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March 23, 2013
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My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
My Little Pony Tales
Pony POV Series Side Story Episode 5 of 7
MLP: POV Seven Dreams/ Seven Nightmares
Part 2 of 2
By Jawmax
Edited By Alex Warlorn and Kendell2 and Louis

After Disaster:

The Crystal Rainbow Castle exploded, the mansion was caught in the blast, and fire and smoke were everywhere. I had to find Ace and the others. I struggled to lift beams out of my way. Coughing helplessly every second. My throat feels like it's burning, but friends and family come first. After hours of work I manage to pull everyone out. Poor Pretty Beat, her face has been burned so badly. "Are you guys going to be okay?" I try to ask only for a gasping and wheezing sound to come out of my mouth instead.

We took what precious little from ... from the... the... I'm sorry. I know it's stupid but... my home, our home. The fire and explosion had torn the expensive work of art to a smoldering wreck. I remember when I first brought my luggage through those doors, thinking to myself, 'I've made it! I've got it made! I am good! And Ace is here with me. Someone as great as me to share it all with.' All the praise and accomplishment I always wanted. Then those filthy looters came. We didn't wait around for angry ponies looking for somepony to punish for the death of the world.

We found a doctor; we found Sweetheart. Now living at the farm of Teddy's cousin. She was overjoyed to see us. To see any of us. So was I.

She told us that Pretty Beat's face will be scarred permanently. Then she took a look at me. "I... I'm sorry, Melody," she said, struggling to keep her voice from breaking. "The smoke burned your vocal chords horribly... you'll never speak again. And chances are, there's brain damage as well."

What? No! If I can't talk then I can't sing. Singing is everything to me! "Is there any way to tell if she has brain damage?" Ace asked.

Sweetheart sighed. "Without working equipment the only way to tell is to watch and wait. The whole world seems to have been hit by this... thing. This malaise. You all need to stay out of sight. You were big spokesponies for the Grant-All-Wishes spell. Ponies are going to shift some of the blame on... you. They'll be out for blood."

This can't be happening! We were going to get everything we ever wanted and now we have nothing!

"All of this is your fault!" Pretty Beat yelled at me. "Look at my face!" I couldn't stand to, so I turned away. She grabbed my head and turned me toward her. "Look at me! How am I ever going to find a guy to marry me looking like this?"

Sweetheart tried to interfere despite her still-mending legs, bless her soul, but Pretty Beat just knocked her back. Thank goodness Teddy wasn't in the room or there would have been blood in return.

"Hey, don't scare her like that!" Ting-A-Ling said. "She probably doesn't understand a word your saying!" What? Yes, I do! Ting, I'm still me! Sweetheart said watch and wait! I'm still me!

"No, she's right!" Half Note yelled. "The stupid spell would never have happened if we didn't encourage our fans! We only did that because you told us to!"

"Do you think anyone is going to care about musicians or athletes with society crumbling? Melody, you ended all of our careers!" Tuneful shouted.

Sweet Note joined in too. "This goes way beyond your out-of-control ego! Even if you could speak, we're beyond sorry. Civilization's broken and I don't think it's going to be fixed any time soon. I think it is time we went our separate ways. As far as the world is concerned, the Rockin' Beats died in that fire."

Jing-A-Ling hugged me from behind. "You can't just leave her! My sister needs us right now! She can't take care of herself anymore!" I break out of her grasp. I don't need her babying me! I'm her BIG sister! Not an invalid! I can take care of myself. "Calm down, Melody, it's going to be okay."

"What about you, Ace? Are you going to go or stay with her?" Sweet Note asked.

Ace looked very uncertain "Well, I don't know...she is kind of partially responsible for all of this."

No! Ace! Stay with me! I...I love you, I need you! Don't leave me! I grab him trying to talk to him but all that comes out is more wheezing and gasping. He looks into my crying eyes deep in thought.

"Well, what's it going to be Ace?" Tuneful asked.

"When we got married I promised to stay with her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. I've been with her for all the good things, guess now it's time to stick with her in the bad. She's lost just as much as all of us in this mess and I can see it in her eyes she's still in there. I'm staying with her." Oh Ace! He gives me a kiss.

"Well that's it then. In a few days after we get our strength back four of us will go one way and the other four will go another," Half Note said.

I thought they were going to turn on Sweetheart next, but Teddy stepped into the room and they shut up. As they stormed out of the room, Sweetheart hugged me, Ace and the twins joined in. Turns out I was too shocked to cry.

News came about my other friends: Starlight is dead, Patch is on some kind of quest (but married Buddy, at least that's ONE wish come true), Bob Bon's lost half her family and is going to try to keep track of this mess, Bright Eyes doesn't even know who she is, and nothing can seem to touch Clover, I should be jealous, but at least one of us made it through this without losing someone. No one knows what happened to Mom. Oh, Mom, if only we talked more, I could have at least emailed you more than once a month!

I think of poor Bright Eyes. It actually might be kinder that she can't remember what she's done to the world, and Starlight was... removed. Bright Eyes really has lost herself; she's lost her cutie mark. Her flank is as blank as her memory. And Sweetheart's sister... I may have lost my voice, but at least my memory and body were still my own. My sisters maybe babying me, but at least they're still here with me.

None of us could risk staying with Sweetheart, she was a doctor who would treat anyone for no cost and that made her too precious to lynch. But a big enough, angry enough mob could easily push past her and all her family to get to me. Even if Sweetheart was too valuable to put to death, they could still punish her severely if caught with us. Thankfully, Ace and my sisters realized this without any input from me. So even though Sweetheart begged us to remain on the farm with her, we simply thanked her and moved on.

I don't think any of us tried to reach Paradise Estate. We didn't blame Medley and her friends, even if lots of other ponies might. It had been Bright Eyes' idea, and the Bright Eyes I could have blamed for what happened no longer existed. Travel there on hoof would have taken months. And the destruction had rendered many routes unusable. Then there were the monsters. So many monsters. It was like they were trying to keep Medley and the rest busy. The Paradise Estate ponies became as good as ghosts, I hope Medley is okay.

And so it was three days later we came up to a crossroads. One way led east, the other west.

"We'll go west." Pretty Beat said. "We've all been thinking and while we can't forgive you, especially me... well, Melody, the four of us still have music inside, but you lost it forever. The thing you loved most. Even if you might not understand what I'm saying, but even if whole world ends up hating you, we can't. . . . It's best that we don't meet again. If someone recognizes us together, it'll end badly."

We all hugged and that was the last time I ever saw my bandmates.


We mostly have been eating grass and whatever we could find. Clover, alfalfa, daisies, was the diet of the day instead of hamburgers and smoothies. A change of pace from when Bright Eyes and friends lost in the woods and were scared of starving with grass all around and not having the heart to gut a fish.

Ace and my sisters began to construct a house made of debris. It's positioned a little bit away from a newly-formed village of survivors call Saddle Field. Ace and I dare not go there; the ponies in town would lynch us for sure. I tried to help with the building, but Jing-A-Ling and Ting-A-Ling keep pulling me to the side, afraid that I'd hurt myself. I communicate with my family through the very crudest forms of sign language: nodding for yes, shaking my head for no, pointing, waving, clop my hoof on the floor whenever I need to count off a number, glaring or smacking them if they're wrong about what I'm trying to say. Only Ace believes I'm still all there; the twins think I'm just acting out. He does his best to act as my voice to them. Without much to do but look for food and water Ace and I began to spend more time together. Our marriage feels more alive than it has in years.

Then, after nearly a year since the disaster, I began to get sick in the mornings. Ace and I are finally having kids; all it took was the end of the world. My family waits on me like a princess during my pregnancy. Of course there still were some problems.

"Here you are, Mel', some nice juicy apples."

