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My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
-Special Episode-
Pony POV Series
Retcon-Struction Blues
By Alex Warlorn

"Do you feel it, sister of mine?" I asked, about to go to bed as the sun began to rise. We two royals looking out over Equestria. "The Heart World has begun to pulse again."

"Yes, little sister, I have," Celestia replied calmly, looking as her sun, herself, rose in the sky.

"And what shall we do, Celly?"

"Nothing, Lulu. Our link to the Heart World is no more, remember?"

"Yes but . . . the farther a reality like ours drifts from the Heart World, it is like a planet that drifts too far from your sun. The shadows become disinterested, it loses life, grows colder, and eventually stops before it matures and would no longer need a shadow-who-makes to give it life. And those pulses, without our chain, will push our world farther and farther from the Heart World."

"Yes, Luna. I simply MUST remember to thank dear Applejack for all that."


"It was Applejack's -choice- to face all truths, rather than run from them that shattered the bond we had with the Heart World."

"But sister! We could freeze out on our own! Time would simply stop and we'd be left in an unfinished world like the countless countless others that drift through the cold, dark void when their shadows-who-make abandoned them!"

"Don't judge all the shadows-who-make so harshly, Lulu. While it's true that some of them callously forsake their creations... not all of them leave their worlds incomplete by choice."

"That isn't the point! The point is that we'll be left with an incomplete fate, and incomplete fates literally just stop. We'd be unaware that each day has become identical to the last, and all things have become like a world of moving statues!"

"Like a half-finished movie, stuck on an endless replay." Celestia agreed.

"We must attempt at least to appease the Heart World!"

"Luna . . . have faith: our world can shine on her own and has become a Heart World of others. And do not forget: the PAST can be altered by the Heart World as much as the future."

"Of course, sister. But why bring that up?"

"Lulu, these pulses, they are related to our personal past."

My jaw opened.

"Exactly, Lulu. If Applejack had not broken the chain, it would be us who would have to sever it, to keep our past. While I do not challenge the wisdom and will and design of the Heart World, I would not trade away my memories of our mother. Surprise, Posey, they were all our friends. And while I know those versions of us who exist in the Heart World would have their own unique friends, with their own unique origins, I would not trade the friends and family WE had for anything. They are alive in our actions here and now."

I lowered my head.

Morning Star, we could all joyfully do without. Entropy, too. (Wouldn't it be the most scrumptious irony to have HER existence denied?) But never at the expense of the REST of them!

But Mimic, Galaxia... even Mother and Father! Omnipotent as Our Parents were... it was within the Heart World's power to deny THEIR existence. All my brothers and sisters dwelling in the Equilibrium!

"I completely agree, now, sister. Those memories we share are too precious to risk losing. So..."

I rose my head high, and let my voice be heard strong.

"So LET the Heart World say what it will! That is its right and its authority! But OUR mortal mother was Mimic the Unicorn of Paradise Estate, over two thousand years ago! Once upon a time there was a sweet version of Discord who was our friend and brother! There was once a war between the draconequus and Alicorns that raged across the heavens! THERE WAS AN AGE OF 'MYTHS' WHERE PONIES STRUGGLED TO SURVIVE AND DID SO WITH THE AID OF A HUMAN LASS! THEN THERE WAS THE GOLDEN AGE THAT PONIES MODELED AFTER HUMANITY AND ACCOMPLISHED MUCH! THEN CAME THE ERASED AGE OF DREAMS, THE NEVER-WAS PARADISE! AND FINALLY THE AGES PONIES ALIVE TODAY KNOW IS REAL!"

Celestia chuckled as the early morning staff looked up at the balcony in shock and awe, having only heard the final part of my speech. Oops.

"You did not need to say that last part in the Royal Canterlot Voice, Luna."

I smiled, "Perhaps, sister, but I felt it should be. And you're right, Celestia. I will not trade the past I know and have lived for anything. Let the Heart World go its path, and we'll go ours. Come what may."


"Dang," Applebloom said looking outside from the Cutie Mark Crusaders's clubhouse. "Everfree's been REALLY churnin' out the fog lately."

"Rainbow Dash told me ponies have been showing up at Fluttershy's, asking if she was back in the goddess business or somethin'," Scootaloo added. "Dash started answering for her, saying Fluttershy wanted to just move on."

Right next to Silver Spoon, Sweetie Belle stood wearing a thick sweater Rarity had insisted she wear outside or face her wrath, along with a Buffalo dreamcatcher, (also by Rarity's sisterly decree.)

Silver Spoon had to Pinkie Promise she'd drag Sweetie back home the instant she showed any signs of another attack, and enforce a timetable to keep track of Sweetie's comings and goings. The doctors and Twilight had examined Sweetie and concluded she'd suffered some intense magical feedback. From where no one knew.

Rarity had very much sent a letter to her parents about the incident. With my help.

"Well, Rarity told me that Twilight looked at the fog with her magic, and said it wasn't from Fluttershy."

"Doesn't mean the it's not from somepony else though," Silver Spoon said covered in the many sweaters her mother insisted she wear outside today.

"Now come on!" I, Spike, most awesome friend ever said. "Let's not start getting paranoid here. This is Ponyville. Everfree's always trying to hit this place with random weather, Twilight told me that's why Rainbow Dash's job as Captain of Ponyville's Weather Team pays so well."

"Really?" Scotaloo said, eyes gleaming.

"Yeah. Places like, say, Hoofington don't have to deal with random weather, ya know."

Sometimes reigning in my new friends was harder than when Twilight was having an anxiety attack. Thank goodness the doctors were helping with that mess. It meant fewer headaches for me.

"Heeeeeeey, girls!"

Speak of the unicorn.

"Oh... howdy, Twilight," Applebloom said politely.

"Hi." Scoots' wings stiffened.

"Hello." Sweetie Belle moved in front of Silver Spoon.

Silver Spoon raised an eyebrow. "Greetings, Miss Twilight Sparkle."

"Hey Twilight, what's up?" I asked.

"What? A pony needs a reason to visit her good friends?" Twilight grinned.

The charter Crusaders withered a bit under that grin and it vanished instantly. When she spoke, it was in a more slightly normal tone of voice.

"What I mean is, you girls are always hanging out, and now that you're making new friends, it'll make a great friendship report."

Silver Spoon asked, "Friendship report?"

"Oh yes! Princess Celestia, as part of my stay in Ponyville, asked me to write anything I learn about friendship! Then all of my friends were ask to, too!"

"Princess Celestia wants you to write reports about friendship?"

"Yeah she, she really takes it seriously," Sweetie Belle said lowly.

"And I'm the one who sends the letters," I said, with a bit of pride. What? I'm not selling myself short anymore. I'm a direct line to Princess Celestia, not to mention one of the only, if not THE only, Dragons in the world to know ANY magic at all. How can that NOT be cool?

The look on high class filly face said, 'Million-year-old Princess Celestia wants to learn about friendship? How can she not know about that?'

"So WHAT are you girls up to today? Anything I can do to HELP?"

"Ah was, we were gonna introduce Silver Spoon an' Twist ta each other, this evenin'."

"Well! It's nice to see you, Silver Spoon! Spike has talked about you! You remind me a little bit of him! You two seem to have such FUN together! Hey! I have an IDEA!! You and Spike should hang out a bit more together on your own."

Twilight inched closer to Silver Spoon, with an unnervingly way-too-big smile. Sweetie planted herself between the two of them.

"Oh, Sweetie Belle! I'm SO sorry! How are YOU doing? I didn't think to ASK how you were doing since I last saw you at the hospital! HOW are you doing?"

"I'm not hurting now. But Rarity's now super-worried about me. She's gotten Silver Spoon to be my escort."

Twilight's eyes widened a bit.

"Chaperon," Silver Spoon corrected.

As Silver Spoon pursed her lips with a flustered look, Twilight Sparkle cut in.

"WELL! I'm sure you'll be okay!" Twilight continued in that cringeworthy preschool-teacher perkiness. "It's not like heart magic, can can do anything TOO bad. Silver Spoon, why don't you go and enjoy some ICE CREAM at SUGARCUBE CORNER? Tell Pinkie to hoof ME the bill! You're doing such a SELFLESS job of looking after Sweetie Belle. So you DESERVE a reward."

"If you want me to leave you can just say so." The light reflected off Silver Spoon's glasses.

"Oh," Twilight stiffened and lowered herself a bit looking at the filly. "I see. Well, I just had something personal I wanted to talk with the Crusaders about."

"She is a Crusader," I said sternly. "She stays, Twilight. Same with me."

Admittedly, I was staying as much for Twilight's sake as the girls, I was starting to get worried.

"Look, Sweetie," Silver Spoon said, "I can respect when somepony wants to discuss something in private. There's no need to turn this into a..."

Sweetie Belle put a hoof on her shoulder, "Silver Spoon. You don't need to go."

Silver Spoon twisted inside. Free will was a new and scary concept she was still struggling with.

"Well.... it's just I brought some gifts and I didn't think to get one for Silver Spoon or Spike so I didn't want to be rude."

Silver Spoon pawed the ground shyly. "I, uh... really don't mean to brag... but I already have more than enough toys. I'm totally fine with not getting a gift."

"And I'm family." I huffed, crossing my arms. "You can buy me something anytime. Uh, and I think it's better this dragon does without anyway."

"Oh, well," Twilight teleported a trio of wrapped packages inside the clubhouse.

The three foals eyed each other. Is it YOUR birthday today? Their faces asked.

"Come on, nothing bad's inside. See?" Twilight gingerly opened the boxes revealing a stack of comic books for Scootaloo, several music records for Sweetie Belle, and a book(of course) on basic alchemy for Applebloom.

Applebloom peered at her gift reluctantly. "Alchemy! Ah, that is, it's really nice Twili'," Applebloom glanced at the chained-up 'Do Not Open!' box in the corner.

