he tells them that the Chaos Six are gone by now and the Elements of Harmony will arrive soon, they not only believe that but are ready to fight them for his sake. He knows it wouldn’t change anything for the better. If this group was able to defeat Ender Dash, the Valeyard, Angry Pie, Fluttercruel and the concept of Cruelty itself, then these two chaotic ponies have no real chance to win against them. Yet they are determined to stand for Discord and in several battles in the past (and one surprise birthday party) they were on the side of the Draconequus. But now he doesn’t want to loose them like he just lost his daughter. Unlike Fluttercruel they are willing (and able) to listen and Discord orders them to protect each other from now on. He had prepared a castle for them, it is the one that he once gave to his mother and not only will the Dirt Maids eventually arrive to serve them but there are spell gates that will allow them to visit Amazon Island and Sky Ocean as well. Since they are the ancestors of Shady, his mother, he is willing to let them inherit his Kingdom of Chaos, if anything will be left after this is all over.

They break down crying when they realise that he is dying before their eyes and there is nothing they can do about that. The voice is quite sick of this display of compassion and is sure that it won’t matter in the end. There is no place where the two ponies can hide from what is about to come. Discord doesn’t want to see anymore sacrifices of his family for his sake and the voice instantly reminds him that his family sent Rancor to spear him. Yet the Draconequus wonders if that means that his immortal family is doing this to break this circle of misery for good. After all Rancor’s arrival did lead to many surprising changes but as long as the reader don’t know what the script of the voice was originally, it is hard to tell what these changes actually mean. He eventually takes responsibility for his discording corrupting his own daughter and making it impossible for her to understand her own mother. All this time he could have helped her but didn’t take this chance, so even he believes now what Angry Pie said about him: that he has no right to call himself Fluttercruel’s father. Yet Discord finds comfort in knowing that Fluttercruel is with Fluttershy now and he is sure that she will be able to raise their child in a better way. The two chaotic ponies declare that he should be proud that he brought them together and turned the world into one that fitted their insanity but don’t even realise anymore that they have lost Onyx Tiara in this chaos. By now Discord sees them as family members and is able to admit that he loves them. It is quite some development for him, not only the realisation itself but also the ability to admit it. The last time he said that to his own daughter it was very painful for him to admit this emotion.

They don’t even understand that he is sorry for what he did to them: He let them be consumed by their own insanity, he stole their chance to be reunited with Onyx Tiara and he used them as his enforcers before the Chaos Six came. He eventually orders them to leave as soon as possible and they have to use an Inverse Vortex for that. At this point the almost all-powerful Draconequus doesn’t even have enough power left to teleport them to safety. But before they leave, he makes sure that they know that the Elements of Harmony are not responsible for his death and orders them not to try to take revenge on them. Surely he wants to prevent another pointless battle in the future and would likely result in the death of Diamond and Golden. Soon they are gone and Discord regrets not having spent more time with them. So many chances he didn’t take. Since concepts are not supposed to feel regret, he sees that as another clear sign that he is dying. For now all he can do is to wait for the Elements to arrive.

Twilight is on her way to him and thinks back on what their roles for Discord. She is sure that they were just his pets considering that he is so powerful that he doesn’t need to have minions. And considering that in the last 1000 years of chaos he only had Shady as his enforcer it is likely save to say that he would have been able to control this world by himself, if he had put enough effort into it. The last time he almost drove all of the remaining three tribes into extinction with his chaos. Suddenly the chaotic castle leads them into the art gallery and Saint Apple Jacqueline seems to fixate the spot where she was led to Truth the last time. The empty pedestal that belonged to Sparkler reminds them on all the beings, family members and friends they have lost because of Discord’s corruption. Thankfully the two statues of the Princesses are still there but somebody else is here too, it is a seapony. Apple Pie thought that the seaponies were all ugly creations of Discord and it actually makes a lot of sense that she thinks like this. After all to make sure that they wouldn’t learn all the horrible things he did, the Draconequus kept them out of the reach of everybody else in Sky Ocean. So the normal ponies had to make up their mind about what a seapony did look like and since Discord was the cold-hearted dictator of this world, his pets had to be ugly and terrifying as well. Since they were already deceived once, Twilight makes sure that she is really what she seems to be and she is apparently moving around with some form of hydrokinsesis. It brings back disturbing memories of what Fluttercruel had once suggested to send into the way of the heroes.

