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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Pony POV Series
Dark World Part 29 "Give A Reason"
By Alex Warlorn

"…She's…me… my… Nightmare."

"A nightmare? When yer awake? Heh-eh. Kinda funny," Apple Pie said while shivering.

"She feels like you, when… when you almost… Pinkie Pie." AJ couldn't say the full sentence. "Like…Nightmare Mirror did tah meh…"

For a moment, Spike felt like a baby dragon again. Derpy looked at Twilight and the Alicorn at the same time with her wall eyes, trying to super impose them over each other mentally, it was far too easy.

"So you've finally shown yourself."

Twilight looked at Rarity, "You knew?"

"Not in the least. All I knew was that I felt something traveling along with us. Some nameless passenger. Something so familiar it was painful, but I couldn't figure out what…Well, now I guess we know what the Sea Pony meant by the Alicorn witch."

*Everypony! Be on guard!*

"Your statement is of course, as always, correct Twilight, Sparkle. I am you, and you are me. A nightmare born from the flames of vengeance. Vengeance against the one who's taken away everything that matters to me again, and again, and again. All Discord's done is feed these fires that are rightfully yours to wield. But you've stupidly snuffed them. I am quite upset with myself," she said calmly.

"I'd say more you're the part of Twilight who always refused to accept the difference between what ya can change and what ya can't." The Nightmare looked right at Spike. "I'MSORRYTWILIGHTI'MSORRY!"

"SPIKE!" Twilight shouted, "Snap out of it!"

AJ touched Spike, her Element of Kindness glowed. Spike recovered his wits and slowly shook his gigantic head. "S-sorry, Twilight, I… I'm fine, now, I think."

*I'll tell a story about an arrogant little pony who thought she was superior to fate. That she could command, allow, and deny the forces that guide all ponies as she saw fit!*

'I'll deal with you later,' The Nightmare thought. "So how much do you understand Twilight Sparkle? Oh right! I understand everything!" She said proudly at her self-self, "But what do you know about us Twilight Sparkle?"

"I understand that you helped us win half our fights. That you tried to make me kill Pinkie Pie and...and...and you led me to meet Apple Pie. Thank you for that."

"You're welcome."

"Everypony. I saw Discord's memories. And some of mine. This...this isn't the first time we've been here. This isn't the first time we've beaten Discord. Or even the second. Apple Pie...the first time I met you wasn't the first time."

"That there's a contradiction."

"No, Apple Pie. It's WORSE than a contradiction: it's a paradox! Everything that's happened, has happened before! There's been variations, great and small, but this whole world... we're all in a loop, aren't we?!"

"Not... quite. That sister of Discord's, Rancor... she was the first truly new being to come along. She inserted herself into this iteration."

Twilight consulted what she remembered of Discord's past. Yes... Rancor HADN'T been present in any other time loops, save this one. No wonder she'd been so quick to bail. "How many times HAS this loop happened?"

"Several, several, several times. Even I don't remember what it was like when we started anymore, other than the way Discord ruined our lives and everypony else's. I remember wondering if these were the lessons Celestia had intended for us to learn-"

"-and wondered why our coat was turning gray," Twilight breathed out.

Spike finally was the one who said it, "What do you MEAN she's 'your nightmare?' She's some dream spirit or something?!"

"No Spike, my Nightmare, capital 'N.' Like Nightmare Moon was to Princess Luna. My dark side."

"What a prejudiced thing to say. 'Dark side?' Is that how you speak about your past and future self? I am your ultimate evolution. We've cut away the excesses, purified ourselves, stripped away the dead weight, we've FREED OURSELVES. You'll free yourself! You'll realize we've given Princess Celestia a teacher's greatest joy, by surpassing her!"

Three ponies and one dragon gasped at the blasphemy.

"Not like this, not like this!" Twilight voice sounding pleading. Small. Ashamed.

*I am ashamed -for you!-*

The Nightmare laughed. Twilight recognized it as the friendly, playful short laugh she made when one of her classmates made silly assumptions. Or...Twilight had always thought it was friendly. "It's alright. You're still just a unicorn, don't worry, it'll all make sense once you break from fate's chains and take your destiny into your own hooves and show your free will."

"Hold on Twili', did Ah hear ya right? This ain't our first time doing all of this?"

"THINK Applejack! Everything Discord said, everything he did? The way he began acting? And what he said when Rancor stabbed him, 'Will this finally end it?' WHY would he say that? Discord is Discord, but we've learned his TYPES of nonsense and that isn't one of them! Discord isn't the type to admit when he's wrong, but he is the type to just drop something if it's boring him! If he wanted out of this game, he could have just teleported to Pluto unless something, or somepony was stopping him! Does he seem like the type who CARED about his toys enough to not just abandon them?"

"No...not at first, but the seaponies."

"Exactly! Something was very wrong with Discord, right form the start. There are a hundred explanations, but if I'm to hazard a guess, and from the memories I saw, I'd say we've all been, stuck in an endless loop haven't we?" Twilight looked at the Nightmare.

"It wasn't easy. Actually it just took the right knowledge and the right research. When we awoke to our true power, I realized Discord's punishment hadn't been in equal proportion to all the misery he's caused across eternity. And if nopony else was going to punish him, it fell to me."


"Six thousand nine hundred and thirty-four," Discord said in the most relaxed tone in all time and space before screaming his lungs out as he was electrocuted. He turned the page of his magazine.

"Six thousand nine hundred and thirty-five," he said in the same tone, this time he was dipped in lava, screamed, and turned the page of his magazine again.

"Bro, can you please pretend you're suffering here at least?" Anarchy pleaded.

"Sorry, after all the 'fun' I had with dear Nightmare Twilight, it's all kinda a drop in the bucket. It's more of an escape than anything. Six thousand nine hundred and thirty-six." Absolute zero and shattered. Turn the page of the magazine. "Did I tell you I was sorry for stealing your video game that one time? And breaking it? Then blaming it on Pandora?"

"Yeah, you did."

"Just making sure. Six thousand nine hundred and thirty-seven." Hit with anti-matter bomb. Turn the page. "How many more to go again?"

"1,165,311,670 bro."

"Oh well. That's what's eternity is for. Six thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight." Incineration. Meh. Turn the page.

"Bro, you forgot to scream in agony that time."

"Did I? Sorry, seeing my daughter die more times than even the gods can count kinda numbed me to all other kinds of pain. Immolation by hellfire was Nightmare Eclipse's method of choice whenever she had to deal with me herself."


"Remind me to ask Pandora to help me write an apology letter to send to Venus for mocking how she took her boy's death when we're done, will yah?"

"Will do."

"I'm just glad Fluttercruel's out of that mess. Should I scream now?"

"Naw, not the same."

"Okay. Just making sure. Six thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine." Swarm of draconequus-eating beetles. "Did you send those flowers and apology cards to Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie?"

"Yeah, gave 'em to Strife, Strife gave 'em to Mortis, Mortis gave 'em to them, don't worry."

Discord did the crossword puzzle in pen. He had to thank Pandora for giving him every fantasy magazine ever written to pass the time. "Thanks. Six thousand nine hundred and forty."


When the soapbox appeared underneath the Nightmare, any doubts about this being Twilight's evil future self was laid to rest.

"When we became what we will become and have become, I did some exploring up and down the time-steam and the various branches that reality can take. I needed a way to truly punish Discord, not merely hurt him, a way to completely crush him.

"I learned. I discovered many things. When Discord was born to this world, he pushed forward the birth of the filly that mare would have given birth to otherwise over a thousand years. Since he made his mother 'immortal' with a seventh Element of Chaos, the Element of Despair. He was not a perfect substitute for his 'sister' in fate, but the filly's actions happened anyway when they did originally. This was an inconsistency in causality. That contradiction in time created a snarl in Fate that I was able to exploit. Shady The Second's delayed birth by a different father yet remaining the same created an even larger paradox.

"This would have resulted in Shady II's erasure as an impossibility, or being shoehorned in and backtracked by Rota Fortuna. But instead it left a distortion around Discord, as a being who was never meant to be born forcing himself into the world. And yet his actions were the reason for countless others. So he had to have existed. Same as his half-sister. Rota Fortuna, the Alicorn of Fate, (yes, we are many, Twilight Sparkle, same as the Draconequui) installed a crumble zone around those events so time and history could naturally heal and adjust.

"This never amounted to much, that is until I came along. You see, time distortions tend to...compound, so to speak. So when time is altered, that fact allows me to be a little...creative as to time's flow, and where it flows to. This provided me the tools. But not the knowledge. Eventually, I stumbled upon an astounding discovery! I was left in awe.

"A timeline where history as most ponies knew it went 'backwards.' I'm not saying ponies walked and talked in reverse, or rose from the dead then went inside their mothers. Oh no. It was something far more grander and fantastic from a temporal perspective.