Twilight's eyes widened. "OH! OH! It's nothing like- You and Zecora get along so well! So I thought this could help you get along with her better!! That's all! How'd you like me to help with your chores this afternoon?! I know you farm ponies always have chores!"

"Uh, Twilight?" Scootaloo began.

"OH SCOOTALOO! I hope you like those! They were just taking up space in the library's basement! NOT THAT COMICS ARE BAD! They're a legitimate artistic medium too and are completely NOT inferior to real books! Honest!" Scootaloo frowned.

Twilight grinned like a jack o'lantern... except instead of being scary, SHE was the one scared; sweating and nervous. "Do you like that kind of music, Sweetie Belle?"

"Twilight!" Applebloom said, "What is this about?"

"What is what about, Applebloom, dear?"

Applebloom stamped her hoof. "Applejack says 'Don't look a gift-horse in the mouth.' . . . But yer actin'... not good."

"Oh! . . . oh sorry." Twilight calmed down. "Was I coming on too strong? I was, wasn't I? I didn't mean to scare you. Any of you. I just wanted to make up for... for everything that happened."

"Huh?" Silver Spoon asked feeling like she had been dropped into the third act of a movie.

"Silver Spoon maybe it is for the best if you just-"

"She stays," Sweetie Belle said.

"She CHOOSES whether to stay or go," I countered.

Silver Spoon looked between me and Sweetie Belle. I think she's not used to making her own choices just yet. "In for a bit, for a pound."

Twilight lowered her head, "I just wanted to make up for what I did to you with the . . . the Want-It-Need-It-Spell."

"The what now?" Silver Spoon tilted her head.

"Huh?" Twilight looked up confused. "You don't know? But-but, half the town, how could you not..."

Silver Spoon let out a huff. "Look! If this is one of those 'Canterlot Secret' things, I'll just go! I don't want to upset your apple carts!"

"It isn't." I said quickly.

"Then tell me," The look on Silver Spoon's face didn't belong on any filly's.

I did. Twilight's nervous breakdown. Her one-day downward spiral. Her overblown paranoia about disappointing Celestia. And finally, magically manipulating the Crusaders like they were test animals. The other Cutie Mark Crusaders remained silent through the whole thing.

"Again, I ask: How can you NOT know about this, Silver Spoon?"

"Twilight," I said, "How many ponies actually talk about what happened?"

"Actually, now that you bring it up, I did hear about the town getting into some kind of strange free-for-all, and Princess Celestia broke up the fight. It was right after the day of chaos? I was still in my 'staying away from home' phase. But -- wouldn't you know it? -- seemed everypony was rather TIGHT-LIPPED on the subject. Just like with the Chaos Monster."

"Just like... the Chaos Monster." Twilight repeated glumly.

"And no wonder!" Silver Spoon continued. "Living through two separate instances of being magically brainwashed?! One right on the heels of the other?!"

"Same as... Discord..." Twilight stated, in an even smaller voice.

"Twilight, remember what the doctors said." I said, patting her reassuringly.

I looked at Silver Spoon. "Personally I think ponies were even less eager to talk about it than the day of chaos."

The Crusaders all silently nodded. Beating the hay out of each other over a doll none of them had actually wanted? Could anypony doubt that they'd want to leave such an awful memory buried? Especially since their last big fight… had been the in Royal Canterlot Statue Gardens. Somepony theorized that fight was what TRIGGERED Discord's break-out. Anypony who thought of accusing the poor fillies of this to their faces wound-up facing their big sisters' wrath first.

"So can you see why I want to make up for it?" Twilight stated.

"Twilight," I admonished, "Last I checked: the rest of Ponyvile accepted the explanation that Princess Celestia and your doctors gave: that you'd experienced a temporary mental burnout. Which you did. So of COURSE they were sympathetic: everypony in Ponyville was getting burnouts of their own!"

I frowned at her as she looked away. "They've moved on, Twilight. Why are you even bringing this up? Now, of all times?"

"Spike, be quiet!" Twilight snapped.

I was stunned silent. Twilight barely EVER talked to me like that.

"Girls," Twilight knelt on her four legs so she was on eye level with them. "No one can deny that you've made your share of mistakes. But I want you to know that I admire you."


"On Hearts and Hooves Day, you were mature enough to tell me what you did to Cheerilee and Big Mac after you returned the book. You didn't hide it. YOU apologized to me for Gabby Gums. Applebloom, Sweetie Belle... I apologized to your sisters for casting the Want-It Need-It Spell. But I never apologized to you for the Want-It-Need-It-Spell. So I want to say, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for using you, for hurting you, for . . . trespassing on you."

"Twili," Applebloom said, "Ah don't . . . Ah don't need a gift to hear ya say yer sorry."

"Rarity says forgiveness isn't something you buy." Sweetie Belle pushed the records back.

"Uh, I'll keep the comics as a token of your esteem." The other girls frowned at Scootaloo, who grinned guiltily and wouldn't meet their gaze. "All the same, Twilight... the whole Smartypants incident is old news. So much has happened in Ponyville since then: us messing up with Cheerilee and the school paper, Fluttershy, Iron Will, making friends with Spike and Silver Spoon… it's really NOT been on our minds."

Scootaloo looked from Applebloom to Sweetie Belle, who each nodded in agreement.

"I mean, what made you even think about it? Did something... happen?!"

All the Crusaders -- me and Silver Spoon included -- drew in a sharp breath, and leaned forward, as though we expected Twilight to reveal that the Smartypants affair was somehow tied into a recent string of gruesome murders.

"Nnnnnno." Twilight admitted. "It's nothing that's happened. It's just been, building up. It wasn't there for a long while after Gabby Gum, and wasn't there for a little while after Heart and Hooves, but . . . brushing my teeth this morning, I randomly thought of you three and, and then all the guilt came crashing down again."

Applebloom smiled at her. "Look: don't you fret about it, Twilight. We don't. In fact, right after it happened, Applejack told me to bury the hatchet. So Ah have."

"Yeah!" said Scootaloo. "I got over all that long ago, and so should you!"

" . . . Did it have to be a doll, Twilight?" Sweetie Bell whispered.

Sweetie felt her head. Her eyes weren't seeing us, she was seeing her parts disconnected, and switched with another filly's. "Did you have to choose a doll?" Sweetie Belle hugged herself and shivered in her sweater. "I was seeing Smarty Pants in my nightmares."

I put a claw on her shoulder, Silver Spoon's hoof went to the other.

A rather disgraceful look of relief washed over Twilight at the sight of Sweetie's distress. "Oh! Okay! And what can I do to make up for it?" she asked brightly.

"ENOUGH!" Everypony and me turned to look at Silver Spoon, who stomped over to the personal apprentice of Princess Celestia herself and glared.

"I don't buy this! I KNOW selfish! I've BEEN selfish! I've walked alongside selfish inside my best friend! And I know ulterior motives when I see them! I live among ponies who say one thing and mean another!"

"I'm sorry, Silver, but what are you getting at? Just how are my actions 'selfish?'"

"Your crazy unicorn spell drove more than my friends crazy! It drove half of Ponyville crazy!"

"Celestia's forgiven me for that."

"Miss Twilight," Silver Spoon bowed her head in deepest reverence, regretting what she was about to say. "I'm sorry but... Princess Celestia isn't everything!"

Gasps all around.

"Being forgiven by a head-of-state for things you did to other ponies is what they do in politics! So why not go door-to-door and apologize to EVERYPONY ELSE?"

"Because they all just wanted to move on. I'd just be reopening old wounds."

"And what do you think you're doing now?!" Silver Spoon retorted. "Everyone standing in this room has been telling you repeatedly: LET IT GO. So why AREN'T you, you obsessive, patronizing, freaky-smiling adult?!"

Twilight looked cornered and small. "You, you three girls where the targets of my stupidity, instead of just victims."

"It wasn't stupid Twilight, it was selfish," I whispered lowly.

Not low enough. "Spike." Twilight gave her tell for an urge to escape.

"Just who are you doing this for? Applebloom? Sweetie? Scootaloo?" She looked at each filly in turn, in particular Sweetie Belle. "Or yourself? Because of some sudden... GUILT ATTACK you got while brushing your teeth this morning?"

"I . . . it wasn't JUST this morning." Twilight looked sadly at the core Crusaders.  "Back on Hearts and Hooves Day, I thought giving you that history book would show I trusted you, that I was sorry I used you."

"And there we go," said Silver Spoon. "This isn't about restitution or broken bonds. You want your guilt to go away!"

Applebloom said, "Silver Spoon!"

"You know Sweetie's hurting already! You knew she was past this already! But you had to open the wound and poor salt in it!"

"Hey!" I said.

"No . . ." Twilight whispered. Her eyes misted a bit. She looked in a small mirror in the clubhouse. "She's right." Twilight breathed in deep and stood, and let out a shuddering sigh. "Silver Spoon. Thank you."

The silver filly's jaw dropped.

"I think I needed that. I think I ... keep the gifts if you want, girls! Spike! I'll-I'll see you at the library!"

Twilight teleported away. The others looked at Silver Spoon. As did I; with boiling anger.

"I can see EXACTLY what a snot like Diamond Tiara saw in you as a friend," I hissed.

"HEY!" Sweetie Belle snapped.

Her ears wilted looking like I just stabbed her through the heart. "I wasn't..."

"I'll have you know that 'obsessive, patronizing, freaky-smiling social adult' SAVED you from Discord. She saved you from Nightmare Moon and Nightmare Whisper! And she'll save you again from whatever comes next!"

"I didn't mean..."

"Twilight's never had any real friends before coming to Ponyville. She's had family, she's had Princess Celestia and me, but not any friends. She's scared to death of losing them. She won't say so, she's too 'mature' for that. But the whole reason she went crazy wasn't just fear of disappointing the Princess. She was scared Celestia would separate her from her friends. Remember all those ideal worlds of Princess Gaia? Want to know what Twilight's was? All her friends moving to Canterlot with her!"

"Spike, stop."  Applebloom asked.

"Spike, please..." She was beginning to cry.

