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My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
Pony POV Series
Dark World Part 20
Second Star To The Right, Straight On Till Morning

"RARITY! TWILIGHT!" Spike flew at full speed towards the hole Rarity and Cruelty were down and the inner garden Twilight fell down with Angry Pie close behind her. Rancor shed her skin leaving her finite double to cover her as she flew right in Spike's path. "GET OUT OF MY WAY!"

"No." Rancor's front limbs caught the dragon, the shockwave of air visible.


"And I said no!"

Spike swatted the nuisance out of the way and continued on his path. Or that was what was supposed to happen. Instead Rancor caught his claw and judo threw him into the checkered ground.

Spike forced himself up only to get his gut slammed, creating a dust cloud around him. "Cool! You dragons are as nigh-invulnerable as they SAY you are! That would have pulverized a mortal pony's spine."

Rancor was engulfed in flames, "Oh come on! You can't be that dense-" Spike grabbed her while his flames blocked her vision and tossed her in the air like a missile.

"So you aren't." She stopped in midair, the suddenness of it making her head spin. "Too bad for you I don't actually need my wings to fly! Levitation makes a great break-pedal!"

"I don't have time for a freakin' uber-powered, self-congratulating Mary-Draconequus-Sue!" Spike flew towards the castle again, but Rancor grabbed him by the tail and flipped him again into the ground, this time leaving an impression.

"Don't start calling names you can't take back."

"WE'LL KEEP 'ER BUSY, SPIKE!" AJ shouted as the other heroes charged her all at once.

She grinned shark's teeth. "Yes, show me your fiery passions."

Derpy crashed headlong into her, but vanished, and the real Derpy then hammered into Rancor a moment later and responded out of her reach.

Spike didn't hesitate, resuming his flight towards the castle. Rancor tried to follow only to find herself lassoed . . . with rope made from pony hair.

"Impressive! A fine show of inventiveness!"

"Ah can't take snobs like ya who treat ah fight like it's just fer their fun!"

"I'm violent, vindictive, passionate, and bloodthirsty, but I'm no snob!" Her dragon was getting away. She tugged, then remembered how strong Earth Ponies could get. She then zipped out of her own mouth leaving her skin behind again. For some reason her earring stayed with her.


"I will when you stop with the illusions!"

She ignored Spike and slammed into thin air. 'I can't sense the filly since she doesn't have any passionate feelings against anyone here, and she's totally convinced 'Rarity' and 'Twilight' can take care of themselves. But Spike, on the other claw, is filled to the brim with a passionate desire to save, help, and protect the two ponies who mean the most, he's like a lighthouse!'

The real Spike appeared from her blow and the illusion vanished.

"How could you-"

"Don't feel like sharing!"

Derpy came like gray thunder.

"That's enough." Rancor snarled like a Tasmanian wolf. She launched at Derpy, a menagerie of claws and fangs, but Derpy didn't stop her own attack! Though she couldn't hurt the monster in any meaningful way, she could force her back and back AND BACK away from the others!

But, "Carpus, tarsus, patella!" Rancor moved with the precision of a surgeon and ferocity of a wild animal as she struck the pegasus, "Carpus, tarsus, patella!" Derpy flapped her wings like mad as her bones broke one by one. She managed to evade several grabs by the Draconequus, but couldn't outmaneuver her.

"Tuber calanei, and tuber calenei!" Suddenly, Derpy found herself falling. "Scapula and areo humerus, scapula and areo humerus, and caudal vertebrae!"

Rancor caught as Derpy tried to move, but her wings and legs hung limply as she struggled like a horn on a hook.

"Your Element of Loyalty causes your strength, stamina, pain tolerance, endurance, and toughness to shoot through the roof, removing your body's natural safety limits, but what does that matter if all your joints are broken?! No hard feelings, I just want Mr. Dragon, and you keep interrupting."

Rancor clawed Derpy in her face, just missing an eye.

"Your Element of Harmony may make your life a lot longer but it takes an Element of Chaos to make you unkillable! This places you above TWO former Elements of Loyalty, the last Element of Loyalty who tried to ram a Draconequus like that? She died on impact from her bones pulverizing. But she had an ocean below her." Rancor dropped her.

Derpy had pushed Rancor back quite a ways. Applejack was good, but she wouldn't make it in time. Spike changed course again and caught her halfway, gently putting Derpy down on the ground. AJ got to work; without Rarity she couldn't transfer injuries. She numbed Derpy's pain but putting her bones back together was slower going.

"Trusting the teammates who mean the most to you to hold on a little bit longer, to save the teammate who would die if you did nothing. You are a very unusual dragon."

"I try."

"That's why I like you, most dragons are passionate only for themselves. I actually love dragons, it's just so…typical, it's not spontaneous. Dissy might have been Chaos, but we all love seeing things out of the ordinary. Seeing a dragon like you able to set aside the thing they want the most for something more important?" Rancor manifested a hat for the sole purpose of tipping it with genuine respect. "That's a very unique passion."

Apple Pie looked up at Rancor and shouted: "Yer the spirit of violence, so... wouldn't not being able to be hurt by violence, being IMMUNE and UNAFFECTED by violence, kinda like bein' the spirit of joy but not bein' able to be happy when sompony's nice to'em?"

Rancor flew in a loop de loop, skirted the ground and came up behind Apple Pie, swiping the rock farmer from behind, cutting past skin and into muscle and nerve clusters and clipping bone. Now Apple Pie knew how Banana Pie felt when mom tried to take her to the dragon kingdom with her. She screamed in pain and tears.

"A-Plus for effort, kiddo, trying to make me vanish in a poof of logic like you did with those zombies! It's a wonderful skill, disrupting and altering the flow of mana by invoking paradoxes! But I am self-contained! I am unto myself! Self-evident! A spirit HAS no paradox!"

Applejack was furious. "You-"

"THIS IS A BATTLE, MORON! If you didn't want the little moppet to be targeted, why'd you bring her into battle?! To take pictures?!"

AJ shuddered and took a step back.

"And you now have two patients to nurse. You're not BUILT for multi-tasking!" Rancor rose a moa claw at Spike. "And you're not going anywhere, you're mine. The only way you can help your friends is if you figure out a way to keep me down!"

"OBLIGED!" Spike roared and loomed like an oncoming storm at the Draconequus.


I coughed.  Immortality didn't make up for dirt in your lungs. The hole Fluttershy, no, Fluttercruel... and I had fallen through seemed to have collapsed. Assuming I wasn't just totally buried. I'd have to force my way back out to help the others. One-on-one like this nullified our advantage. It was black.

I pushed myself up, the cuts into my flesh already healed. Broken bones putting themselves back together, best they could under rubble. Here's hoping I don't bring the whole castle down on me. I pushed with my telekinesis and my body, knocking over the slab of stone, recognizing some made from the marble of the original Canterlot mixed in with the garish color choices of my former Master. The castle's desire to live radiated from everywhere.

The scent of dust and stone was met with a new odor. Dried blood and aged meat. I didn't risk shining my horn more than I needed to, lest Fluttercruel catch sight of me. My eyes began to adjust to the dark. I wished they hadn't. The room was huge. But that just meant there were more things to show.

The vast room felt familiar, it reminded me of being used as a pony-shield against a flying cake. But there were no windows to the outside, just stone walls now.

Cruelty's voice echoed off the walls and rocks, impossible to get a fix on. "Welcome to my grand auditorium. You know I've always thought about having one of you here as a permanent guest of honor ever since Mom got kidnapped!"

Great, I'm in one of her playrooms. I said nothing.

"Playing possum, are we?" Fluttercruel cooed. "Well, I'm not deaf! You're not dead! Not yet! Or Twilight Tragedy yet. Marry TRAGEDY-?! I'm the onlyequus he needs! I'm the only one he's ever needed! Not the Valeyard! Not those two stupid purple plastic music ponies! Not those fish-ponies! And most certainly not that pink puffball who doesn't even have the brains to ENJOY what she does!"

I heard a stone block sent flying through the darkness landing near me. Then the slice of a bladed weapon, and two stone blocks falling down at once.

(Music Rank II: Bad Girl -- No More Heroes theme,…)

"Come out, come out, wherever you are, Auntie."

My vision had fully adjusted to the darkness now, which meant Fluttercruel's had too. Just had to make sure. I back into my foxhole, slipping stone pieces around as armor. Twice now Discord's assassins we had fought alongside for ten centuries had aces in the hole to blindside us with. While we were lost in insanity and despair, they were preparing for us. And I no longer had friends to cover for me when the surprise got sprung. And this was her territory. Not mine.

"You know, me and Mom played this game a lot." Sound of a sword cutting through a table. "She wasn't very good at it."

Trying to bait me, I ignore it.

With all this rubble it would take me too long to brute force my way out with Fluttercruel's hacksaws digging into my back. This wasn't good.

My ears aren't keen enough to pinpoint her location. And I'm no bloodhound. And sensing desire like I did with the dummy Sparkler doesn't work until I'm up close and personal. And feeling distortions in truth is mostly audio-based, it's not like x-ray vision.

On the bright side she was no better off than me. Hopefully, she'd keep jabbering. Good thing she's so like her…father, loves to hear herself talk as much as he does. And fortunately, a good part of being ladylike includes walking gracefully and quietly.

If I stayed put I'd be found eventually, and she was on guard. First girl to lose her patience would be a sitting duck. I used some stones to cover my horn inside my fox hole then sneaked out to magic a stone off the ground I saw at the limits of my night vision, choosing one that was at a right angle to me. I lifted it up, and dropped it, barely back inside before impact.

"GOTCHA!" Her voice echoed. There was a noise a distance off of a blade impacting stone, while another meat cleaver strikes the stone I had just dropped a moment later.

Alright. I know where my stone she hit is. That one was struck second. She's right hoofed, so she'd use that to attack my most likely position first. She'd have used her off-hoof a moment later. I know which way she's facing. I can't tell the exact distance with this echo. But I can still tell the general direction she's facing!

Haven't used this in a thousand years. This is no fashion show. My secondary magic-talent and my new Element don't go well together... but if I put enough focus into it... I should be able to pull off a . . .

flash bomb!

The tiny ball of light magic explodes where I approximate Cruel is looking, from her angry scream and the clatter of dropped weapons, I imagine I guessed right.

Like the cobra, I strike! She's still rubbing her eyes and I was too quiet for her ears! I noticed she wasn't wearing her horn necklace anymore. Did she lose it before or after we crashed?

Still covered in stone armor I buck her with my front hooves in the face, and fired off several stone spikes into her skull. I stabbed her through the Element, killed her, the end.

Instead Cruel's wings reacted like a knee-jerk, or a jolt from the stones piercing her brain. Her wings flapped on their own blindly flying her away from danger!

Cruelty spewed enough obscenities to make flowers wilt as her wings carry her away from me. I grabbed her with my telekinesis, she flew back harder. She threw a knife at my eye which I caught reactively and broke my connection to her. She landed several yards away from me, eyes adjusted in the dark, we were at a Mexicolt stand off.

So much for quick and clean. No way I can sneak back to hide in the dark. Plan B. I had been hoping to save this for dear Discord.

"You made a big mistake bringing this fight here," I declared grandly figuring it would hold her attention.

"You think throwing every rock puppet you can make is going to cut it? Ha."

"They were never, puppets." I informed Fluttercruel, then proceeded to speak PAST the daughter of Discord.

"You who are willing to give, you who are willing to lend aid, I beseech for your help! Reach for your desires!"

And they reached out, lending their strength to me, and through me. They took the rocks around us, and with their strength and mine, forged the stones into the shapes of the bodies they had in life.

Apple Bucker, Apple Cake, Walnut Pie... other Pies and Apples whose empty beds I'd visited at the rock farm. Hippogriffs whose dead bodies we fought through on the way here. I made a small whisper. And Poison Apple's stone vessel appeared as well. Followed by the many ponies who had spent hours, days, or longer in agony as Fluttercruel's toys. Names I didn't even know.

These ones I didn't force to obey my scripts. We were free.

And Cruelty looked dumbly at the small mute army surrounding us both, recognition in her eyes. "You just... absorbed the ghosts of my playmates... haunting these walls, and housed them insides rock golem bodies," she stated, rather unnecessarily.

"This is my power and the true weight of my sin! Their desires call to me, and I answer them. My soul is only the captain of this living vessel." I spoke.

Cruelty blinked, and the shock left her eyes. Then she laughed! "This is too rich! Well played, Auntie Rarity!"

Then her eyes darted from golem to golem, grinning fiendishly at them all in turn.

"Hello, everypony! We all get to play again! Isn't it great? I knew you all liked me!"

