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Half-Light Dusk sighed as she sensed her sisters coming. She sent them away for their protection. Couldn't they think to do some good as mortal ponies? She was certainly causing enough doom as one right now. 'They should have saved the Elements, Shining, Spike, and Sweetie, and saved me for last.'

(Auto Record Half-Light Dusk)

Maybe I've been doing all the planning too much, I should have let them take the lead once in a while, let them test their own reigns. Let them make mistakes and learn to think on their own. Now they barely know how to figure out what to do besides come back and save me and then work on everything else. Are we really that crippled without each other? At first it shouldn't have mattered, but we've become more individuals without even realizing it. Mother I'm sorry, we've let the timeline you entrusted us with to go to hooey. Shining did his part, more than what you asked of him, we failed you.

Sighing again I said,

"Attention guards, an earth pony filly and a pegasus mare are approaching my position on the tower's roof from the outside with the intention of stealing Her Majesty's guidance from me. Both are innately powerful but have never engaged in actual battle before. Approach with caution and subdue."

"Yes madam," they said as the trained soldiers they were, My Queen was no fool, she had recognized how effective Equestria's training regiment was, so she had imitated it, or simply sent her own changelings into the guard from the ground up. She hadn't simply thrown this scheme together in a day, or a handful of months, this plan had been in the making for years and years, if not a decade or more. Every possible effort taken to make sure they remained invisible all that time, as they had for thousands of years. They had plenty of practice covering their tracks: covering them? More like making it like those tracks never existed.

Hmmm? The guards who flew off got ambushed and disabled. My sisters are not alone. Hopefully they're smarter than I expected.

"Two guards go for reinforcements at once. Rest assigned to me: come here at once."

They swarmed up to form a protective ring around me. Or were going to, but my sisters and their surprise allies struck first.

It wasn't any of the Elements, I don't know if I should feel worried or relieved. The Wonderbolts? I guess I shouldn't be surprised Noon, mother did style you after Rainbow Dash, and they are not the worst choice. Filthy Rich? Golden Tiara? And Tender Loving Care? Oh Dawn how could you! You foolish filly! How could you drag them into this? They're going to get hurt! The less ponies involved in this is more ponies who get to live their lives instead of having to put them on the line! Oh I'm sorry for being angry Dawn, I forget, we might all be the same age, but you carry mother's innocence and foalhood. Sometimes I wonder if we're fools for wanting to be individuals, we, the Aeon Tarot. While the Hunger Tarot does as is her nature, to hunger for more, to never be satisfied, for the emptiness inside her to never be filled. Or are we both just using excuses?

Oh! Right right! Let's see. I don't want to do this. I don't like doing this. But when you're under mind control it doesn't really matter.

Spitfire and Soarin' coming from an angle below me, and Noon coming directly above me, points for being fairly clever sister. Hmmm. And Filthy Rich and Golden Tiara come from one side of the roof, and ah, TLC and Dawn coming from the other side. I wouldn't detect them, but I would detect you, and I'd just assume you were all together.

Physically rushing me all at once from multiple directions? Not an illogical plan in of itself. Relatively decent. After all, multiple directions means I should be only able to focus in one direction, and by the time I've dealt with just one of you, the others will have been able to get in close, and fight me in melee. After all, I'm just an elderly mare with poor senses and poor reaction-time but very very very strong magic. So one or two might get hit by me, but between all of you, one of you MUST get through right? And after that, it won't matter if the changeling guards swarm you or not, because I'll be free of My Queen's mind control.

Dawn, Noon, I thought you knew me better than that.

"Heroic-morons," I sigh.

I burn away this elderly shape, my senses, my wrinkled skin and creaking bones restored to their prime in a moment. If Noon had done it, I imagine she'd have some dramatic call for it, but I'm not her.

"Twilight Sparkle? With a white mane?!" Spitfire gasped.

I hate serving My Queen's evil, being forced to write the 'happy' conclusion she desires, but I enjoy the chance to at least show a little of my real power rather than leaving it to rot and gather dust. Practice makes perfect, and lack of practice leaves things to rust. I wish I was a lot more rusty, then this plan of theirs would have worked.

Dawn stomps the dome ceiling, cracking it slightly trying to knock me off balance, it doesn't work. I telekinetically grab the pegasi, and four earth ponies, it was barely a work out. I am all the magical experience of Twilight Sparkle had as a unicorn, and of Twilight The First, and of the evil Nightmare Eclipse. And they didn't have a Rarity with all six Elements of Chaos or an Element of Magic.

They hung like ornaments strung in the air. Ponies below who happened to look up might have seen it. But sadly not many besides Pegasi are going to bother checking out the sky.

Dawn may have the earth pony strength of a full awakened Alicorn, but kicking air isn't going to help.

The guards converge. They can't exactly spit changeling slime in public. If there's one thing the changelings take very seriously, it's their facade, they'd sooner throw one of their own kind under a carriage than break character.

They grab my sisters and their rag-tag teammates.