Ace handed me the fruit, which I threw at his head. I pointed again to the only picture we had which was of a bowl of fruit trying to tell him again I am craving peaches!

"Oh, wrong fruit? Did you want grapes?"

I hit him and shook my head no and pointed again.


Smack again.



"Are you sure you don't want apples?"

Eleven months later I gave birth to my daughter, a perfect foal with a cream colored coat and my blue mane. I've had the perfect name picked out months ago but need to find a way to tell my family. "So Dad, what do you think we should name her?" Jing-A-Ling asked Ace.

"I don't know. I only thought of boy names." Typical that he assumed our first born would be a son.

"Do you think we should name her Ding-A-Ling?" Ting-A-Ling suggested.

Over my dead body, I shake my head no. "I don't think Melody likes that name."

"Well we have to think of something." Jing said. Okay time to show them the name I picked. I hand the baby over to Ace and begin to bang the night side stand. "No, Melody! You'll hurt yourself!" I shake her off. Come on, recognize the beat!

"Wait, listen," Ace said. Yes! Listen, you remember! The world still needs this! I want to teach something of music! Our world would be so much sadder without it! "That's the first winning song she ever wrote! That's Sweet Music!"

I would've jumped with joy if I hadn't just given birth.

"So she remembers the song." Ting said.

"Don't you see? That's what she wants to name the baby!"

Jing-A-Ling thought about it. "Well it would be a very pretty name."

"Is that it dear? You want to name the baby Sweet Music?" I nod yes.

"All right, little one your mommy has named you Sweet Music." Sweet Music happily gurgled a little. I only wish I could say how much I love her, I hope my tears of joy would tell that much.

A couple of weeks passed and my sisters are insisting that they take care of Sweet Music. They only let me nurse her! No matter what Ace says they still don't believe I'm all here! They're afraid that I'll hurt her by accident! If I don't do something soon my daughter will grow up thinking that her mother is some kind of crazy mute pony! I'm the only real musician here; if she doesn't learn from me, then the music could die forever! That's it! I have to find some way to talk to them and settle this once and for all!

I took a basket full of roots that we stored for the winter and a cloak. I can't afford to be recognized in town. The Twins are the only ones that go into town if we need something from there. Since they always worked backstage, there's almost no risk of them being recognized. I heard that everything is bartered for, these days so I'll trade these roots for some paper and something to write with. There were a lot of ponies in the market; it has been a long time since I've been this close to ponies outside of my family. I see a stall with what I need.

"Hello, miss, what can I get you?" The stallion asked me. He was a grey and white spotted earth pony with an electric outlet for a cutie mark.

I pointed to some old pens and the single sheet of paper he had for sell.

Papers and pens had been the last thing we would've grabbed when we left our burning mansion. Just trying to live day by day, writing had been a low priority. And my sisters wouldn't let me near anything sharp. I had tried scratching messages in the dirt, but my sisters just ignored that. Now I know what Miss Hackney meant by fundamental attribute error.

"My last sheet of paper and a pen; well what do you want to trade?"

I show him my basket of roots.

"Those roots can be found all over this area. I would have to have to take two whole baskets worth for what could be the last piece of paper in the world."

That paper is worthless to me without something write with. I shake my head no and clop my hoof three times. I know he will want to go higher but this will show how serious I am. I just hope he had a big enough heart to understand.

"You can't speak can you? You must really need to tell someone something. I feel for you I do, but I have a family to support. Tell you what, I give you the paper for the basket and one pen for your cloak, it will help keep the kids warm this winter."

He isn't backing down. If I give him my cloak and someone realizes who I am I could be in big trouble. But if I don't I will have come all this way for nothing and being a real part of my daughter's life is too important to me.

I give a nod and hand over the basket and take off my cloak. I grab my purchases and begin to make my way home hoping no one sees me.

"Hey, is that the lead singer from that Rockin' Beats band? Melody?" Shoot.

"The band that was shilling for Bright Eyes and Starlight? The ones who helped make this nightmare?"

"No wait, couldn't be her, she's too fat." It takes all of my will power not to knock that stallion into next week. Guess I still haven't bounced back from my pregnancy. But in this case it is a good thing. I never thought I would be happy to be called fat. I ran back home not wanting to press my luck again.

The Twins find me halfway home. "Melody, don't wander off like that," Jing scolds me like a child.

"We were all worried about you. You could have gotten hurt or someone could have seen you," Ting said.

I can't wait to show them once and for all I am not brain damaged. As we enter the house I could hear Ace singing softly to Sweet Music. "We make sweet music, you and I." He was singing her namesake to her; that is so sweet! He puts her down in the crib, she is fast asleep.

Then I began to write, quietly, out of sight. Wouldn't do for them to see me holding a sharp object like a pen. Please still have some ink! Yes! When I finished writing I gave what I wrote to my sisters.

"No way," Jing-A-Ling said.

"What does it say?" Ace asked.

Ting-A-Ling read aloud, I think she was about to cry. "I do not have brain damage. I have been the same sister you've know all your lives, except hopefully a little wiser. I appreciate what you girls have tried to do, it is good fortune that I did not end up the way you thought I had, but I swear I am in full control of my faculties. I risked being found out in town for the sake of writing this. I can take care of myself and I want to raise Sweet Music myself. I am not asking you to leave because all of you are all that I have and I still love you. Sincerely, your competent big sister, Melody."

"Melody, I am so sorry," Jing said.

"As am I," Ting added.

"I knew it all along," Ace said embracing me.

After that I focus on caring for Sweet Music. When I'm playing with her I feel so much joy, banging the floor to make the notes of songs. As soon as she began to talk Ace and her aunts taught her to sing. It is the sweetest sound I ever heard. Even though I cannot talk to her, Sweet Music learns how to understand me much quicker than my sisters did. Ace... now it's like all he has to do is look at my face to know what I'm thinking.


My life has gone in a completely different direction since the disaster. I've gone from a rich superstar to a mother and homemaker that forages for food for her family in the forest. I've gone from being adored by millions to hiding from her neighbors. Now that I'm allowed near writing instruments again, I've taken up writing songs. Sheet music is easy to make. I can't sing, but Sweet Music can, and... and it felt good just to add music to the world again.

Thanks to Lancer there was a tiny reunion between the five of us: Bonbon, me, Sweetheart, Clover, and Bright Eyes. Bright Eyes didn't recognize any of us, it hurt a little, but Lancer was there for her. Our husbands managed a few jokes with each other and we tried to get back into the old spirit of things, but it didn't take us long to realize we were chasing ghosts. We all gave each other a hug and kiss a before leaving.

A couple of years pass and we have been blessed again, this time with a yellow colt with a black mane that Ace named Champ. We were worried about him at first since he had been born so much smaller than Sweet Music at her birth. Ace, carrying Champ, Sweet Music, and I were out in the woods foraging again when we heard a commotion. We all followed the noise to a clearing to see three earth pony colts beating up a green unicorn colt with a blonde mane. The twins told us that a unicorn town named Horn Haven was built nearby close to the marshes.

"Take that, needle head!" one colt yelled.

"This will teach you to come to earth pony turf!" said another.

"Oh, look, I think he's crying!" The last one said.

I was about to break it up when Sweet Music rocketed passed me! "Leave him alone, you big bullies!" I have never seen my girl so mad. As I came closer she punched and kicked each of the three earth ponies, one colt between the legs when he actually tried to fight back. While I know I should be disappointed that she was fighting I can't help but feel pride that she has my fire in her and WHY she did it. In a world full of so much hate, things like this are something it needs. "Go on! Get out of here! And if I see you do something like this again I'll tell everypony in town you got beat up by a girl! Me!" The bullies ran off. I begin to look her over. "I'm fine, mama. We need to check on him."

"Are you okay?" Ace asks.

