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August 20, 2012
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Pony POV Series
Dark World Part 13

The fillies and colts gathered around Apple Pie, cheering for their sister (or cousin, or friend) after we explained to Apple Pie everything we knew about the Elements, including showing off what powers we could. I also had to explain that the Elements of Chaos were NOT inherently evil. We had simply held their corrupt forms while we, ourselves, were corrupted. Now, of course, we embodied their purified ones. Then she asked about superpowers! And I was stuck admitting I thought the Harmony Elements were just pretty looking without all six until a couple days ago.

"Do ya get a cool costume?" "Do you think yah'll get yer own comic?" "Give'em Tattarus!"

Unanimous support for Apple Pie. Not an envious eye in the herd. They were descendants of the Apple clan, after all, being jealous of your own family simply didn't enter the equation. Apple Computer and Rocky Senior from hugging their daughter/granddaughter and telling her to be careful. And Aunt Apples N. Oranges warned her not to take any candy from strangers.

As 'team leader,' I promised Apple Computer three times that we all would keep his daughter safe to the best of our ability, and that she'd come home after the world was freed. And assured Apples N. Oranges that we'd make sure any candy that happened to fall from the sky would be safe for her to eat.

"And Ah'm an Apple, and Apples keep Apples safe. Don't ya worry!" Applejack swore. I hadn't forgotten that it still didn't sit well with AJ that we had recruited a filly, willingly or not, and were marching off to battle against a mad god and, in all probability, our own friends. But in a bit, in for a crown, if there was anything she and RD had in common, it was that.

After a thousand years outside, Derpy Hooves was overjoyed to finally be under a roof with Dinky. She didn't mind the crowd of ponies, as long as they remembered to give Dinky a wide berth. Derpy wasn't stupid, her foal was a muffin in a house full of foals who weren't all old enough to understand the muffin shaped like a filly wasn't food. And one bump, and one stray hoof fall, would leave her baby a mess on the floor. She was more than happy to talk, however, about her own weird little adventures. The more she spoke about them, the happier I was to have her as our ally. Not only did she have valuable experience, half those adventures involved complete accidents on her part triggering a beneficial sequence of events that ruined the villain's plot. In other words, exactly the kind of luck we needed against Discord.

(That hypocrite claims to hate order, and yet relies so much on it for his plans that one left turn instead of right throws a wrench in everything. He's just as vulnerable to being blindsided by an unexpected twist as everypony else. Remember that.)

For once we agree.

With an illusion wall from AJ, Spike was guarding the front side of the house facing Ponyville and the castle. Discord and the Valeyard weren't likely to approach from the front, but 'Cruel, Angry, and Dash were and Spike had a better chance against them.

Rarity asked to be shown the empty beds of each member of the Sweet Rock Acres clan who were gone for good. Fruit-Of-The-Knowledge-Of-Good-And-Evil complied. I don't know what that was about.

(Discord shattered your bonds once. You really think he won't just break them again? Because it won't be 'original' of him? He doesn't even follow his own rules.)

Which is why we're going to be prepared for his divide-and-conquer tactics. This time, we'll ALL know what's coming.

(Even if you're right, Twilight, even if your friends now DO possess the willpower and strength of heart they hadn't had a thousand years ago... Discord will simply cheat. Twist them by force.)

I shivered. I had seen Master do that before who refused to play his games.

(The only advantages one ever possesses against that bastard all stem from his own ego. He's not all-knowing nor all-sensing. He doesn't understand how half the feelings he mocks work. He can be taken off-guard as easily as his victims. Heed my word, your best bet to finally restoring normality is to go it alone. Don't do it for me, do it FOR your friends. Why make Apple Pie suffer as you did?)

Discord's corruption works best on isolated victims, INCLUDING myself. And at this juncture, even if I were to order my companions to stay behind, they'd just follow me anyway, even if AJ had to make them all invisible to do it.

(Fine. Then hammer into your comrades what they need to know! You're all wasting time idling about with these farmers!)

It's not 'idling!' It's restrengthening our bonds! Our friendship! How much good do you think the Elements Of Harmony will do without the ties that bind?

(You are missing the point. There is a time for parties, smiles, and happiness, and it after the genocidal, self-destructive, despicable, pathetic, arrogant, obnoxious, blind-to-his-own-faults, insane, deranged, evil overlord is given his just desserts.)

My ears wilted.

(You want to be prepared? Here's my advice. I do not care if you pass it on to the others or keep it for yourself. The only way to win one of Discord's games is to know his game and not to play. Play your own game, not his. If at all possible, make him think you're playing his game, not knowing he is really playing yours until its too late for him to stop playing.)

Somepony taps on my shoulder. I turn my head, green earth pony, -what was her name again?- Minty Pie, part of our 'welcoming committee.' "Miss, erm, Unicorn, can we talk? Just you and me?"

I told both AJ and Apple Computer what we were going to be doing and we left through the back door. A quick magic scan didn't show any nasty 'surprises' waiting for me, no ambushes.

"Yes, Minty Pie?" I asked.

Looking her in the eyes, I wasn't sure how to describe the feeling it evoked. Familiarity? Nostalgia? Wistfulness? For some reason, the picture of myself riding in a hot air balloon with Pinkie Pie kept popping up. More strange was she seemed to be feeling the same way.

"Please let me be Laughter instead of Apple Pie please." She pleaded.

Startled, I took a hoof step back, "Minty, I'm sorry, but it DOESN'T work like that!"

"Why not?"

I almost dive straight into 'soapbox mode', but then a different thought strikes me.

"Alright. We'll try it your way. Make me laugh."


"You say you want to be the Element of Laughter? Make me laugh. Tell a joke."

"A joke? Okay, okay," Minty Pie spends several seconds licking her lips, looking around the whole room for inspiration. "Uh, hm... oh, I know one! What did the Baby Corn say to the Mama Corn?"

"I don't know. What?"  

"Where's popcorn?"

I blink once.

"Get it?!  POP-corn?"

"I get it. Corny."

"And that's just a warm-up!" Could her grin be any bigger or more forced? "Let's see, let's see... Ah! Okay, try this: Yesterday, the police arrested two ponies, one for eating batteries, the other for eating fireworks. Well, they charged the pony who ate the fireworks, and let the pony who ate the batteries off!"

She looked at me hopefully.  

"Huh? What? Wait a minute... Minty, I think you might've gotten the punchline backwards!"

