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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

* "'For every yang, there supposedly exists an equal and opposite yin.'
That day and night exist as a whole.
Taken to another level the law states every good choice must result in a bad choice somewhere else.
That for every Daring Do there was a Ahuizotl.

"Actual harmony is not bound by such arbitrary ideas of equal goodness or badness must equal an equal amount of the opposite.
Rota Fortuna is not so heartless.
But this in the minds of the wicked justify their existence.
Enraptured by the idea that for every saintly do-gooder in the world, there must exist a sinning evildoer.
Building themselves up upon the idea that the object of their obsession would be as empty without them as they would be in vice versa.
That for the heroic Doctor, there must exist... The Master."
* -- Princess ????????


Cadence, Discord, the Elements of Chaos, the statues of Celestia and Luna, all laid prone and drained of their magic, underneath The Master.

Like a malevolent genie, The Master towered over all of them, over the entire landscape! In one hoof, the renegade Time Lord held the power to annihilate all existence, in the other, the power to remake it all, he was truly the Master of All.

"HA!" barked the Valeyard, far down below. "You think so, do you, Master?"

The Master favored his lifelong personal nemesis with a triumphant sneer. "Ah... my dear Doctor... or rather, my dear Valeyard. As utterly entertaining as it has been to see you turn your whole 'savior of the downtrodden' routine on its head... I fear there's only enough room in this universe for ONE megalomaniacal mastermind of our caliber!"

"I would certainly have to agree with you there." The Valeyard conceded.

"And just what are YOU smirking about?!" the Master growled. "I have all the power!"

"You do, do you?" The Valeyard shot back. "You don't have anything! You can't even stop the drums in your head! The drums that have been pounding, pounding, pounding, POUNDING incessantly within your head since your boyhood... spurring you into psychopathy, worsening with each new regeneration! Those drums are still beating away within your skull! Against those drums, Master, you're powerless!"

"Fool! I have silenced those drums! I am free! And you are . . . and . . . you are . . . no . . . NO IMPOSSIBLE! THIS Can't! This can't! WHY WON'T THEY STOP!? I AM ALL POWERFUL! I COMMAND THESE DRUMS CEASE! I COMMAND IT! I AM THE MASTER I COMMAND IT!!! WHY WON'T THE DRUMS BE SILENCED?!"

"YES! Nothing! You have nothing! You are nothing! Always have been! Never will be! Fade away, be silent . . . silent . . . never were, can never be, Master of None."

"Master . . . of . . . . n-o-n-e . . . . "

The Master crumpled into a fetal position, shrinking to the size of a normal blue and blond maned Earth Pony, shivering where he lay as The Valeyard approached.

"Oh, Master, Master, Master..." crooned The Valeyard. "All those times I stayed my hand... all those times I didn't kill you out of my moronic mercy... high time I made up for it all, hmm? ALL of it. Right here and now."

The Valeyard bent down lower, so the Master could get a good look at his smile.

"I have this... theory. I hypothesize that if I kill you enough times, in rapid succession... at the end, you'll be left as a kindhearted little altruist! It'll be the exact OPPOSITE of what happened to ME! Worth a try, anyway, wouldn't you say, Master...?"

"No . . no, no, nooooooo."


Within Sky Ocean, which just so happened to be floating right above the two Time Lords at this very moment in time, Lyra turned to Octotvia and Ocean Hymn. "Say.. why do you think Lord Discord requested us to do a drum solo right here, of all places?"

Octotvia shrugged, "Who knows, but Judge Valeyard is always right."

Ocean Hymn smiled and nodded, "Yes, Judge Valeyard knows best."

Lyra was instantaneous to agree, "Yes, and Master Discord knows what's right."

Ocean Hymn smiled and nodded, "Master Discord knows best."

Octotvia said, "I said that already."

Ocean Hymn nodded and smiled, "Oh! Right! Sorry."

--Year 101 AD (After Discord)


My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
Fanfiction By Alex Warlorn
Pony POV Series
Dark World Part 17
Storming The Castle


"Traitor Dash I can't believe you! You failed! Again! Do I need to get involved in your fight next time and hand you a win?" I exclaimed at my totally awesome big screen TV, with my lovely Fluttercruel, the Valeyard, oh and Angry Pie all sitting nearby. Had to put dear Angry Pie on a leash.

(Well, well, well... Traitor Dash failed.)


(What are you waiting for? Sky Ocean is still there. Existing.)

I didn't tell her I'd wipe it out for failing that time.

(I was under the impression those were standing orders. In fact, I'm pretty sur-)

Well I changed my mind, I do that. I'm Chaos Incarnate! I don't recall swearing to My Parents on it.

(So here you are again, yet again playing the Chaos card to justify your little quote-unquote 'whim.' You can't even live up to your own death threats, can you? You're pathetic.)

'It's unexpected of me to spare them! That's all!'

(Keep telling yourself that. It doesn't make it any less of an excuse.)

'How is it an excuse? I do what I want. I don't kiss anyequus' hooves. Nothing else to it. Screw you. And if I am pathetic, go get me ice-cream to make me smile!'

"OKAY! TIME TO BLOW UP SKY OCEAN! I'LL GET THE PLUNGER AND THE 5643.12 kilotons of TNT!" My little Cruelty cheered and hopped off the couch. I had my music box ponies grow to giant size, pick her up and toss her back on the couch.

"No," I said firmly.

"But you PROMISED you'd destroy Sky Ocean if Traitor Dash failed a mission! You promised!" Fluttercruel cried, stomping her hoof.

"She's not exactly Traitor Dash anymore, more like Undecided Dash or Votes-Third-Party Dash. So Traitor Dash didn't fail any mission."


"I'm sorry, my little Cruelty, if I don't go twisting my words around, what will all the other Evil Overlords think? They might demote my membership to Malcontent Baron!"

"YOU ALWAYS KEEP YOUR PROMISES WITH ME! ALWAYS ME! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS?!" She hammered her hooves on me, stabbing me in the legs with her knives, meh, like pinpricks. "I HATE YOU!"

Huh? What was that weird feeling my chest just now? Probably nothing.

"No means 'no,' young lady! And that promise was NEVER to you! I applaud you for twisting my words around, but this is not the time! Now behave yourself or you can sit in your room until the heroes get here!"

"You're awful!"

"Thank you, dear."


" . . . YOU DO NOT SPEAK THAT WAY TO ME, YOUNG LADY!" I grew myself so big I cracked the ceiling as I roared down at her.

"So shut it, you spoiled crybaby!" Angry Pie hammer-blowed Cruelty from behind smashing her through the floor.

"Thank you, Angry Pie."

"You're welcome!" She snarled, like hot coals on soft skin.

"But I'M the only one who disciplines my little princess!" I slapped her flat with my palm. "First there was Cupcakes, then Pattycake, now I present the new sensation, pink Pancakes!"

"Cram it, you jerk!"

"Come on... don't tell me it wasn't funny, Angry Pie, dearest."

"There's NOTHING funny about you!"

There was that odd feeling in my chest again. What was it?

The Valeyard looked at his watch. "Well, it looks like it's about time for me to be going." He got off the couch and trotted towards his blue shed.

"Running away, you coward?" Angry Pie snapped from her spot on the floor.

The Valeyard waved without turning around, "Hardly. I'm just off to deal with our pest problem. Traitor Dash did all the hard work so I think I'll just trot in now and finish the job. ...Actually, I lie. What she did amounted to being a sheep you send across a minefield."

"If the sheep were smart they'd send YOU across the minefield!" Angry said.

"Such a notion never occurs to most sheep. Funny how that works out. Good luck on your parenting, Discord."

"Any advice, Valeyard? You were a grandfather once..."

"Still am."

"Eh?" I lifted an eyebrow.

"I still am, and always shall be, a grandfather. Just as you will always be your parents' son, Discord. Familial estrangement does not change biological blood ties."

I snorted loudly through my nostrils and gave quite a large eye roll, grumbling, "I suppose...."

"Ah, Susan..." The Valeyard then sighed, with deepest wistfulness. "Haven't seen you since my fifth regeneration. Looking back from where I now stand, I so dearly miss how ridiculously easy it was to make you scream, cry, and suffer nervous breakdowns!"

At this point, the Valeyard's smile might as well have been filled with razor blades. Hadn't seen that since 'The Master' ran out of regenerations.

"Ah-HEM." I coughed, impatiently. "I think I said: 'Any advice, Valeyard?'"

"Eh? Oh! Oh, yes, well... every child is different. Though I'll admit, actually saying no to your little pet for once? I'm impressed."


"Quiet, filly, the adults are talking."

That was when I brought a giant flyswatter down on top of the Valeyard.

"I said I'm the only one who speaks to her like that."

Fluttercruel crossed her arms, pouted and turned away from me. "Well I'M not speaking to you AT ALL until I get to blow up Sky Ocean or Cloudsdale!"

I twisted around her. "Now now my dear, don't be a spoilsport. Tell me what's really bothering you. You can't fool the master of manipulation that easy!"

"I hate it when you two act like a family, when you're really just jerks!" Angry Pie hissed.

"No one asked you." I put a giant vase on top of Angry Pie flattening her again. "Now how about you sit back, relax, and enjoy the show? A good show builds up momentum in a neat, steadily-elevating crescendo. I HATE THAT.
A great show calls for curveballs. chAoS."


I have brought chaos to weed out the idiots, and I have brought order to stupid-horse civilizations so deeply mired in their petty squabbles, that they're unable to move a hoof-fall forward.

