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September 25, 2011
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POV Of A Reharmonized Pony: Rainbow Dash

Yes! Everything went just as planned. I still have my closest friends' trust and faith, Cloudsdale is still there, Discord's beaten...

And all I had to do was use my own friends' trust against them, play on their expectations, and play myself off as the arrogant self serving little nag I was back when I was best friends with Gilda. Oh, and pretend I was completely deluded.

My name is Rainbow Dash, fastest and best flyer in Equestria (save the Wonderbolts of course), and I hold one of the Elements of Harmony: Loyalty.

And just a short bit ago I betrayed my best friends, a quest given by my Princess, and the world, all for the sake of my home and my species.

The Elements were stolen by this big bad guy named Discord and we were lured into this maze the Elements were supposed to be at, got separated and I got thrown an impossible choice: Let my home and everyone in it be destroyed ... or betray my buddies and saving the world.

I knew we'd win, we'd have to win, there was no way we couldn't win. I knew things would HAVE to turn out alright. I figured the others could hold the fort while I saved my home ... so I quit Discord's game at his own offer, and instantly made the others lose. I didn't turn back. Yes, it hurt.

And it didn't stop hurting.

I put everything I had into my returned wings to get to Cloudsdale. Still in one piece. Still together. Unfortunately, I was going too fast to stop. I nearly performed another Sonic Rainboom as I crashed into the highest building in the center of Cloudsdale.

Discord appeared in an instant. "Oh lookie! You made it just in time! I guess I can't go leaving everyone you know with wings homeless after all! Not to mention all those pegasi in the city hospital with broken wings who may or may not have been able to have been saved by others before they went SPLAT!" Discord chuckled at that. Bastard.

"Now..." He said in a disturbingly calm tone. "How about I tell everyone what a wonderful job you did!" My blood turned to water.

"NO!" I charged at Discord, but he just vanished and reappeared a few steps to one side. I crashed into the side of a building, only for part of the building to turn into a cloudy hand and toss me back to his side. Like it was where I belonged.

Discord produced a megaphone from nowhere and began to shout into it. "ATTENTION ALL PEGASI! ATTENTION ALL PEGASI! MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION?"

The various pegasi stopped in their tracks, whether on a cloud or in the air, and turned towards me and Discord (whose body language was way too chummy for me).


"No! Please! STOP!" I screamed.

"BY EXCHANGING YOUR SAFETY WITH DOOMING THE REST OF THE WORLD!" They all gasped. There was silence as a giant spot light came from nowhere above me and my face appeared on a giant, floating screen behind me.

Stunned silence ruled the moment, many recognizing me as the winner of 'Best Young Flyer' from that year.

I wanted to fly away, but my wings felt so heavy.


I got about one or two cheers ... among an overwhelming wave of boos and pathetically aimed rotten fruit that angry people seem to be able to summon at will.

"PLEASE-! I didn't mean this! I--"

"You knew what was going to happen, my dear. Why act so surprised now?"

I felt sick.

The noise went on for several seconds before Discord said casually, "Oh don't worry, they're all about to become too insane to care or remember what I just told them. That was all for your sake my dear."

It was a knife in the gut. "BUT YOU SAID-"

"I said the foundations of home would crumble without you ... I never said I wouldn't improve the locals with some heavy doses of chaos!"

"DON'T YOU DARE!" Discord's tail wrapped around me before I could complete my charge at him. Then he produced a small white glove and slapped me in the face a few times.

"Oh my my my. Aren't you a spoiled little pony. First I give you your wings back, I spare your home, I let everyone know you're the reason they were spared so they'd know what a great and loyal hero to your own people you are, and then when they aren't being appreciative, I decide to give you a gift by making them stop being able to care that you betrayed almost all of Equestria. You need some manners."

I can't remember the last time I cried. I don't want to. But I was struggling to keep the tears from forming. "Please don't do this. Let them hate me, let them be angry at me, let them-"

"Blah, blah, blah, who are you now Pinkie Pie? Or is that now Rainbow Crash? Rainbow Ditch? Or maybe Traitor Dash? Anyway..."

All Discord needed to do was snap his fingers, and the screen showing my face turned into swirling circles of colors I was very familiar with.

"DON'T LOOK!" They didn't listen.

The screen got everypony's attention fast. They stared like zombies for a couple of seconds ... then some fell down to the clouds drooling and soiling themselves as they dragged themselves along on their front hooves babbling random noises. Others broke out laughing, their eyes crossed as they flew in chaotic patterns, crashing into each other and cloud buildings but not showing as if they felt it. Some locked their legs together and began to fly around in rigid square patterns, making sounds like engines. Others fell trying to fly with their hooves and trot with their wings while giggling at everything. One little pink filly I think I knew whose name began with 'C' actually began gnawing at her own wings!

