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February 15, 2013
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Pony POV Series
Dark World Part 28 "All Things In Twilight"
By Alex Warlorn

The heroes circled each other, touching their Elements.  Before their inner lights could shine, the walls of the castle’s upper floor fell away, all of them, and the ceiling of the castle broke apart like the sides of a toolbox.

The three immortals felt their Elements stop, both as their hearts and their magic. EVERYPONY was on guard instantly. AJ and Apple Pie felt it, it was like somepony had strong-armed the castle to do so. didn't feel like Discord! Not like Fluttercruel or Rancor either!


Minty Pie yelped as a falling crystal mass nearly crushed her, blocking the way back to the Caverns Of The Seasons. "Okay then, no way to go but forward then, wasn't going turn back anyway." Minty galloped through the crystal caves, wish she at least had some idea of where she was going, but the Windy-Gos and the Lemon-Ponies had avoided the crystal caves right below Discord's Castle of Chaos. "I'm coming, Twilight!"

A black shadowy Minty Pie emerged from one of the cracked crystals, with glowing green eyes with red centers, holding a shadowy version of her own sword, "But can you conquer yourself? Minty Pie? A sober world awaits under an empire of crystal."

*Don't worry, Minty, you're almost there.*

Minty Pie shouted, "OUT OF MY WAY!"


It was still twilight. Twilight hoped that once Celestia and Luna began moving the sun and moon again, it wouldn’t cause panic.  Hopefully, everypony would be too happy that their tormentor was gone to care.

'Celestia...Discord. You stole Celestia's memories of me, of her ponies, of her kingdom, you sick bastard. Watch. We'll recover them. Just watch.' That was when it hit Twilight like a thunderclap. 'Why didn't I think to use the memory spell on Celestia when I had the chance?'

*Because you didn't want to hurt her Twilight. Whatever fantasy she was living. She was happy. You didn't want to destroy her by shattering it so soon and when you were in the middle of saving everypony. It wasn't thoughtless, it was thoughtful.*

'Thank you.'

*You're welcome Twilight.*

"YADDLE-WAA-HEEE-WHOO!" Apple Pie shouted over the edge.

"That was no performance Discord gave us in his last moments.  You agree, Rarity?"

"Yes, Applejack, it was no deception. I'm sure of it."

"Then what's going on right now?" Derpy asked.

(Maybe something made to be triggered upon Discord’s death.)

Discord's throne slid to the side. A small pedestal rose up.  A single rolled-up scroll sat  neatly in the middle. The bow on the top undid itself, the scroll unfurled and floated towards Twilight, she quickly up a small barrier in front of her face that would change the colors to something harmless (hopefully, was untested) if it turned out to be a discording-hypno pattern.


What greeted me instead shocked me so much my bones rattled.

"This is...Starswirl the Bearded's time travel spell. No! Wait a minute, this is, this is MY SPELL, the one I was working on when I wrote that note to myself that Discord found. But how? Discord made me BURN IT."

"Twilight, what spell?" Spike asked.

"When…when Discord kept toying with me, turning me into Twilight Sparkle, then back into Twilight Tragedy, over and over. Me never knowing it wasn't the first time I had awakened. Once I barely managed to realize it wasn't my first time being restored, thanks to my parents, please don't ask. So I wrote a note to myself, and began designing a spell that could send knowledge back in time to another version of yourself as scrolls via dragon-mail. Long story, Apple Pie. But, he found out somehow, and had me just burn the note and my spell without reading them.  Along with all the Daring Do books. I STILL don't forgive you FOR THAT Discord!  But I never finished it! This spell shouldn't exist!"

(Must have been intended for his minions to use in case he was defeated. He didn't count on not having any minions LEFT, of course.  And now Discord has unwittingly handed you the one way to wipe out his horror show.)

We just did.

(No I mean wipe it clean away.)

Wipe it clean away.

(Sure, Derpy is happy now, but wouldn't it have been better if she never had to go through any of that? If Dinky hadn't been a muffin for a thousand years? And Sparkler was still alive?)

Sparkler still alive.

(Maybe you are still friends, but did you have to go through a thousand years of Pony Hell to get here? Wouldn't it be better if none of that ever happened?)

Ever happened.

(Sure, the Hippogriffs aren't bad, but they only exist in such numbers because the entire Griffin and Pegasi races fled for their lives from Discord. Is that a good thing?  And the Sea Ponies? Yes, a lost tribe recreated, but was it worth seeing the rest of the world tortured for their aquatic utopia?  Most of those who willingly became seaponies did so only by losing all semblance of hope. Now they'll never get to know what their lives could've been like before Discord.)

Like before Discord. Princess Celestia. Mom. Dad. Baby Spike. Ponyville. Cadence…  Wait a minute! You were totally against me allowing Rainbow Dash to kill me to restore the world!

(No. I said Traitor Dash was a fool for putting her fate into the hands of another. Especially Discord.  You KNOW you couldn't trust Discord to keep his word about ANYTHING!  He'd have twisted his promise to Traitor Dash or simply gone back on his non-existent word. And look at it THIS WAY: even if the world was restored that way, Rainbow Dash would have remembered all her murders, remembered submitting to Discord's will, remembering killing you, and what would THAT have done for her mental health?  No, this is the RIGHT WAY to do things, Twilight. The only way. The proper way. The correct way.)

But the Virgacorns, the Hippogriffs, the seaponies...

(They were never supposed to exist, Twilight.  Just like this nightmare world was never supposed to exist.)

The changelings have become a people instead of monsters.  The dragons are now a culture...

(They weren't meant to be that way, Twilight.  And you know it.  Don't be selfish. This entire misadventure has been one fiasco after another.  You have the power to undo this mess.)

Undo this mess.

(Yes. A world without danger. If we reset it to the start. Return to the sweet days of being Celestia’s student.  Think of Celestia and Luna. Equestria. Canterlot. Ponyville. PINKIE PIE AND FLUTTERSHY! Here you are, like a star, shining bright on the world. Go far and Make evil go away. Save all that you love.)

Save all that I love.

(You're the only one can do it.)

Only one who can do it.

(You have the power. Nopony else.)

I have the power.


Blackness began to cover a jewel.