I have lived for well over nine hundred years. I stand victorious... ALIVE... while the rest of my species lies extinct. And I humor this spoiled brat of a mad god. Well, 'gods', now, considering the 'Big Banana's' sister... pah! No matter! I am the final authority! There is nothing above me! I am the top link in the chain! The laws of time and space obey me!

I could destroy them all! Him and his newly arrived little sister... easily. Plus their criminally incompetent and hypocritical parents and their equally gratuitous equine neighbors, I could annihilate them all, and there would be nothing they could do to stop me, besides rant and rave as they realized I had won before the game had even started. And the universe would run perfectly smoothly without them, better than ever, because I would be manning the helm!

If I were not a humble stallion, I'd have them each licking my hooves as I brought them balance and equilibrium that their aloof and petty minds could never have achieved on their own.

I am the Valeyard, The Doctor Of Law, My Will Be done. Amen.

HAHAHAHAHAH! I kill me! Not like anyone else ever could.

All you stupid worthless Draconequui and Alicorns! I fear this gang of ponies and their dragon sidekick more than I could ever fear any of you. You Big Four to the howling void, forever and before. All your foals and hatchlings reduced to mere mortals to age and perish, never to interfere again. HA! If any of you were even as remotely as intelligent as you claimed your infinite selves to be, you'd tremble in terror of me!

(As much as I admire and approve what you say, you're in Twilight's way.)

Flattery will get you everywhere, my sweet. But you are in my way, which is the last place you'll ever want to be.


The Valeyard opened the doors to his blue police box only to find himself buried under an avalanche's worth of cream pies, again.

Discord laughed . . . and so did Fluttercruel.

"You see, my dear? It CAN BE FUNNY!"

"Yes, Master." Fluttercruel said.

The two hugged.

"Now, Fluttercruel, let me explain something to you, now that you've calmed down a notch." Discord said in a serious tone. "If I destroyed Sky Ocean and Cloudsdale, I'd be proving Dash was right to follow me for the last thousand years, meaning she would see herself, once again, as the good guy. Guilty, yes, but she'd see it as a necessary evil. By NOT destroying Cloudsdale and Sky Ocean, she realizes the last thousand years have been nothing more than her doing my bidding for nothing. She realizes she's been the bad guy. And my dear, nothing hurts a girl like Dash worse than realizing you're the bad guy, understand?"

"So you're hurting her worse than by NOT destroying them?"

"Yes, exactly, my dear. Plus, why should I destroy my birdcage and an entire toy box for the sake of one toy? For the sake of 'chaos?' Pfff. Cloudsdale not being destroyed offers us both more playthings!"


After leaving Rainbow Dash to heal at Sweet Apple Acres, I teleported us directly to Discord's castle.

Or at least I tried to. Instead, we appeared in Neighpon.

"Huh?" I tried again, only to reappear in the same spot.


"This reminds me of the Doctor!" Derpy said looking at the neon signs and the precious normal looking ponies with big eyes and small mouths.

"Doctor who?" Apple Pie asked.

"Exactly." Derpy nodded.

"'The Doctor' was his name," Twilight explained. She looked at some of the oddly proportioned ponies with a sorrowful, nostalgic look.

"Oh. Well that must have been mighty confusin'! What happened when ya had to go to the doctor and they took ya to The Doctor instead?" Apple Pie laughed at the use of words other than their literal intention.

"Doctor was always making bad creatures who used teleportation either teleport back where they started or go where they didn't want to."

"Terrific." Rarity groaned.

Twilight tried experimenting several times... eventually teleporting her and her compatriots as close to their destination as this strange... impediment permitted. From where they stood, the castle was visible on the horizon. Once, this had been Canterlot. Now the entire thing was Discord's palace.

"Perhaps our most practical option would be to have me simply fly you ladies there. What was the point of being a fully grown adult dragon and the Element of Generosity if I didn't help in?" They were air-born in seconds cutting through the air.

"He wants us alive," Rarity observed. "He could have had you teleport us into a volcano if he actually wanted us dead."

"That sounds like something the Doctor said once too."

"Not now, Derpy."

"It also means Discord wasn't behind it, not humiliating or sadistic enough." Twilight said.

"Too bad we couldn't stay, those fairy ponies looked like fun," Apple Pie said.

"We'll have plenty of time to play with'em after we save the world," Saint AJ told her great-niece.


"Please don't destroy Discord, we don't want to die," pleaded one of the fairy ponies whose name was Nana with tiny tears.

"You won't die, I promise, the Elements of Harmony would never kill." The Element of Kindness assured them.


"On the bright side, there's no sign of Little Miss Mary-Draconequus-Sue." Spike noted looking around the skies.

"Too bad, she was nice," Apple Pie said.

"It also means she can ambush us at any..."

"Brains! Brains!
Help us! Help feed us!
We're starving for your brains!
Brains! Brains!"

"Ah, Muffins."

In front of them lumbered a viable WALL of zombie hippogriffs, changelings, and dragons! They looked freshly dead, and hungry.

"Yah know, somehow it slipped mah mind Discord promised Fluttercruel an airborne zombie army for her birthday," the Element of Deceit said quickly when she noticed the blue feathers on some.

"Ah never heard zombies sing," Apple Pie said.

"We don't have time for this," Rarity hissed.

Twilight said, "Agreed. We'll cover your flanks, Spike, burn on through!"

The undead mass of bodies closed in around the ponies like an insect swarm. Twilight's barrier spell created an oval shield enveloping dragon and riders.

Spike's fire breath burned a path through the air. Zombie ashes fell around him.

'Blast it!' Rarity thought. 'We're too far away from the ground! Have to improvise!' She telekinetically slammed an undead hippogriff into a small swarm of undead changelings, animated corpses that could no longer shape-shift. She magically grabbed another unwilling weapon and bashed them as they came every which way.

"Ya know Ah could create an illusion of a couple of 'em bein' alive. We could slip by while they ate each other."

Twilight shouted, "Good idea! Do as much as you can!"

"Whoa kay!" AJ nodded, and suddenly the undead dragons looked alive and healthy. Instantly their fellow zombies turned on them.

Since attacking other zombies went against basic zombie programming... the dragon zombies had little choice but to endure being consumed as they tried their best to struggle towards the truly living prey.

"Uh," Derpy tilted her head, "If AJ can make the zombies look normal, and they'll attack them, can't she make us look like zombies and the real zombies will leave us alone?"

"Yer a smart cookie!" Applejack said, and a moment later, they all bore the outward appearance of five zombie ponies riding atop a large zombie dragon. One of the zombies riding the dragon cried out in fear and leapt into the arms of another zombie.

The rest of the zombie army promptly lost all interest in them.


"Oh no you don't!" Fluttercruel snapped at the TV, and pulled out a couple game controllers and tossed one to Angry Pie who accepted it without comment. "You are NOT getting through that easy!"


Suddenly all the zombies' eyes glowed with new energy. Half with vicious sadism. The other with rabid rage.

"Ah crud," Spike groaned. "Stupid villain steel-underwear."

Apple Pie had grown up with zombies. Big Roofing Tile Discord kept changing it back and forth on whether ponies rose from the dead or not. Her sisters and pa Apple Computer had to even put down some of their own family's dead bodies. They were like the 'Timber Wolves' Saint Abigail Jacqueline talked about, dangerous, but nothing to panic over.

But after the glowing cutie mark on her neck had showed up, lookin' at 'em now, she realized somethin' else.

She laughed at a zombie hippogriff as it landed on Spike's tail after brute forcing its way through Twilight barrier as they hit the same spot over and over.

"Hey, Mr. Zombie! Don't ya know the dead don't move? But yer movin' but yer dead! So ya'd have 'ta be alive, but alive things are warm and don't rot! So ya have ta' be dead too! But you're supposed to be alive and dead, but can't be alive or dead." She chuckled at the contradiction, jumping back to dodge a swipe from the zombie. "Then what are ya exactly? Ya can't really be 'half-dead' or 'half-alive' so ya can't be any of those. 'Undead' is 'un' as in 'undo' so 'undo-death' so ya'd be alive right? And if yah are alive, shouldn't yah be eating yourself cause zombies eat living things? If yer not alive and yer dead, then shouldn't ya stop movin' now?"

The zombie hippogriff stiffed, the light in its dead eyes flickered out, its eyeballs rolled in back of its head, and it bounced off Spike as rigid as a ponyequin. Apple Pie watching it fall.

Twilight stared, her brain assimilating the new data, "Did she just reason that zombie back to death?"

AJ said, "Ah saw Pinkie do that in another universe I think."

"Save the tall tales for later, AJ!" Spike said between breaths.

"But Ah-dangit!"


"Ya got it, Half-Light!"

Twilight got on Spike's head, and let Apple Pie scramble atop her back. The countless zombies beat themselves against Twilight's barrier until it weakened and they began trickling through.

Rarity's telekinesis missiled the corpses away as best she could.

"Alright, Apple Pie! I want you to repeat what you said to ALL of them! All zombie programming is completely identical so let it rip!" Twilight's horn glowed.


"Just for you! Now go for it!"


One sonorously loud observation of a paradox later, all of the undead army within earshot fell from the sky like pebbles, hitting the ground far below... properly lifeless.

"YA! Look at that!" Apple Pie cheered.

"Mark one up to the good guys!" Spike smirked.

(Nice use of resources.)

"We win! Woohoo!" Derpy clapped.

"Simply smashing darling."