"Sisters, I'm so disappointed in you, physically rushing me from several directions at once? Did you really think I couldn't handle that? All of mother's unicorn magic went to me. You really thought my telekinesis couldn't handle this many at once? I may look like I have the body of an elderly mare but I'm not a senile old pony who doesn't know how to use her own magic. Couldn't you think of anything smarter than a blind full frontal charge? Against somepony who can dish out punishment as hard and fast as I can, coming at me wide in the open even as fast as you were, you were practically throwing yourselves on my horn. I mean, COME ON, I KNOW you girls have a sense of strategy, did you think because I'm enslaved that I'd act stupidly? We know how Changelings work better than that. I want so badly to act stupidly but I'm not allowed. I guess this is what happens when we bicker and not work together like mother intended us to. I'm sorry this happened, I thought I could steer Her Majesty away from her choices, preventing the invasion all together, I thought because she wasn't truly a Nightmare or Alicorn, or a Draconequus, that I wasn't in danger. I underestimated her. I didn't realize that she was stronger than the one we knew of. And we're all paying the price for it. I apologize - wait! Where is-"

I suddenly had 'the hydra wasn't the doozy' flashbacks.

Peewee pierced the dome ceiling below me like a flaming comet, breaking through the crack Dawn had made.

He flares bright white at point blank range, stinging my eyes and blinding me for a few precious seconds. I fall off the soap box I had unwittingly summoned like a domino. I feel a pair hooves ram into my back with the force of a freight train, completely breaking my concentration, and freeing my rescuers.

Fleetfoot. The fastest of the Wonderbolts even when compared to Spitfire.

Sisters, thankfully I've underestimated you. My rescuers had known Peewee was coming, and had closed their eyes, the guards hadn't, and weren't expecting my telekinesis to suddenly stop holding my rescuers. My savers knock half the guards out of the sky, and the other half responds to the Equestrian training Chrysalis had insisted they receive and fly down to save their comrades rather than staying and fighting the enemy and protecting their objective.

TLC and Screwball attack me bare-hoof from both sides while I'm still disoriented, keeping me from focusing, and NOT 'playing nice'. They showed the same level of brutality they had shown in Screwball breaking free of the mental ward and TLC in keeping her in there. Dawn and Noon must have told them how tough I am. Good. That's it girls. Fight as hard as you can.

Filthy Rich rams me again with more power than a locomotive. With the same force that had saved his daughter.

They're hitting hard and fast. They have to. The changeling guards will overwhelm them if my rescuers have to fight me and the guards' numbers at the same time.

They know they don't have time for banter or apologizes, I hope.

I wildly charge up my horn and send a powered up electric field in every direction, shocking the earth ponies and knocking them on their backs. My sight returns to see Soarin' and Spitfire flying down on top of me, Soarin' taking in the lightning. I sent out a blast of Arctic wind to frostbite their wings, but it doesn't stop gravity that is on their side and I roll out of the way as they crash.

"A couple of stunt ponies can't match raw offense or defense against an Alicorn level unicorn-mage," I say.

"I am NOT just a stunt pony!" Spitfire swears as she seemingly sets her wings on fire, melting the frost and actually burning my side as her wing strikes me at the speed of a wing blade, Soarin' then returns the lighting I had sent out on my opposite side and I was shocked and burned at the same time.

Peewee dives in to try and get in my face again, one quick spell and he's in a fireproof stone box.

Fleetfoot moves in to add her number to the pegasi beat-up, but I'm regaining my senses now, and I zap their flight suits into metal. They gasp out as the skin tight uniforms became immobile and trapping them in place and posed like bizarre performance art. I can't resist the pride I feel knowing only a unicorn at my level could perform such a concise and quick and multiple transmutation.

Now Noon comes at me, she should have come in during the beginning of the brawl. Didn't she learn from the first time, wait! My telekinesis does't connect, what, an illusion? How could she do that?!

Three at once, can't take chances, blast them all, all illusions, had to be sure. Since when can she do that?! Two from opposite sides, blast them both, of course it's the real Noon that hits me, okay, she was no way she could have been invisible, I call foul, they're saving me but have some respect for the rules!

"Since when can Pegasi create illusions?!" I heard myself exasperate.

"Rainbows are just light!"

"You shouldn't told me that moron!" I hit her with a simple paralysis spell, then she punched me in the face, her body moving in jerking motions like a doll.

"And lightning is just electricity, like nerve impulses!"

Part of the roof contorted and actually broke upwards hitting me in the stomach hard, making me falling back gasping in pain.

Dawn kicked the shells that were once the 'bolts flight suits that split open and the freed pegasi dog piled me.

"And rock and metal are just earth," Dawn said happily.

Why did we all have to be Twilight Sparkle?!

I see some of my guards finally making their way back to the rooftop. I make a blinding flash at my much closer rescuers. By the time their eyes recover my guards are retreating and I am not to be seen. Can they figure this one out?

"She teleported?!" TLC gasped.

"No she didn't!" Noon swore.