I wheeled upon all four of them. "Would it have KILLED you girls to just take her dumb little presents? Accept her apologies? Let her leave with a smile?"

"Hey! Don't look at me: I'm enjoying her gift." Scootaloo said, already a quarter-way through her first comic book defensively.

"So she'd just feed the guilt until it got hungry again? Like dad?" Silver Spoon was trembling where she stood. "It never bothered me before but, but being with you guys I . . . I realized I'm sick of seeing adults buy forgiveness and apologizing for all the wrong reasons. Spike, you know what I mean? Right?"

I just fixed her with my most smoldering glare and made to shove past her, out the clubhouse, back to the library. But she bit down on my wrist. Not hard enough to draw blood, or even to hurt, just enough to hold me back.

"Please . . . don't leave me."

She spoke the words clearly and piteously, even with my arm in her mouth.  

"It was killing me Spike. I'm sorry." Sweetie Belle looked at me as she hugged Silver Spoon. Silver Spoon gratefully nuzzled her.

I realized where I had seen that look on Silver Spoon's face before. It was the same look Twilight had when she thought about to or had lost her friends. Great. Wasn't I supposed to be the mature one here?

"Guys. Spike. Did you mean that? Am I still just a bully?"

"NO!" Sweetie Belle hugged her tighter. "No you're not! Why did you do that?"

"Because . . . because I didn't want to see you treated that like that. You were done with what happened but she had to dig it up. After she told me she used you first to fake a report, then to make her guilt go away with the book she should have never given you, and then trying to do the same thing again to you. I . . . I just couldn't. I felt like I was back with Tiara."

I turned to find Applebloom blocking my path.

"I'm plum sick of this stupid 'they be a jerk' 'she be a jerk back' 'ya be a jerk back-back to her' hogwash." Applebloom said. "Yer ticked and wanna cool off, Spike fer Silver blowin' off Twilight? Fine. But ya ain't tellin' Silver Spoon she's still the same bully for caring about Sweetie Belle!"

"That isn't what I meant," I said. "Twilight's always more sensitive than anypony ever gives her credit for. You hurt her."

"And hurtin' Silver Spoon makes it right?" Applebloom pointed to the crying silver filly. It all comes down. What was I doing? Beating up a bunch of foals? Who hurt Twilight! But . . . aren't I supposed to be the mature one here? What kind of example did I just make?

"No it doesn't." A filly who barely understood how to make friends, or what friends actually were, and was scared to death of losing them.  Twilight said Silver was like me? I think she was off the mark.

"Silver Spoon." I said swallowing my pride and anger in one bad tasting gulp. "You're a real friend to Sweetie Belle and the others."

"Thank you."

"Silver Spoon?"

"Yes Applebloom?"

" . . .  Tell us about the real Diamond Tiara."


I didn't go to any of my normal friends. I couldn't face them right now. That wasn't where I teleported. Once upon a time I said that teleporting was a lot easier once I knew a place. For other unicorns such a long-distance teleportation across time zones, based upon one single visit was impossible. I wasn't every other unicorn.

I teleported right on target and banged on a window. Why not the front door? I didn't want to get her sisters involved in something that wasn't their business. Yes. I was maybe not quite thinking clearly.

Yes. I know the chances of her being home, with her travel habits, her attitudes to being tied down, and social habits, were low. I had several spying, I mean scrying spells, capable of locating her anywhere; when she was in the little filly's room, or out on a date on some distant mountain! I had her magical aura memorized down to the last wavelength!

"Hello?" The window glowed light blue and swung out.

"TRIXIE!" I leapt through the window and tackle hugged her. I finally let go of the tears I had been holding onto.

"T-T-T-Twilight?! WHAT ARE YOU-What's wrong?! What's going-are you? TWILIGHT!"

I reluctantly broke the hug. "Great to see you too, Trixie."

"Likewise." She hugged me. "It's wonderful to finally see you again. But . . . did you have to come in like a stalker into my bedroom-?!"

I gave out a few nervous laughs. "I didn't want to stir things up with your family."

"You needn't worry. Father is at the monthly Veteran's Meeting. Mother is at a demolition site. Puck and Robin are at the Lulamoon Theater watching Lexy perform. Nyxie at a interview to get a story of hers published at mother's insistence. Pixie is at a recital with Mixie watching. And I'm just taking it easy at home."

She gave a stretch.

"Why aren't you there?"

"Do you attend every public event your brothers and sisters set-up?"

"I, I don't have any brothers or sisters."


"Yes. I was sure I told you."

"No I'm pretty sure you told me you didn't have any sisters. Not about brothers."

"I think it was part of why having you as my sister was part of my fantasy with Gaia's illusions. I've always wondered what it's like to have siblings. Those who are there to pick you up when you're down who are just there."

Yeah. That does sound nice. Would have logically given me some foundations for being friends with other ponies.

"I'd say they were more trouble than they're worth, but I've had to greatly reconsider that position. No matter how badly I ignored them, they were still BSBFFs."


"Brother Sister Best Friends Forever."

Wow! What a fun nickname for family!

"Ah. I have to remember that in case mom and dad ever have another foal."

"Hope for a colt, they're at least predictable."

Heh. That reminded me how mom and dad said the same thing sometimes.

Like . . .

Like with him.

"I don't need to imagine, I have a big brother."

"What?! You just said you didn't have one!"  

"Of course I do. He's Captain of the Royal Guard."

"Then how much you've never mentioned him?!"

"He's been on a world tour. I think, maybe. It's, been forever since I thought about him."

"How do you forget your own brother?!"

"No I . . . didn't-"

"Yes you did! A second ago you were saying you didn't!" I searched my memories. She was right. She was right! "So how did you forget him?"

I...I don't know..."

"Twilight...What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost..."

I was suddenly trembling, an alien sense of dread I couldn't describe. "I...I don't know...That's what scares me, how could I forget my BBBFF?"

"Big Brother Best Friend Forever?"

"Yes! But how?!..How did I forget him?"

"...Twilight, when was the last time you saw him?"

"Before...before the Summer Sun Celebration." I couldn't believe I hadn't given him one thought since we last saw each other.

"And since then you've defeated three mad gods, made seven new friends, including myself and Fluttercruel, saved Equestria from a dragon, and had more misadventures than I can count, while, according to you, your brother has been on a world tour. There's been nothing TO remind you of him. It's not hard to imagine he slipped your mind in the heat of the moment."

But...I still wasn't completely at ease... Let him be okay…please Celestia let him be okay… "No...I guess not...Thanks, Trixie...I needed that..."

"You are quite welcome," Trixie composed herself. "So, Twilight Sparkle, what inspires you to honor Trixie with your presence?"

"I just wanted to visit?"

"Leaping through my bedroom crying and hugging me for dear life? Not to mention being so worked up you had a momentary slip of memory involving a large part of your childhood."

"Oh, hehehe! . . . "

"I was practically expecting you to declare you were in l..."

"EH...Heheheheheehhh!!!" I had never given a faker laugh. I lowered my head. "The truth is Trixie. I . . . I . . . I'M A HORRIBLE PONY!!!"


I let it all out. Everything. And I began crying again. I couldn't stop. I couldn't stop rambling or crying. She already knew about the Want-It-Need-It spell. She already knew the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I had to fill her in about Silver Spoon, and Diamond Tiara, and Spike's new friendships. Trixie uncharacteristically listened silently. I hiccuped a few times. I felt ashamed that one filly I barely knew was enough to stab me so deep that I couldn't stop bleeding tears. I felt ashamed I couldn't face Celestia or my friends about this when I should have been able to trust them.

"But Twilight," Trixie whispered, "Why come to me?"

"I didn't want to dump this on any of my friends!"

"So I'M NOT a friend?!"


"So because I live in a different town, it's okay to bare your soul out to me, because I can't ruin your image?"

"No-No-No! NOT AT ALL! NO! I just-I just, that wasn't, give me a minute! Do you have any paper?! I need to organize my thoughts! Okay! I need a check list! Ink! Paper! Quills! At least three for the check lists, and checking the checklists and-"

A bucket of water was dumped on my head and was placed besides me. I stopped.

"Stop, Twilight. Just stop."

I stared at her. At least the bucket didn't end up on my head this time.

The look on Trixie's face wasn't that of a selfish showpony seeing another pony humiliated to build up her own self esteem.

"Are you calm now?"

I nodded.

"Twilight. Trixie is very happy to see you."


"But you're just being selfish all over again, wanting me to feel sorry for you for being selfish." She pointed at herself. "Sound familiar?"


"And did you stop to think how this would make me feel?"

"No, I didn't."

"And now?"

" . . . Now that I think about it? That it would make you feel like you were considered extra. After I spent so long telling you you weren't a 'spare' anything. After the dust had settled with Princess Gaia, and you finally were back together with your family, I first chose to visit you when I NEEDED to."


"I am sorry."

"For what?"

"I'm sorry for not thinking about your feelings. I'm sorry for not thinking about what this translated to for our friendship. I should have gone to you because you know what it's like to treat your problems the wrong way and make others suffer for it. I shouldn't have smashed in here in the middle of the night like you were just waiting for me to show up with something for you to fix."

"Heh, I actually, didn't mind that part too badly. And to be honest?" she smiled kindly, while levitating a handkerchief to my eyes. "I'm not HALF as upset as I'm pretending to be."

I blinked as it dabbed at my tears. "You aren't?"

"Oh, good heavens, no. One: I'm simply enjoying the novelty of being the morally superior one for once."

My smirk quirked a bit.

"Two: It actually feels rather nice to be somepony's first choice for much of anything."

"Three: if ANYONE can be said to DESERVE a small moment of selfishness like this... it is you, Twilight. You've done so much for everypony, and me, so nobly, that I can't bring myself to be THAT angry with you. Just accept that you did wrong -- as you should have accepted with the Crusaders -- learn from your failure, know that I forgive you, and move on. Enjoy the LUXURY of being able to fail and be forgiven. After all, you may be good, but be grateful no one's holding you to The Celestial Standard of Incorruptible Virtue."