"Indeed Darling! AH mean! YEE-HAA!" Applejack cheered.
"Don't worry and don't give up," Rarity whispered looking over the side, her eyes focusing on one body at a time.

"So what was that, Half-Light?" Apple Pie asked calmly.

"Just a spell I learned from my old foalsitter."

Apple Pie laughed, so did Twilight.


"She DID NOT just wipe out my flying zombie army, with a freakin' logic paradox!" Fluttercruel snarled, throwing her controller at the TV. The screen shattered, static flickered as bright rainbow liquid dripped out of the cracks.

"HEY! It was my zombie army too!" Angry Pie snapped.

"Watch your temper, Cruelty! Now I have to go snap my fingers and will a new television set into existence!" Discord admonished her.

She ignored him, "Where's Rancor? Shouldn't she be back here with us by now?! I bet we'd have won if she was helping us play!"

"I could have helped if you had let me have a turn at the controller," Discord said plainly. Fluttercruel just stuck out her tongue at him.


"Don't worry my little Angry Pie." Discord said, kindly patting her on the head. "They won't." Discord then went to push a red button on his throne at the center of a clown face, but looked to Fluttercruel. "You want to do the honors, my little princess?"

Fluttercruel grinned from ear to ear. She slammed a hoof down on the button. "Discord rules! Celestia drools!" The button jingled.

"You both drool," Angry Pie said under her breath earning her an anvil on the head.


". . .Good job, Apple Pie, I'm proud of you," Twilight said, giving the filly a hug.

The ground between the Elements and the palace rumbled. Out of the checkered dirt rose a ground invasion force's worth of double-gunned tank turrets, color blue with gold trim. Non-sensical symbols were painted on one of the side of each other. They formed a multiple layer ring around the palace. The turrets all began to turn as one and raised their gun barrels.

"SPIKE! DROP! NOW!" Twilight yelled just as dozens of laser canons went off as one shattered her shield like cheap glass and the beams creating a collective shock wave.

Spike veered away, but it was a sharp turn. Rarity held onto his neck, the others were thrown off in the blind dodge. Derpy caught Applejack. And Twilight shifted species and caught Apple Pie.

"I helped reverse-engineer those cannons!" Twilight shouted, sounding scandalized.


"Dirt Maid Number Tangerine."

"Yes, Master?" The dirt maid pony curtsied.

"Thank you for your original suggestion for the REBELS to reverse engineer the alien invaders' laser cannons. You were very helpful even before you became our maid."

"You're welcome, Master." The dirt maid pony curtsied again. "Shall I send out those recruitment letters for replacement dirt maids now?"

"Time to drop the hammer and dispense some indiscriminate violence!" Fluttercruel grinned ear-to-ear, wearing an army helmet.


"Everyone back on Spike!" AJ shouted.

"NO! Spike is a big target! Derpy, fly as low as you can! Skid the ground! We get close, then smash them up!" Half-Light Noon ordered.

"That's crazy!" Rarity exclaimed.

"I helped build them remember? TRUST ME! They have a minimum range and a cool down cycle! Don't clump together! We'll just be a bigger-SCATTER!"

Derpy flew like a drunk bumblebee.


AJ and Derpy vanished, but at the same time appeared somewhere nearby.

Derpy dodged one laser, only be annihilated with Applejack by three more.


Then Derpy and AJ appeared in another spot.

AJ's illusions had just saved her life.

"Spike . . . you're a knight in shining armor," Rarity whispered. Then she channeled so much of her mana at once that micro-fractures appeared in her horn forcing it to regenerate even as she worked. A swarm of rocks floated up from the ground around Spike like a protective ring.

"Rarity, no! Those rocks don't have the strength to withstand any hits!" Twilight shouted.

"All right then . . . then let's try . . . a little . .. something, DIFFERENT!"

Rarity's horn split down the middle and blood came down her face as she launched the entire mass of lifted stones at the ring of tank heads. The cannons spent a round annihilating the incoming debris instead of ponies.


"How about one of you at least have the decency to DIE ALREADY!" Fluttercruel shouted. She created a knife out of one of her bones and grabbed her tail, looking ready to cut it and slice through her own major arteries while she was at it. "YOU'RE NOT GETTING THROUGH THAT EASY!"

"Now-now Fluttercruel, RESTRAIN YOURSELF!"

Fluttercruel shuddered and the knife fell from her mouth.

"What did I say about asking my permission first about THAT?"

"But I could just SEND THEM OUT! They're focused on the guns! Take them by surprise! Wipe them out! The end!"

"Never, but never tip all of your hand at once."

"But we'd kill at least ONE of them!"

"Possibly, but the rest would know... You're saving it for later. Understood?"

Fluttercruel lowered her head. "Yes, Master."

"Hey! I recognize the color of those lasers! Those big guns are anti-chaos thingies! You built 'em to take US out! Not dragons!" Angry Pie accused Discord.

"Aren't you happy you're on the better side?" Cruel smiled.

"HUMPH!" Angry Pie crossed her arms back. "I'm on the side the world deserves."

"What is WITH YOU? We both love seeing ponies squirm! We both love seeing their meaningless life snuffed out! You've got to realize we're friends."

"What word was that?"

"Nothing, Master," Fluttercruel said.

Angry Pie said, "I hate you. I'm just giving everypony what they deserve for laughing at me and a world as sad as this one!"

Fluttercruel pumped a fist. "So you hate me? Ha! I knew I forced my company on you for a reason. And what's 'sad' about this world anyways? It rocks!"


'At least they're firing all at once instead of firing alternately and taking advantage of their numbers. Given their firepower it's a waste to have them all firing at once. Master, you're going to regret not letting me help program the spell matrix for the defense system.' Twilight thought.

"Ready to release payload?" Derpy said.


Derpy dive-bombed the turrets, practically throwing AJ at them, AJ's illusion giving them more to shoot at. AJ's four hooves left a mighty big impact in one of them followed by Derpy's thick skull enhanced by her Element of Loyalty.

"Show them how it's done, darling!" Rarity said.

Twilight was right, they did have a minimum range, and, after taking the ones in front of him in a line, he laid down low, and found them blowing his back spines off -he really liked those spines-, but they couldn't be lowered quite enough to shoot each other. Which was good news to Spike as he began uprooting them like a glorified gopher. Rarity rode him like a mighty steed to victory.

"Looks like Discord built these so they couldn't be aimed at the castle!" Twilight said daring to put down Apple Pie as she transformed back into a unicorn. Being on top of a turret being about the safest place they could be.

"Not like that's an option! Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Sparkler, and the Princesses are all still in there!" Applejack shouted across the field of turrets. "Along with a lot of innocent dirt maids and the like!"

"Ya pull the death ray out, and the death ray shuts down! And ya shake it all about." Spike hummed to the tune of the Pony Pokey, doing just that.

Apple Pie took advantage of her positioning and started tearing wires out to shut the weapons down, her small size letting her reach them.

Spike continued to uproot the forest of cannons, often throwing them into another to kill two birds with one stone.

Having escaped the turret's kill zone, the heroes quickly regrouped and resumed their flight to the closer and closer palace.

(Too easy.)

'You call that easy?!'

(No booby traps? No close-range support? No air coverage to run interference? Discord might as well have let you through.)

As if on cue, a blue-colored structure -- about the dimensions of an outhouse, but marked with the words 'POLICE BOX' -- materialized on the checkered ground miles ahead of them. This was the TARDIS.

Out from the TARDIS stepped the Valeyard. He spoke through a megaphone. "Excuse me! But I do believe I have something you want!"

And he pulled out a purple crystal statue of a unicorn mare in a dance pose.


"I'd listen to her just this once! Unless you want a lifetime supply of amethyst jewelry!" He picked up a sledgehammer with his mouth.

"Half-Light, we gotta stop!"

AJ shouted, "Spike! Take us down now!"

(Twilight, you know this is a trap!)

'A trap is a trap only if you don't see it coming, then it's a hazard.'

(And you're waltzing right into one!)

'I'd rather we deal with the Valeyard now while he's alone, than at the castle. Be best if we could avoid making this a gang fight, if it's all the same to you.'

(You don't let your enemy decide the when and where of your fight, filly.)

Rarity ground her teeth.

Spike knew it was selfish to every -other- family in the world to stop for one innocent. But he also knew how much Sparkler's death would destroy Derpy Hooves. It wasn't his sacrifice to make. And it'd be selfish to make it his.

Derpy, out of all of them, remained absolutely silent.

The group flew down to the Valeyard and the purple statue, the TARDIS doors were slightly open behind him.

Twilight made a quick scan of the ground and air and Sparkler for any typical Discord booby traps. She watched in horror as The Valeyard then strapped a bomb to the neck of the statue as their group landed right in front of him.

Derpy still said nothing, she actually hid her eyes underneath her mane.

"How very nice of you to stop! Thank you very much." Valeyard said with a polite smile. "I hope you're not planning anything cute."

"Maybe I can breath fire on you and figure the statue will be okay but you won't! How's that for cute?"

"Her name is Sparkler, not 'the statue,'" Derpy said evenly and cool.

Rarity's own eyes were narrowed and still.

"The bomb might not like that idea, Spike! And it's a very temperamental bomb! Teleport it, tamper with it, and Sparkler goes all to pieces! Very sorry about that! Bad pun, I know!"

"But then if Sparkler goes boom, ya wouldn't have a hostage," Apple Pie said.

The Valeyard shrugged. "Plenty of hostages where she came from."