Through our link -which I had momentary forgotten- she zoomed right towards me at high speed tearing some of her feathers off. Her head hit me in the stomach, and breaking through the illusion of the guard I had put around myself and tore one of my gossamer wings off and kicked me back towards the dome ceiling, the guards now flying back TOWARDS it, but Noon was faster. Her body was originally created to fight Ender Dash after all.

I created some floating crystals around my other rescuers. Dawn shouted "Duck!" which the adults did, so as the lasers connected between the crystals, the adults avoiding being skewered by the beams. Dawn hit the discarded metal suits and got just the right sympathetic vibration to make the crystals shatter, crystals were were earth too after all. The gems exploded outward and I was hit, making me feel a large amount of pain.

I hit the dome roof, and my sisters love tackled me.

Sis, I know we argued a lot, about stupid things, and not so stupid things, more so than I ever do with Dawn. But you're my family. You were the one who wanted to respect Shining as a person before he knew what a person was. You were the one who knew that we cheated with Peewee, and taking him back to our world would only be more cheating. That his...that his role as Spike's own little ward was about the only way that the Blank Wolf might not see him as a wrongness in the world...and even then it was gonna be a gamble. Or maybe giving him to Spike was just a pipe-dream, after all, Spike wasn't at the dragon migration, that means he wasn't there to save Peewee, and we aren't supposed to be here.

But there was no way Peewee was gonna be accepted by the Blank Wolf in our world, he's not like Shining, he's a normal entity.

Not to mention we cheated Mortis, guy's a nice Alicorn and one of the most patient beings in creation but of all the Alicorns I think he's the one who dislikes being cheated the most. The thestrals will keep askin' for Peewee forever, and being a Phoenix, forever can be literal. Might be why we're not on speaking terms with this world's him OR Rota Fortuna.

There are reasons even concepts aren't meant to cheat death without his permission.

You knew sis', we wouldn't listen. You knew the heartbreak would be worse the longer we waited for Dawn, but we didn't listen, I didn't want to listen, I wanted everything to turn out alright if we were just stubborn and forceful enough.

That isn't how things're supposed to roll with us.

I admit it, I screwed up. There, I said it. No disclaimer, no excuses, no still's, but's, however's, or though's.

I'm the one who always asks the questions ponies don't want to ask themselves but have to if they want to move on. But, you, knew...just because somepony wants something really bad, just because they'll be sad if they don't get it, doesn't mean they'll get it, or that they should. You always look at the end results of things, that's who you are.

I made ponies make hard decisions, but you were always making the nasty the two of us wouldn't have to...You never did it because you thought you were better than us or smarter than us, you did it out of love.

And I love you for it too.
I don't like that you want to take Peewee away. I like him, and he likes me. BUT I DON'T WANT YOU TO GO AWAY! I WANT YOU HERE! I WANT ME HERE WITH YOU! I want Noony here too! I want us all together! We've always stuck together! Just like Aloe and Lotus, remember? When we interviewed them? And helped them remember their bond like Applejack did? I...I feel the same way. Don't ever go away big sister, and I promise not to go away either. I'm gonna make friends, and I wanna introduce all of them to you, because you're my big sister and I love you.
And Chrysalis' geass shattered. Suppressed Emotions surge back to the surface. Everything came back. My mind is clear. Hehe...good job little sisters. You outsmarted me. You've grown so much. I love you both and I'm so proud of you. Oh no!
"Everypony get away! The dome ceiling is covered in bomb runes!" Dusk screamed. She touched her horn to her sisters.

(Dusk Notes: I helped Chrysalis rig them so they'd explode if I was freed!)

(Noon Notes: Covered?! But that many will take out half the building, the explosion would ruin the rune, maybe, but it would also mangle any ponies inside or around the building! And the dust and-)

(Dawn Notes: But there's no time for everypony to get away! They're about to blow!)

(Noon Notes: You know we wouldn't really be breaking the rules at this point, just cleaning up our own mess.)

(Dusk Notes: There's no way Rota Fortuna would ever accept that answer for us fighting Chrysalis.)

(Noon Notes: Okay. She wouldn't. But Spitfire and the others wouldn't be here if not for us! And neither would this mess of explosive runes! And Chrysalis is kinda cheating anyway! And we did kinda sorta help Shining do in her child, ya know. But there's no way she'll object to us fixing this.)

(Dusk Notes: You are correct. Everypony know their role to play? Yes? Good!)
Seven ponies emergency teleported away, much to the dismay of Straight Lace when Soarin' rematerialized right on top of an ivory antique table in her employer's living room.

"W-who are...aliens bugs...from another universe … uuuugh," She fainted.
Dawn brought down every ounce of earth pony magic she had and shattered the dome turned giant bomb into pieces, but many of the runes were still active!

Within seconds Noon spun a whirlwind, the force sending the now separated and smaller piece of the dome upwards into the sky, exploding above the sky line and hitting the barrier.
"UGH!" Shining Armor grunted.

" . . ." Chrysalis sighed and face hooved, "If that explosion is what I know it's going to be...shields holding dear?"

"Yes my love, the shield is holding perfectly," Shining Armor reported.