"The Preclassical era, the three tribes, Discord, and Canterlot in that reality came first, then the innocent dream world of the forgotten 'Third Age', then that of the 'Golden Age' or 'Second Age' ponies, and finally the age of Myths with the Rainbow of Light, all happened in THAT order rather than the order we're used to. This timeline was perfect. I researched it forwards and backwards, or is that backwards and forwards? Tee-hee! Sorry. I also did some fun experiments!"

She sounded exactly like Twilight when she was happily explaining a new magic report or some new great scientific discovery that she just had to share with her friends whether they got it or not. She was practically rambling now, not caring if her audience was listening.

Spike, Rarity, and Applejack were having Ponyville flashbacks.

"My hooves were on fire (more so than usual) as I raced up and down it taking in every tiny detail! In that universe, AJ, you ended up immortal, but the rest of us didn't, and you had to watch all of us die of old age except Spike, oh, and Spike stayed a cute baby dragon. Forever."

"By copying its wiring, making several improvements and modifications of course, I was able to create an endless loop, history and events, and Discord trapped in an endless cycle. Of losing everything and watching the only person he cared about besides him die!" The cheerful 'science project' tone never left. That caused the heroes to shudder more than anything.

Then she tilted her head as if in an afterthought.

"Well, sometimes I only sent him back a few centuries, other times I skipped his consciousness forward to the middle. You know, I still get a kick out of making him experience his last few seconds of being hit by the Elements for centuries by sending him back just a little bit until his mind goes numb. Or the last breath escaping Fluttercruel's lungs. Isn't it great, girls?!" She repeatedly clapped her front hooves.

The ponies all stared at her open mouthed and eyes wide in disbelief.

"Oh come on! It's Discord! You know it's nothing more than he deserves! Over and over and over! And just think! With all my research! I'll soon have the entire system cracked! Then I'll be able to create an entire WORLD, naw, A UNIVERSE, free of fate! Isn't it totally radical?"

Rarity cringed at the misuse of Rainbow-Dashese. She answered in a deadpan tone. "Well, if you want my honest opinion, Nightmare...what do we call you?"

"Oh! I've had several names Rarity! My proto-form when I first awoke was 'Nightmare Purgatory, the Most Vengeful Friend.' But I evolved past that! I really liked the way 'Nightmare Dusk' sounded but ultimately I decided that 'dusk' implies an ending and Discord's suffering will never end. So I figured, since I've eclipsed Princess Celestia and Princess Luna and Discord, and the entire world with how much I've learned, why not just call me Nightmare Eclipse? The All Knowing Tragedy! I mean Triumph!" The Nightmare smiled awkwardly.

"Ah'd go with Nightmare 'Paradox' mahself," Apple Pie suggested. "The-Query-Most-Contrary!"

"Well, no one asked you," Nightmare Paradox huffed.

"Anyway, regarding your 'world free of fate,'" Rarity continued, "Sounds more to me like 'a world of no consequences.' Rather Discordian, when you get right down to..." Twilight created a shield, Spike shielded Rarity with his body, Derpy created a short wind gust. A vaporization spell from Rarity destroyed the flaming, spiked chains that had erupted from the ground like snakes trying to ravage at her.


"And trying to maim somepony you're talking to isn't?"

"Oh, you'll forgive me that, though, won't you girls?" Nightmare Paradox cooed, so unctuous and syrupy that it immediately set all their teeth on edge. "Of course you do! What else WOULD you do? I could vivisect your body, brain, and soul reconstitute you, and repeat, for an entire epoch... and when that epoch was done, I'd only need a few tears, a flash of the sad-puppy eyes, maybe a few lines of sympathetic backstory, and poof! Hatchets buried. Smiles all around. No apology necessary! That's the kind of wonderful friends you girls are!"

They all glared at her: incredulous and insulted.

"Huh? What's with those looks? It's not like you have a purpose anymore anyway." The Nightmare shrugged. "With Discord gone, this world has no purpose. Time to reset! Commendable work, all of you, but now it's over. Thank you for helping."

She spoke like it was the end of a school play.

"Just as soon as my past/present/alternate incomplete-self comes to our senses, quits being a caterpillar and morphs into a brilliant butterfly."

"Meaning what?" Twilight asked.

"Meaning we're reseting the world for the next go-round, to help along creating a truly flawless world." The Nightmare smiled friendlily at the purple unicorn.

"You and Discord are both wrong," Twilight said.

"Huh-?!" The Nightmare's voice echoed like a record out of sync.

"A sincere apology means a bucking lot! It can show you're willing to change! It can show that you recognize your own faults! So you can grow better than them! And an apology was necessary for my friends to move on! It freed them! And I think it freed Discord in a way your tortures could never take away!"

Rarity said, "Punishments are needed yes! But they certainly aren't done in the name of the personal satisfaction of the wronged! They're done to prevent those wrongs from ever being repeated!"

"HOLD ON!" Derpy flew over the group and facing the Nightmare directly. "Me and the Doctor faced paradoxes all the time! He said they were bad things that he helped fix! He'd have fixed this!"

"Oh, he did!" The Nightmare nodded, smiling. "Or at least... he TRIED to, bless him."


Nightmare Paradox ruffled Derpy's mane with a smile. "Derpy, you'll be pleased to learn that The Doctor completely overcame that awful Valeyard persona. He's was back to his old galaxy-wandering, world-rescuing self."

"He is? Yay!" Derpy gave a happy little twirl.

"His immediate plan of action, was to go back in time to stop me, because, well, you know The Doctor, he thinks all Alicorns who so as much think about actually asserting their authority should be stripped of all power and banished to the void between realities for eternity. Didn't work out though."

Derpy's smile vanished.

"The Doctor might well have succeeded... except he first decided to make a pit stop to pick up some companions. Didn't want to go making the same 'lone wolf' mistake he'd made as The Valeyard, after all! But he forgot, we ALREADY beat him once, in his Valeyard form, and remember we listened to you Derpy, list every single one of his weaknesses, shortcomings, blind spots, not to mention some of the extra defects in the TARDIS!"

Derpy's face went blank. She felt sick.

"I just needed to whip up a Dalek Empire TARDIS defense shield disruptor, invent a sonic-screwdriver nullifier, memorize every galactic and temporal law book in existence, and buy several cartloads of pears! Oh, and rent a Dahaka. Those poor companions of his. But he still put up quite a fight when he caught up with us! Thank goodness I've read more books on Hoof-Wresting than him."

Tears pooled in Derpy's eyes.

"Awww... what's with the weepy face, Derpy? Cheer up! I let em go with a scuff on the ear and a pat on the head, after I made him write a letter of apology and him promising never to do it again and a good spanking. Then we turned him into a little foal with a special fob-watch in a basket sucking his own hoof. And left him on the doorstep of a warmhearted infertile couple who wanted a baby. Now he gets the normal life he always wanted!"  The Nightmare cheered happily.  

"Normal life?" Derpy repeated.

"Yes! Don't get me wrong, I mean, I have every respect for the stallion's tireless efforts to preserve the integrity of the space-time continuum and fight evil... but all that TRAVEL! Learn to stop and smell the roses every now and then! It might do your sanity some good! Took forever for my friends to teach me that lesson."

Derpy Hooves felt dizzy, her legs didn't seem to want to work right, she began to waddle drunkenly, Applejack caught her. "It's okay Derpy, it's okay."

"But…the Doctor…"

"We saved 'im from bein' the Valeyard, that's what counts. And it doesn't sound like she put 'im in anything he can't get out of later. Maybe it's best he sit this one out, with a loving pair of parents."

"Oh, oh okay…yeah, you're right."

"Nightmare Eclipse, Paradox, whatever! If you're really Twilight, how can you really be, really be, really be behind..." Spike couldn't put it into words. "All this?"

"Oh, Spike! That's easy! Because Discord needs to be punished, and punished, and punished, and punished." She spoke the last part with a dark echo.

Applejack said, "Twilight! If that's really ya! Makin' us go through Discord again and again?! Don't ya see yer hurtin' every pony in Equestria?"

"Don't be silly Applejack! Discord hurts them." The Nightmare nodded sagely, "And I punish him for hurting them. Simple as that," she said proud of having summed it up so perfectly.

AJ shed tears.

"I have nothing to say to you, since there is only way this exchange can conclude," Rarity said simply.

"Indeed! With myself growing up and becoming me!" That warm smile was getting scary.

Twilight stayed silent for several seconds then spoke. "How long has Discord been enduring this?"

"It's genuinely hard to say now. I suppose if you were to lay the iterations end-to-end... it'd total a few hundred million years."

Hearts skipped a beat.

"But mostly I keep his optimized actions in place and skip him to parts that involve his punishment, or push him back to earlier parts, or later part, or have him repeat them, make him feel as helpless and unable to make a right choice like he does everypony else."

"Does he really love Fluttercruel?"