AJ looked in horror. Even if she made an illusion to sneak in and grab Sparkler the bomb would go off. Could she sneak up on him? Or would he see it coming-?! Could she sneak into his blue box? Dangit the opening was too small even for Apple Pie! They all knew the Valeyard was smart, they needed to be smarter.

(You're thinking in the wrong direction.)

"Now let's not drag this out." The Valeyard said sternly. "Surrender to me."

The Element of Loyalty took a trot forward.

Derpy lifted her eyes, tears down her muzzle. "I'm sorry so, Sparkler. But I can't!"

The Valeyard's eyes widened and he drew in a sharp hiss.

Rarity fired a stone bolt with the telekinetic force of a rail gun, the Valeyard stepped out of the way. He wasn't Rarity's target. The crystal statue Sparkler shattered into a million pieces.

"Sparkler!" AJ screamed.

"MRS. RARITY!" Apple Pie shouted in horror.

"Sparkler," Derpy whispered looking at the pile in resignation. "Mommy's sorry."



"You were actually right, Spike." Rarity said. "It was just 'the statue' after all."

"I beg your pardon?"

"That statue was a fake. I sensed no desire to dance in it. I encountered the real statue Sparkler before."

At this point, they all noticed the 'bomb' had broken open. A bunch of gummy-ursas fell out.

"SAY something next time!" Twilight said.

"I'm sorry for the hurt Derpy," Rarity said to the nodding Pegasus then looked at the Valeyard, "Your fake was a flop!"

The Valeyard's expression was perfectly calm in the face of all their incredulous looks. "It got you to stop didn't it?"


He rolled his eyes. "I told you Ditzy, it's Valeyard, try to be a little less thick just this once. Ahem... Rancor! Now."

A dome of crimson blades erupted around the palace, and a relatively smaller one around the Valeyard and the heroes. Each piece fit together and turned like a clockwork machine of pain.

Rancor flew through the barrier next to the Valeyard but looked at Derpy first. "Dang gray pony, Ditzy was it? Getting all around that castle on foot is a killer! And I'm a Draconequus. My sympathies!"

Derpy just nodded calmly. "It's Derpy, Derpy Hooves."

"Alright Derpy, Derpy Hooves. Kiddin', got it Derpy."

'I knew we should have used the Elements on her,' Spike thought.

"You . . . you were DELAYING US?" Twilight gasped for breath.

"You get another gummy-ursa. Would have been nice if you had given up there, but with the cow-pony of Honesty on your side I didn't put much faith in it."

"I needed to carve the lines of the barrier in, PERSONALLY! Didn't think I was gonna make it. But I had too much to gain and too much to lose to fail. Oh and before you think about it, the barrier goes underground too, sorry. Not quite my style, but wasn't my call. So, Lanyard was it?"


"Yeah, I'm usin' 'round ninety ta ninety-nine percent of my power to keep the barrier powered up but still-"

"I don't NEED your help, unless you feel like asking silly questions with obvious answers or gawking at my brilliance."

"... You know I'm getting very annoyed at this," Rancor said agitation slipping into her voice.

"Too bad. I don't need you falling for their reverse psychology or them exploiting some quirk of your powers or personality flaw. Minions are idiots... they just harm me."

"...You'll get yours someday, Barnyard..."

"HEY!" Apple Pie shouted.

"Don't be disrespectin' the good name of barnyards, missy!" Applejack added, equally miffed.

"...and my family will be waiting for you. When you get to Pony Hell, tell Dad I said hi."

"Pish-posh, you worry me even less than these ponies do."

(Twilight, whatever you do, whatever you think of doing. Don't teleport. At all.)

"Gah." Rancor sulked. She eyed the heroes while giving her spear a few spins, she looked at the heroes, "I want to have at least ONE cool boss battle before I'm done here. So please, so some of you try to survive Yard Sale, here!"

"They'll try."

Rancor flew away, passing through her barrier unharmed.

Derpy asked, "Doctor, how did you get her to help you?"

"They both work for Discord, duh," Spike said.

"It's VALEYARD, DITZY. And Rancor's just another wannabe with a dirty secret."

"She is?"

"It's painfully obvious to anyone with two synapses firing, which rules out everyone here but me. And what's more... Rancor knows I know."

"So why hasn't she tried to, you know..." Spike coughed, and drew a claw across his neck. The Valeyard chuckled.

"Ah, Spike... if Rancor killed me, it'd only make her scheming more obvious.
Not that she could even if she tried but fools are allowed to dream, which is what makes them so dangerous to intelligent and rational people."

"I must say, Mr. Valeyard, I believe you might be guilty of an overly optimistic outlook on your survivability." Rarity judged. "Such as right now. Six of us, against one of you. Unfair odds." Rarity said.

"Yes, maybe if I fought with three hooves, but I'm here to win. That's why I didn't take along that psychopathic-marefilly Fluttercruel OR that mad-animal Angry Pie."

"Don't EVER call them that again!!!" Applejack snapped.

"Oh, forgive me, Liarjack!" The Valeyard replied, with an apologetic half-bow. "Didn't see you there... mistook you for someone else!"

"Ah AM someone else! Liarjack's gone for g..."

"Whut Ah MINT tah say wuz dat yer PANK 'n' YELLER-coated frey-yends are thuh purdiest, gentlest, sanest, shore-as-sugah lovable dar-lans en thuh whole dag-gun ro-day-yo!"

They were ALL cringing away from the Valeyard's drawl.

"Dah sun dun shane all duh brightar ev'ry tie-yem they breathe ah new breath!" Then he smiled sweetly. "That better, LJ?"

For an answer, Applejack snorted hot steam and stamped the ground aggressively with a forehoof. "Yer goin' DOWN, Junkyard."

"Why are you even WORKING for Discord?" Rarity and Twilight shouted together.

The Valeyard blinked at them several times. "You know... it's still such an oddity, seeing both you unicorn ladies with your heads completely out of La-La Land." He lowered his voice to a stage whisper. "It's not too late to turn back, you know. Reality's quite a SCARY PLACE."

Now they, too, were shooting death glares at The Valeyard.

"As for your chorused question... I'd say gratitude for setting me free but that's a lie. Discord is power, and his actions are no different from those of a child. Like him, I have forever to live. Eventually he'll grow bored of this world, and I'll convince him to GIVE ME his power, or simply lead him by the hand across the galaxies like the toddler he is stringing him along on what to do to help bring the justice and order that eluded the universe for far too long, and I will be judge and jury to the scum and madmen of the cosmos."

"And it's a good plan, Valeyard. Cruelty, pass the soda, nice to have this thing working again," Discord said sitting on a couch watching this all on the replacement, static-snowed black and white TV with rabbit ear receivers -Fluttercruel said they were 'fit for an Angel'-.

"You might want to start with yourself," Rarity muttered.
Another chapter that had to go through edit hell. I hope you enjoy it.

What if Discord wasn't beaten? Anyone can die, living is the real challenge.

Now take a look and begin to discover the true connection between the two time lines of the Pony POV Series.

How many rings of protective walls surrounded Discord?

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We begin the chapter with a speech about the balance between good and evil. The Princess that wants to remain anonymous for now explains that it is not simply so that good and evil balance each other out in results and characters. Mostly this is used as an excuse of beings committing atrocities. They claim they had to do it, because someone had to. This can often lead to obsession with what they consider to be the other side of their coin. The Doctor and the Master had such a connection. Once the Master had taken all power for himself and drained Cadence, Discord, the Elements of Chaos and the statues of Celestia and Luna of all power. So this event must have taken place somewhere in the first 500 years of Chaos since Cadence is still alive. Now the Master would have the ability to destroy and remake all of creation but he does the classical mistake of not doing that immediately and instead gloats about his power. Then again you don’t obtain that kind of power every day. But the Valeyard is in his way. The Master knows very well about his change to pure evil and by this point it is hard to tell them apart. Both are equally horrible persons but one is smarter than the other. The Valeyard points out that the Master is powerless to stop the drums that are turning him insane. And to the total shock of the powerful being that seems to be true, even with all this reality warping power he is unable to stop the drums. Soon the Master begins to believe the lie that he is the Master of Nothing and losses control of his power. Now he is helpless before the Valeyard who promises to kill him constantly and is curious if this could turn him into an altruist in the end. Likely that is a lie as well and he just enjoys killing the Master over and over. It turns out that the drums the Master heard where merely played by the inhabitants of Sky Ocean. If they knew what kind of torture their music started…

In the present Discord is obviously unhappy about Rainbow’s defeat and the voice points out that now would be a good time to destroy Sky Ocean, just like he promised. The voice would likely love if that would happen as it would be one thing less that Twilight wants to protect and in her despair about the deaths she might be more willing to listen to the voice. But the Draconequus tries to talk his way out of it. The voice doesn’t believe him for one second and mocks him for being unable to spell out the truth and coming up with excuses. He decides to just ignore her and that he is not bound by any promises. And the voice isn’t the only being that remembered his promise. Fluttercruel can’t wait to see all of the Sea Ponies die horribly in an explosion. As Discord rejects her idea, she reacts like a spoiled child. It is really hard to believe that she is 1000 years old when she acts like this. Then he tries to talk his way out with two different excuses. And he still isn’t able to come up with a good name for Rainbow Dash, he should have left the naming business to the Element of Betrayal. Fluttercruel’s reaction in frustration of breaking a promise towards her is to stab him, that hardly fazes him but he seems slightly hurt as she claims that she hates him. He tries to calm her down and praises her for twisting his words but she keeps insulting him. Eventually Angry Pie has enough of her childish actions and smashes Fluttercruel through the floor. As a reward Discord squashes the angry pony for attacking his daughter and calls it “pink Pancakes.” Unsurprisingly Angry Pie doesn’t find that or anything about Discord funny. That seems to be one of the few things that hurts him but after all the horrible atrocities that he committed the number of beings that know him and still find him in any way genuinely funny is likely down to one: Apple Pie. And even she wants to overthrow him. And he tries to kill her.

