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November 6, 2012
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My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Fanfiction
Pony POV Series
Dark World Part 19 1/2
Love Hate Bedlam

"Fair ye well, oh Valeyard, you were a charming, witty, clever, fun-to-be-around type who was a blast at parties and really knew how to destroy ponies with their own flaws! You will be missed." Discord put a paw over his black hole of a heart, speaking to a tiny picture of the Valeyard with a black ribbon. Discord wiped away a nonexistent tear.

"Good riddance to bad rubbish!" Angry Pie said, meaning every word.

"I didn't like his attitude, but at least he knew how to have fun," Fluttercruel said.

"Had the biggest passions I've ever encountered," Rancor said, with a straight face. "It was a real shame he had to go, but for the greater cause, sacrifices must be made."

Discord's two living purple plastic music box ponies mimed weeping tears since they didn't have tear ducts. The dirt maids also did politely, one of them playing a funeral dirge on a kazoo.

"Well he's not getting any deader." Discord flicked the picture over. He turned around happily clasping his hands, "Well, Traitor Dash failed me, again. And that stupid Time Lord has gotten his Doctorate back for good.. And Tragedy and her minions are being unfashionably late to the party I've invited them to! Such rudeness. So everyequus ready for round three?"

"So who fights next?" Rancor asked casually.

Discord grinned. "All three of you."

The three looked at him, surprised.

Discord looked thoughtful. "Hmm, six against four, odds are too even for my tastes. Fluttercruel, call upon.... THE CATERING SERVICE!"

Fluttercruel produced a remote control and pressed a button, causing a wall to raise up dramatically, revealing…pony skeletons in intimidating bad-flank outfits sitting around a suitably ominous table labeled 'Daemones Ex Machina: League of Auxiliary Minions.'

Discord tapped his chin. "Huh, I could've sworn I made them all agelessly immortal."

Fluttercruel face hoofed. "Bloodthirsty psychotic ponies still need AIR, Master!"

"I'd recommend reanimating the corpses... then again, there's that ONE foal in their ranks who has a way with logic..." Rancor noted.

"Meh, they were all B-Listers anyway." Discord rubbed the back of his head. "I suppose that's why I can never keep my goldfish alive…"

"This is why I never let any of my foals join that stupid club!" Angry Pie said.

Discord's eyes focused on Angry Pie, "Let's have a chat just between us, my pretty." The two vanished.

"Hey! What about me?!" Fluttercruel shouted. She pouted, "I honestly don't know what he sees in her."

Rancor said, "As your auntie Pandora would say: to embrace the intangible, to look into the eyes of the blind."


"He's a fire trying to hug kindling."

"Enough with the metaphors!"

"You'll get it when you're more mature."

"You don't know me!"

" . . . then talk to me."


"Tell me about yourself, niece. I read up on Dissey. But I didn't read up on you. Tell me your life from your point of view."


"Is it so weird that I want to know about you?"

"No it's just . . . no one ever cared to listen before." Uncertainty crossed the gray pegasus' face, feeling like a fish out of water.

Rancor patted her on the shoulder. "First time for everything, and we have time to kill before the killing starts."

"All . . . All right then. . . . The first thing I ever heard was, 'Time to be cruel.'"


We teleported from the throne room right into-

"My room!" I got ready to rip his throat out! "No one has a right to be in here but-"

Discord flicked me into a wall, leaving a big circular crack. And no, I did NOT leave a stupid outline like in a stupid cartoon!

"This is my room! You have no right to-" A metal plate riveted itself over my mouth.

"Technically I own the world and everypony in it, so technically, I have the right to be anywhere I please my dear."

He leaned against my exercise equipment that Liarjack had helped me move in. Jerk, acting like he owned the place. He picked up something from my dresser.

My vision turned red as he recklessly played with it. "My-my-my, this little crystal music box, it belonged to your what? Third apprentice? Fourth?"

I tore the metal plate off and leapt at him with my good rear leg, "Get your filthy fingers off that you ugly-" He slammed me down with his tail, dark matter blocks landed on each of my hooves, crushing them and the floor underneath. I growled trying to pull my limbs off to get free. I'd rip them off if I had to!

He put Bomb Pie's music box back on my dresser. He looked around like my room was his personal art gallery. "I must admit I'm surprised how spartan it is in here. I was expecting walls of weapons, trophies, and is that A BED? You know you don't really need to sleep. Dreaming of your children you had to watch grow old and die? Gray walls, gray bed. How droll. But my-my-my, all these toys gathering dust. This rubber chicken for instance, it belonged to Pumpkin Cake, if I'm not mistaken."

That was it. I rammed into him like a pink comet, the dark matter blocks flying as I roared, my head rammed into his gut, making him stagger back a step.

Jackass just smiled, how dare he! "You and my Cruelty have always been my favorites."

"You don't have favorites."

"I beg to differ! You and I have a past, my dear Angry Pie, it's only because of me you exist."

"Like I care!"

"I think you'll care about this." Discord snapped his fingers.

I startled in confusion. I felt the bones in my rear leg rearranging themselves, fitting back into place, growing the way they were meant to, tendons reconnecting, nerves growing. For the first time in over five hundred years. I had four functional legs again.

Discord leaned in close, grinning at me.

I flipped kicked him in the face with my repaired leg.

"Not bad, my dear, but you kicked me in the wrong spot, I'm already missing my tooth on that side."

"I'll be sure to make them match next time!"

Discord sighed. "You wouldn't be the first." He snapped his fingers.

I couldn't stop myself from gasping when I found where we teleported next. I couldn't stop myself from shuddering. Tears slowly formed in my eyes as I took in the faint scent of old flowers and bones.

I slowly looked around. There was a skylight which I stood right underneath. I didn't want them to be alone in the dark when I built it.