Though the golems had no voices to speak with, they all, in their own fashion, pawed the ground, flattened their ears aggressively... those with stone claws or talons to speak of flexed theirs eagerly.

She looked at them happily like they were ready to give her hugs. "You're all set to play? It's gonna ROCK! .......Get it? 'Rock?' Ha! See? I cracked a joke!"

"My word." I said, flicking my right ear back theatrically. "Was that crickets' chirping I just heard? Oh wait, no. The crickets were just trying to calculate how many kicks to the head you'd need for a pun like yours to actually be funny."

The golems' body language was unmistakable: laughter. Uproarious laughter. Even without vocal chords to chortle and guffaw, they threw their heads back, shoulders and diaphragms shaking in indisputable mirth. Those with digits clapped in appreciation. Those with hooves stomped. I dropped in a slight curtsy.

"Oh, go get yourselves jackhammered, all of you!" Fluttercruel snapped. "No one ever appreciates my hard work! My only regret is that it took me eight hundred years to figure out this trick!"

And with that she chopped her own tail off and slit her own throat!

Blood spilled on the gray hairs, making them pink. I was too dazed by the act of self-mutilation to do the smart thing and attack then and there. I only watched in ill fascination as the hairs grew, soaking up the blood, and splitting and warping like cables into equine shapes. The hairs endlessly increased in mass. The masses took on the color of steel and changed. They multiplied like weeds.

Cruel was now surrounded by an army of metallic constructs vaguely resembling pegasi skeletons. Oh and they had the death rays used by those aliens that'd called... oh yes, Empire of Man.

A thousand years ago I would have screamed at their garish and gaudy appearance. Now I just braced myself. They mindlessly stood in formation around and above her amidst the rubble. My army still awaited my orders.

"Dad said this technique should be just for fun. I thought he'd love them, but he said, 'Mass produced grunts? Those are never useful.' " Cruel sighed in something not unlike sadness before brightening up. "But who cares?! Now I own a small army of faceless, nameless, identical grunts, same as you!"

"Same as me, hmm?" I looked over my golems. "Faceless... yes, they are, I'll grant you that. But nameless? Identical? Not on your life. And I do not 'own' these poor souls. They are my guests, here at my invitation, which they were completely free to decline. Like my guests of my endless Gala before they left after Twilight cured me. Several here desire vengeance on you, Fluttercruel. Others simply wish for your evil to end. Others still," I looked to Poison Apple. "Want to help me end this fight quickly, so I can go protect their surviving relatives. Your minions are mindless drones, my friends have names. And they have souls."

They all nodded.

"You could have at least channeled Mother back while you were at it," Fluttercruel pouted.

"Except your mother wasn't killed by you in this room, unlike everypony else here." I reminded her. "Believe me, though, I would've liked to."

"Me too. It's been five hundred years too long since she was kidnapped."

"You mean since you tortured her."

In contrast with her pun, the eye-roll she gave could've won a medal.

"Like duh. You think I use euphemisms? I torture ponies. It's what I do. I was born to be cruel. It's how I remain true to myself. Cutting ponies is how I demonstrate my love to father and have fun. Torturing ponies brings me joy, mom was a pony, so by torturing her I was sharing my joy with her. How can that not be expressing my love for her? By cutting mother's flesh, I was telling her how deeply I loved her."

My mind flickered and the rock bodies around me almost fell apart in my moment of mental limbo. "Y-you . . . YOU HONESTLY BELIEVE THAT!"

"Of course," she said that like a little girl saying how she was happy giving flowers to her sick grandmother. "It's the same if I were into collecting stamps. I wanted to share it with her!"

"You think you were sharing love by torturing Fluttershy?!"

"I told you, my special talent is expressing my love through my blades. I'm only being true to my cutie-mark!" She said angrily.

Where had I heard that tone before? Oh yes, one time when Sweetie had made a disgusting, badly sewn together dress for me and I had to tell her I wouldn't be wearing it on my birthday. Sweetie had used the same tone of voice.

"So all the abuse and savagery and mockery you heaped upon Rainbow Dash... am I to interpret that as AFFECTION?! You can barely stand to be around her!"

I never would have expected the sort of smile Fluttercruel then gave: the bashful smile one gives shortly before confessing a guilty pleasure to a trusted friend.

"Well . . . now that you make me think about it. As quick as I've always been to give Dash grief for being a spineless, softhearted doormat... I think there's always been a part of me that's found those traits warm. Like mother."

At this, I felt a fresh wave of shame for almost having ended Dash's life. For never having been there for her. I vowed that, once this was all over, I would set things right between us.

"I wonder if deep down, I was trying to free her. I never thought about it before. Imagine her throwing away being so miserable all the time! And actually having fun. Treachery and Cruelty, like bacon and hamburgers."

"You really can't feel regret."

"Not true! I have tons of regrets. I regret no longer being able to express my love to mom. I regret never being able to do a damn thing about Santa Hooves. I regret how tormenting Tragedy was as meaningless as hugging a corpse. I regret how my relationship with Angry Pie never really deepened beyond mere comrades-in-arms... we could've been so much more!" I startled at the hurt in the murderer's voice.

"I first promised to kill you Fluttercruel as a mad pony to be put down. Now I see a thousand-year-old spoiled brat who no pony bothered to teach the difference between a hug and a handgun. If I was any other Element I'd promise to knock some sense into you. But as the Element of Honesty: I know the truth. The only pony who can save you is Fluttershy . . . and since I can't bring her here, I'm going to send you straight to her."

Tidal waves clashed, stone met steel. She and I stayed back, the Achilles' Hooves of both our armies. Death-rays fired all at once, Fruit Pie's body was destroyed. It took more, but I created stone riot shields out of their claws and hooves.

Cruel had several of her metal puppets link together and fired a pillar-sized death ray right at me. It tore through Apple Cake first, followed by many, nothing stopping it, I shed my armor and managed to dodge, my armor ripped to shreds. The metal monsters melted from the over output.

The metal monsters moved in perfect lockstep, never stopping, they had no fear of death, for they weren't alive, they fired their weapons at the same time. I trusted those within me to rely on their own battle instincts instead of micromanaging their every thought.

Cruel grimaced more and more as she tried to direct her underused technique. I, on the other hoof, had centuries of experience. And my army weren't a bunch of mindless drones.

We both felt it every time a soldier of our army 'died.' Stone or steel didn't make a difference, I could feel the pain and I saw it in her eyes, she did too.

Garreck provided a distraction from above as he managed to get near Cruel. I was startled, and that emotion rippled through my army, when Cruel produced a old style Griffin revolver and the magically enchanted bullet shot through his stone head, making the stone hippogriff crumble. Vanilla Cake still managed to punch through Cruel's ring of bodyguards and headbutt her. Poison Apple leaped off Vanilla and landed on Cruel's shoulders and began pummeling away as Vanilla Cake held Cruel.

The nearby metal pegasus skeletons turned and fired at the upper body of their commander. The rest formed a circle and began firing endlessly and almost randomly. Cruel's head was vaporized along with Poison Apple's stone body. I pulled her back inside our body just before she could experience death a second time. Vanilla Cake wasn't so fortunate and I pulled her shaken spirit back within me.

Cruel lost a lot of her metal ponies. She began trying to produce more. I began to put those who were willing back into the fight. There was more than enough stone and earth around to produce a near endless supply.

This was pointless! We could both send our fallen back into battle almost at once! Except mine felt it. And the longer I was trapped here in this deadlock the longer my friends were short one team member. Our entire strength was built around us covering each other's weaknesses and picking up the slack when the enemy threw a hard curveball.

"I begin to see why Dad never thought big of mooks. They exist just to lose," Fluttercruel hissed after her head grew back.

I said nothing. The assault was more important than delivering quips.

We were both getting frustrated. I just needed to hold on until she got reckless enough. She was the psychotic little filly with little reign over her emotions.

"Clop this." Cruel said. "You said you were Mom's best friend, right?!"

"I AM her best friend! Death means nothing!"

" . . . Auntie Rancor's right. I HAVE been ignoring all the sides to myself. And Dad's right. I HAVE been putting fun before business a bit too much! Let me show you MOM'S STRENGTH!"

Her army split apart, giving us a line of sight to each other. I brought up a stone spike to snipe her and a stone shield in case she tried to simply shoot me.

But her eyes. Her eyes. They pierced like a spear through paper walls. I felt those eyes borrow into my brain. My Element of Chaos skipped a beat.

I-I couldn't move! My allies found themselves paralyzed by association. Her metal army stopped attacking. Her eyes cut into my soul! I was quivering.

"Disperse your party guests." She said sternly. The many stone Earth ponies, changelings, and hippogriffs fell apart into rubble. I couldn't resist.

"Kneel." My legs buckled. Even the fall couldn't let me look away. It was like there was a tunnel between us. No escape.

"On your back, all four legs spread out." My body obeyed.

"H-how," I managed to choke out.

"I could have used The Stare any time I wanted." Her eyes stayed locked on me. "I have. I've just not used it when the rest of you were around." She began trotting towards me, her metal army melting around her and reforming into an oversized sword shaped around her right forehoof. "Mainly to catch toys, not while I'm playing with them. It's less fun when my toys can't struggle."

"That's insane! You don't have that kind of self-control!"

"Like a lot of things, 'father told me to', end of discussion. And it FEELS SO GOOD to be finally able to call him that! Thank you for finally rebelling! I died a little inside every time I couldn't call him my dad! Hiding my cutie mark under mom's was suffocating. But for Him, I'll endure anything."

"H-How could you, Liarjack, Applejack should have seen through you!"

"She did, stupid. And like everything else, she ran away from the ugly truth. Cowardly denying what was right in front of her face. So she helped add to my illusion, her best, that even she wouldn't see through. Dad, as a gift for her hard work, erased her memories of who I really was. She thanked him dearly as he did so. First honest thing she had said in a long time, as I recall. Am I lying?"

"N-No, you're not." I said honestly under The Stare. My telekinesis, my family from within, none of my magic was working, it was like I existed separated from everything else. Resistance felt like a foreign concept.

"Dad said to use this as a final last resort if the rest of you ever turned on him. But your Element of Chaos is about to go bye-bye, so it's not like it matters. Not like Honesty's hiding some hidden transmitter. Sorry for all the exposition I've been doing Auntie. I've just had to keep this all cooped up for so long!"

"I-I can appreciate that."

"You said you were going to send me to Mom? Since you were such great friends with her, I'll do it for you as a favor, Auntie Rarity. Please give her a cut on the foreleg for me so she knows little Cruelly still loves her mommy!"

My body was paralyzed, obeying only her. I couldn't reach out to any of the earth and stone around us. My magic was effectively cut off, it couldn't reach a millimeter outwards. And that wasn't the only thing about to be cut.

Her sword came down, cutting me and my Element of Chaos in two. I felt a strange sense of duality for a moment, then nothing.

One new thought flashed through my mind.

There was one jewel that was right with me. My magic could reach inwards.

And the tiny diamond in my neck shot out glowing the color of my magic. It destroyed one eye on the way inside, lancing her skull like a ball in a jar. Her blade missed by a mile. Her motor functions went haywire as The Stare's power was broken.

Tom, you saved me. Thank you.

Her body jerked around randomly. "YOU BITCH! I'll eat you alive like a piranha, starting with your dry, barren, gravelly, grit-blanket of a--!!!"

"Immature threats from an immature foal," I said with great ladylike dignity.

Tom left the way he entered and came home. Of course her eyes regenerated, but slower than normal. She did an imitation of Angry Pie as she growled. "You cheated! You rotten, no-good..." Another flash bomb. She took a page out of Twilight's book and regenerated the hard and fast way slashing her weapon where she figured I'd close in for the kill.

Her eyes saw me. And she ran me right through the heart. No. Seriously. She did. Except it wasn't exactly 'me' me.

The slipshod illusion around the preserved unicorn carcass flickered and faded away, I am so rusty. Thank Celestia her optic nerves and part of her brain were still damaged.

Her eyes widened as realization hit her. "But you're Honesty! That was DECEITFUL!"

Right as I had the shattered stones and rocks from our battle come at her from every direction at once. She was ready for them to strike her. Instead they covered her like a mummy. Then a snow pony.

"Yes, it was. But lying to a killer about their victim's whereabouts isn't evil. I learned that from Applejack."

Her sword broke off and began to form into the metal pegasi again.

The stones on her opened up just enough just for right where I needed to strike. "MINE!"

I claim my prize.

The metal necro-ponies fall apart.

"YOU!" Cruelty's voice screams inside the rocky mass. "HOW DARE YOU! THAT'S MINE!"

"Finders keepers." I say simply.