But she isn’t here to fight. As soon as the seapony notices them, she gives them a formal greeting as four members of the Chaos Six and Discord’s steed. And like the other seaponies she is convinced that all this time Discord and the Chaos Six were the heroes of this world. This is extremely painful for everyone present, especially the ones who were sane enough to realise that they were trapped in eternal damnation by Discord. Eventually they tell her that Derpy is Rainbow Dash’s pupil and Apple Pie is a member of Angry Pie’s family but they are smart enough to use different names and technically all of that is true. Derpy got the Element of Loyalty, making her Rainbow’s successor and Apple Pie is related with Pinkie Pie. Rarity also manages to talk around the issue that Pinkie Pie, Fluttercruel and Ruby are all dead by now. The seapony introduces herself as Aquamarine with the special talent for telling stories but despite what the heroes – understandably – still expect, she doesn’t attack them. In fact Discord told the seaponies that today he and this world will disappear. He also said that Sky Ocean would be spared but considering what the voice said before that might be a lie. She knows that he cares about that place so there is no way that she would leave that behind. But Discord advised the seaponies to take a feather from Celestia and Luna to gain their own sun and moon before that would happen. Maybe the plans of the voice doesn’t involve the direct destruction of Sky Ocean but eventually all seaponies die without having sunlight to grow their food.

The Draconequus gave the seaponies the very ominous prediction that an Alicorn Witch will come to destroy this world and everyone in it. This did caused a bit of terror in the Sky Ocean but since they are so innocent and don’t seem to fully understand what this will mean, most of the seaponies are taking it pretty well, considering that the entire world is on the verge of annihilation. The entire process of taking the feathers feels like an insult to the Alicorns but Twilight is willing to tolerate it since the seapony doesn’t know the truth about Celestia and Luna. She just wonders why Discord would go through such lengths to do something like that. The unicorn doesn’t understand what he would gain from that. The seapony got the power to control the water around her from Discord to be able to make this journey and according to him every seapony is able to learn that. Should the world survive and should the one seeking to destroy it be defeated, then they are allowed to leave Sky Ocean. Discord knows very well that this would be the end of all the lies that he told them. But he didn’t do that for himself, he did do it for them.

The voice takes insult in the idea that something Discord had created might escape her plans and orders Twilight instantly to kill the seapony, claiming that this creation of chaos is stealing a part of Celestia’s and Luna’s power. The unicorn corrects her and takes this chance to explain how inanimate transformation works. The voice snaps and asks her how she could be willing to take ANY risk with Celestia. And it very clear that the voice does respect the Alicorn of the Sun a lot but the unicorn says that Applebloom did once something similar and she will not murder an innocent seapony. The second voice adds that they could just as easily use nonlethal methods to stop the seapony. But the first voice doesn’t even view the seapony as a living being, to her these are just chaotic creations that merely look like living beings and you can’t kill something that isn’t even alive. In turn Twilight gives a huge internal monologue about how life is about the ability to grow, to develop and to become more. She had seen the power of love creating life from a giant rock and she knows that the seaponies are alive. Aquamarine got a teleportation spell to make this journey and can use it to return home safely. The Draconequus told them that he and the Chaos Six would stand behind to try to take on the Alicorn Witch.

Aquamarine even offers one of them to use the spell to escape the destruction but none of them would run away now. Saint Apple Jacqueline actually struggles a bit with keeping her Liarjack act up. When her friends are finally able to believe that she is not talking in opposites any longer, she has to do it again to calm down this seapony. After a heartfelt goodbye from the kind mare, Aquamarine vanishes back into Sky Ocean. Apple Pie is again shocked to have seen a seapony for the very first time and her being so different from what everyone expected them to be. Twilight reminds her that they are truly innocent and that Discord did hide the fact from them that they could survive without his Sky Ocean. It makes sense, after all one seapony visiting his world and going back to tell everybody else in Sky Ocean about it could end all of his lies. Rainbow is the first one to point out that the “Alicorn Witch” sounds important and they have no idea who that could be. The two Princesses wouldn’t fit the description because there are two of them so Saint Apple Jacqueline suggests that it might be Nightmare Mirror and tells them how she encountered her own Nightmare. Eventually they decide to concentrate on the problems they have right now and use the Elements to free Celestia and Luna. Twilight fears how Celestia might react to everything that she has done but she is willing to face that responsibility, if it means to finally free her beloved mentor, teacher and mother-figure. The group is able to free the Alicorns from their long imprisonment but they take the form of Alicorn fillies.