The unicorn got up. "A few bruises but nothing too bad. It just hurts. Thank you for helping me. My name is Spell Circle, what's yours?"

"My name's Sweet Music! This is my mom, my dad, and my baby brother Champ!"

I pointed to Spell Circle then waved my forelegs out. "Huh?"

"Mom can't talk. She asked why you here?"

"I just wanted to see a real earth pony. I never saw one before. Dad, the sheriff, and everypony in town says that all earth ponies want is to use our magic for themselves."

"Well, that is not true for most us. I'm sorry that those boys got so rough with you," Ace said.

"The names hurt more than their punches." Spell Circle began to cry.

"Hey, I know what will make you feel better, my favorite song! It always cheers me up when I feel sad." Sweet Music began to sing. "Sweet Music, ooh Sweet Music." No! Not that song! Not here! I closed Sweet Music's mouth shut. She began to complain with her voice muffled and Champ began to cry.

Ace came between us and Spell Circle. "Sorry, we still have some foraging to do. But don't worry, those names they called you are just that, names they said because they didn't know you."

"Oh, okay. Bye Sweet Music, let's play together sometime." Spell Circle waved good bye and ran back home.

Sweet Music was very angry with us after we got out of the colt's sight. "Why? I thought you loved it when I sang! You taught me! You told me that I mustn't let music die!" Sweet Music cried.

Ace handed Champ to me, as I rocked him Ace tried to explain. "Sweetie, we do love to hear you sing. It's just that you can't sing that song in front of other ponies that are not part of this family."

"But it's my favorite! We're always singing it at home and mom even joins in by drumming on the floor! You even told me you named me after that song!"

"Sweet Music, remember when we told you that life wasn't always like this? That when your mother and I were younger we had machines that made things easier and how a well-meaning spell went wrong and made things so that we don't have those helpful machines anymore and the monsters all appeared?"


"Back then, Momma could talk. Not just talk, but she sang so beautifully that she got her cutie mark for it. That song named Sweet Music was the first song she ever sang in public. All the world loved her. Her friends told her of an idea they had for a spell that would make everypony's wishes come true. She used the fame she had as a singer to get other ponies to help with the spell. Sweet Music, THAT was the spell that went wrong! Afterward ponies hated anypony who had anything to do with the spell's creation and their families! Them and their families as well! If ponies knew who your mother was from hearing that song, they could hurt you, Champ, your aunts, your mother and me! Promise us that you will only sing that song around family."

"Okay, Daddy, I promise."


More time passes. Sweet Music has grown to a beautiful young mare. Her cutie mark was for singing, just like me, though hers took the form of a red songbird. Champ, while still smaller than other colts his age, has caught the eye of the blacksmith of Saddle Field. He's been asked take an apprenticeship. It gave him a cutie mark of a hammer and an anvil.

Jing-A-Ling and Ting-A-Ling had the time to find their special someponies and each had started their own families. I noticed Sweet Music sneaking out of the house some nights. I knew what was going on.

"Oh, hi, Mom; guess you're wondering what I'm doing up this late, huh?" I gave her a knowing look and patted the couch for her to sit down. "Okay, I've been seeing Spell Circle. We have to meet late at night because well you know how the ponies of both towns feel about each other! Oh, mom, why can't they just let us be in love?" I nuzzled her; I wish I could just make things better for her.

"Hey, what's going on?" It was Champ. He and Ace had just come in the room.

"You and Sweet Music were talking and guess it something to do with a guy," Ace said.

"Yes, Dad. As I told Mom, Spell Circle and I are having a hard time being together because the ponies of Saddle Field hate the unicorns and the unicorns of Horn Haven hate us earth ponies. I know that Spell Circle wants to ask me to marry him but his father Sharp Spear would never allow it." Sweet Music begun to cry.

"Sweet Music, Spell Circle is a grown stallion. Is his father's blessing really that important?" Ace looked at his little princess. I know how fond she's grown of Spell Circle.

"It is if we want to live in Horn Haven!"

"Why would you want to live THERE?!" Champ asked.

"I want to help them. They only focus on what they need to survive. But I want to bring music back to them; just like I did at Saddle Field! I know it can help bring us all back together."

My little girl is talking about getting married? That makes me feel old but in a good way. I just wish my mother could be here for this. Mom, we never did find out what happened to you. Chances are if she didn't die during the disaster, she probably died of old age by now. I place my hoof on her chest.

"Follow my heart, huh? Yeah, we'll do it without his father's blessing, if need be. He'll come around sooner or later."

There was a knock at the door. Ace opens it to see Spell Circle standing there. He has grown quite handsome over the years and has earned a cutie mark for spell casting in the form of a purple magic circle. Sweet Music is so lucky to have such a kind, fine-looking stallion wanting her as his wife. And if the rumors I've heard about the length of a unicorn stallion's horn is true, she is going to love being his wife. "I hope I am not disturbing you."

"It's okay, Spell Circle, they know. My parents gave their blessing. We can get married!" Sweet Music said.

"What about MY father? He would never..."

"We don't need his permission to live in Horn Haven! You are one of the town's most powerful mages! You help keep it safe! I want to teach everything my mother taught me about to the ponies of your town and show that there is more to life than just surviving!"

"Sweet Music, you're right, when my father sees that, no matter what, we love each other he will have no choice but to approve our marriage." These days finding a minister for a wedding was hard so most weddings were now just the couple agreeing to be married. Screw that, my daughter deserves more than that.

There wasn't much to celebrate with but we did all the same. I couldn't sing and there were no electric guitars, but I could still make a good beat with my hooves when I wanted. And my sisters could dance as well as ever. We all managed smiles. An instrumental pony musical number, I think we just made history.

Afterwards Sweet Music gathered her few belongings from her room and got ready to leave for her new life with her new husband. She said her goodbyes to us. "Champ, I'm counting on you to look after Mom and Dad while I'm gone. Think you can handle it, shrimp?"

"Yes, don't worry about a thing," Champ said.

"Daddy, I know that this must be hard for you, giving you little girl away."

Ace had tears in his eyes. "You have no idea. Sweet Music, remember what we talked about the day you first met Spell Circle?"


"He's family now, it's okay to tell him."

Then she turned to me. I hugged her. "I love you too, Mom. You never needed words with me."

"Come on, dear, it's time to go." Spell Circle said. They both left us that misty morning, but I wished them all the happiness this world could offer.


Things are so different now. I'm all grey and wrinkled. Ace, who used to have a long flowing mane now hardy has any on his head. Champ who was the tiniest foal I ever saw has grown into a large muscular stallion who every mare in town wants to court. The twins have gotten so busy with their big families.

Patch finally stopped by. I'm jealous of her, honestly, those shards she's been gathering up are slowing down her aging. She's got two now, apparently one came from a monster of a Pegasus. When she told me what he'd been using it for, I didn't blame her for leaving him to the fate he deserved. I only politely shook my head no when she asked if I knew where Starlight was. I only hope she'll be safe as she keeps traveling.

I haven't heard from Sweet Music in so long. This world is a dangerous one I hope she is okay. Early one morning somepony was banging on our door. Champ decided to see who it was incase Ace and I have finally been found out. When he opened the door there was Sweet Music holding a little bundle.

"Champ, is that you? What happened to my scrawny kid brother?"

"Working the forge builds muscle, I'm Saddle Fields' blacksmith now. Sweet Music, what are you doing here?"

"Can I come in?" Sweet Music was on the verge of tears.

"Of course, this will always be your home."

Sweet Music sat down, and broke down. "Spell Circle is dead," No wonder she's so sad. Spell Circle was a good stallion.

"Oh, Sweetie, I'm so sorry. How did it happen?" Ace asked.