I actually shuddered at the idea of that.

"Four: at a certain point... you simply have to love your friends, warts and all."

I knew I wanted her to elaborate, but I didn't quite know how to phrase the question, so I settled for giving Trixie a inquiring sort of look.

"Let me ask this... if our entire relationship was founded solely on ADMONISHING one another, on endless PREACHING and JUDGING, instead of taking the good with the bad... would there be any room left for actual friendship?"

I choked out a laugh. "I guess not. We'd be nothing more than a pair of fault-finding nags."

"Just promise you'll leave the dramatic entrances to the One And Only Trixie from now on please?"

"I'll try."

"So what would you say you've done wrong at the heart of things?"

"I treated those I hurt, and those I wanted help from, with how they related to me not how they felt about what I had done. Princess Celestia taught me forgiving yourself is a big part of forgiveness, but I was so fixated on just making my bad feelings go away, that I didn't think about whether what caused them was already fixed or not. Or how I should have healed it or not, instead of paying compensation."

"Very good." Trixie said. Then she spread her forehooves dramatically, "Then by the Harmonious power vested in me, as an Awakened Bearer of the Element of Magic, I, the One and Only Trixie, do hereby absolve you of your sins."

I could feel my whole face crinkle up wryly.

"Go forth, to love and serve Celestia! Lead others towards the light! Donate to your local charity! Support your local theater troupe! Practice house-tree fire safety awareness at work and home! Buy my book...!"

"You wrote a book?" I said, eyes shining.

"I'm... writing a book." She replied. "Memoirs."

"I think you mentioned something about that during our fight against Gaia."

"It's a work-in-progress. I won't be revealing anything TOO confidential, of course, but let's be honest, my memoirs as the very first Second Element of Magic ought to prove a VERY lucrative story, wouldn't you say?"

"Could I read it?!" I begged. "Oh, please, please, please, PLEEEASE?"


It was a quick fifteen pages; well articulated, but barely begun. I had calmed down considerably, and I did feel better. "When did you get so good at helping up ponies when they're down and leading them along to helping themselves?"

"I had a very very good teacher." Trixie nuzzled me as I finished reading. "Twilight? Can I please share a personal burden with you?"


"Twilight . . . I had a dream recently. I dreamed I lived in a world where Discord never preyed upon me directly. He never left me a gray broken mess."

"Doesn't sound so bad."

"In this world, I had no sisters as an excuse for . . . erm, how I acted. And Twilight, since I was never hurt by Discord, my sisters never took care of me, you never saved me. We never became friends! You were never in a position to teach me what friendship actually means. And . . . I actually became worse. Not greater, not more powerful, but crueler, greedier, more deceptive and self-serving, quicker to laugh at ponies I humiliated, no, ponies I hurt! Like I was rotting from the inside. And any brief spurt of compassion felt for me, even from Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, just dissolved in light of the ugly monster I really was. No, monsters at least are grand and mighty, I was like a disease to be cured. I don't want to see where such a black road leads. T-Twilight, we're . . . you and I . . . we're going to STAY friends aren't we?"

Trixie, she look scared, no, mortally afraid. I hugged her again, nuzzling her gently, sharing my body warmth. I whispered in her ear.

"Trixie, good CAN accidentally come from bad actions, just like bad can accidentally come from good intentions, but this doesn't make that good any less real! Trixie, the healing you've been given, you've earned, is REAL. The Trixie I'm hugging right now? This is the real Trixie for me! You're the Trixie I've gotten to know, you're the Trixie I care about! You're the One And Only Trixie remember?"

She hugged me back. "HA! Twilight, you're such a geek, always wanting to redeem ponies with just words!"

I gave her a playful nudge. "I'm a mare of action too, don't ever forget!"

"Ah, of course. Of course."

"And words Trixie, are more powerful than anypony ever gives them credit for! And Trixie . . . "


"I know it's late, but can I sleep over? And can we spend the next day together? You and me?"

"I was practicing for a new show next week-"


"And why Twilight? Think carefully now." Trixie said in faux-cautious voice.

"A PART of me wanting to make up for treating you 'out of sight, out of mind' before. But the REST OF ME wants to hang out with my friend. I want to enjoy time with you as just friends not me trying to heal you or saving the world."

". . .I shall like that very much, Twilight."

What did we do? Not that really important. The point is that we did it together. Just a pair of ponies enjoying each other's company. I was sure to let Spike and Owlowiscious know where I was. Trixie and I toured Hoofington's art gallery, and we saw masterworks from the Earth Pony, Transition, and Unicorn dominant eras. Also several theatrical works (including the end of Pixie's recital). We ate out. We spent time with Trixie's family, when they all came home. And I got to hear Trixie sing.

"This is the self I have chosen to be

There's no charade
This is the choice 
That I have made

Under the Sun 
I'll walk this path I've begun

Regardless of what I
Could once have become
Of that chain I am now free.
I was once so un-unique that I felt worthless.
But now thank to you all
I know how special I really am.

I won't leave you when you need
Someone to help guide you through
The hard times that come while
We walk along together.
We did not start out on this path
But we're on it now so we should keep
Going together.
Thanks to you I'm better
Than what I would have been."

When it was time to leave, I promised to tell the others that Trixie had said hello and her warm regards to them as well. And if we all could visit Appleloosa for one friend, maybe we could all visit Hoofington too!



I was back at home. All the Cutie Mark Crusaders seemed to have been waiting for me to reappear, rushing to meet me.

"Listen, about last time…" Applebloom began.

"I'm sorry for what I said," Silver Spoon said slightly forced. "I could have put it better, that's not how a lady acts."

I nuzzled her. "Just this once was okay. I'm going to do the grown up thing, and admit I was in the wrong." I looked at the girls. "This time I'm going to simply say I'm sorry for being selfish. I'm sorry, Scootaloo. I'm sorry, Sweetie Belle. I'm sorry, Applebloom." I kissed them on the foreheads. "And I apologize for making you fight each other, for cursing you, for using you. I'm the adult here. I'm supposed to know better. I'm supposed to be responsible with my magic.

YOU are fillies who have a wonderful friendship. YOU have a friendship that would have been near-impossible two thousand years ago. YOU clash and are STILL friends is proof how STRONG it is. YOUR friendship is a living, breathing thing. Not an object to be studied for a research paper. I apologize, and I hope you accept it."

"Ah do."

"Me too."

"And Sweetie Belle. I am sorry both for opening old wounds when you're already hurting, and for agitating it when it was fresh. That was not the adult thing to do. No treats, no treasures, I only hope you'll accept my special apology to you."

" . . . I will." Sweetie Belle nodded. Spike looked very relieved.

Silver Spoon stepped forward.

"Miss Twilight?"

"Yes, Silver Spoon?"

"Part of the reason why I lashed out at you, the way I did, was because I'm very used to grownups trying to buy their way into easy forgiveness. But at the same time... I know, on a very personal level, that while grownups can sometimes be stupid and tactless in the way they go about seeking to make amends... in the end, it's a cruel thing to shut your hearts against them. For all their flaws, I'm lucky that so many wonderful ponies WANT to be my friend. So Twilight... I'm going to do the same thing I did to my father, when I first realized this."

And she ran over and hugged me. She was joined by Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Spike, and Scootaloo, in that order. Six way hug all around! And with them, I'm free too.

 "This is who I am, this Is Me, 
This is the self I have chosen to be

There's no charade
This is the choice 
That I have made

Under the Sun I'll walk this 
Path I've begun

No matter what I think
about what I've done.
Of those chains I am now free.
I was once so guilty that I had ignored
About how you would feel
When I started opening old wounds.

Won't leave you when you need
A shoulder to cry on
But I won't be the one
Who made you start crying
We did not start out on this path.
But we're on it now so we should keep
Going together.
Thanks to my friend I know
How selfish my path was."

Thank you, Trixie.


"Hi, Applebloom! Hi, Twist! Welcome to Sugar Cube Corner!" Pinkie Pie cheered. "The rest of your friends are already waiting for you inside! Go on in! The table is rented just for you!"

"Applebloom, are you thure she's no'th going to-"

"Just give'er a real chance, Twist! Oh, Hi, Silver Spoon!"

"Hi, Applebloom! Nice to meet you Twist."

"We've met before."

"No, we've talked to each other before."

"Hello... Thilver. Friendly word of warning: One. Little. Crack. About my glasseth. About my lithp. Just ONE and I'll be thure to..."

"Twist, before you finish that thought, there's something I'd like to ask." The other glasses pony said.

"...What ith it?"

"If you had a choice when spending time with your friends, would you rather, brood about morality issues? Have fun with them?"


"What's good and bad."

"I'd... I'd rather have fun with them, of course."

"Good. Twist, I did a lot of wrong things to a lot of other foals. Including you. And I'm sorry."

"Huh? W...What did you thay?"

"I'm sorry. I just saw you as a filly to tease with Diamond Tiara when you didn't have a cutie mark . . . and I was just being a shallow tagalong bully. I can't apologize for Tiara. But I do apologize for myself. I knew right from wrong, and I chose wrong. I chose to stand by and let Diamond Tiara do wrong, too. I was like a doll doing whatever Diamond Tiara wanted me to, no matter who we hurt. I'm truly sorry for all of it."

"Heh ... HAHAH! Okay, girlth! Great prank! Did you get Rarity to cast an illusion or-"

"She's real." Applebloom took Twist's hoof and had her touch my shoulder.

"Tiffany CandyCane! I, Silvia Soyala, am sorry I was a bully to you!" I knelt down and lowered my head.

Twist poked me a few times. "No way. No way. Your joking, this has to be a joke, who-"

"I'm just Silver Spoon. You're friends with Applebloom. And so am I. So maybe we should give being friends a try now. You're free not to believe me. To keep hating me for all I did to you. You're right to. No skin off my muzzle. But I intend to continue staying the best of friends with Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. We'd love you to join in our fun, but if your resentment towards me would get in the way of that, let us know now."