It hurts Twilight to see her idol not only in this childish state but also not being able to recognise her. But Luna is able to remember her and happily and LOUDLY declares her eternal gratitude. The unicorn wishes so much that her mother-figure would be able to recognise her, even if she knows that it is a selfish thought. But it is heart-warming to see Luna finally be able to embrace her sister again after all these years. The entire time they were so close and yet so far apart. It seems that Celestia was placed within an illusion where she was together with all of the friends she once had and her sister realises that it would break her heart to find out what had happened all this time. So she tells her that they are gone for now but they will be able to see them again. That is the horrible prize of immortality; you outlive every one you care for. When the Alicorn of the Night tells her sister that this group did awaken them from their sleep, the Alicorn of the Day wonders if this did involve Discord kissing her awake. Twilight Sparkle is understandably disturbed by this mental image and suddenly Apple Pie walks up towards the two concepts, shakes their hooves and has a pleasant conversation with them. Luna is slightly annoyed that she is apparently still considered the second sister and realises that she has been trapped for 1000 years two times now. Celestia is instantly ready to defend her sister from whoever was responsible for that, not able to realise that she herself did seal her away.

Luna has a flashback to the time when she had become insane and fought against her sister. Once she was in a disadvantage she tried to pretend that Nightmare Moon was just a split personality, that had taken over her mind and at the moment her sister was distracted Luna tried to kill her without remorse. Only the sacrifice of a Day Guard shielded the Princess of the Day from that devious attack. The Princess of the Night deeply regrets these actions by now and envies the fact that her sister did forget them. She tries to tell her sister that it had to happen the first time but Celestia loves her too much to ever agree with that. The Goddess of the Night proclaims that unlike her sister she saw everything that happened and all the horrible things they did, but she is proud on them being able to escape their darkness and for saving the two sisters. As Celestia can see how unhappy Twilight seems to be (but is unable to understand that her current state is the cause of that unhappiness), she hugs her to cheer her up again. It is a really adorable and heart-warming scene but it also shows how little power the Alicorns have left. Luna admits that they are far too weak to help them in the upcoming battle and apologises for wasting their time.

Now Rarity snaps and despite… or maybe because she was the one that earlier said that the mortals could live without the rule of the Alicorns, she tells Luna that the two of them could never be a waste of time. They are two concepts but most importantly they are two wonderful friends. The unicorn tells her that they have no right to sell themselves short after creating such a wonderful Equestria in the past. This group wanted to free them from their suffering and didn’t think about gaining more firepower in the final battle. It brings Luna to tears to hear this proclamation of love. Celestia wonders her pet Philomena is well but even after freeing the phoenix Twilight has no idea where the bird currently is, but is sure that owner and pet will be reunited sooner or later. Eventually Twilight decides to let Rainbow Dash fly the two Alicorn fillies back to Sweet Rock Acres for their own protection. Dash doesn’t like that at all and Rarity is not that happy about loosing Rainbow Dash’s aid now. Derpy would have taken her place but the unicorn did this to have at least a second option to save this world. Should they fail, Rainbow Dash could protect the two fillies until they would be old and powerful enough to face Discord again. Both voices agree with that logic.

Thankfully the stairs leading to Discord are not of the infinite kind, so they at least don’t have to search the entire castle for 70 stars. Then we do see in what kind world Celestia saw the entire time. It is an amalgamation of all the places where Celestia had met her friends and everyone is her, from Generation 1, Generation 3,5 and Generation 4. Everyone is happy with their friends but considering that Celestia thinks about them only with their names, it is hard to tell them apart like Spike, Spike and Spike. Spike is clearly the one who cheats in this game. It is a world of endless discovery and adventure, somewhat like the world of Generation 3,5 was but with more individuality, the ponies here are able to disagree with each other. Then Discord arrives and he never told Celestia what he was doing outside of this little paradise. As he looks around this happy world, he sees a world without the need of monsters, without the need of him. Just like with Sky Ocean he enjoyed this world and being able to be Celestia’s friend here but he was never able to take the same step in the real world. Just as Spike said in his own awakening as the Element of Generosity, Discord might be too afraid to truly change. And now it might be too late for him.