The walls were lined with shining marble blocks. I polished them myself whenever I was in here. Each stone was engraved with a cutie mark. Each had a small mantel-shelf which a few centuries old flower lay in. Their names, the date they became my foal, and when they left me alone again, were all engraved too.

The only laughter I could trust that wasn't directed at me. The only smiles I knew weren't hiding a sadistic lie. The only thing worthwhile in this selfish world that no one took seriously except when they were forced to. These victims of this selfish mocking laughing world who I could share, just for a tiny while, and make the mocking laughs just for a little while stop.

I could tell you each of their names, the color of their eyes, their favorite color, their favorite cake, the different warmth their smiles each gave me.

The mausoleum and skylight were made in a circle, my Element of Rage, engraved on the floor. What was supposed to be the only way in still locked. There used to be statues for each of the pony races with some weird cutie marks along the walls when I first found this room smashing down a random wall. Apparently Princess Celestia had used it. Celestia. How many times had she pranked or laughed at her own subjects? Toyed with them like they were . . . toys! All to make her laugh at them!

I hope she's conscious as a statue, I bet she doesn't think it's a laughing matter now!

"Look at'em go, Mom!"

"I told you I'd be strong as you someday, Ma."

"Those white bugs won't be laughing at anyone again, Mother!"

"It's okay, Fuse Box, you can cry if you want."

"Auntie Angry don't!"
"Please! Don't . . . don't hurt her . . she's . . . she's my grandmother."
" . . . . . . FINE!"

"Don't be dumb, Powder Cake, I'd never hurt you."

"Bomb Pie, don't worry! Mommy's here! You're-You're just taking a little nap! Mommy will be here for you, when you-wake up-you, don't need to worry!"

"A heart so full of brimming anger, boiling at anything she lays her eyes upon . . . but tell me my little pony, have you ever hated yourself?" His dirty claw was on my shoulder. I bit it.

"If you so much as TOUCH THEM, I swear to everything I HATE that I'LL KILL YOU!" I snarled at the monster looking him in the eyes.

Discord waved his pulsing claw, he looked angry at me. Good! I hate that sick selfish smirk!

Discord breathed in deep. "I asked, have you ever hated yourself? For having to watch them all die while you went on?"

"I HATE YOU for that!"

"Is that so? You know I'm the one who woke you up to the dark side of laughter, of no pony ever taking you seriously."

"What do you expect? Gratitude?! Forget it! Do you think I like you for that?! I'm only angry that it took YOU for me to wake up! And that I can't make you stop laughing, you pig!"

"Why do you stay here then? You don't need little old me to punish the world, do you? You've got your Element of Chaos and four good legs, you could keep punishing the world yourself, why not just leave and let the Elements of Harmony wipe this smile off my face if you hate me so much?"

"Because THEY'RE here," I look at my foals tombs, "And I won't let you toy with the only ponies who don't deserve it!"

Sometimes I remember past the fog, past the beginning. All I do remember is that I hate it. I hate it 'each letter in the word 'hate' make up of several smaller prints of the word 'hate'' hate it! Being here, I reach further through the fog than ever before.

Parties. Birthdays. Parties. Smiles. Parties. Rocks. Parties. Song. Parties. LAUGHTER!!!! The big fat lie!

There are ponies out there still laughing at me, still not taking me seriously, still treating everything like it's just their toy. My anger boils at the thought.

"What if it could be different?"


"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye, Anger. I swear to Havoc, Emperor Of Phobias, Home For Infinite Losers. I'll resurrect to full health and youth, and curse with immortality, all of your students upon the elimination of the rogue Elements Of Chaos. I'll even give them their own private protected bubble community, yours, all yours. As an added bonus, I can make it like Sky Ocean; so the outside world is nothing more than a legend. Just you and your students."

I charged at the Pegasus, at the last moment he held out a little earth pony foal, tears trickling from her eyes. I stopped, feeling calmer than I had been in decades and spoke to her. "... Did someone laugh at you?"

She nodded unhappily.

"Do you want to come with me?"

She nodded more enthusiastically. I hugged her.

"Okay! But first, sit and watch Auntie Pie trample the hay out of this nasty stallion who tried to bribe me with you, okay?"

She clapped her little hooves and laughed while I beat the tar out of the Pegasus.

I looked at each one, all their names calling to me. I gently placed my
front hooves against Pound and Pumpkin's cutie marks.

"After Twilight and the rest are all dead and you've kept your word I'm coming for you next," I rumbled looking over my shoulder.

He smiled at that, he SMILED at that! An invisible wall came between us that I smashed into.

Discord made a toast with a gray stone chalice overfilled with chocolate milk. The base resembled a griffon's claw, with the cup carved to look like four pony skulls facing outwards in different directions. One looking enraged, one filled with sorrow, the third soulless indifference, and the last one consumed with madness. Discord DRANK THE MILK from the cup! Not the cup from the milk!

"I look forward to it my dear, it has been eight billion years since I danced with somepony whose beauty was only surpassed by mine."

With a snap of Discord 's fingers, I was teleported away.


And when it's just you, me, and my little princess, we shall have our happily chaotic ever after at last. One handy-dandy finger snap, and it's 'bye-bye, giant chip on your shoulder!' and 'welcome back, laughter!' ...And my biggest, WARMEST welcome to my brand-spanking-new unbridled, red-hot, accept-no-substitutes queen-of-insanity! Oh, Pinkie Pie, I knew there was a reason I spared you during the Lost Third Age!"


"And I've been doing my hardest to be everything I was born to be ever since." Fluttercruel finished.

Rancor patted her on the head. "You have such fervor in your brutality, girl. I like you."

Fluttercruel looked at her in shock. "You-you do?"

"You didn't think I was one of the 'goodie two-shoes' did you? I'm Violence incarnate."

"No it's just . . . even Master thinks I need to learn some new tricks."