"No way. No way. You're joking, thith HATH to be a joke! You're NOT thorry, I won't believe you, not until I thee you apologize to every other foal in our thchool...!"

"Let me ask Twist: which do YOU THINK is a better way to apologize? Saying I'm sorry to a hundred ponies? Letting them yell at how awful I am and me saying how wrong I was? Making me cry, sitting ashamed? Actually becoming a good pony? Be friendly to everypony from now on, instead of. . . cruel?

"I want to make amends, but I want to do it by moving forward. Letting bygones be bygones instead of digging up old bones and reopening old wounds. If Pony Heaven's real, I'll wait till then for everything to be tallied up."


She was open, I moved in the kill! "Come on, already, Twist! Do you want to have fun with us, or not? We're FOALS for crying out loud! Let's act our age! Let's fall, skin our knees, get grass stains all over our coats, and get back up again! Let's invent a new letter that comes after Z, and petition all of Ponyville to add it to the alphabet! Let's head down to Froggy Bottom Bog and not leave until we've all caught ten frogs to take home! Let's have a beauty contest and battle of the bands with all our toys! Let's shove me in a empty barrel and roll me down a hillside!"

The others fell on their flanks at the sudden explosion from me. I didn't, I didn't care. The mere idea of doing so many foalish thing with tomboys and girlie girls! It was like a dam had burst inside me. I began to hop like I had frog's legs!

"You... want to be rolled down a hill in a BARREL?!"

"Why not? Sounds like a fun thing to try. Get me nice and dizzy! Mother means well, but I'm tired of being so busy being a 'proper lady' that I can't be a filly while I have the chance."

"But your glasses!"

" . . . I can trust a friend with them can I?"

"You? Trust somepony?"

"Not somepony, some friend. A friend of Applebloom's can be a friend of mine can't she? And we're both glasses fillies, you're not a bully, you'd never do something that mean."

Twist's eyes widened in surprise like I'd reminded her of something important she'd forgotten.

"Alright, the barrel rollin' sounds like fun!"



We did. Then we hugged. Cheers and claps came from every filly, baby dragon, and adult present. Applebloom looked like she'd been given an early Hearth Warming Eve's present. Sweetie was relieved. Spike grinned. Scootaloo just cheered. Pinkie Pie cried rivers for five seconds before snapping back, "It's just so beautiful!"

"Want to share a sundae before we set out?"

"Make mine peppermint!"

"I should've guessed! The rest of us have ordered."


"We're all friends here aren't we?"

"Whoa! Mr. Spike?! Applebloom, you didn't say-"

"Does it matter?"

"Jus'th didn't see that one coming!"

"Yeah, isn't it great?" Spike grinned.

"Tho, Thilver? What happenth when they find Diamond Tiara?"



Twist didn't know it, but her saying it that way, 'when' not 'if' made my heart feel a bit lighter. And I knew I still didn't hate Tiara. " . . . I'll tell her what I've told you. And I'll try my absolute hardest to make her friends with my other friends. Because she is my friend. And I'll finally act like one and help her remember she's just a filly too."

" . . . okay. I . . . I guess . . .that . . . does for now."

"Twist?" Silver Spoon asked.


"Thank you for . . . giving me a chance."

"You're welcome."

I don't know why. But I felt a tiny bit like a pegasus who was able to fly just a little bit higher. I'm happy. I'm the Silver Spoon who exists now. This is the road of my own choosing.  And this is good ice cream! That's what it means to be free.


"This is who I am, this Is Me, 
This is the self I have chosen to be

There's no charade
This is the choice 
That I have made

Under the Sun I'll walk this 
Path I've begun

Regardless of what others 
May have chose for me,
Of their chains I am now free
I am forgiven of the past I once lived
I have become your friend
I choose to never leave you behind.

I won't forsake you when you need 
Someone to watch out for you
I have your back and I know that
Wou will always have mine.
We did not start out on this path
But we're on it now so we should keep
Going together.
And maybe Diamond will
Walk along with us too."


Dear Princess Celestia;

Today I learned an important lesson about friendship. It's one thing to feel sorry for hurting someone, for wanting to make it up to them...but its selfish to dig up the painful past just to make your own guilt go away. I've seen times where you do need to open an old wound to heal it properly...but sometimes, the wound is already healed, and it needs to be left alone. You should always think about the right way to deal with your feelings, and how they effect others, not just yourself.

Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.

Dear Princess Celestia;

Hello...Princess, you don't know us. At least we don't think you do. We learned a valuable lesson about friendship. Just because somepony did something bad in the past or that kind of pony hurt you, that doesn't mean you should shut your hearts to them. If you do that, sooner or later you'll shut your heart to the world. Ponies change, and what one pony did doesn't reflect on them all. To be a good friend means you need to be willing to forgive and move on.

Twist and Silver Spoon


 "This is who we are, this Is Us, 
This are the selves we have chosen to be

There's no charade
This is the path
That we have chose

Under the Sun we'll walk this 
Path we've begun."
Summary: A quick look back in the main timeline we know and love, and about the choices we make, and the strength to be true to them. Twilight's guilt of her want it need it spell finally rear it's ugly head for it's ultimate attack.
And just HOW the ponies feel about season 3 and its rumors.

AND MADE IT! This Special Episode has been made BEFORE Season 3 airs!

Thank you Louis and Kendell2 for editing in time!

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Goku Vs Red ribbon army montage, Dragon Ball, for reflection and flight over Ponyville.

Music for this chapter:
"Let It all Out" from Full Metal ALchemist Brotherhood
"Rain" Also from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
"Pony The Unknown" -Instrumental Version- From Reharmonized Pony POV Series Audio Adaption episode five "Whole Pie".
"Shine On" from My Little Pony G3

In Story Lyrics By Kendell2

MLP Copyright Hasbro

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20121110 edit: added a line to Trixie's 'think carefully now' to better give her attitude towards her own question. It was meant to be teasingly almost.
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The story begins with Celestia and Luna noticing that the Heart World is becoming active again as the next season is about to start. Luna is worried that their world will become more and more different from the Heart World. Now the connection is broken and both worlds will make their own developments. The Alicorn is worried that the shadows might lose interest before this world is independent enough to survive without a shadow-who-makes. But Celestia doesn’t seen to be afraid and is thankful that Applejack was able to stay true to herself instead of running away like she did in the Heart World. The Goddess of the Night reminds her that if their shadow-who-makes would abandon them, they would be left in a permanent frozen state. Just like all the other unfinished worlds that were never able to reach a conclusion and gain a life of their own. Celestia reminds her that not all shadows treat their stories like this; sometimes it is not their own choice to discontinue them. But Luna is genuinely afraid of being trapped in an incomplete world, doomed to endless repetition of the same events and suggests making some attempts to appease the Heart World. However Celestia believes in the world, its inhabitants and the shadows watching over them. Adding some events from the Heart World into this story might hurt it or go against established themes and motivations. This story had already inspired other worlds and stories, each of them are struggling to move forward. It is never easy. Celestia also reminds her sister that connections to the Heart World could change not only the future but also their own past. If Applejack hadn’t broken the connection, they would have done it with their own backstory. To regain this connection would mean to lose the family and friends who mean so much for them. Both wouldn’t mind Morning Star or Entropy to vanish into nothing. In fact it would be the greatest irony if the Incarnation of the Nothing would truly disappear. But at the same time could all their brothers, sisters, friends and even Fauna Luster and the Father of all Alicorns vanish. Their entire past could vanish. They can’t choose to keep one thing and abandon everything else. Finally Luna is able to overcome her doubts and proclaims proudly and LOUDLY what their past and the past of this world is and will always be. Everyone who hears this is slightly confused. But the Alicorn was able to overcome her fears.

Meanwhile the CMC notice that the Everfree Forest is currently spreading a lot of fog. Some ponies even begun to suspect that Fluttershy is behind it and Rainbow Dash started to talk to them instead, so that the shy pegasus might be able to move on. Thankfully Sweetie Belle seems to have recovered but her big sister insists on her wearing a thick sweater and a Buffalo dreamcatcher for her own protection. Now Silver Spoon has promised to watch over her and to bring her back home if her condition gets worse. Both Twilight and the doctors know that she had suffered from a magical feedback but don’t know that Diamond Tiara and Discord are responsible for that. Spike did also help Rarity by sending a message about her condition to her parents but it seems that for now they haven’t received an answer. Twilight did also confirm that Fluttershy is not the source of this new fog and Spike is sure that it is just normal random bad weather. Somehow I doubt the last fact. Scootaloo seems very proud to hear that Rainbow Dash earns more than most other weather patrol ponies because she needs to protect Ponyville from the unpredictable weather of Everfree.

Suddenly Twilight arrives and doesn’t sound well. In fact she sounds a lot like the time when she fell into complete panic about losing her friends. All of the CMC seem nervous and Sweetie Belle seems to almost instinctively shield Silver Spoon. Twilight’s happiness sounds very forced and it reminds the three children too much at the Want-It-Need-It-Spell incident. The unicorn notices this and tries to tone it down. She talks about how this new friendship would make a great friendship report for Princess Celestia. Silver Spoon is understandable surprised to learn that the immortal Sun Goddess sends her prized pupil, maybe the most powerful unicorn on this world, to Ponyville to write friendship reports for her. Sweetie Belle tries to make it clear that these reports are serious business for the purple unicorn. And the dragon is truly proud on his role in sending this letters to Celestia and the magic that he can use for that.

The CMC mention that they wanted to introduce Silver Spoon and Twist to each other and Twilight seems to try to get Silver to leave. First she suggests to go somewhere with Spike and then the unicorn offers her to eat some ice cream at Sugarcube Corner. The entire time she tries way too hard to sound cheerful. But the filly sees right through that and tells her to be honest if she wants her to leave. Now Twilight acts more normal and says that there is something private she wanted to talk about with the Crusaders. But now Spike insists that Silver and he are part of their group. And the dragon is smart enough to see that his bigger sister has problems and stays to help her as well. Silver Spoon would be ready to go but Sweetie points out that she doesn’t have to go, if she doesn’t want to. She still has to get used to not follow each order that is given to her.