"In all fairness, I'd have to say that she's one of his last remaining reasons for not completely withdrawing emotionally. Sleepwalking through life. Becoming the evil overlord version of Twilight Tragedy. Discor-gedy. Hee hee hee!!! He has this crazy notion that he's somehow going to outfox me, one of these iterations, so that she'll survive even if he dies. Like I'd let his nearest and dearest survive, when he's killed everypony else's loved ones!"

"Is it really true that Rancor didn't exist in any of the previous loops?" Spike asked.

"Yes, that's true."

"So the spirit world exists separately from this world?" Twilight asked.

"Relatively separate. Time doesn't exist, at least by the unicorn definition of the word, in the spiritual reality."

"Assuming things DO reset... will she appear in later loops?"

"Maybe, myself. I don't have enough information. My data suggests about a 60% plus chance. Normally traveling along a timeline changes nothing, since you're traveling to your own past, so that future is in fact your actual present you came from, and the present you are in is your actual past, which can not be changed since you cannot change your own past."

"But, myself…?"

"BUT if something NEW is introduced to a timeline, from the outside, it DOES create ripples and it DOES alter the timeline. But once it enters, it becomes a PART of that timeline, and cannot enact FURTHER changes."

"She knows me from the future, though." Twilight whispered. "Apparently, I'm to give her a ribbon. Does that mean you fail, Nightmare? I have a hard time seeing such a vindictive girl like you handing out ribbons."

Nightmare Paradox created the ribbon out of thin air. "Stop thinking of me as the 'bad guy' already! It's embarrassing." She let out a breath. "Fine, I'll spoil the surprise: after you evolve, you DO give Rancor this ribbon for shattering Fluttercruel's image of family, thus causing her pain. And if that doesn't satisfy you..."


"Consider this: one of her concepts is REVENGE little me, which I've been dishing out to Discord as a full course banquet! Yes, she's an impulsive disrespectful idiot. But so was Rainbow Dash, and that didn't stop us from making friends with her!"

*She's right, Twilight. Rancor's ribbon won't prove anything about how this... discussion... will resolve itself.*

"Why did Discord stare at a test pattern on his TV for ten years?"

"I sent him forward in time and tried a new 'split-screen' effect where he got to experience his daughter dying and being hit by the Elements at the same time even though they happened hours apart. After a couple hundred years of experiencing those few seconds he stopped responding at all, even his neurons stopped firing, so I dumped him there to recover...a few times." The Nightmare gave a socially awkward look, "Erm, you're all not starting to feel SORRY for Discord now are you?"

They shook their heads. AJ politely lied. Nobody noticed Rarity didn't nod or shake her head.

"Good! Just checking! I mean, those stories where someone does horrible things, then someone comes along and does WORSE THINGS to them and then others suddenly go 'Aw, Poor Wrongdoer?' Pst. You throw a 'Getting Their Just Desserts Party' as Pinkie Pie would say!"

They all nodded politely. Applejack and Rarity both felt sick to their stomachs.

"Discord said he was trapped 'in bounds', what about when he visited the Emperor of those monkey aliens?" AJ asked.

"That was left over from the first cycle. I let that happen, because it caused him SUCH SWEET MISERY EVERY TIME he got so confused over doing something nice!"

Twilight asked, "And forty-nine years ago, at Hearth Warming's Eve, when he made himself and us all foals for one year, with Pinkie Pie and Fluttercruel back further into diapers. We were, all of us, all FRIENDS for that one year. How many cycles ago did that 'first' occur?"

"Oh that? I've been meaning to tape over that part. But he's been trying so many of his fake 'good deeds' I've been busy. I've had to hold his hand and assume direct control of him to keep him on track. I hated doing that."

Twilight didn't want to hear that. Applejack's eyes widened. Derpy let out a growl. Apple Pie gasped. Spike's face fell.

"You do realize technically, darling, that suffering for suffering has no value?" Rarity asked cautiously.

"Why do you think I let him have his family outing with Fluttercruel? It's only with the greatest joy, like being a parent, can one experience the truest of suffering! Why this one cycle I let everything go his way till the very, VERY end when I swooped in and took everything from him at the last possible second! The look on his face was priceless!" She grinned, teeth becoming sharp and sadistic glee crossing her face before going back to an expression that would have looked right at home on the face of Ponyville's last librarian of Golden Oaks.

"So we're clear," Rarity said keeping her voice calm and restrained, "The last thousand years, has been a patchwork of previous timelines, so Discord continued to play the role of villain you assigned him, and Twilight reached the ending you choose for her?"

"And all of you continue to properly play your parts of course. Can't have you coming to your senses too early Rarigreed."

"Ah've gotta question fer ya Miss Paradox," Apple Pie spoke.

"It's 'Miss Eclipse,' and yes?"

" many times did ya just let Poison Apple die?"


"Yah…yah don't even know?"

"Silly pony, I don't pay attention to the unimportant NPCs. That's what notebooks are for! He was your coltfriend right?"

Apple Pie's jaw hung open.

"I've got a better question," Twilight said firmly, "Since Apple Pie is more of a 'major character' to you, you should be able to answer this: how many times did you allow Apple Pie to be murdered, you fat-headed nag?!"

"...As many times as it took," was the emotionless answer.

"How can you do that to ponies?!! To my, no, to OUR friends?!"

"These things are not our friends. They're not people. They're mistakes and distortions caused by Discord. Specifically, our failure to beat him in the hedge maze, way back when. I'm bringing balance to the universe. You know? Harmony? Discord make countless ponies suffer unspeakably, so I'm just making him suffer unspeakably countless times. Tick for tock."

Rarity spoke, six pastel lights glowing from within. "Balance is not a universal force. It is not the final say in all things. Balance between work and play, dreaming and doing, is not the same as the balance between, war and peace, ponies who are murdered and those who aren't. These things do NOT have a 'balance' to them.

"It is no more a universal law than, will. That is the cruel truth of the magic of shaping your own life and reaching for what you desire, even though it angers us to hear it. There is no 'right to choose to murder somepony.' No 'right to choose to rob somepony.' These are not choices, these are wrongs! What's more: monsters do not need to exist for there to be saints... life is... life is enough of a struggle, enough of a heroic endeavor, with or without villains!

"To say something is about 'balance' is no more a free-ticket than saying it's about 'choice' 'free will' or 'nature's intention!' Otherwise, we risk loosing sight of what it is we're actually struggling for! Like you."

"Rarity," Twilight said slowly like a foal poking a dragon.

"I'm sorry Twilight."

"Myself, it's time for you to become a butterfly."

"Discord's been punished enough! Protecting the good is more important than punishing the wicked!" Twilight shouted.

"I'm doing both! I think I need to get you away from some corruptive influences. I'll save you from these illusions Twilight Sparkle."

There was a flash of light from Nightmare Paradox's horn. And everything changed.

=Necron's theme FFIX=

Everything was red. Twilight was alone before her Nightmare. They were in a blast landscape, like at ground zero of a Mana-Source-Crystal-Shatter Bomb. The sky was simply red clouds, like crimson cloth floating in dark soup. The land was a vague bowl shape. At the edge of the crater, draconequus skulls and pegasus bones were arranged in precise and organized patterns. Nothing grew. No structures. No buildings. Even the dust was minimal and fell in an orderly mechanical fashion.

Twilight was feeling hotter and hotter by the moment. The air itself was beginning to choke her. Then why was the ground she stood on feel so frigidly cold?

"There. Away from those fake versions of our friends who were confusing you and leading you astray. Once we're one, you'll get to have a say in this place, just like our real friends do. You have to realize nothing in this world is real, except for us, and Discord. There's nopony else here, only we're real.

"You becoming Nightmare Eclipse is perfectly natural. It's not something to be scared of. Just let it happen. Remember how sincerely you hate Discord. How he's less than dirt. He's a disease, not a being. An infection.

"And you've got to realize. These ponies aren't our friends. They act nothing like our friends. Therefore, they are not our friends. Simple logic and reason.

"THINK about it, Twilight. Those companions of yours are unfit distortions of the true Elements of Harmony. Mannequins. Not real. Movie props. Even after curing their hearts of Discord's filth, they didn't ACT like their old selves. Isn't that proof enough? It's just ourselves, now, Twilight. Nothing to corrupt your thinking."

Twilight stared back at Nightmare Paradox.

"Even so... even if I, alone, am real... there's still one thing preventing me from unifying with you. A simple virtue you've clearly forgotten. And I'm so ashamed of the fact. I only hope Celestia can forgive us both."

"What virtue is that?"

"The one thing I'd say you hate more than anything in the world, Nightmare Paradox: forgiveness."

The Nightmare rolled her eyes. "Hate it?' HA! That's like saying I hate rolling around in my own filth!"