"THIEF! That's it! You think that's it?! Oh you've got another thing coming! I swear on every member of my family when we next meet, you'll know so much pain! I swear, I swear, I-"

The Spike-sized stone sword I had finished shaping pierced the rock pile. The pile of rocks fell silent.

"Tell Fluttershy I said hi."

I pressed the black-Blutterfly shaped Element of Cruelty against my chest, and cleanly and seamlessly now it was where it could keep my Element of Desire company. Thank you, all of you for your help.

Fluttershy. She's all yours. I know your soul is in Heaven, but I'm sure you'll brave Hell for the sake of hers. May you be a good mother and give your evil delinquent daughter an overdue spanking.

I created a hammer and drill and as fast I could and began to unbury myself! Spike, Applejack, don't worry I'm coming!

Yes, Poison Apple, we're coming for Apple Pie too.


Without Rarity and Spike's help, AJ couldn't just assimilate Apple Pie and Derpy's injuries. Earth Pony magic was based on life though, not just dirt and plants, and Applejack still had the Element of Kindness to heal, and the Element of Deceit to numb the pain.

She just wish she knew more about her own and pegasi anatomy so she'd know what she was healing and HOW to heal it! She knew broken bones and how to set them. But not nerves, organs, and blood vessels. She wish she knew more! 'Maybe if Ah don't end up dyin' before the end of all this, Ah'll figure out on how ta become a doctor.'

Apple Pie had known pain before, plenty of times. But this was on a whole new level. 'So Ah guess this is what it felt like fer Banana Pie when ma clawed her.'

Derpy just wished Applejack could heal her faster. If she couldn't hurt the draconequus she could at least provide a high speed distraction!


Rancor and I were like two flags in a tornado. But I, the giant purple dragon, was the one showing damage.

"Whoo-hoo! This is great! I could kiss you, handsome!"

"BLECH! Speak for yourself! You're too shallow for my tastes!"

"Ya know, it's funny. My family tells me the same thing. Dad says I need as much substance as style, and Pandora thinks I need a hobby, and Anarchy thinks I'm cliché. And Strife says I need more than one note in my personality. But I'm just a little concept, so it's only natural I'm shallow, that's how all concepts start, isn't it? Wanna listen to me rock 'n' roll later?"

"YOUR VOICE IS SO ANNOYING!" I bellowed making Rancor cup her ears. I took the chance and tail-slapped her, but her levitation made her stop in mid-arc and merely fly towards me without missing a beat.

"You sound like those 'tech-wizards' of that one galaxy Strife is so proud of, you should hear some of the names the locals have come up with for me."

I got ready to dive at her like a ballistic missile, and happened to glance at my friends and blinked... then laughed.

"'Bout time you got into the spirit of things." Rancor grinned.

"I am so incredibly dense!" I laughed. "Rarity and all of my friends have been saying how I'm 'better' than muscle-head dragons. And here I am doing everything your way! Letting YOU lead the dance! I have brains and I've been doing nothin' but relying on instinct and brute strength! HA! I suck!"

I laughed more.

"I became the Element of Generosity by accepting ALL of me, then I go forgetting half of who I am! Geeze!" I casually popped my joints and took a deep, calming breath. "Well, I think it's about time I start playing this game the smart way, you thrill junkie."

"Inner calm. Dispassionate zen. Blech. You just sucked all the fun out of this. Boo. Hiss. Okay. Suit yourself, pal. Back to fighting!"

Rarity, Twilight, believe in me.

Rancor made a beeline for me, claws and jaws first. I folded one wing, moved slightly to one side and grabbed her moa claw, then swung her into me and gave her a giant hug, and folded both my wings, and used my jaws to clap her mouth shut before she could escape via her snake skin trick again. She slammed into the ground head first, all thanks to good old-fashioned gravity.

"OW!" Rancor cursed as she finally wiggled free. I could visibly see her head throbbing. "Wish I was mature enough to erase things."

"So you did feel that."

"Congratulations, handsome, but a one-trick pony isn't going to beat me."

"I'm a dragon." I wrapped my tail around one of her legs, and slammed her into the ground again.

"Sorry, tough guy, doesn't-heh-work-ahah, that-EHEHE-STOP THAT!" I figured tail slamming her wouldn't phase Little Miss Embodiment of Violence. But since when has tickling been considered violence?


"There's these things called books. I've had a thousand years as Discord's ride to read them."

Apple Pie opened one eye and laughed at the sight too, though I think it might have opened up her wound. "AH, DANGIT!" AJ cursed.

"HEHEHEH! There's no way I'm losin' HEHEH! THIS WAY! AHAHA!" She tried shedding her skin again and met my waiting fist, didn't hurt her, but stopped her. I rolled on top of her, grabbing her claw again (for the record, never grab somepony's wrist in a fight unless you're redirecting their momentum, go straight for their hand since they can still fight if you're just holding their wrist). She still had three sharp limbs to slash at me though!

I was building up cuts, and bruises, I gave Rancor the chiropractor session of the millennium! I threw in some acupuncture for good measure! Thanks for the books Fluttershy.

"This isn't fun anymore." Rancor groaned like a teenager. "Instant crippled for life pressure point tech-AGH!" I flipped her into the dirt leaving an obviously painful impression.

"First, it's stupid to say what you're doing before you do it. Second, you wouldn't believe how long I procrastinated on finishing that hoof wresting book." I stop myself short from mentioning it wouldn't have worked on me anyway, Dragon's scales are buried too deep for that kind of thing to work. But why give away an advantage?

"You messed up my mane!"

"It was already messy!"

Rancor teleported, I didn't try to guess which way she'd come and used all the muscles in my legs to push myself out of where I was standing. She came from above, now all her pointy-things were stuck in the ground.

Rule one of judo according to Rarity's self defense books. If the enemy pushes, you pull.

"I can teleport, even if you've found a way to cheat reality, I'll still last longer than you, and meanwhile your friends are getting messed up inside."

I startled, but for once I didn't take the bait, she wanted me to start being reckless again. I take another calming breath. Thank goodness for those meditative books.

I flapped my wings as hard as I could, creating a hurricane. She dug her claws into the ground. Not the point, I created a nasty dust cloud.

She somehow sensed exactly where I was and came out of the dust cloud, teleporting halfway to close the distance and stabbing me in the gut with her claws. Dangit. I forgot she could do that. I grabbed her moa claw and continued her chiropractor session. "AAAAGH!"

I got the impression being a goddess with immunity to violence didn't give her a lot in terms of building up a pain tolerance. Me? I've been on the end of Discord's humiliations for a thousand years!

She was made up of so many animals, figuring out nerve clusters was crazy, if she even had them being a living spirit. But I seriously, seriously think this rowdy teenager needs a nap! On the bright side, if she moves too much, I might accidentally dislocate something. I'm willing to bet she can still hurt herself.

She grabs my arm and tries to break the elbow like she did to Derpy, but I pull my arm out of the way a split second before she could get a good grip on it.

Predatory instinct has its advantages, such as letting me react quicker by taking the thought process out of reacting to a threat my senses catch before my brain. If I was relying completely on my brains, she'd have caught me by now. I couldn't disregard that part of me…Come to think about parts of me I've been neglecting, that gives me an idea…

I look behind me out of the corner of my eye, then twist Rancor around, before breaking contact and flying back. I send a stream of green fire that goes right over her left shoulder and through a window.

"Going back to that well? At least you could hit me with it."

A few seconds later, an entire library's worth of Discord's autographed autobiographies, yearbooks, chaos minion instruction guides, and joke books manifested directly over her head in a burst of magic fire and gravity did the rest with a resounding crash.

"Wasn't aiming at yah! See, that kind of thing works better when you shout it after doing it."

She blew away the books from her body sending them in every direction, AJ shielded her patients. I was pummeled by my own projectiles.

"Sorry, that one didn't work. You can't cheat reality just by lying to yourself. Get real. Ya know, I had hopes for you. More passion than any dragon I've seen, all that base violence, wanting vengeance for what big bro's done to yer treasures. You'd have been a great Chosen One."

"Not interested!"

What kind of petty, immature, selfish jerk would want to be this chick's 'Chosen' Anything?'


Equobo took a right hoof from Superstallion. The black and white muscle bound alien biker pony was sent flying backwards through some (conveniently) abandoned buildings, and ruined Lex Luthorse's golf game.

"I won't let you destroy the Earth!"

"I gotta! I've got five minutes to prep for my drag race and it's in the way!"

"You could have just asked me to push the planet out of the way!"



Alright Spike think. She's right. She can teleport. And seems to be able to sense where I am without seeing me. But . . . if she's so fixated on me. That means AJ, Derpy and Apple Pie have time to recover. She wants to fight you. Use that. Drag her along. Okay. Rarity was ticked, not really a good thing when going up against a psycho like fake-Fluttershy. And Twilight still refuses to accept that Pinkie Pie's gone. Great. Well, Twilight has a lot more tricks up her sleeve than what used to be Pinkie Pie. But between the Dreadful Duo, Fluttercruel's always struck me as the worst of two evils. Rarity it is, then.

I move back from a swipe, lightly grasping the back of her wrist and spun her around with her own momentum. I keep it up, spinning her like a top then letting go and sending the now dizzy draconequus plowing into the castle from her own out-of-control momentum.

"Back at ya!" She then began to spin like a tornado all her claws and fangs forming a sharp edge, if I touched her I was shredded meat, she stepped like a ballerina to keep herself from becoming dizzy again.

Apple Pie managed to surprise her earlier. Come to think about it, the only time she took notice of Apple Pie is when she drew it directly. So either she was intentionally ignoring her (unlikely) or Apple Pie lacks something the rest of us have that she's picking up? What does that filly lack that…

I promptly slam my claw into my face. Spirit of Revenge, Violence, and Passions gets blindsided by the innocent little filly who hasn't got a mean bone in her body and is being driven by faith in us. How did I not see that.

I breathe a thick cloud of smoke around the two of us her tornado sucked up. Okay, meditation books…clear your mind, Spike…don't think of your passions, don't think of your anger, and let your instinct to protect Rarity and the others guide you while your predatory instinct keeps track of Rancor…

She stops her tornado.

She flies up fast…and I put my tail out, letting her clothes line herself with her own momentum. Doesn't hurt her. But got to get her frustrated so she'll bite.

A few times I come up behind her and tap her on the shoulder, then vanish. I use more smoke to keep myself hidden. I feel my Element of Generosity pulse with power, helping me keep focused and use every part of me.

I zoomed off back towards the castle again, guided by my instinct to protect my friends while I keep my passions suppressed. After being halfway there, I let my mind unclear and my passions come to the forefront. Far enough away to make her panic and not see my plan coming, but close enough that she won't go after the others.

I zoomed off back towards the castle again. Rancor of course teleported behind me and caught me by the tail, this time I broke with my wings and momentum did the rest for me slamming her into my spines (glad I thought to have Applejack and Rarity regenerate those for me).

"YEOW!!!" With my unwanted luggage I flew straight for the castle and began to dig out my greatest treasure of all.


"There is no Pinkie Pie, Twilight! It took hundreds of years, but I joined the other pieces of my fragmented psyche back together! I cleansed myself! I am only Anger!"

"If that's true you wouldn't treat your students like family!"

"They are family!"

"And what part of that is anger and hate?"

"You make my head hurt!"

"It's Discord's taint making your head hurt! It's not letting you realize-"


Angry Pie threw bundles of dynamite, came down with jackhammers, never being in the same place for long as I fired torrents of fire, ice, thunder, where I thought she was or where she'd be but she always seemed to second-double guess me. I was able, in turn, to teleport around and bring up barriers to deflect her offense.

"How are you doing this, Pinkie?! There's no way you'd hide the fact that you could still do all your old tricks! All those times I saw your fighting alongside your foals! You fought Grogar with Little Hex! You'd never hold back if you really felt anything for your children!"

Angry Pie held up a stop sign, then threw it at me, I caught and threw it back at her, which she dodged of course. "I barely understand it myself. I think it's because I've never been this calm before. I've never kept their names active in my mind all at once before. It's like... now that they're all together, they've given me new strength."

"No, Pinkie, do you know what your real strength is? Making others happy makes you happy! What you wanted more than anything was for your foals to be happy! It's the real you, crying out from inside!"

She stuffed pop-rocks into a soda-can and kicked it in my general direction. Four of my legs were caught in bear-traps, I teleport WITH them, avoiding the bomb.

"Typical, because I don't fit your definition of 'me' that means I'm not a 'me' at all! My family was the same way!" Pickaxes arced towards me like water from an angry gray fountain, I caught them with my magic easily. When I was hit by the Molotov cocktail from behind, I realized it was a diversion. Angry Pie never used diversions! I screamed, stopped, dropped, and rolled, right onto a incendiary land mine.