Now the Valeyard decides to make his move. He mocks Rainbow Dash’s struggle and wishes Discord good luck on his parenting. The Draconequus actually asks him for advice and the Valeyard points out that the ties of family last forever. Then he thinks about his own granddaughter and how easy it was to make her suffer. Discord remembers at this point that the Valeyard kept killing the Master until he ran out of regenerations. It is clear that currently four Complete Monsters are in the same room: Discord, Fluttercruel, the Valeyard and Angry Pie. And despite all this enjoyment in seeing his own flesh and blood suffer, Discord still asks the Valeyard how he should deal with Fluttercruel. Surprisingly the advice is actually not that bad: Each child is different and Discord should learn to say no to her. She might finally grow up. By now the cruel pony is annoyed that he talks about her like she isn’t there and Discord punishes the Valeyard for slightly insulting her. Fluttercruel still demands that her father will kill everyone in Cloudsdale or Sky Ocean and in turn Discord tries to lead the conversation in a different direction. Angry Pie seems just disgusted by this dysfunctional family and gets attacked again.

The perspective shifts to the Valeyard. He used order and chaos to archive his goals and is the only survivor of his species. He apparently knew nothing about Discord’s immortal family but still sees himself as the final authority. He has the same delusion as Morning Star, thinking that he would be able to destroy the four main concepts and rule the entire Universe if he wanted to. The stallion claims that the only reason that he doesn’t do it is that he is too humble for that. Who in his right mind would want to control the entire universe and be responsible for it? He is more worried about the interference of Twilight and her group and rightfully so. It seems unlikely that one of the four would be interested in him, at least unless he does something phenomenal stupid. But this group will see him as an obstacle on their way to defeat Discord. He shows how humble he truly is by claiming that the four main concepts should be afraid of him. The voice agrees with him in his view of the four main concepts but also sees him as a hindrance in Twilight’s way. He is sure that it is the other way around.

And just as the Valeyard opens his TARDIS he is overwhelmed by an avalanche of cream pies. And Discord actually made Fluttercruel laugh at something else then bloodshed and suffering. Maybe it worked because even as it wasn’t life-threatening, it was still somewhat cruel. This time the Draconequus tries a different excuse. He claims that killing all Sea Ponies would allow Rainbow Dash an excuse for following his orders all this time and only if she realises that there was no reason to do all these horrible things, will she see herself as a villain. He tries to show her that it is sometimes worse to be kind then to be cruel and finally admits that he doesn’t want to loose his toys. The entire argumentation shows how self-centered Discord is; he seems to truly believe that nobody would see themselves as villains if they had a reason for what they had done. He doesn’t have any reason and really doesn’t seem to understand villains who have them like Grogar. A well-intentioned extremist doesn’t need to see that it was pointless to understand that he or she is a villain, many realise it sooner or later and simply doesn’t care anymore at this point.

As Twilight tries to teleport them all directly to Discord’s castle, they end up in Neighpon instead. Derpy realises that the Valeyard is messing with their teleportation, which likely means that after he is defeated/killed/regenerated/erased that they can teleport freely again. Some of the ponies here remind Twilight at the lost age and she is finally able to bring them at least closer to their target: Discord’s castle of Chaos. Finally they decide to charge in on their full-grown dragon. Lady Desire points out that the Valeyard must want them alive, otherwise he would simply have them teleported into a volcano and Twilight can clearly see that it wouldn’t be Discord’s style. Apple Pie would have preferred to play with the fairy ponies which shows that she is still a child but that might be extremely dangerous if Discord had already given them the ability to spread their condition to others. Even the most innocent looking things can be dangerous. Back then the fairies pleaded them not to overthrow Discord because they were afraid of dying. But it would be much crueler to let an entire world suffer for all eternity than to risk the destruction Discord’s defeat and the battle against him could bring. Even if Harmony doesn’t kill, Discord is such a sore looser that he might try to take as many lives with him as possible and the battle alone is a high risk for this world. Just as he was defeated by Luna and Celesita he sat the events in motion that would lead to the deaths of many, many beings by Nightmare Night.

Spike is happy that Rancor isn’t here as well, while Apple Pie actually liked the incarnation of violence. They suspect an ambush but instead of the Draconequus, they get attacked by an army of flying zombies. We learn the very unnerving fact that Discord promised his daughter and army of airborne zombies and since they all look freshly dead, this likely means that they were killed just to become Fluttercruel’s army or that these were the mortals that Rainbow Dash killed on their way towards them. Or maybe only some were killed by Rainbow and the others were murdered under different circumstances. It is a really depressing and disturbing thought to think how many corpses were violated with dark magic just to create such a demented plaything for this complete monster. As Spike flies through them, the others use their abilities to defend him. Twilight creates a shield, Rarity uses the corpses as weapons against each other with telekinesis, Saint Apple Jacqueline tricks them into attacking each other with her illusions and Derpy points out that it would be much easier to make the group look like zombies and just fly through them. It would have worked if Fluttercruel and Angry Pie didn’t decide to cheat and take direct control of the zombies. Apple Pie isn’t afraid of the now very aggressive and sadistic zombies because in this world even children are used to them. It is really sad to see how soon the innocence of children dies in this world. Then she laughs at one zombie that gets near her and attacks her and talks him into his final rest with a logic bomb about the impossible nature of zombies. Twilight is impressed and immediately thinks about weaponising this ability. The army of the undead is almost ready to overwhelm them but then she lifts the child up and uses a certain magic to make the voice of the filly louder and she talks all the monsters to death. Everyone in the group is happy about their victory and even the voice is impressed.

Fluttercruel and Angry Pie however are less then happy and the angry pony has a breakdown. They defeated their opponents like Pinkie Pie would do it and that contradicts everything Angry Pie believes in and stands for. She seems almost desperate, which is very understandable since she was just proven wrong but she is too insane to admit that and just reacts with more violence and hatred, even towards the other two other complete monsters in the room. Discord merely activates the next line of defence: An entire army of laser tanks. Twilight knows these weapons very well, since she helped to reverse-engineer them after the Alien Invasion and is able to let Spike evade the blast in the last second. Meanwhile the poor soul who suggested the idea is a mindlessly happy Dirt Maid and is now responsible for sending out more recruitment letters. So be careful what you say in suspicious polls. But now Discord probably regrets letting Twilight help to build them because she knows all their weaknesses. She orders the group to separate and take the tanks down in close range. AJ distracts the cannons with her illusions while Rarity keeps them busy with flying rocks.

Now it is Fluttercruel’s time for a breakdown. She seems unable to comprehend that the group absolutely refuses to simply die and is about to reveal another power. It is by now hardly a surprise that she also has at least some surprises when in fact ALL of Discord’s minions had that in one form or the other. Except Angry Pie but it would be extremely hard to believe that this insane pony that can hardly control herself would be able to hide any ability from the others. Apparently Fluttercruel’s trick involves self-mutilation and it is really strange how close all of her abilities are linked to the regenerative effects of her Element of Chaos, without it she would likely kill herself very soon with such moves. Discord forbids her to use this to surprise them later with it. That is actually not a smart move since if she could at least kill one of them with it; they would be unable to use their Elements of Harmony. Then it would hardly matter if they knew the trick, because Discord could just kill them. But maybe he didn’t realise that the Elements had awakened, otherwise this would be extremely careless towards one of the few weapons that can defeat him. Again Fluttercruel has actually the pragmatic idea, like when she suggested killing Twilight earlier. Had he listened to her in this regard his rule would be as secure as before. Angry Pie shows a surprising amount of attention to details and realises that these weapons were build to take on the Elements of Chaos. Discord probably never expected Twilight to turn against him, otherwise he wouldn’t have given her the duty of working on that. It seems very clear that Angry Pie just helps Discord because she wants that this world suffers as much as possible and Fluttercruel points out that this should make them friends. Predictably Discord hates that word but that is actually no reason for friendship. The two ponies are complete monsters but different kinds of monsters. Fluttercruel honestly enjoys the suffering and torture of others while Angry Pie knows that this is horrible and sad and all of this is just her punishment for a world that she believes laughed at her. The angry mare hates almost everything including Fluttercruel. Discord’s daughter is truly alone besides her father. There is simply no one that shares her sick enjoyment completely. And that is a good thing; otherwise all life would have been wiped out from this world.