"Beep!Remote-Server-Download-complete! Welcome to the complete anthology of memories of yours truly, Discord The Great and Really Great Concept of Chaos!   Oh, and a couple memories that aren't mine, but I included from the remote server anyway since you seem to be missing them.  Due to circumstances soon to be made evident these aren't exactly in chronological order. Brace yourself, Twilight… Twilight.... Twilight Whatever-You’re-Calling-Yourself-This-Run.  I apologize in advance, because this is going to hurt. Beep!"

P.S. If a certain somepony happens to be listening to this, your vision will be filled with several hundred pictures of me mooning myself in the mirror, set to play on a continuous loop.  Arrevederchi!

(Discord, you bast-


Discord finally found it!  Twilight's note to herself; so here’s where she hid it. He wished that he hadn't been pushed so far ahead this loop, otherwise he might have had Twilight deal with those annoying spell scrolls much sooner. Or he could have just stopped the potted plants that were Moonshine Sparkle and Starlight Sparkle from toppling over, bringing her attention to them at just the right moment.


"My Chaos Six!"

"Yes, Master?" They all said.

"Stay still. Screwball!" Screwball pulled the lever, and the giant anvil came down and crushed them all to paste.  He collected their Elements quickly.  Two days later, Rarity turned out to have been bitten by a vampire. Applejack had been infected by zombies. Twilight had arisen as a ghost. Fluttershy's consciousness had been infused into some random swamp life.  Pinkie Pie had been resurrected as a homunculus using forbidden rebel Alchemy. Rainbow Dash claimed she had come back to life after being struck by lightning.  None of his reanimated minions were vulnerable to the usual weaknesses.  


"I'm going to remind you what pain feels like before we fade into the new world!" She yelled as the chains tear backwards, pulling me off the ground and holding me against a stone wall, arms held out as if I was crucified. "What it's like to be at somepony's mercy! What it's like to feel scared like you make everypony else feel!" She yelled, another of her chains bursting from her chest, from her heart. She didn't care about the stabbing, horrible pain it caused her, it didn't matter.

She took careful aim, pointing the chain right at my own black 'heart.' "Beg…" She say simply as the smell of my flesh burning from contact with her chains enters the air. "Come on, beg for your miserable, no good life!"

Before I could (yes I almost did!), she wrapped one of her chains around my mouth. "On second thought, I don't think I want to hear it, 'Master'..." She spat, the hellfire engulfing her, her flames intensifying. The flames surrounding the chains she have aimed at my 'heart' turns black as pitch. Nice touch. "Now, look forward to Hell," She stated, the chain launching forwards and piercing my chest, flames erupting out of it as I writhed in agony.

"The blacker the heart, the hotter my flames burn, the more agony they inflict! Every unrepentant sin is fuel for the fire that now consumes you! This is your own personal purgatory that you've created with your own hands. I hope you like it!" She shouted. She starts laughing! Laughing as we begin to fade! Watching the fires burn around my skin, flesh, and bone in the most agonizing manner possible! "The sick buck's finally getting what he deserves! Hahaha!"


I saw the other me turn away from the mirror. Why wouldn't he? After all, he was as much a prisoner as me, in his white void, but his Fluttercruel embraced the chaos he was teaching her. He realized she existed right at the start. He had her love and she his, and so long as they dealt with their final boss, they'd keep it. He had everything I could ever dream of. He didn't see me write, "!em evaS" on the glass.


"Mad Tiara! Screwball!"

"Yes,  Lord Discord?"

"You two are now my chief minions! The Chaos Six are under your direct command!"

"Yes Master!" "Woo-hoo!  You got it, Grandpa!"

Nine hundred and ninety years later, I watched helpless as the deep purple Alicorn toss aside Screwball and Mad Tiara’s broken bodies.


My own Twilight Tragedy took my creed to its logical conclusion. My own fault, really. I was getting sloppy; making new chaos that kept getting erased. So she sealed me in the moon, made the others unable to comprehend disobeying her, and began to spread chaos in its purest, most randomized form. I watched from the moon. She was always saying how the chaos was all for me. Sweet thing. Then I let it slip I was proud of her, and from there, things went SOUTH...


YES! Yes! I'm free! I feel three thousand years younger! I could kiss that wannabe Element of Magic, now Tarot Queen of Wands, and Cadence! Heh.

I'm free of my sins! I'm so happy! Fluttercruel's left on a journey to figure out who she is, I can't bring myself to stop her, she has a right to.

Then a new Nightmare appeared.


What boring disappointments these six all are. I created a duplicate of me to cause routine, bland chaos over and over, just to keep them busy.  Oh look!  The good Valeyard’s time machine.  Unreliable.  Erratic.  Capable of taking you anyplace.  Anytime.  Anytime. Time to correct the mistake I made a thousand years back of starting this mess!


Huh? Time storm? Try again.
Huh? Time traffic jam?! Try again.
Time road construction?!
Time eaters?
Time octopus?
Time sirens?

HEY! Stupid Dalek Caan! Watch where you're time traveling! Seemed to have knocked him into that Thestral Dance Club, oh well, won't hurt him too badly, I think. They're even having a BBQ right now. I'm sure he'll be fine!

Here we go! Now! Holodeck?!
Theme park?!
Virtual Reality Equestria singularity? Giant AI Celestia? You're BORING compared to MY Celestia! Nya-nya!

Now! NOW I've got it!   ACK!!! neck...I tripped on a paper clip?!

(Going someplace?)  


Okay!  I've had enough.  Evil sucks.  Time to turn over a new leaf.  

"Attention, everypony! From now on! I've decided to be a NICE Overlord! Can anyone here teach me niceness, please?"

A little orange filly with green hair and wearing a absurd white bonnet trots forward. Her cutie mark is a slice of apple and slice of orange. "Sure, Ah'll teach ya! First ya gotta-"

I black out. I come to.

Uh…why are my claws covered in blood?   No!

(No breaking character.)


The blue and pink Alicorns crashed into the ground, pushing up dust clouds from the impact.

The dark purple Alicorn in bone armor gracefully landed. "Even as an Alicorn you're still a talentless farce, Trixie."

"Trixie, I, didn't mean it to end this way," Cadence whispered, her wings broken.

"No, thank you Cadence, you saved me." With her cracked horn, Trixie fired off a shot, catching the dark purple Alicorn by surprise. It shattered her bone helmet and burned half her face.

"AGH! That's the last spell you'll ever cast!"


"Please stop! I don't want this! I don't want to be this way!" Rarity screamed at the top of her lungs as the black threads choked her.

(I need my Nightmare Charity and you're going to become it!)