"YOU be on fire, for once! Sorry, Powder Cake, I know you never liked land mines."

I was no hippogriff, but I could still summon a nice rainstorm, ick! Oil?! She's smarter than she looks! This wasn't like her at all! What happened to her?!

"So how does it feel to be burning, Twilight? To suffer for somepony else's amusement? Feeling belittled? Hurt? Humiliated? Angry?"

"Is that how the taint tells you how to justify your anger? Is that how it keeps you from thinking? By convincing you that you're the world's only victim?"

"Don't you dare insult my foals. I protected them from this mocking world."

"And that's how the taint lets you live with yourself, Pinkie Pie. That's the logic it feeds you, so you can feel like you're the good pony while you slaughter millions. Tell me, how many foals have you killed? Because they were ticklish? Because they told jokes? How many were teased and made to laugh at their own pain by bullies? How many? But once in a blue moon, some lucky foal slips through the cracks of your murderous narrow-mindedness. Either you let them off with a warning... or you adopt them."
Between blinks she was right next to me. She punched me in the back, breaking it. I lifted her up with my telekinesis, away from my horn.

"You think I love my foals because I feel guilty?! I'm giving all you chortling monsters what you deserve! I don't adopt my students on a whim! I'm not Discord! I adopt them because they see the world for what it is! One bastard pony tried to bargain for his life with me, offering up a filly he'd had been abusing, trying to get me to kill her instead! I gave him what he deserved! And I gave her a home!"

"I'm not saying that was WRONG! THINK, Pinkie Pie!" I pleaded. "All I'm saying is: just because you see a pony's laughing on the outside, doesn't automatically mean she isn't crying on the inside!"

(Will you wake up?! Your therapy isn't working! Take her out before she does the same to you and all your friends!)

She's my friend!

(Pinkie Pie was your friend! This mad mare has killed how many? Idiot! Would Pinkie Pie do that? She's no better than Discord or Fluttercruel!)

She's just confused and hurt! Just like we were!

(Tell that to her victims.)

"What are you doing?! Monologuing to yourself? You think I can't tell when a pony isn't hurting inside? I've always-always, Agh!"

"That's it! Think! The Pinkie Pie from a thousand years ago was never a jerk-donkey!"

"I'm not a jerk-donkey! You're all jerk-donkeys! And that's racist!"

"Now that's the Pinkie I know." She fought like a wild cat suspended by my telekinesis. If she couldn't be the Element of Laughter again, I could at least bring HER back to reality. I didn't CARE About the Element of Laughter, I cared about her!

"Will you shut it! Pinkie was treated like a retarded foal by everypony around her! Humored at best, tolerated in fair weather, and ignored when the 'grownups' have important things to do! Even after I saw the truth, you kept laughing! Everypony just keeps laughing because they think it's funny whenever I'm hurt! You pigs!"

The ground began to shake? What? Pieces of junk and debris and trinkets from the roof of the battle where Rarity and Cruel had been fighting began to trickle into the garden.


"Shut up. I'm not a thing. I'm not a joke. I'm not an animal. I'm not a toy. I'm not a weapon. I'm not a tool. I'm not a pet. I'm not a foal. I am Angry Pie!"

The entire garden and castle walls were shaking now.

"You think I'm a riot when I get hurt? When I cry? You bullies! WELL LAUGH THIS OFF!" I actually lost my balance and lost my line of sight of her for one moment.

That moment was all she needed as she cheated the laws of spacial relations and kicked me in the horn. It was like a freight train had stampeded into it. She landed on four hooves, and my own horn throbbed like it had almost broken off.

"THAT was for saying I didn't love my foals!"

"I never said that! I said the taint won't let you see you've been cherry-picking!"

"Huh? I grew up on a rock farm, not a cherry farm, AGH! What would you know, you've never been a mother! You've never even had any brothers or sisters!"

"Wrong, Pinkie. I have Spike, he's my brother and my foal. He was one of the few things I was able to feel ANYTHING for, through Discord's taint. Apple Pie is like a little sister to me! As the adopted mother of so many, you know better than anypony that family isn't just about blood. You guys are my family. I'll never give up on saving you."

"...And it's for my family that you need to die, Twilight."


Maybe then. The mocking laughs will finally stop.

(Ha. Ha. Ha. That's a real rib-tickler, you worthless animal.)

We'll see about that! With all my foals together, maybe we'll finally be free of this Pony Hell!


She set off a flash grenade. I saw her and fired triplet shots of ice, lightning, and fire. She split open like papier mâché. The piñata of her was filled with gunpowder, shrapnel and plushies of me. The explosion left the place a wreck and my body painfully regenerating.

I conjured self-replicating crystals and fired a laser into them that reflected a dozen times, the lasers skewered her body and bloodlessly sliced off her repaired leg. She, just, kept, going! She took out a mirror from nowhere and deflected the laser at me I ended the spell at once.

She kicked all the crystals back at me like a flurry of afterimages, I caught them with my magic, but I didn't catch the round-black cartoonish bomb she threw in my face a second later.

Her speed was amazing. All her rage was still there. But it was focused like a laser. Like she had gone over to the other side, her rage reaching the point where she had entered a zen like state, like Rarity. I was scared.

I caused the water in the pond to crash and encase her, no matter which way she ran. She began to lose breath, and she drank it up ballooning out in the process. I forced myself not to laugh at the sight. I froze the water inside her, leaving her with a giant rock inside her. She took out a hammer and struck herself, I heard shattering and she shrank to normal.

I animated the plants to try and eat her, maybe if I could use my magic on her Element of Chaos directly maybe I could cure her! Or use some variation of the Memory Spell. Something! Anything!

She took out a pair of pruning sheers, I pulled them out of her grasp. She took out a bottle of weed killer from Celestia knows where, and I pulled that away too, but she grasped the cap with her teeth and pulled it open, spraying it on herself and everywhere, and the plants weren't immortal. I cringed, thinking of mom and dad.

She threw a giant jar of glue at me, I didn't try to catch it this time and teleported out of the way. I then PUSHED it with all my might, making it shatter on impact with her and sending her straight through a wall! The wall behind me shattered at the same instant and the glue covered Angry Pie collided with me.

Using the extra force of the impact she, ugh, no she couldn't have. I felt the my rib cage broken, and I felt her hooves around my very being and felt it, myself, pulled out of me!


I grabbed myself with my magic to pull me back inside, her muscles bulged as she tried to pull back. Then two strong hooves with the force of mountains broke my horn off. She jump kicked off me. I wasn't healing.

"This and your horn gone shouldn't reduce your magic more than say, ninety-nine percent?" She said darkly. I watched her crush my horn's broken off half under her restored hoof.

(You have to try!)

I brute forced my telekinesis with what I had left of my horn, going for the black jewel she had in her hooves, she pulled back, she was being dragged to me, but I was bleeding horribly, and I felt myself become weaker and weaker, she kicked dirt in my face, breaking our tug-of-war.

I looked her in the eyes in shock. She sighed before she grunted and grabbed her head, looking back at me.

"Not every day you see your 'heart' is it? Not that we have any." She said, she wasn't speaking sadistically, almost, matter-of-fact! "You were really pouring the magic out, it's happening already."

What's happening? I noticed my mane's colors were fading. This wasn't the gray whitewash of Discord's magic, this reminded of... Granny Smith.

My joints ached. I felt my muscles wear out.

Angry Pie sat down in front of me, she turned over the Element in her hooves. She didn't look happy or triumphant.

"Pinkie Pie . . . please." I saw wrinkles on my legs, my body sagged.

"Look at you now." She held up a mirror. I gasped. After one thousand years, I looked old. Seeing hundreds of ponies from babies, to foals, to adults, to elderly, and finally dust. But why? Why was this happening? Why should time speed up for me to make up for lost time? I didn't make any sense! Rivers didn't teleport to the ocean when a dam broke! "I guess this makes you Half-Light Dusk now, eh?"

She held the Element of Chaos in front of me. "Want this back, Dusk? Sorry. I'll be needing this." She cleaned it off with a handkerchief and with a bit of string wore it like a necklace. I tried to use my telekinesis to move it, but my head ached from the effort, my heart rate fluttered.

"Pin-kie-Pie, please-"

She looked deeply at my Element, myself, as if she was having a silent conversation with it. She looked up at me, I couldn't tell what her emotions were like.

"I see. I understand. I get it now." Angry Pie put down a soapbox and sat on top of it. I felt the years passing. "Magic is both Tragedy and Friendship. It's one Element. You don't have a 'spare' to keep you alive if you lose one, unlike your friends. And here's something I've learned over these thousand years. We started out as mortal ponies, Twilight. We heal from anything instantly with no effort on our part. The only way this could work IS with permanent magic, if it was instantaneous magic, we'd just be ageless. Instead we're unkillable, well, almost. And permanent magic, unlike instantaneous magic, can be removed. Once all my foals are with me I'll have no reason to be angry, I'll be needing this to keep them safe. Thank you."

"Please Pinkie, you don't have to do this. The tainting is making you think you have to. It's blinding you."

"Then I'm thankful it has. Otherwise I'd still be blind to lies I kept telling myself so I wouldn't have to face reality. I'm going to make sure each of your friends suffer like I have before they die, including that filly, does that make you want to laugh like when you saw me suffer? No? THINK about that with whatever time you have left."

(Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up! You command the body!)

"Being angry isn't a sin, but this won't get you what you want. One question, it involves Apple Pie…Have I ever hurt one of YOUR foals?"

She stopped and looked at me. Sadly? Regretfully? "So you really don't remember that night."

The shock left a sharp pain in my chest.

She took Smarty Pants from where she likely kept everything and placed it right next to me. "Goodbye, Half-Light Dusk." And she was gone.

(AN: Music Water Crown, Digital Devil Saga)

She left the mirror behind. I saw my face. The pony I was supposed to have become nine hundred years ago. And still going. I remembered the light blue unicorn . . . Trixie. We looked so similar now. But it was like she had found peace at the end I think. I turned my heavy head to one corner of the inner garden. A slab of stone, engraved with her cutie mark.

Trixie. It seems I'll be with you soon. I'm sorry I couldn't save you. Smarty Pants, I'm sorry I couldn't give you life again. Spike, I've lived longer than I was supposed to, I'm happy to see you've grown into a hero. Mom, Dad, watch the others. Apple Pie, you saved me, I have no regrets with you. Fluttershy, I'm sorry I couldn't save you. Minty, I'm sorry I couldn't save Pinkie Pie, I really tried, I did, I'm sorry. Rainbow Dash, please make the right choice. Rarity, Applejack, Derpy, looks like you may have to carry on without me.

(YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GIVE UP! Not while Discord still lives! Not while your friends are fighting for you!)

I couldn't help but feel betrayed…maybe there really was nothing of Pinkie Pie left. But I'm so tired. I need to rest.

(You can rest later! Not now! You can't go to sleep now!)

I push myself up with as much force as I could, I gently pick up Smarty Pants with my mouth and put her on my back, no matter how heavy she feels. I could sure use a nap. Just, lay down and rest.

Pinkie, no, Angry Pie, she was going to kill all of them, and it was all my fault. I read once a farmer found a cockatrice in his field freezing, he hugged and warmed it, in return, it turned him to stone.

This is no more and no less than the price I owe for my mistakes. I'm only sorry my friends have to pay it too.

I begin to trot toward Trixie's grave. I'd like to take my nap next to her. One inch at a time. Heh. One hoof fall at a time right? Isn't that how life is? To the very

. . . end.
What if Discord wasn't beaten? Anyone can die, living is the real challenge. It's time to save the world Mane Six!

Now take a look and begin to discover the true connection between the two time lines of the Pony POV Series.

Angry Pie strikes Pony Rangers Pose, "BACK IN ACTION! And this may look cool! But it's not!"

Everything just went off the rails.

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This chapter is a roller coaster ride. In a very bad and yet somehow at the same time good way. I just hope I can stay sane long enough to keep my head together.

Alright. So, In one corner, we have AJ, Derpy, AP and Spike at war with Rancor, who thanks to the power of violence, has managed to shrug off a lot of what was being thrown at her, even putting 3/4 of them out of commission thanks to the power of violence. Incidentally, I think she liked passions in Spike for loving his sister and his Rarity. However, it was much to my surprise that Spike then managed to turn the tables on Rancor, using brains to out think her in every conceivable way. First with a couple slick moves, then utilizing that most unexpected of techniques, THE TICKLE ATTACK! Ok, I admit that this was something I was VERY tickled about. To just see the mighty spike outfight a concept of reality using laughter. (Hmmmm, laughter. passions. the opposite of fear for the most part) The tricky part of fighting Rancor is that she's practically unstoppable, though not invulnerable. Also, the reference to her being a teenager must be significant in some way. Hmmm, and then to weaponize a communication technique? Ha ha ha.