"Oh, just look at them now!" Discord giggled. "This is a classic!"

"MAKE IT STOP!" I begged Discord.

Discord said in a 'what have we learned now?' voice. "Now, now. This is the choice you made dear. No going back on things like that. Now if you'll excuse me, I have Ponyville, Canterlot, and everywhere else to spruce up back to how it was before those two alicorns messed up my beautiful chaos. Tootles!" He vanished.

I could only stare in shock. I tried to stop the other Pegasi from hurting themselves ... for about a minute before I was beat and bucked three ways from Sunday by mad wings and mad hooves and was practically knocked out of the sky.

I couldn't bear to look at it any longer. I fled like a coward. Maybe that's what I've been this whole time. Fluttershy's always scared but faces her fears, but when I get scared, I just run from my fears.

I desperately flew back to the others. When I didn't find them in the Canterlot Gardens I flew back along the route we had taken from Ponyville.

Of course I didn't find out until later that they had all faced similar games by Discord to break them. It didn't even occur to me he'd want to break the others too ... Yeah, I'm a total egocentric for a gal who's supposed to be the embodiment of loyalty aren't I?

As I flew back to Ponyville to get back with the others ... I saw at a distance exactly how they were acting ... and what they looked like. Their colors were muted like mine (except Twilight) and they had their wings and horns back.

I flew up behind them, not sure how to go about explaining myself, or if I could explain myself. But as I was getting close, the landscape began twisting, the day and night went as mad as the weather. They weren't about to notice one pegasus in this jumbled mess.

And that was when I got close enough to hear them.

Fluttershy was acting like ten Gildas! Pinkie Pie looked like Pinkamina The Bad Remake! Twilight didn't look too happy either. AJ looked sour. And Rarity was ranting about a boulder she was carrying around that she insisted was a giant diamond named Tom.

I had done all this. I had done it all. Everything was my fault!

I had to get away again, I had to fly away -again-. So I flew away from my now mostly insane friends as fast I could. I didn't even THINK of approaching Twilight who was still sane and asking for her help. Since when do I ever think?

Soon enough I found a nearby cloud, crammed into it like it could make me vanish, and threw-up over the side. Who says ponies can't puke?

And I just stayed there. Feeling sorry for myself and reminding myself what a self-serving backstabber I was.

The others found me. I noticed them before they noticed me somehow. I saw they were alive and well and themselves again, unlike me. I wanted to fly down there and kiss Twilight's hooves and beg for forgiveness. But they'd never trust me again in a million years. And I couldn't take that.

So I played the role of the brainwashed pawn, I pretended to be a delusional mad pony, I fought them tooth and hoof, I made them pay through the nose, so they'd never even dream that everything I had done could not have been due purely to the curse Discord put on me. And with one moment of anger at Discord from Fluttershy ... they caught me and held me down like the mad pony I was acting like. And Twilight's horn touched my head.

Twilight's spell didn't erase my memories of my betrayal, so much for that small hope. Instead it tortured me worse than Discord ever could by showing me every single moment in my life I proved I was better than I was today over and over and over when I didn't abandon others for my own hide.

In other words, I'm not unworthy of the Element of Loyalty, and it's not that I haven't grown up since I didn't bother to check on Fluttershy after I found out she fell during the pegasus race; I just blew it.

So we faced the devil himself, and we fought our hardest. The sicko's ego proved to be his undoing when he didn't realize the others had their heads back on straight until we blasted him. And everything was sane again.

At least Discord's gone. Stone again. Hopefully for a lot longer than over a thousand years this time. And with him, the only one who could tell the others what he really did to me. The people of Cloudsdale pass off what they remember as just one more delusion ... I guess it's easier for them to take than knowing the truth. That other version of AJ would be proud I guess.

We got our recognition by everyone in Canterlot for saving the world, again. Pinkie Pie threw the party of all parties. I can't say I didn't have fun.

I'm back home now. Trying to sleep and drown out the nightmares. That was when there was a knock at the door. Well, as much as knocking works with clouds.

It was late at night with Luna's moon high in the sky. I had no clue that it would be, "Scootaloo?"

The little filly looked up at me, uncharacteristically silent in my presence. I was going to ask how she got up here or if she had finally learned how to use her wings right when I noticed the crashed skateboard half stuck in my house's cloudbank.