"NO!" Rarity's horn shinned bright.


While Twilight Tragedy's conditioning had rendered the other Elements of Chaos unable to comprehend the idea of disobeying any order she gave them, deep down, they still would have fought for their friend.

Somewhere in her, something came through, and Twilight Tragedy was confused when she realized she was crying at the sight of her battered and broken teammates.

"This absurdity has gone on long enough. Time to get things back on track." The dark Alicorn before her behind the image of Master sealed in the moon where he could see all the chaos Tragedy brought to the world.


I pull out a revolver, forged by the will of Justitia, the fires of Venus, the harmonics of Cadence, and the steel of their Old Man. I put in my mouth and pull the trigger. Dangit. Still alive.

Hanging.  Worthless. Holy-water bath, tried it. Throwing self into a black hole, can't reach one.  Blow up the planet.  Didn't work out either.


Where am I? When am I? Maybe she's gotten bored? Meh. Not likely. She's like me that way, but opposite. Hmmm. That filly looks familiar. Did she just laugh at my joke?


"Twilight stop!" Rarity shouted as they stood on the top of the defeated Discord's Castle of Chaos. "I won't let you just erase Tom!" She put a hoof over the shoulder of her stone son.

"Mother," Tom Bell meekly protested, his Element of Loyalty shining, "if it's really for the sake of Equestria-"

"NO! I threw away Sweetie Belle! I won't throw away you too!"

"Half-Light, don't you care about us?" Apple Pie asked tearfully.

The Element of Kindness looked two ways with her yellow wall eyes, feeling conflicted on which side to take. Sparkler hugged her mother for support.

Twilight indifferently pushed aside the broken, but still breathing Fluttercruel like she was debris. "Spike," She said emotionlessly, "Keep them away."

The dragon obeyed.

"All of you refuse to see.  This world is WORTHLESS.  We must repeat, retry, restart, until this world is set RIGHT.”


I sighed as I sat here on at the top of Mount Shady, turning any pony who spotted me into mimes. After all, that's what the evil overlord was supposed to do. "There is no redemption for ones like me."


The throne room was completely silent except for my heavy breathing. I was alone. My four hooves were shaking.

Dead. All dead.   I was alone.

Discord had massacred Sweet Rock Acres for helping us. Sky Ocean and Cloudsdale had fallen for Traitor Dash's failure. Ponyville had slaughtered themselves in madness. Tiamat and her dragons had fallen, fighting to wear Discord down. The changelings had been hunted to extinction.

I was alone.  I had stopped just short of killing Pinkie Pie, only to watch her age straight into dust.

Fluttercruel had boasted how she had devoured, assimilated, and completely annihilated Fluttershy's soul. She didn't boast for long.

Spike and Luna had died keeping Discord busy as we charged up the Elements.

Applejack had wielded two Elements of Harmony at the same time, but one mortal pony was not meant for that without the Element of Desire, she paid with her life as her body gave out.

One by one I watched them die. Some died for me. Some died fighting me. Some died betraying me.

Then the Elements were used. Those of us who remained. Discord was defeated. AJ gave up her life for us to win. The world twisted and turned. So many died as the world was forced back to 'normal' but they no longer fit the old world's definition of 'normal.' Derpy aged into dust, Discord's curse no longer there with him gone.

With only Rarity and I left. She gave into her greed, attacking me, determined to have my Elements for herself. Celly turned out to be alive, she tried to help, she wasn't able to help for long. We clashed atop the ruins of a remade empty world. In the end, she was dead, and I was not. I wonder who the victor was.

The absolute, pure, single truth struck me.

"There's nothing…There's nothing left for me. No place to return to...nopony to love...and nothing to believe in...Nothing...but..."

"[But) ((Nightmares!))"

Twilight gasped, the scroll fell to the floor. Twilight shook her head. The images, so confusing, so conflicting, then again, they were Discord's memories, but all she was shown, all she saw, it didn't make sense. Not at all! Or maybe it did?

"No." Twilight whispered.


"I said no. As in, ‘not going to happen.’"

"Twilight? What's wrong? You were staring off into space there for a second." Spike asked honestly concerned.

"I saw Discord's memories." She stood tall. "And I'm not going to erase this world. The Virgacorns, the Hippogriffs, Seaponies, Queen Cadence's Changelings, Dragons, Breezies, they have a right to exist as they are."

(You'd spare this timeline just for some mutant freaks?)

"They EVOLVED! Like life is supposed to! Erasing OUR world to make way for another world? That's genocide. These are ponies in this world with LIVES, FAMILIES, these is NOTHING hopeless about it!”

"It would be like if I made a hundred clones of myself, then killed them all or locked them away like animals when they got to be a nuisance or I felt my individuality threatened."

"Auntie Saint Applejack, is Half-Light okay?"

"Ah think she's gone into super-lecture mode. Look out fer rainin' soap boxes."

(In the new timeline, Discord can be PUNISHED for his crimes instead of cheating justice by dying, is that good ON TOP of all those lives?)

‘He died beaten.  Alone.  Betrayed.  Brutalized.  Conquered.  Lonely.  Weak.  Wretched.  And we stood by and watched as he was shunted away to a family of STRONGER Draconequui who don't even like him.  Only a monster would look at everything we put him through and call that ‘cheating justice!’ And trading in innocent lives for other innocent lives is inequine!"

('Change the world! Defy fate! Crush destiny and make your own! Force the world to be what YOU want it to be!' That's what a hero is!)

"No that's what a monster is! Life is about recognizing what you can change and accepting what you can't!"

(Life is about throwing the lemons back!)

"All you end up with is empty hooves."

(A pony who does nothing to change the world is as alive as a rock!)

"And a pony who forces the entire world to change is as constructive as a tsunami! I'm not going to 'unmake' everypony!  I'm going to change what I can, and accept what I can't!"

(And condemn millions before us to those lives under Discord?")

"And WHAT? Condemn millions not to be born at all? Condemn millions to cease to exist when they can finally learn what happiness is? Turn them into those shadow monsters we saw?! Create a PARADOX that could damage reality? No. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna didn't just reset the clock after they beat Discord. And neither will I."

--"Apollo Justice's Theme (with vocals and lyrics)"--

(((You stupid foal! How can you be content with this fake world?!)))

The ponies and dragon all shuddered and looked around. They had all heard it. And the knew each other had heard it.