Actually, that bit with Equobo was pretty funny. Violent, passionate, random. Yep. that's a champion of rancor alright. BTW is this the DColts AU? Just wondering.

Further, there was this: "My family tells me I'm also too shallow. Dad says I need substance, Pandora thinks I need a hobby, Anarchy thinks I'm chiche, and Strife says I need more thant one note." Hmmm, so fear says she needs something to actually use, imagination says she needs something to direct herself towards instead of going every which way, rebellion against authority says she's too obvious (playing tropes too straight?), and Survival of the fittest says she needs versitility. Makes sense to me.

And spike really is getting his work on. It appears rarity's generosity allowed her to keep herself going. It appears spike's element helps him to focus all of his being.....Focus all his being.....Sounds a bit like a pinkie I once knew in a timeline that is at once straight ahead, and at the same time in the past. (how does that work? Especially with Shining Armor running Parallel? That would mean the reharmonized timeline is in the future. But if they're running parallel, how does point A and B line up? Are you celestiaing us?)

Anyhow, using strategy, spike managed to stop rancor for a bit, as he moved to rescue rarity. Little did he know that she didn't need rescue.

For Rarigreed, the Cruely desirous was in fact utilizing the very thing in the multiverse that made her different from every other pony: A will to kill. Using the true powers of desire (and explaining how it really works), she drew in hundreds of dead ponies and other creatures, willing them to be her badass crew to face fluttercruel, who in turn, brought out a sea of mooks to fight. The battle raged, and suddenly, Rarity got a moment of clarity: not only was there no fluttershy to rescue, but there was no morality to appeal to whatsoever. Fluttercruel thought that the only way to live was to be cruel in any way possible, which she thought was a good thing. Without the tempering powers of fluttershy to teach her the difference between kindness and cruelty, she had become little more than a sociopath. And thus rarity, using the honest truth, saw she had to end this.

Unfortunately, Missy cruel had one last trick up her sleeve: The Stare. "It's genetic." (Cheshire, Young Justice Bloodlines) So she began to stare rarity into oblivion, getting close to the kill, only for a savior to come in the form of her cutie mark: Tom the diamond struck the eye, bought her time, and using the powers of truth for good, she created an illusion, stoned up her Best friend's daughter, and took the element of Cruelty for herself, before driving a sword down into the pile. Well, that's one of the dragons down for. And then, She dug.

Hmm, cruelty and desire together? and the element has NOT been righted? Or is the butterfly symmetrical so that no matter what, cruelty is cruelty? That might create a few, "issues". I foresee it.

However, more important, is that she is free, but she killed discord's favorite. Maybe? Well, she did kill his daughter, so this will prompt some interesting reactions from the gallery. For Sure. Also, is it just me, or did the voice NEVER talk to cruel?

However, there was a tragedy building. Rarity and Spike are headed towards each other, but unfortunately, there's one problem: they don't need each other. The real pony who needs help now, IS TWILIGHT!

Oh. My. Gah. This.....thiss.....this is why Angry Pie suddenly went all crazy like in Pinkie's head once upon a time after Surprise appeared to join with her. That's how she got the flamethrower and grenade in that place. Desperation makes her tap into the powers of G3. That's how she can reality warp so effectively.

But still. Angry in the reharmonized timeline was apart from Pinkie. And Pinkie couldn't pass through to Pinkamina without accepting that she needed to know how to cry. So if Pinkie was the one who turned into a grumpy, how does that affect the barrier? Is Pinkie really gone from in there? The Pinkie that laughs in the face of danger? The pinkie that weaponized her super sense? The pinkie who (SHUDDDUPPPPP!) OH GOD NO! UHHHHH, SURPRISE! (pop)

Ok, that will buy a little time, but not a whole lot. Have to keep going. So already, we see that Angry is struggling with the old parts of herself, particularly over how anger and hat can be directed at family. But her angry self was desperately trying to claw her way to her goal to end the laughter at someone towards her.

The battle was fierce, the banter not ending. Twilight trying to bring up the broad strokes, trying to reach into the pinkie that cannot be truly erased. Trying to reach the pinkie that could still help others, who could be useful, who could say something profound if only she'd focus on it. And the blind rage, yeesh. Over and over, again and again. War upon war.

The laughter of the mystery female who says that it is impossible to truly eradicate the laughter at the price of another. That so long as will exists, the evils of the misuse of the elements of harmony would never end. You'll have to live with it until the final day, not go over to the other side. Your family you are not angry or hateful at. Stop this. Just get close enough to.....(a pin drops)

This, this, this is why the chapter took so long to come out, isn't it? Fluttercruel's unredemption is one thing. Spike's badassitude is another. But this....this is the real reason why the chapter took so long to come. You didn't know if you could do it. Didn't know if you could bring in one of the most infamous storytelling tropes of all time: The Hero Dies. That moment, when the hero, the person we've followed through thick and thin, just....bites it. Or is this, Our Hero is Dead? The near aversion of such a thing?

Come to think of it, I just don't know. The truth is, twilight the unicorn has not come full circle yet. Her death was in service of equestria, but....but she was so close. So close to reuniting with Celestia and luna again. So close to reforming order harmodia. So close to redeeming Pinkie one more time. It is a tragedy! Gah, no, not like that!

Unless....the elements of chaos contain the essence of a person. so does that mean as long as the crown survives, that twilight will not permanently perish? Is this Lord of the Rings and the mythril vest? Or is this the final outgrowth of cupcakes at the worst time?

You know, it's the strangest thing. Twilight's relationship with Pinkie is almost like one Aquaman and Ocean Master. Brothers by raising, but then one was attacked by the other. Both were powerful magic users, and one desired what the other one had to fulfill their dreams. Heh. Kinda silly if you think of it. (HAVE AT THEE!) No.....Have....At....Thee! (Snap)

And the story of the farmer and the viper: how a farm helped something, only to receive the victim's end of the beast, who only naturally would do what it did. This....Oh this is the ultimate problem of evil. That it exists, and that all the good in the world won't always help build it back. The trouble is, pinkie wasn't totally a viper. This was almost like the viper struggling between striking, and going for the mouse just beyond its reach that the farmer offered. And this, this is the most difficult part of being mortals trying to find the spark. How do you distinguish between the spark and the ash? When is enough enough? When do you move from the rehab to the cell after too many failed attempts?

There was a man in the shadow world who once said to always help the viper, even as it was seeking to strike you down. But he also said to call out the viper for its callous and foolish behavior. He never forced the viper to eat mice, but he did distance himself when the viper got too close. But he always loved it. Even as the viper killed him, he cried out that his death would not be the viper's ultimate victory. And that, that, perhaps the viper was something that could have been a pet rather than the penultimate.

It is difficult to handle, and impossible to tell. But on another note, at least now we'll know if the twilight who faced down mortis has a genetic predisposition to long life, or if that was just the element of harmony.

This.....This......sniff....snifff...This Will be the END FOR YOU DISCORD! YOU BROUGHT THIS MADNESS UPON THE WORLD. YOU CHOSE TO EXPRESS CHAOS AND DECONSTRUCTION IN THE MOST BRUTAL WAY POSSIBLE! YOU DID THIS! YOU! YOU! YOU! (Oh, don't make me feel modest oh shadow with no power. You knew this was always a present danger. You..) ENOUGH! (KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!)

Wow. I didn't know the human torch technique would work. ahem. Now, before I close out, I have but one thing to say to you.

ALEXWARLORN, MASTER OF THE POV MULTIVERSE, YOU BETTER IN ALL THE NAMES OF FAUNA LUSTER AND HAVOC MOVE YOUR STORY FORWARD FROM HERE WITHIN A MONTH, OR I SWEAR TO THE ELEMENT OF....OF....No. I can't swear on anything good, or it will corrupt it. If I swear on something less than positive, I have corrupted myself. Just, please don't let this be the end of the dark world.

"The night is darkness just before the dawn." So please, show that the dawn IS coming.

Sincerely with every fiber of his being,
Shadow Wu
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The chapter begins with Spike trying to reach Rarity to help her in her battle but Rancor gets in his way. Brute force is completely useless against her. Thinking about it, being invulnerable to her own concept shows even clearer how much Discord had abandoned his Chaos. Otherwise he would not be so depended on things going exactly like he predicated it and wouldn’t be that vulnerable against others thinking outside the box. What did Disharmony give him in return? Meanwhile Rancor enjoys this battle way too much, she keeps talking and is much too open. No wonder that the Valeyard saw through her plans. It is admittedly not that hard to guess her real intentions and that she didn’t use the spear against the heroes speaks for itself. But Spike has a few tricks on his sleeve and distracts her by setting her on fire (this is very rarely used as a distraction…) and tosses her away. But thanks to her levitation she stays close to the battle and slams Spike into the ground. Unlike the Elements of Chaos, the dragon will die if this continues. So Saint Apple Jacqueline, Derpy and Applebloom come to his aid. In these moments Rancor seems almost drunken on passions. With the help of another illusion Derpy is able to land a hit before retreating again. The Draconequus is determined to keep Spike out of the battle against Fluttercruel. But AJ is able to hold her back with a lasso made out of her own hair. This is a very impressive and creative use of her own regeneration. Yet Rancor just shreds her skin to escape and is able to track the real Spike down by targeting his passions. And finally she doesn’t tell him how she was able to track him down. Not that this help much, he is smart enough to eventually figure it out after she explained who she was in such details. And Rancor just keeps mentioning passions.

Then Derpy rushes at her with the pure determination to save her friends and the world. With the aid of her Element of Loyalty she keeps pushing the Draconequus back. But no violence can truly hurt her and with brutal and precise strikes Rancor breaks Derpy’s bones. Removing her body’s safety limits doesn’t protect her from the injuries her opponent inflicts on her. The Draconequus talks about how Thistle Whistle killed herself to interrupt Strife and that Derpy will likely die once she hits the ground. Applejack is too far away to save her and thus Spike returns to save the friend that fought alongside him. He hands Derpy over to Saint Apple Jacqueline so that she may heal her. Rancor doesn’t take this obvious chance to cheap shot and kill the pegasus but talks about Spike’s choice. Within a second he made the decision to save one of his friends who would die and trusted his beloved to last long enough in the battle against Fluttercruel. She is genuinely impressed and takes her time to praise him for his unique passion. Applebloom tries to use a paradox on her by pointing out how strange it is for the spirit of violence to reject all violence that is directed towards herself. She actually has a point, especially considering that (if magic and the many shown powers are involved) the definition of violence can be very unclear sometimes. In return Rancor attacks the child brutally but doesn’t murder her. Killing her with one precise strike would be nothing for the Draconequus and thinking about it, surely she could have killed Derpy in one strike as well if she really wanted to finish the battle permanently. Afterwards Rancor praises her ability to influence others with paradoxes and claims that a spirit can have no paradox. Well maybe except Discord, who somehow managed to defy his own nature as the spirit of chaos so much that the others had to take over these duties. Now Saint Apple Jacqueline is busy with two patients and Spike is all alone against the Draconequus. As long as she is around, he will not be able to reach his friends.

Now Lady Desire finds herself in the darkness alone with Fluttercruel. Slowly she is able to push the rubble aside and the unicorn can feel the strong desire of the castle to live. Soon it is clear that they are in one of Fluttercruel's torture cellars. Here the sadist knows every detail and has an advantage. The sick pony rants about how much she wanted to torture them here after she couldn't hurt her mother anymore. Then her rant takes on very incestuous tones and she rambles about how she is the only being Discord will ever need and that she is insanely envious on every single one of his toys. She doesn't want him to find a "Happy Ending" alongside Angry Pie. Fluttercruel will attack Lady Desire the first chance she gets and her reaction time is very fast. Thinking about it, both are the most pragmatic members of their groups. They are not the smartest members of both groups, while neither is stupid, this title clearly goes towards Twilight and the Valeyard. Rarity is willing to face the truths and knew very well that they might not be able to save Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. Fluttercruel can be very pragmatic as well like when she suggested to kill Twilight a long time before she rebelled. Had Discord listened to her, none of this would have happened. But Fluttercruel is often hindered by her immature nature and her inability to see that others might be a serious threat towards her. It is very ironic that a mare that was lost 1000 years in insanity while Fluttercruel wasn't had become so much more mature then her in this short time.