The Draconequus tells the Alicorn that this will be his last visit and that certain events might make it impossible for him to ever meet her here again. She is not able to believe that, Celestia always thought that he could do anything (except beating her in Super Smash Ponies – a nice reference for Super Smash Brothers). He is sorry for that but unable to explain the reasons to her and in turn she demands from him to come back to her if he should survive these events. Discord is terrified by this idea, since eventually she will regain her memories and he is sure that she will hate him more then ever for what he did to the ponies she loved so much all this time. But he eventually gives in and promises to return to her. And as the Elements of Harmony are about to free the Princess, Discord and the Alicorn hug and declare that they are each others best friend. Just after the ruler of the Day is gone the voice has found Discord and this place. And she is quite shocked that she could overlook such a place. The Draconequus has to try his hardest not to cry about her discovery and the second voice points out that she was not able to see it since she didn’t want to see it. Because turning this imprisonment into a personal paradise where he can visit Celestia from time to time as “Dissy” would make the most sense if Discord would actually care about the Alicorn. Now the first voice realises the identity of the second voice and believes that this means that despite all the difficulties her plan is still perfect and the events will happen as she wants them to happen.

The voice is also sure that Discord just created this illusion for Celestia to break her heart once she is the happiest. Then Shady appears and the Draconequus is too ashamed to even look his mother into the face. She tells him that he could finally change for good and try to really become the person he pretends to be in Sky Ocean, Amazon Island and in Celestia’s little paradise. The voice points out that she isn’t tormenting Discord to make him learn a lesson or to reform him, she is tormenting him to torment him. She is planning to do that for the rest of all eternity, no matter who is caught in the crossfire. Shady admits that her son has done countless horrible things and maybe he did need someone like the voice to understand that. But there is nothing righteous about what the voice did and in the end she thinks the first voice is worse then her son. The voice remains unimpressed but the Draconequus breaks down in tears for his mother defending him after everything that he had done to her and everybody else. As his mother hugs him he tells her how sorry he is for everything that he had done.

But now it is time. The heroes have found him and are ready to free this world from his grasp. They are here to fight for all the lives that were lost because of Discord, for Sparkler, for the countless members of the Apple and Pie family, for Magica, for Tom, for Fluttershy, for Pinkie Pie, for Sweetie Belle, for Scootaloo, for Applebloom, for the Doctor and for all the Changelings, Hippogriffs, Virgacorns, dragons, Diamond Dogs and everybody else that had suffered because of him. They do react slightly surprised to Discord’s appearance, after giving the powers of Chaos and Havoc’s avatar to his daughter, it is very possible that his body did change. The Draconequus knows very well that they are doing this for the entire world that had suffered so much because of him.

Overall this was an amazing chapter were Discord was portrayed in a very positive light. He let Diamond Tiara and Golden Tiara go, took responsibility for the corrupted state of his daughter, declared his love for the Tiara family, stopped Diamond and Golden from taking revenge against the Elements of Harmony in the future, gave the seaponies a chance to live without him, had created her own personal paradise for Celestia, promised him to return to her if he survives, hugged Celestia, declared their friendship and apologised to his mother. In fact he ignored the very obvious possibility to send Diamond and Golden Tiara or seaponies after the heroes to stop them.

But at the same time the chapter also made clear what the Tiara family lost (Onyx Tiara and their sanity), we are reminded at Sparkler’s cruel death, the heroes remember their roles as Discord’s minions and all the horrible deeds they did because of him, Luna was forced to watch the entire world and her friends suffer and Celestia will eventually suffer horrible once she realises what Discord truly did all this time. While Discord is humanized, his crimes are not forgotten.

In the end he realises how many things he had lost in this 1000 years of chaos and how many people he cared for he had disappointed. And there are still people willing to reach out to him like his mortal mother. Meanwhile the first voice tries her hardest to make his suffering eternal and let everything follow her script. To be able to do this she dehumanizes Discord, his family and almost every living soul on this world. And so far her plan seems unstoppable.
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Static---building----transmission---in trouble. Must---restablish-connection. (fiiiiwoooooalllliieeeee)

Ok, the Cadence antenna seems to have stabilized the signal for now. So let's keep going.