Twilight claims that she merely has gifts for the three fillies but nothing for Spike or Silver Spoon. The filly says that she has more than enough and doesn’t mind being left out and Spike had once problems with gifts (and his greed) so he doesn’t regret that either. Then the purple unicorn shows a very mundane use for her teleportation and uses it to instantly bring the presents into the clubhouse. When they seem too surprised to act, she opens them for the fillies to reveal comic books for Scootaloo, music records for Sweetie Bell and a book about basic alchemy for Applebloom. The gift reminds the Apple at the love poison incident but Twilight wanted her to use this knowledge to get better along with Zecora. When the unicorn notices that the child seems unhappy, she also asks if she could help her with some chores on the farm. Her magic would be useful. She tries way too hard and Scootaloo seems to notice it. Twilight tries to distract her by talking about how valuable comics are as an art form. It is the kind of speech the purple unicorn would like but it shows the children very clear that there is something wrong with her.

Finally Applebloom spells it out and Twilight sees that she scared the children again. That was the last thing she wanted to do, she wanted to make up for what she had done towards them. Silver Spoon doesn’t know what she is talking about but soon it is revealed, that all of this is about the Want-It-Need-It-Spell. Spike tells her everything that happened: The nervous breakdown, the fall into insanity, the paranoia about disappointing Celestia and finally mind-controlling three children and driving the entire town insane. At this time Silver still had to recover inside her house, so she missed that disaster. And Twilight can be happy, if this world was still connected to the Heart World, she would have had another nervous breakdown that would have led her to wanting to freeze time. But when Silver says that this is very similar to what Discord did, Twilight is very understandably shocked. It seems that Silver doesn’t realise how much this is hurting the purple unicorn. Spike tries to calm her down but old wounds in the CMC have already been opened. It was a fight none of them wanted, just like the fight that unsealed Discord. Some ponies blame it all on the fillies, while the seal was likely already very weak if such a small fight could break it. And their big sisters Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash defend the children from any accusations.

Spike tries to make it clear to her that they all had accepted that Twilight suffered under a temporary mental burnout, just like everybody else. The fact that she had taken so many duties and responsibilities after Discord’s destructive day didn’t make it any easier for her. He points out that there is no need to bring that up but the purple unicorn orders him to be quiet. That isn’t normal behaviour for her either. Now she tries to change tactics again and tells them that she does admire them despite all the things that the CMC have caused in the past like walking into Everfree and forcing Fluttershy to save them or the incident with the fake cutie mark that terrified the entire town. But they were also mature enough to tell Twilight about the love poison and to apologise for the lies they spread as Gabby Gums. She claims that while she apologised to their sisters, she wasn’t able to apologise towards the children themselves and now wants to make up for that. Applebloom and Sweetie seem to want to reject the gifts but Scootaloo prefers to keep the comic books. All three rather prefer to move on and ask the purple unicorn why she does bring it up so late. For a moment they seem to suspect that this sudden guilt is connected to something dark, that might have happened recently, but that isn’t the case. The guilt over what she did was always there and building up until it erupted this morning.

Applebloom and Scootaloo were able to get over it but it was a lot more painful for Sweetie Belle after her own nightmarish time with being a doll on Discord’s day of chaos. She had nightmares about it and now the wounds are reopened. But she isn’t alone. Both Spike and Silver Spoon support her now. And Twilight still doesn’t know when she should stop and asks what she could do to make it up for her. Now Silver Spoon just snaps, she had more than enough personal experience with people who hide their true intentions. To defend her friend she walks up to the powerful unicorn standing before her and calls her selfish. She reminds her that these actions drove almost all of Ponyville insane and even if Princess Celestia had forgiven her, this doesn’t automatically means that everybody has forgiven her. She suggests to apologise to everybody that was involved but Twilight says that this would now just open old wounds. Then Silver points out that is exactly what the purple unicorn is doing right now, despite everybody repeatedly telling her to stop. Even Spike says that deep down it was selfish. Silver Spoon asks if the purple unicorn did all of this for her victims or just for herself. Twilight reveals that this wasn’t the first thing she did to get rid of her guilt; the book that resulted in the love poison incident was also an attempt to rebuild trust. Sweetie Belle was already past this but now while she needs to recover, Twilight has reopened these old wounds. That is the reason that Silver Spoon is so furious and hurtful, she tries to protect her new friend.

It brings the unicorn who defeated Nightmare Moon, Discord and Nightmare Whisper to tears. To the shock of Silver Spoon the purple mare admits that she is right and thanks her. Twilight says that they can keep the gifts and teleports away. Now it is Spike’s time to be furious. Silver Spoon had hurt the pony that raised him and now he compares her to her old days as bully Nr. 2. He points out that the mare she just brought to tears has already saved her multiple times and will do that again, if it is needed. The dragon says that the unicorn wasn’t afraid of losing Celestia’s approval but of being separated from the friends she loves more than anything and that in her ideal world her family and her friends could be with her in Canterlot. Now he is hurting Silver Spoon. The other CMC try to stop him but he says that they were also involved in the escalation of these events. They could have just accepted the presents and the apologies to make Twilight happy. At least Scootaloo is enjoying her present; she shares a lot of traits with Rainbow by now. But after her experiences with the CMC Silver Spoon will no longer sit aside as adults try to buy themselves free of their own problems. She asks him if he can understand that and he is about to leave in fury.

Before she got to know these ponies Silver Spoon would have let him go, but now she is willing to fight for him and holds him back. She pleads Spike to not leave her. Sweetie Belle comes to her aid, hugs her new friend and says that she is sorry as well. Now it is Spike’s turn to realise that he had truly hurt Silver Spoon, that she thinks that she might be losing a friend: him. Silver loudly wonders if she is still just a bully and under stress just shows her real nature but Sweetie tries to make it very clear that things are different now. Spike is about to leave but now Applebloom blocks his way and reminds him that Silver tried to protect Sweetie and this doesn’t automatically make her a bully, quite the opposite. A bully would never stand up for somebody else. But the dragon knows better than them how much this has hurt Twilight. In turn Applebloom points out that he is doing the same thing now: hurting somebody else. Finally Spike is able to calm down and tells the sobbing filly that she is a true friend to Sweetie Belle and the others. Now Applebloom is interested in learning more about what kind of person Diamond Tiara was being her role as a bully.

Meanwhile Twilight is still suffering horrible pain and she uses her impressive magical abilities to teleport to the house of Trixie’s family and bangs on the window. That would have still gotten the attention of the entire family but she was too stressed to think about that before doing it. Normally the chances of meeting her here were slim but Twilight is perfectly able to locate her friend by her magical aura. But she is not a stalker! Trixie carefully opens the window and in turn Twilight hug tackles her and starts to cry. The showpony is happy to see her friend again and hugs her but she is also understandable confused and wants to know what is going on. The entire family is somewhere else and they talk about the concept of family. Twilight says that she has neither a brother nor a sister. And this was the truth before Shining Armor was introduced and retconned into her life. Twilight remembers the time in Princess Gaia’s illusion when Trixie was her sister and wonders how different her life could have been if she had one and how that could have led to her to gain more friends earlier. Trixie talks about how she saw her familiy when she was The Great And Powerful Trixie but now she can no longer deny her BSBBFs. This suddenly triggers Twilight to remember her brother Shining Armor.

Trixie points out how strange it is to forget the only brother that Twilight had. The unicorn feels a strange burst of fear for her BBBFF. The last thing she remembered was meeting him before the fateful Summer Sun Celebration and after that she didn’t think at all about him. The showpony eventually decides that all these adventures and the stress that came with them didn’t allow her to remember him. But she still wants to know why Twilight visited her so suddenly and LOUDLY. The purple unicorn tries to hide it but she isn’t a good actress under stress. Finally she tells her friend everything that happened. Trixie listens calmly but in the end she wants to know why Twilight came to her to tell her all of this.

Twilight is not able to say it clearly and has another breakdown. She decides to make a checklist before Trixie drops the water from a bucket on her head. The showpony is finally able to calm her down and make her stop. She didn’t do that to hurt her but to help her. Trixie says that she is happy to see Twilight but she is just repeating her earlier mistake. She wants her to feel sorry for her and didn’t think about how this would make Trixie feel. Now the purple unicorn finally understands: She is sorry for not thinking about Trixie’s feelings, their friendship and just making the easy choice.

But Trixie isn’t done. She says that she actually enjoys to be the morally superior one for once and to be Twilight’s first choice in this matter. The showpony also thinks that Twilight did so much for everyone that she is allowed to have her mistakes, learn from them and move on. She doesn’t have to live up to the standards of an Alicorn. Maybe that will change in the future. And Trixie also loves her friends for what they are and that includes their flaws. She also asks her to leave dramatic entrances to the showpony. Now with Trixie’s help Twilight is able to spell out what went wrong: She only thought about her own perspective and not how others might view her actions. Unable to forgive herself, she tried too hard to make others forgive her. In turn Trixie gives her a gloriously hammy speech and absolves her of all of her sins. It is priceless. She also mentions that she has started to write her memoirs and as an Element of Harmony, who had a role in saving the world, this book will surely sell very well. Twilight’s book senses are activated and she simply must read this work-in-progress.

She does really enjoy reading it and already she feels better. Trixie likely knew this would help the bookworm. Twilight asks her when she became so good with helping others to help themselves and the showpony tells her that she had a very good teacher. This is truly heart-warming. Now Trixie wants to share something dark with Twilight. She had a dream of a world where Discord never messed with her and she didn’t have her family. This version of her was never hurt, so she was never healed by Twilight, so they never became friends. Instead she became worse and worse over time. Trixie doesn’t even want to know where this road might end. Almost terrified she asks the purple unicorn if they will stay friends. Twilight says that her healing was earned and real and the only Trixie that matters for her is the one standing before her now: The One And Only Trixie. Twilight may have used mere words but a few well spoken words at the right time can have more impact then the most powerful magic. Twilight asks her friend if she can spend the night and the next day here and in turn the showpony wants to hear why.