"Thank Rosedust for small mercies. Get me Kabuto! Tell that creature his playtime is on hold, he's back on making sure my central rune is finished, even if he has to engrave it himself!"
We who are not supposed to be within time, divine light shine, spread our wings and fly back into the sky, once again chained no more by mortal guise.

"Hey! Where'd they go?" A disguised changeling guard asked confused.

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): I am no longer in your service Chrysalis.)

Sigh. What do you expect me to say? Curses, my property slips from me one by one? Blah blah blah, angry rant, blah blah blah, 'this can not be', blah blah blah, 'but my plan was perfect?' Or maybe, 'OH NO! the big angry spirit is here to destroy me for daring to try and control her maybe?' Pst. Which do you want? The 'No! Please have mercy! Just spare me!' pleading? Personally I've always much preferred, 'You couldn't have freed yourself alone! I held you!' The moment I saw my first other self before me besides that blue-blooded idiot, I knew fate would contort and twist back upon itself before ever allowing me to claim my hard earned victory. But tell fate this, Half-Light Dusk. If the game will cheat before letting me win, I simply have to change the rules.

I WILL stand on equal footing with her. I will no longer be her or anyling else's slave. Not her, not Cocoon's, not my flesh, and most certainly not that mad creature that thinks himself king of everything. He's next on my list. So tell me I am doomed, tell me I have no chance of winning, that I never had any chance of winning, I've heard it many times before, and I have proven them all wrong! I always grant those who look down on me their just reward. Send me to Hell and I SWEAR by every changeling that has ever lived, I will devour it from the inside out like a cancer! Tell me an infinite number of others have made the same boast and failed and were but toys for Havoc in the end, I will be the one to make that boast reality! Lock the gates of Heaven and I will break through them! Dumped me in Oblivion and I will claw my own way out!

I've come too far, I have struggled for too long, to see all I have made with literal sweat, blood, and tears, to crumble to dust now. I refuse to lose!

"Chryssy, is it true they got Spike too?" Sweetie asked.

"I'm sorry dearie."

"Too bad. I really liked dancing with 'em."

I ruffle her mane, "Don't worry my sweet bell, all will dance for you very very soon. I shall admit, Trixie truly showed me, she is indeed the equal of Twilight Sparkle as the Element of Magic. Change the orders, Trixie is to be taken alive, and eliminate Twilight Sparkle...unless I'm there to do it myself."

"Do you HAVE TO Chryssy? Can't you just make her good again?"

Chrysalis looked at the filly surprised. "Sorry Sweetie, but I'm afraid they won't stop causing trouble unless they're made to stop. I'm not doing this to make you unhappy. I'm doing it because I need to."

"Alright Chryssy." Sweetie said, remember what Rarity said about adults doing things they didn't want to.


(Dusk Notes: Alright...we're back where we belong.)

(Noon Notes: Good, now we can bring Chrysalis' plan crashing down around her ears.)

(Dusk Notes: Noon, you know we can't fight Chrysalis.)

(Noon Notes: But it's our JOB to help the heroes do it and earn their happy ending...we just need to play by the rules.)

(Dusk Notes: Did you just-)

(Noon Notes: Hey, Happy Journeys include a lot of learning.)

(Dawn Notes: And Happy Beginnings mean you have to learn a lot to understand the setting and enjoy the story.)

(Dusk Notes: ...And Happy Conclusions mean being willing to look back on an adventure and see where you've succeeded and where you failed. Alright. Let's get back to work.)

(Noon Notes: Okay, lets check the notes and see what we missed...Okay, Twilight and Spike are free. By Trixie and Cadence and the Cutie Mark Crusaders respectively.)

(Dawn Notes: Trixie's okay?! Thank Super Mommy!)

(Dusk Notes: We've always said those kids could do wonders if they put their minds to it.)

(Noon Notes: Misfit Actual didn't get launched, got back together, and took out Digger Wasp, and are heading to take out Kabuto.)

(Dusk Notes: I wondered who did that. That's good news, it means Chrysalis has a threat she doesn't know.)

(Noon Notes: And Moth revealed her true nature but was accepted as a sister by Bon Bon and is part of Twilight's group.)

(Dusk Notes: ...Of all the things you just told me, I think that's the most surprising.)

(Noon Notes: Hey, if there's one thing Equestria is, it's forgiving. Now come on, we've got work to do.)


Oh! There's that weird Pinkie Sense again!...But we haven't got to Applejack yet...

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): your friend, I want to say thank you for everything...and sorry I haven't been there to guide you through this.)

Oh! It's you! Cool! And no worries! I don't hold a grudge! I'd give you a big hug if it weren't for the fact you're a disembodied voice!

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Hehe...I missed that, Pinkie...)


(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Twilight...I'm sorry that I wasn't there to give you strength when you needed it most. To guide you down the path that could have saved you so much heartache.)


(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Princess Cadence...I'm sorry for not helping you in your time of need...After all you've done for Twilight, I wish I could have repaid you a little...)