Rarity suspects correctly that Fluttercruel must have an ace in the hole, just like Rainbow Dash and the Valeyard had a few surprises hidden for them. The Element of Cruelty tries to bait her by talking about Fluttershy's torture but Lady Desire sees right through that. She knows enough about stones to see that she will not be able to blast her way out before Fluttercruel will take a cheap shot. While Rarity is not able to pinpoint the sadist, Fluttercruel's constant rambling makes her easier to track down. The torturer shares this trait with her father. Then Rarity shows how smart she can be by covering her own horn in stones so that the light will not give her away and then she uses her magic to drop a stone nearby. Fluttercruel strikes it immediately and Lady Desire is able to use this information to find the location of her enemy and blinds her with a flash bomb. It is a clever use of the magic she learned before Discord happened and likely not what the Element of Cruelty was expecting. Rarity tries to take this chance to attack the Element itself and kill her opponent with one swift strike but in the last moment Fluttercruel unfortunately escapes. But just like the sadist before her Rarity has more surprises ready.

Lady Desire uses her Element to call for all the poor beings tortured and murdered by Fluttercruel in this very room. And with her aid they are able to use stones to take the shapes of their old bodies. It is a somewhat similar to the Sorrow from Metal Gear Solid 3. He was easily my favourite boss in the entire series and considering the other candidates that is really saying something. Many, many members of the Pie and Apple family died here, including Poison Apple and now they have returned for this once in a lifetime chance. They are the spirits that didn't found rest because of the horrible suffering Fluttercruel has unleashed on them. Now their souls are all within Rarity as she uses her power to allow them to take shape and act on their own. The sadist is just looking forward to kill them all a second time and the spirits are understandable furious at her. Then Fluttercruel tries a joke. Well, to say it nice it was absolutely horrible and even Running Gag would say that comedy isn’t her forte. But Rarity's retort is actually pretty hilarious and the spirits all laugh with her. The torturer laments that nobody appreciates her own work and without much hesitation she shows the ability she was hiding. It involves self-mutilation and she cuts off her tail and slits her throat. The image is so disgusting that Rarity forgets to take this chance to strike and soon the hairs grow into an army of metallic constructs. Even as it took her 800 years to figure this technique out, Discord was unimpressed and claimed that mass produced grunts will never be useful. Now two armies stand against each other but the ones on Rarity's side have souls, names and a motivation.

Fluttercruel regrets that her opponent wasn't able to bring her mother back, so she could torture her more. In 1000 years she never saw another way to be cruel but to torture others. That is really pathetic when you think about it, she wasn't as insane as the others, she could have tried to understand her Element and researched what it all could do but she was too busy with torturing others to think what else she could do with her Element. From all the Elements she should have it the easiest to grow in these 1000 years and yet she matured so little. Torture is the only way she can express her love and feel fun. Rarity is utterly shocked that Fluttercruel honestly believes that and thinks that she is merely true to her cutie mark and her destiny. It reminds Lady Desire of an immature moment of Sweetie Belle. She asks her enemy if all the suffering she brought onto Rainbow Dash was her way of showing affection and Fluttercruel admits that she might actually deep down liked Rainbow and wanted to turn her into a sadist like herself. Rarity just feels sorry for Dash at this moment and promises to make it right, should she ever get the chance. Lady Desire realises that she is standing before an immature brat that reflects the sadism of her father. Others would have taken pity in her but Rarity is pragmatic enough to see that only Fluttershy could have saved this soul and now she has to kill Fluttercruel to save this world from her. The sadist has ruined her only chance for redemption herself by torturing her mother until Cadence had to save her. There is no one left who could guide her towards the light.

Now their armies crash and both stay away as they are the weakpoints of their armies. It is strange how similar yet, completely different both are. Fluttercruel’s army uses death rays while Rarity protects her guests with shields made out of stone. The metal constructs merge together to fire a giant death ray right at Rarity and she manages to dodge it in the very last moment. Fluttercruel didn’t use this technique that often and has to control each and every single construct while Rarity’s guests have their own mind and she has hundreds of years of experience with this. Both feel it every time one of their soldiers dies, both are connected to their armies. Eventually Lady Desire’s soldiers show the advantage a creative mind can have by distracting and attacking Fluttercruel directly. The constructs of the sadist damage her by firing right at her in this moment and her head gets vaporised. But Rarity’s soldiers feel the battle and she is very sorry that she has to put them through this. She also knows that her friends outside need her. Both get frustrated that the battle is still so even but instead of having a breakdown Fluttercruel uses her second ace in the hole: Fluttershy’s Stare. Rarity wasn’t prepared for this and Fluttercruel orders her to let her guests go and she does it. This is indeed very pragmatic and smart but then the sadist can’t help herself and has to play around instead of just finishing her opponent. Just like Discord she declares victory too soon. If she would be smarter, she would have ordered her constructs to kill her or even order Rarity herself to rip out her own Element of Desire. And it is very ironic, if Lady Desire had taken Rainbow’s Element of Chaos, their roles would be reversed and Fluttercruel would stand helpless before her. It is also very ironic that in the other timeline Fluttercruel saved the friends of her mother from the Stare and here she uses the Stare to try to murder the best friend of her mother.

Now Fluttercruel has to monologue and brag. She talks about how she figured out the Stare a long time ago (and if the Fluttercruel in the other timeline could do that even without a body, it would be really strange if this Fluttercruel wouldn’t be able to do the Stare after 1000 years) and hid it from the other Elements. From time to time she used it to catch her unfortunate victims and just like the complete monster of her father, she calls them toys. She goes on of how much she wanted to call Discord father and to show her true cutie mark but since it was his idea she followed it and hid herself. The incestuous undertones are definitely creepy. Applejack saw through the sadist that had stolen the body of her friend and was absolutely terrified of this monster. In the end she helped to improve the illusion and in turn Discord erased her memories of that. It is nice of her to explain this detail while she still can. But Rarity seems completely helpless as Fluttercruel moves in for the kill.

But there is still someone at Rarity’s side. She can still reach Tom’s heritage inside her with her magic. And she sends him flying right at the sadist before her, destroying her eye and breaking her Stare. Fluttercruel’s self-control is so easily broken and she is blinded by another flash bomb. But she still sees Rarity and attacks her directly in the Element of Chaos. Or she would have if that unicorn wasn’t merely a carcass surrounded by an illusion. Fluttercruel is shocked that the Element of Honesty would deceive her but she was merely using an ability she learned a long time ago when she was still in Ponyville and this wasn’t the first time she had done that in this battle. The flash bomb was also another reminder of her former life, Fluttercruel shouldn’t be so shocked. Lady Desire takes this chance to use all the stones and rocks Fluttercruel’s army broke to immobilize her sadistic enemy. She lied to protect her friends and herself from the murderer standing before her. As Fluttercruel tries to recreate her army, Rarity steals her Element of Cruelty. Now the sadist can only throw a hissy fit as her army vanished. Finally Lady Desire is able to kill Fluttercruel with a giant sword formed out of rocks. Her death is quick and painless, very different from the deaths Fluttercruel gave her victims but letting her feel pain wouldn’t bring a single one of them back. The Element of Cruelty looks like Fluttershy’s cutie mark, surely because Discord created these Elements from the physical objects that represented the Elements of Harmony once. I still wonder where he got the Element of Despair he gave Shady. Rarity thanks all the souls that came to her aid, especially Poison Apple. And Rarity is actually able to look at the bright side of death. I am not even ironic. She hopes that Fluttershy might be able to make her spoiled sadistic and evil daughter finally grow up in the afterlife. Death might be another chance for Fluttercruel and finally stopped her from spreading more suffering over this world. Rarity rejected every attempt of Fluttercruel to break her and overcame her and her sick ideology. I wonder what the Element of Cruelty could become in its purified version. And considering that Fluttercruel suddenly heard voices (and reacted shocked), there might be more surprises hidden within her Element. She was so concentrated on one side of cruelty that she surely didn’t unlock its full potential. Farewell, Fluttercruel and may you find peace in the afterlife.

Meanwhile Saint Apple Jacqueline is still busy using earth pony magic and her Elements of Kindness and Deceit to heal her wounded friends. She knows how to fix bones but lacks deeper knowledge about healing those who need her. The earth pony hopes that she will survive all of this and maybe become a doctor to help more persons. Meanwhile Spike has to face Rancor all by himself. She is clearly enjoying this and his passions but he thinks she is too shallow. Considering that he grew up with Twilight, that is a very understandable reaction and it speaks volumes for his love for Rarity. He doesn’t love her for her looks; he loves her character, her personality and her soul. Both are kindred spirits, now more then ever. Rancor apparently got the same advice from her family. I guess a more mature concept would be able to stand above her own Element and be able to distance herself from that and view it from another perspective. No wonder that Alicorns considered mortal experience a way to grow. He tries to distract her with a loud, yet not very hurtful insult and attacks her but again violence is not the answer. Spike is ready for another charge and looks at his friends. The dragon finally remembers that his friends love him for the complete being he is, for his sharp mind, knowledge and the ability to combine that with the natural strength. This was what allowed him to awaken as the Element of Generosity. Rancor doesn’t seem to like the direction this battle is now going.

As she charges at him, he counters with a hug and lets them both fall onto the ground. He was able to figure out how to hurt her by working around her immunity to violence. His next attack is tickling. Seriously! Spike tries his best to keep her under control but she is still free to hurt him. Now the knowledge of all the books he could read really comes to his aid. Thanks to Fluttershy’s gifts he knows enough about chiropractor sessions and acupuncture to continue to surprise the Draconequus. Rancor tries the “instant crippled for life pressure point technique” but actually takes the time to say that out loud before doing this. Rainbow Dash would likely not see what she did wrong. Before she can finish the dragon counters with something he learned from a hoof wresting book but is smart enough to not tell her that this technique would likely not work anyway thanks to his thick scales. He manages to evade her first teleportation attack but she points out that she will outlast him in a battle for attrition. Spike realises that she tries to enrage him again and is able to use what he learned from meditative books to calm himself down again. Similar to Strife she fights more serious the better her opponent gets. The dragon uses his wings to create a dust cloud to blind her but Rancor is able to find him and stabs him with her claw. In return he counters with another chiropractor session. He suspects that because of her immunity to violence, she doesn’t have a lot of resistance towards pain, while he had to suffer through a lot of that thanks to the sadistic Discord. He is unable to find her nerve clusters but her own movements might still hurt her. It is really impressive how much he had learned and Twilight would be amazed by his ability to observe and analyse his surroundings. But Spike is also able to use his predatory instinct to pull his arm out of her grab before she can break his elbow. Then he tries to attack her with spam by sending a huge mass of books but this doesn’t work since it still counts as violence. She briefly talks about how if he had been more passionate and revengeful he could have been her champion but he is clearly not interested.

Meanwhile in another universe the pony version of Lobo seems to be her champion and from what I heard about this character Spike’s description of a “petty, immature, selfish jerk” describes him very well. Then again that isn’t ALL he is. Here he is fighting against Superstallion to destroy the earth because it is in the way of his race. At least it doesn’t obstruct his view of Venus…

Now Spike begins to think over his options and is sure that Rancor wants to fight him directly. But as long as she will fight him, Applejack can heal the others. He is worried about both Twilight and Rarity but he knows that even after he is able to escape Rancor, he could only help one of them. Eventually he decides to help Rarity as he considers Fluttercruel the worse opponent. He uses her own momentum against Rancor and spins her away but she is back very soon and now uses her natural weapons to form a deadly tornado of attacks on her own. She could cut him into pieces in this state. Spike begins to wonder why she didn't see Apple Pie's attack coming and realises that she is using their passions to track them down. As long as she can do this, he will not be able to overcome her. At first he creates a cloud of smoke to hide within. Then he uses all he has by letting mediation clear his mind as his instincts to protect his treasures guide him and his predatory instinct is focused on his opponent. She is fast but as she can't track him down anymore he is faster and is able to surprise her several times within the thick smoke. He flies towards the castle and lets his passions flow to guide her towards himself. She teleports behind him and grabs his tail as he stops his flight and the momentum slams her against his resistant body and spines. It seems to be enough to knock her out for now. But this will surely not kill her. Finally Spike is able to start to free Rarity.