Twilight can clearly see the flaws in the programming of the tanks and AJ and Derpy attack them viscously. The weapons have some very glaring weaknesses and Spike is able to rip them apart from the ground. Discord apparently was smart enough to build the tanks so that they couldn’t be aimed at the castle itself and while the heroes wouldn’t have done that in fear of hitting innocents, others would have fewer restrictions. Even Apple Pie is able to fight effective against the weapons by using her small size. By now the voice points out that this is way too easy and anyone with a working brain would have used other units, traps or weapons to cover these glaring weaknesses. And right on clue the Valeyard appears with his TARDIS and it seems that he was smart enough to get a hostage and took the statue of Sparkler. They move towards him despite knowing that it is a trap but as Twilight points out it is smarter to take on the Valeyard outside of the castle of Chaos and he would be easier to overwhelm alone. It is quit ironic that Discord keeps sending his minions out one by one but then again that did fit the nature of Rainbow Dash and the Valeyard. Neither of them were team players. Derpy is suspiciously silent through all these events. As they reach him Twilight scans the ground for the traps she would expect from Discord and he places a bomb on the statue. It seems that this hostage situation is hard to overcome. The bomb might go off, he might expect their moves and he obviously doesn’t care for any life. He demands their surrender and Derpy makes a decision. She will not surrender, knowing very well what possible consequences this could have. In turn the Valeyard hisses like an animal and Rarity shatters the statue with a stone. The others are shocked but it was just a decoy and she didn’t feel the desire to dance in it. And the bomb was also just as fake. This might raise the question why he didn’t use the real Sparkler as a hostage. It wouldn’t have worked either since Derpy’s Loyalty was too strong but maybe Discord forbid him to use one of his favourite toys in a way that it would surely break. The Valeyard himself doesn’t seem to care for any life.

Derpy is shocked at this vile deception but the Valeyard hardly cares about that and orders Rancor to make her move. Suddenly a dome of crimson blades surrounds the castle and another one the group and their heartless enemy. The question is just why she had to shield the castle as well if they caught all heroes in one strike anyway. That is likely some part of the plan of the Valeyard. The one walk around the castle on foot was exhausting and the Draconequus understands the plight of the mother and shows sympathy. She also tells the heroes that the barrier is even underground, despite the fact that there was no need to share this information. Most of her power is in the barriers but she offers her assistance in battle. But he rejects it and insults the incarnation of violence. His arrogance is almost as bad as Discord’s and even as she tells him that he will end in Pony Hell for his actions he seems hardly fazed. From the final death of the Master he should realise that this could have happened to him as well. It is actually an interesting question how the afterlife will work for him. Do the individual regenerations each get their own afterlife or has he simply one afterlife and even as he was a hero a long time ago, now his entire soul is doomed to suffer in hell for his atrocities? The voice warns Twilight very directly about any teleportation and Rancor gets annoyed that she as the incarnation of violence doesn’t get to take part in battles. For now she leaves the Valeyard and the group behind.

The Element of Loyalty keeps calling him by his old name much to his annoyance and he cheerfully tells them that Rancor has her own secrets and knows that he knows them. That is the reason that he was able to order her around and if she would have just killed him, she would have revealed her true plans. Lady Desire points out that it was not the smartest move to come all alone, he could have assistance. But unlike the Doctor who knew the importance of a companion, the Valeyard despises his potential allies - Fluttercruel and Angry Pie. And considering how they treat him (and everyone else) that is actually understandable. Surprisingly Saint Apple Jacqueline gets very angry at his insults towards the two. She had no problem with dropping a pillar on Angry Pie but an insult towards their character hurts her as the Element of Kindness. Maybe she fears that he might be right and the two ponies are really just insane monsters by now. In turn he insults her with an absolutely horrible accent. Both Rarity and Twilight can not understand why someone so filled with hate towards everything should want to work for Discord. Then he gets under their skin as well by pointing out that insanity would be a nicer place to be than this horrible reality. He tells them that he works not out of gratitude (nobody would believe him that anyway) but to eventually gain Discord’s power once he is finally bored to death by this world. And considering that the conversation with the voice hinted that Discord could eventually loose the interest in this world, this is actually a good plan. The only problem is that Discord knows this very well. And apparently Fluttercruel turned parts of Angel’s mutilated remains into receivers. At the same time Rarity is sure that the Valeyard is totally insane. Nobody does object.

Overall this was a good chapter with a different kind of battle. Discord unleashed two armies and both were defeated by the heroes. Meanwhile the villains get more characterisation and Fluttercruel manages to become even more unlikeable. Similar to her how her father was before, she always finds new lows to fall. Discord has by now simply fallen so deep that even killing one of the heroes wouldn’t make him any worse than he already is. He has already fallen as deep as it will ever be possible. There is simply no more space under this.

Now it is the Valeyard’s turn to shine and show what kind of complete monster he is. Considering that he is basically the total opposite of the doctor, his defeat will likely be connected to the fact that he is all alone and didn’t get a companion into this battle. But despite his delusions of power he still needs help. He needed the Sea Ponies to defeat the Master and he needed Rancor to trap the heroes. His very methods contradict his ideology.
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From the shadow behind 50 layers of defense: You may be crazy prepared right now Valyard, but surely you can't account for 50 types of divine defense! Right? mep.

So, the story opens oddly enough with a supposed quote about "the balance of Good and Evil. That for every good choice, a bad one must happen also. However, this is a false assumption. Day and Night are not the same as good and evil, and true harmony is a world of good, not a world where good and evil exist forever in conflict, since such a world will always be in tension rather than harmony. The wheel of fate is not so wicked, but the evil ones still try to justify their actions by this logic, and believe that without an archenemy, their opponent would be nothing. A princess spoke this, but whoever it was, it could not be Rota Fortuna.

It was here also that we get another flashback that reveals that 101 years after the start of Discord's reign, The Master defeated Harmony, Disharmony, Chaos and even darkness and light to claim true rule over equestria, with existence next. Unfortunately, if by the master's logic good and evil must always exist together, than even here, the doctor (or shall we say The Valeyard) will always be there to fight back, or in this case, deceive. Using the Seaponies, Valeyard tricked the master to thinking that he still couldn't escape his pounding insanity, and is in fact the master of nothing. With such mental control, the valeyard then sought to test the theory of regeneration, to see if enough kills could make The Master good. Chilling.

Meanwhile, back in the present, Discord ranted against Rainbow failing, despite the fact that she was usually his most successful mare, and now, with her element realigned and semi-fused, The Voice railed against discord's inconsistencies. Discord thought himself free from all restrictions, so he ignored, but that didn't stop Fluttercruel from trying to follow through on the threat. And it was here that we begin to see how Discord might have projected himself into Cruel, as she railed about him "always keeping his promises with her" and how "I hate you!" Incidentally, it appears that something's creeping into Discord as well. Is he feeling guilt? Emotional sadness? Something's growing on him, and even she knows how to get under his skin by calling him organized. Nasty. And then Angry calling him not funny? Ouch.

So it was at this point that the ex-doctor stepped onto the field, perhaps in a symbolic way the logical next step in the quest to restore harmony. Rainbow Dash in some ways was a test of their bodies, with her direct fighting. Valyard instead will be a test of their minds, to think or out think or outreason the master thinker. And not just a master thinker, a man with delusions of grandeur. To desire to eliminate Empathy, existence and fear itself, the elder gods and all other concepts? It is madness, and impossibilities. (BANG!) Uh oh. My Paper, steel, plastic and frog layers just got vaporized by a laser.

It's also here we learn that Valyard has an anti-teleporter in place, meaning that the element of generosity now had more time to shine flying the crew over. And there's also a bit of uncertain foreshadowing with the fairy ponies. "The Elements of Harmony would never kill." Eh? How do we know that's not deceit? You may be kindness, but you still can lie. So how do I know you're not deceiving them?

"Ah don't. But since Rarity don' really know tah truth, it's the kindest thing to say."

Fair enough.

Afterwards, we ended up with a checkov's gun: the things killed by Traitor Dash being raised as zombies. Yuck. Also, Derpy considers Muffins a swear word now? Man, 1000 years with Dinky really did a number on her, didn't it?

and AJ lied about Dash being the killer, didn't she? I dunno though. I suppose that since they knew that Dash had done terrible things, what would be one last one they knew about?

And I must admit, my favorite moment of the whole chapter, was when apple pie used the power of laughter to defeat eleventy billion zombies using logic. So, were the souls released by that, or was it just reanimation more than anything at that point? Either way, it's still pretty funny.

Also, it appears team chaos is beginning to fray. Not to mention them obviously noticing Rancor not being exactly a team player (at least not a consistent one). I actually felt the rant of the angry pie was kinda sad. Just how much she has rejected her old ways. And if I remember reharmonized Pinkie well enough, this is Pinkie who's saying this. Not Pinkamina, not Diane, and not even Angry. It was none other than the bubbly pinkie who got discorded and now chaosed. And to see her so angry at something that will help with some of the less dangerous pests (not to mention drive the real monsters crazy that they see no fear on your face) makes me pinkamina sad.

Then came the empire of man cannons. Designed for antichaos measures if the elements ever went rogue, but still succeptable to tipping, misdirection and unplugged wires. So it was that team harmony beat back the 2nd "light layer", the troop fights before another boss battle.

Incidentally, that bit with Angry Pie and Cruel actually is a neat bit of foreshadowing for the inevitable confrontation with Angry Pie. And I quote, "I hate you. I'm just giving everypony what they deserve for laughing at me and a world as sad as this one!" So, this is about you? You want vengeance for people laughing at you, and trying to beat them down for seeing things positive? Interesting (pokerface) so, if you say you're giving them what they deserve for laughing in the face of danger and darkness, than tell me. Is chaos the only way to see the world? Is everyone really laughing at you? If you really do see the world as such, what you really need is someone to give you genuine love. Someone who doesn't laugh when you get hurt, unless it's a silly kind of hurt. Someone to show you that it is our reactions that shape how we see the world rather than the other way around. Someone to show that even in the deepest of darkness, a light still exists. But, with war and doom being the norm right now, whoever could possibly do such a thing? Who could show the light? Whatever could snap you out of it? Honesty? Loyalty? Kindness? Magic? Laughter? We will have to see.