"I'm not saying he's wrong, girl. But you don't need to give up the core of who you are to do that."

"I-I know, Dad has said that before but-"

Rancor smiled, "But you felt he was encroaching on your individuality and that he was trying to force you to be what he wanted you to be. Trust me. I went through the same thing with my Dad. But you gotta realize he only wants what's best for you, and no matter what he says or what he does, he's only doing it because he cares about you. Not that he'd admit it, but he likes to hide a lot of his emotions from even himself, trust me, it's my job to know."

"I . . . I guess I already knew that but-but-"

"You didn't want to give ground by admitting you were wrong, you really are like him."

Fluttercruel eyes narrowed. "Don't push it."

"Heh, okay, that's never the right thing to say, but seriously, you two complete each other. What if something happened to him?"

"That's never going to happen because no one can defeat Master, and even if they could, I wouldn't let it happen, I'd protect him to the end."

"So you do care about him."


Discord and Angry Pie had each entered the room, the former trailing slightly behind the latter.

"Look who's back!" Rancor grinned.

Angry Pie trotted away from Discord, she didn't look at the others.

"Good luck kiddo," Rancor kissed Cruelty on the forehead.

"Hey-hey-hey." Rancor floated next to Anger.

Angry Pie didn't respond.

"It's alright, I can actually hear your heart. You and Cruelty are actually alike like that."

Rancor caught the hoof.

"HEY!" Fluttercruel gasped, "How-her leg!"

"I fixed it."


"Felt like it."

"Now don't be like that, cutie. No, I am taking you seriously. Seriously girl, ponies take you LESS seriously when you're like that! No, I'm not joking! Sheesh you have issues. But honestly, you spread violence, so does Cruelty, and you're both so PASSIONATE about it, and both of you are more than willing to commit revenge. Which all happen to be things I embody! So of course I think you BOTH are fun to be around! You just need to open up some. WOAH! Almost caught me off guard with that one. Angry Pie, here's some free advice, you need FOCUS for all that anger. Aimless anger doesn't go anywhere, it just floats and that's just wasteful."

'Daddy Discord' jingled on Discord's pager. "All right everyone! SHOW TIME!"

"Aren't you joining us?" Rancor asked.

"Hey! We're protecting Master! He's not protecting us!" Fluttercruel declared. She waited for Angry Pie to mutter 'Coward,' or something to that effect, but no noise came. Eh? Fluttercruel looked at the Earth Pony confused.

'And he's not stealing my foals from me...not again!'

Discord spoke to Fluttercruel. "Cruelty… be careful."

"Don't you dare fail me Fluttercruel."
"Don't disappointment me Fluttercruel."
"Give them Pony Hell Cruel!"
"Goodluck Cruel."
"Do your best Cruelty."

Cruelty startled, and nearly fell over, Rancor caught her. 'What . . . what was that?' She shook her head. Didn't matter. She had traitors to crush and threats to Master to turn into red paint. "I don't need to be Master." She smirked at him.

She startled at the look on his face. Not angry or annoyed at an order not being followed but, sad? Cruelty shook her head again, she'd show Master he had NOTHING to worry about. She was the only one he needed to be happy.

Cruelty's ear flickered to Angry Pie . . . what was the mad pony muttering to herself now?

"Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake, Fuse Box, Bomb Pie, Powder Cake, Grenade Pie, Short Fuse, Little Hex, Hatchet and Latchet, Spring Dew, Morning Light, Stormy Night, Apple Sauce . . ."

And for the first time in her life, Fluttercruel was for a split moment scared of her. Those insane eyes. They were so, focused. Like when she had one of her nasty little apprentices.

Rancor meanwhile felt it, the gray murder pony's passion, her raw power, climbing like storm factors. Heat actually began to build up around the pony. Rancor approved.


"So the Memory Spell didn't work," Applejack said.

"On the Valeyard, it didn't." Twilight replied. "But it was intended for the Doctor, not the Valeyard. But it should have healed the Doctor's persona for when he regenerates."

"It probably ought to say something that the Valeyard hasn't reappeared for Round Two, when, as a time traveller, he could literally ambush us at any time." Rarity observed. "Including five minutes ago. Or indeed, five CENTURIES ago."

"Yeah, so either the Doctor's back in business... or that cat's finally ran clean out of spare lives." Spike scowled.

"Let's try to keep a positive outlook, shall we? Morbidness doesn't suit you, Spike." Rarity said, frowning at the darkening expression on the dragon's face. "Is there something wrong?"

"Oh, nothing at all. Except that it's been a thousand years since I first met you, Rarity, and I'm proving just as useless in battle as when I was a BABY."

"Spike, you're being absurd," said Rarity.

"Ya've been plenty of help in battle and out!" Added Applejack.

"A giant dragon thinks he can't help, that's-" Derpy gave Apple Pie a look. "-Not funny."

"You have been PLENTY of help!" Rarity insisted.

"Don't be so sore simply because a creep who prepares for everything came PREPARED to swiftly kill a dragon who could bite him in two!" Twilight scolded Spike like a mother.

"You are a force of nature, Spike, dear." Rarity said.

"So I'm just dumb muscle?"

"Don't you ever say you're dumb again!" Derpy flew up to him eye to eye. "I know what it's like for everypony to think you're retarded, to think you're 'special ed.' I got put into those classes and missed out on learning things I SHOULD HAVE learned! No pony's ever thought you were dumb! Me, Rarity, Applejack, we all know you're clever."

"So far all I've done is take orders. How much 'cleverness' does THAT take?" At this point, Spike's voice started to choke up a little. "And... and if I'm so smart... that Dragonsbane dart of the Valeyard's... how come I didn't see that coming?!"

Twilight facehoofed. "None of us saw that coming Spike! Discord prefers to toy with his victims, not kill them. We had a thousand years of experience working against us!"