So, it appears that this plays into the "even evil has loved ones" story even closer. Cruelly might be his daughter, but golden and diamond tiara are his great, great, great (I go on for about 4 minutes) grand nieces, and I guess he wanted to keep them safe from whatever was about to happen. Also, family. The one thing you cannot choose unless you choose to sever them from you. Hmmm, I wonder.

And Discord's having a pretty unusual day all things considered. Experiencing regret (which celestia says they can't afford to have, though I suppose after the whole windigo business, that kind of regret will always be with her, so in some ways, she at least had to come to terms with it). Dying (well, probably not permanent death. Otherwise, think of how the universe might run into snags without deconstruction as a tool to bring on reconstruction afterwards) (Shut up you! Discord has no purpose.) (Oh, pipe down you. I'm working here)

So, the art gallery. That's next. And so on comes the seapony: the most innocent creature in the entire creation. It's almost a shame. Nobody would really want to shatter that naive belief that everything is sunshine and apples, but the fact of the matter is with the rise of the pantheon and the fall of creation, we must realize that such an outlook is dangerous going into the world. It's, it's kinda like the seaponies are an alternate deconstruction that discord created. Perhaps the most creative one he did, and probably unintentional. He created a world of pure innocence. A world where he'd always be the hero, and always be loved and cherished. And ultimately, it a world built upon a throne of lies, which would not ever happen if it acknowledged the world outside of it as something other than what it originally said it was. It's like G3 in that sense: a great place to be, but one that is literally impossible to reach inside the normal framework of how the worlds work.

The ultimate deconstruction on why the alicorns will always need the draconequi.

Then, there was the alicorn witch, and the trouble underneath all this. Who is this witch? And why do I suddenly have the sinking feeling in my stomach. (You don't believe that nonexistent...thing, do you?) Any being with sapience, no matter how potentially twisted, has the potential for truth. We cannot discount her words just because she came from the great sea above.

Also, sacrilege? It's a feather. Neither Luna or Celestia are going to lose much from having a feather taken. I mean, look at what saint applebloom did with them.

And, why is it that (I banish thee!) (static) [NO! YOU WILL NOT KEEP ME FROM MY DUTY! I MUTE THEE ONCE AGAIN!] Ok, so as I was saying, I'm apaulled at the watcher. killing a seapony. Celestia and luna....did you just call celestia the greatest teacher ever? MmMmmmmm, a clue! Whoever this voice is, no, go into lecture mode later.

So, AJ mentioned Nightmare Mirror, the all consuming truth. And I have to admit, the bit about drilling a hole was pretty funny.

And then, the wardens came in to set the prisoners free. This is the 5th time the elements have been used thus far, so that's something. And twilight being ready to face whatever celestia would say? Geesh. It's not like you could fight back as easily as you might think. After all, discord was a cheater.

Actually though, that bit with the most beautiful white light seems to call back to what magicjack said about seeing celestia through the filter of magic: she is beautiful. Or maybe, it's just a side effect of the chaos breaking, kinda like with Nightmare Moon that millenia ago.

Either way, this probably is indeed something akin to princess luna supercharged.

Actually, this sudden role reversal between the two princesses is actually a great twist. Now it is luna who must be the responsible one who will lead her sister on, rather than vice versa. It''s probably gonna lead to some pretty nasty consequences afterwards. Not to mention the red ring of death once Celestia remembers the truth.

Wait, wasn't one of her father's conditions of her punishments to "never forget what she had done?" Does that mean discord technically worked over the will of an elder? Or was that just for the windigos.

Actually though, the way Rarity repremanded Luna was actually really sweet. Considering that she was proposing an alternate government from the princess rule, the way she talked about them being from a brighter age was actually very sweet. Perhaps that's the honesty of the heart and the understanding of freedom speaking through her?

It's very sweet. Actually though, I think the way Luna said her thanks was sweeter, becaus she knew they needed to be rescued, and to have relief after all this was just wonderful.

And so they lost their guest party member once again. First it was Pinkie, then it was rainbow, and now they took her out of the equation one last time because she's the mentor that the princesses would need in case of a worse case scenario. It makes sense.

And then there was the dream sequence. A mix of G3 and G4. with AJ's, spikes, rainbows, rarities in their reincarnations. So much joy. So much ease, so easy to deal with anything. And, the world that....WHAT!?