(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Fluttercruel, Rarity...I'm sorry I haven't been there to guide you...I hope I can make up for that now.)


(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): Applejack, I'm saying this to your heart of hearts. The part of your soul that refuses to yield. I'm so sorry. I should have been there to tell you you didn't need to be scared of your own gifts.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): WE should have been there, sis. Now enough apologizing, remember what mom learned? If you want to REALLY make things up to ponies, do, don't just SAY. Fix things in the here and now, don't worry about the past!)

(Interviewer's Notes (Unicorn): ...Hehe...indeed...Applejack, you looked into the truth and did not blink. You never gave up fighting to save Fluttershy's soul. You faced down the embodiment of your own potential evil and won. You looked at your reflection in Orangejack and were able to accept and embrace her. Your heart has weathered many trials. You are one of the most determined, strong willed ponies I have ever known, and I have known many. Please, I know the pain you are in, I was in the same. But weather the storm but a little longer, Applejack. Pensilis has always praised your will to survive, now is the time to prove his praise was well given. Do not let the Queen break your spirit. If not for yourself, then for your family.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Earth Pony): Don't give up, Applejack. You've got a strong heart, just hold out a little longer.)

(Interviewer's Notes (Pegasus): In other words, if there was EVER a time to be stubborn as a mule, NOW'S THE TIME!)


(Dusk Notes: Shining...we failed you. And it's all my fault for allowing me to fall into that witch's snare. But may your heart of hearts listen to me when I say this: Cadence and Twilight are counting on there to be a you to save when they get there. Do not disappoint them...I wish we could be the ones to free you, but Fate will not allow it. Good luck, Shining.)


(Noon's Notes You know, with the Blank it is, we could probably get away with a lot more.)

(Dusk: We could, but just because the lawgiver is indisposed, doesn't mean the laws weren't made for a reason.)

(Noon: I know. I just feel terrible that we can't free Shiny ourselves…)

(Dusk: I upsets me too. But if we cheat, beyond balancing out what cheating Chrysalis was able to do with me, reality is what pays the price for it. We're an outside force. Native concepts are a PART of reality, we're just visitors.)

(Dawn: So what happens we do help lots and lots hooves-on?)

(Noon:…You don't wanna know. Remember what happened in the Lost Third Age, when the Wish Spell tried to 'quick-fix' everything?)


"Wow! These magic newspapers are so cool! Miss Cheerilee told me but I didn't believe it. They'll really show anything we print at the school paper?" Alula, the Foal Free Press' new editor asked.

"Yes," Umbra Breeze said, "After ponies have had a taste of you doing it for free, then you simply charge a fee once it's become a part of their daily lives."

"But will ponies want to read the Foal Free Press again?"

"My dear, they were willing to read it even when they supposedly hated the articles printed in it. You have nothing to worry about. I've already made contacts in Cloudsdale and Canterlot to have the paper released there again, before this whole royal wedding nonsense complicated everything."

"Really? Cool! do they work?"

"It's ... very very very advanced magic little pony, I doubt even Twilight Sparkle could fully understand it without going crazy. It's my own invention."

"What? But-"

"Trust me my dear, nothing is truly impossible."

"You know, I think Diamond mentioned you in my dreams."

"Did she now?"

"Yeah...she said I could trust you to help with the paper, but I shouldn't trust you to help out if things got tough."

"I am merely a sponsor my dear, it wouldn't be proper for me to interfere in things directly, at least right now. But I have faith in your ability. And I'm certain Diamond Tiara would too, she wouldn't appear in your dreams if she didn't would she?"

"I...I guess not? She also told me in my dreams I should make friends with tootsie Flute while her guardians are busy in Canterlot."

"That's a good pegasus. I promise my dear, the Foal Free Press will have a greater effect on Equestria itself than you could imagine."


"Open up in the name of Her Majesty!" The guards banged on the door to Fancy Pants' resident.

Straight Lace opened the door, "Hello officers is there a problem?"

"Renegade Wonderbolts were reportedly seen inside this house by concerned citizens! We have the building surrounded! We demand their immediate surrender."

Dang it, should have expected this would happen. Captain of the Wonderbolts is hard to miss. I could hope that Fancy Pants talks his way out of this...or...

I look to everypony else. "I'm going to turn myself in," I whisper. "Before anyone says anything, trust me when I say I'm causing them MORE trouble this way. I was a guard, I know how much trouble this is going to cause them...just tell anyone that believed Fancy I did it."

"Spitfire, why?" asked Fancy Pants.

"Because we're a rebellion, and I'm sacrificing myself to make life hell on the enemy."

"...You'll be a martyr."

"Exactly...Soarin', Fleetfoot, come on. I can bail you out of this if these things think like Noon said they did."

We leave Filthy Rich and company in hiding, with strict orders to STAY AWAY from windows. We come to the door as the 'guards' look about ready to arrest Straight Lace.

"Don't bother him, I MADE them house us. He's innocent," I told them.

They prepared their weapons and looked ready for a fight. "Freeze!"

I put my hoofs up. "I surrender."