"And if it happens again? If Fluttercruel decides to take that page out of the Valeyard's playbook? Is there a way to protect myself?"

"See? You thought ahead to if a repeat happened! THAT'S smart!"

Spike lowered his head, uncertainty in his eyes.

Rarity said in solemn tone, "You think yourself uncreative, Spike? You think you're dim-witted? Tom, I imagine, would gravely disagree with you on that score."

A part of Rarity was genuinely angry with Spike. And with that for Spike came shame. "I'm sorry Rarity. I apologize. I really was being a complete jerk just now."

"Not a complete one, dear. You just need to stop selling yourself short."

"Any yah helped with the turrets! Yah were tearin' through 'em like Dracozilla!"

"They still have Dracozilla in this day and age?"

"Dracozilla will never die!"

Spike couldn't help but laugh a bit. Rarity gave his neck a caring nuzzle.

(Twilight, please, you can't afford to cater to Spike's self-worth issues, right now. Save it for after Discord's slain.)

'I can't afford NOT TO. Discord's too good at destroying others with their personal demons. It's one of his all-time favorite weapons.'

(Then you should quit, walk away, and find Element embodiments who don't whine and angst every five minutes.)

'Are you suggesting I mail-order replacement friends? Even if I could do such a thing... EVERYONE has their share of psychological baggage. And the more impurities we hammer out now, the stronger our bond will be forged when we face Discord.'

(You should remember that being able to stand on your own four hooves is not a sin.)

'You sound like the Valeyard.'

(Just because an enemy is an enemy, does that mean he has NO good ideas? All his opinions, knowledge, life experience... they automatically amount to garbage? Such an outlook strikes me as the epitome of vanity. And I think Traitor Dash would agree with me on that.)

And Twilight went cold as Dash's voice floated back into her memory: "Doesn't anyone... anyone at all... think my words... are worth... worth listening... to...? Just once?"

(If you can't stand on your own, how do you ever expect to support your friends?)

Twilight had no logical retort to that.

"Everypony. On Spike. If we're lucky we can force our way in from one of the upper floors. I'd teleport us there, but I'm not wasting a drop of mana. We're going to need every last bit of our strength we can."

"Wait one second!" Rarity interrupted. "Much as I hate to disrupt such an exciting moment... might I propose an alternative to storming the castle?"

Twilight cocked her head quizzically.

"Consider this: when we took out the Valeyard, we deprived Discord of his most effective tracker, (save for Discord, himself.) The six of us could elude the likes of Fluttercruel and Angry Pie... or fight them, if need be."

(There's very little 'if' about it.)

"Regardless, Discord wants for us to come to him, to the castle."

Their eyes all flicked to the red carpet.

"The way I see it: why play into his hands? Again? The castle is LOADED with deathtraps. Minions. Portals to bad places. We could just NOT go there. Wait him out. Inevitably, Discord will grow bored, all cooped up in that castle of his. Maybe he'll come to us... and we fight then! Or maybe he'll go somewhere else... to 'play.' And we just find out where... and ambush him!"

"That's…practical! And logical." Twilight said, with an thoughtful nod. "But Discord will see right through it. What's to stop him from "playing" on one continent on Monday, then warping over to a different continent on Tuesday? How do we even keep tabs on his movements? Anticipate where he'll strike next? No matter how hard Spike flies or I teleport, we could very well be chasing Discord all around the world, until poor Apple Pie here, dies of old age! So I'm sorry, Rarity, but our safest bet is to stop this, here and now, even if it means braving the castle."

Rarity sighed. "How I wish I could say you were wrong."


Don't ask us how our flight took us over Ponyville. It was Discord's 'Capital Of Chaos' there was little in the way of 'logical' about it. Yes it was painful. Last time we were there, we were Discord's little minions. And Apple Pie had seen three or more of her friends die.

It was also where I heard Apple Pie laugh for the first time, and Discord had spared her solely for that laugh. And my curiosity for the 'why' of her laugh had brought about all this.


Puella. Caster. Magica. Ah promise, Ah'm gonna help save the world. Just ya watch.


Last time I was here, I saw a town full of diamonds, and wanting them all, discarding everything ELSE that had value that went beyond mere things. Is that where my dress shop was? It's been so long. I'm sorry Old Rarity, I think even after everything is over I won't be able to go back to making dresses, I'm sorry. But maybe, maybe my talents can help me be an artist of a different kind. For now, I desire this nightmare to end, for my friends to be together again.


This is Ponyville? Where's our house? Where's the post office? Where's SugarCube Corner? A thousand years. All that time I spent going around the castle. I didn't think how much Ponyville would have changed. I knew everypony else was gone. Carrot Top. Everypony. But . . . muffins, mommy promises, if our old home isn't here anymore then we'll make a new one.


Me and RD, we sure did our hardest to spare as many ponies as we could here didn't we? If ya really thought their lives weren't worth livin', ya wouldn't have tried so hard to save'em. And here Ah am. The invisible Saint Applejack. Let's hope this saint can pull off a miracle. Father of All Alicorns, if yah are listenin', please help us. We're gonna need every bit of help we can get.


Spike didn't care much for Ponyville itself, everything that mattered about Ponyville to him was riding on his back right now.

"Hey gals, check out down below, that's new."

Twilight turned around. After what had happened with the Dragonsbane dart, she'd been spending the flight injecting Apple Pie, Derpy, and Spike with a number of antitoxins and anti-venoms, just to be on the safe side.

"What is it, Spike?"

"Look down, I swear we've left crazy town and gone just plain weirds-ville!"

The others looked too, Applejack let out the first gasp.

"What in tarnation?"

"Why do all the ponies look so strange?" Apple Pie asked.

Over half the ponies, virgacorns, hippogriffs, and others, instead of being gray or having grayed out colors, were colored in painfully bright tones, grinning brightly and their eyes outright sparkling.