Now she's starting to sweat. "One more try! Please, one more try! Uh, um.... what happens when... when you walk into a pizza tree?"

"I dunno. What?"

"You walk into a pizza tree!"

Silence drops like a grand piano.


"What do you mean, 'And?!' That was the joke!"


"One more try! One more try! Uh, uh, hmm... Knock Knock!"

"Minty! ENOUGH!"

Well, what do you WANT from me?!" she snaps, stamping her hoof, on the verge of tears. "Humor comes so much more naturally to Apple Pie!"

"Precisely." I gave a sigh. "Your heart, your true heart has to embody Laughter. It's not some job you can reassign to any new employee, not a trinket to keep, sell, or give away as a gift. It awoke in Apple Pie because it's how she is."

Minty Pie looked at me like I was speaking in calculus equations. I gave a sigh.

"Alright...It's like a Cutie Mark. Only not everypony has one," I explain the best I can. "Even twins don't have the same Cutie Mark. The Elements are the same way."

"But aren't those the things what Giant Hat Discord gave you?"

"Discord used them for evil, but we were already primed for them when our hearts got replaced or we'd have died. Back when Rarity, Applejack and I were all... pawns... we were powered by incomplete versions of the Elements of Chaos. Now we see the full picture. Now our Elements are purified... We didn't have them 'given' or 'taken' from us."

Minty Pie finally seemed to understand, giving me a nod.

"... Then let me come with you."

To be on the safe side, I looked her over, with all my senses, mundane and magical. But I could not sense the Element of Generosity within Minty Pie at all. This surprised me somewhat... an act of self sacrifice like this didn't qualify her for Generosity...? "Sorry Minty Pie. But this is going to be dangerous enough as it is. Against a foe like Discord, strength is not in numbers."

But something about her aura felt almost frighteningly familiar.

"I don't want my cousin to die." Minty Pie blinked away tears. She gave me one of the most hurt looks I'd ever seen on a pony, and unfortunately, that's really saying something. "Poison Apple, Apple Bucker, Apple Cake, I've never been able to grow the shell around me everypony else does, it still hurts!"

"She's a -friend-! I'd never endanger a friend unless I needed to for the sake of everyone!... And Minty, your family isn't callous, they just keep living, like those you've lost would want you to. I know tragedy, and your family isn't burying it, they're moving through it."

"I know but ... for the last couples years, I've been having these nightmares... I live in this happy place where everypony is happy just being happy. Then monsters that looks like Blue Cheese Discord show up and make everypony vanish, making it so nopony even remembers them and I'm alone."

I said softly, "Minty Pie, nightmares aren't real." I place a hoof on her shoulder.

I, we froze.

It felt like our bodies were glued together where we touched.

When we touched, something inside both ofus vibrated like two halfs that have been separated for too long.

We both tried to speak but no sound came out. We stared out but not seeing what was before us. We felt each other. We felt a thousand years of despair shattered by one day of laughter and a decade of memories, of parents, friends, and a teacher/other-mother. We felt a lifetime of surviving each day, family coming and going like a parade, wondering when our turn would come. The farm and family enduring even if the individual members didn't.

We remembered several thousand years of happiness for happiness' sake, the world never really changing, only the pursuit of good cheer and celebrations and good company, they went by so fast, a blur each day as super-duper-happy as the last, all ponies smiling, happy, being a total klutz, really loving socks, the color green, and especially green socks, a positively pink Pony, who meant the world to us. Looking over us like a big sister during our most boneheaded mistakes. Telling Rainbow Dash she had a box from Paris in the town square on her Special Day.

Then the world ended in darkness, the pink pony never leaving our side. Our light given a new shadow to cast thanks to our pink friend. Our old shadow was dying, but not offered up to the nothingness for it was never erased, the world remade, our shadow remained but not erased, waiting where rules of only being in one place and having one perspective do not apply. Fate twisting, shadow and light, coming into the world apart, no longer needing each other to be whole, given their One Life, more far apart then they should have.

We broke apart before we completely lost our individual egos.

I fell backwards, same as Minty, Minty Pie. Our panting echoed each other's. We felt like we had been gone for a lifetime, but it had only been a few moments.

"Minty," I whispered.

"Twilight," She whispered back. It was like two sides of a coin looking at each other. Something that should be impossible but suddenly wasn't.

We got up at the same time, our movements still in sync.

"No." I said shaking my head, grasping at the parts that made me 'me.' Minty Pie looked in similar pain. "No. You have to stay. You, I... Minty has died enough."

Minty looked at me, scared but nodded, I knew I felt the exact same way as I nodded too. "Yes. Yes. You, we, no! ... . I know that you won't let Apple Pie get hurt. No matter what. Because I wouldn't."

"And I know how much she means to you, because I know how much she means to me. She's my first new friend in a thousand years. She's precious to both of us."

"Just ... just make sure doesn't try to play pattycake with any pony-eating gelatin' cubes. Or try to offer any candy to a venus pony-trap, or-"

"I get it! I get it! Apple Pie has a hard being hostile to anything I understand."

"... Thank you Twilight... . And, do you think you can save Pinkie Pie?" She asked with the same worry and hope any of us would. She knew that name because we knew it. "Please save her! If you could save Applejack... if you could wake up Rarity... if you could stop being sick-in-heart, you have no excuse not to do everything in your power to save Pinkie Pie too!"

"I'm sure as Tartarus going to try, Minty!"

We reached out to hug each other, stopped inches away least we risk our individuality again, and just stepped back and smiled and nodded at each other.

"I suppose that answers the question of why Santa Hooves gives Pinkie green socks every year," I said aloud as we walked towards the house.

"Yeah." Minty smiled. She had seen my memories too. Minty giggled, "He sure has been a naughty boy!"

I giggled back.

"Just so you know, I wasn't out to humiliate you earlier when I had you tell jokes. I just wanted to prove to you: Apple Pie really does have a special, unique gift. She's not just a spare wheel, and we didn't pull her name out of a hat."

"I get it. Dying's easy, comedy's hard."

For some reason, we both burst out laugh.

"Hey! Pretty good! There may be hope for you yet!"

We both went back inside the house, trotting side by side. A part of me wondering what it was like to have a sister.


I was becoming as popular as popular can be. Apple Pie was the next to want a private conversation with me. She was sitting on the couch.