They blinked. "What?"

"Surrender. You know, give up without a fight?"

They looked shocked. "But...YOU CAN'T DO THAT!"

"I just did," I said, holding my hooves and wings to be cuffed. "Soarin' and Fleetfoot where just following orders, they're not responsible for any of this."

They nodded, still seeming dazed. Hehe. Figures, if they follow their queen as single-mindedly as Noon said, then of course they'd assume the same of us. They might imitate ponies, but I get the feeling they never cared enough to really try to understand 'em.

Hey, Noon? You there now?

(Noon Notes: Yeah. But I've got my own rules I need to abide by, so I can't help a LOT. But I can give you advice.)

Alright. So refreshing my memory, these things can't control me like they did your sister if I don't 'invite them in'? Just...I don't know, make me a zombie but that ain't too useful for them?

(Noon Notes: That's about right. Unless Queenie takes a direct interest in you, but hopefully she doesn't have the time to work on you and wants to conserve her power for when she actually needs it instead of 'wasting it' on you now that she's running out of officers.)

So not reminding anypony I even know who Rainbow Dash is sound like a good idea?

(Noon Notes: Very.)


"I have the right to remain silent and if I do not have an attorney one will be provided to me," I recited from memory. "I've got an attorney by the way, she's actually here in Canterlot."

They grumbled, probably knowing I'd just put more paper work and delays in their path. And gave myself a good excuse to keep my lips sealed.

"What am I being charged for exactly?"

"Assault of a public servant and destruction of public property."

I kept my mouth shut. Anyone in the crowd who was in on Fancy's plan would know what that really meant, which was my intention. I take a peak around. Good, they're curious about what happened. Hehe.

Not only that, I CAN'T be a bug because they all got 'booted out' except 'Queen Cadence'. Right? Looks like the bugs need some new excuses.

(Noon Notes: And their PR guy is presently being held as a prisoner of war by some rebels somewhere. But they can STILL SAY you're under mind control. Though you publicly surrendering when the captain of the Wonderbolts would be useful to keep around is probably going to be hard to explain that way.)

Hehe. Good. I never thought I'd be thankful for good old paper work. I give Soarin' a kiss goodbye and Fleetfoot a hug. Be careful guys.

Pony POV Series Wedding Arc
Written by Alex Warlorn
Out Of the Background


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The Pony POV Series is a non-profit hobby.

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The chapter begins with the unicorn interviewer being in a somber mood despite her sisters being on their way to save her. She had hoped that her sisters would save everybody else on their own but now it seems that they have done little more then to go for her first. The unicorn feels downright depressed about how dependent they are on each other but then again the three ARE parts of something greater. But sadly her corruption forces her to reveal her discovery to the Changeling soldiers around her yet her despair gets slightly interrupted when the guards who went for her sisters are taken down. She tries to send for reinforcements and let the remaining soldiers guard herself but it does little to slow down her sisters and their allies. Strangely enough the unicorn interviewer believes that it is wrong to involve the Tiara family in this battle. I very much disagree since this rune spell will mind-rape all of Equestria into the ground and leave only obedient emotional dead tools behind where there were once ponies. This does involve all of Equestria and if they do not fight now with everything they have, then everybody will be worse then dead very soon. Chrysalis did already involve everybody.

They do rush at their corrupted sister from all sides and could have overpowered the elderly mare with sheer numbers. But unfortunately she casts an age spell to restore herself to her prime age and merely catches them all with telekinesis. This allows the Changelings to gather the rebels very easily and then the unicorn interviewer gives them a very LONG lecture about their carelessness but her own carelessness seems to bother her the most: She alone tried to reason with Chrysalis and convince her to skip this entire insane invasion but all the knowledge the monster has gained only made the Changeling Queen more dangerous instead of questioning her own actions. It is a sad tale how trying to help the villain only made things worse for everybody and how compassion backfired. But unlike her, her sisters didn't underestimate their current enemy and they have a surprise left: Peewee the phoenix who is able to slip through the previous battle damage and blinds both the unicorn and the Changelings with a flare. The fastest Wonderbolt Fleetfoot takes this chance to ram the unicorn and in turn her broken concentration frees the prisoners. They take the chance to knock down half of the Changelings and because of their Equestrian training the remaining ones save their fellow soldiers first instead of staying focused on their main objective.

Golden Tiara, Filthy Rich and TLC attack the unicorn from all sides and they are not holding back anything. The interviewer mentally encourages them since she would be rather dead then being forced to serve this monster any longer. Still she is forced to blast her saviors away with electricity and the unicorn continues her assault on the Wonderbolts with ice magic. But to her surprise the Wonderbolts are able to send the lightning back at her and Spitfire counters with a fire attack of her own. Peewee tries to help his friends but sadly the little bird is trapped before he can do anything more. Even worse the Wonderbolts find themselves trapped as their tight flight suits are turned into metal, making any movement impossible. However the pegasus interviewer has a few tricks up her sleeve: using advanced pegasus magic to create illusions of herself and she is even able to override a paralysis spell with her control over the electricity in her own nervous system. The earth pony interviewer is also not wasting any time and uses advanced earth pony magic to send parts of the roof flying at her enemy while she frees the Wonderbolts from her metal suits. It shows nicely that pegasus and earth pony magic have a lot of potential if they are pushed to Alicorn limits. The corrupted interviewer is forced into the defense.