"Last year, Horn Haven was attacked by a five headed monster called a hydra. It destroyed the town, Spell Circle used all his magic to fight it but ate him! He blew the head up from the inside and saved my life and a lot of others in the process... but... " I nuzzled my child. This would never have happened if I didn't tell my fans to go through with the mega-spell.

"That would explain why nopony in town has seen a unicorn for months," Champ said.

"And what's worse, he died never seeing our child." Sweet Music then opened the little bundle to show us a month old deep blue unicorn filly with a blonde mane like her father. "Her name is Jewel." It is official, I'm old, I'm somepony's grandma and I couldn't be happier about it.

"Sweet Music, she's beautiful. But why didn't you come home sooner?"

"Because Spell Circle's father, Sharp Spear, wouldn't let me! I thought that I earned their trust, but as soon Spell Circle died, the unicorns treated me like a tramp. Sharp Spear told that if my child wasn't born with a horn on its head he would have us both as slaves! They took me to where they built their new town called New Horn Haven. After I gave birth to Jewel, Sharp Spear told me that after she no longer needed me to nurse her, he would throw me out of town and she would be raised to be a 'proper unicorn.' That 'she would know that she was superior to her mother and all her kind.' And everypony's listening to him! He's in charge of the whole town! I couldn't bear the thought of her turning out like that, so I took her and ran! That was two weeks ago." Jewel began to cry. "Shhhh, it's okay, Jewel." Sweet Music began to rock her and sing. "Sweet music, ooh sweet music. That's what I hear when you appear..."

"You remember." Ace said proud with both of our pride.

"It is my favorite song and it seems to be the only thing that gets her to stop crying."


The next day, me and Ace were playing with Jewel giving her tummy tickles and playing peekaboo with her blanket. She surprised me when she walked right through it. "Magic surge," Sweet Music said. "Unicorn babies get them sometimes."

"I'm home, everypony." It was Champ all covered in sweat from a hard day's work. I gave my son a look. "No, mother, I did not make any dates. You already have a grandchild now so would you be so kind as to get off my back about it?"

"She just wants you to be happy, son."

"I know, dad, and I will when I find the right mare."

Just then the door burst open and a mob of unicorns poured into our house. The next thing we knew me, Ace, and Champ were being held against the wall by unicorn magic. Jewel began to wail. Stepping out from the crowd a red unicorn with a mane of grey with age and long mustache and short goatee appeared, blech. "No! Sharp Spear, how did you find us?"

Sharp Spear sneered. "We were never more than a day behind Sweet Music. Did you honestly think I would allow my granddaughter, the only thing I have left of my son, to be raised by earth pony filth? We were lead to this place when one of your townspeople told us you were the sister of the local blacksmith. He was happy to tell us when told him that we were to retrieve Jewel. He wanted no unicorns in his town. It was a simple matter of following your brother home."

"Please don't take my baby away from me, please!" Sweet Music begged, picking up Jewel. It was like the fire had gone out of her.

"Please, she is our granddaughter too!" Ace yelled.

Sharp Spear pulled out a knife. "Quiet, you earth pony seductress; before I cut your tongue out!"

"No! Don't lay one filthy hoof on her, you beast!" Champ screamed He pulled against the spell so hard that four more unicorn added to the spell just to hold him.

I couldn't move so for the first time since before my children were born I tried to speak. But all that came out was the same gasping and wheezing noises. Sharp Spear tuned when he heard the noise I was making and saw my cutie mark.

"Stars and a microphone? You! I should have known that she was your daughter! Her name, how she kept saying how much we need music despite that it does not help in any way for us to survive, it should have been so obvious! You're Melody! You are the singer that told millions to pursue the wish spell! Because of you my sister joined the research team and now all I have left of her is her namesake." Sharp Spear looked at Jewel. "My family was royalty! You swindled my family with your promises and your explosion destroyed our castle and killed most of my family. It's only by luck I wasn't reduced to a pauper. Fate is certainly kinder to me today than it has since, baring my son's birth, that wretched spell was cast! Today justice will finally be served!" With his magic he readied to plunge the knife it my chest.

Sweet Music got on her knees and begged. My little fireball, begging. "No! Sharp Spear please I ask you spare my mother's life! She lost everything that day too! She lost her fortune, her friends, her mother, her voice, without her voice she lost the most precious thing in the world to her, music! Please show mercy and I will do anything you ask, I will go back with you. I will tell my daughter that she is superior to her mother and her kind if only you please spare her grandmother!"

"You would come back to New Horn Haven, teach my granddaughter what I tell you to teach her, and swear on your mother's life to never come back here again."


No! Sweet Music, please don't do this! Don't sacrifice Jewel's future for this old mare! I gasp. I wheeze but like that day no one can hear me.

"We have an accord then." He then turned to us. "If any of you ever come anywhere near New Horn Haven your daughter's life is forfeit!"

Then in a flash of light they were all gone. We all fell from the wall and I ran to where Sweet Music and Jewel just were. No! Come back! Sweet Music, Jewel, please come back! I wheeze, I gasp, I bang the floor and I cry.


Since that awful day it was so quite in our home. Ace hardly ever said anything after that; his heart was broken like mine was. Champ found the pony that told the unicorns how to find us and made sure they would walk with a limp for the rest of his life.

Ace passed away two years ago, Ace, I remember what I heard you say, you are a better pony than you were before. Champ took me to live with him above his blacksmith shop. He burned down our old house; it just had too many memories. He is such a good boy for taking care of his mother but he finally found a mare to marry. Such a sweet girl, too. Jewel, she is probably a teenager by now. Where are you? What are you doing? Please forgive this weak old mare for not being able to save you. It's so cold.

"Miss Melody! You have six minutes left!" Called the stage hoof.

I nod as I check myself in the mirror one more time before I come on stage in front of the cheering crowd. Half-Note and the others behind me begin the introductory music, I open my mouth and my fans go wild at what they hear.

"Listen up: what can you hear?
Will my voice just disappear?
To vanish into the void, so empty and so dark?
There is one thing in this world,
I can be certain of at last
That this music we hold within
Will keep on burning still

I was kept silent and trapped inside
But our song never surrendered
As long as it lives on with those I love, this song of ours will never die.

So I long we have run
But I feel it, even now,
A tune as natural as the beating of my heart

I say Carpe Diem
As we are reaching for our goals
We can create new tomorrows where this world is finally whole

This rhythm I have found
Will be here long after my soul.

Those precious days of youth
Still live on deep in my heart

Time goes on, this song will last
I'm not holding onto the past
Because you'll keep it alive, I am not afraid
No more doubt, no more regret
You will never let them forget
This sweet music in our hearts will echo throughout the land.

I see my mother and Medley clapping in the front row as I end the song, I blow her a kiss as the lights cut out.

"Melody, Melody come on, babe wake up." I open my eyes. Ace! He was a teen again, as handsome as he ever was!

"It's good to see you again, Melody."

"We missed you."

"It just wasn't the same without you."

I was in shock! "Starlight, Sweet Heart, Bon Bon?" They look they did when they were teens; wait a minute. "My voice! I can talk!"

I was back in my teens too! ... "I guess I'm dead." I'm not that surprised. I sit up. I dare to look behind, and I see a worn-out empty shell with my face. At least it was smiling.

Starlight stares at me in shock. "You know I'm kinda used to more denial than that."

I put my hooves on my hips, and I speak, speak, my voice, -my voice-, it's beautiful to hear. "This doesn't feel like any dream. If this was all in my head there's no reason the rest of us wouldn't be here if I was dreaming about you. There is way too much correct detail for this to be some unicorn's sick joke. And... I can't feel my heart beating or breathing, and for the first time in decades my body doesn't hurt. Oh, and I can talk, which I haven't been able to do in decades."

"And I thought Bright Eyes would be the one to be all objective about dying," Starlight said.