She suddenly let out a frustrated scream and took several deep breaths. "'Better living through forgiveness!' Who believes such meaningless tripe?! Do you have ANY IDEA what it's been LIKE for me this whole while? Having to be tethered to all you insipid, softhearted, jejune, dewy-eyed, holier-than-thou apologists? Let me ask, Twilight: what WON'T you forgive?! Judges pass life sentences on criminals for a REASON, you know!"

"And there's a bucking reason Princess Celestia outlawed torture as punishment!"

"Just how outrageously evil must a sinner be for your compassion to finally run out?!"

"Forgiveness isn't about making excuses for what others have done! YES THERE'S EVIL IN THE WORLD! Discord made mountains of it! But Punishment has no intrinsic value. If it doesn't reform or discourage criminals, or remove them as a threat to others, then it's doesn't solve anything! And it doesn't make the hurt pony feel better, because that hate doesn't go away if you DO AS IT SAYS! You have to let it go!" Twilight snarled. She stood proud on her soap box.

"I'm beginning to think our quest might as well have been led by APPLE PIE, since she can't even see the real world!"

The world shattered to the sound of breaking glass like six canon balls had been fired through it. Gone were the red clouds, gone was the empty landscape of death. They were still on top of the castle. The normal world was back. The world she and her friends had sacrificed and fought so hard to make it this far. The world she knew wasn't beyond hope.

"GOT THROUGH!" Rarity's voice shouted.

Rarity glowed with six pastel colors and symbols from within, her face cycling through anger, viciousness, avarice, gentleness, resolve, and understanding.

AJ and Spike caught her as her back legs gave out. They were still on top of the castle. They had ALL been right by her side the entire time. "Six Chaos Elements Trump Nightmare Pocket Universe!"

Derpy zoomed in and brought Twilight back close to her friends away from the Nightmare.

The Nightmare roared, echoing. "This was supposed to be between us alone! A symbolic match of the minds between the deluded shadow and the enlightened self!"

"Whose life have ya been livin'? We're a herd. We don't do solo," AJ told her.

Apple Pie yelled at the top of her lungs, "YOU! AH'M NOT LETTING YA MURDER MAGICA AND POISON APPLE -TWICE!-"

"You can't murder something that isn't alive, and you, child, will suck it up and take it with a smile, just like your rock farming family taught you to!"


"So the automatic forgiveness dispenser finally declares the 'final villain' a monster huh? How cliche."

Apple Pie took several deep breaths to calm down. "Yeah, yer a monster, but Ah never said bein' a monster and bein' irredeemable were the same thing! If yer really Half-Light, then Ah know there's gotta be REAL good, inside ya!"

"Of course there's good inside of me! I'm real! There's nothing inside you. ANY of you!" The Nightmare looked at Twilight eye to eye.

"Myself, you've fooled yourself into being attached to these fakes. These distortions and robots whose every action is scripted for the sole purpose to bring maximum humiliation and misery to Discord. Nothing else.

"Applejack is a coarse, rough and tumble apple farmer. She has the world's worst poker face and breaks down even from a lie of omission. She isn't afraid to get her hooves dirty in any sense of the word. She doesn't have a 'refined lady' on the inside she tries to hide! She's the Element of Honesty, not Kindness! And CERTAINLY not the Element of Deceit!

"Rarity is allergic to mud, unless it's imported. She's a dressmaker, a business mare, a socialite. She puts as much effort into her appearance as we do into organizing our books! She loves diamonds and beauty and is phobic of anything disgusting! She doesn't roll around in the dirt with rocks! She doesn't think cleaning up between brawls is a waste of time! She is Generous! NOT shamelessly GREEDY! She knows manners are about saying one thing and meaning another, she doesn't embrace cruel truths!

"Spike is supposed to be a BABY dragon! HE DOES NOT HAVE AN ELEMENT OF HARMONY! He certainly isn't -Generosity-! He's a -dragon!- Greed is in his blood that he constantly struggles to keep a lid on! He's supposed to be 'Yes, Twilight,' 'Of course, Twilight,' no matter how much he grumbles behind our backs he obeys like a good number one assistant! And he's supposed to be a pony in dragon skin, NOT PROUD TO BE A DRAGON! And though he has a crush on her, Rarity and Spike ARE NOT TOGETHER!! Wake up!

"Derpy Hooves isn't supposed to be a teammate! She isn't an Element of Harmony! Let alone Loyalty! She's a background pony! She doesn't fight, she delivers mail ineptly! She isn't supposed to have any meaningful effect on your life or those of your friends! She isn't supposed to be sad or serious! Your not even supposed to have her as a close friend. She doesn't HAVE a personality beyond her love of muffins, having freaky eyes and her foals that probably aren't even hers!"

"And there IS NO pony named Apple Pie! There's certainly no prepubescent filly who carries the Element of Laughter! Let alone one whose from the Apple and Pie families together! And have you noticed how she doesn't get on anypony's nerves except the bad guys? Isn't that 'too perfect?' SHE DOESN'T EXIST!!! How can she?! Now look at them each Twilight! And see them for the cheap automatons they are! We control this funhouse we've trapped Discord in. These are just the props."

Twilight looked into the faces of each of her friends and said simply. "You're right."

"Half-Light!" Apple Pie said like someone just stabbed her in the heart.

"They are different! Because they've become different! Just like us! I've ACCEPTED that my old friends aren't the same. If I hadn't, then the Elements wouldn't work! I've grown to love them for it! And I've got new friends on top of it!"

"And Apple Pie?"

"On a quest this black, we need as much lightheartedness as we can muster!

Of ALL ponies a version of me should be the LAST pony accusing a pony of being 'too perfect.' I remember thinking about that in the maze, the same as you do. But you know what? I'm not and neither is Apple Pie! Would a 'perfect' pony have fallen for the Valeyard's trick? Or BELIEVED him in the first place? If Apple Pie were perfect, she'd have either burned the comic on sight or just blew it off. She wouldn't have NEEDED Derpy to pull her out of the depression it put her in! If she were 'perfect' would Rancor have been able to ambush her and slice her flank open?

"I'm sorry to say, but she's naive, she takes everything at face value, she sometimes overestimates her own abilities, she thought the heroes always win. That's helped us, but I'd be blind to say they hadn't hurt her too!"

Apple Pie lowered her head.

"She's got flaws...And you know what? I don EXPECT her to be a picture perfect pony! I love her as my friend despite, in spite of them! LIKE ALL MY FRIENDS! And like they're MY friends in spite of my flaws!"

Twilight hugged her happily. Apple Pie felt surprised and hugged Twilight back happily, the two looked boldly at the nightmare together.

"And I'm proud to say she's grown past some of them! She knows she can't write a check her legs can't cash anymore, she wants to MAKE her happy ending happen instead of just expecting it. Like our friends have always helped us with our flaws." Twilight gave her a smile and got a smile then back at her Nightmare, "You and I... we really are stubborn and narrow-minded."

"I'm not narrow-minded! I'm realistic!"

"It's realistic to refuse to accept any outcome except the one YOU want? Let me ask you one thing, if my friends were robots, if that's all they are, How did Derpy become the Element of Loyalty? That completely took you off-guard! If they were just robots, how are they DEFYING YOU?! Robots would lay down and die when you said 'lay down and die!' And why am I not wanting to throw everything away for revenge? Face it, even with you scheduling and check-listing the lives of everypony like they were inventory, you still don't know as much as you think you do!"

"Surprises happen! You're just lost in the fog, you'll come to your senses in a minute when you become me."

"Become you? I didn't kill Rainbow Dash! Fluttershy's soul is safe. And I didn't murder Pinkie Pie! Celestia and Luna are alive. I have more important things to do with my life than spend all eternity making Discord miserable!"

"Like what?!" Nightmare Paradox sneered.

"Lots of things! Date! Develop new friendships! Be with Celestia! Marry and start a family, maybe. Explore new hobbies! Read! Research! Conduct experiments! Watch movies! Discover a few new elements on the periodic table and name them after myself! Help our parents! The world is my oyster! You've grown so narrow-minded, you've forgotten lessons! Like Pinkie's Pinkie Sense!"

A cross shaped vein bulged on the side of the Nightmare's head. "You…you…you did NOT JUST GO THERE!" Her flaming mane flared.

"So being different equals being fake? Alright, let's look at it YOUR way. Twilight Sparkle is supposed to be a stubborn, somewhat antisocial bookworm unicorn who loves her friends more than ANYTHING and would do anything FOR them…and has a mild case of OCD. She is NOT a vengeance crazed mass murderer who cares more about punishing a villain who's ALREADY BEATEN than spending time with her friends and who would MURDER those friends several million times over to do it. By your own logic, YOU aren't real."

"…You REALLY shouldn't be,"  Rarity couldn't help muttering under her breath at the Nightmare.