At the same time Twilight is struggling with Angry Pie who reveals that she was able to absorb all pieces of her mind into herself over the course of hundreds of years. Farewell Mr. Turnip, Madame LaFlour, Sir Lints-a-lot, Rocky, Pinky, Diane and Pinkamena. It is truly sad to hear that this version of Angry Pie was successful where the Angry Pie of the other timeline failed. The other personalities seem completely dead, after all one represented the love for the Pie family and from her reaction towards the spirits of her family, it is clear that they mean nothing towards her. Twilight tries to point out that she still has love for her new family. While she threw her old family and friends away like they were nothing, she cares for her new families and the foals who followed her into her battles. But it is pointless to talk with her and the butcher attacks her former friend without mercy. And the entire time she uses the abilities Pinkie Pie had developed as the unicorn is barely able to defend herself and the insane speed makes it nearly impossible to track the pink butcher down. The powerful abilities were all created by the Pinkie Pie who Angry Pie called a broken mess. She is a hypocrite of the highest calibre. She is trying so hard to distance herself from her past while relying so much on it at the same time. Twilight wonders why the mother should hide these abilities if her foals where in danger before but the answer is very reasonable. She couldn’t and wouldn’t. Being completely focused on her foals allowed her to channel this power and now she uses it to cut down everyone who dares to stay in the way of her insanity. An entire world is supposed to suffer for the life and happiness of her few chosen ones. Everybody else doesn’t matter towards her. It might be a good question if Discord is even able to bring all these souls back. After all several died of old age and are by now in the afterlife. It seems doubtful that Havoc or the Father of Alicorns would just give these souls back to Discord.

Actually that is a good question. Where would she lead her foals? What kind of afterlife could await them after spending their entire life alongside her, murdering, killing and fighting against everyone who dares to resist Discord’s mad rule? She might have led them all straight into Pony Hell. That is another depressing thought about her; she has truly become the total opposite of Pinkie Pie. All laughter and happiness dies around her. While Twilight spends concentration on trying to reach her, Angry Pie is totally focused on killing her. Thanks to her Pinkie Sense the butcher is always one step ahead of her opponent and slowly begins to dominate the battle. She continues to bring misery on others under her delusion that they are all laughing at her. Twilight tries to point out that there were countless other foals that were laughed at but were just killed by her but Angry Pie is beyond any reach. She just thinks that this is an insult towards her foals and that only she knows how the world truly is. From her perspective everyone else is insane, evil or blind while she is the only sane one. The voice warns Twilight that it is futile to reach the maniac before her. But the unicorn is unwilling to let go of the friend she once knew. But that Pinkie Pie is gone. They have all changed and now she is Angry Pie. Changes can be good or bad and in her case she became a horrible nihilistic laughter-hating butcher. Being the victim of Discord’s taint doesn’t absolve her from everything she does. The other ones (except Fluttercruel, but she wasn’t corrupted) never went that far in their hate. Even Rainbow Dash’s plan to erase this world and replace it with the old one was more likeable then this. While there would be a horrible prize to pay, Rainbow’s plan would at least allow one world to live in peace. Angry Pie’s plan is to keep the entire world in suffering because she believes that everyone deserves it and then she can live with her own foals in their personal safe heaven. And Discord would likely just find a way to brainwash her again until she doesn’t even remember her foals anymore.

But Twilight is unable to let go, maybe it is the part of Minty in her that calls out for Angry Pie but the lunatic already made clear that she doesn’t care for Minty anymore. The voice tries to get her to remember all the lives Angry Pie had taken and that she is no better then Discord or Fluttercruel. The two also had their limitations. Discord was unable to understand love and Fluttercruel had a twisted view on it. That didn’t change the fact that both were horrible dangers towards every single life in this world. Angry Pie truly isn’t much better then them in this regard. How many did she kill? She will go after Applejack, Apple Pie, Spike, Derpy and Rarity next. She will murder everyone she sees as a threat towards her and her goal. But Twilight just wants to reach her, she would be willing to accept any person that would come out in the end. For her Pinkie Pie was never only the Element of Laughter, she was a friend. Sadly no matter which argumentation Twilight tries, Angry Pie rejects everything. She can only see herself as the victim of the entire world and now it is the turn of the world to suffer for what she had experienced. Meanwhile the voice tries to distract the butcher by laughing at her but even that doesn’t seem to work anymore.

It is an horribly one-sided battle as Twilight is not concentrating on killing the butcher before her while Angry Pie holds nothing back. With her insane speed, power and the ability to predict what her opponent will do Twilight is almost helpless towards her onslaught. Even the magic learned in 1000 years doesn’t do her much good against this powerful enemy. Spike was wrong. The battle against Fluttercruel was downright pleasant compared towards this encounter with such a hateful pony. No wonder that the sadist did like the butcher. Both really have a lot in common. Finally Angry Pie pulls out the Element that is the very heart of Twilight. She made her decision. In order to walk forward towards her future, she will kill the past. Even the voice becomes desperate, she still needs Twilight. The unicorn becomes weaker and weaker and ages rapidly. Her former friend mocks her as Half-Light Dusk. The entire scene is incredibly disturbing. That is the difference between being killed by a hero or a villain. While Rarity took Fluttercruel’s Element and ended the life of the sadist quickly, Angry Pie took Twilight’s Element and lets her die slowly. She shows her how she looks like, gives her an incredible disturbing lecture about why Twilight is dying and finally tells her that she will now kill all her friends, including Apple Pie.

It is sad what Angry Pie did become. There is a limit of feeling empathy and she just broke it. I feel absolutely nothing for her anymore besides the desire for her to get a painless and permanent death, so that she will never hurt another soul. And since Pinkie Pie was my second most favourite character in the other timeline this is really saying something. It is not even something I wanted to happen and actually a very sad and unpleasant feeling. It feels so empty. But personal opinions aside, this story is not quite over. Twilight tries to plead towards Angry Pie to at least spare Apple Pie and says that she never hurt one of her foals. But it seems that isn’t correct. The unicorn might have hurt or even killed one or many of them. How could she be sure with Discord’s ability to erase memories? And Angry Pie just leaves her with her Smarty Pants doll to die. Now we are back to where Twilight already stood once at the beginning of her own redemption: Before Trixie’s grave. The unicorn thinks about all the persons that have died, all the wishes that seem to remain unfulfilled and the other heroes that might have to go on without her. The voice tries to ignite a spark within her but Twilight gets weaker and weaker as her body ages into dust. She picks up her doll as she slowly walks forward towards Trixie’s grave. Her biggest regret is that by trying so hard to reach Pinkie Pie, she lost the battle against Angry Pie and made her more powerful with her own Element of Magic. Her friends will have to pay the price for that.

So after everything there was never true hope to begin with. It was all pure fantasy to stand up against Discord’s mad rule. Without the complete set, the Elements of Harmony will not work and the world is doomed to endless repetition of the same misery. Twilight was destined to die by turning into… an old unicorn… Wait a minute.

The earth pony foal that reached out to the new Laughter, the adult pegasus that was the only one able to stand up against Treachery and finally the old unicorn crippled by Rage. Another set is complete. Twilight did show the forms and personalities of all three interviewers of the other timeline.

This story is not over yet. There are still so many unanswered questions left: About the voice, about Rancor, about Rainbow Dash, about the Elements, about Discord… There is still so much to see. Not all hope is dead yet.

But one thing is truly eerie. Why didn’t Discord interfere in the battle of Fluttercruel? His daughter was successful in separating one Element from the others and without any risk of being hit by Harmony Discord could have helped her and killed Rarity without any difficulties. Why didn’t he take this obvious chance? Did he trust Fluttercruel to be victorious against a single opponent because of her Stare?

Overall this was truly an incredible chapter with three very different battles. The confrontation between Rarity and Fluttercruel was very even and in the end the smarter mare was victorious by using the heritage of her fallen child. Spike fought against the impossible odds and was able to overcome Rancor by using his entire being: The intelligence he learned and his nature he was born with. Finally the battle against Angry Pie was a horribly one-sided confrontation where Twilight for the very first time is confronted by a former friend she seems to be unable to save. She was able to reach Rarity and Rainbow Dash but Pinkie Pie was beyond her reach.

Keep up the great work!
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ssjwolverine Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013
And now, after a too-long hiatus, I give you...


"The crickets were just trying to calculate how many kicks to the head you'd need for a pun like yours to actually be funny."

And that, ladies, gentlemen, and those of unspecified gender, is how you deliver a burn.

Let's see, lopping your tail off, slitting your own throat, and using the blood and hair to create skeleton robots to attack your enemies? Yikes. You don't hold back, do you?

She-she thinks that she's spreading love when she tortures ponies?!?! 'Cruel is insane!

We are witness to the true power of THE STARETM.

-"Congratulations, handsome, but a one-trick pony isn't going to beat me."
-"I'm a dragon."

That was just awesome.

Hmm. A Lobo cameo. Yeah, he would get along great with Rancor.

And now Twilight is dead.

All in all, this was an intense chapter. Rarity taking down Fluttercruel only for Angry Pie to take out Twilight. Favorite part by far was the Spike/Rancor fight, what with Spike using his creativity to stop the spirit of violence.

I'll see you in "The Real Hoof Blues", for real this time.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
"And now, after a too-long hiatus, I give you…



"The crickets were just trying to calculate how many kicks to the head you'd need for a pun like yours to actually be funny."

And that, ladies, gentlemen, and those of unspecified gender, is how you deliver a burn."

I think that was one of Kendell2's.

"Let's see, lopping your tail off, slitting your own throat, and using the blood and hair to create skeleton robots to attack your enemies? Yikes. You don't hold back, do you?"

Of course she doesn't.

"She-she thinks that she's spreading love when she tortures ponies?!?! 'Cruel is insane!"

Look at her true cutie mark, the heart made out of swords and curved blades. It's her special talent. It's what she does. So she's using her talent to express her love to her mother.

"We are witness to the true power of THE STARETM."

Not yet.

"-"Congratulations, handsome, but a one-trick pony isn't going to beat me."
-"I'm a dragon."

That was just awesome."

And to contrast with cannon Spike.

"Hmm. A Lobo cameo. Yeah, he would get along great with Rancor."


"And now Twilight is dead."

Is she? Seems tha way for now.

"All in all, this was an intense chapter. Rarity taking down Fluttercruel only for Angry Pie to take out Twilight. Favorite part by far was the Spike/Rancor fight, what with Spike using his creativity to stop the spirit of violence."

Kendell2 REALLY wanted Spike to have his greatness.

"I'll see you in "The Real Hoof Blues", for real this time."

Looking forward to it.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner May 22, 2013
I was great to read a review from you again.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013
ssjwolverine Featured By Owner May 22, 2013
I appreciate that. In fact, your responses motivate me to make more comments. Sorry I haven't been commenting lately, I was busy with real life stuff and was generally distracted by other things. Expect a response in Dark World 21 sometime this week.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
I can appreciate that. And thank you.
Acalanthide Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Student General Artist
One more thing: Second Star to the Right, and Straight on Till Morning? A reference to stars? Stars, star-shapes, Magic elements of harmony! Well, one died, and, wait. Didn't 'Cruely drop Trixie's element and a necklace of horns? Oh. Oh no.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
She drop an necklace of horns, but Trixie's Elements of magic, where did you get that?

And what do you mean 'oh, oh no.'
Acalanthide Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Student General Artist
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
Acalanthide Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Twilight! NO! *breaks down sobbing*
No! This cannot happen! No! Ok, stay calm. "There is always light before the dawn," remember? Giving in to fury makes her stronger.
Angry Pie, I know you want to protect your foals, but you miss the whole point of the Element of Laughter. I have been bullied, teased and picked on every since I was old enough to realize it, however, I have never forgotten how to laugh. Laughter is more than just the physical act of laughing. Laughter is joy and love, the way that people can make it through this cruel world, without becoming cruel themselves. Yes, Laughter can be corrupted, used as a from of hatred, but isn't it the same for every Element? One part does not make up a whole.
Apple Pie understands this. Why can't you?
*climbs off soapbox*
I also have a theory about Twilight's voice. She never went through a nightmare like arc. Maybe this is her repressed nightmare side? If so, Celestia help us all.

Discord will not win. I will not rage at him any longer, for that is what he wants.
I think I'll just curl up in the corner and sob for a while. I need to mourn. Great story!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Twilight! NO! *breaks down sobbing*

(Yes. Let the hate flow through you.)

No! This cannot happen! No! Ok, stay calm. "There is always light before the dawn," remember? Giving in to fury makes her stronger.
Angry Pie, I know you want to protect your foals, but you miss the whole point of the Element of Laughter. I have been bullied, teased and picked on every since I was old enough to realize it, however, I have never forgotten how to laugh.

AN: I have. Almost nothing gets me to laugh. Least of all myself.

I also have a theory about Twilight's voice. She never went through a nightmare like arc. Maybe this is her repressed nightmare side? If so, Celestia help us all.

Is that so?.... What would make you say that?

Discord will not win. I will not rage at him any longer, for that is what he wants.