And then came the man in blue: the mental challenge and Derpy's great foe. (geesh, first holding out against RD, and now facing her doctor? Derpy's getting a fair amount of spotlight time here.) And the micro help to better prepare for the macro: kinda like burying tom.

And they actually SHOT the hostage? Damn, that's harsh. (I double check the script) OOoooohhhh, it's a fake hostage. Man, desire and honesty go really well together.

And then Rancor put up a wall of blades, expressing sympathy for Derpy's lifelong walk around the castle, despite putting the team in a cage match with Valyard. Or is that barnyard? (Thunk!) Uh oh, my brick wall, durasteel, bubble, ceran wrap and vibranium walls just got cannonballed by pure malice)

And for her to be certain that the valyard's headed streat for Pony Hell? Man, that lady does know her stuff. And so she left her future foes to deal with boss battle 2: Ex-doctor and big bad wannabee. Let's see how the power of the mind holds against the powers of emotion, harmony and heroism. (cling!) Aw man, a pin just shattered my glass, lint, elephant and fist layers. Sure hope the team wins before Valyard's contingencies break through all my defenses.
What do you think?
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Kutenaiabi Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013
The valeyard=ay caramba

alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013
Thank you. Though his attendance was established in the early chapters of dark world, this is when he actually makes his appearance.
Kutenaiabi Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013
No problem
yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
One more thing the Valeyard's fake southern accent had be laughing so hard. It just took me really by surprised. Just imagining the sophisticated Valeyard talking like that makes me want to giggle.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
That was one of Louis' ideas.
yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
The fairly popular Discorded Whooves tumblr aways comes to mind when I think of the Valeyard. However this doctor is so much scarier. Ever since his introduction in "part 2", it frightened me of this wise time lord, who has peerless knowledge of time and space, with centuries or more experience to be working with Discord who has near unstoppable power. But this chapter makes him even more terrifying.
Discord you actually made a wise and smart move enlisting his help. Which only makes me groan more in frustration that you let this gifted mastermind be on front lines of battle!

Also I loved the interaction between the villains. You can do so much dark humor with them that you normally can't do with the heroes.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
"Also I loved the interaction between the villains. You can do so much dark humor with them that you normally can't do with the heroes."

The name of the game.

"But this chapter makes him even more terrifying."

How so?

"Which only makes me groan more in frustration that you let this gifted mastermind be on front lines of battle!"

Discord IS acting like a stereotypical RPG Final Boss isn't it? Not quite himself is it given his personality in the past.

I'm happy the Valeyard came across as nasty. there's actually some recursive works of his floating around right now.
yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
He is more terrifying because we learned that he killed the Master and is hinted he has the potential to do what the Master did ( drain Cadence, Discord, the Elements of Chaos, the statues of Celestia and Luna of their magic) but chooses not do or at least not yet.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
No problem!
ssjwolverine Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013
Tonight, on the next episode of the new hit sitcom "Chaos Lord and his Pets" --

Seriously, that bit with Discord and his henchmen was good dark comedy.

Everyone has a zombie plan that involves shotguns, holy water, and the occasional bottle of hot sauce. Apple Pie's zombie plan involves using logic.

OK, I admit it. Rarity is awesome.

So is the Valeyard.

All in all, a great chapter. I hope to see that Rancor boss battle soon.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013
"Everyone has a zombie plan that involves shotguns, holy water, and the occasional bottle of hot sauce. Apple Pie's zombie plan involves using logic."

Ironic for the Element of Laughter isn't it? Then again, the greatest form of humor is wit.

"Tonight, on the next episode of the new hit sitcom "Chaos Lord and his Pets" --

Seriously, that bit with Discord and his henchmen was good dark comedy."

Thank you!

"OK, I admit it. Rarity is awesome."

Which part makes you think so?

"So is the Valeyard."

He loves to hear that.

"All in all, a great chapter. I hope to see that Rancor boss battle soon."

And it's wonderful to see your comments again!
ssjwolverine Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013
"Which part makes you think so?"

I was referring to the part when she used the full extent of her magic to stop those cannons, to the point when her horn fractured.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013
Ah! Be sure to say so on the trope pages.
Toonwatcher Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
Who knew zombies were so vulnerable to logic? They should try that in horror movies!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
I doubt most zombies would bother to listen. And I wish I could remember the name of the fanfic that AJ was referencing.
Toonwatcher Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
I wish I could help you, but I'm not exactly an authority on FiM zombie fics either.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
Twilight turns evil. And evil reality clones invader (and get their flanks kicked totally and utterly).
Richforce Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
nice job
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Thank you.
Sherlock-Holmes18 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Another Joke Theory: Princess ????????? is actually Princess Tiffany, and she'll invite everyone (Discord included) over for breakfast.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
NO comment.
stujlaird Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I note that Princess ???????? (Is that the right number of ? marks?) has her quote bounded by asterisks, like the second mysterious voice - are you prepared to comment on whether that voice is Princess ???????? or not? The tone of the quote certainly doesn't sound incompatible to me.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
*Clever pony.*
Sherlock-Holmes18 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
Wait, so it is Princess Tiffany, and she's going to invite everyone over for breakfast?
Sherlock-Holmes18 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Joke Theory: Rancor's secret plan is that she's trying to put the Rockin' Beats back together. Rarity is obviously in on this devious scheme, even if it means betraying her friends for the sake of music!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Wish I thought of that.
Sherlock-Holmes18 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
I doubt it will actually happen, though. My actual theory is that Rancor is planning on using her spear on Discord.
TheJacobLB44 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
masters shouting does not need to be that big a text:/ anyeqqus is actually a smart way of saying that.....although this far removed I would use anybody againXD It seems like you havnt decided if the Faux Interviewer's interviews are adable or take place via telepathy. in this chapter fluttercruel responds to it where as in others its a side coversation proceding and following a break. yep rewrite that. itll be easy just rewrite the beginning of discord and fluttercruel talking and add a break in between that."Huh? What was that weird feeling my chest just now? Probably nothing." thoughts need to be cited as such. something to seperate it from dialouge. the only way i caught it was because it had no this person said and it was a third paragraph between two peopleXD"There was that odd feeling in my chest again. What was it?" cite thoughtsXD "The Valeyard looked at his watch." did you even mention he was in the room:O. "Saint AJ" this segment is written from Twi's perspective not Applepie's. No mispellings that I saw so I must be sliping but there were many syntax and just how it was written errors. Hope this helps^^
masters opening has been written awesomely^^Wait the in a diffrent timelord than the valeyard:O that is actually how i would write the master and valeyard if they were together;) "if I kill you enough times you will be left as a kind-hearted little altrust" Very interesting theory Valeyard and very good Alex for thinking that far out^^lol ocean hymn, echo, i get itXD interesting first person of discord...that sounds hard. also good job of pulling a "my friends and zoidberg" moment with angry pie. Also cool idea of having the Faux Interviewer insult Discord for not destroying his toys. Until you reveal his identity/tell me this lable is wrong Thats his given name according to meXD I keep getting the feeling that you have the "5 villians all ploting against each other while the heroes try to go after the most visible one" thing. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO REFRENCE CUPCAKES AND PATTYCAKES:/Wow very good job at writing about susan...i was not expecting that turn-around though. Really establishes that he is a complete monster. Was that the girl off of Docter's Daughter? Interesting the Faux Interviewer is in fact a good guy. Also I believe the original Valeyard is the LAST of the docters regenrations. does that mean that if the valeyard dies then hes gone for good? Cream PiesXD Alex you ARE a genious also very good job at Discord explaining his plan. very well done in writing in the background adventures of derpy and the docter. I really like that fan-made theory the best. And you add Zombies *squee* "ah muffins" perfect writing. I like the video game mindcontrol thingy fluttercruel and angry pie pull. I also was expecting the zombie song ever since Apple pie said zombies dont sing. waits that wasnt a song danjit. that....has gotta be the most original way to beat zombies ever...i approve:O I also love your use of anvils. I love the way you are writing Spike. Much better than the first Dark World with him. I also liked it that AJ called thier former friends by thier real names.hmm maybe the faux interviewer should be called the counseler or the couch( person who trains not place to sit). poor derpy...her former crush is threating to kill her daughter:( I get it tempermental, temperatureXD fake sparkler statue exploded....mind=blown. I never see those coming;) cow-pony of honesty huh, guess the villians dont know about thier role-changes. love the barnyard joke. ...and i didnt think u could stress the cow-pony accent anymore:O AWWWWWWWWWWW man I wanted to see the fight. Good chapter, you are doing really well on building up to these climatic fights. Characters keep getting more and more refined with every chapter.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
"masters shouting does not need to be that big a text:/"

*Changes it down one size, AGAIN!!!*

"anyeqqus is actually a smart way of saying that.....although this far removed I would use anybody againXD"


"It seems like you havnt decided if the Faux Interviewer's interviews are adable or take place via telepathy. in this chapter fluttercruel responds to it where as in others its a side coversation proceding and following a break. yep rewrite that. itll be easy just rewrite the beginning of discord and fluttercruel talking and add a break in between that."


The characters can think OR speak to the voice.
The voice itself can only be heard by the person its speaking to.

The only reason the thoughts were on quotations were because they were directed towards the voice in this instance.

The style is evolving.

"The Valeyard looked at his watch." did you even mention he was in the room.