Applejack was busy listening to the life story of every Apple and Pie in turn, and enjoying every second.  Derpy explained finer details to Dinky. I didn't have the heart to tell her Dinky might be effectively comatose in this state.  Assuming all went well, and the curse was lifted, Dinky might be unable to remember anything that happened after she was turned into a muffin.  Then again, I could be completely wrong.  

"Half-Light...yah live in Discord's castle, right?" Apple Pie asked me.

"I did."

"... Do ya know what happened to Poison Apple?"

I'd hoped she wouldn't ask that. I looked around, no one else was listening in. AJ had just gone outside. I whispered lowly to Apple Pie. "...If you want the kind answer, ask Applejack, if you want the true answer, ask Rarity..." I didn't want to answer...How could I?

"Ah want yer answer."

I sighed, pinning my ears. "...Apple Pie...I'm sorry...I'm so sorry..."

She looked saddened and it hurt me, "Ah kind of guessed...just hoped yah might have saved her like yah did Miss Derpy."

I couldn't take it anymore. "I...I... Apple Pie, you know how I said Discord used to 'play' with me?"

She nodded.

"...Sparkle wanted to save her...but Tragedy wanted to recapture her...I'm sorry...I'll understand if-"

She put a hoof on mine. "It's okay...Ah, Ah, know the you Ah know would've saved her, but yah weren't here then.  Ah forgive yah."

We hugged.

I was beginning to think this filly would forgive Discord on the spot if he apologized for everything he had done. But I had seen Discord's true face. But wasn't that part of the ideal of being a pony? Able to forgive any sin that has been offered in remorse? Maybe I really had been alive for nine hundred years too long.

(Or she hasn't lived nine hundred years long enough, experience is a virtue.)

So is purity...

(IS it purity? Are you so very sure? Perhaps it could be something else entirely?)

What do you mean?

(Think about it. A girl who's learned to laugh off the deaths of beloved family members? So blithely, so easily, as though they were nothing more than a series of losing lottery tickets she kept buying? Poor little thing... she's suffered SO much tragedy, so regularly, at such a young age, that's she's psychologically numbed herself to it all. Remind you of anyone... Twilight?)

She... she's NOTHING like me! Nothing like how I was!

(Because you walled yourself in a fortress of apathy while she prefers a fortress of levity? Numbness is numbness, as sure as ice cream is ice cream. The one difference is... flavor.)  

Just... Just because she smiles through her tears doesn't mean her tears are meaningless. Just because she tries to find the light in things doesn't mean she's blind to the darkness.

(So you say about a filly who hands out forgiveness like a vending machine. Her forgiveness is like a deaf pony forgiving noisy neighbors. Rarity should warn her about the dangers of living in a fantasy world. Such a sweet, dear, goodhearted girl, wonder what she'll be like after you turn her into a killer, or do you think Discord and his true minions will submit quietly?)

My mind is bursting with indignation and confusion and dread. That's what forgiveness is, it isn't a check book or a tax form that needs to be balanced with restitutions.

(I'm just asking, as a friend, do give it all some thought, will you? The LAST Element Of Laughter wasn't playing with a full deck either. And she was an adult.)

I hugged Apple Pie for dear life.


"I'm-I'm just happy to have you as a friend Apple Pie!"

She gently hugged me back.


(You need to learn to pay attention to your elders, Apple Pie.)

Ah do.

(You need to listen to them more.)

Ah listen when Ah need to. Pa saya listen to 'em unless it would hurt somepony. There are lots of ponies who don't listen at all though, why don't ya talk to them?

(I would if I could.)


"And here's Bloomberg The Twelfth, Equestria's famous rock tree!" Cream Pie introduced Applejack as Banana Pie continued, "They say Bloomberg The First Got turned into a sea-apple tree when Blue Carrot Discord created Sky Ocean, but he had some saplings back here in Sweet Rock Acres. Some have been sausage trees, sword trees, trees-trees, pear trees," AJ grimaced, "And ice-cream trees, but the Bloombergs have been as much a part of Sweet Rock Acres as us ponies."

AJ blinked away tears and put a loving hoof on the tree, "Yer not gonna turn into a wooden pony and want to marry me if I say it's great to see ya are ya?"

The tree did not see fit to give an answer, which AJ politely accepted. There were enough talking trees in the world handing out magic swords to brave selfless youths.

"Great to see some things don't change."


After Rarity finished her morbid 'tour' with Fruit-Of-The-Knowledge, she seemed a lot calmer, more peaceful, her eyes more focused.

"Alright, Apple Pie makes five," said Rarigreed, looking to us. "But we still need Generosity, and we're fresh out of ponies we have preexisting bonds with. Unless another Pie or Apple family member happens to have it."

No one ever said it had to be a pony. I had my theories already.

(Heh. This is always good.)

The question is, how to go about it. What could I ask that would make the connection?

(Well get on with it, the others have had time to recover from another Element being handed to them and Rarity would agree you've waited long enough.)

Unfortunately, I found two sets of eyes on me as soon as I started to move.

"Half-Light, where are ya goin'?"

"Just testing a theory, be right back."

"Sorry Twilight, not happening," Rarity said.


I sighed. "Alright, come along, but please, please let me do the talking, it might just be nothing anyway. I don't want to add more disharmony to things if it isn't true."

"Oh, you don't honestly think I did that just because you told me not to. It just...felt right. Like I was supposed to do it." She put a hoof to her collar bone.

Apple Pie made a small laugh.

"...I believe you," I said.

I went outside, so did Rarity and Apple Pie, Derpy chose to stay inside to enjoy the sensation of being in doors again taking the chance to chat with Fruit-Of-Knowledge. I didn't think an airborne creature could get unhappy with being outside, but this was the world of chaos.

Speaking of which the sun and moon were flip-flopping again. And Sky Ocean was visible in the distance.

I wonder if the Beatnik Reverse Hyper-Ball tournaments would still be able to be held in a world that had concrete physical laws again, that would disappoint a lot of fans, but it was for the greater good. Still, it was a cool game.

(Nothing 'cool' comes out of this world.  If it seems good, it is only the end result of thousands of atrocities.)

With two companions in tow I moved around to the front of the house, time to see if Bloomberg is the Element we seek.

Okay. Come on. You know I was joking that time!

"Hey Twilight, hey Rarity, hey Apple Pie, you know where Element Number Six is yet? This place is great but I don't want us to attract trouble."

As I stood there, something hit me all of a sudden. Something I could feel... rather, something I didn't.