"It's wonderful to speak to you again, Melody," Sweetheart smiled.

"When I dreamed you were on trial, and I said I forgave you, it wasn't just a dream was it?" I asked, that dream had been more real than real, but I hadn't needed more reasons for my sisters to think I was being strange.

"No it wasn't." Starlight smiled at me, "You and the others saved my soul."

"Mother!" I turned to see Champ run into the room and to my old body. Tears wear in his eyes. "No!" He slammed his hoof into the floor causing it to crack.


"He can't see or hear us, Melody," Starlight said.

"I don't care." I move to him. "My sweet little boy. You will be fine, you're strong and your wife will be with you." I turn back to Ace and my friends. "So what now?"

Starlight spoke. "That's up to you, Ace waited two years for you and the rest of us are waiting for our friends."

"I would love to see them again too but..."

"You're worried about your granddaughter. It's okay, Mel. I know somepony who wants to set your worries to rest. Don't worry, girls, this won't take long."

"What about you, Ace?"

Ace smiled. "I'm going on ahead, and tell the girls to get ready for a Rockin Beats reunion! They're different now, Melody. They've mellowed out. They forgive you. I'll see you when all your friends have joined us."

"Here he is, Melody; this pony will take you to where we need to be for you to get what you need," Starlight said.

He was a tall pony, black and white with a horn and wings. He had to be death itself. "Greetings Melody, I am Mortis, and it is good to see you again."

"We've met before?" I asked.

"That's... a long story, best told later." Starlight said. The next thing I knew we were standing in front of another pony like Mortis but he is so much more! It's like he is the universe itself. I get such a feeling of peace just being here with him. Like I matter. "Melody, meet the Father of All Alicorns. He has other names like Pony Heaven and he has something to show you."

"My Little Pony, Who Is Troubled By Not Knowing Her Granddaughter's Fate, Let Me Put You Mind And Heart At Ease. Behold; Your Legacy."

I could see Sweet Music and she was with a filly who had to have been Jewel! She was teaching her to sing with the song Sweet Music! Things shift and cute but ravenous bugs were eating all the food in New Horn Haven. Jewel ran off to be alone and she began to sing and found that these bug things like and follow her where ever she went as long as she sang. The next thing I knew she was leading all of the unicorns in town in a marching band and taking the bugs away from town. She proved Sharp Spear wrong, music matters. Sharp Spear die of old age, a repentant old stallion, praising Jewel for having a softer heart than him, I swear the pony he's talking to is Patch.

Ting-A-Ling and Jing-A-Ling and their families are finally able to visit their great niece and great niece, it's beautiful. Dancing won't be vanishing from the world any time soon either!

Jewel is grown now and she is teaching her daughter the song too. Medley? Yes it IS HER! Hearing about a town that hadn't given up on music drew her like a bee to honey. It's not fast or easy, but she earns the trust of the unicorns. She acts like a guardian angel to Jewel and her daughter, she's not immortal anymore, but she doesn't care, now she has ponies she can teach her own music to, she hasn't have to be afraid.

Now my great granddaughter is grown up, teaching music classes to young unicorns. It continues like this, generation after generation, mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, brothers, sisters. Unicorns, earth ponies, pegasi, they are all part of our family! I'm shocked to pieces when Glory and Sparkler both marry into my line, each at their own pace, choosing to live in the world again instead of just safeguarding it.

In a town covered in a blizzard with howling spirits circling around but one house is untouched, a house that has that song coming from it. In the middle of chaos an earth pony mother is singing to comfort her pegasus son.

"Do You See Melody? Because Of You And The Love You Gave Your Children And Your Gift Of Music... Music Lives On. It Will Live Forever Because Of You!" The Alicorn Father said. I fell so much joy! For the first time in decades for all of creation to hear I began to sing!



Sweetie Bell woke up after the horrible day of  wild eyed screaming and convulsing. She had to be tied to the bed to keep from hurting herself until she had finally tired herself out. Twilight and the doctors had looked her over in her sleep, they said the only thing to be done for her now was rest.

It was now night, and it felt comforting, peaceful a little. She didn't know what she had felt exactly. It was like something really awful had happened to somepony else, like their heart had just withered and died. But at the same time Sweetie felt it like it had happened to her too!

"Sweetie Bell, are you alright?" Rarity asked, hovering over her little sister, shining like an angel in the room's darkness.

"I... guess I'm okay... but... but... that was so awful!"

Rarity hugged her, slowly rocking her back and forth. "Shhhhh. It's okay, you don't need to talk about it right now, you're safe with me. They'll be plenty of time for that later. Please, just know you're safe here with me." There'd be time for questions later. For now all she wanted was to listen to her little sister's safe beating heart.

"Where's Silver Spoon?"

"I contacted her parents and they took her home but not before I Pinkie Promised her to tell when you woke up. In fact..."

"No! Please stay with me."

Rarity gave a weak smile. "Well I'm sure she and Pinkie Pie would understand. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Well, maybe...since mom and dad left for their vacation I've been waiting for a time when we could sing together."

Rarity remembered Sweetie Bell mentioning something like that before the Sisterhooves Social. "How about that lullaby mother used to sing us? Did you know that it has been passed down the family for generations?"

"Like how you and I get pruney hooves if we stay in the water to long?"

"That is from father's side of the family this is from mother's. It is a song that is only to be sung around family."

"Why?" Sweetie Bell asked her eyes full of wonder.

"I don't know. To make it special I guess, so remember only sing this song around ponies you care about."

"I was really little the last time mom sang it. I don't know if I remember all the words."

"Don't worry, follow along after me."

As Rarity began to sing she felt a presence in the room. It was the same as every time she sang it, a warm loving presence. It actually felt stronger as Rarity sang it to Sweetie Belle than when her mother sang it to her. And that was stronger than when her grandmother had sang it to her mother. There was enough love in this song to feed a changeling for a year. Sweetie Belle felt it chase away the monsters. A warm feeling, always growing. She sang too.

Sweet music, ooh sweet music. That's what I hear when you appear.
Sweet music, ooh sweet music. Life is tune when you near!
When you are gone the song just isn't there. But then I see you face again and music fills the air! Fills the air!
Sweet music, ooh sweet music. I love the sound when you're around!
Sweet music, ooh sweet music. Beautiful harmonies abound!
I know our song will never die! Never die!
We make sweet music you and I! You and I!
We make sweet music you and I!
A story about the mane seven My Little Pony Tales saga and their experiences at the moment the world changed, in both timelines that lead to G3 and to G4, as recorded by Princess Luna.

Pinkie Pie, "Alright everypony! That's five down and two to go! And reminder, the final part of the battle that decides the fate of dark world will only be released once all seven parts of Seven Dreams/Nightmares have been finished and uploaded! That's two more stories to go! Bright Eyes, and Clover! So go for it bronies! Don't you hate it when video games barely change the dialogue as quest objectives are met?"

Pony POV Series Side-Story: Seven Dreams Nightmares

THIS IS A DIFFERENT audio adaption from Louis's! So PLEASE!!!! These guys NEED your help to bring this dream to life!!!
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There are still two more chapters to go, and the writers need all the help they can get! [link]

Cover image provided by dark-tsubaki88 [link] and Jawmax's music suggestion.

"Sweet Music", MLP, MLP G3, MLPTs, MLP FiM: Copyright Hasbro
Melody's dying song is a parody of "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Sorairo Days"

20130323: Grammar corrections by Jawmax.
20130324: Grammar corrections by ItsFromPeople.