"You're right...I was like a foal. I've always rushed to cover up or undo my mistakes, never facing the consequences. But no more. I accept my weakness, my sins, my crimes, my failures, I won't run away from my mistakes."


"NO! You hear me!? I won't kill Apple Pie! What are you?... And why... why does simply asking that QUESTION... feel like the psychological equivalent of lifting a castle up from its foundations?"

(((...Because it shouldn't be in your context to be even able to ask about my identity.)))

It was as if a dam had burst.  

"Ya can all hear it too?”  

“You mean the Voice-Lady-thing?"

“Who IS she?”
“She’s visited your head too?”

“She’s spoken to us so often... why haven’t we discussed her before?!”  

'Who are you?'

(((Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake, clap your hooves, and do a little shake.)))

"… … C-Cadence?"

(((Who's my favorite filly?)))

"… There's NO WAY Cadence would be so casual with the lives of others! When she became Queen she loved all her changelings, all those she protected, like her own foals! Cadence learned from Celestia the same as me! And even to her worst enemies and dangerous radicals she refused to murder in the name of the greater good! Even Cadence at her worst wouldn't become what you are! A being consumed by bonds CAN'T dedicate themselves to breaking them anymore than Nightmare Moon could dedicate herself to making eternal day!…

"There's only one pony with so much brains and still be so arrogant and narrow minded! Twilight Sparkle!"

"WHAT?!" The other five echoed.


(((NO! WE ARE NOT!!!)))

"Twilight! YOUR SHADOW!" Rarity cried out.

Twilight turned, against the twilight sun, her shadow grew, and grew, and grew, extending and widening. Then it stretched and curled like a snake eating its own tail. The others inched away from it as it slithered along the ground still connected to Twilight.

Rarity had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. Spike felt his dragon blood freeze. Derpy took a step near Apple Pie -maybe for her own comfort-, her coat and feathers bristled. Apple Pie felt like she was watching a wagon wreck, wanting to look away, but her body not obeying, a grim fascination holding her. AJ closed her eyes, just looking at it made her ill.

(Bad filly. Forcing me to fix this mess myself.)

Twilight's shadow curled around the dead blue pegasus mare. It engulfed it, covering it, seeped into it. The shadow condensed pulling into it. Still Twilight and the shadow were connected.

Like crude oil from a pipeline the shadow rose from the ground, the body with it, now like a smudged black outline.   The corpse's eye snapped open, glowing a deep violet as it stared at the group.

The corpse shadow grew, becoming larger, sleeker, with long legs, swan like wings, a horn grew from the head, extending longer and longer. The mane and tail began to move on their own in an invisible wind. And grew bigger, taking the familiar shape of an Alicorn.

I hate you.

(Naturally.  You hate me because you know you can't stop me.  You can't do ANYTHING to stop me.  How many times have you tried?  What iteration are we on?)

(I think we've both lost count. Well guess what? How you feel now? That powerless helpless feeling? That's exactly how you made me feel in the maze, when one by one you turned them into twisted shells of what they used to be, and gave Fluttershy's body to that devil of a daughter.)

(...When I realized I could do nothing to stop you from having your way with the world. Its how everyone felt that day, Discord. It's how Twilight always feels. How we both always felt when you snapped your fingers and switched us back to Sparkle and forced us to see the living hell you'd made the world!)

(How you feel when you watch that little piece of garbage you gave Fluttershy's body that you've come to care about die is exactly how I felt when you and your little puppets murdered Cadance right in front of me!)

(Enjoy this big spoonful of your own medicine.  Again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. Forever, never to end. As I watch you squirm for my entertainment. Just like I had to suffer for your amusement with no end in sight!)

Discord looked in the mirror.

Hello Twilight Sparkle, Unicorn, erm, pony. I apologize. It doesn't change what I've done and it doesn't fix any of it, but I apologize for everything. Guess that makes it more about me doesn't it if it doesn't fix anything doesn't it? But I apologize to you. I apologize to Applebloom-"

*1,165,318,604 Names Later*

"-And I'm sorry to Zecora. I had Screwball keep notes one time. Feeling sorry now doesn't excuse any of it though. I wish I was given a chance to make amends. If I could have, I'd have made amends for every life and soul I've ruined. The most sucky part is that I mean every word of that."

"The crimes I've committed against the innocent and Equestria are beyond measure of your laws to punish. And I know this isn't enough. I can't rectify my wrong choice. So please. Just know I apologize. I don't expect nor deserve forgiveness. But I've also been forced to see too after so long that my own torture and misery doesn't amends anything either, as astounding as that is. I mean, I used to think revenge made EVERYTHING better. Just know if I could make up for even one billionth of a drop of it, I would. Just know revenge is a pit that you can never fill."


Rage contorted breathing shuddered from the mass. Derpy knew that sound perfectly well. It was the sound her heart made when she realized Sparkler's fate.

Spike shuddered, something inside him telling him to cower and beg for forgiveness.

Apple Pie shook her head. This wasn't a wrongness like Pinkie Pie being old or Discord being stabbed. This was the wrongness of a dear friend acting a way you know they'd never act, but not being able to deny what was right in front of you. 'Is this here what ya felt Half-Light? All them years ago?'

Applejack said, "No way, no how, this is just wrong. Dangit. Haven't we EARNED our happy ending yet?!"

Twilight felt a strange sense of numbness looking at it, feeling faint. "If first you don't succeeded, try try again, then throw lots of raw magic power at the problem and brute force it," she said faintly.

"Twilight!" She startled at the echo. She looked around her, her friends were with her. She felt herself warm again. Apple Pie and Spike nuzzled her.

"Come out," Rarity whispered defiantly.

The darkness took the shape of an ouroboros before it explosively shattered, the shadow split from Twilight.

Her mane and tail were black-purple and magenta flames. Feathery wings that resembled tongues of fire spread out to their full length dramatically. She was a few inches taller than Celestia. Her coat was a deep purple. The air temperature around her rose, it made Derpy sweat.

Her champron, peytral, armored horseshoes, her alicorn armor, were sparkling white, a complete contrast to the rest of her. It was designed to be orderly and functional with a hint of ego to match.

On the front of her armor, on the peytral, was the symbol of a solar eclipse.

Covering half her face was a piece of armor engraved with the sun and the moon.

Far too familiar violet eyes slit like Nightmare Moon's glared at Twilight.

Her cutie mark, was a white six pointed star, in front of a magenta star, and five smaller magenta color stars surrounding the larger one. Twilight looked at the opposite colored cutie mark on her flanks, and shivered.