As the Changelings return the unicorn briefly blinds her allies and hides behind the illusion of being a guard within the group of Changelings with additional gossamer wings to allow her further mobility. It is a sound plan but the pegasus proves that she is more then able to keep up with the quick thinking by using their mental link to locate her sister. She wastes no time and charges at and hits her sister hard. As the unicorn is crashing back into the dome, the pegasus is already following her down there. She tries to use reflective crystals for a deadly laser attack but her sisters know this move already and the earth pony is able to shatter the crystals with just the right vibrations. The backlash hurts the unicorn again and finally allows her sisters to overwhelm her with a hug tackle.

The pegasus interviewer admits that they did argue a lot but often enough the unicorn was right. They did cheat both Fate and Death when they saved Peewee from the fate that would have awaited him without Spike. Maybe they should have just carefully influenced the dragon teenagers to do something better with their time. Then the little phoenix would still be with his parents instead of being with them. In the end taking him was a bigger mistake then the pegasus did ever imagine since they are now in trouble with two other deities. While her job is to ask the questions the mortals don't want to hear, she had trouble to face what she didn't want to hear. Sometimes there is something you really want and you can still not get it, no matter how sad you are about the loss. And the unicorn interviewer always tried to spare her sisters from having to make such depressing choices, not out of arrogance but because of love. It is the sad truth that not everybody can archive their happy endings in one timeline. The earth pony interviewer laments the possible loss of Peewee but far more she fears the loss of her dear sister. She doesn't want to have friends on the expense of her family but instead meet new friends and introduce her big sister to every single one of them. Their combined sisterly love completely breaks the spell over the unicorn but again Chrysalis did plant another trap.

This time there are several bomb runes that would kill everybody around including the Changeling Guards yet strangely these bombs could end up ruining the main rune that Chrysalis absolutely needs for her plan. She should have used fewer explosives for this trap. But the interviewers are ready to combine their powers once more to prevent this, after all this trap only does exist because the sadist did pull them into the story, so they can claim to just clean up their mess when they prevent the slaughter. The ponies are teleported back to the home of Fancy Pants while the interviewers use their powers to break the dome bomb and throw the pieces into the sky where they harmlessly explode on Shining's shield. Unfortunately it is not enough to break the shield over Canterlot right now. And the Changeling Queen knows pretty well what this means and by now she has to send a third person to oversee the creation of the rune. As she is running out of options, her next choice is Kabuto who might already be taken out by the rebels around Thunderchild if she is REALLY unlucky.

Now the interviewers leave the story again and return to their rightful place. The unicorns first action is to quit her job with Chrysalis. The Changeling Queen tries to take it well but her attempts to not have a breakdown just get worse and worse. She is still unable to admit that maybe she herself made a few avoidable mistakes by assuming that little could do wrong after her preparations. The sadist did learn a lot about the mistakes she made in other timelines but she completely neglected the very idea that others beside herself might have grown as well. She still blames Fate on everything which is a bit strange since we did see a rather nightmarish timeline where the Changeling Queen did win and ended up creating her own Dark World. Then her stressed attempt to NOT have a breakdown ends up in a full rant that neither hell nor oblivion can stop her. Okay Nightmare Eclipse made a mistake when she did challenge Fate but this monster just challenged two Elder Gods and one of them is known to completely erase those who annoy her from existence. But to be fair her plan falls apart around her and she slowly begins to realize that those ponies she underestimated so much can actually defeat her. Creepy Belle seems to calm her down a bit but it is unsettling to see how far the corruption did already spread since the filly is by now willing to accept that Chrysalis orders Twilight's execution with very little resistance. Actually I don't quite get the reason behind the execution orders since Twilight is the one who made Chrysalis's plan work while Trixie ruined it, so shouldn't be the showpony be the one who gets killed?

And since the interviewers are back to their normal place, they can use their powers to help bringing the monster down. This does include sharing information with ponies, especially those who already know about them. So the unicorn talks with Pinkie Pie, Twilight, Cadence, Rainbow Dash, the Flutters, Rarity, Applejack but her sisters remind her that she is mostly apologizing towards them. An apology is only the start of something, afterwards you have to do it better. So they all cheer for Applejack to continue to resist the vile corruption of the psychopath. The farmer did already accomplish so much with her determination and endurance and now all of her strength is needed to slow down the corruption. The monster will control her body but she will never control her soul. The unicorn also pleads to Shining Armor to endure this torture just a little bit longer as he will eventually have his chance to protect those he cares for so much. Sadly they can only indirectly help those in need as a more direction intervention could end up ruining all of existence like the doomed Third Age.