The little orange blank flank pegasus asked in an uncharacteristically small tone, "Hi Rainbow Dash. Can I ... can I stay with you tonight?"

I blinked. "Huh? Why? What about your parents?"

"I d-... they ... Please?"

I knelt down staring in her eyes. "Scootaloo, talk to me, you can always talk to the Dash."

"Can we talk inside? It's kinda cold."

I nodded and led her inside.

A few minutes later we were sitting in the mess I passed off as my living space. I asked, "Now why do you want to sleep with me tonight?"

"I normally sleep in the club house, but ... I don't wanna tonight."

'The club house? What about her family?' I thought just more confused. "Why don't you want to?"

"Cause I don't deserve to be a Cutie Mark Crusader."


"When that big nasty snake-dragon-goat thing came to Ponyville and everyone started acting weird, we were at the club house trying to be Cutie Mark Crusader Samurai, then Cutie Mark Crusader Hula Dancers, and-"


"So Applebloom tried to run to Sweet Apple Acres to help her family, and Sweetie Belle to her sister and ... as soon as they ran into Ponyville ... Applebloom turned all black and red and began to sink and rise out of the ground with a huge grin on her face ... and Sweetie Belle turned into a big dolly and just kept putting on and taking off clothes ... and I RAN AWAY! And I KEPT RUNNING AWAY UNTIL I SAW THE RAINBOOM! Then I knew you beat that big monster ... and ... I came back ... I didn't even try to help them! I RAN AWAY! I ALWAYS RUN AWAY! I AM A RUN AWAY!"

'You ran away?' I thought.

"Scootaloo ... if you had followed them into Ponyville ... what do you think would have happened?"

"... I think I would have turned into a chicken or something."

"And would that have helped your friends?"

"No?" Scootaloo said in confusion.

"Scootaloo ... you're not a 'run away.' There was no choice you could have made different then that would have changed things. You did the only thing you could do, you kept yourself from getting hurt. If you could have helped them, that would be different but you couldn't."

" But I shouldn't have given up ANYWAY! You're supposed to not give up no matter how impossible! I should have found a way!"

"No. That's how you're 'supposed to be' an idiot! You knew what would happen. Throwing yourself away when it wouldn't help your buddies wouldn't be brave, it would be stupid.... Scootaloo, we all face impossible choices. And if there was a way to help them, you can't blame yourself for not acting on something you didn't know! If I knew about some things after did I something... geeze, this is weird. Look Scootaloo, you're NOT a coward. If there was a better way you didn't know it then. And everyone is safe now. So don't go hurting yourself over something that's over and done with. So how'd Applebloom and Sweetie Belle feel about it?"

Scootaloo sniffled. "They don't know I ran away, that I abandoned them."

"You didn't abandon them! Stop saying that squirt! You 'abandoned' whatever it was Discord turned'em into..." I thought over carefully what to say next. Where was Fluttershy when I really needed her? Or Pinkie Pie? Or Twilight? Or ... anypony but me? "Scootaloo, if you're really that sure that what you did was a bad thing, then REMEMBER it! Remember what happened! You made the choice that got LESS ponies hurt, not more! If Applebloom and Sweetie Belle are really your friends then they'll forgive you! But..." Daylight hit my brain in the dead of night. "You have to forgive yourself first. If you can't do that, what difference will the rest make?"

Scootaloo stayed silent for a bit. I didn't think everything I said would sink in (the Crusaders had proven rather dense) but I hoped a little would find its way in.

"Thank you Dash. Can I ... can I still stay with you tonight?"

"Okay kiddo . . . just tonight."

She was asleep in seconds in my bed. It reminded me of when I used to sleep in bed with my mom when I was scared out of my wits by some nasty nightmares. Whatever monsters wanted to haunt Scootaloo's sleep tonight, I promised they'd have to go through me first.

I don't normally give a lot of thanks to the Alicorn Sisters, but tonight I thanked Princess Luna for her night delivering my own little redeemer to me.
AUDIO ADAPTION!!! I said adaption! Not just dramatic reading! This thing has original art, voice actors, and ORIGINAL MUSIC, and a BUCKING COOL intro sequence! CHECK IT OUT PLEASE!!! [link]

A spiritual sequel of sorts to my earlier POV of my take of Rainbow Dash being corrupted by Discord.

Previous Part: [link]
Next Part: [link]

Status quo is restored and harmony and Celestia balance Equestia once again. But was there more to Rainbow Dash's story that we never saw? What was it? And how does it effect her afterwards?

The entire original Discorded POV series can be found here.