"I never said I was perfect, I have some flaws. It's like you said, that doesn't automatically make me the bad guy, does it? I've learned to live for each cycle, living each moment to its fullest! Not worrying about the future or dwelling on the past! And deleting NPCs is not murder, you need professional help myself. And I spend plenty of time with my friends. But you're having to let go of imaginary friends so they'll forgive you for that one. But you'll be all better soon. So I'm not mad. I know we have a bit of a temper, but it's nothing to be ashamed about, so don't beat yourself up over it," The Nightmare said in a helpful 'we can do this team' tone.

Twilight felt the urge to pound her head against the floor. She couldn't tell if Paradox was mocking her…or worse, they were just THAT similar.

"Let us help ya! Remember Nightmare Moon?! She was crazy too! If ya can't see it can't ya trust yerself and yer friends to know you're not well!?"  AJ pleaded.

"YOU'RE THE ONE WHOSE LOST HER MIND Twilight! Everything in this world is nothing but shadows of a lie of a fantasy. You're not being rational! Spike! Restrain her!"


"Spike, I'm warning you!"

"I'll have you know I am NOT a robot, or a distortion, or any of those other things. And I need to be loyal to the real Twilight."

The Nightmare's eyes became pinpricks.


Minty looked up at the ceiling as the entire castle shook. "Bad baby dragon!"

"No way, Twilight, then everything I saw in that silver pool really was..." Minty wiped away tears. "Twilight, I'm coming! I won't run away!"

What if Discord wasn't beaten? What if after a thousand years of slavery Twilight Tragedy finally rediscovers her soul? Anyone can die, living is the real challenge. It's time to save the world Mane Six!

Now take a look and begin to discover the true connection between the two time lines of the Pony POV Series.

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Now take a look and begin to discover the true connection between the two time lines of the Pony POV Series.

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The chapter begins with each of Twilight’s companions reacting accordingly to this new reveal: Apple Pie is frightened and yet curious about the contradictions, Applejack is hardly able to spell out the truth, Spike feels small and helpless, Derpy focuses on both Twilights and compares them and Rarity did feel the presence of a nameless passenger but had no idea what that truly meant. The second voice warns them to be careful what they say and do now. In turn the Nightmare calmly tells them that she was born from the suffering endured by Twilight from Discord. The unicorn could also wield her incredible powers and gain her knowledge if she would be willing to embrace her vengeance again. The Nightmare is quite frustrated that Twilight did reject her true calling and merely her looking at Spike causes him to have a breakdown. But Saint Apple Jacqueline is instantly at his side to help him with her kindness. Meanwhile the second voice seems to see the Nightmare as an arrogant being who has no idea with what forces she is playing around.

Twilight does understand that the Nightmare helped them in many of their battles, was supporting the murder of Pinkie Pie and started this entire chain of events by leading Twilight to Apple Pie. While she is grateful for the last one, she can see from Discord’s memories that these events repeat endlessly and that they seem to be struck in a loop. But Rancor was never part of these events before and did manage to cause several changes before leaving as soon as she got what she wanted. Even the Nightmare doesn’t know how many circles they already had and how it really started for her. After this long time she had forgotten her own origin but she does still remember what they had encountered in the maze and how she turned grey there. The Nightmare doesn’t see herself as Twilight’s dark side but as her past and future, what she was and what she will be.

The unicorn already became her several times and she will become her again. She sees herself free of many restrictions the unicorn once had and as somebody Princess Celestia would be proud upon. Only by surpassing the Sun Goddess herself can she be the most faithful student. The ones who know the Alicorn are shocked at this arrogant declaration, Twilight is ashamed and the second voice is feeling ashamed for somebody who SHOULD feel ashamed but feels nothing at all. The Nightmare merely thinks that Twilight needs to break free from her restrains and become truly free; then it will all make perfect sense to her. Twilight already understands that this endless loop is the best and most logical explanation for Discord’s very different and strange (even for him) behaviour.

Meanwhile Discord is tortured by his immortal family and he takes it very well. Very relaxed he reads a magazine and has a causal conversation with Anarchy while torment after torment is unleashed on him. The other Draconequus seems desperate at first that everything they do has so little effect on him but over time he begins to warm up to his brother. After all Discord explains that he shows so little reaction because all the things he already was forced through like seeing his beloved daughter die again and again and getting burned again and again by hellfire. But unlike what the Nightmare did the torture of his immortal family has a definitive end. They follow the “eye for an eye” philosophy and once they have punished Discord for every life he ruined, they will stop doing this. It seems to be the same number of lives that he himself apologised for in the last chapter. Even right now he uses the chance to apologise to his brother and made sure that flowers and apology cards are sent to Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. Pandora was also nice enough to give him something to read to pass the time of his torment.

At the same time the Nightmare even gets her own soapbox while making speeches. She explains that she explored the time-steam to find a way to completely break the Draconequus. Ironically Discord himself was responsible for creating the opening that she needed. Because of his actions Shady’s daughter was born MUCH later then originally intended. Discord left distortions but he couldn’t be simply ignored or erased, so the Alicorn of Fate had to create a sort of buffer around Discord. That was the only way for history to move on but the paradox remained. This was the opening that the Nightmare needed but at first she had to learn how to do it. That knowledge was gained from a timeline where the generations happened in reverse. Happily the Nightmare talks about how different that timeline is and how she copied and modified its wiring to create her masterpiece: An endless loop with its own history and events and Discord repeatingly losing everything he cares for and seeing his beloved daughter die again and again and again and again and again…

She has an incredible amount of control over the flow of time and can send Discord back and forward in this loop as she pleases. Cheerful she talks about how much effort she put into “little details” like letting him experience being hit by the Elements or hearing the last breath of his daughter for a few centuries. She notices that the others are freaked out by now but tries to calm them down by telling that she will soon have learned enough to create an entire perfect world or even a universe free of fate. She started as Nightmare Purgatory but by now she is no longer the Most Vengeful Friend and after believing to have eclipsed Celestia, Luna, Discord and the entire world, she chooses Nightmare Eclipse as her new name. In a Freudian Slip she calls herself the All Knowing Tragedy before correcting it into Triumph. And it is very unnerving how much of Twilight’s social awkwardness did remain in her but that makes perfect sense since she did spend an eternity mostly with torturing Discord. There was not so much time for social interaction. Apple Pie amusingly suggests Nightmare Paradox to show the contrary nature of the Nightmare and the narration seems to agree with that title.

As Rarity points out that a world of no consequences sounds like something that Discord would create Twilight, Spike, Derpy and Rarity have to combine their efforts to protect the white unicorn afterwards. Being compared to Discord is clearly still the Nightmare’s Berserk Button but even more horrifying is when she claims that they will forgive her anyway. She cheerfully explains that she could torture them for an entire epoch and just needed to fake sadness and regrets and they would forgive her even that. Nightmare Eclipse is sure that she wouldn’t even need to apologise. But that doesn’t matter anymore. They have served their purpose and now it is time to reset everything to start over. As soon as Twilight becomes her, they will reset the world and work forward to create a perfect world. The unicorn points out that both Discord and Nightmare Paradox are wrong about apologies. An apology shows that you have seen your error and are willing to change and become a better person in the future. It allowed them to move on and it even freed Discord in a way that couldn’t be reversed. Rarity sees the value of punishment but only to prevent further crimes and not to give into bloodlust.

Derpy wonders why the Doctor didn’t fix this paradox to prevent further damage and the Nightmare happily tells her that he TRIED to do that. Just after overcoming the Valeyard persona he tried to stop and banish her. But as he took a break to gain some companions to prevent repeating the mistakes of the Valeyard, she was able to strike first. And Derpy just told everybody his weaknesses and the flaws of the TARDIS. It took a lot of preparation but Nightmare Eclipse overwhelmed his companions and the Doctor. Derpy is devastated that she is responsible for his defeat but the Nightmare says that she didn’t kill him, instead she turned him into a foal and gave him to a kind couple who always wanted to have a child. She claims to have done this out of respect of what he had done so far. And the Valeyard did show with the Master that she could have simply killed the Doctor over and over again until he ran out of regenerations. In a way this turning him back into a happy baby is a lot like something Nightmare Whisper would do. The Nightmare sees it as giving him a time out and Derpy eventually gets over it since the Doctor did survive much worse. Spike can’t still believe that Twilight could be behind such madness but she is ready to do EVERYTHING to punish Discord for all eternity. Saint Apple Jacqueline points out this means to torture the world and everybody in it over and over but Nightmare Paradox completely rejects responsibility for what happens in her circles and claims that only Discord tortures the mortals while she exclusively tortures Discord.

Twilight wants to know how long this did go on and the Nightmare estimates that all circles together would be a few hundred million years long but she is mostly busy moving Discord back and force to ensure a maximum of punishment and to make him feel weak and helpless. Discord really does love Fluttercruel and tries his hardest to let his daughter survive a circle even after he dies. Rancor was completely new and might reappear after a reset. Even the Nightmare is not entirely sure but she knows that once something becomes part of a timeline, it can’t cause further changes. The unicorn tries to argue that Rancor apparently had met Twilight in her future and this might mean that Twilight is destined to be victorious in this encounter. Nightmare Eclipse counters that the unicorn will simply give the Draconequus the ribbon as a present for leading to more suffering for Fluttercruel. And it wouldn’t be that strange if the Nightmare would end befriending the Draconequus of Revenge, after all she likes the idea of revenge so much.