Magic, undo this woe.
Punish evil for his crime.
The sands of time traverse.
Bring back what once was mine.

Undo all this hurt
Break from fate's design
Restore what has been lost.
Bring back what once was mine

Bring back what once was mine,"
it sounded as if a half dozen different voices sung along with her, like a choir heralding the arrival of a mighty hero…but there was a certain wrongness to it they couldn't describe as she finally looked down at them.

"Now let's try this again," her voice sounded ghostly, like a banshee almost one moment and from a deep pit the next, holding a sophisticated and mature tone.

Apple Pie asked not taking her eyes off her. "Half-Light, who…who is she?"

"…She's…me… my… Nightmare."
What if Discord wasn't beaten? What if after a thousand years of slavery Twilight Tragedy finally rediscovers her soul? Anyone can die, living is the real challenge. It's time to save the world Mane Six!

Now take a look and begin to discover the true connection between the two time lines of the Pony POV Series.

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The Pony POV Series Trope Page is feeling neglected. You can help keep it up to date! So many characters and so little description on the 'minor' ones. [link]

Check out the recursive fanfiction and fanart of the Pony POV Series! [link] Many of it approved by me as canon.

Be sure to join our Group for a TON of recursive works, many a part of optional canon!!! [link]

Did anyone else know about us now being on Fan Labor Wiki? This is a surprise to me.


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20130308: "Will the Circle be Unbroken" from Bioshock Infinite suggested By Brutality Inc for Dark World Saga AS A WHOLE!

Image and lyric by Kendell2.
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The chapter begins with the heroes ready to activate their Elements when suddenly the entire castle of chaos is ripped apart like nothing, like a background that has served its purpose. The one who is pulling the strings is far from beaten. She can still restore her script. At the same time the earthquake blocks Minty’s path to the Caverns Of The Seasons and leaves only the way to the crystal caves below Discord's Castle of Chaos. Suddenly she encounters a dark shadowy version of herself, it seems that the Queen of Endless Winter was not her final boss as well. But the second voice is there to encourage her to go on. Outside Twilight can see that the sun and moon haven’t started their normal circle yet and hopes that the eventual return of the normal day-night-circle will not cause the mortals to panic. After all for 1000 years they were used to sun and moon switching constantly. The unicorn is still angry that Discord took Celestia’s memories but she determined to recover them over time.

Suddenly she feels guilt over not using the memory spell on her beloved teacher when she had the chance but the second voice reminds her that she couldn’t hurt the young Alicorn in that moment. Celestia was happy and while this illusion must be broken eventually, doing it in that moment would have caused nothing but suffering. Both Rarity and Applejack can see that Discord himself can’t be responsible for the current events and the first voice suggests that it could be linked to his death. Suddenly a single scroll appears hidden under Discord’s throne. As it opens itself and floats to Twilight she is prepared to shield herself against an attempt to hypnotise her.

It turns out to be the time travel spell Twilight was working on before Discord made her burn it. She tells the others how she briefly managed to snap out of her own discording and started to write notes to herself to create a spell for mental time travel. But the Draconequus found out about that and ordered her to burn it. And despite never being finished, this spell looks very real. Again the first voice offers a very reasonable explanation for these events: Discord might simply have created this spell for his minions to use after his defeat. But now Twilight can use it to undo everything Discord did. The voice reminds Twilight that Derpy would be much happier if she hadn’t been tormented for 1000 years and if both of her daughters were still alive. Not just Derpy, all of her friends had to go through 1000 years of hell, could she say no to a way to spare her friends this suffering? The Hippogriffs exist as they do today only because of two races fleeing from extinction and while Twilight does care for the seaponies, she can’t deny that an entire world being tortured while they were safe isn’t exactly fair and all the ones that willingly embraced that existence gave up on their old life and the families they could have had. The unicorn thinks back to the time before Discord, when Princess Celestia ruled over the land, Twilight’s parents were still able to hug her, Spike was a cute baby dragon, Ponyville was a place where the ponies were happy and Cadence still lived.

The unicorn is almost in trance but snaps out of it when she remembers that the voice herself was against Rainbow Dash’s plan to restore the old world. The voice claims that the idea itself was not the problem, the problem was trusting Discord to make it possible. He would have either twisted the promise into a mockery of itself or would have found a way to not have to keep his end of the bargain at all. And even if the Draconequus had done exactly what he promised to do, then Dash would have remembered everything she had done and this would have broken her mind over time. But this way would not have such drawbacks. Twilight is more then tempted but she cares for the Virgacorns, the Hippogriffs, the seaponies, the Changelings that overcame their own nature and the dragons that created a culture. The voice claims that these things were never meant to happen and it would be selfish to put the happiness of few over the happiness of so many. The unicorn is reminded that she could save all her loved ones in one swift strike and at this point Twilight can only repeat what the voice says to her. She is ready to give in and the darkness covers her Element of Friendship again. Twilight is about to cast the spell that will just lead to the same events repeating themselves.

But in that very moment the memory spell she casted on Discord is finally done and she gains his memories and a few that she lost herself. It also contains a small message for the unicorn and some mental spam for the first voice. Much to the frustration of the voice it activates and Twilight can see the moment when Discord had found her note to herself and it seems that the Draconequus not always starts the circle at the same time and the hiding place of the scrolls change from loop to loop. Then follows a circle where Discord just crushed all of his six minions and took their Elements of Chaos. It seems to be the easy and effective solution to prevent their betrayal and only two days later are they all back resurrected by different means and have none of the weaknesses the Draconequus knows about. They have become harder to defeat for him. Then we see a circle where Twilight erased the world by successfully sending mental messages back to herself. It is as it happened in the Fading Futures story ([link]) and Twilight did become Nightmare Purgatory. She orders Discord to beg for his life but before he can say anything, which did snap her out of it in that story, she stops him from talking at all. Instead the Nightmare uses the time she has left to torture Discord with flames that burn hotter the more sins he had committed. And since he committed so many sins he suffers horrible before both fade away.