"Hey Spike," I said. "How are you feeling?"

Spike blinked. "I'm feeling pretty good, why do you ask?"

I asked because I could hear his stomach rumble, he was still hungry.  Yet the adult dragon clearly had no intention of demanding more food.  

"Well, you know how Discord took that spell off you earlier, right? I was just worried that fighting your instincts might be stressing you out.  I wanted to help."


"I hadn't felt that, um, 'greed restraint' spell reactivate, so I figured you must be fighting them.  I'm proud of you, Spike."

I saw Spike's eyes widen. instincts? In all this, I'd completely forgotten them...But she's right, they're still there, I can feel it. I can feel the thing Discord let loose in my head, the part of me he'd been holding back...but they're not the only thing driving me...In fact, I barely feel's like something inside me's numbing them. No...not numbing them, it's like that feeling of how something that weighed a lot when I was little I can pick up with two fingers now...

"I...They're...they're not bothering me..." I muttered, I couldn't think of anything more I could say. How did this happen? They'd been like a flood before, like I was lost in the rapids and couldn't fight them... I didn't want to fight them, I was them. I felt completely free with them. Now it was like I was standing waist-high in a calm stream. But I still feel free...

Twilight cocked her head. "Not at all? But Discord didn't restore the spell. I would have felt it."

"I...I feel them... my instincts... but...I don't know, it's just... I've just been acting like... " I replied, still trying to figure it out. I wanted to say 'the normal me' but normal dragons don't have a mind control spell on them masking a natural part of their psychology.

"No stealing. No hoarding. No endangering smaller creatures' lives. All things considered, you've been the perfect picture of civility this whole time. Quite considerate of you."  

She was right...  Yes, I wanted to eat every rock in sight, yes, I wanted to begin amassing an all-new horde like a proper dragon, and yes I wanted to...well...Rarity and get the picture.

But I hadn't acted on any of that...I'd put my friends first.  

"You're did I go from a rampaging greedy brute to being...well...?"

"Well what?" Twilight asked, I see an expectant look. But what was she expecting?

What had I done since we left?  Let's see...I'd helped save Ditzy and Dinky, when none of my instincts had told me to. She hadn't even been a friend, she'd been just another quirky pony in Ponyville... But I saw her hurting...I knew she'd be so much happier with her wings and legs fixed and those blackbirds destroyed. And I knew my friends would be happy too if that happened, and my friends were mine... But why did that last part feel like an excuse?

I flew everypony here when I wanted to go somewhere else where we could get MORE help...because Applejack wanted to go here, because I saw it'd make her happy, even if at the time I didn't know why until she explained it...And I knew it'd make Twilight happy too...

I helped give Rarity a bath because I knew she'd be happier nice and clean (okay maybe she wasn't jumping for joy after). I didn't care one way or the other if my 'prize jewel' was clean or dirty myself, it was for her.

On the other hand, I had told them where to stuff it when they suggested they shrink me down or give ME a bath in front of everypony. Come on, a dragon's got his dignity right?  Gotta draw the line SOMEWHERE!

I was hungry, the Apple-Pie Family offered as much as I wanted to eat.  I ate some to be polite, but not enough to fill my entire belly.  I didn't want to eat up all their food.  They need it more than me... I'll find more elsewhere.  

Then it hit me...I did all those things to make somepony else happy. We dragons AREN'T heartless creatures... we DID love... but our base instinct was to satisfy ourselves first. To take what we want.   I hadn't done one greedy thing since we'd left the palace...And I hadn't even thought about it.  I wasn't fighting with my instincts at all, I'd forgotten they were even there until Twilight mentioned them...

"Selfless..." I said, looking to Twilight, making her smile. I saw Rarity's eyes go the size of dinner plates...


Discord kept my instincts restrained for all this time, he held me back... So that was your game...And I think I know why you decided to play it with me, Discord.

You learn a lot about someone when you watch them for a thousand years with a clear and lucid mind.  I remember the statues in the Hall of Shame.  All of the same one pony.  They look at whoever walks through the hall with the disappointed eyes of a big sister regarding her wayward brother.  But you didn't make those statues for us, did you, Discord?  They're there for you.

None of the statues have placards, so I don't know who she is or what she was to you. But she must've been important, wasn't she?  Why else are those statues the one thing your dirt-maids dare not vandalize?  Why else do you not let a single mote of dust fall on them?   Why else would you make a huge mountain in her image without one insult to be found in it?  Dodge every question asked about her? She wanted you to be someone better, and she'd be disappointed if she saw you now, right?  That's why she looks so disappointed in you. Is that why you play the hero for the sea ponies?  So you could be the guy she wanted you to be, in just one single respect?

But you're afraid. You don't want to change, do you?  Push came to shove, and you chose the easy way out.  You turned into the monster you already were, instead of striving to be the good person she wanted you to be.

And you played this game with me because you thought I'd be no better, right?  You thought when you let my instincts loose, I couldn't fight the 'actual-me inside the me-others-see', and would turn into a monster, just as you did.  Because that's what bullies do; project what they're afraid to face about themselves onto others.

But you're not holding me back now, are you?...This is all me...This is who I am. I'm not running from my true self. I'm not hiding or denying or suppressing it. The instincts are just one small cog in a larger system of gears...

Twilight can't protect me from my instincts.  No more than your mystery mare could protect you from yourself. Twilight can help me, but ultimately, she can't stop me.  Only I can do that.  It's not even a question of denying the instincts exist... doing that would only make things worse, but I haven't fought them at all all this time, have I?

After all, my dragon instincts... they're not my true self. My true self is the Spike who served Twilight as her faithful assistant. My true self is the Spike who dug gems for Rarity, not caring whether or not she'd actually pay me, that was the bonus, the thing I loved about it was making her happy! My true self owns my friends, and my true self GIVES everything I have to them!

I am Kenbroath Gillspotten Hearthspike 'Spike' VII. And my instincts are a part of me. I want it all. No one dares treat me as small. A dragon's horde is like his own shadow. But that's not all of me. I can be kind, I can be selfless. I can give myself completely to the ones I care about because it makes them happy. I can overcome the greed inside my heart. Because I can also be...

"Generous..." I said, feeling something warm inside of me. I look down at my hip, seeing a violet glow appear over it. I am free.


"Six down, none to go," I said as I watched the brightly glowing scroll symbol appear over Spike's hip(like a cutie mark).

(Took you long enough.)