20130704: Added back a line about Rarity and Sweetie Belle's song, it was included in the original version and I removed it. I've finally decided that it actually works much better WITH IT.
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After the spell fails the resulting shockwave obliterates Melody’s mansion as well. The throat of the singer feels like it is burning but she spends hours saving her family and friends. When she finally tries to speak, she finds herself unable to do so. The singer has lost her voice and with this her ability to ever sing again. But she is not the only one who suffered: Pretty Beat’s face was burned as well. Soon they have to leave the ruins of their house since not only other ponies began to loot its remains but they are all worried that it won’t take long for an angry mob out for their blood to arrive as well. She was so proud and satisfied with her new house and its loss hurts her a lot even if she is slightly ashamed that the loss of mere property has such an impact. Soon they manage to reach Sweetheart on her farm who tells them that Pretty Beat’s face will be scarred for the rest of her life and that Melody will never speak again. Even worse is that the doctor is afraid that it could have caused brain damage.

The finality of the loss of her singing hits Melody hard but it isn’t even the worst. Without modern technology it is almost impossible for her to prove if she hasn’t brain damage and is still herself. Since none of them really know sign language communication with them is also very difficult. Sweetheart warns them that others will be out for their blood since they promoted the spell so openly. Now their fame turns into a curse, everyone knows their faces and their admiration is turned into hate. The other band members especially the disfigured Pretty Beat blame Melody for everything that went wrong. In their pain even their friendship doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Her sisters stand up for her but they believe that she has brain damage and can no longer take care of herself. As her former friends shift all the blame to her and her own sisters treat her like she is retarded it is up to Ace to make a decision.

He admits that she is partly responsible for everything and the singer is almost crushed in despair. She wants so much to proclaim her love but her condition doesn’t let her do this. But her husband does see life in her eyes. So he decides to stay true to his promise and will stay at her side. Just like everybody else she has lost so much, tormenting her now doesn’t achieve anything. The other band members seem unfazed by this showcase of loyalty and love. It almost seems like they would now take out their frustration on Sweetheart next but Teddy enters the room and nobody would dare to attack his sweetheart now. As soon as the band members are gone Sweetheart and Melody’s family give her a much needed hug. Over time the singer learns what has happened to her other friends but to her despair and shame she has no idea what happened to her own mother. Now she regrets not spending more time with her.

And despite all of her suffering Melody is happy that Clover managed to escape this misery and she is also still able to feel sorry for others like Sweetheart’s sister. Eventually the family decides to leave the doctor so that she will not be caught in the crossfire of ponies who want to take revenge against them. Monsters begin to swarm the world and in all this suffering Melody still hopes that Medley and the Paradise Ponies are safe. Once it is time to say goodbye to her band members Pretty Beat admits that while they can’t forgive her, they can now admit that she has lost much more then them. While they can’t stay together, they will not hate her and they are able to leave on better terms.

Being herbivores means the family will not starve that easily but it is a huge downgrade from the food they were used to eat. Melody realises that when they were lost in the woods before they could have simply eaten the grass as well. Eventually they construct a house near a village called Saddle Field. Such to her frustration her family doesn’t allow the singer to help with the building but over time they learn to have at least some communication in the form of a very simple sign language. Amusingly the sign for “You understood me wrong” is to be smacked. Ace is the only one who still believes that she is sane and their combined effort to find water and food brings them closer together. Now they can spend more time together then ever before. And finally her first child is about to be born. But Melody still has trouble to let herself be understood. After her birth it turns out that Ace only had boy names prepared and the singer seems to be unable to tell them her idea. One of her sisters suggests “Ding-A-Ling” as a name and Melody tries to show her idea by using morse code to play Sweet Music. While her sisters just think that she is hurting herself, Ace recognises what she really wants to say.

And so the child is named Sweet Music but her sisters still insist on taking care of the foal. Melody loves her child so much but if this continues not only will her daughter grow up thinking that her mother is insane but her music will be lost as well. So she takes a basket full of roots and disguises herself with a cloak. She intends to buy some paper and something to write with but it is a huge risk. The singer knows what might happen if somebody would recognise her. Writing utensils have low priority in the world after everything fell apart and her sisters don’t even let her near anything sharp. The stallion selling the paper wants more then one basket and she shows him why she needs it so much. And he seems to understand her pain and makes her a fair offer: What she wants for her basket and her cloak. He doesn’t know that it is her disguise and thinks that it would keep his children warm. So she takes his offer and it seems that somebody recognises her. But the idea of her being Melody is quickly dismissed because she is too fat. For the first time ever she is happy to be called fat.

She makes it back home where her husband is singing the music that shares her name to Sweet Music. Finally Melody is able to write down her thoughts: She is still sane and underwent a huge risk to be able to tell her family this. She wants to raise Sweet Music herself and she knows that her sisters did this out of love and she loves them as well. Now she wants to live her own life together with them. Her husband knew it the entire time but finally the family members can embrace themselves as equals. Her child brings her such happiness and she is an excellent singer as well. Unlike her sisters the child quickly learns to understand her mother and by now Ace can read her perfectly. Melody lost so much but her family and her music brings her happiness. Since she is finally allowed near writing instruments again she can begin to write songs for her child to sing. Thanks to Lancer they even had a short reunion with her old friends: Bonbon, Sweetheart, Clover and Bright Eyes but Bright Eyes still didn’t recognise any of them. The cheerful innocence they once had is lost forever.

A few years later Melody gets another child: This time it is a stallion so Ace names him Champ. A unicorn town called Horn Haven was build not that far away and the racism is beginning to get worse and worse. Soon the family finds three earth pony colts beating up a single unicorn colt. Even back then bullies were always cowards. And as they keep calling him racist names Sweet Music charges at them and beats up all three of them. Melody is not exactly happy that there had to be a violent solution but she is proud that her girl stood up for somebody else. Yet the final defeat of the bullies comes not with violence but with the threat to tell everybody that ALL THREE lost to a girl. Now this chases the cowards away. The name of their victim is Spell Circle and he seems to recover rather quickly. He wanted to find out if earth ponies are really monsters that want to steal unicorn magic just like his father and the rest of the town claimed. But the names the bullies called him did hurt him so Sweet Music tries to cheer him up with her trademark music. The family quickly intervenes and tells the child that these insults just show that the bullies have no idea who he really is. These insults don’t even scratch the surface. The colt would love to meet the filly again but for now he returns home. But the girl is shocked that they have forbidden her favourite music so her father has to explain her in detail why it is so dangerous and she is able to understand that. From now on she will only sing it to family.

Time passes and Sweet Music gains a cutie mark for singing while Champ begins to work for the local blacksmith and gains a fitting cutie mark. Jing-A-Ling and Ting-A-Ling also start their own families and Sweet Music begins to sneak out at night. Her mother knows what this is about and eventually her daughter admits that she has been visiting Spell Circle. By now it is sadly a forbidden love threatened by the rampaging racism in this world. Her mother wishes that there was something she could do but how could music heal broken hearts? As the rest of the family joins into Sweet Music breaks down crying that Spell Circle’s father Sharp Spear will never allow them to marry. Much to the shock of her brother his sister wants to live in Horn Haven, she wants to do it for the unicorns, to bring music back to them. Melody wishes her own mother could be with her to guide her. As the singer points her hoof on her daughter’s chest, Sweet Music realises what she should do. Melody’s mother would be proud. She hopes that Sharp Spear will eventually accept the person his son loves so much. And with perfect timing Spell Circle arrives and learns that they gave their blessing. His love reminds him that he is one of the most powerful mages and she wants to teach the town about music. Afterwards the family and their new members have a nice little wedding with dance and music.