She can see Discord being rejected by another version of himself ([link]). And Discord is actually envious that the other Draconequus managed to have a healthy relationship with his daughter, was able to teach her chaos and now the two of them are fighting a battle for their future that they can win. What the alternate Discord didn’t see was him writing “Save me!” on the glass. Twilight sees Discord giving Golden and Diamond Tiara direct command over the Chaos Six but it doesn’t change anything. In the end the Nightmare kills the two chaotic ponies before his eyes. Twilight sees a circle where Twilight Tragedy won the battle inside her soul and ended up taking over the world and spreading pure random chaos (It is the sixth vision of that story: [link]). Nobody of her friends could stop her anymore after she made them unable to disobey her. Discord was left in eternal pain trapped in the moon and it might have lasted even longer if he hadn’t admitted that he was proud on what Twilight did. The unicorn sees a world where Alicorn Trixie and Cadence managed to heal the other Elements and even the Draconequus himself ([link]). He is so happy and perfectly willing to let Fluttercruel go on her journey of self-discovery but then a new Nightmare appeared to interrupt the happiness.

Twilight can see a circle where Discord is completely bored with the Chaos Six and left them with a copy of himself while he takes the TARDIS to fix the mistake he did in the past. But stranger and stranger obstacles keep interfering and the Draconequus just doesn’t manage to reach the time and space he wants to reach. Eventually the voice kills him in one of the strangest ways possible just as he had just found what he was looking for. There is no escape. Twilight can see a loop where Discord was completely sick of being the evil ruler of the world and decided to try becoming a decent ruler and directly asked if anybody would be willing to teach him how to be nice. Apple Pie stepped forward without hesitation and when Discord comes back to his senses he has killed her with his own claws. The voice reminds him that there is no derivation from her script. The unicorn sees both Alicorn Trixie and Cadance being defeated by this Nightmare. Especially Trixie fights bravely but the Nightmare is too strong for them. It seems to be another glimpse of how the alternate epilogue was “corrected” by the voice. Twilight also sees how Rarity tried to fight becoming Nightmare Charity in the alternate epilogue but the voice didn’t leave her a choice in that matter, she needed a Nightmare to derail the happy ending and to restore her script.

The unicorn can see that eventually the Nightmare also killed Twilight Tragedy’s Elements of Chaos before her eyes and the dicorded unicorn found herself crying seeing the broken bodies of her friends like that. But the voice had no mercy and was determined to restore her script. Twilight can see Discord becoming more and more desperate about his never-ending fate and trying more and more extreme measures to kill himself to end it. Even destroying the entire planet was not enough to do it. She can see the time when Discord came to his senses when Apple Pie did laugh at his joke and decided to save her life. Twilight sees a version of herself that defeated Discord with a different group of friends: Rarity, Tom, Apple Pie, Derpy, Sparkler and Spike. Rarity is terrified of the idea of loosing Tom now and Apple Pie is heart-broken that her friend doesn’t seem to care for them anymore. But Twilight already made her choice to use the time travel spell to try to reach a better ending. Next the unicorn can see Discord sitting sadly on top of Mount Shady telling himself that there is no redemption for him.

Finally the Element of Friendship sees a world where she was victorious but she lost everything in the battle against Discord: The ponies of Sweet Rock Acres were massacred, Sky Ocean and Cloudsdale had crashed to the ground killing everybody, the ponies of Ponyville killed themselves in madness, Tiamat and her dragons as well as all the Changelings are dead. Pinkie Pie and Fluttercruel were killed in battle while Spike and Luna sacrificed themselves so that the others could use the Elements against Discord. Applejack died soon after that from having used two Elements of Harmony at the same time Many many others perished when there was no chaos to sustain them like Derpy who aged into dust without Discord’s curse. Celestia died in the battle against Rarity when the white unicorn could no longer control her greed and eventually Twilight was truly alone. She had lost everything she ever cared for in this battle: The reminders of the past and the things of the present, she lost her future as well at this point. In a highly disturbing reference to the shocking twist of the medieval chapter of “Live a Live” the hero has lost everything, all her friends and believes, leaving her only with Nightmares. At this point her only option was to become a Nightmare.

As the unicorn is coming back to her senses, she is struggling to comprehend all of these memories and makes a decision. She rejects the offer to restart these events, to repeat the same mistakes again and again. With newfound determination she declares that she will not erase this world and that its inhabitants have the right to exist. The voice obviously doesn’t care about a single of these lives and Twilight makes clear that this life is not some sort of anomaly; it is the evolved form of life after 1000 years of chaos. A life that is strong enough to survive under the worst, cruellest and most chaotic conditions but what really matters is that they are all individuals who have their own lives, hopes, dreams, friends and families. Twilight doesn’t say these things as an internal monologue but says it loud so that her friends may hear it as well.

But the voice is perfectly willing to offer a compromise: Twilight could have this world and get the chance to punish Discord. But the unicorn already considers what happened to Discord more then enough to punish him and is not willing to trade these innocent lives for a new set of innocent lives. Now the voice begins to get impatient and proclaims that heroes should fight fate and change the world into what they want it to be. The unicorn thinks forcing an entire world to bow to your will sounds more like something a monster would do. Life also means to change what you can and be able to embrace the world. Who isn’t able to accept the world will be ultimately be alone. At this point the unicorn sees that this spell could only lead to the destruction of the timeline and she is no longer willing to do this. The voice reminds her that this would mean to accept the 1000 years of suffering and all the misery Discord brought on them but Twilight counters that the spell would mean to turn every living soul on this world into a shadow and in the worst case could create a time paradox. The Princesses didn’t try to undo the last 1000 years of chaos like this and so Twilight is willing to accept the past.

Now the voice is really angry and clearly unwilling to see any value in this chaotic world. Everyone in the room can hear the voice speaking to them. And soon Twilight is finally able to ask the one question she was not able to ask before: Who is the voice? It is clear that more then the assumption that the voice was part of themselves held them all back from asking this question earlier. Now everybody realises that there is something very wrong with the voice and they demand to know her identity. At first the voice claims to be Cadence but Twilight can see that the Cadence she knew would never treat lives like that and even as a Nightmare Cadence would have been obsessed with creating unbreakable bonds and not try to break her connection to her friends like the voice did multiple times. Twilight Sparkle is able to see that while the voice is extremely smart, she is also arrogant and narrow minded. She knows these character traits very well. They are her own flaws, the voice is Twilight Sparkle!

Now that she was finally revealed, Twilight’s shadow begins to take shape and grow. Everyone is terrified about it and the shadow takes possession of Discord’s former body. Similar to how Discord shaped this body into a copy of his own, the shadow lets the body grow and take on the appearance of an Alicorn. It is worth mentioning that she doesn’t look exactly like Nightmare Purgatory, that Nightmare had skeletal wings and this body has swan like wings.