The second voice agrees that the ribbon does not show at all how this will end. The time Discord stared at the test pattern for 10 years was the result of experiencing BOTH his daughter dying and the blast of the Elements at the same time for several hundred years. Afterwards he was basically catatonic. The others try their best to not get the Nightmare angry and homicidal again. Discord’s journey to the Emperor of the aliens was something that remained from the first circle and she let that stay to cause him more suffering and confusion. The time he turned them all into happy foals was something she wanted to remove but for now the Nightmare was too busy with stopping Discord’s other good deeds by taking direct control.

She only let him enjoy time with Fluttercruel to crush him with the death of his daughter over and over again. To sum it all up: The Nightmare took all the ideas from previous timelines that she could use to punish Discord while keeping him in the role of a villain, Twilight as the one destined to become Nightmare Eclipse and the others in their destined roles. Therefore they can’t be healed too early, only once the script needs them to fight against Discord are they allowed to become sane. Apple Pie wants to know how often Poison Apple had to die in these circles but shockingly the Nightmare didn’t bother to remember those who only have the roles of NPCs in her script. Twilight instantly wants to know how often Apple Pie herself had to die and it is clear that the Nightmare did allow that to happen whenever it was needed for her script. The filly surely had to die countless times to motivate Twilight to fight harder.

The only way Nightmare Paradox can do all of this emotionally is by declaring everyone who is involved mere mistakes and anomalies. To her they are just the result of Discord’s actions and the failure of the heroes. She claims that by making Discord suffer, she restores the balance to the universe. Lady Desire speaks up and the Elements of Chaos inside her react: There is no balance between certain opposites, there is no right to do the wrong thing. Sometimes wrongs have to happen to prevent something even worse but that still doesn’t make them right. Life doesn’t need villains and monsters to exist to create heroes and saints. For Nightmare Eclipse balance is just an excuse, the only thing she truly cares for is to make Discord suffer. She doesn’t care about the consequences at all.

Nightmare Paradox doesn’t even try to argue against that and moves on to the next phase of her plan. She separates Twilight from her friends and the unicorn finds herself in a dead world that looks like a nuclear explosion happened. Everything seems empty, orderly and hostile at the same time. The Nightmare begins to explain that Twilight simply doesn’t know better but will be able to decide her own fate as soon as she becomes one with Nightmare Eclipse. The only real beings in this world are Discord and Twilight, nobody else matters. Becoming a Nightmare is her destiny, the ponies she knows are not her true friends since they act completely different. If they were her friends they would turn back to normal after Discord’s taint was removed but that didn’t happen so they must be mere constructs. Yet even here all alone with all her friends apparently gone, Twilight rejects the unification because she still feels forgiveness and is ashamed by the actions of her other self. The Nightmare is sick of hearing them ramble about forgiveness and asks what would be the line that would be needed to cross for them to give up on this idea. What crime wouldn’t Twilight forgive? The unicorn counters that punishment is worthless if it doesn’t reform, discourage further crimes or at least stop threats. These circles won’t solve anything and her hatred will never run out as long as she follows it so completely. It will never end.

Then Rarity is able to break through the Pocket Universe and reunites Twilight with her friends. The unicorn understands that she wasn’t as alone as the Nightmare wanted her to think she was. They are all still there for her. The Nightmare is frustrated that the meaningful confrontation between the deluded shadow and the enlightened self didn’t take place. And she surely thinks that she is the enlightened self in that comparison. But she won’t break apart this herd that easily. As the Nightmare orders Apple Pie to accept everything with a smile like she was taught by her family even the kind child declares her a monster. But she doesn’t think that the Nightmare is beyond redemption, after all she was once Twilight. Yet Nightmare Eclipse just declares them all fakes, merely existing to bring suffering to Discord, nothing else: Applejack is a stubborn apple farmer and the Element of Honesty. Rarity is a fashionista that is obsessed with her appearance and the Element of Generosity. Spike is a small baby dragon that follows Twilight’s every order no matter what he thinks about them. Derpy is an insignificant background pony without any meaningful personality. And the far too perfect Apple Pie doesn’t even exist since she was not even a background pony before Discord happened.

Twilight points out that they are ALL different but that is the price of being alive. Persons change over time and the much more important fact is that they are still friends. Derpy and Apple Pie are simply new friends, there is nothing wrong about that at all. Apple Pie is not perfect, she clearly has her faults as well but Twilight loves her despite these flaws because she is a true friend who in turn did accept the flaws of the unicorns. The light of true friendship shines before the pure hatred of the Nightmare. And Twilight can clearly see that Apple Pie is herself changing over time and growing past some of her flaws. But the Nightmare didn’t escape her own flaws. She was unable to accept any turn of fate that wasn’t planed by her. By now many events did happen that clearly contradict her script completely. Twilight has more important things to do then to spend the rest of eternity with revenge against Discord. The unicorn wants to meet new ponies, maybe the love of her life, maybe even have children, spend time with Celestia, follow her old hobbies, do something new, help her family, do something relaxing or just have some fun. She just wants to LIVE HER LIFE. The Nightmare had forgotten so many things, including that sometimes she doesn’t have the answer like when she tried to research Pinkie Pie’s Pinkie Sense. In fact by her very own logic the Nightmare not being exactly like Twilight Sparkle is supposed to be means that she isn’t real either.

The Nightmare claims that she herself may not be perfect but she learned to enjoy doing what she does, understood that NPCs are not living beings and she can use them how she pleases and her temper problems are nothing major. Even Twilight has trouble to decide if the Nightmare is mocking her or if she is serious and really does believe her own excuses. The part where Nightmare Paradox talks about spending time with her friends is somewhat unnerving. After all she does see the ponies living in her circles as fakes. Does she visit other timelines to spend some time with the ponies she accepts as her friends?

Saint Apple Jacqueline tries to argue that the Nightmare is clearly as insane as Nightmare Moon was and in turn Nightmare Eclipse just orders Spike to restrain Twilight. But the dragon is only loyal to the compassionate Twilight he knew and is not a mindless assistant who follows every order. The Nightmare doesn’t take it well and seems to attack him with so much force that the entire castle rumbles. Meanwhile Minty had defeated her doppelganger and had apparently had her own encounter with Truth while the other heroes were busy with the Nightmare. Even now as the green pony knows what is going on, she is more determined then ever and continues forward to help Twilight.

Overall this was a very unnerving chapter. The entire time the Nightmare seemed to be close to snapping completely and attack them without any warning. Rarity almost had to pay a price for her objections. And considering how much control the Nightmare has about time and space and that she was easily able to defeat Discord several times (and he knew what he was up against), she is the most powerful encounter they had so far.

This chapter also showed the true extend of the torture she forced on Discord. She was moving him back and forth in time to ensure a maximum of suffering. It would have broken him several times already if he hadn’t his love for his daughter to keep him going. The Nightmare is also absolutely cruel in her way of mocking the forgiveness of the heroes.

But the rest of her character is also very interesting. She is almost completely devoured by her desire for revenge but she has still Twilight’s playful and adorkable traits within her. It makes her both more of a character and more frightening because she reflects Twilight’s darker side better if the connection between them is clear. It seems that she is only able to do all these horrible things because she has convinced herself completely that every single life in this world is just a fake reflection of what should have been.
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From....Ok, I think I'm officially freaked out. F-R-E-A-K-E-D. But enough stalling. It's time to finally get this over with and move on with the review circuit.

So....Nightmare Paradox. And no, I will not gratify you by calling you eclipse as you want to be called. (though purgatory works fine, because your constant pounding did eventually have discord see his sins.) The other nightmares held onto the right to be called what THEY wanted because at the time of contact the heroes could accept the self naming because it wasn't a problem for their battling to do so. But have gone and made a mockery of the alicorns (and for that matter, the draconequi), and thus are now too dangerous to accept your own naming. It is a privilege that has been taken from you because you're now so dangerous that we need to chip at your authority any way we can. (SHUT) [No, you have no place among the shadows. Not yet at least.] (scene is indistinctive due to long scuffle involving reality, characters, and power. But the paradox stays out.)

Anyhow, so, I am still stuck on the introduction of our bigger bad to the playing field, because She freaks me out. Traitor Dash was just tragic. Fluttercruel was unnerving, and discord will always be the punching bag of the universe to hate, but this nightmare? Totally freaky. I mean, I am legitimately scared of her just by reading these pages. And I'm just a shadow. I mean, Geesh! I suppose this is what happens when you meet the puppet king because you're confronted with the absurdity of spontaneously becoming Pinocchio and bopping your evil gepetto on the head. It just doesn't normally happen. And the fact that she can be so M. Bison about it (For me, it was Tuesday) only makes it worse, because it gets across the idea that there's no length to which she'll go for vengeance. Khaaaannnn!!! [Yay. Shout Out.]