It was mentioned back when RD went off to fight the heroes that he was in the room when Discord brought up the giant TV.

""Saint AJ" this segment is written from Twi's perspective not Applepie's. No mispellings that I saw so I must be sliping but there were many syntax and just how it was written errors. Hope this helps^^"

We shifted from Twilight's POV.

"also good job of pulling a "my friends and zoidberg" moment with angry pie."

She has no loyalties to the bad guys. But that doesn't make one of the heroes.


Because it's been done in a comical and light hearted way. And those words aren't copyrighted by the grimdark community.

Rainbow Dash, "Yes mommy!"

Fluttershy, "That's a good filly, I can't believe you found the fountain of youth."

Interesting the Faux Interviewer is in fact a good guy.

Huh? What? 0-0? When heaven and hell did I ever ever ever SAY let alone imply that the voice was male? Discord I'm pretty sure has called the voice 'my dear' at least once.

Also I believe the original Valeyard is the LAST of the docters regenrations.

"between your 12th and final incarnation" is what the Master said.

Cream PiesXD

THAT was one of mine.

Alex you ARE a genious also very good job at Discord explaining his plan.

His torture of RD was 100% Kendell2's idea. I chose to simply go along with it.

And you add Zombies *squee*


"ah muffins" perfect writing.


I like the video game mindcontrol thingy fluttercruel and angry pie pull.


I also was expecting the zombie song ever since Apple pie said zombies dont sing.


waits that wasnt a song danjit.

Brain! Brain!
Help us! Helps us!
Brain! Brains!

Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy

"that….has gotta be the most original way to beat zombies ever...i approve"

I got it from another fanfic, thus why AJ said she saw pinkie do it in another verse.

It had an invasion from an opposite universe, who proved to be totally useless compared to Celestia's army and allies. And it had Twilight possessed by, yawn, same thing that 'possessed' Luna. Geeze. People are obessed that Luna did no ACTUAL wrong, and want to render Celestia forgiving her completely meaningless and thus she has nothing to be redeemed for and thus completely destroy the idea that bad people can become good.

"I also love your use of anvils."


I love the way you are writing Spike. Much better than the first Dark World with him.

Not all mine. I've been writing him exactly the same. 0-0? How is he 'better'?

I also liked it that AJ called thier former friends by thier real names.


"hmm maybe the faux interviewer should be called the counseler or the couch( person who trains not place to sit). poor derpy...her former crush is threating to kill her daughter"


I get it tempermental, temperatureXD


fake sparkler statue exploded....mind=blown. I never see those coming

Why would the Valeyard risk baiting the trap with REAL bait?

AWWWWWWWWWWW man I wanted to see the fight.

Blame Deviantart and making the chapter be only 64K long.

Good chapter, you are doing really well on building up to these climatic fights. Characters keep getting more and more refined with every chapter.

TheJacobLB44 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
Haha wow I did not do a good job reviewing thisXD anyeqqus is very acceptable. As long as u have an idea on what u are doing with the counseler and her conversations that's cool^_^ no need for face stamps:P yes I forgot the counseler was a girl oppsXD "the only reason the thoughts were in quotations was because was that they were directed to the voice on that occassian" interesting thx for letting me know^_^ it really is kinda hard to see ur shifts when u just write it between heroes or villians:( thank u for telling me about the regeneration thing. I simply don't like cupcakes and stuff like that UGH:/ it is the way discord says his plan I like^_^ im happy that u still have influence in your fanfic:P srry jk jk. I actually didn't put any stock into the alternate universe nod....very interesting:) its a very tempermental bomb that he used because the temperature was about to be raised by fire you know because fires hotXD *gets tomatoes thrown at me* I'll stop that:P I still never see fake baits coming. It doesn't matter how much it would make senseXD I remember writing one time that spike didn't get any lines or that he only had a few. He was a background character here until he got an element and even so he still had like three lines that first chapter. I can't wait to see the fight next^_^
CottonSnourth Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Professional Writer
"Wow very good job at writing about susan...i was not expecting that turn-around though. Really establishes that he is a complete monster. Was that the girl off of Docter's Daughter"

- Actually, Susan Foreman was the Doctor's GRANDDAUGHTER... a Time Lord, (actually, Time Lady) like the Doctor, himself. Susan goes WAAAAAAAAY back in Who canon, as early as the show's first episode! She was one of the Doctor's VERY FIRST companions in the classic Doctor Who show... and also the very first of them to leave, (though she DID stay a respectable length of episodes.)


Personally speaking, out of all the Doctor's companions, Susan was one of the ones I most loathed. Not even the actress playing her liked her: Susan was always SUCH a whiny helpless, infantile crybaby of a damsel-in-distress, Miss Ford DEMANDED the writers write her off the show. Yet, she and The Doctor honestly loved each other dearly, and the scene where she and her grandfather part ways is among the most heartwarming in all of Doctor Who.

Another personal aside: it always left me with a feeling of wry amusement, how utterly chaste and asexual some of The Doctor's later regenerations acted among his future companions -- even gorgeous Time Ladies such as Romana! -- when, y'know... he's a GRANDFATHER.

One has to wonder how abysmally horrendous Susan's grandmother was at "the deed," to make The Doctor pretty much swear off sex completely, regeneration after regeneration.
TheJacobLB44 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Yep this is one of the things I like about Docter Whooves so much. Everything in both are canon;) however I have only watched the 9,10, and 11 docters
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
A lot of what you praised was Louis' work. He went utterly over the top in this chapter.
CottonSnourth Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Professional Writer
To both Alex Warlorn AND TheJacobLB44:

I'm sincerely happy you enjoyed my contribution to this chapter.
TheJacobLB44 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Thx for letting me know and being humble enough to admit it. I really need the link nowXD
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
masters shouting does not need to be that big a text:/

I actually ALREADY trimmed it down by three sizes ALREADY.
TheJacobLB44 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Hmm wowXD
r1ck3t Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
there must exists a sinning evildoer. <- 'exist'

"Say.. why you think Lord Discord requested us to do a drum solo right here, of all places?" <- Missing 'do' between 'why' & 'you'

What was that weird feeling my chest just now? <- Missing 'in' between 'feeling' & 'my'

Valeyvard <- 'Valeyard'

I brought a giant flyswatter came on top of the Valeyard. <- Remove 'came'

Now how about you sit back and relax enjoy the show? <- Rewrite as "sit back, relax, and enjoy"

telekenetically <- 'telekinetically'

an illusion of of a couple of 'em <- Remove extra 'of'

the arms of another zombies. <- 'zombie'

symbols were painted on the side of each other. <- Rewrite as "sides of each"

the alien invaders laser canons. <- "Invaders'" & 'cannons'

The canons spent a round <- 'cannons'

She created a knife one out one her bones <- Rewrite as "out of one of"

Fluttercruel shuddered and the knife fall from her mouth. <- 'fell'

"Never but never tip all of your hand at once." <- Incomprehensible

four hooves left a might big impact in one of them <- 'mighty'

after taking the ones in front of him a line, <- Missing 'in' between 'him' & 'a'

the heroes quickly regrouped resumed their flight <- Missing 'and' between 'regrouped' & 'resumed'

The Valeyard eyes widened and drew in a sharp hiss. <- "Valeyard's" & Missing 'he' between 'and' & 'drew'

asking silly question <- 'questions'

She eyed the heroes will <- "heroes'"

Spike coughed, and draw a claw across his neck. <- 'drew'

or simply him lead <- Rewrite as "lead him"

Princess ????????

Dear Princess ????????, you must simply stop signing your name like that! Having a number of question marks as a signature makes it blend in with the others and can possibly lead to devestating quote misattributation.

"She DID NOT just wipe out my flying zombie army, with a freakin' logic paradox!" Fluttercruel snarled, throwing her controller at the TV.

Well, trying to use a controller designed for hands or claws with hooves is going to be a significant handicap.

Apple Pie took advantage of her positioning and started tearing wires out to shut the weapons down, her small size letting her reach them.

Grabbing onto random, electrified cables like a screwball, heh - don't try this at home!

Speaking of which, I wonder if Discord will be forced to deploy the infamous Pretzelmaker again, the one whose special talent must have something to do with battery and plot (thread) twisting.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
"I haven't been introduced yet, formally, so it would be a spoiler."

Well, trying to use a controller designed for hands or claws with hooves is going to be a significant handicap.

I never said what kind of controller it was.

Grabbing onto random, electrified cables like a screwball, heh - don't try this at home!

That was added in by my beta-reader who insisted Apple Pie wasn't helping enough.

"Speaking of which, I wonder if Discord will be forced to deploy the infamous Pretzelmaker again, the one whose special talent must have something to do with battery and plot (thread) twisting."

He's so fixated on his daughter that he's never come to appreciate her effectiveness.
Jarkes Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Fluttercruel can pull blades out of her bones? ...OH MY GOD, DARK WORLD FLUTTERCRUEL IS RANSIK!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Didn't know Ransik could do that.
Jarkes Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Yeah, he did that in the first episode, and several others.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
So, Apple Pie's pretty good at Logic Bombing super logical beings, isn't she?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
There was nothing super logical about the zombies. If they were super logical they could have 'out logiced' her logic.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Good point.

But she's still good at logic bombs though.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
I see.
Pictorico Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
OK, I'll be honest... it's HARD to read this chapter.
I mean... The Valeyard...
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
And he'll get his VERY soon. You want to see out on that?
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Nasty piece of work, isn't he?
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