The few changelings about looked gorged or drunk on the feast of positive emotions.

But that wasn't the capper. A pony with a racing cutie mark had an entire car, track, and lights and bleachers covering his entire flanks and legs. A pony with a painting cutie mark had an entire art museum on the rear half of her body. The images of the cutie marks weren't simply 'zoomed' to take up more space, but looked like an artist had taken the simple straight forward design and had expanded them into ornamentations of several dozen cutie marks' worth.

A grayed-out mare whose cutie mark was a puzzle cube, was looking at the ground, one of endless number of ponies who had lost the will to live. She bumped into one of the grinning bright colors ponies, and their eyes met.

Her eyes began to swirl a familiar pattern, and her colors went from gray, to bright enough to hurt Apple Pie's eyes. The mare grinned as her cutie mark became an entire puzzle pattern that covered half her body. She giggled as she obsessively and compulsively began drawing puzzle designs into the patterned dirt and began taking apart and putting things back together giggling happily the whole time.

"Was bound to happen some day." Spike said, "Discord ran out of ways to make ponies miserable so he's seeing what it's like to make them insanely happy instead."

Rarity picked up on the tiny detail, "Their eyes, they're all spinning the REVERSE of how ponies under Discord's geasses normally do."

"At least they're not hurtin' themselves or each other," AJ said.

"If those strange colors spread by lookin' at each other . . . this'll spread to our family when they go to market next?" Apple Pie asked.

"Not if we beat Discord before then," Twilight stated, with more conviction than she felt.

"I hate to look a gift-horse in the mouth, but why aren't we going insane by looking at them?" Rarity asked.

"Inside Elements of Harmony?" Derpy asked.

"Works for me."

"The bright colors are weird lookin', but Ah wouldn't mind havin' a super cutie mark like that." Apple Pie said.

"It doesn't look that bad," Derpy agreed.

"Do we stop ta help'em?" AJ asked.

"They're not hurting each other for now. So let's focus on our real goal." Rarity said.

(Yes. Let's.)

"Agreed." Twilight said.


My name is Twilight The Unicorn, and we're now flying towards Discord's palace of chaos. He didn't just remake Canterlot Castle and Canterlot City, he made his castle out of the entire mountain! Not that you could tell that this had ever BEEN a mountain.

The fortress was deceptively logical, that's to say it looked like it could actually exist, not that the design plan followed any rhyme or reason for more than one or two sections. Discord's choice in colors for his fortress was like everything else about him: one part garish, ugly, over the top, and one part dark, depressing, and gray. I never said it made sense. I can see Applejack's castle garden from here. It may be chaotic, but it was one of the few actually beautiful things in this horrid place, I hope it stays.


"Spike, stop! Everyone! Prepare for formation!"

"Eh?" Spike raised an eyebrow as he slowed his approach.

"We should be close enough now. We're going to hit that house of horrors with the Elements here and now!"

"What?!" Everyone said.

"That castle rearranges itself on Discord's whims and its own. I am NOT letting us get separated again by another hedge maze! So we're going to hit hard and take one of Discord's biggest advantages out of the fight! If we're lucky it'll restore Princess Celestia too and cure Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy and petrify Discord! I'm done playing by his 'rules.'"

"Uh," Derpy meekly protested, "Won't that kinda show 'em that we have 'em? The Elements, I mean?"

"Discord's not stupid. There's six of us. Dash and the Valeyard identified most of us... and you can trust Discord's been monitoring our fights. He'll know I wouldn't have come back unless I had a way to beat him. The jig is up."

"Alright," Derpy sighed.

"To the end, Twilight," Spike simply said.

"Ah trust ya, Half-Light."

"If it can save everypony without a fight, count me in," AJ added.

"You better know what you're doing, Twilight," Rarity said lowly.

(I fully approve. The look on Discord's face would be lovely.)

The six ponies tapped into their inner selves, thinking about what their own personal truths meant to them, and what they all meant to Twilight.

The symbols of Harmony appeared on the heroes, and the rainbow of light formed from them, and the love and tolerance death-ray came crashing down.

The castle stones gave a giant groan: a muffled panicked scream. The castle grew legs and hustled out of the way of the beam of harmony, leaving a 'scorch mark' of normal brown dirt in its place, amidst the surrounding checkerboard pattern.

"NOW THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Derpy shouted first.

"Oh no you don't! Fire two!"

The castle skidded backwards, trembling in fear.


"WHAAA!" Cruelty fell on her face.

"My good china!" Discord cried out.

"This may look funny, but it's not," Anger grumbled upside down on her head.

"Anyone catch the number of that bus?" Rancor shook her pounding head from the stone block that fell on her.


Discord floated up, "Seriously this castle needs to learn to dodge much more gracefully, I think I overpaid for this dump."

His collection of record players, turntables, and 8-tracks fell over and buried him. He excavated himself. "Where were we? Screwball! Mad Tiara! Uncle needs you!"

"Who, Master?" Cruelty looked confused.

"Don't be rude, Cruelty! You know Screwball and Mad Tiara, your... oh right I guess you wouldn't."

"Master, are you feeling alright?"

"Of... Of course I am."


"Let me guess, you helped design that too?" Spike asked.

"Nope," Twilight answered.

Rarity said quickly, "Twilight, we can't keep firing the Rainbow Of Light all day! It's a serious drain on our magic reserves!"

"It's scared," Applejack whispered. "The Castle's scared.

"You're joking," Twilight and Spike said together.

"No Ah'm not. It . . . " Applejack remembered little fairy ponies. "It doesn't want to die."

"It's a castle! It's made out of stones and bricks! How can it be afraid to die when it's not even-" Rarity glared darkly at Twilight, followed by Derpy. "-never mind."

"Twi, spell me with that Royal Shout Magic," Applejack said.

"'Royal Canterlot Voice.'"

"Whatever just enchant me!"