Although, through all these freaky moments, there's an oasis of comedy in this crazy intense time: Discord being punished for his actions on Equestria. 1,165,318,607 deaths as equivalent exchange for the pain and suffering he caused. (though apparently this might be less than we think since they might have included paradox's work into the equation. Only maybe. Also, it appears Discord's been busy in the spirit world. Apologies, flowers, candy and plenty of death by creativity. What fun. Although you have to wonder. Does Anarchy get sole duty for punishing, or do the draconequi rotate on that? I mean, I suppose in the beginning, simple stuff like noogies, beheading and being quarters was standard before they got to the more creative stuff like antimatter, absolute zero and eaten by beetles. (beat) Discord, the parole board is quite happy you're working this all out with your eternal family members. And...once you finish serving out your sentence, we'll see fit to grant you parole to cause chaos constructively under supervision from your siblings. Chin up man. Your pain is going to end because you'll see that there's an end in sight. ;) Also, anybody see the cringe stuff in seeing that Discord getting equivalent justice would have happened eventually? Or was that a necessity to get him out to get a new spirit of destruction? Then again, given all the times Paradox tore at Discord's heart, he'd probably have finally gotten over it all the first 5 times he had fluttercruel ripped away. Why wouldn't he just tell her eventually? Try and stem the tide or something.

Oh, and I see the unicorn is doing the discord thing in accepting that Paradox did do some good. Civil.

Oh, and it appears the one other voice is very ashamed and angry for all this.

(after some reading through the science) So Rota Fortuna left a zone of warping around Discord becoming a mortal body due to him pushing off shady's intended daughter...I think, but somehow in allowing there to be Discord allowed some to see into alternate universes. In this case, a universe were in This order:
1. Ponies grew up under celestia.
2. they split into the 3 tribes
3. Discord came along.
4. After discord, they tried to create G3
5. The age of the Amazing 7 and the earth pony human civilization
6. The age of Tirek and Megan.

So...History in reverse? And AJ and Spike lived forever? That sounds...interesting to say the least. And by seeing how that went, she managed to make it so that she could push discord any way she wanted? On the prime timeline? Now that just makes my head hurt. Not to mention probably break every 3rd law of the alicorns regarding causality, free will and merging alternate universes. I especially bet the father of all alicorns and routa were most displeased. One for how it left reality as her playground rather than a place for all mortal to grow, the other for not allowing the roads of fate to play out more naturally as the gods have always decreed. Not to, we haven't gotten there yet. Keep going and talk about that later.

also, the alicorns do assert their authority through more passive means. They seek volunteers who will one day become children. You are seeking conscripts to one day become pawns. Alicorns already have their powers and perameters set, and work through siblings and draconequi jostling for influence. You'd rather everything come crashing down for your way or none else.

Also, the doctor did have pit stops. Besides, existence is full of wonders. Who wouldn't want to see them if you had the means to? But which lesson was that? seeing how important friends are? That was getting you out of the library. All the others were specific to a different thing. Was this one of those off screen lessons? Or are your memories getting faulty?

Also, I always assumed that no matter what happens in time, the spirit realm is technically outside those bonds. I'd assume rancor could chose to enter, but she's still have destruction's essence already, so she'd have no need to enter for that, meaning things would be different if she tried.

Also, bad form for calling a friend an idiot. At least in that tone. Also, I can't help but feel sad for discord even more at this point since I remember that one memory: "Okay! I've had enough. Evil sucks. Time to turn over a new leaf. " That moment where he might have finally stopped the loop, only to find the puppetmaster got him to do evil. Man, what a bummer.

unimportant NPCs? Don't you know there's never such a thing as someone who's unimportant? The will of fate dictates that in all ways for how we bounce off each other. Arc words after all.

And it appears that the elements of chaos have given her a glipse into princes....princess?......Oh. Is Rarity the other voice? The princess who spoke briefly before the showdown with the valyard? Is she the one who saw that balance is not to be used as an excuse to do evil? Is this the corruption of the force in play?

Forgiveness...(I see the world paradox is stuck in)...forgiveness is a gift. A willingness not to choke the other person. A display of love that does mean something. A show of trust that there's more than just evil in someone.

Also, it appears that giving Rarity that final power boost was good after all. Silly me. So, she used rage, cruelty, desire, free will, magic and deceit to break the chains, because we are more than ourselves. We've given ourselves away to others as well. "Nobody faces truth in a vaccum except by their own choices". (AJ's reharmonization) and after all, "Ponies live in herds. Together, we can do the impossible." (Patch's epic adventure)

Also, is it just me, or is Paradox a take that to the idea of canonicity. Hmmm, now I feel a tad guilty. That was my term. I always thought of it as how closely a fic resembles the original. But now, it almost seems like a chain looking back, because it stiffles creativity to change characters in different ways. That's the whole point of fanfiction: seeing old things in new ways. Exploring paths we never would have expected. Applying new ideas to old subjects. Alternate interpretation, seeing the nuances, changing the script, Original characters. All these are part of fanfiction, and what makes it so delightful if you accept the differences.

Oh, and if you refuse to see anything but yourself and an enemy, then you're letting him control you. Your hate is preventing you from thinking about alternatives. About stepping away and seeing the lights around you. In a way paradox, you're just as trapped as them: TRAPPED BY YOUR FEELINGS!

Also, don't you know imaginary friends can help as well? Remember Princess Star Flower? Oh right, YOU WEREN'T THERE, WERE YOU?

And, here at the end, it appears that Minty Pie saw the pool of truth, and now, is approaching for its final battle.

What a ride. This has to be the most meta, most intense chapter of the dark world in several chapters. Hope to see more, so long as I can keep the timeline straight and moving forward.

What shall we do now? Oh yeah, that's right.

What do you think?
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Iguanodragon Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Student General Artist
When the soapbox appeared underneath the Nightmare, any doubts about this being Twilight's evil future self was laid to rest.

I won't lie. When I read that line, I actually burst out with laughter. xD  This chapter was written very well; not only was it serious, with a fascinating moral debate to boot, but it had witty humor sprinkled throughout that lightened the mood and aided the story-not an easy feat. 

It is weird though... while reading, I made sure to keep in mind just how close Twilight and the Nightmare are. It was rather haunting in all honesty. I suppose though, it would be really frightening to see one's self like that, to see what you could become. I know I wouldn't want to...
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
That's something I'm VERY VERY proud of in this chapter. And I thank Louis for helping so much here. Making sure Nightmare Eclipse REMAINED Twilight Sparkle, even if she's fall so far off the path of the righteous that she can't see the light anymore, or perhaps it's better to say, she's blinded by her own light.

Since the dark world version of the mane six aren't exactly how she considers them to be those ponies, they are therefore not real to her.
Iguanodragon Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Student General Artist
You should be proud. :) It had a better impact, I think, on the characters, the readers, and the story as a whole with them having that strong resemblance, and I wager it wasn't too easy to do. 

Mhm. Which is a fascinating concept to explore, especially when looking from Nightmare Eclipse's perspective. 
Redmarhuisman Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014

The world that is controlled by Nightmare Eclipse reminds of Dyus of Mythera the only thing that remains of Jyggalags library of order he also stated that free will is an illusion.

But he got rather annoyed by the fact that Sheogoraths Champion doens't fail in creating the staff because it defies his logical predictions.

alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
Ah, yeah I can see that. 
Persona22 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013
The Nightmare Twilight was so scary because... well, she was so much like Twilight! It was amazing, I've read it over and over and she just ... so awesome a character! I'm lost for words, really can't express just how well made the Nightmare Twilight character was made.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013
"The Nightmare Twilight was so scary because... well, she was so much like Twilight!"

That was the entire point. 

"t! It was amazing, I've read it over and over and she just ... so awesome a character! I'm lost for words, really can't express just how well made the Nightmare Twilight character was made."


KurseofKings Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
Who is punishing Discord? Is it Anarchy? Is it Havoc?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
Charanty Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
Gosh, that's a twist.

What i like about your writing is that I can't always predict an outcome! Great job there!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
THANKS! There's no point to a story if you're 100% sure what's going to happen next. 
Charanty Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
You're welcome.