Hmmmmmm....So Discord turned Celestia's imprisonment into her own luxury lotus eater machine? That's...surprising all things considered. I know that Celly wanted to reform him once upon a time in eternity, but to build this place for her? You'd expect him to lock him up the same way Luna was, so that she'd always be able to see that his way works best, his work on the ponies reigns supreme, and there's nothing she can do about it. But...but this still doesn't really change anything, does it? He still has hurt so many others. Even if he kept Celestia from seeing the chaos outside her gold, that's still cold.

And the 1st voice recognizes the second? Hmmmm, and just figured out that "nothing can go wrong?"

Uhhhhhhhhh.......Ok, now I know that the first voice is over the line. The rule of hell is for Havoc, not for any mortal? And come to think of it, worse than discord? Uuuuuuugggghhhh.

Wait, so the voice that pushed twilight to go to Apple Pie for her question, is an interesting character. Not in the complex sense, but let's take stock of the clues.

1. Believes in individuality above all else. 2. Extremely protective of twilight. 3. Doesn't believe in the dark world, friends, or trust. 4. Believes in utter destruction over all else. 5. Is out to put discord through eternal suffering. 6. Considers Celestia to be the greatest teacher ever.

Hmmmmmm......Nah! No, no no no no, it can't be (can't be who, shadow?) (We will see soon enough, lady, but for now, onto the last war. Go squad sigma!)
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Lunacorva Featured By Owner May 7, 2014
Di.. did... Rarity just bitchslap LUNA!!!???

Rarity Is Awesome Count: 59,721 -> 59,843
yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013
Small typo I found "And this is Maple Pie, (is she) part of Angry Pie's family. We're babysitting her for Angry Pie." 
Switch around "is" and "she".

yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013
Before this chapter, I always thought Discord had one last trick up his sleeve concerning the princesses. With him powerless at the moment, I thought he would turn them into his brainwashed slaves to fight the heroes. I imagine them being crazily in love with Discord, like in that one world  in the  truth (Darkworld pt. 7). The battle would have been both awkward and sad for their heroes, seeing their dear princesses fighting them to protect Discord. I wonder if Discord ever did that in one of the cycles?

Also does losing connection to their concepts cause one to physically regress or did the elements involuntary to that,  like they did with Nightmare Moon?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013
"Before this chapter, I always thought Discord had one last trick up his sleeve concerning the princesses. With him powerless at the moment, I thought he would turn them into his brainwashed slaves to fight the heroes. I imagine them being crazily in love with Discord, like in that one world  in the  truth (Darkworld pt. 7). The battle would have been both awkward and sad for their heroes, seeing their dear princesses fighting them to protect Discord."

We had plenty of those already. 

"I wonder if Discord ever did that in one of the cycles?"

With so many, it's not impossible. His reform was a gradual thing as it began to sink in. 

"Also does losing connection to their concepts cause one to physically regress or did the elements involuntary to that,  like they did with Nightmare Moon?"

I wanted each readers to decide on their own on that one. 

Persona22 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
"Remember how Ah said Ah went into the truth and all that? Well at the end meh and five other mehs ended up stoppin' ANOTHER Alicorn meh that was going around turnin' all the Elements of Honesty in the multiverse into copies of her and absorbin' em. She could make yah face the worst truths about yah simply by lookin' in her eyes…Ah think THAT would fit the description. Maybe Discord found out about her somehow and just doesn't know she's not comin' anymore."

That got me thinking. If Rarity is Honesty now, will she be looking into the pond of truth sometime?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
Naw. Celestia did that as a favor to AJ because it was part of what was needed for HER healing. 
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
This just occurred to me. Rainbow Dash is the one to ask about the Alicorn Witch and, since her purification, the Passenger never once talked directly to her (she stated her opinion of her, but never talked to her).

Rainbow Dash is Free Will and Twilight theorizes that will protect her from brainwashing.

The Passenger never talks directly to her after her Element of Chaos is purified because logically, the Element of Free Will means saying 'you can't ask that question' with a magical glamour won't work on her. The Passenger knew if she talked to Rainbow, Rainbow WOULD be able to ask the question 'who are you?' and break the glamour like Twilight ultimately does.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
No comment.
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On the topic of randomly abusing magical artifacts to win, did you guys remember to mention Luna's Elder Horn?

I would imagine that Luna could take it back at this point?
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It's likely the last thing on her mind.
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