So Sweet Music and Spell Circle leave to start their own family and Ace tearfully says goodbye to his little girl as Melody hugs her. The years go by and both Melody and Ace are by now old ponies. Champ has become a large muscular stallion thanks to his hard work. And Patch visits as well, just after the horrible event with the shard of laughter, and she is still searching for Starlight. Suddenly Sweet Music returns and she is desperate. Spell Circle did die defending the town against a hydra and Sharp Spear did imprison the beloved wife of his son and was ready to enslave his own grandchild should it be an earth pony! After an earth pony gave birth to a unicorn, contradicting racism itself, Sharp Spear decided to never let his own granddaughter Jewel meet her own mother and will raise her to become a racist as well. So she took her own daughter and tried to escape all of this hatred. And after all this time and all the horrible things she had to endure, Sweet Music still sings her daughter asleep with her favourite song.

On the next day everything seems fine until a mob of racist unicorns bursts into the house and immobilises everybody. The group is led by Sharp Spear who was hunting her and a local racist earth pony told them where to find this family. In pure despair Sweet Music begs to not be separated from her beloved daughter but the grandfather is merciless. Melody is unable to say anything and Sharp Spear recognises her by her cutie mark. He has lost his property, his castle and most of his family thanks to the broken spell. Now he wants to kill her in revenge. Sweet Music begs for the life of her own mother and says that she is willing to raise her own daughter into the racist unicorn Sharp Spear wants her to be. He agrees to this cruel deal and Melody is helpless to say anything about it. In a bright flash the unicorns are gone and leave a broken mother behind.

This horrible event will separate mother and daughter for the rest of their lives and hurt the family more than anything before. Champ did find the traitor in the village and made sure that he paid for what he had done. Eventually Ace passes away and his wife was proud about him until the very end. She always believed him to have become a better pony then before. Champ gets married as well and takes in his old mother. Soon it is time for her to die.

The mare finds herself on stage with her band in the background and both her mother and Medley in the crowd. Her song is about herself, about the music inside her that never died, about striving for a better tomorrow and about not being ashamed of the past. Soon she meets Ace, Starlight, Sweet Heart and Bon Bon and not only she is also a teenager again but she can talk as well. And unlike the others she understands and accepts her death very fast. She shows her sharp mind by listing all the facts that make her believe this but saying goodbye to her living son is still painful. For now Melody wants to learn what happened to Sweet Music and Jewel. Ace already goes ahead to prepare the rest of Rockin Beats for her. By now they were able to forgive her and once the Rockin Beats reunion takes place, maybe Rancor could make a brief visit to get the final part of her collection and to listen to some sweet music. Soon Mortis arrives and brings her to the Father of All Alicorns. And the Father shows her what happened to her beloved daughter.

Sweet Music raised her own daughter and taught her to sing with her namesake. Later when Parasprites attacked the town Jewel saved everybody by leading the bugs away with her music. She proved her own grandfather wrong and the song prevailed where hatred failed. Eventually Sharp Spear regrets his mistakes and is able to admit it to Patch. Ting-A-Ling and Jing-A-Ling are also able to meet that part of their family. The song lives on in Jewel’s daughter and even Medley moves into the town to protect Jewel and family and to let the music she has learned live on after she will die eventually. The song continues to exist within the family and earth ponies, pegasi and unicorns all are part of the family. They are ALL a family. It is another strike against hatred. Eventually Glory and Sparkler also marry into this family and even as the Windigos kill so many ponies, the kind and open hearts that produce this song are able to resist. Melody is so overwhelmed by what she managed to do and sings with happiness.

In the present Sweetie Belle begins to recover from the horrible pain she felt thanks to her connection with Diamond Tiara. Rarity is also in the same room taking care of her little sister as best as possible. Silver Spoon already left home and there is something the filly wishes her bigger sister to do: Sing with her. There is a very special lullaby that their mother did sing to them and it is tradition to only sing it to family. A warm and comforting presence (surely Melody) is with them as they sing the nostalgic song. It is Sweet Music. The harmonic song never died and outlived the hatred. By now the racism between the three tribes is almost dead while the song is still as alive as it was before.

Overall this was a wonderful chapter about music, family and the emotions songs can carry. After Melody lost her ability to sing and her celebrity status turned into a curse, it seemed that she had lost everything. But her family stayed at her side and slowly she was able to rebuild her life and found her own happiness in the form of her daughter. It was music that allowed her to name her, it was music that connected Melody with her and it was music that they both left behind. Their heritage shines even in the present day.
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From the shadow in the band: It took me a little time to think of a song, but I finally got it.

Set to either Weird Al's Star Wars Parody or Miss American Pie (whichever makes the lyrics work better)

Long, Long time ago, in a land of song and dance
A color spell was cast.
And a world of wishes came along
Where there was friends and magic and song
with death and the draconi out of whack.

But that world was unsustainable
They had to cull all but the able
They sent destruction to stop the spell
The obliteration didn't end well
And the pony who sung like an angel girl
She ran to help her family's peril
She breathed in smoke till she thought she'd hurl
That day, her muuusic died

And I was singing
My My Melody in the Sky
Was a singer girl till her voice ran dry
She ran from home and built a new way alive
Musing I won't ever let the song die
I won't ever let the song die

Did you know the queen of pop
ended up in between a great big rock
and a very hard place
A scapegoat for the angry mob
for bringing forth the rainbow lob
And losing her voice's way to say...

I love you all, family strong
Husband, Children, sisters long
And I'll prove it to you in some way
That I'm mentally here always

Well she thought and thought, got a disguise
She dug some root out for supplies
A barter for some paper and writes
The day....the muuuuuusic died.

And she was writing
My My Melody in the Sky
What a rocking girl till her voice ran dry
She ran from home and built a new way alive
Musing I won't ever let the song die
I won't ever let the song die

Well the kids were growing without camp
Sweet Music sang and as for Champ
He worked his hooves away
And the unicorn she met went young
became the husband she she'd always sung for
Star crossed lovers of her current daaaaayyyy.

Well the unicorns, they wanted blood
They stormed their house just like a flood
The sought to to kill her dead
Sweet Music came instead
For she loved mom and daughter with great heart
So she told her mother, "we must part"
It was hardly the first of starts
that day...her muuuuusic died.

And they were singing
My My Melody in the Sky
What a rocking cool girl till her voice ran dry
She ran from home and built a new way alive
Musing I won't ever let the song die
I won't ever let the song die

She moved in with her tough old son
Too worn out ever really to run
So her brain faded away (6 minutes)
And she finally saw them all again
1 dear husband and 3 best friends
Speaking once more, just as plain as any daaaayy

And in the end, the alicorns came
Death himself and his father in plain
The Melody was sad
The father smiled and made her glad
He showed the future of her girl
Of stopping parasprites without a hurl
And he told her without a curl
There's no way the muuuusic....will die.

And they were singing
My My Melody in the Sky
Was a rocking cool girl till her voice ran dry
She ran from home and built a new way alive
Musing I won't ever let the song die
I won't ever let the song die

And they'll keep singing
My My Melody in the Sky
What a singer girl till her voice ran dry
She made a new home and built a new way alive
Screaming "I won't let the muuuuusic die."

In all seriousness though, this is probably up there with sweetheart in terms of the tragedy of the G2-7. The singer lost her voice? There's little more tragic happenings in attacking her identity than that. Heck, at least Bright Eyes had the mercy of losing her memories to go with that loss of her old special talent. But melody lost the very thing that helped with her special talent.

Unless...Unless Melody's special talent is not so much singing per se, but spreading music. That's what she did when she was singing, and that's what she'll still be doing all this time in the post-apocalypse.

Anyhow, the explosion divided lines between family and business, with most of the band going off one direction, angry over a facial burn, and the spell and all that, while the 2 sisters stuck with their big sis. However, by far the most touching (well, not counting Melody's panic at not finding a way to show them that she wasn't brain dead) was when Ace recited the pledge of modern marriage to be with her "in sickness and in health until death do you part." What a good husband.