This isn't part of my Discorded Ponies POV series persay, since it's told in third person narrative. But I felt it needed to be here. Since it does count as a sort of spiritual sequel.

The entire Recovery/Healing/REharmonized POV series can be found here:

Recovery POVs In order:
Fluttershy and Flutter Cruel: [link]
Rainbow Dash: Here
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Penultimate Alpha 01 and 02 (actually part of the same chapter split due to size limits): [link] [link]
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A direct sequel to this POV. [link]

Edit: Corrected a little grammar and tried to make RD's chat with Scoots a little more in character.

MPL: FiM Copyright to Hasbro

POV SIDE STORY CANTERLOT CHAOS: (Consider canon of your own free will!)



2012 01 28th Edited by Saphroneth [link]

Also, "Place For Us" From Voyage Of the Dawn Treader fits perfectly I think with RD and Scoots snuggling IMHO.

20120607 r1ck3t edits.

20130329: The artist is "Mickeymonster" taken from the audio adaption.
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This was painful, in that gutpunching, "I am going to pony hell for enjoying this" kinda way. Other than the typo and grammar issues noted above, I can't see how you could have written this better. The narrative is absolutely beautiful, I can practically hear the pain in her voice as I read...pain that stays there throughout the whole thing. The bit at the end with Scootaloo is heartwarming, and I like how she was used as a sort of...proxy, I guess? Of Dash's situation. Plus the blatant foreshadowing of Scoot's {THIS EXCERPT HAS BEEN REMOVED DUE TO SPOILERS} is fairly well done. Everyone's perfectly in character, scenario permitting, and...well, to be honest, mild interest was why I started reading the series, continued curiosity as to what happens next and what Reharmonized was kept me reading through Pearls, and then this exact chapter is the reason I've been as devoted a fan as I am. Yeah there are mistakes, but none that I can really dock points over. The interactions are flawlessly executed and perfectly arranged, and this is one of those chapters that nearly brings tears to my eyes...
Score 10001: Wondrous Victory. (Mainly because I feel like it. For the few flaws I could find with it, a person's first chapter is like his first doctor: no matter how bad things get, you just can't bring yourself to dislike anything about them. For this chapter only, thank you. Now to find something to not be a pansy about...)
What do you think?
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After Fluttershy’s surprise guest, we continue our story with Rainbow Dash’s revelation.

In order to hide the fact that she actually betrayed her friends and the entire world for the sake of her home she had to trick her best friends. She did this by playing with their expectations and acting like she was a twisted version of herself. And it worked.

The irony that the Element of Loyalty is so good at manipulation isn’t lost on her. But that she is smarter than most give her credit for actually works very well. Even before she starts reading, she comes up with several complex and difficult flying moves on her own.

Discord’s choice is just horrible: Either letting her home and the rest of the pegasi there perish or leaving her friends and the quest to save the world behind.

She chooses to betray her friends and the world.

Despite suffering horrible pain, she keeps telling herself that the others will win on their own, that they never lost and will not loose right now.

The pegasus wasn’t able to accept that she failed and lost Discord’s sick game. Which leaves a rather interesting question, was it ever possible to win against him? Likely not. She had to choose between two loyalties and no choosing one would mean to abandon both.

Then she rushes to her home and it is still safe. Discord appears for no other reason, than to torture her further.

He acts like there was an invisible timer and Rainbow Dash should be grateful that she made it just in time to safe Cloudsdale. We also get a reminder that the injured or children might have all died if this place fell from the sky. Not to mention that Discord could have dropped it on other place if he wanted to, like Ponyville.

Then Discord tells everyone present what Rainbow Dash did for them and to the rest of the world. There is no reason to actually do this, besides the fact that the Draconequus is enjoying to see the Element of Loyalty suffer.

The pegasus tries to stop him but his magic forces Rainbow Dash to stand by his side as he reveals the entire truth to all pegasi, all to make it look like she had become his minion. And in the Epilogue she did end up in this position, together with the rest of her corrupted friends.

There is nothing she can do to stop him from delivering his twisted praise.

The entire event is build exactly to turn her own desire for attention against her: Discord screams the truth out with a megaphone, a giant spot light focuses on the miserable pegasus and a giant, floating screen shows everyone the face of the pained Rainbow Dash.

Many recognize her as the winner of the “Best Young Flyer” competition, again turning her own victory against her.

A few either very stupid or disturbing people actually applaud Rainbow Dash for this. But most of them hate her and form an angry mob.

Then he turns everyone insane with his chaos further proving that Discord did the entire thing for his own sick amusement.