Spike struck a majestic pose showing off the mark before lowering himself face to face with us.

Apple Pie had nothing to say for once, but curiously moved her mane and put her hoof on the symbol had that glowed brighter than ever, as did mine and Rarity's. I'm sure wherever they were Applejack and Derpy's were too. I felt a strange sense of wholeness, like a circuit had been completed.

I look to Rarity, who's jaw was on the ground. I put her jaw back. "A generous dragon, how's that for epic material?" I asked. Her eyes misted over as she smiled.

I walked up to Spike and hugged his snout, joy flowing through me. Rarity collected her wits and did the same rubbing against him. "My Spike," she whispered.

Spike hugged her with his pinky claw, "My Rarity."

"Howdy ya 'all what's all the hug fest fer, whoa nilly!" AJ gasped, "Well how do ya like that?" She joined in. "Ah'd say 'welcome,' but you've always been a part of this herd Spike."

I said, "Spike...I'm so proud of you...I knew you could do it."

Spike said, "This is the me, I chose to be."
What if Discord wasn't beaten? Anyone can die, living is the real challenge.

Now take a look and begin to discover the true connection between the two time lines of the Pony POV Series.

Five down, one to go!

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The chapter begins with the entire extended Apple family gathering around and celebrating Apple Pie’s new status. The experienced Elements share what they know with the family and show them their new powers. They also make clear that Tragedy/Magic, Desire and Deceit aren’t necessary evil, they just wielded the corrupted forms for 1000 years. The group only took very little time to unlock all those special abilities of their Elements of Harmony. A few days ago Twilight didn’t even know that the Elements on their own had any power besides being able to combine into the Harmony Wave they have used against Nightmare Moon. Maybe this happened so fast because bearers had much more experience then their counterparts in the other timeline?

Some family members wonder if Apple Pie will get a costume or her own comic. If they manage to free the world of Discord, she will likely get whatever she wants. After the last 1000 years of suffering under the Draconequus the ponies were willing to instantly crown Celestia and Luna to their rulers for freeing them. No one is envious of her and instead the older family members are worried about the safety of the carefree filly. Twilight has to promise multiple times to do everything in her power to protect her. Apple Pie is physically the weakest member of the group. Three of them are immortal and have additional powerful abilities, one is a giant dragon and the other one a pegasus who can unleash the power of an entire city full of pegasi if she has to. But if all Elements have a special ability Laughter must have something as well, she might be much stronger than everyone thinks she is.

Applejack also swears to do everything she can to protect her family member. She knows perfectly well against what kind of enemies they will fight and how dangerous they can be: Discord, Fluttercruel, Angry Pie, Rainbow Dash and the Valeyard will not make things easy for them. And then there is still the mysterious voice.

After 1000 years of being forced to stay outside Derpy finally can enjoy the relative safety of a house with her transformed child. She still has to defend her little muffin from the children and possible accidents around her but after defending her for 1000 years from the birds she has more than enough experience with protecting what is dear to her. She also shared the adventures she had with the Doctor before he was forced to regenerate into the Valeyard. Not only does she have a lot of experience with strange events but often she was the trigger that ruined the plan of the villain by starting a chain reaction. Similar to how Fluttercruel’s return in the other timeline triggered Twilight’s realisation and the awakening of the other Elements or how Apple Pie was the starting point of Twilight Tragedy’s change. Maybe the filly was also what reminded Applejack on her family and allowed Applebloom to finish what she failed to do many years ago.

The voice emphasises that Discord despite his claims of being chaotic and spontaneous is often relying on things to go according to plan. His entire plan to break the Elements including Twilight would have failed if he wouldn’t be able to corrupt at least one of the other five in the maze. They can use twists and turns against him. And Twilight fully agrees with the voice.

Meanwhile Rarity asks to be shown every bed of a member of Sweet Rock Acres that perished. Maybe she is true to her vow to accept everything, no matter how horrible it is or she wants to motivate herself by remembering that Discord’s fall could stop all these horrible deaths.

Now the voice tries a new tactic. It is clear that the direct approach isn’t working on Twilight or any of her friends. She reminds the purple unicorn that Discord can break their bounds again. While Twilight counters that they already know what he will try and be better prepared than last time, the voice reminds her that if they resist him, Discord will cheat to win. Just like he did force Fluttershy and created Fluttercruel, when the fluttering pegasus didn’t play along with his demented game. Twilight has nothing to say against that and even subconsciously calls the Draconequus “Master”. Then the voice continues that his overwhelming arrogance is their greatest weakness and his refusal to see his own limitations makes him very vulnerable against surprise attacks. It is a bit pathetic, as the personification of Chaos he shouldn’t be that vulnerable against that. Finally the voice finishes her argument that the purple unicorn should best go alone so they would not endanger her friends. She knows perfectly well how much they matter to Twilight.

But Twilight counter that Discord can break her the easiest when she is alone. That was exactly how he broke her the last time, he made her feel all alone despite standing right next to her corrupted friends. She didn’t recognise them anymore. And Twilight ordering her friends to stay behind would not stop them from following her anyway and with Applejack’s illusionary abilities she wouldn’t even see it coming. In turn the voice changes her tactic again and agrees with Twilight and reminds her that the next step should be to prepare themselves for the battle and not waste time talking with her friends and the oversized Apple family. The purple unicorn thinks that strengthening the bounds is important to power up the Elements of Harmony but the voice tells her to spend some time relaxing AFTER the Complete Monster ruling the world is defeated.

Finally she gives her one additional hint: Recognise what kind of game Discord is playing with you and not play it. Instead play your own game and if possible hide that fact from him until he learns too late that he himself was manipulated. Just like Luna faked her own insanity in order to be able to act without Discord’s control and was able to send Twilight in the other timeline the letters when she needed them the most. This is also the lesson that the other Twilight herself did learn when she encountered Loneliness inside Trixie. She merely played along with the psychiatrist until she had gathered some information about her opponent and afterwards she refused to play any game the fake mother offered. Instead of trying to talk Trixie to come to her she charged forward and tried to use the memory spell on her and instead of travelling through the tower she just bypassed it with her wing spell. It is impossible to play a fair game against a cheating master of manipulation, so the only option is to cheat whenever possible.