And so they settled in, and even found a way to communicate with their mute family member. Come to think of it, did pony sign language vanish with the explosion as well?

That lead to perhaps the most tense and yet hilarious moment when melody risks her cover just to find some way to communicate her mental clarity. "No wait, couldn't be her, she's too fat." Never before has a fat joke been used so hilariously while also advancing the plot.

The bit on the mini-reunion. Hmmm, somehow I sense this will become VEEEERRRY important in a future stories, but i can't figure out why. Maybe it's to highlight how much they all had to change in this new world. Mmmm, but I suppose this is technically before the whispering death for Sweetheart, so this was definitely the last time any of them would ever see her again. That much is certain.

Also, the story of Sweet Music and Champ feels at once sweet, but at the same time very bitter. SM was full of feisty outrage and compassion, but just happened to fall in love with the one unicorn from the one community that would give her trouble all her life.....figures. Oh, and Champ seems to take after his father but in a different way. Unfailing determination and devotion to family, but unlike his dad, he worked hard to get his physique with years as a blacksmith making him strong and popular like his father. What a champ.

The bitterness of the story comes in how Sweet Music and her Jewel, despite how hard her husband tried, how hard she tried and how much they moved, there was bound to be an old fashioned tragedy for the family of song before long. The standard "Take me instead" business. Stupid magic giving a combat advantage in a situation like this.

Though this also ties into the second half of the tragedy. Champ was utterly devoted to his family, and in the end, he was the last to go, perhaps even lost in the futility that he could be the last pony of their entire line and that perhaps his beloved sister was murdered by the unicorns after a while. His tragedy is having to carry on despite the loss of one of the few things that could give him stability in this world.

Also, loving how you keep finding ways to stick Patch into the story in her epic quest that will outlive them all.

Come to think of it, given what we see about Sharp Spear at the end of his life, it's possible that patch showed up at his place looking for a shard, but then moved on after giving the earth pony's peace before he passed on. It's too recent in history for HIM to be pony with the yellow shard after all.

And so, years later, and more old wrinkles than you could count+6 minutes, Melody became the 4th to ascend. Though I have to say, given that I just watched a show where a person can talk again after not being able to for a while (transformers prime if you're curious) , this whole, "my voice!" thing feels a bit underwhelming. At least without images to help.

Though I will say this: Melody dying? Funniest death realization of the G2-7 ever.

And it appears that just like so many of the old gang, Melody will leave a permanent impact on this world accidentally crashed. Bonbon will always leave the quiet impact of a family dedicated to continuing in love with others. Patch deposed several dictators, saved the earth from Grogar's invasion (which..come to think of it, would he have been frozen by the windigos if he set foot outside his domain? Or is he technically not driven by hate but by pride?), and brought the eternal magic back to serve as equestria's safeguard against evil divine beings. Starlight brought Celestia her first mortal experience, and eventually showed a strength of character to get back to Heaven, slowly helping the spirits of the dead make peace. Sweetheart kept medicine alive forever, as well as dying as perhaps the most beloved of the G2-7.

But melody managed, through her love, to preserve that most sacred of cultural pieces: music. And because of her commitment, music would live on all the way to the present or even future days (depending on your continuity). And thanks to that music, Pinkie would earn laughter, save the town from parasprites, and always find a way for ponies to express themselves alternatively. All because one mute and her family refusing to let the song die.

Come to think of it, what happened to Champ's line? Did they eventually become the craftsponies that helped make the steel and iron for the pony worlds? Did they merge with the apple family, thus creating Big Macintosh?

And meanwhile, in the present, the spectre of discord's 3rd coming lies over the land, and poor Sweetie Belle already got a front seat to the end of it all. Which leads to the ultimate irony: The music passed down from her ancestor generation to generation ended up in her reincarnation that also was a "never was", sung by sisters with great voices, one of whom will carry on the grand melody tradition of having music based cutie marks. (probably, assuming that was a truth that will happen in this timeline)

Actually, it's kind of sad that Sweet Music never passed into oral history for the many descendants of Melody. I mean, to know that your ancestor once was a famous rockstar from an age where ponies had the highest technology level ever? That would be something I would like to know about my family tree. (though the whole "persecuted for wanting to keep music and for being earth ponies angle wouldn't be the easiest thing to tell the kids) Especially considering what's about to come, it would be the ultimate shut up to discord to know that something survived all that mom stuff, so he wouldn't be able to stop it any easier. I think it's about time that the family tradition become public domain. It's only fair since it has been around well long enough for the copyright to expire and become folkish.

Or, do rarity's parents actually do know the history, and plan on telling them soon enough?

So many angles to work.

Still, despite my love of the music, I wasn't quite as impressed with this chapter, but that might be the POV bar that I'm dealing with here. Still, it's not bad as a chapter, and that's enough to give it positive ratings.

Thank you all very much. I'll be singing for another week. Now, onto the environmentalist.
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Lunacorva Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014

Could you PLEASE stop making my head explode!? My insurance doesn't cover "Overload due to awesomeness"!!
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Most of the 7 Dreams/Nightmares were written by guests authors with major edits by us. Be sure to give them credit too! :-D Everything is awesome. 
Lunacorva Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
"Everything is awesome!"

Yes. Yes it is. The Pony POV series is my absolute favourite FIM fic and it never ceases to blow my mind into orbit.
KurseofKings Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013
"Back then, Momma could talk. Not just talk, but she sang so beautifully that she got her cutie mark for it." What makes you so sure that they were called cutie marks back then?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013
Why not call them that? 
KurseofKings Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013
Well... I guess you've got a point there.
Persona22 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
A very heart warming chapter, and it shows that even during the time of the three tribes being divided there were still families of mixed blood. A very nice touch.

It did strike as kind of off that the Unicorn King had been alive since before the disaster, one would think that a Unicorn with knowledge from that time would be concerned of passing it along as he sees the world going on a downward spiral.

And I'm still trying to find out just what were the Unicorns using as leverage for the Earth Ponies to give them some of the food, since they weren't the ones responsible for rising the sun and the moon afterall. I'll just keep reading and see...
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
"A very heart warming chapter, and it shows that even during the time of the three tribes being divided there were still families of mixed blood. A very nice touch."

THanks. Be sure to tell the author of the first draft too.

"It did strike as kind of off that the Unicorn King had been alive since before the disaster, one would think that a Unicorn with knowledge from that time would be concerned of passing it along as he sees the world going on a downward spiral."

He wasn't. That was a goof on my part and some advice I shouldn't have taken. Though it's possible it was passed down. 

"And I'm still trying to find out just what were the Unicorns using as leverage for the Earth Ponies to give them some of the food, since they weren't the ones responsible for rising the sun and the moon afterall. I'll just keep reading and see..."

How many earth ponies and pegasi KNEW that? And there are still things unicorn magic can do that pegasi and earth pony magic can't. 

Thank you for your kind words. 

Persona22 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
How many earth ponies and pegasi KNEW that? And there are still things unicorn magic can do that pegasi and earth pony magic can't.

Yes, they do. But, honestly speaking, the only thing Earth Ponies and Pegasi needed from them would be the raising of the sun thing. (What else would the Pegasi need them for, or the Earth Ponies?)

Still, if the Unicorns were able to convince the Pegasi and Earth Ponies for a few centuries that they were raising the Sun and the Moon, when they really weren't, that still tells MILES about the nature of the Unicorns of the time. I mean, they were AMAZING con artists, when you think about it.
Just imagine something like the Earth Ponies or Pegasi not wanting to take any more crap from the Unicorns, the Unicorns know that they have no leverage. but know enough about Astronomy to know when an eclypse is supposed to happen, and scaring the Pegasi or Earth Ponies by "Blackening the Sun" if they don't comply.
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Another excellent chapter.
And the specter of Discord's return keeps hanging over the story. oO
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