Twilight did so.

"Howdy! Chaos Castle! Ahem."

"She isn't really," Twilight whispered.

"She is," Rarity answered.

"Greetings and how do you do, good Chaos Castle. It is nice to see you again. How thoughtful that you have kept my lovely garden safe for me." Abigail Jacqueline said in tones as polite and formal as when she let herself go alone with Rarigreed. "I am terribly sorry we have returned under these dreadful circumstances, darling. Your decor is as spontaneous and expressive as ever. But we seem to be at an impasse, I presume you do not wish to continue to keep ducking and dodging, and we do not wish to keep firing rainbows at you. I do deeply apologize for all our inconsiderate, uncalled-for behavior. Twilight, in particular, showed no consideration for your feelings on the matter and I apologize for her."

"Apologize for me? Ow!" Applejack kicked her.

"I hope we are able to move on. I am certain you are an upright, intelligent, reasonable, and rational castle who makes good decisions. But darling, I fear we must share some very harsh words with your Master. Now I am certain you have a vested interest in these affairs, but you should realize your Master cares not a whit for you. He would just as likely blow you up if he found another place to live. If you would but let us through, and not take sides, act as a neutral noncombatant, we promise to hold no grudge against you. And should we prove victorious in our endeavor, we'll have the maids switch duties from dirtying you to cleaning you instead. And you shall have two new owners who genuinely care about all life, including yours.

Now doesn't that sound positively smashing? If this arrangement is to your liking and agreement, please Pinkamena Swear on it darling."

Two of the castle towers (one containing Cruelty's collection of kicked puppies and the other one million pounds of Hearth Warming's Eve fruitcake from Ponythulu), then mimed the Pinkie Promise, using one of the windows as the 'eye.'

Abigail turned back to Twilight and said, "There darling that should, erm- that oughta do it partner!"

Twilight brought her hooves to her ringing ears.


"Let me ... just fix that," Twilight removed the enchantment.

Apple Pie stared at Applejack her eyes huge. "Saint Abigail… Applejack... which one is the real ya?"

"The one whose yer family and yer friend. Darling," she kissed her on the nose.

"Done hiding?" Rarity asked calmly.

"Ah wasn't hidin' nothin'."

Rarity made a sleigh bell laugh. "Heh, liar," she said with endearment.
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Discord and his remaining allies give the Valeyard a short eulogy. The Draconequus unsurprisingly liked his horrible character and the ability to exploit the flaws of others. Angry Pie hated him (it would be easier and time-saving to make a list of beings she didn’t hate), Fluttercruel liked him as a fellow complete monster and Rancor says very truthfully that he had great ambitions but he had to die because he knew too… for the greater good. But then Discord decides to stop faking sadness and go back to the murders he had planed. Since sending out his minions one after the other failed, two times in fact, he will now send out all three at once. Very suspiciously he calls it “six against four“ and that odd way of counting might be related to Fluttercruel’s special, so far not shown, ability. Or Discord will just cheap shot the heroes in the battle. That wouldn’t be much of a surprise either. He tries to change the odds to his favour and tries to call for additional allies called “League of Auxiliary Minions.” But it turns out they are all dead despite being agelessly immortal. Apparently it was a lie of Discord towards Angry Pie that he couldn’t grant her apprentices immortality. Fluttercruel points out that they might have died because they were sealed behind a stone wall and had no air. That sounds very similar… It is a nice tribute to this: [link] Rancor adds that reanimating them wouldn’t be a good idea with a foal able to talk them to death against them. But the Draconequus isn’t fazed at all by their deaths but when Angry Pie talks about that she never lets her foals join this club because of Discord’s inability to even keep them alive, Discord decides to talk with her before the battle starts. As the two vanish Fluttercruel complains about being left behind and Rancor tries to quote Pandora to tell her that Discord is trying to find a kindred spirit. Fluttercruel doesn’t get it, at all. The younger Draconequus claims that she will get it when she becomes more mature but it seems that Fluttercruel doesn’t even want that. Then Rancor seems to be the first person interested in her life and asks to be told everything. Seemingly not even Discord ever asked her this question and everybody else was too disgusted with her to want to hear more about her. But Rancor is genuinely interested in this information. For a moment she seems insecure but then she begins to tell her tale.

Discord teleported Angry Pie into her room and she immediately attacks him for invading her privacy. But no matter how hard she hits him, he just attacks harder. Apparently the room is filled with reminders of her apprentices and as he picks up one of the items, she charges at him again. This time he has to immobilize her with dark matter blocks and notices that she has no trophies or weapons in her room, only a bed and reminders of her foals. When he talks about the rubber chicken that belonged to Pumpkin Cake, Angry Pie unsurprisingly attacks him again. But the Draconequus just smiles and tells her that she and Fluttercruel always where his favourites. That isn’t really a surprise, considering that those two were the worst of the entire group but considering that one of the others would have gladly erased this entire timeline and everyone in it that is quite an accomplishment. Discord talks about their past and fixes the leg that he himself had broken in a fit of anger. In turn she just attacks him another time.

This time he teleports them to the resting place of her adopted children. She had even put flowers here. But considering that they are already old, it seems that she wasn’t here for quite some time. She had engraved each cutie mark, name, date when she began to turn them into apprentices and the days when they died into marble blocks, serving as gravestones. She remembers each and every one of them. They were the only ones she didn’t hate and who did reduce her own madness but at the same time she led every single one of them into a life of horrible violence and insanity. She brought them closer to Discord, Fluttercruel, the Valeyard and the others. It is a miracle that the Draconequus never had his fun with one of them. There would be absolutely nothing she could have done to stop him. This was once the room where Princess Celestia honoured the pony races but now it was destroyed and turned into a different memorial. Like almost everybody else, Angry Pie hates the Alicorn and hopes that she is still sentient to see all this suffering and torture that Discord brings over this world. Angry Pie enjoys the fact that so many lives are ended, corrupted and twisted beyond recognition. At the same time she remembers the time she was kind and caring towards her children: The times when they looked up to her, when she comforted them, when she spared their families and when they died.