On the other side as the interviewers are very busy with Chrysalis and all who suffer under her, Discord's helpers continue their own plans. Alula is amazed that they don't even have to use normal paper but have magic newspapers at their disposal. The Foal Free Press is going through a lot of changes and begins to less and less resemble what it once was. The sponsor is sure that many ponies will want to read it, especially if they start spreading it to Cloudsdale and Canterlot. Their own truths will spread like wildfire. Diamond Tiara did actually tell Alula about Umbra Breeze in their dreams and reminded her that while he will supply them the newspaper, she should not rely on him once things go wrong. Considering that it is very likely that he is Nyrtholotrot, it makes sense that he knows when to back out of a scheme. Beings like Discord and Chrysalis did never notice that they have lost until it was too late but he actually knows when to leave and keeps his intervention to a much more subtle level compared to Discord. He might even be somewhat of an evil counterpart to the interviewers, like them he works through others and prefers to stay in the background. Apparently Diamond Tiara was thinking quite ahead and did advice Alula to befriend Tootsie Flute while Bon Bon and Moth are busy in Canterlot. Considering that the child was victim of Changeling brainwashing (even if it was - compared to the twisted things Chrysalis does - relatively harmless) Diamond could plan to use this truth to spread paranoia and fear.

However currently the Wonderbolts have other problems since they are very recognizable. The Changelings don't take long to arrive at Fancy Pants' house but their demands to surrender are (much to their own shock) actually followed by Spitfire. This does completely ruin their plans for a violent takedown and the confusion allows the pegasus to take full responsibility herself, mostly because Changelings always follow the orders of their leaders. Once Cocoon was killed by the new Queen, they followed her without doubts, so the Changelings also assume that the other Wonderbolts merely followed Spitfire. The interviewers are also at her side to keep her informed how the Changeling mind control works and what she should keep secret. By now it begins to backfire that the Changelings claimed that all imposters were thrown out of Canterlot since the pegasus is clearly acting calm and independent, so it appears unlikely to the crowd that she is under mind control. This result will make even more ponies realize that there is something very wrong in Canterlot.

Overall the battle was short and sweet and considering the powerful magic the rebels fought against, that was a good thing, otherwise not all of the mortal ponies would have survived this onslaught of magic. Yet in the end clever, creative and adaptive thinking triumphed over sheer power. Another one of Chrysalis’s defenses falls, soon enough the monster herself will be exposed if they keep this up. Ironically on the other side Discord’s own plan relies a lot on working through others and hiding his own influence, actions you would normally expect a master of deception like the Changeling Queen to pull. It seems that he is trying to beat her in her own game.
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ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
I found a few minor mistakes:

“Within seconds Noon spun a whirlwind, the force sending the now separated and smaller piece of the dome upwards into the sky, exploding...” should be “Within seconds Noon spun a whirlwind, the force sending the now separated and smaller pieces of the dome upwards into the sky, exploding...”

"She also told me in my dreams I should make friends with tootsie Flute while her guardians are busy in Canterlot." should be "She also told me in my dreams I should make friends with Tootsie Flute while her guardians are busy in Canterlot."

“The guards banged on the door to Fancy Pants' resident.” should be “The guards banged on the door to Fancy Pants' residence.”
Jarkes Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
On Chrysalis's little speech to Half-Light Dusk: I guess you could say that she's...

(puts on sunglasses)

tempting Fate.

:iconmlproidrageplz: :iconsaysplz: YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAH!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Nice pun. 
Ghidorafour Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
pretty good (glad to see good writing after that nasty rant) btw heres some stuff you might like……
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
PsychoDemonFox Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hah! Take that Chrysalis, you cheating nag! Half-Light Dusk is no longer under your thrall, so at least you can't use her for your schemes!

I can't WAIT to see her inevitable villainous breakdown!

Now all the heroes have to do is foil her plot and save Shining Armor and Sweetie Belle...
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
AJ, "Do ya wanna be reminded of da truth of dat statement darlin'?"
PsychoDemonFox Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Whaddya mean? And don't think the others will give up so easily...
CrazyJabberwock Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
Well done, I like that Chrysalis's attempts to not have a breakdown are a breakdown in itself, she seems to have some elements of D____t in her with this assumption that fate is a tyrant.

The Sisters realizing why they weren't being allowed to keep peewee was a good touch of maturity, Still get weirded out that they speak about their mom like she's a separate person from them, because if she is, then well is she even a shadow anymore?

Unrelated note, Recommended reading, Green Lantern Emerald Twilight, try to imagine it as is before the Paralax Retcon when reading.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
"Well done, I like that Chrysalis's attempts to not have a breakdown are a breakdown in itself, "

An interesting way to look at it! 

, she seems to have some elements of D____t in her with this assumption that fate is a tyrant."

Except the only ones whose liberating she's interested in is her own. 

"The Sisters realizing why they weren't being allowed to keep peewee was a good touch of maturity,"


Unrelated note, Recommended reading, Green Lantern Emerald Twilight, try to imagine it as is before the Paralax Retcon when reading."

I guess after Blackest Night Equestria, it's hard to imagine the mane six with any of the other power rings. 

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