Discord, "Oh yes, it is so so so so what I want. It MUST BE what I want. I wouldn't be the evil overlord for you to crush with your sense of justice if I wasn't, so threfore it must be."

I think I'll just curl up in the corner and sob for a while. I need to mourn. Great story!

Don't assumre all is as it appears to be.
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
Maybe you could put music into the text if you place them differently, so they will not be confused with what the voice wants to say. You could use different brackets or move it more to the right side of the text.

For example:

_______________________________________ [ Anitomy, Tales of Symphonia Dawn Of The New World [link] ]

(I couldn't move the text to the right side in this comment without filling the gap with something.)
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
Thanks for the idea, but I think I'm just gonna drop it for now. *hugs*
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
You are welcome! *hugs back*
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
Thinking about it there was nothing on the path of cruelty Fluttercruel could have done that wouldn’t be a mere repeat of the things Discord already did. He practically wrote the book about cruelty.

He killed more then she ever could with his multiple genocides (and the time when he asked his father to spell out Celestia’s name with exploding planets), he tortured gods like Rota Fortuna and Destruction and an near infinite number of mortals, he broke families, he manipulated others to do his horrible bidding, he gave fates worse then death, he destroyed friendships, he corrupted souls so that they would go to hell after their death, he stole the body of his poor host, he cannibalised his own brother and he tormented his own mortal mother for 1000 years.

There is no atrocity she could commit that he hadn't already done and likely done worse.

Compared to that the Fluttercruel from the other timeline found a form of kindness her mother hadn’t used (to be cruel to be kind) and was able to grow and to become her own person.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
He never actually 'tormented' or tortured Shady actually.
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
But he basically turned her into his enforcer and exploited her love for him. I think this is one of the most painful things you can do to somebody who loves you that much.

For me this is the one of the worst things Discord ever did.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
Discord never snapped his fingers and turned her into his slave, she simply wasted away, and was ALREADY like that when she gained the Element of Despair (which made her a pesudo-Alicorn).

Nightmare Genesis is best described BTW as a Proto-Nightmare, since Starcatcher still had enough of herself to come back to reality on her own.
r1ck3t Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
About Shady and the Element of Despair, assuming it was an Element of Chaos and it was responsible for her pseudo-Alicorn form, how did she manage to avoid aging to dust after losing it when Discord was stoned for the second time?

I know you expunged all references (well, except for one) to Nightmare Shadow in Origins 6, but I think her becoming a true Nightmare would definitely be appropriate. I'd imagine that she had the Element alone for the first fight on Paradise Estate, but over the course of a 1000 years, her despair at seeing her own son fall so far could have turned her into a shadow of herself. This would also provide the justification for being the sole enforcer, and being powerful enough to outright overpower Discord, yet not being stoned by Harmony like the rest of the Elements of Chaos.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012
Pinkie Pie, "Silly filly, the Element Of Harmony would never kill."
r1ck3t Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Wait... wait... you're not Angry Pie OR Pinkie Diane, how did you find this chapter??
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Pinkie Pie, "Have you ever tuned for Pinkie Pie's Forth Wall Breaking Variety Show?"
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
But that is not my point. My point is that it was a horrible torturous thing to do to his mother. She had to suffer for such a long time.

For every other villain that would be the unforgiveable crime but Discord had already done several of these by this point like cannibalising his own brother.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
Which is ironic since he never did anything to ever actually HURT HER. He gave her her own castle, surrounded her (practically drowned her) in creature comforts, an army of servants, and pretty much any other material want. His JUST DIDN'T GET that he was torturing her unspeakably by doing what he did to the world.
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
He really didn't notice that?

While he didn't understand love or didn't want to understand love (considering the scene where Dissey does seem to get it), Discord did understand suffering very well.

He knew how to inflict pain to others and how to find what makes his prey suffer the most. Shouldn't Discord be able to notice that his mother shows many signs of a HORRIBLY suffering victim?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
He possibly thought she'd 'lighten up' given enough time. He'd never accept the reality he was torturing her with what he was doing.
(1 Reply)
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
Hey, he's so evil that even his genuine good deeds causes unspeakable suffering.
Toonwatcher Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Okay, no way is this storyline ending on such a sad note, not when everypony else is winning or has won their fights!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
There's only one way for you to know for sure.
Toonwatcher Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
Yeah, but I've already got library books to read in addition to this.
Jarkes Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
Because I ran out of room.
Jarkes Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
64K Size limit again?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
When is it not?
Jarkes Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
It's just that usually when it happens, you already have it split into two deviations, and you post them both at once...
r1ck3t Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
All the nails are falling into place, major characters are kicking the bucket one by one...

Damnit! I can't thwart her plans alone!

Please, I'm begging you, can't any of you see the shadow before the end?


Levitation make a great break-pedal! <- 'makes'

the real Derpy then hammered into Rancor a moment later once to bounce out of her reach. <- Incomprehensible

She tugged, and remember how strong Earth Ponies could get. <- 'remembered', but "then remembered" would be best

her wings and legs hung limpy as she struggled like a horn on a hook. <- 'limply'

there was more things to show. <- 'were'

two stone block falling apart at once. <- 'blocks'

while another meat cleaver strike the stone <- 'strikes'

The tiny ball of light magic explode where I approximate Cruel is looking, <- 'explodes'

as he wings </u>carries</u> her away from me. <- 'her' & 'carry'

She landed several yard away from me, <- 'yards'

and housed them insides rock golem body, <- "inside a"

Others simply wish for your evil to an end. <- Remove

if I was <- 'were'

there's always been a part of me that've found those traits warm <- "that's"

they fired they weapons at the same time. <- 'their'

to punch through Cruel's ring of body guard and head butted her. <- 'guards' & 'butt'

I just needed to hold on into she got reckless enough. <- 'until'

I brought up a stone spike to sniper her <- 'snipe'

a oversized sword <- 'an'

She just wish she knew more about her own and pegasi autonomy <-

My family tell me the same thing. <- 'tells'

some of the names the locals have come up for me. <- Missing 'with' between 'up' & 'for'

Rancor made a beeline for me claws and jaws first. <- 'my'

then swing her into me and gave her a giant hug, <- 'swung'

a obviously painful impression. <- 'an'

But why give awhile an advantage? <- 'away'

She came from above all her pointy now stuck in the ground. <- Incomprehensible

teleporting halfway to close the distance stabbing me in the gut with her claws <- Missing 'and'

react quicker by taking the though process out <- 'thought'

an entire libraries worth of <- "library's"

chaos minion instruct guides, <- 'instruction'

She blew away the books from her body sending in every direction, <- Missing 'them' between 'sending' & 'in'

its in the way <- "it's"

That means AJ, Derpy and Apple Pie has time to recover. <- 'have'

Twilight has a lot more tricks of her sleeve <- 'up'

I breath a thick cloud of smoke <- 'breathe'

they think its funny <- "it's"

I actually lost my balance lost my line of sight of her for a moment. <- 'and'

She land on four hooves, <- 'landed'

fired triplet shot of ice, lightning, and fire. <- Missing 'a' between 'fired' & 'triplet'

the round-black cartoonish bomb she thew in my face <- 'threw'

I caused the water in the pound to crash and encase her, <- 'pond'

She kicked jump off <- "jump kicked"

She sighed before she grunted and grabbed her head and looking back at me. <- Replace with comma

she turned over the Element of in her hooves. <- Element of what?

The following just have extra spaces:

You're not dead!  Not yet! <-

I coughed.   Immortality

bones  putting

me.  My

I back into my foxhole,

with.  While

Trying to bait me, I ignore it.

location.  And

me.  Hopefully,

jabbering.  Good

does.  And

her.  How

grandmother.  "It's

cliché.  And Strife

things."  Rancor

laughed.  "Rarity

way!  Letting

dance!  I have

Inner calm.  Dispassionate zen.  Blech.  You

Boo.  Hiss.  Okay.  Suit yourself, pal.  Back to fighting!

Violence.  But
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
"All the nails are falling into place, major characters are kicking the bucket one by one…"

(Yes. All is going as it SHOULD go!)

"Damnit! I can't thwart her plans alone!"

*You're not alone.*

Please, I'm begging you, can't any of you see the shadow before the end?


the real Derpy then hammered into Rancor a moment later once to bounce out of her reach. <- Incomprehensible

Derpy crashed headlong into her, but vanished, and the real Derpy then hammered into Rancor a moment later and responded out of her reach.

She tugged, and remember how strong Earth Ponies could get. <- 'remembered', but "then remembered" would be best

She tugged, then remembered

Rancor made a beeline for me claws and jaws first. <- 'my'

Nope, missing a comma.

She came from above all her pointy now stuck in the ground. <- Incomprehensible

Rancor teleported, I didn't try to guess which way she'd come and used all the muscles in my legs to push myself out of where I was standing. She came from above, now all her pointy-things were stuck in the ground.

fired triplet shot of ice, lightning, and fire. <- Missing 'a' between 'fired' & 'triplet'

and fired triplet shots of ice,
eric-emanwu Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
Who are you? The nails are falling you say, but who are you who sees the hammer?
r1ck3t Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
I still think Generation Transitions was an unnecessary evil.

Your thoughts?
eric-emanwu Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
Hmmmm. Well, I suppose that it was part of the way supreme shadow Alex was able to have us understand the alicorns and draconequi a little better in their work. I think that it was a good way to remind us that not every story has a good ending, especially not this one.

I think more than anything, it might have been a fanfic way to make G3 seem much better than it gets rap for. As one internet critic CR! put it, it was experimental more than anything.

I suppose it's also a continuation of the meditation on the split between redemption and termination. Between working with what you have, or cutting off for the good of others and yourself. A lot of the initial reharmonized series was more about redemption, but the author might have wanted to look into the other side of things also. (don't quote me on this)

Also, Transitions might have also existed to create a stealth springboard into something new in the story: the mystery of WHO are the interviewers?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
You're making my head swell. :-)
EnLoJani Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Is there room for Rainbow Dash to do anything at this point, or is she out of the game for the most part?

Glad Fluttercruel got what was coming to her. Maybe the death of his daughter finally causes Discord to begin his long overdue villainous breakdown. Was expecting more from her death though honestly.

Is Shining Armor actually alive at this point? You'd think that once Rancor and Angry Pie are down, he'd be out of things to protect him, but you make it sound like he still has major pieces on the board to play.

It would be the ultimate gutpunch for Angry to learn that she had actually killed her foals and Discord had been messing around with her memories.

Discord really does need to die at this point. He's reduced himself to an unending smug Orcus who takes little active part in anything going on at this point. He's become painfully predictable, and is beginning to lose my interest as a villain. I wonder how you'll keep him going considering he gets a third shot at the crown once time in the main universe gets rolling again.

Only thing left to say aside from good chapter is, I'm curious how you decide to play morality from this point onward. Will you play Twilight's absolute faith true and have some part of Pinkie Pie left in there, or will you play bitter reality true and have the group put her down for her own good.

Looking forward to the next chapter as always.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
"Discord really does need to die at this point. He's reduced himself to an unending smug Orcus who takes little active part in anything going on at this point. He's become painfully predictable, and is beginning to lose my interest as a villain. I wonder how you'll keep him going considering he gets a third shot at the crown once time in the main universe gets rolling again. "

There is a very good, very big, very important, very shocking, IN STORY, reason for this.

"Is there room for Rainbow Dash to do anything at this point, or is she out of the game for the most part?"

Wait and see!
KurseofKings Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
“I begin to trot toward Trixie's grave. I'd like to take my nap next to her. One inch at a time. Heh. One hoof fall at a time right? Isn't that how life is? To the very

. . . end.” Angry Pie spoke to me after reading this chapter, you know. She told me to tell you this: “I HATE CLIFFHANGERS!!! BAD AUTHOR!!!” And quite frankly I agree with her. (Seriously though, great chapter,:iconalexwarlorn:. Can’t wait for the next one.) Also, I used this song ( [link] ) for part of the fight with Rarigreed and Fluttercruel. (By the way, how many chapters left until the Dark World/Shining Armor arc is over?)
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Not really my taste in music. But thank you.

And cliff hangers aren't evil, they're very useful in getting your readers to COME BACK. To learn what happens next!
sceptileknight Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Finally, great chapter and a hell cliffhanger, hate and love that end. I wish this time you can release the chapter faster.

Pinkie pie is still there isn't she?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
The editors REALLY want to give the next chapter A LOT OF WORK.

It's the Dreaded Next Scene that caused so many delays.
Richforce Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
One's down for the count, one is seemingly out of play but the last still has to find out what she really wants.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
You'll see. Here's hoping the NEXT chapter doesn't spend a month in editing hell.
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