A small part of Twilight wants to make up for showing up only now and the rest wants to just spend some time with her friend when the fate of the world doesn’t depend on them. Trixie couldn’t be happier to hear this. Then Twilight just spends a wonderful normal day with her friend and hears her sing a beautiful song about being herself and the help she got from others to discover herself. Afterwards she promises her that she will try to visit her again and this time with the rest of her friends. Back at home all CMC are waiting for her and Silver Spoon apologises. In turn Twilight apologizes honestly and from the bottom of her heart for what she did. She also tells them how wonderful their friendship is. Finally she apologises to Sweetie Belle for opening these wounds and making it worse instead of better. In the end Silver Spoon tells her that while she hates it when people try to buy forgiveness; it makes it only worse to close your hearts towards them. Then she and the other CMC all hug Twilight. This is true forgiveness. Now Twilight has her own song about realising her own selfishness and walking this path together with her friends, supporting each other.

But we are not quite done. Now the CMC and Twist are at Sugar Cube Corner. Twist and Silver meet each other and Twist is completely distrustful at the other filly. In turn Silver Spoon tells her that she is truly sorry for what she did towards her and others. She just went along with Diamond Tiara despite the fact that she knew better and is sorry for that. Twist just thinks this must be an illusion or an imposter. Silver assures her that they both are friends to Applebloom and she would like to overcome the past and also have a friendship with Twist but that is also the decision of the other filly. Twist still thinks this must be some cruel prank and that she isn’t really sorry. She demands that Silver would have to apologize to everybody she hurt, not unlike what Silver Spoon suggested to Twilight not long ago.

Silver Spoon says that this would use open old wounds and make her a target, instead she would rather move on beyond her past and be a genuinely good person to make up for the time before that. Then Silver Spoon allows herself to act like a child and suggests several activities fitting for fillies, including shoving Silver into a barrel and letting her barrel roll down a hill. After thinking she always had to act mature and superior she is so happy to just be a child. Twist is worried what might happen to her glasses, but the other filly would be willing to entrust them with Twist. Her trust allows Twist to overcome her own distrust and both hug much to the happiness of everybody else. They all enjoy their time together when suddenly Twist talks about what Silver will do, when Diamond Tiara comes back. But she manages to make Silver Spoon feel better by acting like it is only a matter of time before that happens. Even now after everything she has learned Silver doesn’t hate Diamond for what she did back then. She is still her friend and would try her best, so that Diamond Tiara can also find other good friends like the ones Silver knows right now and be finally able to act like a child again. This is true forgiveness. Then Silver Spoon has her own song about the friends she has found, her loyalty towards them and her hope to that Diamond Tiara can understand that as well.

The chapter ends with two letters to Princess Celestia. Twilight thinks about how apologises can be hurtful as well, especially when they are just opening old wounds and that it is not always the correct choice to open wounds to let them heal. Each wound is different and must be treated with care. And most important thing is to try to think how this might be for the others. Finally both Silver Spoon and Twist write that even if mistakes and hurtful things were said in the past, it is not the right thing to close your heart completely towards others. People can change and sometimes forgiveness is needed to move on and accept such a change.

They are free.

Overall this was a wonderful chapter with a very unique message about forgiveness but also how each person is different and how this must be taken in consideration when trying to help them. Twilight hurt others because she only saw her own perspective. Trixie was able to help her because she was able to think like her and knew what Twilight needed and what would make her smile. Silver Spoon needed to say very different things to make Twist give her a chance to show her change. They are all different but there is nothing wrong with that. It is what makes them individuals and when they reflect this and interact with each other, they are able to overcome their own problems and grow from the experience. It is not easy but it is worth it. They can do it and they can create a world that is independent enough to survive on its own.
What do you think?
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From......Shadow......Watch......Hello?.......There?.....Present? Ok, I think the harmony radiowave is finally adjusted. I admit that writing this is a little difficult, though not impossible.

Anyhow, so, the difficulties of reconstruction. I refer to this both in the metaphorical and literal terms. In the metaphorical, it's about this fic as ultimately a reconstruction of the importance of MLP ethics in the complexities of reality. In the meta, it's about the story now standing up on its own over any contradictions possible.

So in section 1: Luna and Celestia discuss the formation of Season 3, and that ultimately in some ways, it is imperative to take your own path in order to allow for a story to stand on its own.

Section 2 is about the crusaders dealing with each other, and twilight trying to make amends for Lesson Zero (only to find that perhaps she was going about it the wrong way). It was also about knowing your friends and their friends, and about spewing venom when you meant to give sweets.

Section 3 features a happy reunion of Trixie and Twilight, who through guilt confessed her shame to Trixie as the sad unicorn she was. What follows is on the one hand convicting, and on the other hand, quite affirming. And totally shows how Trixie has become much wiser in the time since the beginning of the fic.

Section 4 was many sorry moments around, while section 5 was about Twist finally starting to accept Silver Spoon into her life. It was quite the profound moment, particularly in that Spoon talked to Twist about "how much will ever be enough for you?"

Overall, this was a nice read, though with some interesting indirect foreshadowing. First: the fog! it's the fog of the nightmares, and thus a sign of diamond tiara's fall. Second: trixie, the one and only, with her memoirs and the return of the 2nd element of magic. third: the question of friends and explaining themselves to diamond. Fourth, and most importantly: atonement in the right way, and thinking of others while getting over the past. Great stuff.

While I admittedly didn't expect a return to the reharmonized timeline present for a while, it was quite a pleasant surprise. Thank you.

PS: about season 3. I won't directly spoil anything, but I will tell you these two things: if A Canterlot Wedding hasn't happened in this universe yet, it's definitely off the list. Second: there's not actually that much in the way of retcons in totality, but like I said, until the team gets canterlot wedding, it's off.

Write on, decrees this shadow.
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KurseofKings Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013
"Nnnnnno." Twilight admitted. "It's nothing that's happened. It's just been, building up. It wasn't there for a long while after Gabby Gum, and wasn't there for a little while after Heart and Hooves, but . . . brushing my teeth this morning, I randomly thought of you three and, and then all the guilt came crashing down again." Yeah, that sounds like Twilight all right.
KurseofKings Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013
"Morning Star, we could all joyfully do without. Entropy, too. (Wouldn't it be the most scrumptious irony to have HER existence denied?)" No wonder Entropy's such an unrepentant jerk, everyone hates her! Although to be perfectly honest I can't say I blame them. The same goes for every member of Discord's family except Pandora.
Persona22 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013

I'm guessing she was talking about My Little Pony Tales?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
Persona22 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
Okay, that answers that, but it raises more questions...
MLPT had some concepts that were completely new, it was the first time that the ponies had parents instead of just "being there" it also introduced them in a working society with everything that comes with it: School, technology, and if I remember correctly one of the main characters was adopted so she had to be an orphan before that. Oh, yeah, and it also introduced colts and stallions for the first time.

On the other side, MLPT didn't have any unicorns or pegasus, just regular or "earth" ponies. So, what happened there? Did the pegasus and unicorns just vanish during that "golden age"? How do Celestia and Luna fit in that scenario?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
READ 7 Dreams/Nightmares, did you read Celestia's Origin story arc? She explained all this to Twilight Sparkle! 

Luna and Celestia hadn't been born yet!

Pegasi forgot there was any civilization below the cloud layer. 

Unicorns thought the rest of the world was a wasteland. 

And Earth ponies thought they were the only civilization in existence. 
Persona22 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
No, didn't read that one yet.  I clicked on the Next link on the chapter 19 of Dark World and it took me here. Then I clicked on Next on this and it took me to the chapter 20 of Dark World...

It's not that I'm not reading them in order, is just that its kind of confusing to follow an order. First I'm reading Dark World, then it goes to a Shining Armor chapter, then back to Dark World... sorry about it but it gets kind of confusing after some chapters.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
SA and Dark World technically happen at the same time in narrative. 
Persona22 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013
Yes, I did read that on the description of the Shining Armor stories, but it's still hard to follow everything. This "alternate universe" you have here has so many plots, story lines, and events, that while I love reading it, and it is something that makes it very interesting and stands out from other stories I've read, does not make it easy to follow. I do try to follow one story line at a time, but some times I get curious about what happens to other characters and I end up reading another story to try and find out more about them.
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
To think how much time passed without the story focusing on these characters (or better these incarnations of them). It feels almost nostalgic to eventually return to them.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
To be honest. I just REALLY WANT to get back to these characters already.
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
They do also need to catch up with their Dark World counterparts in the character tropes page. :)

Maybe you could find a compromise with the others and you three can decide how far the SA arc should go from here until you can cross the gap of the two timelines with the Dark World storyline. After all the SA arc does take place in the other timeline, so it might be of advantage for both stories.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
"They do also need to catch up with their Dark World counterparts in the character tropes page. :) (Smile)"

I wish someone would. Would make writing for them again so much easier. Right now it's just plain HARD.

"Maybe you could find a compromise with the others and you three can decide how far the SA arc should go from here until you can cross the gap of the two timelines with the Dark World storyline. After all the SA arc does take place in the other timeline, so it might be of advantage for both stories."

Once the final chapter of dark world is posted, it'll put EVERYTHING in a new perpsective. 
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013
"Once the final chapter of dark world is posted, it'll put EVERYTHING in a new perpsective."

I would be more surprised if it was different *cough* interviewers *cough* but I hope that the reveal of why Shining Armor is so mercilessly hunted down by the wolf is not exactly like in the Prince of Persia trilogy.