That is no contradiction. Even the worst monsters often have families and people that they liked. But just like Discord had a loving mother in the form of Shady and an immortal family that did once love him in their own way, this doesn’t change the fact that she ended countless lives in needlessly brutal ways. She was kind towards her own children but did butcher other children, mothers and fathers. Countless families cried because of her and were brutally torn apart. Just how many families did she break in the last attack in Ponyville? How many children died cursing her name as she had killed their parents first? One moment of kindness can not redeem pure evil. It can be the start of a change but she never changed. For 1000 years she continued to murder others. Discord asks her if in all her overwhelming hate she ever had hated herself. She just attacks him and tells him that she will kill him if he dares to touch them. He asks again if she hates herself for letting them die but she just hates him for not making them agelessly immortal. Discord could have saved every single one of them but didn’t. And she does hate herself, her old self. The Pinkie Pie who did laugh, party and had fun with her friends and family and the Pinkie Pie who stood up to gods to defend her friends. She hates her old self, which is incredible sad especially considering what this Pinkie Pie managed to accomplish. Angry Pie just hates that there is still laughter left in the world and that Discord was needed for her to become like she is today. He asks her while she does even stay at his side, when she absolutely hates him and the butcher answers that the tombs of her children are still here and he would defile them, like he did with so many other corpses. And in her madness she thinks that there are still somewhere some ponies who laugh at her and think that she is a mere toy.

Then the Draconequus does offer her a way to change it. He swears to Havoc that he will resurrect them all in youth and immortality once the rebels are all dead. Then he will give her and them their own little world to live in. Angry Pie remembers the moment when a pegasus in pure desperation offered her a earth pony foal and since it did cry, she did not kill this one but adopted it. And then she murdered the pegasus. She remembers all of them and decides to take his offer. But she promises to kill him afterwards. Discord just reacts with a smile and she attacks him again before he repels this attack as well. He celebrates it with chocolate milk and seems to look forward to this moment. Discord still thinks that he can turn her into his Queen of Insanity with Fluttercruel at their side. He might underestimate the effects of 1000 years of rage and hatred. Even if he would mind-control her to act like her old self, he would never get the Pinkie Pie he knew back. She is a different person now.

Meanwhile Fluttercruel has finished her story off-screen and Rancor praises her for her brutality and violence. And this moment shows nicely how strongly character interaction can shape the perception of the same being. When Rancor interacted with the heroes and was friendly with them, it made her look more likeable, when she does the same thing with the complete monster Fluttercruel, it makes her look like a monster as well. She acts the same, but the meaning is entirely different. She tells her that she shouldn’t change her core personality which is likely the most unnerving advice you can give such a cruel and torturing person. Then she talks about how her father does care for her. And thinking about it, it is almost strange how little their interaction does to make them more likeable. It is definitely not that they are flat characters but both Fluttercruel and Discord are such horrible complete monsters that their father-daughter-relationship doesn’t change anything. Just like Angry Pie they have broken too many lives and minds to be in any way likeable. This is somewhat sad when you think about it. But even seeing how the other Fluttercruel raised by Fluttershy turned out does mean nothing for this version. She had her own life and her own responsibilities. She made these choices herself and it would be cheap to blame her development only on Discord. She had 1000 years and this was the way she chose. Then again Discord did also like Shady and still turned her into a suffering weapon to wield against his enemies, so him caring about Fluttercruel might mean very little in the end.

Rancor points out how both have trouble to show their emotions and to admit when they are wrong, they are really very similar monsters. In the end Fluttercruel even admits that she does care for Discord as well and then the other two arrive back. Rancor tries to talk with Angry Pie as well and points out how similar she is to Fluttercruel but unsurprisingly the mad mare reacts with more violence. Even telling her that the people will take her less serious when she acts like a hateful child does nothing for Angry Pie, so in the end Rancor just tells her to focus her anger instead of spreading it around like mad. Fluttercruel seems disappointed when she isn’t able to get an angry reaction out of Angry Pie. And as Discord encourages her, she begins to hear voices. Some sound strict while others seem encouraging and from her reaction it seems this is something new. For a moment the Draconequus seems sad that he is sending her into battle with enemies who were able to defeat two of his strongest allies. She claims she doesn't need to be Discord but actually her entire personality is always how Discord was like as a child. Just like him she always felt better when others suffered. They are disturbingly similar. Both are immature, sadistic, mass-murdering and backstabbing. Just like the Valeyard there will be nobody who will miss these two after they are gone. Then Fluttercruel is genuinely terrified of Angry Pie when she mutters the names of her foals and seems focused. Rancor can also feel the mad butcher focusing her anger on murdering the opposition ahead.

Meanwhile the heroes realise that the memory spell does not work on everybody. It was intended for the Doctor from the very start, Twilight didn’t know that the Valeyard wasn’t discorded at all. It also clearly shows that some beings are just too evil for that spell to work. Then again it is hard to say if the Doctor would have even needed it, since he has surely regenerated into a new personality. Rarity points out that the Valeyard must be truly gone or the time traveller would have come back for another battle. But Spike is frustrated that he could do so little in the last battles. Both Rainbow Dash and the Valeyard were able to quickly remove him from the battle. The others try to console him but he wonders if he is just dumb muscle. Derpy screams at him that he should never call himself this and thinks about all the things she missed because others thought she was retarded and sent her into special classes. He blames himself for letting the others down, be believes that they had to protect him while it should be the other way around. He wonders if there could be any way to defend himself if somebody else repeats this trick. He knows that Discord saw their battles and that he is searching for their weak points. Rarity reminds him that Tom would never want him to say something like this and the dragon calms down and admits that he was whiny. Apple Pie points out that he was tearing the turrets apart and compares him to Dracozilla (surely a reference to Godzilla) and this reminder of something of the old world surviving 1000 years of chaos is enough to make Spike smile again.