Two new memories flash past Twilight. In the first one the Nightmare explains to Discord that he is complete unable to stop her. Both don’t know anymore how long they keep looping the same events over and over. This is her personal revenge. She makes Discord feel insignificant and helpless, like he made her feel when he broke the group in the maze. She tries to break his will and makes him give up all hope like he did when he turned her back to Sparkle to see what the world was like now and how she could do nothing about it. She makes him suffer the loss of his daughter so that he will know how she felt about the death of Cadence. She will never stop to make his life living hell for the rest of all eternity.

In the second memory Discord looks inside the mirror and understands that while it won’t fix anything, he apologises for what he did do to Twilight Sparkle. Then he apologises to 1.165.318.604 other persons that he wronged. He honestly wishes he could make up for each and every life and soul he tortured and corrupted but he can’t do that anymore. He isn’t doing this to achieve forgiveness but because he now understands that no matter how much he is tortured and suffers, it won’t do anything for his victims as well. The Draconequus himself once thought that revenge was the solution but he knows now that it is simply a never-ending viscous circle.

Back in the present Twilight realises that she was like that before. Always keep trying to solve the problem, after all every problem can be solved once enough effort is put into it. The unicorn solved the unsolvable egg hatching test in her exam. Eventually she tried to brute force many problems like the Parasprite Invasion or the reason behind Pinkie’s Pinkie Sense. The Nightmare merely takes her flaws to the logical conclusion. But the bonds to her friends are strong enough to snap the unicorn out of it and the Nightmare separates herself completely from the Element of Friendship. Now the shadow has finished taking shape and stands before them with a mane and tail made out of flames, wings that resemble tongues of fire, a size higher then Celestia and a functional and impressive armor with the symbols of the sun, the moon and the solar eclipse. Similar to Princess Gaia of the other timeline the colors of her cutie mark are inverted. Her arrival is greeted by a strange chorus singing about breaking fate and time to punish evil and regain what belongs to her. Now that she is finally meeting them eye to eye, Twilight understands that she is standing before her own Nightmare.

Overall this was a very well foreshadowed development. There were a lot of hints about the identity of the first voice like her complaining about Pinkie Pie giving her a headache, talking about the magic of friendship, trying to talk Rarity back into becoming Generosity, mocking the discorded Rainbow Dash as a fake, the precise and exact plans she constantly made and how much she wanted her revenge against Discord. She knew a lot of things that were way too personal for a stranger to know.

The Nightmare that is standing before them is both Discord’s greatest triumph and his greatest failure. He managed to corrupt Twilight Sparkle after many years of torture into a person that not only hates him more then anything but is willing to let almost everybody else suffer so that she may have her revenge. And like the Draconequus himself said it, it will never end, she will never feel satisfied, no matter how often she will hurt him and those he cares about. In her downward spiral of madness she had hurt the friends she once loved so much.

The flashbacks showed also how incredible powerful she had become over time. Not only does she have an eternity of experience but she already defeated the Chaos Six and even Alicorns in earlier circles and not even Discord was able to resist her. But not every question was answered. The identity of the second voice was not officially revealed yet and the connection between the two worlds was not yet explained.
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(What are you blabbering on about?)


(Error. System has experienced total crash. Full reboot necessary to continue reporting. Oh, and ready the metaphysical walls. We can't take any chances anymore)

4 minutes later.

Happy pills are happy, and that's why the world is full of smiles. (shakes head) Ok. I'm fairly certain that being in the spirit world means that I'm beyond the reach of this usurper right now, but I'm not taking any chances. ENGAGE THE ANTI-VALYARD DEFENSE SHIELDS! (shields go up) Alright, now let's tackle this bad boy.

The small, the medium and the big. That should keep things straight for this chapter which is the culmination of 20 or so chapters of foreshadowing.

The small: The quest of minty pie continues, where she faces down shadow minty.

The medium: The spells. First, that famous spell from the alternate story fading futures, which allowed twilight to freeze discord back in the present time, meaning that the bad future was no more, and bound for the reharmonized timeline, OR WAS IT? And the mysterious pusher tried to get twilight to use it. To bring back the good old days, and end the scourge of the dark world once and for all.

But then the second spell kicked in: the memory spell of discord, drawing in every moment from...from...from the loop, seeing what he saw, in all the gory, inglorious, and extremely cameo friendly being. Also, he managed to give the pusher a big middle finger by forcing it to see him mooning himself constantly. (come to think of it, since they're normally all naked, isn't that kinda mild for trolling all things considered?)

But this spell showed discord's many, many attempts to stop the mysterious controller from controlling his life. Destroy the memory spell? There was other ways to get the notes to self in. Crushed the mane 6? Supernatural survival.

What? The...pain...the..hellfire...OH NO! It's her. It's purgatory. That's the only explanation. It's nightmare purgatory. And if only the chaosverse discord knew the whole truth. The funny thing with that discord is that he finally saw good. He had the love of another, and soon, he would even save the world. The road to redemption now in plain sight. If only this discord also had this to work with.

Give the reins to DT and GT? They fall to "a deep purple alicorn". Chaotic Tragedy? If you complement her, she snaps back, and the bad guy comes straight to the fray. Trixie and Cadence? A new nightmare. Use the timeshed? Dragged back into the pit by the voice. Try to be good with an older version of apple pie? Brainwashed to kill her. Trixie and Cadence were no match for the Purgatory, who received a mighty fireball to the face.

Wait...I don't want to be this way, to have nightmare charity. And rarity defied her? Wait, does that mean rarity's capable of resisting going nightmare?.

Gun? YOU BASTARD! You used it. I thought that the harmony gun would be for my use only. Something to hold back disharmony. Justice, love, harmony, existence and truth. These were things I thought would hold back the chaos. But...BUT I DIDN'T WANT IT TO BE USED LIKE THIS! No. (sob) no..(crying now heard for 3 minutes.)

suicide? Does nothing. Previous loop where Tom survived, and derpy became element of kindness? Spike as the enforcer allowed her to cast the spell to make the world "right". Try to be alone? Cannot escape being tortured by being stuck in this point of existence.

And finally, a world where almost everything went wrong, where in the end, only twilight remained. And right about then, the passenger was formalized.

But, having seen all this, Twilight the Unicorn saw the truth: that the being of this world, Zebra-unicorns, griffin-pegasi, seaponies, changelings, dragon nation, breezies, mule-earth ponies, they all deserve to live from this experience.