Then Minty Pie asks Twilight to talk with her in private and the smart unicorn thinks ahead and scans her environment for any possible surprises. She will not be surprised that easily but the next question is still a shock. Just looking at the pony before her feels strange, it is like she is seeing something precious that was lost a long time ago. The memory of riding a hot air balloon with Pinkie Pie returns to both of them. Minty Pie asks to take Apple Pie’s place and while Twilight at first wants to give her a very detailed explanation why this won’t work she decides to go for the “show not tell” routine. If she could be the Element of Laughter Minty would be able to make the purple unicorn laugh with a joke. Her attempts at comedy are hilariously unfunny. She might be one of those persons that try so hard to be funny and yet fail so much doing it, that it becomes funny again. Minty gets angry and tells her that Apple Pie is the one in the family with the sense of humour but that is the point. That is why she is Laughter. To make it clearer the unicorn compares the Elements to Cutie Marks. Minty thought that Discord was able to give them the Elements of Chaos, but that only worked because they already embodied the incomplete and corrupted Elements. Otherwise the process would have just killed them. Now the pony understands but still wants to come with them. Twilight expected this kind of self sacrifice to belong to the Element of Generosity but she can’t sense this Element in Minty at all. Without being an Element it is too dangerous to fight against Discord and the unicorn rejects the offer. Minty doesn’t want to loose another family member to the mad rule of the Draconequus and believes that she is lacking the immunity against loss that her family seems to have. Twilight counters that she would never endanger a friend unless it is absolutely necessary and that the family is not ignoring the terrible losses but keeps on living and overcome the tragedy, just like the perished Apples would want them to do.

For years Minty was haunted by nightmares of the apocalypse of the Generation 3,5 and how the Draconequi erased the helpless ponies and nobody can even remember what was lost. Twilight tries to comfort her but as they tough their bodies and identities begin to merge.

The lives the two have experienced fly past their eyes but that isn’t all. They remember the eternal happy world that never changed and where every day was exactly the same. In the past they loved green, socks, green socks and the extra pinky Pinky Pie. In their memories they loved her more than anything, as the big sister that was always there for them. They also remember how different Rainbow Dash was in that Generation. Even as the world around them perished Pinkie didn’t leave them alone and fought against the Alicorn of Darkness to protect them. Their light was given to Twilight and the shadow perished but wasn’t erased so it didn’t become a part of oblivion. But alone the shadow couldn’t truly live until the rules of the world around it changed fundamentally. And thanks to the very special nature of this world that did happen and allowed the shadow a life of her own.

They manage to break apart before they merge completely. Only concentrating on their differences allows them to continue to exist as individuals. Twilight orders her to stay behind so that the tragedy of Minty’s death doesn’t repeat. Taking her with them could only end in Discord sending Angry Pie to butcher her former best friend. That is the kind of irony he would find funny. He always enjoyed seeing Fluttcruel murder the ponies trying to reach Fluttershy. Their brief connection lets Minty see very clear that Twilight would never allow Apple Pie to get hurt. The filly is the first new friend Twilight made in 1000 years, now she has made a lot more but the first one is always special. The purple unicorn is warned that Apple Pie might be too careless and friendly for what is awaiting them. She also pleads her to try to save Pinkie Pie, the best friend she never had. For a moment they think about hugging each other but decide against that.

As they walk back they have a nice chat about Santa Hooves and Apple Pie. Both did recover fast from their strange encounter and Minty even manages to tell a good joke. The purple unicorn wonders for a moment what it would be like to have a sister.

Inside Applejack is listening to all the stories her family members can tell her and Derpy is explaining everything to her cursed daughter. Twilight isn’t sure if the child is even sentient in this state but she can’t simply tell the mother this fear. Then Apple Pie asks Twilight if she knows what happened to Poison Apple. At first the unicorn pleads her to let the others tell her what happened but she wants the answer from Twilight herself. She had still hoped that her sister might be alive. Finally the purple unicorn admits her part in the horrible event. The Sparkle part of her wanted to save the little child, while the Tragedy part just wanted to recapture her on Discord’s orders. The sheer despair clearly visible in Twilight’s face convinces the filly to forgive her, as Twilight the unicorn didn’t even exist as a complete being back then.

Twilight wonders if the child might even forgive Discord for his crimes if he would sincerely apologise for them. But she knows how empty he really is. He is enjoying all this misery of everyone else way too much. She wonders if this ability to forgive any sin that is offered in remorse might be the ideal a pony should be like and maybe she did live too long and did see too many horrible things to be ever able to believe in something like that. The voice uses the opportunity to mention that experience is precious and Twilight tries to counter that it is purity that they are seeing. But this time the voice has her best argumentation yet: Apple Pie isn’t as pure as Twilight thinks she is. The little child had seen so many horrible things at such young age that she is so traumatised by this that she did shield herself behind a barrier of blissful ignorance. That is the reason that she is so easily able to get over the deaths of her best friends and her beloved family members. She is just as used to it as Twilight is. The purple unicorn reminds the voice that Apple Pie knows the feeling of loss and pain and she overcame it and was still able to smile afterwards.

Then the voice totally crushes her optimism by pointing out that the filly seems to be able to forgive anyone anything because she doesn’t really understand what she does, that Rarity would warn her not to live in a fantasy world as she knows how horrible this can end and finally that they are going to destroy the innocence of the little filly if they bring her with them into battle with the worst and despicable beings the world has ever seen. Twilight can’t say anything to counter this argument and she knows that forgiveness is always risky and always leaves you open for betrayal. This could be a huge weakness in the upcoming battle. And the voice isn’t done yet. She politely asks the purple unicorn to think about that and to remember what happened to the last Element of Laughter. Despite being a grownup Pinkie Pie was absolutely helpless against Discord and got twisted into a horrible mass murderer. What would he corrupt Apple Pie into? Twilight can only hug Apple Pie to lessen her pain. It becomes very clear to the unicorn what she is asking her new friend to do.

The voice also talks with Apple Pie but this time with a very different angle. She asks the filly to listen more to the adults around her and the child answers that she was told to listen unless it would hurt somebody and she follows this guideline. Interestingly the voice hints almost sombre that she can’t talk to everybody. The only beings she was able to talk to were the Elements like Twilight, Applejack, Rarity and now Apple Pie.

Outside Saint Apple Jacqueline is visiting one of Bloomberg’s “descendants” and learns that the original one was supposedly turned into a sea-apple tree in Sky Ocean but some of his saplings became nearly every tree imaginable. AJ is just so happy to see that more than one aspect of the old world survived. It brings back nostalgic memories of a time when the six themselves were innocent and happy, the time before Discord.