The voice claims that Spike’s problems are less important then Discord’s defeat but Twilight points out that she simply has to do that since the Draconequus will abuse any personal weakness he can find. The voice then suggests getting Elements without these weaknesses and the unicorn reminds her that even if she could do that, everybody has such personal demons but conquering them now together might strengthen their bond for the upcoming battle. Now the voice switches tactics and reminds her that being able to fight alone is no sin. Twilight compares it to the way the Valeyard thought. The voice doesn’t even deny that but points out that just because he was the enemy doesn’t make every single one of his ideas wrong, would she think the same of Rainbow Dash? Actually considering that Twilight is extremely good at copying spells and ideas, she did work the ideas of the Valeyard into her own strategy of his defeat. But the voice tells her that she must be able to stand by herself if she wants to be able to protect her friends. The unicorn is not able to deny that.

Now Twilight decides to charge in on Spike and force a confrontation. Rarity takes the chance to suggest that they could stay outside and wait for Discord to come for them or torture somebody else. Then they could attack him outside his castle of chaos. Twilight likes the idea but sees that he would take the entire world hostage and could evade them long enough so that the mortal members of their group might die from old age. This confrontation might be their only choice.

As they fly over Ponyville Twilight remembers what they did when they were here the last time and how many of Apple Pie’s friends died here. At the same time it was the place where her own change started. The filly promises her friends that she will make their wish of a better world come true. Lady Desire thinks about how insane she was when she entered Ponyville the last time and that she will never be able to be the old Rarity again but maybe she could eventually be a different artist. Derpy sees how different everything is and how every house and every person she knew is gone but she promises her children that she will find a new home. Saint Apple Jacqueline thinks about the lives she and Rainbow could save the last time and hopes that they will be able to perform another miracle. She even prays to the Father of All Alicorns to help them in any way possible. Spike doesn’t care much for this place until he sees that something is seriously wrong with it. Twilight is meanwhile smart enough to give her mortal friends as many antitoxins and anti-venoms as possible.

Down there Discord’s new madness spreads fast. It has already infected many ponies, virgacorns, hippogriffs and some changelings seem almost drunk with happiness. Their colors are insanely bright and their cutie marks spread like cancer drawing entire structures over their bodies. These cutie marks are so overgrown and so all-devouring that even Mr. Makarov would say that this is too much. It is hard to believe that Discord managed to turn cutie marks into such a disturbing plague. If this continues to spread the few remains of civilisation could soon fall apart in mindless happiness. It is really hard to tell if this is worse, better or exactly the same as it was before. Thankfully the heroes are not infected as well and continue towards Discord's castle.

Twilight sees the chaotic structure and decides that it is time to use the Elements of Harmony right now. She proclaims that it is time to make their own rules and blast the entire castle with Harmony. Derpy asks if they should really reveal that they have this power but the unicorn is sure that Discord has figured it out by now. The voice couldn't be happier. But the castle itself is able to dodge the blasts. A shame but it was clear that this would be too easy. The inhabitants are shaken but Discord orders Screwball and Mad Tiara to help him. Even after 1000 years Fluttercruel doesn’t know their names.

AJ senses that the castle doesn't want to die and asks Twilight to enchant her with the Royal Canterlot Voice. She begins to tell the castle how nice and good-looking it is and that both parties would rather prefer to stop their actions. And she also apologises for not caring about its feelings. Then she points out that Discord doesn't care at all about the castle as well. And this is the honest truth. She promises the castle a better future when it would be cleaned and be owned by somebody how would see it as a living being and not a toy ready to reshape and crush. And miraculously the castle Pinkamena Swears on that and will take a neutral role in the upcoming battle. With a few kind words Applejack has removed one of Discord's biggest advantages in this battle. Her friends couldn't be more impressed.

Overall this first half showed very unnervingly how Discord prepares Angry Pie for this battle and motivates her to go all out. This isn't merely about letting out her anger anymore but now she actually has a goal.

And while all events seem to lead to a final confrontation there are far too many pieces missing. The identity of the voice isn't officially revealed and Rancor didn't make her move yet. Also this story is supposed to run parallel with Shining's and he doesn't seem very close to his end. And Twilight did show only two forms of the interviewers: the earth pony foal and the adult pegasus. But the old unicorn is still missing. There are simply too many loose ends. This story will likely not end as soon as it seems.
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yoshiegg64 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
"Don't you dare fail me Fluttercruel." 
"Don't disappointment me Fluttercruel." 
"Give them Pony Hell Cruel!" 
"Goodluck Cruel." 
"Do your best Cruelty." 

Wow, after re-reading this part, I finally understand what it was. It was past loops of what Discord said to Fluttercruel before her final battle and death. It really shows how he slowly came to care for her. 

alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
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Really? Cool! Though I think I am just the first one to comment on it.

That section always baffled me. I knew the mysterious voices wouldn't say that, so I believe at the time that it was Discord's family giving Cruel encouragement. It didn't sound like what they would say but it was the only explanation I could up with.

Looking back you included alot of little hints on the big reveal. Most of what Discord says has a double meaning. You sure did plan ahead!
Sargasurm Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
["Anyone catch the number of that bus?" Rancor shook her pounding head from the stone block that fell on her. ]

Discworld reference :D My dear Rancor, I love you more and more.

Oh, Screwball and Mad Tiara... *clink* Oh. Oooooooh? Oh. Huuuuuum...
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"Discworld reference"
It was?

"Oh, Screwball and Mad Tiara... *clink* Oh. Oooooooh? Oh. Huuuuuum..."

There is something unseen around here.
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