Rainbow Dash merely assumed that the other pegasi would be safe but the Draconequus used the classical “Exact Words” tactic. The foundations didn’t crumble just as promised but he never said anything about the inhabitants themselves.

The worst thing is that he still acts like he is doing Rainbow Dash a favour. He gave him his wings back so that he would loose the game. He spared his home so the pegasus could suffer more. He told everyone what she did just to make her suffering even worse. He turned them insane to break her, to show her that she achieved nothing by leaving her friends behind.

Again Rainbow Dash can do nothing to stop him.

Discord uses the same giant, floating screen he used to mock Rainbow Dash to turn everyone insane. Their madness is creepy, disturbing and actively harming the ponies by crashing into each other and objects. One even starts to gnaw her own wings off.

After the Draconequus leaves to make others suffer, Rainbow Dash tries to help the demented ponies from hurting themselves but they actively prevent this by attacking her. This is likely part of Discord’s special brand of madness.

There is nothing she can do. So Rainbow Dash runs away feeling like a coward. She is even jealous of Fluttershy who in the end always faced her fears, so far at least.

Then she flies back to her friends. It never occurred to her that Discord would try to break the others as well. The irony is that Rainbow Dash was the last one to break in the labyrinth. Again she blames herself for not realizing his plan.

In the chaotic surrounding the pegasus is able to sneak up on the others and sees and hears that everyone besides Twilight had become twisted parodies of themselves. Rainbow Dash continues to blame herself for this despite the fact that their corruptions happened before her own.

Once more she runs away and abandons the only sane friend she had left: Twilight. Again she blames herself for not realizing how to think right in this world of madness.

Eventually the pegasus hides inside her little cloud and sees the return of her healed friends. More than anything she wants to fly down to them and beg for forgiveness for all of her mistakes. But at the same time Rainbow Dash doesn’t want to loose their friendship.

So she played the deluded pawn. Rainbow Dash played this role so good that her friends would have almost failed if it were not for Fluttershy’s sudden burst of energy. Discord would not appreciate the irony.

Then Twilight’s memory spell hurts even worse than Discord’s manipulation because Rainbow Dash is shown every moment where she didn’t fail, where she was just as loyal as she felt she had to be.

This in turn restores her own hope when she remembered that she could learn for her mistakes and become better like she did after she abandoned Fluttershy.

Discord fails because his ego easily surpasses his own power and faces a rather anticlimactic but fitting defeat.

But with Discord out of the picture there is no one who actually remembers Rainbow Dash’s failure. The insane pegasi had seen weirder things that day and the other heroes are convinced by her performance. Rainbow Dash is still ashamed about her deception.

After a long celebration and party Rainbow Dash finally tries to get some sleep only to meet Scootaloo.

The normally energetic filly acts very different, small and insecure. And she immediately switched topics when Rainbow Dash asks about her parents. We also get the surprising information that Scootaloo regularly sleeps at the club house of the CMC and not at home.

The filly thinks she doesn’t deserve to be a Cutie Mark Crusader anymore, because when Applebloom turned into a zombie and Sweetie Bell became a creepy doll she just ran away. Like Rainbow Dash did.

And Rainbow Dash is smart enough to actually calm Scootaloo down and make her realize that there was nothing she could have done with the things she knew. Both were trapped in an impossible choice where there was no option to act heroic. And the entire time Rainbow Dash is able to keep her own failure secret.

Eventually Rainbow Dash advices her to remember what happened, to try to forgive herself and to tell her friends and if they are really her friends they will forgive her. All while realizing that she just spelled out the solution to her own problem.

But she stills allows the little pegasus to stay with her to protect her from her nightmares. Rainbow Dash also realizes that by helping Scootaloo she found the way to her own redemption.

Overall a great chapter with a lot of character development for Rainbow Dash and a disturbing look at Discord’s kind of “fun”. In the end the pegasus can’t overcome her trauma herself but with the help from an unexpected source she managed to start her own redemption.
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doct1400 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014
Great chapter.

I am curious how Scoots got up there and that's some mighty fine rationalization Dashie pulled there.  Scoots might have been in an impossible position but Dashie. . .not quite the same.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014
How Scoots got up there is mentioned in passing a LONG LONG time later. 

And Rainbow Dash's healing isn't over yet. 
commanderchristian Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Student Artist
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
You should read the REST of the series. Those words are very ironic. 
commanderchristian Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Student Artist
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
Because it's shock, dramatic, and surprising.
commanderchristian Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013  Student Artist
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
It's only just begun!
commanderchristian Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013  Student Artist
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
That would be spoiler. 
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