After Lady Desire did learn about the loss of the family she reminds the others that they still need another Element to complete the set. But Twilight has the idea that they have already found the last Element. The voice skips any attempts at irony and tells her to just try to awaken the last bearer. But Apple Pie and Rarity both decide to follow her and the purple unicorn pleads her honest friend to leave the talking to her this time. But Rarity didn’t act like that to Apple Pie to be contrary; instead she felt in her heart that it was time to be honest with themselves. In this short time she managed to form an impressive connection with honesty. Derpy prefers to stay inside which is completely understandable after 1000 years of torture outside. For a moment Twilight wonders if the games of the Sea Ponies will still be played after the world returns to normal. I would be more worried about stopping the giant floating mass of water from crashing into the ground once gravity returns to it. “Beatnik Reverse Hyper-Ball“ might be a reference to the often as physically impossible mocked Blitzball from Final Fantasy X. The voice makes it very clear that nothing in this chaotic world is of value to her, even if it would be good at the first glance it would be the by-product of 1000 years of suffering and ultimately not worth it.

Twilight again shows her silly sense of humor by talking about Bloomberg the Element. Instead she goes to Spike who also wonders when they will find the final bearer and doesn’t want to cause the family unnecessary trouble by bringing the battle to them. Only now does Twilight realise that something is missing. He is still hungry but he doesn’t demand food. Casually she asks her little brother if he is exhausted from fighting against his instincts for the entire time after Discord removed his seal. Only then does he himself realise what he did all this time.

He didn’t even think about his instincts. The dragon does still feel them but there is more. He has become stronger. Spike was completely one with his overwhelming greed but now it is only one part of him. Now he is strong enough to resist the urges of stealing, hording and taking Rarity. Even as an adult dragon he acted as polite and nice as the baby dragon they remember. That is why they didn’t even notice how strange that kind of behaviour is for an adult dragon. They are used to him acting like this. But now his friends are more important to him than his own greed.

Spike isn’t able to find the right word as Twilight hopes that he can realise it on his own. To figure it out he begins to recapture what he did. He helped to save Derpy and Dinky even if he didn’t want to own them or they were family but the dragon still wanted to end their suffering and see the mother healed. His friends would be happy and they are his but that still doesn’t explain why he did that. As his greed overcame him he didn’t really care about what Rarity wanted.

The dragon wanted to fly to a place where they could get more help, maybe the kingdom of dragons, but flew them all here anyway because it was important for Applejack and Twilight. He helped to bath Rarity because he knew that she would be happier afterwards, even if she resisted it at first. He did it for her. But Spike still didn’t loose his pride and made clear what he wouldn’t accept from his friends. The dragon could have eaten all the food of the Apple family to satisfy his appetite when they offered it but he knew that they needed it more and only ate a bit of it.

He did all these things for others and while dragons have feelings and love, their instincts tell them to put themselves first. Spike wasn’t driven by greed after leaving the castle and he didn’t even notice it. It wasn’t that important to him anymore. Finally he is able to spell out that he is selfless. Twilight is happy but there is something else she wants to hear and Rarity begins to realise where this is going.

Spike thinks about Discord and the game the Draconequus played with him. For 1000 years he held back his dragon instincts only to release them to turn the kind person into a monster. Spike realises that the statues in the Hall of Shame are all for Discord himself. The Draconequus is the only one who knows that they represent Shady (and he never tells anyone about them) and keeps them always in perfect condition and the mountain isn’t an insult, it is a sort of tribute to her. While the dragon has no idea that she is Discord’s mother (understandable, they look nothing like each other) he is able to conclude that she would be disappointed what Discord did with himself. She wanted him to be a better person and with the Sea Ponies the Draconequus can pretend for a very short time that he actually is that person. But Discord knows that she would be disappointed in him.

Spike suspects that deep down under all his monstrous atrocities Discord was always afraid of change. It is extremely ironic that the personification of Chaos itself is afraid of change. But whenever he had a chance to change he took the easy choice and just followed his path and ignored the others. No wonder that he has almost nobody that is there to walk this path with him. Even most of his immortal family never visits. Fluttercruel might be the only being as demented as he is. Discord thought everyone was like him and that is why he tried to prove it to Spike by turning him into a monster.

But he failed, miserably. Spike is no slave to his nature. The dragon overcame it by accepting it as a part of himself and turning the desire into a useful direction. Twilight and Shady couldn’t protect their family from themselves, only Spike and Discord themselves could have do that. Spike was victorious because he saw his real self as the dragon that was Twilight’s faithful assistant and helped Rarity to make her happy. They are the friends to his true self and he is willing to give everything he has to them to make them happy. Their happiness is his greatest treasure.

He is Kenbroath Gillspotten Hearthspike 'Spike' VII, a member of a legendary line of dragons. He is powerful and he wants to create his horde but that is not all that he is. He can be kind and selfless. He can overcome his own greed for the sake of others. He can overcome his greed because he can be generous.

Finally the last Element awakens and the dragon is truly free now that he sees the Element of Generosity glowing on his hip.

Twilight is so proud on her family member and overjoyed to see this happening. The voice mocks her to taking this long to get all Elements. They all can feel that all Elements of Harmony are awakened. The set is complete, now they have the power to face Chaos itself. Rarity is moved to tears with pride and she and the dragon embrace. Then Applejack walks into the scene and is shocked but tells the dragon that he was always a part of their group. This is the being that Spike wants to be.

Overall this was a good chapter that did take its time to establish more about Derpy, Apple Pie and Rarity. And the voice gets a lot more screen time in this chapter. It is very clear that she is frighteningly effective at manipulating others. Discord completely broke Diamond Tiara but she was already one of the weakest victims he could pick on and whenever he asked her if she didn’t want to save her mother she was helpless to resist. But Twilight and the group overcame 1000 years of darkness and are a lot more resistant to manipulations and see them coming as they had spend 1000 years watching Discord break others. And the voice still manages to really get to Twilight. It is clear that she understands the unicorn very well and knows how to turn her strengths into weaknesses. But unlike Discord she actually offers good advice from time to time. Sometimes it is very hard to say if she wants to be helpful or hurtful. She might be better at manipulations than the Draconequus is.

Twilight had her own unique encounter with Minty and was able to learn about the erased age without reading it in the book the Twilight in the other timeline did. It is strange how similar yet completely different the worlds are in many aspects. It is like we can only see a part of the complete picture.