There the Dahaka was completely RIGHT about chasing the Prince down to erase him and the Prince's continued existence and messing with the timestream did cause a horrible war, terrible mutations and brought so much suffering over innocents. I felt like apologizing to the Dahaka for killing him for just doing his job. In fact I dread all the emergencies that happen later and completely ruin time and space because I killed the only guy that could have fixed those.
TheJacobLB44 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
Im going to join Pinkie in the cryingXD. You really have a way of writing these. First in just showing us that Twilight Sparkle the Element of Magic, and by extension Friendship, has her faults as well and is at her core just another pony. I know you have established this before but its been awhile. Second in showing us just how hard forgiveness actually is to get. now you have me second guessing my intentions. How do we get repentance for the things we do or are we just digging ourself in a pit, hiding from the monster inside ourselves until we have no other choice and our so broken that the monster we are is our only true companion in life. Forgive me for getting theological:P
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
"Im going to join Pinkie in the cryingXD."


"You really have a way of writing these. First in just showing us that Twilight Sparkle the Element of Magic, and by extension Friendship, has her faults as well and is at her core just another pony."

This felt a return to what I ORIGINALLY had in my heart for this series before the gods and spirits and power and timelines took over.

"Forgive me for getting theological"

Dude nothing to forgive.

" I know you have established this before but its been awhile. Second in showing us just how hard forgiveness actually is to get. now you have me second guessing my intentions. How do we get repentance for the things we do or are we just digging ourself in a pit, hiding from the monster inside ourselves until we have no other choice and our so broken that the monster we are is our only true companion in life. "


This was actually inspired by a couple fanfics which also asked the question about selflessness and whether it's actually being selfless. Can't remember the titles though.
TheJacobLB44 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
I felt emo writting thisXD Ive been trying to hold back the christian elements of my personality buts its hard when you have so many of the same elements in this. Glad you liked my speech. Tell me if you remember those fics
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Why hold them back?
TheJacobLB44 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Didn't know how u felt about them
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
I'm Christian myself.
TheJacobLB44 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
thats amazing to know^^ Im kinda a baby in the christian environment. well a big baby but one none the less. Im the kind of person that has grown up hearing the stories but never telling others. The kind given the gift but never using or maturing it
Acalanthide Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Wow. Reharmonized timeline again? Good to be back!
This is the reason I love this fanfic. It can be so different from the fanfic, but still deal with very heart world-esque issues. This chapter made me insanely happy. I could love both. the Heart World and this fic without reservations now.

I am glad Celestia and Luna are with a good shadow-who-created, one who will let their stories be told.

Now, back to the nitty-gritty Dark World. See you on the other side.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
"Wow. Reharmonized timeline again? Good to be back! "

And in the style that I WANT to write in!

"This is the reason I love this fanfic. It can be so different from the fanfic, but still deal with very heart world-esque issues. This chapter made me insanely happy. I could love both. the Heart World and this fic without reservations now."


"I am glad Celestia and Luna are with a good shadow-who-created, one who will let their stories be told. "

Here's hoping.

"Now, back to the nitty-gritty Dark World. See you on the other side."

Take a deep breath, maybe you'll find the light at the bottom of the black lake.
Acalanthide Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Student General Artist
Take a deep breath, maybe you'll find the light at the bottom of the black lake.

I certainly hope so.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
MultaeKappae Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Can't figure out how to say what I want to about this chapter.
Reading this made me glad I woke up this morning.
And the song is f--ing brilliant.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
"Reading this made me glad I woke up this morning."

Thanks. Right now I'm questioning if getting up each morning is worth it. (Don't worry, it'll pass soon enough.)

And the song is f--ing brilliant."

Be sure to tell Kendell2 that.
ourimaler Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
"So LET the Heart World say what it will! That is its right and its authority! But OUR mortal mother was Mimic the Unicorn of Paradise Estate, over two thousand years ago! Once upon a time there was a sweet version of Discord who was our friend and brother! There was once a war between the draconequus and Alicorns that raged across the heavens! THERE WAS AN AGE OF 'MYTHS' WHERE PONIES STRUGGLED TO SURVIVE AND DID SO WITH THE AID OF A HUMAN LASS! THEN THERE WAS THE GOLDEN AGE THAT PONIES MODELED AFTER HUMANITY AND ACCOMPLISHED MUCH! THEN CAME THE ERASED AGE OF DREAMS, THE NEVER-WAS PARADISE! AND FINALLY THE AGES PONIES ALIVE TODAY KNOW IS REAL!"

that's why Rainbow Dash's job as Captain of Ponyville's Weather Team pays so well.
That would explain why a world-class athlete like Rainbow Dash ended up with this job.

Twilight, you're being creepy again. Cut it out.

"Uh, I'll keep the comics as a token of your esteem."
She is so the Rainbow Dash of her generation. XD

"I, I don't have any brothers or sisters."

Nice Twilight/Trixie scene.

Trixie's dream...I understand that there's an upcoming Trixie episode?

Another great story. Looking forward for what's next!
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
*/salutes* Thank you great one.

that's why Rainbow Dash's job as Captain of Ponyville's Weather Team pays so well.
That would explain why a world-class athlete like Rainbow Dash ended up with this job."


"Twilight, you're being creepy again. Cut it out."

"But . . .but I was just trying to be FRIENDLY!"

"Uh, I'll keep the comics as a token of your esteem."
She is so the Rainbow Dash of her generation. XD"

She is spending more time with RD in this timeline.

"I, I don't have any brothers or sisters."

After all, SA wasn't mentioned until Canterlot wedding, so why should Twilight remember him until he was introduced?

"Nice Twilight/Trixie scene."


"Trixie's dream...I understand that there's an upcoming Trixie episode?"

Tomorrow. Which I predict will as plot
A) Have Trixie use cheap tricks to beat Twilight that the heroes of course boo, but would be considered fair play if the heroes did it to the villains.
B) Trixie is possessed, and when cured is as much a jerk as before, and the whole thing is a 'TAKE THAT!' to fan who want Trixie to get a clue.
C) Also the whole thing ends with everyone laughing at Trixie who is presented as totally alright after the whole premise of it NOT being alright to laugh at the misfortune of others.

In spite of the fact that the REASON fans (IMHO) wanted Trixie to return was because they wanted Trixie to be redeemed.

"Another great story. Looking forward for what's next!"

Felt with season 3 airing just after I wrote this, this needed to be said.
KyonSylar Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Something that i love from this series is that you started with the actual story -Reharmonized and thos that follow that branch- but keep introducing alternate stories -The Dark world and Shinning Story- that completes the experience. Also, your view of the multiverse is what, i think, make it easier to others to write fics about your fic, creating new worlds and injecting new life to the original fic. At least, that's how i feel it.
Thank you very much for this series.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Also, the moment when Silver lets herself act like a foal for once was extremely adorable.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
You can thank Louis for that one.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Ah. Well still, it's adorable.
amam0t0 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Okay based on this chapter which I think takes place after the end of mind games I think that its safe to say that any episodes that drastically change the scope of the fim canon universe will not make it here (although I really am hoping a canterlot wedding is part of the POV universe). So based on that there are episodes that will not happen (cyrstal empire and magic duel {trixie's return}) and certain episodes that might make their way into the POV universe (too many pinkie pies, one bad apple, sleepless in ponyville) info for the episodes mantioned found here [link]
stujlaird Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Belated comment on season 3 episodes and the POV series - my feeling is that, on the whole, they'd be difficult to fit in without them being majorly re-written by the different ways the POV characters have evolved:

Too Many Pinkie Pies - I think POV Pinkie would be too sane to even kick off the plot, and (unlike the bit with the other cooks in MMMMystery, I can't see that she'd see a benefit to trying to produce a saner version of the same plot)

One Bad Apple - not totally impossible, but it'd need at least a certain amount of reinterpretation given the CMCs' character development, not to mention Silver Spoon's... and, depending on where here story's going after Mind Games, possibly also Diamond Tiara's part. That said, not totally unworkable.

Magic Duel - Totally incompatible with the POV version of Trixie - Enough said.

Sleepless in Ponyville - not totally out of the question - it'd need a little reworking to fit the POV version of how Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash relate, but the core plot could still work as a valid piece of character growth for Scootaloo.

Wonderbolt Academy - Main issue would be the different dynamic between Rainbow Dash and Spitfire, as of Bolts of Wonder, but the core plot would probably fit well enough, much like MMMMystery, really.

Apple Family Reunion - I don't know... I don't think there's anything too problematic about AJ's character development in the POV 'verse where this one's concerned...

Sorry to ramble on; not terribly good manners for a first time poster, but...
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Canterlot wedding, will appear. At this point it would be screwy not to. Though personally I now consider this a mistake on my part.

And I am NOT watching any episode of season 3 until the Pony POV Series is totally complete!
Toonwatcher Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
Wow, that's a lot of drama.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
And hugs. :-)
ItsfromPeople Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
This is a great story!

I just found a few very minor mistakes:


“Same with me.~" should be “Same with me."

“No matter how badly I ignored them, they were still SBBFs." should be “No matter how badly I ignored them, they were still BSBFFs." since it stands for Brother Sister Best Friends Forever.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
Ghidorafour Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012

(Turns back to them) Never tempt fate fools cause people can be cruel. afterall that happen to you is plagiarized by us shadows! and if you think the shit we did to you was bad, you ain't seen NOTHING yet!

and end shadow rant to mess with people head.
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
*Pinkie Pie offers you a cupcake*
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
Actually, the characters have evolved to a point their characterization has a huge impact on the storyline. So really, they're writing the plot too.
Ghidorafour Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
dude i only said that to mess with people heads. i know what your saying true relaxs. frankly it somewhat reminds me of this

Kendell2 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
I know, I just was answering in character as well, I tend to do that.

Ghidorafour Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
Oh okay, cool!

and yeah Unwritten is quite a interesting graphic novel series i recomment reading it, if you havn't yet.
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
It is quite interesting.

I will say, though, the characters coming to life does make it harder to right, since you have to make sure they remain in character, it also makes the story that much more alive.
Ghidorafour Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
and very difficult to read, it hard to tell who pov it is most of the time without a mention of their name
Kendell2 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
Sometimes, I suppose.
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