And, she's right. Truth be told, "resetting time" is a dangerous, and impossible task to carry out. It prevents you from owning up to your mistakes and having character growth. It chains you down to what was rather than what will be. It's the coward's way out of things, and it's why we fought for the dark world: because no matter how deep the dark, it did not overcome the light. And that light is worth it. Always.

(also, on a side note, you've come to an interesting conclusion on identical clones. You sure you haven't...No..No, we the readers made a solemn oath of honor to never talk about the future season. So, no talking)

And then came big. One of the 3 ultimate reveals that are still to come. (I use the term ultimate for the biggest mysteries, rather than ones that we can get by without) Who is the voice in parenthesis? The answer, well, Twilight, take it away.

"She's…me… my… Nightmare."

But there's still little things to ask about. For example, that whole thing of rushing to undo mistakes..did you get that from Prince of Persia?

And through the sudden self awareness, now all of them knew, and now all will know about Twilight Sparkle. And the shadow who again uses wind whistler's body as a way to take back the mortal plain. Wait, just like Discord. ((WE ARE NOT LIKE)) [Shut up Hannibal. I refuse to bracket the same things as you for your, your, fridge horror you've brought upon equestria. Now Get. Out. Of. My. Review.] (And invisible force is promptly expelled)

And again, this is where we see that Discord has indeed seen the evil he's wrought against ponykind, and to feel helpless.."Just as I have suffered."

[Huh. We're picking up a message from the draconequi realm. Anarchy? That you?] {Yep. And before we deal with him, Discord wants to do a confessional to the shadows who are watching all this. Granted?} [Granted. Discord, what would you wish to confess?]

"Hello Twilight Sparkle, Unicorn, erm, pony. I apologize. It doesn't change what I've done and it doesn't fix any of it, but I apologize for everything. Guess that makes it more about me doesn't it if it doesn't fix anything doesn't it? But I apologize to you. I apologize to Applebloom-" *1,165,318,604 Names Later* "-And I'm sorry to Zecora. I had Screwball keep notes one time. Feeling sorry now doesn't excuse any of it though. I wish I was given a chance to make amends. If I could have, I'd have made amends for every life and soul I've ruined. The most sucky part is that I mean every word of that. The crimes I've committed against the innocent and Equestria are beyond measure of your laws to punish. And I know this isn't enough. I can't rectify my wrong choice. So please. Just know I apologize. I don't expect nor deserve forgiveness. But I've also been forced to see too after so long that my own torture and misery doesn't amend anything either, as astounding as that is. I mean, I used to think revenge made EVERYTHING better. Just know if I could make up for even one billionth of a drop of it, I would. Just know revenge is a pit that you can never fill."

[Yes. And Fluttercruel Alpha (the reharmonized kindness one) knew in the end that hate won't burn itself out, and that anger can help, but is far better than the hate that will plague your being if you don't let it go. Just as the way of a world of living machines shows that vengeance against a guilty party will not bring the ones you love back. (transformers prime, Hurt)]

[Discord....Discord....The Parole Board for Reformed Discords is going to need to file this away for further review. Maybe in the future, the mane 6 can find you, and you can show them how you're different. But for now, I leave you to the courts of the draconequi. May the will of your family have mercy on your soul, because from what I can tell, your body's in for a world of pain. Dismissed.] "Thank you shadow."

Anyhow, AJ, you have earned a happy ending. But now, now you must earn an ending of joy. The mother of all endings to end endings. Because now, you must fight the architect. Not the elder architects, but the architect of such a...wretched choice of revenge. Wreathed in the fires of nightmarehood, but still holding the burn. Oh yes, it appears that whatever Alicorn Trixie did to Nightmare Twilight, it was very permanent, and now she must decorate herself to hide the wound of a previous time when some mare who she now thought nobody hurt her in a way that will never be fixed, just like how discord lost a tooth to mimic.

(I think I've had enough of you shadow comparing me to discord. I think I'll just snap your little shadow connection, and I won't have to listen to you whine over me all this...)


(Welcome to Batpinkie, the animated series. Where the angry but just batpinkie fights down all manner of criminal scum with the powers of Mr. Mxyzptlk. A hero to defend Gothorse for all time. The war for the dark world will be back, after the shadow finds an anti-nightmare solution. Enjoy.)
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Iguanodragon Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Wow. I love this chapter. It gives me so many illustration ideas! :heart:  That aside, I really do love this chapter. The soapbox jokes make me laugh every time; "Ah think she's gone into super-lecture mode. Look out fer rainin' soap boxes." And we got to see some more alternate universes. Plus another Nightmare appears, in the most epic way possible. I mean, come on, when you've got living shadows, corpse possesion, and an ouroborus all at once, you know something's going down.

In all seriousness, though, I really do plan on illustrating this chapter sometime (hopefully soon!). A few pieces are already under way, and now that school let out for me I can really get to work on them! :)
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
REALLY?!~ THANKS! That's gonna be super epic!!!
Iguanodragon Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Yep! I'm so excited! :aww:
KurseofKings Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
"A black shadowy Minty Pie emerged from one of the cracked crystals, with glowing green eyes with red centers, holding a shadowy version of her own sword, "But can you conquer yourself? Minty Pie? A somber world awaits under an empire of crystal." ...This season three reference was unintentional, right?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
*answer censored* 
KurseofKings Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
You think you could just PM me the answer? I promise not to tell.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
KurseofKings Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
Why not PM me?
yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
Lets see, I had to double-check in the Recursive works list but it seems that "Fading Future" by Kendell2, "Discorded Pony POV Discord" by ~pumpkin-tlof19, "Pony POV series Epilogue alternate - Contingency" by ~Saphroneth and "Discord: Not one of a kind" by ~ItsfromPeople all became cannon with this chapter! Nice to see fan's work be included into the main series and that reading those weren't a spoiler to this chapter.

Also it seems that Discord's sense of humor is starting to rub off on this new nightmare. Killing him with a paperclip? Sound like something Discord would do.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
Yes. Those are all canon now, as are all pretty much ALL OF the recursive works past and present for Dark World. Since they're all cycles of previous timelines.

"Also it seems that Discord's sense of humor is starting to rub off on this new nightmare. Killing him with a paperclip? Sound like something Discord would do."

Inspired by an old comic short of my brother's that only got self-published locally exactly once in a small periodical.
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