Well, I often can predict what characters will do next and I get very excited when i can't)
KurseofKings Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
"Discord said he was trapped 'in bounds' what about when he visited the Emperor of those monkey aliens?" AJ asked. I think you made a spelling/grammar mistake, but it's really hard to tell. If you did, fix it, if not re-write it so it makes more sense.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
I added a comma after 'in bounds'. 
KurseofKings Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
"My hooves were on fire (more so than usual) as I raced up and down it taking in every tiny detail! In that universe, AJ, you ended up immortal, but the rest of us didn't, and you had to watch all of us die of old age except Spike, oh, and Spike stayed a cute baby dragon. Forever." Huh. Don't remember reading THAT. When does it happen in-story?
KurseofKings Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
Wait a minute... DISCORD'S STILL ALIVE!?!? I don't believe it! I thought he joined Destruction in wherever it is dead concepts go! What does it take to permanently kill a draconequus?! Seriously, what does somebody have to do?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
They have to be eaten, so their concept is assimilated by another, or erased. Rancor didn't try to FINISH HIM OFF with the concept killing spear, just wound him. 
KurseofKings Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
"I learned. I discovered many things. When Discord was born to this world, he pushed forward the birth of the filly that mare would have given birth to otherwise over a thousand years. Since he made his mother 'immortal' with a seventh Element of Chaos, the Element of Despair. He was not a perfect substitute for his 'sister' in fate, but the filly's actions happened anyway when they did originally. This was an inconsistency in causality. That contradiction in time created a snarl in Fate that I was able to exploit. Shady The Second's delayed birth by a different father yet remaining the same created an even larger paradox." You're being confusing again.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
Have you seen My Little Pony G1? 
Baby Shady was a character who appeared in the cartoon. 
Yet she didn't appear in Celestia's origin tale. 
And yet her actions still apparently happened.
And yet she was born now AFTER Discord's reign when she was supposed to be born before it.
This created a paradox that fate had to patch up. 

Fate created a paradox crumble zone around her, since her removal from time-space wasn't a realistic or humane option. Nightmare Eclipse copied that to insure she could screw with time as much as she wanted without causing the dark world timeline to implode from her abuse. 
yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
Typos I found:

Spike recovered her(his) wits and slowly shook his gigantic head. "her" to his.

I mean, those stories were(where) someone does horrible things, then someone comes along and does WORSE THINGS to them and then others suddenly go 'Aw, Poor Wrongdoer?' "were" to where.

I cannot help but crack a smile every time I read this line:

"Bro, can you please pretend you're suffering here at least?" Anarchy pleaded.

Heh priceless and you are certainly getting mileage out of that soapbox gag.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
Edited. And thanks, that one was mine I believe. :-) And I'm happy that line works. It's meant to have some fridge horror on just how much Paradox had completely broken Discord.

"Heh priceless and you are certainly getting mileage out of that soapbox gag."

I am going to run it into the FREAKIN' GROUND! :D :D :D

Thank you for your comments.
yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
"Thank you for your comments."

No problem.
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
This is still quite shocking, for the record.

Twilight stayed silent for several seconds then spoke. "How long has Discord been enduring this?"

"It's genuinely hard to say now. I suppose if you were to lay the iterations end-to-end... it'd total a few hundred million years."

Assuming Discord had experienced, at lowest estimate, 100 million years worth of torture, and on average each cycle lasts about 1000 years...

100000000/1000 = 100000 cycles

Dark World might have already gone through at-least/around a hundred thousand cycles.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
I'm just happy it didn't come across as narm.
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
You gave us the lady of Cerebus for the Dark World Arc. Narm is impossible under the circumstances.
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner May 9, 2013
What actually happens to all the souls of the previous circles? Since that never happened were all the souls dragged into oblivion to join the other shadows?

And thinking about it some changes in earlier circles were extremely drastic and must have led to entire bloodlines being created or wiped from the world over time for example the very long-running one where Twilight Tragedy took over Discord's role as ruler of the world. So there were countless living beings that simply never existed in this circle. That might be a crime beyond comprehension...
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner May 11, 2013
I want to leave SOME THINGS a mystery for the readers to figure out for themselves. Or simply draw their own conclusions.

And thank you for your comment.
soradical Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
wait! Rota Fortuna is discord's half sister? (cue dramatic sound effect)
Man, discord you need to save her! if the elements fail she is going to be the next target of Eclipse considering you have had a change of heart you can just swoopin and kick some nightmare ass! she no longer has power over you! also saving the alicorn of fate would be pretty unexpected.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
wait! Rota Fortuna is discord's half sister?

No she isn't!

soradical Featured By Owner May 2, 2013
i was half asleep when i made that comment. i now reread it and realized i had miss read interpreted what the whole party where eclipse was talking about discord's birth causing a continuity snarl.

"This would have resulted in Shady II's erasure as an impossibility, or being shoehorned in and backtracked by Rota Fortuna. But instead it left a distortion around Discord, as a being who was never meant to be born forcing himself into the world. And yet his actions were the reason for countless others. So he had to have existed. Same as his half-sister. Rota Fortuna, the Alicorn of Fate, (yes, we are many, Twilight Sparkle, same as the Draconequui) installed a crumble zone around those events so time and history could naturally heal and adjust.

yeah i feel stupid now for make a stupid assumption
yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
Don't feel bad and I was thinking the same thing until I read your comment. However if Rota Fortuna was discord's half sister that would make him wanting to kill her even more disturbing.
jmcdavid Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
Now, it is time for my third and longest soap box speech.

You claim that Derpy is not loyal? She was willing to walk laps around Discord's castle as many times as it took to get him to change Dinky and Sparkler back to normal, protecting Dinky, who was trapped in the form of a muffin, from a swarm of blackbirds the entire time, while her legs and wings had been broken and had not been able to set properly. That is the purest form of Loyalty, so you fail.

Yes, she messed up many times back in Ponyville. But did she ever quit? No, she made sure that the mail was delivered, no matter how long it took. In other words, even back then she was extremely loyal. So once again, you fail.

As for your statement that she's not supposed to have a personality, Grandmother said this: Just because you can't see something, that does not mean it is not real. You never got to know what Derpy was like, so you never saw her real personality, but that does not change the fact that it exists. Three strikes, you're out.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
Eclipse, "It's convoluted! Contrived! Cliche! And completely unnecessary since they get back Rainbow Dash anyway!"
jmcdavid Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
Yes, they did get Rainbow Dash back, but she gave the Element of Loyalty to Derpy back when she was Traitor Dash.

And just because it's cliche doesn't mean it's not true.

Face it, Derpy has always been loyal. In fact, if Rainbow Dash hadn't been in Ponyville at the time, Derpy could have become the bearer of the Element of Loyalty during the Summer Sun Celebration when Nightmare Moon escaped from her Lunar prison.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
"The pony who had to be saved by her daughters from a pony-eating plant that used muffins as bait and was deemed the most idiotic monster in existence because it was believed no pony on earth could be dumb enough to fall for it."
jmcdavid Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
When did that happen?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
You never read my Green Lantern Corp in Equestria thread have you?
jmcdavid Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
I took a look at it, and it looks like it's a completely different canon. So it doesn't affect the Dark World at all.
jmcdavid Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
That does nothing to invalidate my argument. Also, you remind me of a black hole. You travel back in time to absorb those other Twilights because you hope they'll be able to fill a void in you, but that void is never filled, no matter how many alternate versions of yourself you absorb.

You seriously need to learn to leave the past behind and travel forward to the future.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
Nightmare Mirror, "'That does nothing to invalidate my argument. ' seriously pony, you'd say that if it did or didn't."
jmcdavid Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
No, if you came up with a legitimate counterargument, I would admit it.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
No you wouldn't. It's called fundamental attribute error. You're going backwards. The villain is wrong is where you're STARTING from.
jmcdavid Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
And now for my second soap box speech!

If it wasn't so tragic, I'd say you were Comically Missing the Point! You were just told that by your own logic, you're not real, which is an extremely valid argument! Discord looks more like Twilight Sparkle then you do! But instead of trying to provide a valid counterargument, all you could manage was a Chewbacca Defense! In other words, you don't have a valid counterargument!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
Nightmare Banneret, "She's the original, THIS Twilight was made later."
jmcdavid Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
No, both of you are originals. The current Twilight simply decided to Take a Third Option.

I say you're both originals because all your spell did was send you back in time. You didn't actually create anything, you simply went to the past.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
Pinkie Pie, "Actually, she's destroying."
jmcdavid Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
Good point, Pinkie!
jmcdavid Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
Time now for me to give three soap box speeches on how stupid Twilight's Nightmare is being! Here is soap box speech number one!

Nightmare Paradox, thinking you could be Easily Forgiven for vivisecting the brains, bodies, and souls of your friends, reconstituting them, and repeating that for an entire epoch only proves that you're an even greater monster then Discord! You won't be getting a Get Out of Jail Free Card after everything you've done, and you don't get to be a Karma Houdini! A new facepalm will have to be invented just to show how full of fail that sort of logic is!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
Nightmare Granfalloon, "Ya see, the editor wanted to have the line about Eclipse sayin' how if she used them to go to the bathroom, she'd just need to have a tragic past and a few tears and they'd forgive her. But the author and the other editor thought that was way too crass for Eclipse. I don't get what crashing something has to do with it though. So the author rewrote it to something that was equally revolting."
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