The best part was without any doubt Spike’s awakening. The development was nicely foreshadowed in the chaotic battle against Rarigreed and Tom. Unlike Discord the dragon overcame his instincts because his friendship and love were much more important to him than the small satisfaction he could have gained if he had followed his instincts instead. Celestia also said that the only time Discord was ever truly happy was when he was Shady’s son. That he didn’t change in the first 1000 years of Chaos, his time as a statue or in the second 1000 years of Chaos is a huge disappointment. But Spike was stronger and overcame everything Discord stands for. Greed fell in love with Generosity, her Generosity became Greed, her Greed became Desire and finally his Greed became Generosity. Now Generosity is in love with Desire.
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Persona22 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013
"Even twins don't have the same Cutie Mark. The Elements are the same way."

Well, not the same-same, but except for the outside color Lotus Blossom and Aloe had the same cutie mark.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013
All the same I don't think they're exactly the same. 
ourimaler Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012
Still wondering about the nature of the voice in Twilight's head. An alicorn? Wind Whistler? Split personality? Its advice aren't necessarily bad, per se, but...

"Humor comes so much more naturally to Apple Pie!"
Y'know, I'm not sure the Element of Laughter is about being a talented comedian so much as about just taking life with good humor...

Huh. Apple Pie can hear the voice too?
And neither she nor Twilight have mentioned it to anyone so far. They're taking it as completely normal...

Way to go, Spike!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012
Still wondering? Good. But I have been dropping hints along the way.

"Huh. Apple Pie can hear the voice too?"


"And neither she nor Twilight have mentioned it to anyone so far. They're taking it as completely normal..."


"Way to go, Spike!"

:D :D :D :D

eric-emanwu Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
From a shadow who watches: I, I, (I grin like a pinkie smile juiced with a twilight squee and infused with a dashie fangasm) OH MY LUSTERS! It Works! I was right, and it totally works. EEEEEEEEE!!!!!

So I won’t give long summary comment, since that’s what Itsfrompeople is all about, so I guess I’ll just make some observations more than anything.

I like that you made that little nod to purified elements, which while good, actually had me raise a few eybrows at the same time when I thought about it. Think about it: the family of entropy doesn't seem to push this aspect of chaos nearly as much as they could in describing their role, and it could even make for some great PR, especially since all of them could mention their more positive aspects than going with the more simple and less simplistic (I am what I am, and I am necessary in creation) Eh, but who am I to judge the chaotic beings of life? I’m just a shadow.

Also, there’s something rather subtle that’s easy to miss that I missed from the first time I was overseeing this part of time. It’s that whoever, or whatever is speaking to the elements of harmony/chaos, it seems remarkably similar to another divine being who wanted to end a broken world for what they thought was a noble reason: Celestia.

You see, I see the similarities all over the place between Celly and this mysterious person. First, in the ways Celestia treated her family before unleashing the windigos and the shock she had that the draqoni were going to get first treatment to turn the world into a hellhole to allow good to come of bad intentions.

It’s the darnest thing, but if you think about it, if the warfare equestria scenario had been allowed to go forward all the way, it might have lead to a VERY interesting society, since anarchy himself predicted the rise of a classless society from the ruins of such disaster. (Anarchy: and I am still upset with Dissy about it!) and I am sorry you couldn't get it too. Heck, it could have created a more “natural” generation 3, only with much more wisdom instead of magic holding it together, so that perhaps it would have become something like that paradise at the end. Mind you, it’s only speculation, but hey a shadow can't look at all the timelines. That's something only Truth can work on. (Speaking of truth, how does that work? Is it like a joint creation between pandemonium and the elder alicorns or something?)

Yet even more interesting is how following this, celestia insisted on going it alone to “fix” things on her own regardless of consequence. Kinda like this quote from the chapter, “Your best bet to finally restore normality is to go it alone.” Suspicious, isn't it?

And finally, refusing to see anything referred to as “good” to come out of the world. Again, like Celestia. Most suspicious.

Also, Minty and twilight. So G3 keeps going, but reunion is impossible? Very suspicious, and arc welding of you. You sly devil.

And that bit on Poison apple. Yeeeghhhh. Not pretty. True, but not pretty in the truth. Also, I have to wonder, is apple pie a Messianic archetype for this world? Kinda like a person who knows anger, despair, fear and joy, but always seeks the best in others no matter how evil they might seem, and quick to forgive through careful study afterwards?

Finally, there’s spike. This Spike, of the corrupted G4 timeline, the spike with the honor, no, the privilege of being among the first spikes ever to become utterly Central to the story. Already, he helped save rarity, helped derpy, and now? Now, he has become far more than any other spike has before him. He has become powerful. He has become wise. He has become a man of generosity and love, because ultimately, you can be better than your nature, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

He rose above, and figured out the purpose of the Shady statues, that on one hand, discord hates what she always says to him in the afterlife, but on the other hand, it was an accusation so powerful he can’t shake it off. Kinda like Pinkie in the reharmonized timeline. Again, most suspicious, and fascinating in implications. And most of all, this Spike has seen that he can choose whether to be selfish or giving. And because of the ability to chose, and being so close to the others, he can finally see that he has inherited the mark of his beloved rarity: the new element of generosity.

Spike, I am, so very happy for you. Not only has your big sister come back to you, but now you can see that you are far more than just another dragon. You’re a man ready to give if needed; a hero for the good of the universe. An element of harmony.

The only male, the only non-pony, Spike. Hey Puerilis, how’s that for a punchline for the elements in this world? Big yay.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
t look at all the timelines. That's something only Truth can work on. (Speaking of truth, how does that work? Is it like a joint creation between pandemonium and the elder alicorns or something?)

It was created from one of Mimic's horse-shoes.

And I imagine Puerilis would greatly approve.

Thank for epic land of epicness with all your epic stuff.
Blazeingman Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
I like the whole segment with spike and how he is generosity and how he found out the reason for those statues .

one more thing why is he named Kenbroath Gillspotten Hearthspike 'Spike' VII?

Good chapter.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
Cause there has been more than one Spike in MLP.

"I like the whole segment with spike and how he is generosity and how he found out the reason for those statues ."

Thanks! :-D

I actually have the next chapter 100% ready, but I want to give a chance for readers to digest this one.
Toonwatcher Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
Spike being the Element of Generosity...Obvious, with hindsight.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
Glad the hindsight WORKS!
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